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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  December 6, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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surface rapidly propelling them across the water as fast as 3 feet per second. quite a discovery. that is neat to watch. >> that is why you can never catch them. >> thank you for watching. we are back in 30 minutes. >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this thursday, americans turn out to catch a glimpse of the 41st president's final journey. and the worldwide search for a donor who can save a girl with an extremely rare blood type. all that and much more beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the final farewell for president george h.w. bush. >> another remarkable day of tributes. >> the eighth presidential funeral train in american history. >> the navy's first-ever 21 fighter jet salute. >> president bush laid to rest next to his wife, barbara, and their daughter robin. >> our glory, george, was to have you as president and as such a friend. >> this massive storm system in southern california.
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>> mudslides in several areas, including malibu. >> the southwest plane went off the runway while landing in the rain. >> continued fears about u.s.- china trade relations. >> this comes on the back of news that the c.f.o. of huawei, the chinese tech giant, has been arrested and faces extradition to the u.s. > a worldwide search is on to find a blood donors to help save a florida toddler with cancer. >> this is especially difficult because her blood type is extremely rare. >> i hope we find a match >> ♪ the answer is no >> "baby it's cold outside" yanked off the airwaves in reaction to #metoo. >> what's next, "i saw momma kissing santa claus?" i know i'm going to get hammered for this, so let's just move along. >> glor: this is our western edition. good evening, i'm jeff glor and we are going to begin tonight with america's final farewell. president bush was praised as a father, grandfather, and friend. then the 41st president took his final journey by special
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presidential train. thousands turned out to pay respects as that casket went by. there was a military fly-over, including the missing man formation, the navy's largest ever. upon arrival at the burial site, george h.w. bush's presidential library on the campus of texas a&m university. "cbs this morning's" bianna golodryga reports on this day's events from houston. ♪ our father >> reporter: former president george h.w. bush was carried through houston's st. martin's episcopal church this morning for a final public goodbye. ♪ who art in heaven >> reporter: mr. bush's former secretary of state and close friend, james baker, remembered a man willing to listen to advice until he'd heard enough. but standing just a few feet from the casket, mr. baker then painfully bid his close friend and mentor farewell. >> because our glory, george, to
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was to have had you as our president and as such a friend. >> reporter: george p. bush, jeb bush's son, and the oldest grandchild, remembered the family patriarch. >> george herbert walker bush is the most gracious, most decent, most humble than they will ever know. god bless you, gampy, until we meet again. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> reporter: in his homily, family reverend russell levenson jr. invoked the same prayer mr. bush had read at his presidential inauguration in 1989. >> we are given power not to advance our own purposes nor to make a great show in the world, nor name. >> there is but just one just use of power, and it is to serve people, help us remember, lord, amen. ♪ but now i see
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>> reporter: following the service, the nation's 41st president was placed on a train marked "4141," for the 70-mile trip to his burial on the grounds of the bush presidential library. ( horn blowing ) thousands paused along the way for the historic moment. across the country, 250 buglers played "taps," and in college station, there was a 21 aircraft naval flyover, marking the end of an extraordinary week of mourning late this afternoon, where mr. bush was buried, alongside his three-year-old daughter, robin, and his wife, barbara. george and barbara bush were active members of the st. martin's church for over 50 years. this is where they sat, right under the window pane of st. george. it was dedicated to barbara bush by her husband and their family. jeff.
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>> glor: thank you very much from inside the church tonight. near los angeles today air, southwest airlines jet skidded to a stop today during heavy rain at burbank airport. if not for concrete blocks designed to crumble and then slow that plane down, this could have ended even more violently. jamie yuccas is there. >> reporter: the oakland burbank 737 stopped just a few feet from a fence and a highway. >> reporter: it took a few minutes for the 112 passengers to realize what happened. >> we started skidding, and then he started braking even more aggressively, and then he braked! >> there was a point where the tail end of the plane started to drift a little bit to the right, so it felt like it was loosening up a little bit and i think that's when people started to get a little bit worried. >> reporter: the southwest airlines jet wound up in a soft, sand-like material, placed at the end of the paved runways. it's designed to prevent planes from overshooting even more and preventing tragedy. it wasn't there nearly two decades ago on this exact same runway when a southwest jet
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careened off the runway injuring several passengers. former n.t.s.b. chair mark rosenker: >> that's what this-- this particular device is designed to do-- stop it from going into highways, stop it from going into the water, stopping it from leaving the airport. >> reporter: since the last incident here, the system used to stop this plane has worked an additional 13 times across the country. jeff, the burbank airport is back open right now as the n.t.s.b. continues to investigate. >> quijano: jamie yuccas, thank you very much from burbank. wall street today had another turbulent day. the dow followed tuesday's nearly 800-point drop by more than 700 earlier before rebounding late before finishing down 79. quite a comeback later in the afternoon. one factor is uncertainty over the arrest in canada of a top executive of huawei, a chinese telecom giant. she is expected to face charges in the u.s.
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margaret brennan has more on the fallout from this. >> reporter: as presidents trump and xi sat down saturday night to broker a truce in their trade war... >> the relationship is very special. >> canadian authorities arrested television executive, while she changed planes the justice department requested the arrest and extradition to the u.s., the u.s., actions typically reserved for drug lords and arms dealers, not corporate executives. mike pillsbury is an outside adviser to the trump administration. this seems unprecedented. >> you can't just pick a company executive and arrest them. it must be something she signed or did. >> reporter: huawei has been under investigation for violating u.s. sanctions on iran, but neither the u.s. nor canada has given an official reason for the arrest. it caused shock waves in global markets, and outrage in beijing, which demanded meng's immediate release. the arrest comes at a sensitive
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time as china and the u.s. try to negotiate a trade deal, and huawei is not just any company. it's one of china's most successful businesses with nearly $100 billion in revenue last year. it recently surpassed apple as the world's second-largest smartphone vendor. republican senator marco rubio, said the company, which has close ties to the chinese government, is also a national security threat. >> and they're an instrument that they used to spy and steal intellectual property and dominate 5"g" marketplace. >> reporter: so is this about business or is it about national security? >> it's about both, but national security, in many ways, is more important than business. >> reporter: the white house insists that the timing of the arrest was purely coincidental, and not part of a negotiating strategy. a national security council spokesman said that neither president trump nor his top advisers even knew about it until after saturday's meeting with china's leader. jeff. >> glor: okay, margaret brennan, moderator of "face the nation," thank you very much. one month after the election a
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congressional race in north carolina could be headed for a do-over amid allegations of election fraud. dean reynolds has the latest twist. >> reporter: tonight, democrat dan mcready, who conceded the november 6 election to his republican opponent withdrew that concession amid charges his defeat was because of fraud. >> i didn't serve overseas in the marine corps just to come back home and watch politicians and career criminals attack our democracy. >> reporter: in the race between mcready and republican mark harris, harris appeared to win by 905 votes, but questions continue to arise. why, for instance, did lopsided ballots that were counted favor mr. harris while an overwhelming amount of ballots requested but never returned or counted came from areas likely to favor mcready. at the center is a convicted felon leslie mccrea dowless, who was a consultant to the harris campaign.
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wayne goodwin, north carolina's democratic party chairman, says residents have said activists went door to door seek unsigned unsigned or unsealed absentee ballots >> several individuals have admitted that they were paid to harvest these absentee ballots. >> reporter: led by the president, republicans nationwide have long cast themselves as victims of voter fraud. >> it's a rigged system. it is a rigged, rigged system. >> reporter: but dallas woodhouse, executive director of the state g.o.p., has gone from claiming this was all a democratic conspiracy to worrying over the mounting allegations and how they may hurt the party. >> all republicans across the state are horrified by this. this is against everything that our activists stand for. >> reporter: now, the state board of elections has twice declined to certify the race in the ninth district and will probably hold a hearing on it
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later this month. all of which means a brand-new election may have to be held. jeff. >> glor: dean reynolds, thank you. two women came forward today to say they were employed at a golf resort owned by the trump organization, even though they were living in this country illegally. adriana diaz spoke to them. >> reporter: victorina morales, an undocumented immigrant from guatemala, has worked at the trump national golf club in new jersey for five years, even cleaning the president's residence. so you would make the beds and you would clean the bathrooms, you would dust, you would vacuum for the residents. she claims her bosses knew she wasn't authorized to live in the u.s. but hired her anyway. so he said it doesn't matter. we need someone, whether or not they have documents. she says jorge villafuerte, identified as a club facilities manager in this photo with mr. trump, later gave her money to get a fake green card and social security card. we tried to call jorge
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villafuerte but were unable to reach him. sandra diaz said she also worked at the club while she was undocumented. their attorney claims several undocumented immigrants are on the club's payroll. >> republicans believe america should be a sanctuary for law- abiding citizens, not criminal aliens. >> reporter: which, if true, conflicts with the president's position on illegal immigration. the women's lawyer provided us with morales 2017 w2, which lists her address as lamington. farm club, a corporate name for mr. trump's golf course. the address listed is trump tower in new york. how do you know the fraudulent documents were procured with the assistance or awareness of the club? >> and that is why we-- my clients are willing to cooperate with federal authorities and with state authorities so they can provide details. >> reporter: in a statement, the trump organization said, "we have tens of thousands of employees across our properties, and have very strict hiring practices.
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if an employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately. morales expects that she and her colleagues will lose their jobs over this. but the women say they are willing to pay that price to come forward. jeff, we've reached out to the white house but haven't heard back. >> glor: adriana diaz, thank you. there is a glimmer of hope tonight for peace in yemen. a civil war there has created a humanitarian disaster. but today, the warring sides met in sweden and began discussing prisoner swaps. elizabeth palmer is the only u.s. network correspondent in yemen. she's in aden. >> reporter: the stakes couldn't be higher for yemenis. like tiny amani, covered in sores from advanced malnutrition. her father, youssif al afari, describes conditions at home as desperate with so little food, that amani is now in intensive care. she's just one victim of a war that's left 14 million people facing starvation.
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the fighting here has raged on and off since 2015. at least 10,000 civilians have been killed in what boils down to a regional power struggle. on one side are houthi militias, backed by iran. on the other, the yemeni government and a coalition of arab militaries led by iran's arch-rival, saudi arabia. and saudi arabia is, in turn, backed by the united states, which has supplied vital intelligence, as well as billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons. the u.s. senate is now trying to withdraw american support for the saudis in this war, in part because of jamal khashoggi's murder, but also because it's clear the situation here has become a shocking humanitarian scandal. jeff. >> glor: elizabeth palmer inside yemen. thank you. up next here on the "cbs evening news" tonight, only a very rare type of blood can save this little girl. her parents have placed a
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zzzquil pure zzzs. >> glor: in south florida, the parents of a two-year-old girl battling cancer sent out an international call for help today. their daughter has an extremely rare type of blood and needs a team of donors. here's vladimir duthiers. >> reporter: just like any two- year-old, zainab mughal loves coloring books and playing games on smartphones. but two months ago, zainab was diagnosed with an aggressive form of neuroblastoma, a type of cancer. doctors said zainab needed regular blood transfusions, and it was then that her parents learned that zainab has some of the rarest blood in the world. >> i was just crying all the time. i was like, what can happen to my daughter. >> reporter: zainab is missing a common antigen most people carry in their red blood cells. the antigen is known as indian b. for a person to be a possible match for zainab, they must also
5:48 pm
be missing the indian b antigen. genetically the only people who can be a match are peek of pakistani, indian, or iranians descent. less than 4% are missing the indian b antigen. her family says it's a race against time. they are pleading to the public for help. >> everybody who is listening, please go out and donate the blood. because if that blood is not matched-- >> to my daughter-- >> it will help somebody else. >> reporter: one distribution center has launched a worldwide search to identify and recruit donors for zainab. one group has found three matches, one in london and two in the united states. but, jeff, they say for zainab's treatment they will need at least 7 to 10 compatible donors. >> glor: it's great though they say if people donate to zainab, someone will, and someone will get help. still ahead, an update for the search for marines missing since a crash at sea. l ahead, an update for the search for marines missing since a crash at sea.
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>> glor: mud slides in what was a california fire zone last hiarh closed the pacific coast malibu today. winter storm watches stretch from new mexico all the way to north carolina. farther south, heavy rains could cause floods in texas, arkansas, and louisiana. off the coast of japan, the search continues for five u.s. marines whose plane crashed in midair yesterday during a training exercise. their kc-130 collided with an fa-18 jet. one marine from the fa-18 was killed. another was rescued at sea. up next here, a president's call to honor 1,000 points of light realized many times over. realized many times over. i don't know what's going on. i've done all sorts of research,
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5:57 pm
presidency, as mark strassmann explained. >> reporter: this is the corner that means the world to you. >> yes. >> reporter: annie moore's reclaiming the street corner at the intersection of blight and despair. what happens on that corner? >> drug deals, prostitution, gambling-- everything. >> reporter: this is atlanta's english avenue neighborhood, moore's neighborhood. >> i have a problem seeing your business on the street. >> reporter: what they do is their business. how they do it is your business. >> yes, because you have to have respect for your neighbors. >> reporter: moore went to work. >> the first thing i did was build chess tables. >> reporter: these chess tables. >> yes. >> reporter: putting up the tables was symbolic? >> yeah, i care, we care. somebody cares. we just cleaned it out. >> reporter: she brought truckloads of donated dirt into this abandoned church. >> there's no place in english avenue for people to gather and we were trying to make this the gathering spot. >> reporter: what do you see make this theoming?
5:58 pm
ga >> open-air market. >> reporter: this 57-year-old grandmother personifies president bush's points of light. did you think you had it in you? >> i didn't know. i just started doing it. this is what this will look like. i don't want to build another neighborhood like english avenue somewhere in atlanta. i want to fix what's going on here. >> reporter: "point of lights honoree." >> see, george bush. >> reporter: this past january 15, moore was named a daily point of light, number 6175 since president bush launched the program in 1990. >> he allowed a whole lot of us to go down in history with him. like, we're a part of him. >> reporter: they have shared history, lights that led the way. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> glor: love that question from mark, "did you think you had it in you?" "i don't know. i just started doing it." wonderful story. that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm jeff glor. we will see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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me at bh kpix5 chases down affordable housing cheats. the report is not getting results. the crack down on people abusing the system. it is a government. like anywhere else in the area. the county offering free valet parking on the taxpayer's dying. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with san francisco taking action after a report first heard on kpix5. they live in multi- million- dollar homes what are accused of killing -- of cheating people out of low income housing. >> i live here. >> reporter: this is not your
6:00 pm
house? >> i am just staying here. >> now this woman is at the center of a lawsuit. susie steimle first looked into the issue of affordable housing fraud, the city is taking notice. >> reporter: that is right, caroline novak first bought a below market rate unit in this the apartment complex in 1999. she has been illegally renting it out for a decade since and we caught up with her during an investigation last year. the city attorney's office said she needs to turn this property back over to them. >> i am going to call my attorney. >> reporter: this is caroline novak we ran into her last year during our investigation. we found her leaving a multi- million-dollar home. here she is about to lie to us on camera. we want to understand how the system works for you. we have heard that you are supposed to live in the unit.
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