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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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good for a long lasting time for the new generations. >> props to b.a.r.t. for the new trains, but i think the murals are kind of nice actually. maybe security should be tightened, but these people seem to know what they're doing. >> personally i think it looks nice. >> that's the culture. >> reporter: again these photos obtained by kpix late this afternoon, we're told there are four cars that were tagged, one of them the fleet of the future car and, ken, there are surveillance cameras just like there are cameras inside the b.a.r.t. trains. so maybe they'll get some video of whoever did this, but again how they got inside, it was a hole in the chain link fence. >> juliette, it looks like they had to be there a while. nobody saw anything? some of that artwork, if you want to call it that, is pretty extensive. >> reporter: right. you've got the mixed reactions from riders who said there with quick spray job. they took some time. maybe some video will capture whoever did it. we have some questions about security, though, just how they got in through a hole in the
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fence. we'll follow up. >> juliette goodrich live from finally over after one man barricaded himself inside a san jose home for hours. chopper 5 shows police swarming the upscale neighborhood. reports came in earlier today at a house off foothill drive near bowen avenue. the area was on lockdown for hours just after 3:00. that's when police say the suspect took his own life. it's unclear how this whole situation began, but a law enforcement source tells us it involved a restraining order and an ex-girl friend. we'll keep you updated as the situation develops. in san francisco police now are searching for a woman they say slipped past officers and left san francisco general hospital last night. 28-year-old crecencio mandahano was in police custody to be booked into jail on a warrant from los angeles. she was being treated at the hospital for a separate
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incident that happened yesterday in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. she's still at large. police do not consider her a threat. part of the mission district taped off overnight as san francisco police search for evidence in a deadly double shooting. this happened about 1:30 this morning at 16th and valencia. police say two people were taken to the hospital, one later died. no word on the other victim's condition tonight or any possible suspects. a wheelchair-bound woman is critically injured this evening after an antioch hit and run. the 65-year-old woman was hit around 3 a.m. yesterday. police say it happened while she was wheeling herself across lone tree way near davisson drive. she was not in the crosswalk. the impact knocked her out of the clair and she landed on the road -- chair and she landed on the road. the driver did not stop. the woman was found unconscious with her mangled wheelchair
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nearby. the nation has begun its formal farewell for former president george h.w. bush. >> the 41st president died friday night at the age of 94. allen martin is here with a look at what happened today at the ceremonies that lie ahead. >> four days of observances have now begun. today there was a final trip to washington for former president bush. his casket arrived at the capitol rotunda this afternoon carried by eight members of the armed services. people who worked in the bush administration stood along with his son former president george w. bush and other members of the bush family. the day began with a flight from texas. a sendoff fit for a president as the nation honors and remembers president george herbert walker bush. his final journey to washington d.c. began in houston, texas, this morning with full military honors at ellington field joint base reserve. a naval hymn played in remembrance of the 41st
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president's service as a navy pilot. mr. bush was the last u.s. president to serve in world war ii. similar tribe amounts met the president's body -- tributes meant the president's body at joint base andrew through the streets of washington and to the u.s. capitol. >> george bush was the best of the best. >> he embodied the characteristics we admire in a president, integrity, civility, dignity, humility. >> reporter: the 41st president will lie in state on capitol hill until wednesday morning. later wednesday a funeral service will be held at the national cathedral. president george w. bush is expected to eulogize his father at this service. another funeral service will be held for mr. bush thursday in houston, texas, followed by a private burial at his presidential library on the campus of texas a&m university. he will be interred beside his wife of more than seven decades, first lady barbara bush, and their daughter robin.
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>> the late president's service dog was also aboard today's flight from texas. the yellow labrador retriever named sully took his place alongside the bush family. sully had been assisting mr. bush since last summer. e will now work with wounded vet -- he will now work with wounded veterans at walter read medical center. mr. trump -- walter reed medical center. mr. trump declared wednesday a national day of mourning with all federal offices closed. california lawmakers pushed back today against president trump's attempts to change immigration rules. they say the proposed changes will drive undocumented immigrants off welfare. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen is at the immigration office in san francisco with the story. melissa? >> reporter: yeah. the rules aren't even final yet. they're just proposals and already they're sparking outrage in sacramento. now these proposals would make it harder for some people to get on welfare and then change their immigration or visa status.
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>> trump has poured more gasoline on his fire of hate and division against immigrants. this time he's going after documented immigrants who may need to use public benefits like cal fresh to put food on the table. >> reporter: assemblyman rob bont a is one of several california lawmakers speaking out about the trump administration's immigration proposal. >> today i'll introduce a resolution calling on the federal government to stop these dangerous proposed changes that target our vulnerable communities. >> reporter: under current federal law, any alien who is likely at any time to become a public charge is ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the united states. the key is what is a public charge? well, since 1999 it's been defined as anyone who gets public cash benefits or needs a government run long term care facility, but a new proposal would expand that definition to include things like food
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stamps, housing subsidies and some medicaid. >> i think it's common sense if you buy the argument that immigrants are supposed to be self-sufficient and immigration is supposed to benefit the united states. >> reporter: steve camarada is with the center for immigration studies and says the proposal makes sense if you consider the 40 million people in the u.s. already living in poverty. >> we run a $1 trillion deficit. we spend already over $1 trillion a year in means tested programs for low income people already here. adding to that by allowing in immigrants who are poor and need these programs as well i think to most people's mind doesn't make sense. >> reporter: now it's just a proposal. it's not a final rule just yet. in fact, right now we're in the public comment phase. so until next monday you can go to and tell the federal government what you think about all this. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix5. striking hotel workers
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reached a tentative deal with marriott to end a two month long walkout in san francisco. here's a live look at the park 55 hotel downtown where results from today's vote will be announced in the next hour. nearly 2,500 people went on strike in early october demanding higher pay, better job security and lighter workloads. union officials plan to make details of the agreement public as soon as it is approved. they say the contract runs through 2022 and workers are likely to be back on the job wednesday. san francisco mayor london breed issued a statement saying in part, "in this time of rising inequality, it is crucial that our workers are able to earn a fair wage that allows them to live and support their families in the increasingly expensive bay area." this evening tensions are running high in san jose where the city council is just one day away from voting on a very controversial plan to sell several properties to google.
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meanwhile critics are doing everything they can to derail the deal, even going hungry. kpix5's len ramirez explains. >> reporter: folks out here on the street say the housing and homeless situation in san jose is getting worse by the day and so a group is out here staging a nonviolent protest, a hunger strike, for the next two days until the city council votes tomorrow night trying to convince the city not to build another hi-tech campus for google, but rather turn that land into housing for the homeless. >> we disagree spiritually on the directionful our city. >> reporter: the group camped out on -- direction of our city. >> reporter: the group camped out on the steps of city hall is on a hunger strike to protest the land sale to google, a deal they say will further divide the community into rich and poor. >> we don't need to guarantee unlimited profits for these tech corporations. what we need is to take care of our people. >> reporter: san jose plans to sell 21 acres of prime downtown land to google for $110 million so it can build a new hi-tech campus with as many as 25,000
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jobs. >> the average san joseian will have more job opportunities closer to home, thousands of new housing units and money for affordable housing. >> reporter: but it's a deal some say will only benefit hi- tech workers. >> our city council is throwing away the future of so many of us. >> reporter: the protests did get the attention of downtown workers including one who has seen it from the other side, software developer david curtis. >> i think the middle class is getting pushed out. i think a lot of people are being pushed into the streets, particularly around here. i think they have a point. >> reporter: google says it remains committed to the affordable housing in san jose and will continue to work with the city and community to address the aspirations and concern surrounding future de. in san jose len ram -- development, in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. butte county students are back in school after the fire.
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we'll tell you how sonoma county students are helping them cope coming up. >> and a pack of llamas taking over uc berkeley, how these animals are helping students prep for finals.
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new video shows a deadly crash into a florida warehouse. a small plane came speeding into the ft. lauderdale building. it's an office for a group that helps students with autism. there it is. six students and eight staff members were inside. they are all expected to be okay, thank goodness, but the two people on board the plane did not make it. it's not clear yet what caused the crash. a florida highway patrol trooper is recovering after being blindsided on the interstate. he was investigating a crash when a black audi spins out, hits him and sends him flying into the air. a truck had run into the back of the car. other first responders come running up to help the trooper. had he serious injuries. thousands of students -- he had serious injuries. thousands of students returned to class today weeks after the camp fire destroyed
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their schools and homes. now many are learning in new surroundings. >> a new partnership with north bay schools aims to make the changes a little easier. kpix5's susie steimle is live in santa rosa with those details. susie? >> reporter: well, we've talked over the past couple weeks about all the financial donations after the fire in butte county and the outpouring of support that always happens after these disasters, but in sonoma county they're offering up something different. their experience and in butte county it's proving invaluable. >> i said you need to be visible and available and a problem solver because everybody's life is impacted right now. >> reporter: while people around the country have offered sympathy to survivers in butte county, sonoma county superintendent of schools is in a unique position to truly empathize. he was one of the first people the superintendent called for advice on how to move forward. >> we know what that's like and we know it's important you
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connect with people. that's your no. 1 job to take care of people and take care of students. >> we're excited to have our kids back, have our teachers back, our bus drivers back. >> reporter: students commuted in many cases from shelters to makeshift classrooms. t up inside a local mall. students lined the entrance with paper paw prints to make this lens crafters look more like paradise. >> 97% of our town is gone and i'm a 30 year resident of this town and it's heartwrenching and yet they drive from all over to be with their teachers whom they love. >> reporter: 4,832 students were displaced along with 379 teachers. >> i lost my house along with my family and that's been hard, but it's almost been harder to be away from them and i'm so excited to see them all today. >> reporter: steve says for sonoma the trauma is something they're still managing daily, but they've grown from it, especially the students wantto back. >> it s quite interesting to see the schools come together
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and support butte. >> reporter: now the district here in sonoma county sadilose funding per student that wasn't able to come back from being displaced, so they do feel that. they lost six schools here and were able to rebuild them all. in butte county they lost 14 that were damaged or destroyed and they are expecting to be able to rebuild all 14 of them by next year. >> that is good news. i know the rebuilding and that healing process will take some time, but what a great teachable moment for both students from santa rosa and butte county to see what it is to help each other in that compassion. thanks. >> reporter: absolutely. spacex, they are celebrating the third success early launch and landing of -- successful launch and landing of that big falcon 9 rocket. take a look. >> three, two, one. >> got a falcon 9 lifting off from vandenberg air force base here in california today
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carrying 64 small satellites on board. that's a record. minutes later the first stage landed on this unmanned ship floating out in the pacific. it is nicknamed mr. steven, the same first stage was launched and recovered in may and then again in august. after today's launch spacex founder elon musk tweeted, "falcon halves missed the net but touched down softly in the water. mr. steven is picking them up. the plan is to dry them out, launch again, nothing wrong with a little swim." this afternoon uc berkeley students got some stress relief interacting with a group of llamas. the event dubbed llamapalooza has been going on for four years at cal. it's deliberately timed at the end of each semester as final exams approach and students could use a little break. today at the university's memorial glade they got the chance to groom and feed the an
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selfies. the llama coordinator from the student government helps make it all happen. >> i think that it's very calming. when you hug a llama, you instantly feel better and it helps you put everything into perspective and it helps you destress. i think that type of attitude really helps students when they take their finals. >> i feel calmer already. the animals come from an organization in sonora called llamas of circle home. >> i missed my calling in student government, llama coordinator. didn't have that back when i was in college. it's cool, cloudy and soon will be raining. find out when the rain arrives in your backyard next. >> looking for the perfect gift for your kids? coming up a look at the toys experts recommend this holiday season. >> once we move the markers you cannot tell exactly where the burial is, where the grave is. >> coming up at 6:00
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ofpele arw between home depot and a best buy in one bay area city, the fight to make sure the graves are not forgotten coming up tonight at 6:00. >> first the markets closed up today quite a bit. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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get back to basics, that's the message from pediatric experts when it comes to kids toys. a new report from the american acme of pediatrics says parents should -- academy of pediatrics says parents should choose toys that encourage pretending and playing like blocks and puzzles. the report says electronic toys alone are not geared toward the interaction necessary for healthy development. >> this helps you with emotional regulation. it helps you with conflict resolution. this helps you with your imagination. then you also want to think about your fine motor which is things you do with your hands
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like blocks and legos and your gross motor which is playing outside with balls and going on a tricycle. >> experts say the interaction doesn't have to stop with older kids. you can have family game nights or bring puzzles on vacation to encourage spending time together. police helped rescue a stranded sea lion in emeryville this weekend. the young pup spotted saturday evening was near the beach at mclaughlin eastshore state park. park police there teamed up with the marine mammals center to rescue her and she was brought to sausalito where workers say she is in good condition tonight. that's good news. >> that is. more good news. we have more rain coming to the bay area. it will be here by this time tomorrow, a got smattering of light to moderate rain moving through the bay area, 40s and 50s. it was not warm today after a very chilly start, some of you near or below freezing. we're already down to 49 rmore , concord 52, oakland 54. despite the cloud cover there will be a few 30s overnight,
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santa rosa 38, fairfield 39, oakland 46, mountain view 44 degrees. radar shows dry conditions for now. i think after the lunch hour tomorrow is when the first wave of some of that rainfall will begin to move through. sausalito late day showers tomorrow, high only 53 and on and off showers throughout the day on wednesday with a high of 53 degrees. let's talk about a storm. we have a storm coming, but it's going to stay offshore. as it stays offshore, we'll get the northeastern fringe of the storm. that will begin to bring some showers. i'll show you a wide perspective of futurecast first. notice the center is way back here and we're seeing that counterclockwise spin. we're on the periphery or the edge of the storm giving us inf through as that storm meanders off to our west. let's go hour by hour to talk about when the rainfall will arrive. tomorrow morning? no. we have the clouds and it will be chilly, but the rain stays just offshore. looking through tuesday in the afternoon some light rain moves through, some steady rainfall,
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7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow evening. on wednesday some light rain showers in the morning. watch the rain, no rain line. it's a strong cutoff. just offshore we'll have steady rainfall, but since we're on the edge of the storm places like hayward and concord and fairfield and santa rosa might not have rainfall in the afternoon. if the storm meanders closer, we all get rain. if it's farther away, the rain wraps up by wednesday late morning. we'll have to see how close the storm gets to determine how much rain we'll receive. how much rain? futurecast says about 1/2 inch to 3/4-inch of much needed rainfall. this is the time of year we need the rain. we're chilly and cloudy tonight, waves of light to moderate rainfall moving through beginning tomorrow afternoon. the rain chance exits by wednesday night. highs in the 50s tomorrow, chilly in vallejo 52, redwood city 56, livermore and sa low mid-50s. we're soggy late tomorrow, on and off rain wednesday and then we dry out a while, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. our next rain chance will with be a week from today, next
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monday. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thanks, paul. a quick programming note. kpix5 will air the bold and the beautiful tonight at 2:12 a.m. that show had to be preempted today because of the breaking news coverage of george h.w. bush.
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a holiday tradition this morning at davey's symphony hall. >> where the san francisco symphony hosted a pair of concerts for kids. invitations went out to 4,000 children across the bay area for deck the hall community day. the 45 minute show today featured popular characters like rudolph the red nosed reindeer and frosty the snowman, of course. for many kids ages 3 to 10 it was their first time at a concert. >> we want to make it fun. we want to make it entertaining. they're not going to remember individual pieces or every little thing we do, but when they walk out a year from now, they'll think oh, yeah, deck the halls, san francisco symphony. that was fun. i enjoyed that. >> artists from beach blankets babylon were also on stage and, of course, santa claus.
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he had to show up. >> that facility is such a great place to listen to music. >> it's so special. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> allen and veronica are back with paul in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, from our nation's capital, remembering a president. george h.w. bush is honored for a lifetime of public service. americans pay their respects at the u.s. capitol. we have full coverage from washington beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> america is saying goodbye to the final president from the greatest generation era. >> you're seeing large crowds, even some people on the side of the road, holding flags here just sitting there to honor the president. >> the moment on the tarmac was so especially poignant. >> the son literally following in the footsteps of his father. >> both aboard air force one for this final journey. >> the 41st president got a full military sendoff. >> he will be g


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