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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 30, 2018 12:00pm-12:28pm PST

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>> glor: this is a cbs news special reported. at cbs news headquarters in new york. a major earthquake has struck near anchorage, alaska. mesh aring 7.2 caused extensive road damage, one highway buckled in several places. our cbs affiliate was knocked styed by this quake or at least quite a bit of damage inside. that was followed by others one measuring 5.8 an after shock. ktva staff have continued their reporting now on facebook live as we've been watching here but number of roadways have buckled,
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travel very difficult in the area and obviously we're waiting to find out if al all these reports still coming in. joe from ktva our affiliate i update. >> that was heck of an earthquake. this thing hit hard and hit fast did a lot of newsroom. there's things all over the place trying to get the information out to the people. phones off the hook, water pipes broke, so everything is soaked in here. you can see a few people trying to get the information out. this is our assignment desk right back over here, this is one of our reporter spots where we do live shots trashed. people over here on the phones, again trying to get information out. we have reporters, producers and everybody working here. i want to talk to john thompson,
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john, i'm going to interrupt you for a second. you were here when this happen happened. you were on the air downstairs. >> actually right here. it was about an hour and half after off air getting ready for the day, take a couple of stgeready for the evening newscast. in fact the news producer said, john, he was going to ask me a erous boom.en all of a sudden you felt earthquakes before where it's a slow build almost like tom then it goes away. this was just a smack. it was just sudden, it was loud. it was hard after about two seconds i actually got down right near my desk. that is my desk. i got right down under here and as you can see good structure right here because as things were crash can down around me, we got glass doors right across the way coming down, smashed glass everywhere. but as we were watching this, we were safe. >> that is the important thing,
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we've been told no one has been hurt in the newsroom that is the best news we'vtht oomr but od ba to you. >> glor: they tell during earthquakes, get under something and hold on while the earthquake is going on.hat's happening outside the studio. talk to me about some of the damage that you all have seen on some of the major roadways and what sells happening. >> that's right, jeff. minnesota, this is one of the main thoroughfares we're told has been heavily damaged. we understand that the seward highway there have been rocks that have dropped on to the highway so that's pretty much shut down at this point. that's a main thoroughfare to get people on to the kenai peninsula. people coming and going aren't going through right now. one of the hospitals we know for sure is open, ted stevens international airport is open we're continuing to look for mo fire, i
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believe we have video of that, that's what we know right now. we'll be here all day working to see what else happens. in this newsroom again take a look. it hit hard and fast. everybody escaped, no injuries, jeff. >> glor: it's scary to see. but great to hear that no one is hurt there. all right, joe, stand by. so this happened at 8:29 a.m. local time in alaska. we are being told by u.s. geological survey, it was centered seven miles note of anchorage. obviously a lot of folks sought shelter under desks. at 8:55 national tsal hearts of cook inlet and kenai peninsula. the tsunami warning as i en withdrawn. somebody please correct me if i'm wrong on that. we should say alaska does average a lot of earthquakes, all the time. but this has been the worst
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since 2016, that one was over 7 but that was farther off shore and it was deeper so the reason why you're seeing so much damage here today is because the earthquake was shallow and it was right near anchorage. jamie, correspondent based in los angeles has more details now just coming in on this earthquake, jamie. >> reporter: what you're talking about so true. it happened just seven miles north of anchorage, alaska, that's why you're seeing so much damage across the city. and to give you an idea, 40,000 earthquakes per year happen in the state of alaska. but as we've been hearing from multiple people that we're calling on the phone trying to reach out to this is the worst one people have seen in the city of anchorage. it is alaska's largest city, of course so many pictures are that's what the governor has been talking about online as well. he asked for disaster declaration because of those
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roadways, they are checking bridges right now, the now ramps in terms of getting to and from the airport. ted stevens did have to evacuate air traffic control tower so they're trying to divert planes away. there was a scary moment that was caught on audio when air traffic control had to tell a fed ex plane to go around as the earthquake itself was occurring. we've been told that minor damage to the airport but the bigger damage is those around the airport itself. we have no word right now as to the extent of damage to the runways at the airport. built as we continue to monitor these pictures, jeff, of course just more and more damage coming in we'll keep up to date. >> glor: thanks very much. one of the big concerns in and around anchorage this afternoon is going to be emergency respo responders, especially trying to use ways have buckled there ar collapsed. obviously westill gathering
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our reporting on all of this. we will continue to do thatl afternoon long. scary situation in anchorage today, good news is that it appears the tsunami warning after that area has now been lifted we have not heard so far about major reports of injuries but we're certainly watching everything that is happening in alaska after this major earthquake today. we'll have a lot more on all of this on your local news including on ktva in anchorage there which is doing wonderful job documenting what's happening and staying on the air. also streaming network cbsn and very latest tonight on "the cbs evening news" for now i'm jeff glor in new york. . a magnitude
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o builand roadways. we'll have updates throughout the day on our top story in the bay area new at knife in vallejo kpix5joins us. >> reporter: first there was an armed robbery you'll see what happens next police and the k9 officers stepped in when they tripped and fell, the dog caught him as the struggle with dog, police officers join in the take down joining and kicking the suspect until they had him under their control, ar fthsc day. as students
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man was robbed near the school. here is part of that police call from broadcast. >> push her down and took her phone, witnesses saw him head towards the school, there were reportsreports. going to the school district saying there was a situation. so she might have walked right into it. >> there were no reports of anyone at the school being injured. >> kind of scary moments but at least it is all better now. calls to the vallejo police department have not given us any official word exactly what went on here, of course you saw it for yourself, i also want to mention a crime that happened at exactly at the same time apparently about a block from
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here at a restaurant called eua, eua, that a man came be anundetick up while a gun coficer inthe , he took that robber down and that robber was arrested so this was unrelated to what happened here at the school but pretty coincidental very active in this morning. >> along the peninsula a bizarre police chase involving a tesla, the driver was asleep at the wheel while he sped down 101. the car apparently driving itself. kpix 5 is where they just finished a news briefing do they know if it was on auto pilot at the time? >> that's the question, the chp is trying to find that out for sure, they strongly suspect that car was on auto pilot because it took several
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officers several miles to try to slow that car down, they did slow it downright in the middle of the freeway, when they knocked on the driver's side window. the shot over night all morning and chp officers arrested 45-year-old alexander of los altos the driver of the tesla. pulled up along the tesla going 70 miles per hour south of whipple road in e chp managed t stop that car safely. >> after they were unable to stop the vehicle due to the driver being unresponsive, the unit came up in front of the vehicle and basically started slowing down assuming that this driver assist feature might have been used, that actually worked and officers went out to
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the driver's side, took him awhile to wake him up. mr. samack was given a field sobriety test, booked into the san mateo county jail, they were trying to determine if it was on auto pilot, mr. samack was bodui but could face other charges such as unsafe driving for the conditions. reporting live in redwood has b sited for vandalism in roanoke park accused of trashing the gr desks and walls torn down, that the vandals caused several thousands of dollars in damage, sited and released to his parents. investigators are looking at possible additional suspects. new york's attorney general opened an investigation into a mass data breach at marriott hotels. half a billion guests may be
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affected the hotel revealed the guest reservation system hacked potentially exposing those guest's personal information including passport numbers, phone numbers and credit card information. marriott will begin sending e- mails to those affected the unauthorized access apparently started in 2014. holdingh g meetinn with world leaders at the g20 summit in argentina. mola lenghi reports he just signed a trade deal with mexico and canada to replace nafta. president trump signed a new trade agreement he wiedputhh g20 summit friday morning. >> this is an agreement that first and foremost benefits working people, something of great importance to all three of us here today. >> the new agreement replaces nafta. canadian prime minister justin theroux says more work needs to be done. >> make no mistake, we will stand up for our workers and
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fight for their families . donald, it is all the more reason to remove the tariffs on steels and alum a . advised jared kushner with the order of the aztec trade agreement when president trump meets with the chinese president the u.s. set to impose additional tariffs on chinese goods next month. >> i feel quite confident this meeting will go badly, it is not clear what the chinese want. >> vladimir putin arrived after president trump, the russian president was all smiles greeting the crown prince
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saudia rabia the crown prince denied involvement. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. smile for the camera. all right from the curb to the gate on to the plane without even showing your passports the new bio metric system some travelers can use to get through the airport faster. >> we're getting new images in the newsroom of the earthquake damage in alaska, we'll be right back.
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if your child is experiencing cold and flu symptoms, babies less than three months old should see the doctor at a first sign of an illness, older children should see a doctor if they have e breathing or excessively cranky
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. back to the breaking news coming out of alaska a 7.0 earthquake striking north of anchorage. >> we have video coming into the newsroom of the damage done and de the cafeteria, the fourth, all items strewn all over the floor in this situation in anchorage alaska, 7.0.
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you e how long it lasted, incredible video inside and workers scramble for cover under those desks the shaking lasted for about 30 seconds, the quake happened around 9:30 our time, anchorage international airport is still closed. there is a major damage on several highways, this is a look at one in anchorage where you can see that roadway is just open and buckled and completely damaged and closed off. we have a crew headed to the u.s. in memo park, we'll hear more from them tonight on kpix5 and 6:00, this is feel an earthquake. take cover and stay safe and over in anchorage, they are in that specific ring of fire thno one was injured in that 7.8
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magnitude earthquake. okay here at home you can see that sunshine catching a bit of yesterday picking up 1 to 2 inches of rain but nice to see that sunshine over the golden gate bridge temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s, 61 in concord, 57 in oakland livermore 58, san jose, santa rosa here is what you can expect. looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies near normal daytime highs the rain returns saturday morning it is going to be a quick-moving system, a weak front that pushes through and we're looking at dry conditions as early as saturday afternoon so it is going to move in and out and very quickly, this is that low pressure system the brunt of the energy is going to move across the pacific northwest, it is going to send a front our way, we'll in in the tale end of that front, that's why we're looking at a little bit of wet weather for saturday morning but not the entire weekend here. future cast as we take you through the afternoon, looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies then check this out, at
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11 p.m., the rain for the sg t at 5 a.m. for tomorrow, then again 9 a.m. with that scattered activity lighting up our radar as we head through saturday and the afternoon we had dried out very quickly. winter storm warning for the northern sierra tonight that storm into saturday night there could see about 2 feet of snow that sunset at 4:51 tonight, looking at temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year, show you that 7 day forecast as we are looking at showers just saturday morning drying out for the rest of the weekend we'll be right back.
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. the nation's first biometric airport terminal launches tomorrow, delta passengers will only need to show their face to check in for flights and get through security, all though it is fast, privacy concerns have come up. we'll be right back. hey there people eligible for medicare.
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. a lot of damage ne connuing alaska earthquake a 7.0 tonight. the faa allowing aircraft to leave anchorage airport we'll have updates.
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