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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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parking lot as firefighters wait to make sure it's safe to tow away. this video captures the moments the car burst into flames. santa clara county fire department says the owner had just brought the tesla in after getting a flat tire. not long after there were flames under the front of the car, then smoke and then people scrambling out of the way. here's what it looked like when the flames were finally doused. the front of that car completely burned away. the owner explains what he heard from the parking lot. >> under the hood a strange hissing sound. i came out and there was smoke everywhere and so the shop immediately called the fire department and by the time they got here the car was already on fire. >> the vehicle started off gassing making a loud hissing noise producing additional smoke. that's an indication that there's some type of combustion process happening in the battery. >> nobody was hurt as a result of the fire, but the big
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question will be how did it get started? there have been reports of other tesla fires, most of those coming after crashes. also this evening new video out of dublin where a man steals a package right off someone's porch in broad daylight. you see the suspect's car back up. he picks up the big package and drives off. the good news, dublin police have arrested this man, 27-year- old cody mcdowell. he is accused of stealing from the porches of several dublin residences. the stolen property has been recovered. new at 6:00 the surprising new theory behind earthquakes at the nation's tallest dam. >> spillway failure led to mass evacuations last year dilbut i to the cracks, scientists were also investigating a seismic mystery, what caused nearly 20,000 earthquakes at that spillway. >> kpix5's maria medina is live at the usgs in menlo park where scientists may have discovered
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the answer. maria? >> reporter: yeah. researchers went back a 1/4 century and found these earthquakes may be manmade. as the main spillway at oroville dam failed last february -- >> that's what we see at these different stations. >> reporter: -- scientists at the usgs were focused on something also happening at the dam that couldn't be heard or seen. >> we were wondering what's going on. >> reporter: two earthquakes, a 1.0 magnitude tremor and a 0.8. researchers began taking a closer look. >> found close to 20,000 of these tiny vents more or less in the same location. >> reporter: coffman said they discovered since 1993 there were thousands of small shallow earthquakes at the dam. the big question causing them? could it be the dam itself and could the quakes be behind the spillway failure? >> what we found is that all these 20,000 events coincided with use of the spillway. >> reporter: researchers found more than 99% of the quakes
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happened when the spillway was in use. the strongest tremors occurred when the emergency spillway was opened during the failure and massive amounts of water were released. so what caused the quakes? >> the most likely culprit is water actually gets under the spillway into cracks in the bedrock and these cracks open and close and they generate these seismic signals. >> reporter: but he doesn't believe these caused the spillway to fail. a team of independent experts found the design and other factors were the cause, a mystery researchers believe they've solved. the bottom line, the quakes at oroville dam appear to be manmade. >> it's the first time we've seen this, but in all fairness, it's also the first time we've looked. >> reporter: the department of water resources oversees the dam. we asked a spokesperson if they are concerned about these earthquakes. they say they just received the usgs report today and could not comment yet. >> what else did researchers say about this?
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could these small quakes actually cause a bigger quake? >> reporter: yeah. a really good question. researchers say not likely because we would have already seen a bigger earthquake by now since this has been happening since 1993. they also add that destructive earthquakes are usually between 6 to 10 miles deep. these earthquakes at oroville dam are much more shallow, just at the spillway. >> maria medina live for us tonight in menlo park, thank you. new details on a deadly hit and run in san francisco, this happened last wednesday on bush street and police now say the suspect vehicle is a dark colored 2007 or 2008 honda fit. the suspect in the hit and run was caught on surveillance video. the woman stopped briefly but jumped back in her car and drove away. a 58-year-old woman was killed in that collision. police are asking if anyone recognizes the vehicle or the woman, to give them a call.
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sonoma county reached a settlement in the case of a teenager who was shot and killed by a deputy. the tragic incident unfolded when 13-year-old andy lopez carried a toy gun that deputies say looked real. kpix5 reporter melissa caen is live in santa rosa tonight to break down the multi-million dollar settlement. melissa? >> reporter: yeah. we're here in andy lopez unity park in santa rosa named, of course, after lopez who was 13 when he was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. it all happened right near here back in 2013. today we learned that his family will receive $3 million from the county of sonoma. >> my heartfelt condolences go out to the family. i don't even understand how hard this has been for them. >> reporter: sonoma county sheriff rob giordano said the death of andy lopez hurt the community. >> a little over five years ago, tragic event, one of our deputies shot a 13-year-old
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carrying a fake rifle that looked like a real rifle. >> reporter: that deputy was erick gelhaus who has since been promoted to sergeant. >> the bottom line is a 13-year- old died. the deputy was cleared of all wrongdoing and i understand why he did what he did. >> reporter: lopez's family disagreed and sued sonoma county in federal court claiming that the shooting violated lopez's constitutional rights. today the family and county agreed to settle the case for $3 million. >> i don't think any amount of money can replace a 13-year-old and it is a number that the family and board of supervisors and sheriff's office agreed on and it's best i think for -- i think it's a step to help people move forward and i hope it's a beginning for the family to move forward. >> reporter: he says the department has improved training. >> one of the things we've done since the shooting is we have a use of force simulator now. so it gives us the ability to simulate real life situations in a more safe environment to teach people how to react to that. so there's a lot of changes like that that have gone on.
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>> reporter: and the department has improved its communication with the community. >> we've really moved in the last five years to truly engaging with the community. what i mean by that is we're not just talking to the community. we're listening to the community. >> reporter: but he says the community has a role to play, too. >> please don't buy fake weapons. if you have them, get rid of them. it is still a danger in our society. >> reporter: we reached out to the lopez family and their attorney who negotiated the settlement, but none of them were available to comment today. in santa rosa, melissa caen, kpix5. petaluma police are investigating two possible heroin overdose deaths within 24 hours of each other. the first came in around 11 a.m. sunday morning. a concerned roommate called police to a home on lakeville circle. officers tried to perform cpr, but the 19-year-old man was pronounced dead. then before 5 p.m. sunday police tried using
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narcan to revive a man in a home on mag knoll ya avenue, but the -- magnolia avenue, but the 67-year-old died. the narcan nasal spray can reverse the effects of opioids. voters will get to decide on a plan to continue a free tuition program at san francisco city college. the san francisco board of supervisors held a special meeting today on an amendment that would set aside $15 million to secure the program for 10 years. supervisors also held a rally after voting to move the plan forward to the november ballot. the free city program offers free universal higher education for san francisco residents. more than 4,000 new students have enrolled at city college since that program began last year. a mom stuck in egypt under the trump administration's travel ban is now set to arrive in the bay area tomorrow evening to be with her dying son. the state department today
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issued a special visa for this woman. she is scheduled to arrive here at sfo at about 7:30 tomorrow night. kpix5 reporter susie steimle is at the oakland children's hospital where the family will be reunited. susie, a sad story. >> reporter: a very sad story, very bittersweet end and this was no easy feat obtaining this visa. it took 15,000 e-mails to congress, an emergency lawsuit and a lot of media coverage, but abdullah's mother will be here tomorrow night to say good- bye. after three days of wall to wall news coverage ali hassan's wife has been granted a temporary visa to travel to the united states. >> i'm glad that my wife got her visa and i would like to thank everybody that supported us. >> reporter: ali's wife is a yemeni national banned from flying here due to president trump's travel ban. their son abdullah suffers from a degenerative brain disease
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and is about to be taken off life support. ali has been pleading with the state department to allow his wife to fly here and say good- bye. >> time's running out. please help us get my family together again. >> reporter: today's they won that fight. >> we are relieved he will get to spend his last few days hopefully with his mom. >> reporter: zara belu is with cair. she said they usually try to avoid the media if possible. this was their hail mary. >> the wall to wall outrage and outcry questioning is this what america is about is the totality of what made a difference. >> reporter: cair estimates only 2% of waivers are granted to families impacted by the travel ban, which is why zara says the fight is far from over for them. they'll petition congress in january. >> it is imperative that they work to repeal the ban entirely. it's not about the waiver here and now. it's about the thousands of people like abdullah who are
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stuck separated from their families. >> reporter: now shaima swileh is abdullah's mother's name. she is scheduled to land tomorrow night at 7:35 from cairo at sfo. there will be a press conference and we will be there to speak to her for the first time. san jose city leaders just passed new rules for electric scooters. now e scooter companies will have to pay thousands of dollars. the city will start charging the companies more than $100 for each scooter on top of a yearly annual permit fee of more than $2,000. the rules are set to begin sometime next year. also in san jose city council just approved its pilot program for new tiny home communities. 40 new homes will go up on mayberry road near coyote creek, another 40 on a caltrans site at the 680 and 101
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interchange. mayor liccardo unveiled the emergency sleeping cabin prototype a little over a week ago. it's part of a temporary solution to house homeless who are employed. the homes can house up to 320 people. the city will run the pilot program through 2022. a rare tornado tears through a seattle suburb, roofs ripped off homes, trees uprooted, the catastrophic damage in one neighborhood. >> bay area vietnamese refugees fearing deportation, we tried to clear up the confusion about who the trump administration is really targeting. >> >> protecting his ridge top, a bay area musician fights to stop a giant water tank from blocking his view.
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police say a man who attempted to rob a home in the south bay posed as a police officer. it happened in milpitas about a week and a half ago at a home on e lane near south main street. police say the suspect attempted to kick in the front door, but residents confronted him. this is the suspect, 66-year- old charles wittington, a san jose transient. the family chased after him before officers made the arrest. police say the suspect had methamphetamine on him. new at 6:00 a bay area
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singer is fighting to stop a water tank from being built in marin county. >> he argues it will block his sunset views, but county officials tell kpix5 as he don ford the old water tank must be replaced. >> reporter: it's the case of the musician jesse collin john versus the northern marin municipal water district. the district wants to replace a tank on a ridge and young said that will obstruct his view. today the board of supervisors will determine who prevails. the old tank is high above inverness. engineers say it must be replaced. >> originally when these tanks, the original tanks, were constructed prior to the 1970s. >> reporter: jesse collins young did not show. his attorneys who were present said he was on tour. godson ethan turner read a statement from young. >> being at the peak of the ridge top this, concrete tank will overshadow all of the
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surrounding properties, most significantly, our family property. >> reporter: however, when neighbors lined up to speak, not one was against the new tank. >> we would like the considerations of the entire community which supports this project as originally proposed taken into consideration. >> i urge you with the rest of my neighbors to support the water district. >> reporter: one of the main concerns was having enough water for firefighting. seen here in this drawing, this will more than double the current 50,000-gallon tank to 125,000 gallons. >> the county fire stated goal is to be able to provide fire flows equivalent to 1,000 gallons per minute for a two ho >> reporter: it will also serve the drinking needs of the town of inverness. the supervisors listened for more than an hour, then -- >> further discussion? seeing none, all in favor? >> aye. >> reporter: i tried to speak
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to the godson, but he quickly left the meeting. the youngs' attorney said they would continue to work with the district. it looks like it's going in as planned. >> not exactly as planned. the location will be the same, but the landscaping mitigation will be provided to the neighbors. >> reporter: that marin county, don ford, kpix5. developing in washington state a rare tornado rips through a suburb just outside seattle leaving behind this huge mess. look at this! you can see roofs ripped right off a number of homes. the tornado touched down in the city of port orchard this afternoon. a reporter at our sister station in seattle is giving us a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: even from here you can see how extensive the damage was. in fact, just look at that trampoline completely blown over up against the trees here. these tall pine trees have just been ripped and thrown across the ground. they have brought down power lines here. >> so far only reports of minor
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injuries, that's lucky. people in the area recalled the chaotic moments as the tornado tore through town. >> i just woke up. then it went through, knocked a bunch of trees down, as you can see. i went out and i immediately tried to help as many people as i could. >> yeah. everything was going on at school. i was in my class and power was going out flickering. all we heard was hard rain looking on the camera. we have a camera sitting out towards the ocean and we could see the rain pouring down. it was quite scary. >> well, our cbs station in settle said it hit so fast that a tornado warning could not be issued. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with more. this i've never heard before, a tornado in seattle or thereabouts and it did significant damage. >> typically this doesn't happen so close to the cold pacific ocean. the two spots in the country, two metropolitan areas, that don't see tornadoes nearly at all are the san francisco bay area and the greater seattle
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area. that's just classic tornado damage. notice the trees are blown this direction on this side and then an opposite direction. they're looking for damage in a circular motion, not everything pushed down in one direction which would be straight line winds. you're seeing stuff blown in every direction which indicates the rotation you would get from a tornado. >> took some big, big trees down, some pines there snapped in half. >> look at the root ball. this is pretty significant damage for western washington. i wouldn't be surprised if this is rated an ef2 which is pretty strong given where it happened. there it is on the radar. we circled port orchard. it's about 25 miles west of seattle. of course, you have to travel across water. you can take the seattle bremerton ferry to get there. that was a rare, very strong thunderstorm which became tornadic i washington. to show you how rare it is, texas, 155 tornadoes on average
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per year, washington sta. and 95% -- washington state three and 95% of those happen east of the cascades. we've had some showers dancing around the north bay, still have some showers sneaking under the radar right along the sonoma/marin coastline at about 4,000 feet in elevation. that may continue through the evening. why are we talking about the north bay for rain, whereas you in morgan hill, gilroy and santa clara and santa rosa had nothing but sunshine today? we have a ridge of high pressure centered to our south and west. the farther north you are, the more impact you'll have, case in point, you got some showers in sonoma county today, much of the bay area seeing nothing but sunshine until midafternoon, so very active weather to our north. we'll see clouds and fog overnight, still dealing with the after effects of the rainfall we had a couple days
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ago. overnight lows 40s and 50s, fremont 47, santa rosa 45, redwood city 46 degrees. sunshine tomorrow, mild. the average high is 56 or 57 degrees. we'll be in the mid-60s in the east bay and south bay, san jose up to 64, 62 in san francisco, pacifica 60, santa rosa 63 and vallejo sunshine, 60 degrees. we increase the clouds on thursday. another storm going over that ridge giving the north bay the best chance of a few showers, but the entire bay area could see a few showers in the early morning hours on friday. here's a change for you last minute shoppers out there. the weekend will be dry. you are totally lucking out. saturday and sunday mainly dry. christmas eve if you're a last, last minute shopper, that's when the rain will happen. we have a chance of rain friday, a better chance of rain early next week before the holiday. >> thank you, paul. carlton goes to court, the former fresh prince star being the latest celebrity to claim fortnite is stealing his moves. >> the nfl pro bowl teams were
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announced. can you guess how many raiders made the cut? i can tell you one 49er who was a slam dunk. the results are in and they're next.
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stanford women's basketball knocked off third ranked baylor over the weekend and hit the road tonight looking to add to their impressive early season resume. the cardinal in knoxville to face ninth ranked tennessee turned into the deshawnier carrington show. stanford led by 10 at the half. carrington averages under 10 points a game. she erupted for a career high 33 and 13 rebounds tonight. the cardinal win 95-85 to hand the lady vols their first loss of the year. stanford is 8-1, not the only ticket in town. cal women are still unbeaten
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and host top ranked uconn saturday in berkeley. pro bowl news, 49er tight end george kittle named to the pro bowl the first time in his young two-year career. fullback kyle juszczyk named to his third straight pro bowl. deforest buckner, robbie gould and mark nzeocha were all named alternates. the raiders shut out the first time since 2003 at the three bowl, tight end jared cook and lineman rodney hudson the alternates. the nba's all time scoring list, 23 he scored last night to move ahead of larry bird for 33rd all time. that starts tonight's top five. >> i know you kind of complimented larry in the past. is that kind of a cool thing? >> yeah. somebody texted me after the game and showed me a screen shot and i was giddy like a
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little kid, grew up watching larry bird. well, not really. he's older, but you grew up kind of knowing the larry legend. >> that's good enough. no. 4, eric reid randomly selected for his seventh drug test in weeks. he feels the nfl is targeting him after he filed a grievance in may. no. 3, big man gibson using his shoe to help challenge the shot. no. 2, kings forward torre williams going one-on-three stops on a dime. all three defenders fly by leaving williams wide open, but minnesota did blow out sacramento and the no. 1 play today, jordan bell not quite cleared for takeoff gets blocked by the rim and later in the game bell with a chance to redeem himself gets the steal and he's going to throw it down, but watch andre iguodala right behind him, not impressed, left him hanging. nice recovery by bell, but you know what? the warriors are healthy right
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now. that's a scary thing for everybody else. their top six players were on the floor last night the first time since october 25th. >> finally. >> that doesn't even count demarcus cousins. >> true. >> thanks, dennis. coming up in our next half hour a furious judge tearinto michael flynn and raises the unexpected possibility of prison time, the drama in court at today's sentencing hearing. >> a new white house plan to deport vietnam war refugees is spreading fear in bay area communities. we separate the fact from fiction. >> and from laverne and shirley to a league of their own, we'll look at the trail blazing career of penny marshall.
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you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, sentencing day delayed for former national security advisor michael flynn, the postponement coming after a verbal bashing by the judge. cbs reporter nicole killian is in washington with today's unexpected turn of events. >> reporter: this hearing was
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pretty extraordinary, not only because of the abrupt delay, but also because of the judge who had critical words for michael flynn. michael flynn left the u.s. district courthouse in washington without a decision on his future. the federal judge delayed sentencing for president trump's former national security advisor who has pleaded guilty for lying to the fbi about his contacts with russia. before offering the postponement, judge sullivan lashed out telling flynn, "i can't hide my disgust, my disdain. arguably you sold your country out." he warned that if he went ahead with sentencing, flynn might not get full credit for his cooperation with investigators, which is still ongoing. president trump fired flynn but tweeted support this morning wishing flynn good luck under tremendous pressure. >> the fbi broke standard protocol in the way that they came in and ambushed general flynn and in the way that they questioned him. >> reporter: flynn is one of five trump aides who has entered a guilty plea in the
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special counsel probe. the retired army general has met with investigators 19 times so far. in light of flynn's cooperation, prosecutors had recommended no prison time, but the judge's rebuke raised the possibility that flynn could spend time behind bars. he said he still has many questions for both sides and called for a status report by march 13th. until that status report flynn will continue cooperating with the special counsel. in the meantime tonight the judge ordered flynn to say within the d.c. area and surrender his passport by early january. in washington, nicole killian, kpix5. after a week long stalemate the white house press secretary sarah sanders signaled today that the president could support a compromise bill to avert a partial government shutdown. sanders says the white house has begun exploring other sources to find $5 billion for the border wall. this marks a reversal from the
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president's previous position in which he said that he was willing to shut down the government over the border wall. concerns tonight among vietnamese immigrants who settled here in the bay area. >> kpix5's len ramirez on why some are now concerned about paying a steep price for old crimes. >> reporter: san jose has one of the largest vietnamese american populations anywhere in the united states and president trump's recent policy changes affecting a certain number of long time vietnamese immigrants has caused a lot of fear and uncertainty in the community. the trump administration says it's focusing deportation action on a narrow group of vietnamese immigrants, that is, noncitizens who entered the united states before 1995 when the u.s. and vietnam normalized relations and those who have been convicted of crimes. >> everyone in the vietnamese community probably knows of someone. >> reporter: but madison nguyen says it's causing a ripple effect in cities like san jose. >> i think what president trump is doing is not just unjust,
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it's shameful. it's cruel. >> reporter: nguyen fled the communist takeover of vietnam on a boat with her family when she was 4 years old. she later rose to become san jose's first vietnamese american council member and vice mayor. >> if they go back there, they're not really sat's going to happen to them, particularly those who actually went to reeducation camp after the war. they are seen as the enemies of the country and so for them to go back now it's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: several past administrations have allowed those immigrants to stay in the u.s. under a decade old agreement, but a reinterpretation by trump's department of homeland security reverses that. a dhs spokesperson says, "we have 5,000 convicted criminal aliens from vietnam with final orders of removal. it's a priority of this administration to remove criminal aliens to their home country." immigrant supporters including san jose dhtargeting -- who the is targeting. >> there's a very big difference obviously between being convicted for a predatory
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violent felony and being convicted for driving under the influence 35 years ago. >> reporter: liccardo said san jose may join other cities in denouncing the deportation effort that he says could affect many people that have called san jose home for decades. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. the trump administration has officially banned bump fire stocks, the devices that make it easier to fire rounds from a semiautomatic weapon. bump stocks gained national attention last year after the las vegas gunman rigged his weapons with the devices and killed 58 people. people who own them must turn them into the atf over the next 90 days or destroy them by march 21st. hollywood remembers its fiesty laverne, how penny marshall was a pioneer in both film and television. >> and a very merry christmas for some employees for getting the bonus of a lifetime from their boss. sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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the sun is down tonight, but when the sun comes up tomorrow, you might not see it because of the fog. your breakfast forecast tomorrow, fog across the board, chilliest temperatures inland in the mid-40s. the coast will have some fog. the bay will have areas of fog as well. sunrise 7:20 tomorrow morning. kpix5's mary lee will have your up to the minute forecast tomorrow morning at 4:30. use my paycheck? how much did you spend? >> it was a great series, wasn't it? people all across the world remembering penny marsin that role. she shot to fame in the 1970s starring in laverne and shirley. marshall passed away today at the age of 75. >> reporter brittany hopper is in hollywood with the tributes pouring in this evening.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: penny marshall, actress, comedian and director, was a pioneer in the industry. her hit show in the late '70s laverne and shirley, became america's most watched show which ran eight seasons and was a spinoff of happy days. >> i think he wants something, shirley. >> reporter: marshall paved the way for female directors. she was the first woman to direct a movie that grossed more than $100 million. that movie was big starring tom hanks. she then went on to direct a league of their own as well as many other big time movies. in hollywood her fans came by her star after hearing of her passing. >> it's a sad day in hollywood. >> i'm in shock, yeah. she was incredible. >> she was part of tv. she was the beginning of tv. >> reporter: many of her co- stars and friends have tweeted their condolences. her ex-husband, director and producer, rob reiner tweeted she was born with a funny bone and the instinct how to use it.
6:41 pm
i was very lucky to have lived with her and her funny bone. i will miss her. ron howard tweeted she made the transition from sitcom star to a list movie director with ease and had a major impact on both mediums. marshall was just 75 years old. she leaves behind a daughter and five grandchildren. we're told that she died from complications from diabetes. in hollywood, i'm brittany hopper for kpix5. did fortnite rip off the carlton? a fresh prince star suing the video gamemakers over this trademark dance.
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a new lawsuit might be a good reason for you to check your homeowner's insurance. five families who lost their homes in the wine country wildfire are now suing aaa insurance. they claim the company did not provide adequate coverage to allow them to rebuild. they say they wound up millions of dollars short. >> through aaa's negligence i'm about $1.2 million underinsured and i'm not able to rebuild
6:45 pm
unless this litigation is successful. >> calamity can happen and people rely upon their insurance company to protect them and they need to do so and give them proper advice as relates to these issue. >> after the fire disaster rebuilding costs in the fire zone did spike, but attorneys say aaa should have adjusted the policies to account for those increases. as for its part, aaa says the 2017 wildfires had a devastating toll on our north bay communities and we will continue to take all of our policyholders' concerns seriously. the company says it has helped many customers in the north bay to rebuild and move back into brand-new homes. the san jose couple accused of stealing nearly half a million dollars in designer clothing from department stores, zoila martinez and jose figueroa were arrested after a three-month investigation. police say they were running a major fencing operation at a makeshift storefront known as betsy's fashion on south king
6:46 pm
road. detectives recovered more than $430,000 worth of stolen clothing from stores like macy's, nordstrom and victoria secret including at least 700 michael kors jackets. salesforce ceo marc benioff and his wife lynn are working to fight a shortage in mental health services for east bay kids. they just donated $15 million to ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland for that purpose specifically. the money will help increase the number of mental health providers on staff at the hospital. a sitcom star is suing the maker of a popular video game over a dance that he made famous back in the 1990s. fresh prince bel air star alfonzo ribeiro is suing epic games over his iconic carlton dance.
6:47 pm
you've seen it. it's more than 100 dances players can buy in the video game fortnite. in the lawsuit ribeiro alleges fortnite used his dance without permission or compensation, but lawyers say suits regarding ownership of dance moves could be pretty tricky. >> there's a lot of case law, suits surrounding the copyright of music, lyrics, sound. there's a full body of case law related to that, but regarding choreographic works, that does not exist. >> instagram star backpack kid is also suing epic games for allegedly using his dance called the floss and rapper 2 milly filed a suit over his dance the milly rock. >> can you trademark a dance move? >> we'll find out. >> apparently there's a lot of case law where it's pretty tricky they say. >> how many kids are watching at home right now flossing? >> exactly. >> not their teeth. >> not something i can do. my son can almost do it,
6:48 pm
though. he's not too bad for a 5-year- old. >> at 10:00 veronica will learn the floss. tune in. 507 degrees currently in concord, clear skies, still cloud -- 57 degrees currently in concord, clear skies, still cloudy in sonoma county, san jose 58, livermore 53. watch out for the fog tomorrow morning. when you wake up, temperatures will be chilly but not cold. we need clear skies for that. fremont 47, san rafael 49 degrees. it's not picked up on the radar. our radar sits at about 4,000 feet in elevation looking out at the same elevation. sometimes the showers sneak under the radar. that's what we're seeing now in sonoma county, lake and mendocino county. it is raining albeit lightly, but we aren't picking it up on the radar. it's there. trust me. 60 degrees tomorrow in bay point, morning fog, lots of afternoon sunshine, should be a pleasant afternoon around pittsburg and oakley and brentwood 58 degrees coming up thursday as we increase cloud cover. interesting weather pattern, lots of activity, case in point
6:49 pm
what happened just west of seattle today where they had a tornado touch down in the beautiful city of port orchard. all the activity is going up and over a ridge of high pressure between this low and this ridge, the storm track. notice it's close to us but not right over us. we're watching the storms go up and over and we're getting the southern periphery of the rain. it's in sonoma county today and friday it will migrate farther south the next time a weather system moves through. tomorrow morning low clouds and fog, tomorrow afternoon mainly sunny skies including those of you in lake and mendocino county, cloudy today. you will get sunshine tomorrow. thursday the opposite, we increase the cloud cover on thursday, especially in the afternoon and there's the next wave of rainfall, once again the majority of the rain staying north, but the entire bay area could get a chance of a shower late thursday night into friday morning. we're talking about 1/20 of an inch of rainfall except up towards ukiah. it's not much but some and may slow you down early friday
6:50 pm
morning. locally dense fog tonight, sunny and mild tomorrow and another front passing by friday with the opportunity of a few showers. the average highs are chilly this time of year, 58 in san jose, so 64 may not sound warm. it's 6 degrees above average. sunnyvale 63, pacifica 60, fremont 62 degrees, lots of afternoon sunshine on the 680 corridor including concord 62, antioch hitting 59, tri-valleys 64 degrees tomorrow, mill valley 60, daly city 61. that's warm for you. sonoma 62, santa rosa 63 and much warmer in ukiah. you have rain now. you'll have sunshine tomorrow, your high 64 degrees. we're dry for the laweek chrima we will nobe dry on christmas eve. that's our only opportunity for widespread light to moderate rainfall next monday. that's your forecast. back to you. >> thanks, paul. companies volunteering both
6:51 pm
time and money to help families in need this holiday season. >> kpix5's juliette goodrich shows us how they're making a difference in our food for bay area families drive. >> reporter: i'm juliette goodrich here at second harvest food bank. you can see the volunteers sorting produce now and i keep hearing this bell ringing. can you hear that? that means they've reached a goal. that's been going off a lot today. how is that possible from donations and community support. i'd like to bring in madeline walsh of oracle with a very special contribution. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: tell me what your company has done to help second harvest food bank. >> oracle has been giving a grant to second harvest food bank about 22 years. this is our 22nd year in a row ppti the food acquisition and distribution at second harvest. >> reporter: i knowsecond harvest appreciates it. i'll give you the honors of saying how much it is.
6:52 pm
>> it is $100,000. >> reporter: oh, my goodness, thank you so much! i know leslie from second harvest food bank has a big smile and obviously very tha this. how far will this -- very thankful for. this how far will this go? >> this will help provide 200,000 peoples this holiday season. >> reporter: they're having -- meals this holiday season. >> reporter: they're having fun. it's a community efforts. i can feel it. >> that's right. volunteers are critical. over half of what we distribute is fresh and it's sorted and packed by our volunteers. >> reporter: why don't we slow this check once more. thank you -- show this check once more. thank you to acif u'd like to h home, the second harvest food bank certainly appreciates it. you can go to our web page,
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
a different kind of holiday event in san francisco organized by sfpd and target called heroes and helpers. the event took place at the target store on masonic avenue. target donated $100 gift cards to 80 kids who were each paired with one san francisco police officer who helped them shop.
6:56 pm
>> i think it's important for everyone. it's important to build community relations with the younger generation and the cops as well as us getting out there and getting involved with them as well. >> this was the second year the event was held. tis the season for a holiday work bonus. >> employees at one business in michigan have an especially generous boss. the owner of flora craft announced he's giving each of his employees a share of $4 million, the amount each person takes home depending on how many years they've spent at the company. one man who worked there more 00 n 40 years gett >> everyby was just ecstatic. i heard nothing but positive results. i mean people were just counting the money already in their mind all the things they were going to do with it, slide into the 401k for retirement. >> yeah. 25% of the bonuses will be paid in cash. the rest is a 401k contribution. >> are they hiring?
6:57 pm
>> for news throughout the evening, the latest always on >> good night.
6:58 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: let's win some money. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] what do you say, family? come on, now. yeah. ha ha! [cheers and applause] ha ha! i appreciate that, y'all. i thank y'all. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [loud cheers and applause] got a good one today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from silicon valley, california, it's the champs. it's the nguyen family. [cheers and applause] and from st. louis, missouri, home of cedric the entertainer, it's the price family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win
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theirself some cash, and somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in that brand-new car. let's go meet the price family. [cheering continues]door a living? tendai: ok, steve, first of all, let me say this: we are the price family, and we are here to... price family: cut the competition! leonardo: yeah! that's right! whoo! whoo! tendai: so we are a family of barbers and hairstylists trained by our father, leo price, and my mother, gloria price. steve: everybody. tendai: everybody. steve: man! that's good. tendai: yes. steve: introduce everybody. tendai: all right, steve. to my right, we have my handsome brother, also a barber phenomenon, a singer as well-- leonardo; my other handsome brother landis. that's a whole nother ball game. that's tawanda. and that's my brother desi. [cheering and applause


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