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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  December 6, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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good morning i'm kenny choy and i'm michelle griego. >> we're ready for friday. >> as always. and it's going to be a es w hea through the de wee little bit more sunshine by the end of the week. so get ready for friday and at h def doppler. very isolated and spotty. you can see just to the west of san pablo there near richmond. and a few more isolated showers just to the west. and all of this is wrap around moisturem upper level low. it's been a s mover for sure but eventually it will push into southern california and away from us. you can see temperatures at
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least in the 40s, 50s and even in the upper 50s. . drier quieter weather as we head through the rest of the week. we'll tell what you you can expect for the day today on future cast. now let's check in with. >> now there are some traffic hazards in the roadway, eastbound 580. it looks like we're getting
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reports. >> checking your travel times right now if you're traveling westbound you are off to a great start and northbound 101 out of san jose give yourself 30 minutes. we're giving you a live look at the st. maarten's church in texas where president george h.w. bush lies in repose for one last time. cbs says mulla langhy is outside the church. >> it just feels like a family member. >> special air mission 41. along the way passed over his
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presidential library as hundreds came out to pay tribute. >> happy, sad. >> a funeral service will be held at st. maarten's morning and a train will take mr. bush's casket to the library. a service of national cathedral in washington together brought together all five living presidents. president trump shook hands with the obamas while the clintons stared straight ahead. a historic and emo best father r daughter could have. knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> the nation's 43rd president as he said good by to his father. the nation's 41st. >> the man couldn't stomach
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vegetables. especially broccoli. >> following the service the hurse drove by the world war ii memorial. cbs news houston, texas. >> and the presidential funeral train that will take president bush to college station is the 8th of its kind and the first since dwight eisenhower. top silicon valley leaders will meet at the white house today. executives from microsoft, ortive and qualcom will meet today and how that will affect jobs in the economy. 4:34 this morning a top aid to senator pamela harris has resigned over harassment settlement. according to the sacramento bee
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wallace was accused in 2017 of gender harassment. the doj settled a claim for $400,000. a spokes person for senator harris released a statement last night. this evening mr. wallace offered his resignation to the senator. john lawrence reports on this new plan to rebuke the saudi crowned prince. >> days after getting a cia briefing on washington post column columnist jamal khashoggi. >> in this case the crown prince in charge of it. >> the republican and democratic
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senate say they're certain the crowned prince has jamal khashoggi's blood on his hands. >> one of my colleagues came up and said no 20. >> there's no way that 17 people got close to that crowned prince and murder a guy at a consolute and he not know about it. >> this stance differs from the trump administration. >> i don't know if anyone's going to be able to conclude that the crowned prince did it. >> we have no smoking gun that the crowned prince was involved. >> meanwhile other senators are calling for the cia to break the entire senate. if the broader bipartisan plan bill comes together there
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is a narrower measure. mike lee and chris murphy call for ending for support in the u.s. and yemen war. a highly organized criminal organization. san jose police have been investigating the group for two years now. they confiscated 800 pounds of marijuana, 5 ounces of concentrated hash oil. ecstasy pills, aerformk us after servingyears prisonorn an england murder. anthony brown used the stageay s
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rival's mother being shot to death. brown says he didn't kill her. >> i never conspired to kill mrs. harris. i was looking for them to do them harm and that's the truth and that is something i have shame for. >> brown is now on parol living in a halfway house he's recording again and mentoring youth hoping to set them away from gangs and violence. two school bus crashes in indiana, illinois. cbs's mark liverman. >> this yellow school bus smashed in. it collided head on with this semi-truck. the bus was carrying a high school freshman basketball team. both the volunteer on that bus and the truck driver were
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killed. other passengers were rushed to area hospitals. earlier yesterday morning in indiana a 13-year-old boy was killed and another student was injured when this flat bad truck slammed into a school bus. they were headed to a see "a christmas miracle. >> just a tragic story here involving a school bus. >> it was starting to speed up when it truck the rear end of the bus. >> it was a busy chaotic scene trying to figure out who ybody hose tsh follow a fetal bus reck carrying students in arkansas. police say in this crash, a child was killed.
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dozens more injured. mark liverman cbs news new york. >> and those crashes are still under investigation. authorities in butte county say 10 people are still unaccounted for this morning at the camp fire. in all, 85 people were killed in the flames. of those officials have positively identified 46 remains. the fire destroyed more than 14,000 homes and burnt nearly 240 square miles. it's been 28 days since that deadly wild fire tore through the town of paradise. thousands of people got to see what's left of their homes for the very first time. >> this was an entry with a railing and you can see china down here. that's the sad part now cars. you can see how hot it got.
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>> jerry foster lived in his paradise home for the past 25 years and he had a coin collection. not much left except for a fewde bathroom. >> over here is my pop up trailer with my son's little -- his little scooter that he used to have. i had so many pictures up under our house. now we have nothing but we have each other and i have my son and my wife. >> it's so heart breaking there. along with his wife janet. narrowly escaped the camp fire. it was emotional for them to see what's left. franklin says he hopes to one day rebuild. by the end of the month. time now is 4:41. >> the owner of a south bay
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landowner has an unusual holiday wish. he wants the thief who stole his pregnant goats to bring them back. >> and taking a live look ide at th ferry building in san francisco. the flag is moving there. it is 53 degrees in san francisco right now 4:42 we'll be right back.
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global carbon emissions are on track. they're expected to raise more than 2.7%. in comparison fossil fuel emissions rose by 1.7% last year. the report says a increase in the use of coal around the world is fuelling this trend. >> a warning this morning of the potentially deadly mushrooms that sprout after a storm during the rainy season in the bay area two of the world's dangerous mushrooms can be nound east bay
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parks. fittingly they're called death cap they release toxins that can cause organ failure. >> i know. yeah, you really have to watch out especially because we've had the rain. so they're sprouting. >> yeah for sure. and we are looking at drier weather. so we had that yrday and now we're looking at just a action downo our south. so monterey and down through upper level low. that's going to push into southern california later today. here we go a live look at our sales floor tower camera. looking at temperatures in the 40s, 50s, and even down to the upper 30s. concord you're at 54. as well as for oakland. 53 in san francisco. san jose 51. and a cold start to the dosa at.
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here's what you can expect your weds headlines a few morning showers. drier and sunnier weather ahead for the res of the week. there is a hazard statement for. northwest to westerly swells. so use that extra caution on the beaches. here's that satellite and radar view. there is that storm system that's just a slow mover here. high pressure is going to build in for the rest of the week for us here in the bay area. soough the rest of the day. looking at partly sunny skies through friday and for saturday. future cast when we'll see our next chance of rain. it's going to be late sunday night into monday.
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so it's going to awhor us. we have a great weekend ahead. so our 4:50 and our daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year. 59 in san francisco. fremont as well. 61 for santa rosa and 60 for napa. looking at dri cloudy skies today. dry on sunday and yet another weather system rolls in sunday night into monday. and this looks like a weak weather system here and dry for. let's check in with giana for a look at traffic. no major accidents or incidents right now. just the usual slow conditions as you head over on 580 commute. you can see a lot of those headlights working their way through there through the
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altamonte pass. at least about 30 minutes to work your way all the way towards that dublin interchange. 880 both directions very quiet. all the way to the maesz. southbound you shouldn't have any troubles if you're headed out the door. you are clear out of oakland all the way down into fremont. same goes for the bay bridge toll plaza. most of the delays are in those cash lanes. 12 minutes from the mcarthur maze. taking a look at the south bay right now. re cing from 8the we do hav r an get 101 you're traveling southbound. one lane. chp is headed out to the scene. we'll get a look at the san mateo bridge coming up next.
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right now here'stion rental banh lake tahoe. >> soon in south lake tahoe certain vacations will violate city law. accommodations in vacation beine they were very disruptive. people can't sleep. people can't park their cars. >> for south lake tahoe's blue dog pizza owner mercedes brand. brand says the ban sends a message to would be visitors of south lake tahoe to keep out. >> it definitely does have the perception that if you are coming in and you want to spend a week here this isn't the place
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for you. >> right now 1400 south lake tahoe property owners have permits to rent those homes through sites brbo. the site could lose up to $4 million a year in taxes because of the ban. >> 80% of the homes now will that want to rent a megamansion and it's not going to happen anymore. >> south lake tahoe voters voices have now been heard. you can still come for a visit. you just can't stay in the home next door. starting monday no south residents at a time. straight ahead this morning the boss takes a break after
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broadway and carti b has a big announcement. and cloudy. down there it is 4:52. we're coming right back. state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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caia phones and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) visit right now or call during business hours. good thursday morning to you. we are looking as we head through the afternoon partly sunny skies drier, quieter weather for today. we're looking at fuft 9 for you. 61 for santa clara. we're looking at berkley at 58. 59 for you in oakland. we'll talk about the rest of the week and when we'll see our next chance of rain details on that coming up. your commute off to a pick
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upstart. right at the sfo off ramp. it's not blocking lanes. chp is headed out to the scene. you can see in our sensors everything is in the ge brng se. -- isn't bringing sexy back. but don't worry he isn't saying bye bye bye for long. >> the producer's definitely a jt fan. >> she is and she's happy that i threw that line. big announcements from the boss and cardi b. >> rapper cardi b took to
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instagram to announce she split from her husband fellow rapper offset. >> it's nobody's fault it's just like i guess we grew out of love. >> the couple married in 2017 and welcomedgh iays the w remn friends and business partners. the boz is taking a break. bruce springstein says he won't be touring in 2019 so he can work on recording projects. know that for sure. >> and the cast of 1994's "four weddings and a funeral" is reuniting for a fifth wedding for 2019 red nose day teleathon
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in march. that's your eye on entertainment. chris martinez cbs news los angeles. time now is 4:57. >> straight ahead this morning we're live from texas as friends and family prepare to lay president george herbert walker bush to rest. >> and the bart plan to come through san jose reaches major milestone today. we're talking about the relocation plan thinking about all the neighbors and business owners who will have to move. coming up in a live report. deal talk.
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so you can power through the enfor just bucan army ok jack, just so you know, i was et e fries. thanks, zarg. i appreciate that. no seriously, i was going to boil the oceans, set your atmosphere on fire, you know really dark stuff. i get it. try my new $3 chili cheese or triple cheese & bacon curly fries. and a new bar proposal could have transit lines on the move
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in the south bay. good morning everyone it is thursday december 6th i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning i'm kenny choi first a little more rain for us this morning. >> yeah, a little bit in isolated spots. so it's going to look nice as we head through the day and you can see on high def doppler just some isolated showers overnight and pushing into this morning just a few spottyhowers but things have winding down as that area of low pressure is going to move into


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