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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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clouds and the rain rolled in and blocked the view. the latest on the high-def doppler is showing parts of the peninsula with light showers tonight, but all by way of setting the stage for what will be happening tomorrow. and that low out there will mark the next storm on the bay for the bay area. christmas eve rain, two-thirds of an inch this time tomorrow night. tide is up at noon tomorrow, which means combination of pretty good rain and a pretty high tide. there are changes ahead for christmas day. we'll have them when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. >> tonight the president's chief of staff says if the government shutdown drags on, it is nancy pelosi's fault. but melissa caen says mending fences between the two sides may be just a matter of wording. >> day two of the pashdown.
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all because the president says he needs $5 billion to build a wall. democrats, they say no way. >> president trump, you will not get your wall. >> reporter: but democrats will pay for fences. according to democrats, this is a fence. now back in march over 100 democrats in the house including congresswoman nancy pelosi, voted in favor of the 2018 budget. it included $1.6 billion for border patrol to build fencing such as currently deployed steel designs like these. now the president said this was funding for a wall, but pelosi said that's not true. >> there are some resources for fencing and repairs and the rest there. but if you want to think you're getting a wall, you just think it and sign the bill. >> over in the senate the appropriation committee voted to give border patrol another $1.6 billion in 2019 for the
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same kind of fencing. why only $1.6 billion? because that's what border patrol asked for back in april. >> with regards of border security, the president's budget requested $1.6 billion to be applied towards the construction of 65 miles of border wall system. >> reporter: now the president is demanding $5 billion for a wall or barrier. on thursday the republican- controlled house voted to do just that. but the house won't be in control much longer. on january 3, democrats will take over. nancy pelosi will likely be the new speaker. >> i think there is an implication for her speakership. >> the president's incoming acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney, says this transition may prolong the shutdown. >> i think she is now in that unfortunate position of being beholden into the left wing, where she could not be seen as agreeing with the president on anything until she's speaker. if that's the case, again, there's a chance we couldgo into the next congress. here in the bay area most, if not all the recreation areas in the bay area is open during
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the shutdown. two spots on the waterfront are closed. aquatic park and fort point. today visitors encountering locked gates were not very happy about it when they couldn't get where they wanted to go. >> and we are just trying to drop stuff off and meet my mother-in-law. we couldn't even pull into this little area to drop off our stuff because it's closed. >> access has been open to the headlands and the woods, but visitor centers, public restrooms, they are closed. efforts to redevelop hunter's point have hit a wall tonight with three major banks now holding off on mortgages. wells fargo, chase, and citi say they are no longer approving loans for the shipyard development because of concerns about the safety of the land. it's a 75-acre site known as parcel a adjacent to a super fund site contaminated with
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radioactive material by the navy. recently there have been lawsuits over falsified tests and whether hazards might still exist. the mortgage lending problem could have an added negative impact if current homeowners hoping to sell aren't able to find buyers. >> with christmas eve looking like a washout. today was definitely the day to get your holiday shopping done. kpix 5 katie nielsen joining us live from san francisco union square where last-minute shoppers are packing the stores. hi, katie. >> reporter: hey, juliette, those sprinkles, they took a couple of people off the sidewalks a little bit earlier this afternoon, but the rain has now stopped. as you take a look, you can see this entire plaza, not only packed with shoppers, but also with those looking to get into the holiday spirit. joy to the world, but also joy of last-minute christmas shopping. >> it's nuts. i live in san francisco.
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and i have been seeing it like this for a long time. >> reporter: like so many others, david waited until the last minute to finish up his christmas shopping list. >> i got most of it done, but like the finishing touches, and so i guess it is the typical american shopper, last minute to everything. >> reporter: but for others, more strategy involved. >> i know there are good sales down here. it's beautiful even though the crowds are crazy. kind of a part of the whole thing. >> i want an lol doll. >> reporter: some shoppers are hoping to get lucky. >> girls are really into lol dolls. so the lol dolls, that's what we're looking for. >> reporter: any luck? >> no, not yet. >> reporter: from a tuba- playing santa to a sun glass- wearing dog named monster. >> he dresses up. he likes to share his holiday spirit with everyone and everybody likes to take selfies with him. >> reporter: it is all part of the experience, visiting union square a couple of days before
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christmas. >> reporter: one of the focal points here at union square, of course, the massive christmas tree with tens of thousands of twinkling lights. people have been taking pictures around the tree all night. you can see the ice skaters, they've just started up again. this is the 6:00 to 7:30 group skating out there right now. we've got a bunch of vendors, just really a time when everyone is getting into this holiday spirit. now a lot of these stores, they're actually going to be open late tonight for those last-minute shoppers. then they're going to open early again tomorrow morning. and so definitely still time to get those final gifts on that christmas list. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> thanks for getting us in the spirit, thank you. if you still have shopping to do, you will not be able to do it at san francisco's oldest department store, gump's.
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they closed for good about an hour ago after a century and a half at union square. two brothers founded gump's in 1861, as a frame and mirror shop. grown into a destination for luxury items like crystal vases, engraved note cards, and fancy dinnerware, but fell on hardtimes recently falling on hard times. >> my bridesmaids gave me this beautiful tall pitcher and these tall lemonade glasses. we used to pick one day and daddy and mom would bring us here. we would go to all the stores. >> things have changed. bargain hunters have also been stopping by the past few days as the store on post street sold off its remaining stock at discounts of 70% or more. tonight three airport police officers are being credited with saving a woman
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whose heart suddenly stopped at sfo. the 38-year-old was found unconscious in a stairwell on wednesday morning. sergeant bobby chung used one of the airport's automated external defibrillators to revive her, while fellow officers, christopher giles and brian nirano performed cpr. the woman eventually blinked her eyes and squeezed one of their hands. the officers then worked to stabilize her until paramedics arrived. well san francisco police chief bill scott later said in a statement, "i can say without hesitation that because of their training and swift response, a liasxemplifies what it is to be one of san francisco's finest." as we ask local air quality managers some tough questions about big oil on the bay. here is the district taking a lot of money from this industry and not punishing them
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when they break the law. plus money from california's gas tax could be fueling a big discount for certain bart riders. a last-minute push for toys. we'll tell you where you can bring a donation to brighten up a kid's christmas.
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tonight bart wants to know what the public thinks about using gas tax revenue to fuel a 20% discount. to qualify, a rider's household income would need to be at or below 200% of the federal poverty line. they announced about $50,000 for a family of four. if you'd like to weigh in on the proposal, you can complete
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an online survey through december 31. hundreds of lucky kids got a brand new set of wheels at a charity event in san francisco today. city firefighters led the annual bike giveaway as a part of their year-round toy program. earlier this month, volunteers sorted through submissions in a letter writing contest and chose 300 recipients today. each kid picked out a brand new bike and helmet. parents and firefighters, they helped out as the children gave them a spin. >> it's exciting. growing up as a kid, we would have bikes, we always ride them. so you know, my niece, she had a bike. i think every kid, they should have a bike. everything. >> and the bicycles, they were donated by the association. the st. francis yacht club and the laborers international union. well that's not all. the firefighters are giving away this christmas, far from it. gearing up for a big last- minute push for presents. kpix 5 joe vazquez shows us
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this donation drive will feature a drive thru. >> i'm here at lefty's on fisherman's wharf, having recently moved from union square. starting tomorrow, very early in the morning, they're reviving a nearly two decades old tradition. a last-minute drive for toys. >> it will be here rain or shine and all day, you can drive by. you don't have to get out of your car. we'll have volunteers to take your toys from you and to put them in the bucket. we want to fill them up and we want every kid in san francisco to have a happy christmas. >> beginning at 6:00 in the morning, volunteers will be here to put your donations in the barrel with celebrities, even the mayor expected to make an early morning appearance. san francisco with the largest toy in the country. they are hoping they will keep the needy children from falling through the cracks. >> maybe their parents for some reason, either by working or just not able to get it together and enough to make an application out are going to be without toys on christmas day. so we want to make sure that doesn't happen.
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>> it is a one-day push and a last-minute one-day heavy push. >> it's christmas eve, so sometimes we live in a society where it is like a microwave. if you only have one day to feel good and to give, this is the day to do it. >> again, they will be here all day tomorrow starting at 6:00 in the morning starting with toys for anyone that wants to donate on the last day of christmas. >> joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> looking good. and the forecast, it is not looking bad. something for everybody if you like rain, we have that and sun and we have that as well. it just depends on when and how much on christmas eve as it looks like it will be wet for christmas day. the sun will come out in the upper 50s on tuesday between now and then though. we'll have a few little things to do with as we look out towards sfo and some clouds in the sky. not much in the way of more rain tonight. but it's tomorrow when we will get hit. temperatures, right now, they are mostly in the low to mid- 50s in much of the bay area. and the forecast for tomorrow, calling for the temperatures to
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top out near 60 degrees and it will be wet, not continuous rain, which the graphic kind of suggests. from time to time we'll have showers oral it. so futurecast will show you when it will happen tomorrow by 6:00 a.m. such as there is of the morning drive. it will be interrupted by a few showers from time to time, so that is 6:00 tomorrow morning about an hour and a half before sunrise. the day will go on and here comes the main frontal band by mid-afternoon and early evening. 4:00 in the afternoon, and it'll drop about two-thirds of an inch of rain. what happens after that? a few showers on the evening, christmas eve and then tuesday, here is midday tuesday. and it will get cleaned out, wh begin to drive towards northern california. by sunrise tomorrow. san jose will not get quite as much. about an inch of rain in the
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forecast. about half an inch at this time and a white christmas for the sierra about 5,000 feet. and they've got 8-12 inches of snow forecasted for the highest peaks, two feet of snow. winter storm watches are posted through tuesday morning. winter storm watches and warnings. in the east bay, ditto, the rain develops early on in the day and near 60 degrees. temperatures will top out in
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the upper 50s and more rain for the county as you can see. the extended forecast, we've got rain on the way for christmas eve. santa's got his umbrella, already and rudolph with his red nose for days like this. tuesday through friday, we've got sunshine, we don't get more clouds after christmas eve until next weekend when we are on the eve of 2019. can you believe that? and that is weather, here is sports. she doesn't know it yet, but even jules will make a presence in this sports. coming up, the eve of christmas eve. i'm looking at her right now. she's like what? if you like football, oh man. you have come to the right place. goeye ofe teams i was it e . the story from levi stadium in a jiffy. ♪ this little home of mine,
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♪ to let our great state shine. energy upgrade california, will let us shine. ♪
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and still chicago, they had to come from behind trailing 9- 7 at the half. and jordan howard in the end zone, putting them up top 14-9. fourth quarter, how about nick mullins? goodwin was open, but the ball gut ofbears, danny trayn and mu under six minutes to play. trubisky took off on third
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down. as he slid from the first, the defender hit him. and so the bears, they were like, but that's a quarterback, man. and a melee ensues. niners richard sherman jumped in, threw a punch. he was one of three players, ejected. and ejected from the game. fast forward to two minutes left. first down with the bears. robinson, popped loose. the ball, popped it loose. maybin recovers. they call it mabes on the team. forcing a second turnover of the game. giving them another shot. and they got across midfield on fourth down. but they didn't run for it. he went for it all. and he missed badly. the ball was thrown out of bounds. that is a teaching moment. you have to extend the play. out by the defense into the second half. bears, they won it 14-9. one of the elite teams of the league. they figured it out. their record is 11-4. the
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49ers, they are 4-11. the post game please. >> and i have been pointing this the whole time they've been talking, like since i walked off the field. i know exactly what i did and what i should have done. and i know exactly how that game could have ended up if we would have just made the plays we were suppose to make. >> it was a tough way to end it knowing we could have gotten it easily rather than trying something like that throw. but you know what i'm saying? he's a qb. we don't know what's going through his head and people rushing him. that's a lot of pressure. >> and then there is the raiders. are you ready for the latest destination for the 2019 home games? london, england, according to fox sports. other owners, they have brought that idea up. now oakland, levi stadium, at&t park, they have been in the discussion. we will go back to the moving pictures. here is dak prescott. he endorses soup, better known for throwing touchdowns over
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the dallas cowboys against tampa bay in the third quarter, the corner of the end zone, beating them 27-20. clinch ares the third east division of the last five seasons, and that will make the boss, jerry jones, very happy. his cowboys, they have won six out of seven. how about tom brady and the patriots? these are bay area sort of highlights. they will host the bills. brady is from san mateo and hit julian edelman from redwood city. edelman, woodside high school alum, got up and kept running. never touched the ground and scored. a nice bounce back win from two straight losses. new england beat buffalo 24-12, the first team with 10 straight division titles. in our business, we will make some noise, drop the mic. steelers, they will drop the ball moving forward. saints drew breeze running the show last minute. failing michael thomas. but they gave them a three- point lead. but you cannot count out ben
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roethlisberger and the steelers. juju smith got it. the ball is loose. saints, davis, pounced on it. and the nfc title, they may have to go through to new orleans. won it 31-28, clinching the home field advantage throughout the playoffs. but the greatest holiday blaze ever. and that is darryl johnson on the call for the vikings at white. and even they know when the ball is in the air with a hail mary pass, what do you do on defense? you need to no, ma'am it down. but no red nose and they grabbed it. ripping off 27 unanswer ad points, erasing a 9-0 deficit. and they could clinch that playoff berth next week. now, that's nick foles here for the eagles, what a day. 471 yards and four touchdowns against houston. as the protection will hold up in the fourth quarter drive.
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the winning drive. they found the career high 12th catch of the game. they needed a field goal to win it and down by one. watching them kick the brisket. the 35 yarder as time expired. fly eagle fly. 32-30 the final. their playoff hope is still alive as they dropped a third seed in the afc. now what a huge sunday we would have today with the warriors later on and the sharks that are playing, yes, we speak. i'm told from the south side and the north pole, joining us with the game day sports writing who will join us with a one-man show that is just unbelievable. so much going on. >> that's right, against the denver broncos. takes a village to do that. >> nice job. >> thank you, vern. in the next half hour, president trump drops another bomb. pushing his pet gone chief out
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the door two months earlier than planned. the feds are sounding the alarm on avocados tonight. what health officials are urging people to do before digging in. poultry on painkillers. a bizarre case of bird poisoning at a california park. and big oil on the bay. tonight, tanker traffic is on target to get even heavier and potentially riskier.
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three days after leaving a blistering resignation letter on the president's desk. chose to receive an unexpected reply, get out now. the retired general offered to stay on for two more months while the replacement was chosen. >> but they tell us starting next week, a a man with no military experience will be calling the shots at the pentagon. >> reporter: when defense secretary jim mattis resigned last week, he said he would stay in order to ensure an orderly transition. on sunday, president trump
6:30 pm
decided to speed the process up, ordering mattis to leave by the end of this year. >> we're getting indications this morning that he might be going right now. >> national security correspondent, david martin, broke the story on face the nation. >> we have a statement from the pentagon saying the secretary of defense will serve the pleasure of the president. i interpret that as meaning the secretary, he has been asked to go at once. >> the president soon made it official with a tweet, writing our talented deputy of defense, patrick shanahan, will assume the title of acting secretary of defense starting on january 1, 2019. shanahan, a former boeing executive with no military experience has been working to develop the space force. mattis stepped down after the president decided to withdraw all u.s. troops from syria. the secretary appeared to criticize mr. trump's approach
6:31 pm
to world affairs. aides say that is not why he's leaving. >> the relationship between the two men, they had been frayed. i think the president no longer relied on mattis to be able to deliver the president's vision. >> the search for a permanent replacement for mattis will reportedly focus on candidates from outside government. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> the withdraw from syria prompted a second official to resign. he was the special envoy to the coalition against isis. and now a live look at a busy san francisco international airport, where agents are working without pay tonight to keep the travelers moving. they are considered essential, required to work through the government shutdown. >> i sure appreciate them doing it. it must be weird to know you're working, not getting paid. but hopefully they will come back, get the delayed pay.
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otherwise it would be a mess here. i can't even imagine. >> in a statement they said travelers will see no difference in security at any level from the agents that scream bag to the canine teams that walk the check point license. on to indonesia now where at least 280 people are dead and hundreds more are missing after a massive tsunami slammed ashore. the wall of water ripped houses and hotels from their foundations in seconds. and sweeping terrified concertgoers into the sea. it is believed a nearby volcanic eruption set the deadly chain of events into motion. and the question tonight is why didn't they have any warning? reporter melissa rainy has the latest for us. ople left digging through the ruuni hit the coastline westva d hundredsmore are injured or missing. the tsunami struck without
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warning. people ran for their lives as a towering wall of water slammed the district, destroying more than 500 homes and severely damaging hotels and restaurants. the waves caused a stage to collapse during the band's performance. >> our base player, our manager passed away. >> several of the bands' other members are still missing. they tiply have time to warn ahead of the disaster mitigation said there was no warning on saturday night. tsunamis typically follow the earthquake, but they believe this tsunami was triggered by the landslides, caused by the eruption of the nearby volcano. now thground helping in the clean up effort, hoping to find more survivors. a bizarre case of bird poisoning. showing you what happened when
6:34 pm
somebody dumped a load of prescription pills in a public rk rescued another intoxicated bird in his neighborhood, just a couple miles away. >> something was wrong with it. the head and neck rolling all over the place. one was open and everything was closed and started flapping its wings. >> turns out someone dumped a few hundred pills on the banks monday, it gobbled them up. >> and they said they were heart pills, anti-depressants and looked like confetti aloof the ground. the birds, they think it was being eaten. >> experts are not sure how many may have been injured or
6:35 pm
died and who is behind this. mcdaniels tells me he got the information from animal control, who moved one of the sick geese from his home to the wetlands wildlife care center earlier this week. >> looking good. >> reporter: he came back this afternoon to check on the feathered friends he calls buddy. he had completely lost that control. >> and they had worked. >> this is my story, yeah, but i'm not eating them. i'm happy i rescued one. guacamole lovers, listen up. the fda says you should be washing avenue avocados before you eat them. health officials say it is the only sure way to prevent bacteria and dirt from
6:36 pm
transferring from the peel to your knife to the insides that we do eat. so in a new report released this month, they said about one out over five avocados tested positive for a bacteria that can cause listeria. >> good advice. if you think your holiday travels are a hassle, try spending christmas circling the moon. >> merry christmas and god bless all of you. all of you on the good earth. >> nasa celebrating 50 years and set historical holiday message from apollo eight. 50 years later, how the latest launch by spacex is about to improve an important function on our smart phones. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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thanks in part to spacex.
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carrying the satellites into orbit. but they are capable of calculating a a user's location on earth to about 18 inches, joining 31 other satellites already in orbit. the 21st launch for spacex this year. the first official coalition. >> it was 50 years ago tomorrow, the astronauts would deliver a historicidmessthey became to orbit the moon. frank and bill anders, the
6:40 pm
first humans to leave earth's orbit, navigating the moon just ten times. the mission was planned four months in advance as the u.s. raced to beat the soviets to the moon. >> okay, we're going around to a good view of the earth. as soon as they would get a good view of the earth, we will stop and let you look at it, 85,000 miles out of space. >> and seems like child's play today. but then it was earth shattering. the mission produced that iconic earth rise image, snapped by anders as the spacecraft was in the process of rotating. nature photographer would later declare it the most influential, environmental photograph ever taken. first time we saw earth from space. the crew entered lunar orbit on christmas eve when they passed behind the moon and they became the first humans ever to see
6:41 pm
the dark side of the moon. but their holiday message to earth later that evening, all about light as they would read from the book of genesis. >> and god said let there be light and there was light. god saw the light. they were good. captivated by the light from the darkness. the darkness will go on on the first day. we will close with good night, good luck, merry christmas, and god bless all of you, all of yes. the good earth. d mean, it was almost as amazing as the landing on the moon. >> yeah. but even listening to that will be incredible. >> six months later, almost six months later on july 20, we'll be on the moon. that's something. all right, still to come, a push to double the oil tanker
6:42 pm
traffic through the bay. and these could be carrying the heaviest, dirtiest oil on the plane. >> and we've got more rain coming in. you can't see much of it now on the high-definition doppler, but it will and we'll have the forecast. yes, it is the bay area's tastiest holiday tradition. we will take you on a tour of the famous fairmont gingerbread house.
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looking for something to do with the kids while school is out this week? why not head into san francisco to enjoy the bay area's tastiest holiday tradition. kpix 5 mary lee takes us inside the famous gingerbread house. take a look and listen. ♪ [ music ] >> imagine a giant castle of gingerbread and the smell stepping into santa's kitchen. it really is pretty spectacular. visiting the house is truly a holiday treat. >> and this is the real deal. the real gingerbread, real icing, real candy. >> reporter: with more than 6,000 gingerbread bricks, three tons of royal icing, and 1,500
6:46 pm
pounds of candy, this castle looks good enough to eat. >> it does look very tempting, all the bright colors, the great smell, but we really don't encourage people to eat it. >> reporter: but tourists, locals alike, they're welcomed to enjoy the sugary spectacles with their eyes. it took a culinary and engineering team over 1,000 hours to create it. >> turns out a lot of things, they are not made for this type of display. so everything has to be built from scratch. >> reporter: this year one of the newer additions to the house ensures that visitors, they're not always on the outside. >> our dining room, which is an excursion for up to ten people could dine with us. it's their sweet reward. >> it is a great sense of
6:47 pm
seeing their faces, excitement, make sure you see them get excited just like the kids do. >> and i have friends that are 40, 50 years old and they will come here and still amazed that this is something so fantastic. >> and it just overcomes with the christmas spirit. it really is wonderful. >> reporter: in san francisco, i'm mary lee, kpix 5. let's get you caught up. on the kpix 5 high-def doppler. which is showing i have a frog on my throat with a few light showers over parts of the peninsula. and those will mostly dry up. a few lingering showers as they wear on and more on the way for christmas eve or the center of your screen, barreling towards the west coast over the next few hours or so. we will have highs only in the low 50s tomorrow. but on christmarecovered in the
6:48 pm
50s. numbers in the 50s. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. as rain begins to spread from north to south. by mid-afternoon, we will get some pretty good cells moving through again. this is monday afternoon. then it just blows through by tuesday, midday, that's where we are now. looks like plenty of sun for christmas day. in terms of amounts, further north you go, an inch you can see. two inches in san jose, concord two-thirds of an inch in napa. rain will turn to snow in the mountains where the winter storm watches, warnings, posted through tuesday morning for as much as two feet of snow. it will be a white christmas in the sierra. here is what we're expecting tonight with a few lingering showers. not so much, a little dense fog as well. but rain will develop on christmas eve. and then it will be clearing and cool for christmas day. forecast highs for tomorrow will be near 60degrees. down in the south bay, rain will develop later on in the day. highs near 60. same for the east bay.
6:49 pm
up in the north bay, we've got some rain on the way overnight tonight. and through much of the day tomorrow. extended forecast, expect christmas eve to be wet. christmas day to be sunny and the rest of the week, it looks pretty good if cool. that's the weather. we'll take a break and be right back. this little home of mine,
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♪ i'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ something most of us don't really think about for the bay area, but one coasng hwe heavy. traffic, always as kpix 5 found out, it is on potentially riskier. >> california is committed to doing whatever is necessary to meet the threat of climate change. >> reporter: talking tough on
6:52 pm
environmental issues is something politicians in california do so often. it might as well be the state's slogan. >> can we expect any announcements in talking about drilling in california? >> look. >> reporter: when it comes to big oil, they are hoping you won't pay attention to what is crossing the san francisco bay. oil tankers, they may one day be carrying the heaviest, dirtiest oil on the planet. the crude from alberta, canada. >> and that oil, they could end up sinking to the bottom of the bay. >> reporter: the executive director of bay keeper, a non- profit watchdog group that monitors pollution in the bay. thagenhaea h to respond to that kind of oil spill because they are never done that before in a marine environment. >> reporter: and she says the sign that they could be coming is this marine terminal in the strait. where oil tankers will deliver crude to phillip 66. they want to expand the
6:53 pm
terminal to more than double tanker traffic from 59 to 135 ships a year. phillip 66 is the largest importer of tarzan's crude in the united states. according to a flowchart from a 2013 investor conference, phillip 66 has plans to deliver it to the san francisco refinery over land by train and down the pacific coast by ship. environmental groups, they sued, recently stopped the train plan in its tracks. the terminal, now becomes the other option. >> and our day is becoming nothing more than a marine freeway. >> reporter: the brennans are living into a community tucked into a row of the bay area's refineries, including phillip 66. >> and there no spill response plan, there have been two spills at that marine terminal. >> reporter: the most recent
6:54 pm
spill in 2016 sent dozens of residents to the hospital. and they show phillip 66 has been fined by the air district more than a dozen times each year for a missions violation. yet they recently received approval to process the additional 4,000 barrels of crude a day. they worry the terminal expansion, they will get rubber stamped as well. >> and the money that goes to operate that department will come from permits to increase a production, etc. and so with every permit they grant, they get more money. >> reporter: since 1987, phillip 66 has paid the air district nearly $30 million in s envinmentas wonding if t is a >>we're g with our partner agenci. rterpam with th bay area air quality management district is in charge of issuing permits to bay area
6:55 pm
refineries. >> and why would this refinery given its bad history be allowed to expand? >> well, they are specified and in the rules. >> and shouldn't you be able to say if this is a responsible company or not and as you approve their permits? >> if they're allowed to get their permit by law. >> reporter: but it looks like here is the district taking a lot of money from this industry. and not punishing them. when they break the law. >> this is not for pam to answer. >> reporter: the more we push, the more her communications team interrupted our interview. >> you keep referring to this as a bad history. >> it is a bad history. >> u keep s i ink they would characterize it. >> phillip 66 turned down our request for an interview. but in a statement told us the marine terminal application is not related to nor relying upon any other recent or future projects at the refinery.
6:56 pm
meanwhile back on the bay, the crew are patrolling, monitoring developments. >> i would love to one daisy this refinery be a complete museum for what we used to do back in the dark days and we didn't realize how harmful it was to our environment. that would be the division for the future, where we don't see the refinery operating at all. >> and as for nancy and maureen, they say if they cannot help them, they'll fight it out on their own, trying to keep the community safe. >> i don't believe it for a second they can protect us and they choose not to. and so it is all about money, honey. >> reporter: in rodeo, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> phillip 66 says the marine terminal expansion will not allow any increase in the amount of crude that could be processed at the refinery. the company's complete post on that's all for now. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great evening.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> does the mallory case fit a pattern that you're seeing coming from chinese intelligence? >> yes, we currently have three pending cases against former intelligence officers, and they're alleged to have been spying on behalf of the chinese. >> it's hard to overstate how unusual it is to have three cases like this ongoing. >> it's not unusual. it's unprecedented. >> kevin mallory was a former clandestine case officer for the c.i.a. who the justice department believes was recruited by a chinese spy. >> did you send them anything on that phone? >> i sent them some tests. >> tonight, "60 minutes" gets an insider's view of what espionage looks like. >> malta sits as a sun-dappled


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