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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 19, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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the cbs bay area studios. a tesla car ignites not once but twice. >> plus california doctors accused of drug trafficking and we've now learning he may have a and facebook shares its user data. >> good morning everyone it is wednesday december 19th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 right now as we check traffic and weather we've got some fog advisories in parts of the bay area. jenn will get to that in just a bit.. >> that's right we're tracking a couple of systems that will begin today. we're starting off with areas of fog but then we're going to see plenty of sun as we head through the afternoon. we're looking at cool conditions definitely not as chilly as
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yesterday morning. downtown san francisco coming in at 56 and santa rosa right now at 54. we're at 10 milor san mile and e head up to the north bay here. 4/10 in fair two miles for santa rosa. morning fog with dense fog for the napa valley. in the afternoon enjoy the sunshine as we'll see mild temperatures. our next weather system will bring light rain for tomorrow night. but daytime highs today looking anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees above average for this time of year. of we're going to time it out for you tracking a couple of weather systems. when the rain will return where you are coming up. now let's check in with giana for a look at traffic this morning. you've got a lot of brake
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lights through there from 205 to 680. give yourself at least 29 minutes to make that portion of the roadway. chp. has dense fog advisory for limited visibility as you head through there. it looks like there's a fog advisory as you head through fairfield and 180. give yourself at least 40 minutes as you travel through there. northbound 101 we just checked in with ch.p. traffic moving nicely along the 101. caltrans hopefully wrapping things up. but that should be happening very soon. right at the toll plaza blocking one lane. if you want to use the san mateo
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bridge it looks good in both directions. no delays. >> i'll take that. no worries. new video this morning of a tesla that burst into flames yesterday. more on this bizarre series of events live is kit doe. >> you can still smell it here in campbell. here it is. looks like firefighters not taking any chances with this one again. a fire truck stayed with the car overnight. as it sat in the yard at dick's towing. and firefighters sprayed water on it for at least 5 minutes. so they used a forklift and were finally able to prop the car up.
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it caught fire. the owner who did not want to be identified shot this video himself heard a hissing noise and to the the wreckage only afr tesla told him it was okay. >> all this is fairly new to us. when is it extinguished and when it's not extinguished their engineers are trying to figure it out just as well as we are. >> had this car been in my house today and we go on vacation the whole house can burn down. i'm worried. certainly my wife doesn't want me to own another tesla. >> we're glad to hear everyone
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is safe. that's a statement from tesla. kit doe kpix 5. following the journey of the yemeni mother who is coming to see her dying 2-year-old son. taking a lye look at sfo where she is set to arrive tonight. a flight from kiro the first flight she could find. basically she had been blocked from coming to the u.s. because of the trump administration's travel ban against certain countries and there had been a long fight with several civil liberties associations as well as her husband who is an american. ali hassan. her 2-year-old son is suffering from a rare brain disorder and he is about to be taken off of life support. so now that she has been allowed into the u.s. he will be able to say good-bye to her son.
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>> we'll certainly cover that tonight. anne makovec live at the news desk. thank you. a live look at capitol hill now. we are less than three days away from a partial government shut down. this morning the president is signalling he may be open to a deal to keep the government open. democrats are holding firm against new border wall money. they rejected a proposal from senate republicans for a billion dollars to fund other immigration issues yesterday. >> we cannot accept the offer they made of a billion dollars slush fund for the president to implement his very wrong immigration policies. >> sarah sanders says the white house wants to see what congress can pass but in the meantime they are looking for other options. >> the president asked to look for funding that can be used. >> democrats are mixing that idea too. if no deal is reached by
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lidays with no pay. >> happening today house speaker paul ryan will bid his official good buy to capitol hill. give his farewell address in the great hall of the library of congress. after taking the speaker's gavel back in 2015. ryan initially said he was reluctant to take the job but also he has no regrets. also loretta lynch's meeting with lawmakers. during the 2016 presidential campaign. >> the feds bust an orange county doctor. authorities surprised zung fam
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at his home yesterday. investigators say there is a connection between the doctor and the gunman behind the mass shooting at a bar in thousand oaks where 12 people were killed last month. they say fans sent a text message in where he has expressed concern. officials also found a connection to a man accused of hitting and killing a costa mesa fire captain. >> in his car at the time of the collision they found pill bottles that had this doctor's name on it. >> according to a criminal complaint between 2014 and 2017 at least five people who have filled prescriptions from fam have died. 5:08 this morning. manalow park facebook gave tech
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giants user data. more than 150 companies benefited from data sharing deals with facebook. they include companies like yahoo, netflix, microsoft, and amazon. the online dating service tinder has reportedly fired. in august, cofounders of tinder and several other employees filed a $2 billion. the suit claims the company's valuation was manipulated. the company denies that. a new complaint is slamming google over quote inappropriate apps for kids. nearly two dozen privacy groups and public healthups f play store is harming kids by allowing apps that break privacy laws or contain adult content.
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it removes the apps that violate its commitment to protecting children. new this morning the women's tennis association has a new set of rules after serena williams ranking drops drastically. can freeze their ranking for up to three years after child birth. women will also be allowed to wear compression leggings or suits. this comes after williams wore a compression suit. the president of the french tennis confederation said that the out fit wasn't respectful. coming up this morning what are the safest cars on the roads. we've got the award winners straight ahead. >> and it is a foggy start to the day. we are tracking some changes. actually two weather systems. i'll time it all
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5:13 in this morning's health watch loneliness is each more prevalent than researchers
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thought. moderate and severe loneliness even among people not considered to be at high risk. including cognitive impairment and hypertension. researchers add that there are three periods where loneliness can peak. a new aggregated study. there have been no direct head to head comparison trials yet and people should not stop taking their blood pressure drugs. and is alcohol really a trigger for migraines. more than 75% of people asked that red wine was a trigger. when tested red wine led to an attack of less than 10% of
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figures. 57, 2019 models earned spots. but the iihs also raised the bar. vehicles must show advance front crash prevention. and they must meet higher standards. only one vehicle from the u.s. auto maker made the grade. we are disappointed that we don't have more u.s. models in the top safety pick award list this year. they missed like a number of auto makers on the headlight rating. they had a few near misses with respect to achieving that good or acceptable rating. >> david harky says he has seen advancements. despite the short falls auto makers are steps up and making changes where they count. the toll hike will be set in stone on the gradual rate
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hike today. bay area drivers will pay $1 more. the change next month will mark the first voter increase. and the year 2025. expect tolls and a lot of traffic always on the roads. yeah, so by 2025 we'll be paying at least $9. for the next three years and as you work your way through there. we've got delays through the peninsula right now. 101 right at woodside road. kind of in the middle screen here. we've got a crash with an overturned vehicle now cleared out of lanes over to the shoulder. but we are seeing some spectator slowing as you pass the scene. once you get past this area no delays along 101 not been turned on just yet but we are starting to see a few more cars making that trip out of oakland
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into san francisco. so far we are free flowing as you work your way out of hayward into foster city and the golden gate bridge is in tiptop shape right now. now just a heads up we do have a mass transit delay i want to let you know about. so do plan for that. bart that was on time as well as cal train and muni. now we do have a broken down vehicle on 84. it is blocking one lane not causing any delays. south bay commuters so far so good along 101 through san jose. traffi is clear on 280 as well. if you want to use that all the way as you head into san bruno and a qui look at 580. we do have a fog advisory in effect along the altamonte pass. we are seeing brake lights coming in from mountain pass. a little slow to the top of the pass as well. >> that's right.
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we are looking at that fog in spots as we start off the day. but just wait because it is going to be a beautiful day across the bay area with that sunshine. enjoy it. we are tracking some changes ahead. but here's a life look with our sales floor tower camera of the fog this morning. this is pointed south. our temperatures are on the cool side. of the not as chilly as yesterday. liver more you're at 43. downtown san francisco 56. san jose 47 and santa rosa at 54. so let's talk about the visibility. because we are looking at some locations, looking good. oakland 10 miles. hayward. but for liver more 2.5 miles for the visibility. let's check out the north bay here. fairfield a half mile. 2 miles in santa rosa. so dense fog for the napa valley as well as the interior east bay this morning. as we head through the afternoon sunny and mild.
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we are looking at our next chance of rain for tomorrow night. it's a weak weather system here. for today, this ridge of high pressure in control for us. active weather to our north but we're going to say high and dry with that sunshine today. again, we are tracking some changes. we'll time it out for you on future cast taking you hour by hour. here we are at 3:00 p.m. and you can see that sunshine. for tomorrow we're going to see increasing clouds, dry for the day. this is at 4:00 p.m. but you can see that weak front approaching the north bay. as we go through thursday night, this is at 10:00 p.m. you can see that light rain lighting up our future cast radar screen and then a few light showers possible fridayiv sunday nig into mday. so chr does look wet with widespread rain. daytime highs today, we are looking at warmer conditions compared to yesterday. about 5 to 7 degrees above normal for this time of year.
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62 downtown san francisco. 62 for oakland. vallejo coming in at 62. and 63 for a high in santa rosa. so sunshine today. for tomorrow most of the day dry. again, that rain thursday night into friday and this is just light rain drying out for the rest of your friday. plenty of sun on saturday. dry for most of the day on sunday into monday for christmas eve. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. the 49ers have two pro bowlers. can you name them and the battle of top 10. tippoff coming up. and let's head outside before we go to break. the golden gate bridge you can see that car switching lanes as the traffic starts to come in. 56 degrees in the city by the bay.
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kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mansini's sleep world. visit welcome back it is 5:23 we take you to redwood city right now. northbound 101 right at woodside. chp. on the scene of this crash can s in our live shot there. we are hearing that everything
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is now cleared so traffic should be moving a lot better as you work your way through there. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. >> yanked out of the crease after giving up three goals. last night, bounce back city. >> we're going streaking. >> yeah, they're streaking. they're fighting, and they're scoring a lot of goals. scoreless in minnesota. the first of these two goals in the game. 1-0 san jose and not even 30 seconds later. on the break away scores his team leading 21st goal of the season and martin jones, the goalie all he did was turn back 26 shots and t ss wthurt. d he pro bowl for the first time in his career. he will be joined by full back kyle uscvech. who got a lot of voters from his
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own country germany. as for the raiders for the first time since 2003 oakland had no players picked for the pro bowl. tight end jared cook, was selected as alternate. cardinals stanford girls basketball 195-85. their first loss of the season. the cardinals oscar desilva knocked down the 3. ge scored a career high 23 these kids jacked out of their minds first visite broncos upses 102-92. their first win over a pac-12
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school in four years. tennessee martin. tied with chattanooga. one second left. just heaved it up at the buzzer from 75' is the bank open, you bet. that is a game winner. the sky hawks defeat the mark. the other hot team in the bay area the u.s.f. dogs. i'll be there tonight. sports on 6:00 news from the hill top. i'll see you there. san francisco mayor london breed asked the governor to pardon or commute the sentence. details on the new reports. >> and some south bay firefighters thought they were down dousing the flames ofhe t o come back a cple o it all over . i'm kit doe we've got a live report coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news.
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>> a bay area tesla burst into flames twice. how the company is responding. >> plus a mother and her dying child once separated by a travel ban are expected to reunite in the bay area. >> and a california woman accused of scamming fire convicts but this wasn't her first scheme. good morning everyone it is wednesday december 19th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning everyone i'm kenny choi. thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:30 right now as we check traffic and weather. there are definitely some fog advisories on the roadways. >> yeah, in the east bay. dense fog for the napa valley and you can see a live look with our transamerica qualm looking south and you can see the low clouds and fog as we start off and kick off your wednesday here. temperatures on the cool side. so we're looking at temperatures not as chilly as yesterday
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morning. looking at 55 in concord and oakland. downtown san francisco at 56. san jose 47 and santa rosa at 54. so let's show you the visibility across the bay area. so looking good from san jose, sfo, oakland. 5 miles for liver more there and then as we look to fairfield. about a half mile, that's 6/10 of a mile. a mile and a quarter for napa and 6 miles for santa rosa. areas of morning fog, as we head through the afternoon all of us will see that sun with mild to warm temperatures. our next weather system rolls in with light rain tomorrow night into early friday. for today we're looking at temperatures anywhere from 5 to 7 degrees above average for this time of year. we are tracking two weather systems. when you'll see the rain where you are coming up. let's check in with giana for a look at traffic out there.
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we do have a fog advisory that was issued by chp. so limited visibility as you travel through there. use caution in and around that area. we're still seeing a lot of green in and around our maps there. you can indicate that. so far so good. but limited visibility in and around that area. highway 4 right now so far so good as well. it is in tiptop shape as you work your way westbound out of antioche. let's get an update on this trouble spot in the peninsula area. all lanes now opened. overturned vehicle cleared off the roadway. we do have anoth le an accident near skyline boulevard. looks like it's on the northbound side. chp is on scene. we do have some delays along 205. let me show you a live shot here in just a second. making that connector and foggy conditions once you get on the
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pass itself. that's traffic. i'm anne makovec where we are awaiting a response from the mayor of san francisco's office and the office of governor brown on a controversial letter that mayor london breed sent to him asking to commune the sentence. her brother now 44-year-old napolean brown was convicted for armed robbery and also for during the get away during that armed robbery back in 2000 pushing one of his accomplices was 25 years old at the time. she died breed according to the san francisco chronicle has sent a letter to governor brown along with several other family members of her brother asking for leniency in this case and blaming a lot of the crimes on a drug problem he had early in his life. so we'll see what the response is from the governor's office.
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>> anne makovec live at the news desk. new video this morning of a tesla that burst into flames not once but twice in santa clara county. kit doe is live to explain what happened. here it is. propped up on some wooden blocks here. a fire crew from santa clara county fire overnight to make sure it has not burst into flamvehtin is just fm a few hours ago around 10:00 last night. firefighters sprayed water on it for at least 5 minutes to try and cool off the batteries. it is hard to get to those batteries because they're solo to the ground. and so using a forklift to prop the car up. and so this all began around 2:00 p.m. when the owner got a low tire pressure warning and then got towed to a tire shop in los gatos and for this first
5:35 am
fire you're seeing right now they sprayed it and cooled it off for about 5 to 6 hours and moved that wreckage. the owner who did not want to be identified shot this video himself after hearing some strange noises. >> i went in there to do my paper work. i came out and there was smoke everywhere. >> pulled it down to a point where we were comfortable that it was extinguished. the manufacturer was comfortable that it was extinguished based on what we were telling them. >> and tesla said in a statement quote, "we are' currently investigating the matter and in touch with local first responders. we're glad to hear everyone is safe." live kit doe kpix 5. happening today, a mom who was stuck in egypt under the nation' travel ban is set to arrive in the bay area to be with her dying son. to grant his wife a waiver that
5:36 am
would allow her to fly to brain disease and i b ken ofnl 2% of waivers are granted to families impacted by the ban. >> it's not about the waiver here and now it's about the thousands of people like abdula who are stuck separated from their families. abdula's mother is flying out of kiro and she's scheduled to arrive tonight at sfo. a scam artist who reportedly took advantage of a recent wild fire in california to swindle money. when dozens accused her of defrauding them out of thousands of dollars. detectives say she posted fake pictures on social media of her and her factitious firefighter husband.
5:37 am
when they searched her apartment they found donated items she collected. they say she pretended to be a struggling single mom who faked pregnancies. andy lopez died five years ago after the officer reportedly mistook the teen's toy rifle for an ak47. yesterday announced they will instead settle the case for $3 million. >> i don't think any amount of money can replace a 13-year-old and it is a nrhe family, the board of supervisors and the sheriff's office agreed on. it's a step to help people move forward and i hope it's a beginning for the family to move forward. >> the sheriff says training and community relations are expected to move forward. this morning president trump is vowing to sign a landmark piece of legislation on criminal justice reform. the legislation just passed by
5:38 am
the senate is aimed at easing sentences for non violent offenders and reducing the number of repeat offenders. it gives judges for leeway. it will also allow thousands of federal inmates to leave prison earlier than they otherwise would have. >> it was an important leadership moment for democrats and republicans, progressives and conservatives, the left and the right. >> it was a bipartisan effortsh. 5:38 right now it looks like interest rates may soon be on the rise again. dianne king hall of money watch joining us now with that story and nor in business world in new york city. diane good morning. >> good morning kenny. wall street is on fed watch today and what it expects is to have a huge impact on stocks. the nasdaq gained 30. the federal reserve wraps up its two day meeting later today. the fed is expected to raise
5:39 am
interest rates for the fourth time this year. investors will also want to see the central bank's economic forecast for 2019. and u.s. crude oil prices are at the lowest level in more than a year. prices dropped 7% yesterday and have fallen 40% since early october. a rise in supply and slowing global demand has caused oil prices to lose ground. we hear those fanny packs are making a come back. what can you tell us about these. >> i hate to admit it but they're back. in the first 10 months of 2018. while they were responsible for 1%. the bags made up 25% of spurredh end fanny packs sold by louis vaton. fine, i guess it's practical.
5:40 am
it just makes you think of dads back in the day like let's not do this again. >> diane king hall. thank you. >> the gucci ones look pretty cool. just six days left until christmas the u.s. postal service is entering its busiest week of the year. more than 2 million packages in this week alone. santa's helpers are in the final stretch. until christmas day. >> it is like a nightclub. there's no dancing on this floor until somebody figures out how to e-mail a sweater we're going to deliver it. >> if you want your package to get across the country in time for chrtmas eocinate uil tomorrd even then you best pay for priority express service. time now is 5:41. how would you like to avoid
5:41 am
hours of stuck in traffic. coming up it will be a tough task. elan musk says he's got a plan. and we want to take a live look outside from our oakland airport camera. you are overlooking 880 right now. it's 55 degrees right now. giana's going to have a traffic update coming up after the break.
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good wednesday morning to you and :00 good wednesday morning to you and it's 5:43 almost 5:44. looking south you can see our sales force tower camera. we're at 56 in downtown san francisco. i'll let you know what you can expect as we head through the day. also tracking two weather systems that will bring some rain for us coming up. >> we're getting a peak this morning inside elan musk's
5:44 am
underground transportation tunnel in los angeles. the mile long underground tunnel in hawthorn is meant to ease traffic above ground. so here's how it works. a lift lower your car below the ground. >> traffic is soul destroying. musk's grand plan is to build a so-called hyperloop network. you can go ahead i think. >> musk to gale king on a ride through the tunnels. initially a little scared there
5:45 am
more on the potentially revolutionary technology today on cbs this morning s at 7:00 a.m.. making its way into the market. a self-driving car with nobody at the wheel yesterday to deliver some items in scottsdale arizona within about a mile of a kroeger owned supermarket. for the time being the driverless vehicles will be driven by a car with a human inside who can stop and control it. a new contraption this morning dog kennels. they're specially designed to help dogs deal with loud noises. a built in audio that help quiet the area. the idea was inspired by the noise cancelling technology that ford uses ford did not say when it would be up for sale. so it is selling emotional
5:46 am
support chickens that won't ruffle any feathers fellow passengers of fried chicken all through the cabin. but there you go. chicken would make you feel better. >> i think fried chicken smells good. >> all right. >> the cute carrier. >> all right. >> we approve. >> all right. we've got to check on thes r out there a live look here with traffic backed up. it is building. you're just beyond that 880 overpass there. looking good. you need about 20 minutes as you head towards that 101 central
5:47 am
freeway. we do have report officer a new crash on 680. we'll show you here on the maps. it looks like it may be blocking at least one lane. chp just headed out to the scene. no delays just yet. we'll get a little bit busy. all right. elsewhere we are dealing with foggy seasons this morning through the altamonte pass. that will affect your drive. but westbound's whre seeing most of the delays. that tracy area to the top of the path. and a foggy advisory continues along the east shore freeway. we do have reports of a bosoust a heads up there it is over to the shoulder there. i want to give you a live look at conditions along the 101 in the south bay. we do have an earlier crash near
5:48 am
woodside. those headlights working their way northbound right now if you've got an early flight to catch all the way towards sf.o traffic is free flowing and hopefully sunny skies there. yeah, some great news with our weather as we are going to see that sunshine in the afternoon. we are starting off the day with areas of fog once again. here's a live look at our sales floor tower camera. our temperatures are in the 50s and in the 40s. so definitely a cool start. 55 innd o jose 47 and santa ros4 we are tracking areas of dense fog. one of the worst spots in navato with the visibility down to about a quarter of a mile.
5:49 am
as we head through the afternoon sunny and mild temperatures enjoy it. we are looking at our next chance of rain which will be tomorrow night. a weak cold front that's going to bring in light rain. satellite and radar view keeping us high and dry with that sun. active weather to our north. they have been seeing storm after storm. they had that tornado yesterday afternoon in port orchard and that's west across seattle across puget sound. they did suffer a lot of damage with the roofs blown off homes in western washington. for us we're looking at the bay area with that sunshine 3:00 p.m. as we head through tomorrow we'll see increasing clouds you could see this weak front approaching the north bay as we go through thursday night. stopping the clock again and you can see light rain there.
5:50 am
as we head through thursday night into friday morning just some light rain. sunrise today at 7:20 and our sunset at 4:53. daytime highs we are looking at temperatures warmer compared to yesterday. 64 for santa c lara and san jose as we look through san ramon. for berkley 60 for santa rosa. enjoy the sunshine as we are looking at briefly we have that high pressure building in for us. dry for most of the day on thursday. light rain thursday night and a
5:51 am
stronger storm system rolls in sunday night into monday. mourning the loss of a trail blazing film maker coming up the life and legacy of penny marshal and how she paved the way for women in the film industry. >> and checking out the light rail camera. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning.
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welcome back it is 5:54 if
5:54 am
you typically take the golden gate bridge to the bay area. as well as the 7:40 have been cancelled. they're working on bom o a crash along 880 ride at a street. busy on that southbound coming . . this morning hollywood and fans across the world are mourning the loss of penny marshal. the famed director and actress died at the age of 75. >> we are told she died of complications from diabetes. penny marshal in the 1970s. it was america's most watched show at the time that ran for 8 seasons and it was a spinoff of happy days. she was the first woman to direct a movie that grossed more
5:55 am
than $100 million. well that movie of course was "big" starring tom hanks. she went on to direct "a league of their own" and many other movies. >> and stars paid respects to her star on hollywood walk of fame. >> i'm shocked. yeah, she was incredible. >> she was the beginning of tv. it is 5:55 right now. facebook has reportedly been allowing other companies to access your user data. evensages. the new accusations against the elm battled tech giant. and the mother from yemen who was just granted a waiver to enter the u.s. to see her dying son is now on wait. the latest in her journey next.
5:56 am
>> a grand new tesla pod el catches fire -- model catches fire not once but twice in the same day.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. one bay area city is taking on big pharma over the opioid epidemic. >> time is running out to prevent a federal government shut down but there are new signs of hope that a deal could be reached. >> and several major organizations are launching a ow scandal emerges. >> good morning everyone it is wednesday december 19th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning i'm kenny cho ad weather. all you have to do is say fog and low visibility. sums it up. no, we are starting out the day with that fog but we are going to have a beautiful afternoon so enjoy it with that
6:00 am
sunshine. we're tracking changes as early as tomorrow. let's first get you to outside here if you're heading out for work and school. we are looking at foggy conditions. this is our transamerica cam. and you can see the low clouds and fog as you start off the day. 55 right now in concord and oakland. downtown san francisco 56. san jose 47 and santa rosa coming in at 54. so let's talk about the visibility out there. some spots are looking good. 10 miles sfo, oakland, san jose. livermore you're now down to about 1/4 mile and north bay ha're looking at a mile and a


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