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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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why the thieves went away empty handed. >> california could take a huge step toward more environmentally friendly mass transit. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it was friday light but it is changing. >> that's traffic for you. >> as soon as you say it's looking good, then boom. >> a lot of changes for the forecast this weekend. >> dry right now but we'll see big changes as we head through later on today. tracking two storm systems. the first one arrives today. the second one will really pack a punch. let's get first to outside, a look at the tower camera under cloud skies, some areas, some patchy fog as well. concord 45. downtown san francisco 51. san jose 49 and 40 for santa rosa. so increasing light rain moves in this afternoon and for this
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evening. so a wet evening commute. we're looking at a bit of a break in between storms for saturday. mainly dry but we're looking at a few showers for the north bay. that stronger storm system arrives on sunday with heavy rains at times. could see strong winds. the sunday storm is the one to watch. that scale for today we're looking at a 2. light rain for the rain and the wind. flooding at a one. the commute, that will be our biggest impact. we'll time it out on futurecast. let's check in with gianna for traffic. that 5:00 hour was easy to navigate. now that it's 6:00, we're seeing things busier, including the bay bridge where traffic is starting to stack up to the maze. east shore freeway and 580.
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metering lights are on. two new trouble spots reported. we'll go to our maps on the nimitz, a couple cars tangled up. we're getting reports of a broken down big rig blocking one lane. that is westbound 580 as you work your way toward redwood road. what does it mean for heading over toward the 580 interchange? locks like the stall is east of where our camera s -- camera is. so hot spots along 358 -- 580 as well as 880. i'm anne makovec. there's a big water main break. this has been going on for 15 hours. it caused flooding in the area. this morning we're dealing with
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traffic headaches in union city as well as concerns about the water quality. they said do not be concerned if the water is brown. it's safe to drink. pg&e was doing work on a natural gals main. that's when the water main broke. union city boulevard, very busy route, still closed northbound between south street and whipple road. no timeline on when this water main is going to be repaired. kenny and michelle. >> thank you for the update. investigators in santa clara are looking into two separate car crashes. kiet do joining us from san jose. kiet? >> reporter: good morning. this was a bessie morning for
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san jose and campbell. they had to deal with drunk driver. we'll begin at hamilton and bass -- bass skin. debris, including bottles of alcohol within the flying in every direction. it took firefighters nearly a half an hour to cut the man free. he suffered from significant injuries. south san jose where we are right now on great oaks boulevard and via del oro, this driver was passed out waiting in his car for an hour in the cold before anyone realized anything was wrong. it was initially called in as a downed tree. firefighters had to cut the man out and took him to the hospital in stable condition.
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>> we have a vehicle into a tree that could have been here almost an hour before you were dispatched. >> that is correct. >> so this gentleman is lucky to be alive. >> yes, he is. >> firefighters reported a smell of alcohol coming from that driver. san jose police now investigating this as a possle the road is back open in south san jose. new developments this morning in the investigation into hush money payments made to two women who said they had affairs with president trump. michael cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in part of of those payments. he said president trump directed him to pay 13,000 to stormy daniels -- $130,000 to stormy daniels and also worked with national enquirer to pay
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karen mcdougal. >> nothing at the trump organization was never done unless it was run through mr. trump. >> multiple sources said the president was in the room with cohen and the magazine. the president said he never instructed cohen to break the law and insisted that the hush money payments were legal. happening today, scooter company lime will face off with san francisco. lime's appeal hearing is -- they said it was biased and it was not transparent. lime is calling on the city to stop issuing permits until a decision is reached on this appeal. state regulators are expected to vote on whether all of california's transit agencies should have zero emission buses by 2040. there are more than 130 zero emission buses operating in the
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state. if it passes, california would be the first to commit to an all electric bus fleet. an update on a stabbing outside a busy bart station that left a man in critical condition. the update is that the 33-year- old man, he was attacked outside the station tuesday night. he coplansed near a pay kiosk. investigators said they're looking for four or five men who may be involved and they're also asking witnesses to come forward. berkeley police are looking for two men who backed a u-haul truck into an apple store. this happened at a store on fourth street. a lot of glass was broken but security measures prevented the men from getting into the display area. >> there's a metal security screen on inside that was
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not penetrated so they were not able to get inside. >> when the officers arrived on the scene, the truck's engine was still running but the suspects were gone and empty handed. starting tomorrow the numbers 341 will serve customers in the same area. east bay residents will be required to press one before make phone calls with either area codes starting at the end of june next year. >> waves at bay area beaches could reach six feet high by the weekend. >> and the east bay's bike sharing network is getting some new additions. where you will find now pedal a sis bikes. >> and two storm systems will bring the rain. the second one will pack a punch. we'll time it out for you on futurecast coming up. >> we have a big rig causing
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delays on 580. details coming up right up.
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it's finally friday. starting off the day cloudy and dry. our first weather system will arrive later today. we'll talk about the timing of when the rain returns coming up. michelle? >> huge waves expected along the bay area coastline have prompted a grave warning. sunday night into monday morning waves could reach 60 feet high. they could reach all the way to the sea wall. brian garcia of the national weather service said that means you should stay off the beach entirely. >> this is not the day you want to send littlejohn ni down to the water or little jane to build spand castles. don't go down to the beach or the cliff. it can drag you out to sea and
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you have almost no cans of survival. >> organizers of the maverick suffer contest are keep ago close eye on the conditions to see if they're right for the competition. the fbi is still hunting for whoever's behind a string of bomb threats in the u.s. and canada. dozens of threats were received in the bay area from san jose to santa rosa. one prompted the evacuation of the jewish community center? -- center in san francisco. the note said there who be a detonation if the money wasn't paid. >> what comes to my mind is law enforcement is now occupied doing something dealing with a hoax when there's real crime being committed. >> other areas that received threats include new york city, miami, washington, d.c. and
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toronto. preexisting defects and holes cut into the steel are blamed for two cracked beams at the transbay transit center. the beams cracked in september weeks after the $2 billion facility opened to the public. samples were sent to the lab for testing. the tests showed flaws in the steel. the flaws got worse as the steel was reheated during construction. there's still no estimate for when the repairs will reopen up and when the center can reopen. ford go bike is add 35g00 bikes to its fleet in oakland. they will give rider as boost as they pedal. the feel smell of logs -- the smell of logs burning in the fireplace can be replaced with smells from kfc. it is a 11 herbs and spices
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firelog that smells like chicken. the log comes with warnings like may attract neighbors who are hungry and don't put face directly into fire in an attempt to smell it. >> you think? >> i love the smell of kfc. >> original or extra crispy. >> extra crispy, hello. >> i love popeye's too. >> i will stick with my christmas smelling candles, the pine cone, spin min -- cinnamon. a for effort. we've been monitoring this broken down big ripping. -- big rig. it's been cleared. you are seeing delays getting better has you head through the castro valley. things are improving. we have a trouble spot on the nimitz freeway. a couple cars are tangled up
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but you can see on the maps traffic was light through there. 680 at north main street. not bad at all if you're making that commute southbound out of concord into walnut creek all the way as you head toward highway 24, only a 7-minute drive time. looks like the toll plaza is loaded up. your east shore, pan easy 15 minutes -- an easy 15 minutes. no delays along the nimitz working your way into oakland. if you want to use the san mateo, it is a great choice. give yourself 18 minutes to get from the toll plaza. it's clear in both directions it. is dry right now on the freeway. that's going to change. >> that's right gianna.
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dry for the morning commute. we are tracking our first weather system to roll in today. a live look at the sales force tower camera looking south. it is a cloudy star. oakland you're at 48. downtown san francisco 51. 40 for santa rosa. so not pass chilly as yesterday morning. that light rain moves in this afternoon and for this evening. we catch a bit of a break for saturday. saturday tomorrow will be in between storms, mainly dry. a few showers for the north bay for tomorrow but that stronger storm system rolls in for sunday and that is the storm to watch. satellite and radar view, a weak front mr. swing our way -- will swing our way. that will move in today. at 10:00 a.m. a few showers are possible. some spotty showers at 10:00 a.m. there we go with light showers
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has we head through the rest of the day, stopping the clock at 5:00 p.m. we're talking about a wet evening commute with that weak front pushing through. as we head through saturday at 7:00 a.m. for the north bay some showers, scattered showers. mainly dry for the rest of us. at 4:00 p.m. you can see showers for the north bay on is the day. here we go for sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. you can see the light rain. it really gets going as we go through the rest of sunday. here we are at 6:00 p.m. the yellow and orange colors indicating that. as we did through sunday night we are looking at still that wet weather. so because of the second storm, the roughest storm we're looking at sunday night into monday morning. we'll be watching that. waves up to 40 feet. northwest as wells 17 to 21 feet. so use extreme caution for the coastline, the beaches.
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we're looking at increased sneaker waves and rip currents. our sunset at 4:51. daytime highs upper 50s to low to mid-50s. 58 in for. napa a high of 59. 60 for oakland. 62 in fremont. 64 for shopping. -- san jose. livermore at 63. then the stronger storm system rolls in for sunday. could see lingering showers monday morning, drying out morniny for the rest the drtuy,ednesday t'go nnis with a look at sports. >> a gamble at the and of the
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game. another amazing performance by the kid called a homes but was hebert than rivers. 50 degrees in san francisco. dry conditions. as mary said, you may want to bring your raingoer for later this phone.
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the raiders final game of the season could decide home field advantage in the afc playoffs. two candidates going at .
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patrick mahomes and phillip rivers. looks like he will throw the ball away and then touchdown, 7- 0 chiefs. they led 28-21 with 8 seconds left. rivers finds mike williams to the score and l.a. was down 28-27. so you're going to go for the extra point and time, right? no. they decided to go for the win. someone forgot to cover mike williams. 39-28 and a stunner. the victory and they're now tied with kc. man, did anybody get license of that mac truck that ran over the warriors two nights ago, 20- point blowout steph curry woke up from that nightmare. >> not really. >> he's doing his hockey version. san jose on the break.
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a little give and go action. the second goal of the game. it's meyers second straight. then joe thornton. he scores his fifth goal of the season. the sharks hung on to win. san jose has won five. group hug all the way around. if you don't have tickets at the hill top, you're missing a show. nate renfro. good thing he didn't break this backboard. they are 9-1, their best start since the clinton administration. the women's team back. winning in straight sets improving to 3-1. they will face nebraska in the national championship on saturday. if they win that national championship it will be eight. they're currently tied with penn state at 7. i'm dennis
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o'done snell. here's the play of the game from the nba. the los angeles lakers taking on houston. >> what a move. >> what a move and showing some strength. james harden right down the lane taking on the defenders. wow. left handed jam. houston beetles l.a., 126-111. 11 pg&e wants you to pay more. >> and suspected drunk drivers had to be cut out of their car. >> the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that lane for the carpool lane. definitely want to take that
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this morning. we're coming right back. ♪ toyland, toyland
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> an investigation is underway into illegal payments by the trump campaign. >> a bizarre scene at a muni station when a man gets trapped atop a train. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we have some mass transit issues going on. it's friday. we have issues and rain is coming. >> right. some changes are coming as you're tracking two weather system that is will bring the rain. the first one arrives today. it's a dry start but as we head through the afternoon and evening, we are looking at some light rain so a wet evening
6:31 am
commute. be prepared as you head back home from work and school there. a live look at the south bay, san jose camera. good morning to you under cloudy skies. temperatures are cool but not chilly compared to yesterday morning. con coder 45. clock clock 48. 51 downtown san francisco. san jose you're at 49. 40 for santa rosa. light rain moves in this afternoon and for this evening with the weak front that we're tracking. saturday will be in between storms. so mainly dry. a few showers for the north bay. that stronger system will arrive on sunday for heavy rains at times. the storm watch scale for today with this weak front. we're looking at just a two. the big impact will be that afternoon and evening commute. today does look wet because of this weak weather system. we'll time it out on futurecast
6:32 am
taking you hour by hour. we'll also talk about that second storm that will bring the roughest surf of the season. tee tails on that coming up -- details on that coming up. gianna. this is at northland over to the right shoulder. sluggish coming out of tracy on the 205 connector. a serious accident on caminoat tasahara lane. and then closures near swift and whipple. ac transit southbound line number 97 is being detoured in and around that area so expect delays. train 521 also experiencing some delays out of oakland.
6:33 am
bart's on time. cam tran -- caltran and muni no problems. traffic is light heading out of santa rosa all the way into san francisco. >> thank you. two separate car crashes are being investigated as possible dui cases. kie.t do has the latest. >> reporter: in the one but two suspected drunk drivers, both crashing their cars, both trapped inside and both had to be cut out. let's go to hamilton and baskins avenue. that driver lost control, wrap t. around a tree.
6:34 am
it sent bottles of alcohol in every direction and the man went to the hospital covered in blood. it appears the man was traveling at a high rate of speed. on great oaks boulevard and via del oro this man was passed out in his car for almost an hour before anyone realized something was wrong. the firefighters had to cut him out as well and took him to the hospital in stable condition. here's the fire captain. so this person, this gentleman is lucky to >> reporter: and firefighters reported a strong smell of alcohol as well. they are investigating this as a possible dui. reporting live in san jose. a man found himself trapped
6:35 am
on to of a muni train in san francisco. >> at this time we are experiencing a disruption in service. >> the rescue happened just before 8:00 last night at the castro muni station. officials don't know how the man got on top of the train or why. if you look closely you can see firefighters helping him down a ladder. he was electrocuted. it appears he is using shine language to spell help. his injuries are not life- threatening. dozens were killed when the fire tore through butte county lamps month. 80 are confirmed dpe.d 53 victims have been public identified. according to analysis from the l.a. times, 60% of them were at least 70 years old.
6:36 am
the majority of the victims 6 of 10 died inside their home. the utility wants to raise a billion dollars over two years. that would increase the average bill by $10 a month in 2020. some would go toward executive pay. none of that money would be used to pay claims for the camp fire. pg&e will hold public hearings before a decision is made. a 911 caller may have helped police save the lives of teachers and students during a school shooting in indiana. teachers and students were trapped. the school was on lockdown. the caller told dispatchers who officers had to look for. the ordeal was frighten for teachers, students and parents. >> a text from my daughter saying you're the best mom.
6:37 am
if i don't see you again, i love you. >> as soon as police confronted the 14-year-old suspect, the boy shot himself into the school. police said the shooter was not a student at the school. federal prosecutors are looking into donations from middle eastern countries to the trump inaugural committee. the probe is focused op whether countries used straw donors to funnel money into the pro trump super pac. if they were made in exchange for access to the administration that with violate federal corruption laws. >> the u.s. will take measures against saudi arabia. one calls for an end to assistance in the war of yemen. the other puts the blame
6:38 am
squarely on saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman. the moves are symbolic. >> check your smoke detectors. there was a fire in an apartment building. it started about 4:30. firefighters were able to determine someone left a pan on the stove and fell asleep. then that person was woken up by the working smoke detectors. that person was able to get out. they evacuated the entire building but at this point they put the fire out. everyone is ready to return except for that one apartment is pretty trashed, but firefighters say this could of have been much worse if those smoke detectors did not alert people to what's going on. >> always check the smoke detectors and replace those batteries. self-driving cars are inching closer to becoming a
6:39 am
reality. how the technology could open up new avenues for bay hear -- area residents. >> the source of the e. coli outbreak. why they're cautioning against eating lettuce from other areas.
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♪i'.s little home of mine, ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ good friday morning to you. a dry start to the day but things will be changing with increasing light rain later on today. a live look at our roof cam looking at the bay bridge under cloudy sky. temperatures on the cool side. we are tracking our first weather system to move in today. i'll time out the rain for you on futurecast coming up. michelle? new this morning a 7-year- old from guatemala has died in the custody of the u.s. border patrol. the girl and her father crossed illegally last week. hours after they were detained she started having seizures. she was flown to a hospital in
6:43 am
el paso, texas but later died. she died from dehydration and septic shock. according to the cdc, the bacteria on the romaine lettuce was trailed to adams brothers farms. the outbreak started in october. officials said the e. coli was discovered in the sediment of a water reservoir used to irrigate that lettuce. they believe that farm is not the only source of the bacteria and you shouldn't eat lettuce from monterey, san benito, and santa barbara until the investigation is finished. >> the holidays are here. that means more shopping. >> our financial reporter has more on the solid show in retail sales. >> looks like plenty of americans got an early start on their holiday shopping. a pretty solid gain in retail
6:44 am
sales for the month of november. it's a number that would have been better if not for falling gas prices. it was a beg month -- big month for online retailers like amazon. so far in 2018 retail sales had a solid 3.5%. however, there are plenty of concerns about global economic growth. that weighs on the stock market. china and europe saw some weaker economic signals. wall street is heading quite a bit lower. apple is a significant peels of -- piece of pressure on the market. th no significantly cut i phone shipments for 2019. apple is down by 2%. that will push the dow lower
6:45 am
and the blue clips are shall -- blue chips. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you. 6:45. time now for a look at what's coming up. we go to new york. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday to you. a wave of bomb threats coast to coast turns out to be an elaborate hoax. why some say events like this are becoming a fact of life. a record number of guns were discovered on carry-ons in luggage and why some cases raze questions about security. we'll look at the proposes and cons of -- pros and cons of banning homework. i bet a lot of kids will be in favor of that idea. >> my kids with definitely vote
6:46 am
to get rid of homework but they don't have a say in this. thank you. we'll see you at 7:00. i'm anne makovec at the live desk. i have trouble for pop singer shakira. she owes $16 million in taxes from the years 2012 to 2014. she said she lived in the bahamas. they said she lived in spain with her soccer boyfriend. she is facing charges. a magistrate will have to decide if there's enough evidence to take her to trial. >> shakira, shakira. >> don't lie. >> anne makovec, nice. >> i will give her kudos for knowing that song. the bay area's waymo said they're one step closer to getting self-driving cars on our roads. >> the technology could be life changing.
6:47 am
kevin andrews is president of the silicon valley national chapter of the blind and he attended last night's waymo's meeting. he wants to be part of the move to get the self-driving cars on the road. >> it's got to work for blind people as well. so we want our voices heard. >> waymo is the first company top obtain -- to obtain driverless permits. right now they're testing in arizona with self-driving taxis. well, there are a lot of humans on the roads and we're having problems in the south bay. >> it's a two-car crash and hopefully not causing too many problems. westbound 237 over to the shoulder, chp and tow crews are
6:48 am
on the scene. we are seeing some red behind there. it'salmost to lawrence expressway. so in the meantime try using montague. that's your best bet until this accident clears. let's get pan overview of -- an overview of 101. you will see pockets and as you head across the 286. no accidents. 280 looking good. really our hot spot is through downtown san jose. north of there traffic is clear through the peninsula. we have a trouble spot. it's on service street in danville. eastbound camino tassajara with one lane closed. they're hoping to have wrapped up by 6:50.
6:49 am
all right. the roadways are drive. the bay bridge toll plaza you're looking good. 37 minutes, now and that's typical. come put off the east shore freeway is good.. 580 is backed up. it's looking better than the bay bridge. looks like hayward into foster city, that's looking good. here's mary. >> dry for now but just wet because it does look -- but just wait because it does look wet. temperatures not as chilly as yesterday morning. concord 45. oakland at 49. livermore 43. downtown san francisco 52. san jose 49.
6:50 am
santa rosa coming in at 40. so your weather headlines, you're tracking a weak front. that will bring light rain as we head through the phone and this evening -- afternoon and this evening, so be prepared for that. it does look wet for the evening commute. mainly dry for saturday. catching a bit of a break. a few showers for the north bay tomorrow. we're looking at that stronger storm system that will roll in for sunday. that sunday storm is the one to watch. now there's that upper level low that's going to swing a weak front our way bringing light rain for us. so timing it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour at 10:00 a.m. spotty showers are possible. as we stop the clock at noon, light rain for the north bay. as we go through the rest of the afternoon and evening here we are at 5:00 p.m. you can see scattered showers. as we go through saturday, this is at 7:00 a.m., showers for
6:51 am
the north bay. everywhere else we are looking dry. saturday at 4:00 p.m. a few showers for the north bay. in between storm systems for tomorrow. check out sunday morning. other we are at 7:00 a.m. with light rain and it really gets going for us as we go through sunday afternoon and evening. you can see heavy rain at times with the yellow and orange colors indicating that and into sunday night. because of the sunday storm we have the roughest surf. swells 21 feet. waves up to 40 feet. we're looking at increased sneaker waves and rip currents, so dangerous situations was we go sunday night into monday. daytime highs upper 50s to 60. 59 in san francisco as well as for san rafael and pacifica.
6:52 am
62 for fremont. 64 for san jose. if you're heading out to the 49ers game taking on the seattle seahawks, 1:05 for kick off. prepare for the rain. it does look wet. here's the seven-day forecast. increasing light rain in the afternoon and evening with that weak weather system that weak front a few showers possible for the north bay saturday. otherwise, looking dry. sunday is that stronger storm system, heavy rain, strong winds, showers monday morning, drying out quickly for dry conditions tuesday, wednesday and thursday. an unusual warning at bay pear beaches with waves expected to -- area beaches with waves expected to reach six feet high. >> right as the bars closed in the south bay not one but two suspected drunk drivers crashed their cars and get trapped inside. we have a live report coming up. >> if you're heading out the
6:53 am
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visit right now or call during business hours. we are live in south san jose taking a look at what was a busy night for police officers dealing with drunk drivers. we begin with hamilton and baskins avenue. that driver lost control, wrapped it around a tree. it spent debreerks including bottles of -- debris, including bottles of alcohol flying. the man went to the hospital covered in blood suffering from significant injuries. it appears the man was driving at a high rate of speed.
6:57 am
then another accident the driver was in his car waiting in the cold for an hour before anyone realized something was wrong. the crews first thought this was a tree that was down but discovered him and cut him out. so essentially we've got a vehicle into a tree that could have been here an hour before you were dispatched. >> that is correct. >> reporter: this gentleman is lucky to be alive. >> yes, he is. >> reporter: firefighters reported a strong smell of alcohol. san jose police investigating this as a possible dui. we're live in south san jose. kiet do. >> time for your final five. >> kaiser mental health therapists are asking that the doctor increase staffing and
6:58 am
cut down on appointments. nurses joined picketers. pg&e is asking california regulators for permission to incontrols its customer's electric and gas bills. if approved, customers can expect to pay an average of $12.55 per month. some monitor waves between sunday night and monday morning. experts predict waves could get up to 60 feet high and stay off the beach entirely. the fbi is looking for whoever is behind some bomb threats. they ranged from san jose to santa rosa. >> president trump's 2016 inaugural committee is being investigated. the team spent $100 million in
6:59 am
donations rais right before 101 got a two-char crash -- two-car crash. also delays due to a water main break. mary? >> tracking a weak front that pushes in today. that will bring light rain this afternoon and this evening. rain, wind just at a two, flooding at a one but the big impact with this storm will be the phone and heave -- afternoon and evening commute that does look wet. just some showers for the north bay. sunday's storm is the one to watch, heavy rain, strong winds and coe a lingering showers. >> rain and big waves. should i go surfing? >> we just said don't go to the beach. rent a movie. >> all right. good idea. thanks for watching kpix 5.
7:00 am
your next news is at 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a good day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, december 14th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." cbs news confirmed president trump was present for a 2015 meeting when his longtime fixer michael cohen discussed hush money to cover up mr. trump's allege affairs to help his campaign. we'll show you the legal implications for the president. cbs news has obtained body cam and security video showing the growing gun problem at airports. why tsa officers are finding 11 guns a day in carry-on bags at airport checkpoints across the country and how this raises new security concerns. police in iowa say they are close to solving a 23ol cold case. a tv anchor who left h


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