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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 13, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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did leaving a woman to die. >> and a violent psycho path finds his way from hawaii to the bay area. good morning it is thursday december 13th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. >> we still appreciate thursdays as much as fridays. >> and the fog has cleared out too. >> so nice. fog-free to start off the day we're looking at chilly conditions. that sunshine through the afternoon enjoy it. changes are coming tomorrow. temperatures are mainly in the 40s. although some spots in the 30s to start off the day. concord 40. oakland 46. livermore 38. 50 in downtown san francisco. san jose at 32 and 37 in santa rosa. your weather headlines fog-free, chilly, clear skies, warmest day out of the week today.
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light rain friday, tomorrow. a stronger storm system with soaking rain expected on sunday. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast when the rain returns coming up. let's check in for a look with giana. we are accident free. you are in luck on the freeway. those cars working their way westbound. 15 minutes from hercules. live look at the bay bridge right now if you plan on taking it out of oakland into san francisco. typical slow stuff as you stack up in this those cash lanes but fastrak users are getting through no problem. great start this morning for your thursday morning drive along oakland the nimmets freeway as well. good news northbound 88 clear ride as you head out of oakland.
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about a 14-minute drive time and if you want to skip the roadways why not let somebody else take you to work. and muni with no troubles or delays this morning. that's how i like it. >> thank you. 5:02 developing new investigator investigating a scene at the bart station. kit doe is live at the scene. >> it appears the victim collapsed somewhere underneath the alcove inside the station. bart police say it did not happen inside the bart station but rather the victim was attacked somewhere else at street level. the condition of that victim is unknown at this time. bart did not stop train service
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and did not even shut down the powell station at all. evening commuters stepped around it on their way to the train. you may remember back in september bart safety was making headlines in the wake of stabbing. parts of which included installing emergency call boxes on platforms and expanding the system's network of cameras and potentially adding 90 for surveillance cameras. now back to normal. we're live in san francisco kip doe kpix 5. new this morning right now east palo alto police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened overnight on beach street and shore breeze court near martin luther king park. police found one person unconscious there who later died at the scene. investigators have not released information on the gunman or a
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possible motive. all lanes are back open after a street sweep every shot up in flames. it happened around midnight. a truck was just smoldering there. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. new developments this morning from a story we brought to you as breaking news yesterday. san francisco police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a woman and then took off. surveillance video taken just after the crash showing a small dark sdreeufing up levinworth near bush then stops. then you see this woman in a light colored jacket walk towards the victim and quickly turns back. the victim 58-year-old tarcita collins gives in government housing. you are asked to call the san francisco police department. this morning manalow park police are investigating a possible homicide. police say they found the body
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ning.woman just before they say they do have a suspect in custody now but no word on how that victim died. president trump's travel ban is heading back to court today. the third version of the ban which was upheld by the supreme court in june restricts people into the u.s. it does allow them to apply for waivers. but the lawsuit alleges that the application process is unclear and the government is failing to offer guidance. the department of justice has denied those allegations and will call on a judge today to dismiss the lawsuit. and i'm emily turner here at the live news desk. british prime minister teresa may has now decided she will step down from that top office before the next scheduled election in 2022. she has faced a lot of scrutiny,
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a lot of criticism in the way she has handled brexit. just yesterday she survived a vote of no confidence eeking out 200 against 117 votes of no confidence based surely and purely on the fact that she will be stepping down for another conservative member to take her spot before that next scheduled election. britain may be having an election ahead of that thanks to all of the fallout from the way it's handling brexit. >> she gave a very impassion speech yesterday. this morning dramatic video captures a military jet crashing off the coast of honolulu. it had been participating in exercises with the air national guard when it suddenly went down. a witness saw two planes take off right before the chaos.
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>> oh, my god. >> the second one started to stall. so the pilot got the nose into the wind got low and ejected. it was shocking to see the plane go down. >> another man who saw it jumped into the water and held on to the pilot until help arrived. >> when i got in the water i asked him are you okay and he was like yeah my back hurts from the compression and he had a little bit of blood coming out it might have been from the impact. >> the pilot is seriously injured. the crash still under investigation. 5:07 right now it was a wild case. a fugitive from hawaii escaped custody and ended up in the bay area. this morning a new report lays out on who's being held accountable after a 1979 murder. he admitted to shooting a woman in the face with a pellet gun and fatally stabbing her in a shopping mall parking lot.
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we reported that cyto casually walked out of a parking lot and made it all the way to stockton. he was eventually arrested and in a jailhouse interview cyto told kpix that he told hospital staff he should be released. >> had some kind of existential proof. >> and now hawaii's attorney general says that the tate's administrative investigation focused on interviews with hospital employees, surveillance photos and records. it's separate from the criminal investigation but found indidualospital nespoible. >> if there was any problem at lancy.ate house
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>> 6 hospital staff were placed on off duty status. the state has installed interior fencing and there's new security tracking procedures as well as training for the employees. time check 5:09. a record number of travelers are on the move this holiday season. coming up what is fuelling people to travel in droves. >> no fog. something different this morning. no fog across the bay area. we are tracking two weather systems. i'll let you know when the rain returns on future cast coming up. >> and just a typical hot spot. you're in the green. i'll have a complete look at trave times cominup.
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5:12 this morning on our health watch. stethoscopes used by medical professionals are loaded with bacteria including some that
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caused dangerous staph infections. they say that medical professionals should follow recommended guidelines to clean them effectively. a new study published in the journal of science advances examined the effective delaying school start times in washington state. data suggests that two seattle high schoolers got about half an hour of sleep a night. more punk wul and performed better in class. and holiday stress could wreak havoc. at a higher risk of having a heart attack on christmas eve due to emotional stress. the risk peaked at around 10 at night. and of course holiday travel doesn't help that holiday stress level. a record number of people are helping. according to a new report from aaa a record 112 million people are traveling more than 50 miles this holiday season.
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that's the highest end of year volume track. that is up 4% from last year. fuelled by falling gas prices and nearly 7 million people will be flying. also up 4% from last year. >> we really are attributing the increase to the strength of the economy. we see consumer spending is long. and also unemployment is low. >> most of my friends were talking about staying low. >> lots of people, lots of folks with lots of kids who don't travel often. aaa says the busiest day will be december 22nd, the 23rd, and the 26th. the average cost for a ticket on the bidsiest days is nearly $600 round strip. aaa suggests drivers check the weather. have an emergency kit in had your car and for fliers the best advice is check for delays
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before you leave home and arrive two hours early to the airport. i'm terrible. i don't even arrive until like less than an hour before. and i haven't gotten burned yet so knock on wood. i just can't make that two hours. >> fingers crossed hopefully it doesn't happen next time. travel safe of course. if you're traveling across the bay bridge right now. you're in luck. we just checked in with chp. one minor hiccup. it's over to the right shoulder. it's not blocking any lanes. both vehicles are drivable. they'll have a crew out quickly you can see traffic is making it quickly. through there. but not a bad drive. easy ride out of oakland into san francisco right now. same story for the san mateo bridge. very light conditions as you work your way westbound into hayward into foster city. a live look at the golden gate
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bridge. no fog. that's great news. so good visibility as you work your way out of morin county. and the richmond san rafael bridge not bad at all. traffic very light just a couple of cars an easy ride over to san rafael. taking a look at 680. extra volume on that southbound side of 680. overall you're clear if you're headed towards highway 84. we are seeing maybe some slight delays. we're now in the green now if you work your way westbound from ant i don't care. and the altamonte pass is really our only busy spot right now. you've got some slower speeds and then clear as you head towards that dublin interchange. and no fog out there. >> that's right. yeah, a beautiful day ahead. so if you're having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed, great news for you because we are looking at a gorgeous day
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across the bay area and fog-free. a live look at our sales floor tower cam you can see the bay bridge this morning and looking east at oakland so temperatures are running in the 30s and in the 40s so it's a chilly start to the day. concord you are at 40 degrees. oakland good morning to you at 46. livermore 38. san francisco down to 49 san jose 40 fwo and 37 in santa rosa. fog free, chilly and clear to start off the day and head through the afternoon and enjoy the sunshine today. the warmest day out of the week but changes are coming as early as tomorrow. so we're tracking a weak front and a stronger system on sunday. now for the water here we could use more rain. 82% normal in santa rosa. livermore 59% of normal and san jose it's 69% and again with those two systems especially
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that sunday storm system we could get a lot of rain there. we'll definitely need it here. high pressure in control for today. we're tracking another front on its way. and again a stronger storm system on sunday. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast. plenty of sunshine with clear skies. as we head through friday we'll see increasing clouds stopping the clock friday at 4:00 p.m. you can see the showers for the north bay. here we are at 8:00 p.m. on friday. for the north bay as well as for the san francisco area. but watch what happens as this front really weakens and dissipates. so south of the golden gate on friday. likely not seeing a drop of rain. as we head through saturday morning for the north bay you could see some showers but for the rest of us we are looking high and dry. so saturday afternoon all of us will be dry catching a little bit of sunshine. for today we are looking at temperatures above average for
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this time of year. 63 palo alto. 63 in mountain view. 66 in morgan hill.for dlin, a h. walnut creek at 60 as well as for concord. berkley you're looking at 60 later on today. 62 in santa rosa. sunshine today increasing clouds and again showers especially for the north bay friday afternoon and evening south of the golden gate. we're looking dry. saturday morning for the north bay some showers but dry for the rest of us through the afternoon saturday. stronger storm system on sunday with morning showers on monday. now let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. the warriors could be in trouble. how it all went wrong against the best team in the league coming up. and as we head to break taking another live look outside as some of the traffic comes in from marin to san francisco.
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it is looking good out there but a little bit windy as you take a look at that flag whipping on the right side of your screen. it's 49 degrees to start this thursday morning.
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good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge right now. they just turned the meter lights on. we are seeing the backup there.
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nothing out of the ordinary. business as usual out of oakland and into san francisco. a miner crash reported. here's dennis with sports. two weeks ago when the warriors were beaten by the raptors in toronto. last night at oracle both those guys were back but the results were worse. the warriors shooters did not shoot klay thompson 0-5 downtown. just 6 of 26. with the warriors in a deep freeze toronto took over. kyle larry knocked in two. it was an ugly game on offense except for this. kevin durant he had 30 but steph had just 10 points. >> the game was basically over in the 3rd. figures out a way to score
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anyway. raptors win 119-to 33. >> it's harder to get up for each game. you don't have that energy. it's not an excuse it's just reality. >> and one thing struck me last night the warriors have 26 games remaining at oracle. you know that the raiders rescinded their rent for the 2019 season which is supposed to be their final year at the coliseum. it's a chip that owner mark davis used after the city of oakland filed a lawsuit against him for the 2020 move to las vegas. it's anybody's guess where they'll play next year. >> next year. >> it's always something every
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day here isn't it. >> i enjoy seeing you answer all these questions. i want to play in oakland and i'm real sensitive just like you would expect. >> now the west gate sports book in vegas put together a possible list of homes for the 2019 raiders. they're not taking bets but san diego leads the way followed by phoenix, san antonio, and then quote multiple homes whoever that is. pasadena, levi's 10-1 and seattle not on that list is oakland. >> not sure how ala got on that list either. >> michael jordan now owns the charlotte hornets and most nights sits near the bench. last night he was up for celebrating a win before the game was over. his heirness expressed himself before taking a swipe at the
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back of munts head. no moves. significant moves for either the a's or the giants. stay tuned for that. i'll see you tonight. play of the day snou. nba hoops. the kings taking on the t-wolves in sacramento. . >> kings big man willy colliestein with a nasty throw down. sacramento goes on to win the game thanks in part to your play of the day. >> and this is not the thing you'd expect to see taking part home on the way home from work. i'm kip doe with a live report of a stabbing that happened overnight.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. >> another act of violence near
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a bay area bart station. >> plus apple announcing a billion dollars expansion but it won't be here in the bay area. >> and three people trapped deep in an abandoned coal mine. why they may face some charges. >> good morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> good morning i'm kenny choi it is 5:30 on the dot. things looking pretty good on the roads so far. >> not bad at all. >> in terms of weather definitely clear. >> yeah, good news all around. we're starting off the day with clear skies, no fog to report and let's check out the south bay giving some love to san jose. good morning to you. and we are looking at just some clouds out there, but nice and a pretty view here. especially compared to yesterday morning you had the drizzle in san jose, you had the fog as well as the low clouds. a very different view this morning. temperatures in san jose you're looking at 42.
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40 in concord. 46 in oakland. san francisco 49 and a chilly 37 in santa rosa. your weather headlines fog-free . the warmest day out of the week will be today enjoy it. plenty of sunshine and as we head through tomorrow some changes as we're tracking a weak cold front that will bring some light rain for some of us but a soaking rain for sunday. widespread rain with that stronger system for sunday. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast taking you hour by hour coming up next. just the typical slow and go stuff out there for your drive in the altamonte pass. as far as accidents go we're looking live at the interchange. starting to see more cars on the roadway. connecting over towards 680. if you're headed just east of there just a heads up we're seeing brake lights. coming away from 205. also seeing a lot of slow and go
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conditions. on that eastbound side of 580 just a heads up there are reports of road work. you're going to see lane closures in and around that area. but once you get past that you are clear towards the dublin interchange. if you have an early flight to catch you shouldn't have any troubles. northbound 101 we're seeing lots of green on our maps. from san jose all the way towards san francisco. we are starting to see traffic bunch up just a little bit. so getting a little bit busier on that nimmets freeway. overall traffic moving at some pretty decent speeds. northbound still holding steady with no delays heading into oakland. that's a look at your morning drive. and i'm emily turner here at the live desk. we have some breaking news this time out of palo alto. a fatal shooting at 1:00 this
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morning. of course that area right now has a strong police presence. this is video from that scene this morning. police still there. they've responded to shots fired. when they arrived they found someone who was shot. they called paramedics and unfortunately in the meantime one fatality in east palo alto where there was a shooting. >> thanks emily. 5:33 right now. developing news this morning a stabbing investigation is under way at yet another bart station. kp ix 5's kit doe is live with the latest there. >> quite anas n toight step aroa bloody crime scene on their way home from work. it appears the victim collapsed somewhere near the pay station. a stabbing that happened somewhere at the street level
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and then the victim escaped down the stairs and made their way towards the entrance. did not even shut down the pal station at all. they just cordoned off the bloody scene and evening commuters went about their business. >> you may remember back in september bart was making headlines. bart's board of directors introduced a 5-year safety plan expanding the system's network of digital cameras and potentially adding 90 more police officers. right around the same time, a volunteer group of chaperons got together to walk people back to their cars. hire these chaperons at three to four different stations. bart's union agreement does not allow for the hiring of outside contract workers but at last word the board was considering some kind of community
5:35 am
embassador program. bart where business is back to normal. we're live in san francisco kip doe kpixix 5. >> erica tradeway. family and whitesville west virginia last night. they entered an abandoned coal mine and they were rescueded more than 100 hours later covered in coal dust. >> you love ya'll. >> they got all three. >> a few medical conditions but they're okay. they're going to be fine. >> so it is still unclear why the group had gone into that mine. a family member says he thinks they may have been scavenging for copper wires they could sell. new this morning tech giant apple is planting its flagship store and several major investing in a $1 billion campus. apple also plans to build new
5:36 am
cites in seattle and pittsburgh. according to apple it is on track to create 20,000 new jobs in the u.s. by 2023. 5:36 now in the search for the next chief of staff continues this morning. another top pick is now out of the running. mark meadows was one of the front runners to replace john kelly. meadows was in the running. the white house is now confirming he is no longer being considered among those still on the short list for that spot is treasury secretary steve munuchin. >> federal debt is surging at a pace not seen since 2012. a record $29.1 trillion since the start of this year alone it rose more than $1 trillion or
5:37 am
6.6%. financial experts say that the debt is expected to rise by $4.4 trillion despite unemployment and relatively low interest rates. people in stockton could be eligible for $500 a month. a team of independent researchers will choose 100 people to get this money and the goal is to study how the pay bump impacts their health and stress level and to see if they start to feel more secure. >> around this country especially communities like stockton people are working incredibly hard and falling further and further behind. >> the 100 people selected will be notified by mid january and the free money will start able tel family and friends throughout the holidays pay attention. here to discuss financial gifts
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for this holiday season. so jill, start with the kids and grand kids. what are the options. do you give them a bunch of play stations? >> you know, that sounds like more fun to the kids. but you might want to use your gift tax exclusion that allows you $15,000 to as many people as you wish. if you are married you can combine gifts with your spouse. $30,000 for the year. that's not a lot of people. if cash does not feel right for you you can buy a savings bond. more people interested in this. you can check out the treasury department's website. you have to create an account there and then link your bank account to it. the bond can't be redeemed and if your recipient cashes out within the first five years they lose the last three months of interest. money saved in these programs
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grows tax-free and withdrawals used to pay for qualified education expenses, side step, all taxation. so great deal with the 529. so jill, what if you want to help but you do not want to help put that money into family members hands what do you do. >> well i call this the bust out kounz clause and if one of your very good friends or a loved one is facing a very good bill. you offer to pay some or all of the expense directly. you can make unlimited payments to a medical provider and educational institution on behalf of others as long as the payment is made directly to that payment service provider the amount will not affect your gift tax exemption. you might want to check with your accountant or lawyer. you can also help pay off someone's student loans. if the student is currently in college, is a dependent and the
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money is from the students parents no impact on the students financial aid. if the kid is already graduated and you want to help out again, make that payment directly to wherever the loan is held. make sure you get credit for it. note that loan number on your check. >> education is expensive these days. jill schlesinger in new york city this morning. jill thank you. 20 minutes now before 6:00 and what do the world cup and hurricane florence have in common. they were the two most googled things in 2018 in the u.s. the list of top search results and the results cover news, tv shows, questions and more. >> demi lavato was the top trending person. >> spoiler alert. it wasn't us. >> no. someone in san francisco did win a million plus right. but not the big prize.
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>> chump change. >> just a little bit. time now 5:40. the cost of communication. the new talk of california is a tax on texting. how this would work. >> and taking a live look outside from our dublin cam this morning you can see traffic is starting to stack up. but overall the commute has not been bad. giana is going to have a traffic update after the break.
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good thursday morning to you it's 5:43 here's a live look with our sales floor tower camera. looking at clear skies. chilly conditions this morning but as we head through the afternoon we are going to be warming up with plenty of sunshine. changes are coming as early as tomorrow. we're tracking a cold front to push in. i'll let you know exactly when some of us will see that rain coming up in just a few minutes. kenny. >> thank you. 5:43 right now.
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facebook wants to know your next move. the social media giant has filed a series of patent applications for technology that uses your location to predict where you're going next and when you're going off line. you can also look at your friends' location data as well. 5:44 and porch pirates caught in the act. san mateo county officers are asking for your help to identify a pair of package pickers. surveillance video captures them in the act. instead takes a small one. moments later you can see that other suspect appears to take the larger package. they were seen getting into a green sat urn station wagon. a multimillion dollars home sent auction. >> featuring a formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, theater room, gym and a 13,000 bottle
5:45 am
wine cellar looks nice. it's located on king's mountain road on woodside it has been on and off the market for years and now it's ready for an international audience and for the first time the sale will be held in hong kong. >> we thing this is an interesting way to be able to engage buyers across hong kong, shanghai and beijing. >> an auction is a distressed sale. it's a sense of urgency to determine when the property will sell. so it brings people to the table in a different format. >> bidding starts tomorrow and ends on december 19th in hong kong. state regulators have adopted a dramatic plan in helping struggling fish species. to reallocate their water supply back to their environment to
5:46 am
protect declining salmon populations. a ruling by the feds may prevent california regulators. state regulators are proposing a text tax that would -- could help support programs that make phone service accessible to low income residents. it's unclear how much consumers would be asked to pay. but yesterday the fcc declared that text information services not a telecommunication service. that means like e-mail techs have certain communications. people we spoke to are divided on the proposed tax. >> having an open line of communication is important for everybody and if it's something that wouldn't cost us much and would be helpful, then i wouldn't be against it. >> more taxes that already sounds bad to me but i'm all for helping other people too. >> wireless groups argue that the tax would put them at a
5:47 am
disadvantage in competing with free text messaging services like facebook and what's app. they could vote on the matter as soon as today. >> i feel like that's a non starter. i mean think of how many texts you send a day. >> i know. >> and to have to overthink it each time you're about to send a text like is this worth it. i feel like this is one thing a lot of people can get behind. it's just a no. >> and i'm an overtexter. i do several in a row. oh, i got 12 texts from mary. >> mary i've already text my husband four times this morning. >> we had to relocate buddy the elf. just wanted to make sure that got done. all right. very important is you getting ti ands not too bad this morning just your usual hot spots as you work your way out of morgan hill.
5:48 am
a 20 minute ride to go 12 miles into morgan hill. which is pretty typical this time in the morning. so bearable. overall the south bay looks good. we're only seeing some minor delays. northbound 101 really starts to bunch up at that 280, 680 connector. pretty light. if you want to skip 101 and just use 280 instead. north 280 all the way to the peninsula looks great. elsewhere we are starting to see slight delays. speeds down to 30 miles per hour. 32 miles per hour in some spots as well. so again no crashes just a little sluggish as you head through there. let's get a look at the area of the peninsula. we are getting reports of a minor accident. it is over to the shoulder. metering lights right now traffic is stacking up as you head out of oakland into san francisco. had a couple of cars tangled up on the right shoulder.
5:49 am
the bay bridge itself you've got the metering lights on. you're backed up almost to the maze. 20 minutes from oakland into san francisco. san mateo bridge that is one of our bright spots. no troubles here. light conditions as you head out of hayward into foster city. let's check your forecast here's mary. how beautiful is this view on our sales floor tower camera. you can actually see the bay bridge looking east this morning compared to the foggy conditions yesterday, the day before. we're looking at clear skies across the bay area. temperatures are running on the chilly side. we're looking at 60 as we head through the day. but 40 right now in concord. oakland at 46. livermore 38. san francisco 49. san jose 42 and 37 for santa rosa. so with clear skies, light winds we have that radiational cooling. those temperatures are definitely on the cooler side this morning. fog-free. chilly and clear. the warmest day out of the week is today with that sun.
5:50 am
enjoy it. changes are coming as early as tomorrow with a front pushing across the bay area so we're looking at rain back in the forecast. light rain friday and then a soaking rain for sunday. but the satellite and radar view, high pressure in control for today. we're tracking a front to move in for friday and then a stronger system right behind that for sunday. timing it all out for you on future cast we're looking at plenty of sunshine, clear skies. here we are at 4 p.m. as we go through tomorrow we'll see increasing clouds, stopping the clock friday at 4 p.m. you can see the showers for the north bay there and as we head through the rest of your friday in the afternoon and for this evening friday evening at 8 p.m. you can see the showers for the north bay, the san francisco area but that weak front really just dissipates and weakens as it pushes farther south. so we are looking for the south bay you may not even see a drop of rain on friday. saturday morning could see some showers for the north bay, dry for the rest of us and we are looking at partly sunny skies
5:51 am
saturday afternoon. again, that stronger weather system will be on sunday as we're looking at heavy rain and strong winds on sunday. sunrise today at 7:16 and our sun sets at 4:51. daytime highs today on the warm side. so above average temperatures for this time of year. 63 in redwood city. 63 fremont. 65 for a high in san jose. 62 in santa rosa and 60 for napa as well as for concord. here's that 7-day forecast in which you can expect. plenty of sun today, increasing clouds and then showers especially for the north bay friday afternoon and then south of excuse me the golden gate, looking at dry weather. saturday morning could see some showers for the north bay dry for the rest of us. for sunday, a stronger weather system arrives with heavy rain and monday morning could see some showers and then drying out after that. and guys that cough is still
5:52 am
lingering but that cold. >> hope you feel better over the weekend you'll get some sleep, mary. >> it's true. a lot of people are sick right now. >> you're doing fine. >> we've got the sanitizer in effect. and a few small steps to mark the end of a rewarding journey. big plans for graduation day. >> and another live look outside this time at the richmond san rafael bridge. it is 5:52. mrs. walker.
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michael vasquez! come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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welcome back it is 5:54. sometimes small steps lead to the most awarding journey. to get his college diploma. >> he's about three times the age of most of his band mates at u.c. davis. rely on his band mates to help him watch across the stage at commencement. >> is it just physical. i want to show people that i've done something. >> he said after graduation he looks forward to continues that. >> definitely perseverance.
5:56 am
>> very impressive. it is sdwrus about 4 minutes now before 6:00 and just over an hour an attempt at history in the california desert. details on the test flight that could bring us one step closer to space tourism. >> and quite a scene out of bart station in san francisco last night. a bloody mess on passengers way home from work. i'm kip doe live at the cite of a stabbing coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> bart riders come across a frightening scene as the victim of a stabbing collapses. >> a man charged at a bay area high school is accused of new crimes this morning. >> and what you can expect when a russian spy heads to court later this morning.
6:00 am
>> good morning. >> that works too. >> two hands on the steering wheel. >> or maybe mass transit and you're just looking at this. >> very true. >> yeah. >> but first the weather forecast looking clear. >> yes, finally this morning we are fog free. as you can actually see something out there and as we go through the day, we are looking at plenty of sunshine. so a live look looking at the golden gate this morning. now let's show you where our sales force tower c looking east at the bay bridge. so our temperatures we're looking at 40 in concord. liver more 38. san jose 32 it's definitely a chilly start


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