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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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demanding justice. da? >> reporter: that's right, veronica. family and friends have been here since 4:00 holding this candlelight vigil. as you mentioned, this vigil at times has turned into a rally. they're calling for justice. they're demanding the police officers who shot jennifer vasquez be arrested. now the chief calls this a tragic shooting and he says he feels for the driver's mother, but he says this was all preventible and he repeatedly said today that driver's action gave officers no choice, but the driver's mother disagrees. cell phone footage captured the moment san jose officers fired their guns at jennifer vasquez who went by jenny. investigators say she drove a car toward the officers and they opened fire fearing for their safety. >> i could support and defend the actions of my officers while still having empathy and compassion for a mourning
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mother. >> reporter: early christmas morning san jose police responded to reports of gunfire in east san jose. they found two victims with gunshot wounds. the chief says a witness pointed officers to a white car as the suspect's vehicle. officers tried to stop it. he said the driver led them on a high speed chase. during the chase the plates came back as a stolen car. the chief said officers also learned the suspect who shot the two victims earlier was involved in other previous shootings. the chase came to a stop after the car crashed into a fence. police say the driver and passenger refused to surrender. they say when the driver accelerated the car toward officers, they opened fire. one bullet also hit a female passenger, but she'll live. the chief now says the two women were not involved in the initial shooting and the witness might have pointed at the wrong car. >> i stopped short of the mistaken identity type of issue. no, they weren't the suspects in the shooting, but also had they not been in a stolen
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vehicle, had they not led police officers on a high speed pursuit, had they not tried to ram officers cars, they wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: they say through a translator police chased the wrong people and used excessive force. translator: it shouldn't have happened the way that it did in the manner that it was resolved even if it was a mistaken identity. the way that it was dealt with, it wasn't right. >> reporter: the vasquez family is demanding an independent federal investigation into the shooting. they also want the police chief to release the four police officers' chest cam footage. the chief mentioned jennifer vasquez has a record and she was previously arrested for stealing and leading police officers on a chase, but he says that record did not matter at the time of the shooting because officers were simply responding to the action of vasquez at the time. >> so you've told us a little bit about the background of jennifer vasquez, but there was
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another passenger in the vehicle. what do we know about her? >> reporter: yeah. she has been arrested. she was released from the hospital on that same day and she was booked into the local jail for a bench warrant. so that's what we know of her. >> da lin live for us in san jose, thank you. some new video just into the newsroom of authorities leaving a house that they searched in merced county. they are looking for a cop killer tonight. we just learned the suspect accused of killing the central valley police officer early yesterday was not inside the home that they surrounded. turns out he should not have been in the country at all. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen on how it changes the story and what the president has to say about it. >> in an emotional press conference this morning the stanislaus county sheriff said that the man who murdered newman police officer ronil singh is in the country illegally and it all just adds a layer of outrage to the
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community's heartbreak. >> you have to understand this was not supposed to happen here. >> there were tears of grief and vows to persevere at today's press conference. >> and we will relentlessly continue to hunt our suspect down and bring him to justice. >> the christmas day killing of corporal ron singh has rocked the small city of newman and we learned the man suspected of pulling the trigger is not legally in the u.s. >> this suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he's a criminal. >> president trump tweeted today, "there is right now a full scale manhunt going on in california for an illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a police officer during a traffic stop. time to get tough on border security. build the wall." hispanic people make up about 68% of newman's population according to the census and most were born in the united states. news that the suspect is an undocumented immigrant adds to
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the hearts break for locals like henry castaneda. >> for me as a hispanic with stuff like that there, it hurts because they are good people here. >> he says corporal singh was quick to show people pictures of his family, especially his newborn son. >> we have a cloud over us and until this man is brought to justice it's going to be like that for a long time. >> sheriff christianson pointed out that corporal singh was an immigrant, but he came to the u.s. legally. >> ron who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally to pursue his lifelong career of public safety, public service and being a police officer. >> born in fiji singh started out as a volunteer with modesto police and worked his way up even driving 2 1/2 hours each way to attend a police academy. chief richardson recalled interviewing singh before hiring him. >> he told me he came to america to become a police officer. that's all he wanted to do.
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>> you saw in some of those pictures that singh worked and lived with a police dog named sam. we're told that sam could continue to work, but she will be retired so that she can stay with the singh family. >> that's nice. do we know, does this suspect have a criminal record? have they said? would something like sanctuary city laws come into play here? >> immediately that's what you think about, kate steinle and these other issues we've seen, but in this case the sheriff said the suspect they have in mind does not have a criminal record. so sanctuary laws which allow or require police officers to release folks into the community instead of into immigration custody didn't come into play here because he had never been in police custody according to what we know so far. >> thanks. it's been a breezy day across much of the bay area. it's going to stay that way throughout the evening, especially in the hills. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno joining us now with that wind advisory. paul? >> wind advisory above 1,000 feet in elevation where wind gusts could remain at 50 miles per hour or higher through the
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night tonight, but as we look at the winds around our bar coit certainly was windy today. we saw wind gusts of 50 miles per hour in napa. things are calming down in napa but still quite breezy, in pleasantton 14 miles per hour, antioch and fairfield 15 miles per hour and a 17 mile-per-hour breeze in berkeley. the wind advisory lasts until 4 a.m. tomorrow. this is for any of our hills or mountains above 1,000 feet in elevation including mount tam, mount diablo. downed trees are possible as we continue to see winds in excess of 45 miles per hour. let's fast forward to monday night, new year's eve. the weather will be a lot calmer. we will be mainly clear, likely fog and wind free. at midnight in san francisco you might need a light jacket, 48 degrees without fog or any other weather impediments, the fireworks two thumbs up.
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new at 6:00 more trouble for pg&e tonight, an employee is in the hospital with burns after a transformer he was working on exploded and now the feds are on the case. it happened after 9:00 last night on santa clara street. cal-osha said the worker was in an elevated bucket troubleshooting a voltage problem when that transformer blew up. they're looking into that incident. the worker did suffer burns to his face, head, hands and is now at santa clara valley medical center. the accident triggered a power outage leaving about 400 customers in the dark. a judge suspended criminal proceedings for the man charged in the deadly b.a.r.t. stabbing, john cowell's attorney said his client is suffering from extreme delusions and paronoia. cowell is charged with slashing the throat of 18-year-old nia wilson as she stepped off a train at the macarthur b.a.r.t.
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station in july. prosecutors describe the crime as a random act of violence. tonight oakland police are searching for the driver who ran down a woman in a crosswalk and took off. the victim was crossing high street at penaman avenue after 8:00 last night when she was struck by a dark colored '90s ford mustang. the driver did not stop. the woman is in critical condition. it houses some of the worst criminals in california. >> tonight it is short one inmate. >> i'm just surprised someone actually walked out of san quentin. that's like a high max prison. >> and the escapee may have committed another crime just moments after getting out. >> some scary surveillance video out of monterey county tonight, this front yard could use a sign that says beware of mountain lion. >> it's been a year since california legalized recreational marijuana, but so far the money the state was banking on is not materializing. we'll explain why.
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check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. i found my tresiba® reason. find yours. ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®. new tonight we're getting our first look at a big clue in the hunt an escaped inmate from san quentin. kpix5's emily turner is outside the san rafael police department. emily? >> reporter: yeah. new since 5:00 police have just know released surveillance video from the home depot parking lot where they believe
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the man who escaped from san quentin may be the same man who carjacked a woman. look at this video that has just been released. you can see a man who walks from the top of the screen across a parking lane towards those rows of cars or that row of cars at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. there's a woman in a silver rav4. police say that is the woman that was carjacked. again that happened just last night. his name is shalom mendoza. police and all authorities are on the hunt for him tonight. >> it's unusual to have even an escaped inmate from san quentin to have a longstanding history of leaving a very secure facility. >> reporter: 5:55 p.m. yesterday is when mendoza was last accounted for as part of a work crew at the prison. then at 9:17 p.m. just 1 mile from san quentin san rafael police responded to a carjacking in the home depot
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parking lot. at 9:35 after an official jail count mendoza is reported missing. police can't say definitively he's the carjacking suspect, but they did find his prison jumpsuit nearby. >> the description given by the victim and what was provided by san quentin were almost identical and so that was an investigative lead that we are currently following up on as we speak right now. >> reporter: mendoza was serving a five-year sentence out of los angeles county. he was convicted of using a deadly weapon during a carjacking and evading a police officer while driving recklessly. if mendoza is, in fact, in a car, he may have left the area and headed south in a silver rav4 with the plate 6stz502. if he's still on foot police say he could still be in the area, but wherever he may be they say considering him armed and dangerous. >> if they happen to see the inmate or the vehicle in this particular case, that they immediately call 911.
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keep their distance and be a good witness. >> reporter: mendoza has been described by police as 5' 5, 177 pounds. he was last seen wearing a white shirt, khaki shorts. he also has distinctive tattoos around his face and neck. if you see him or you see that rav4, police say call them immediately. reporting live in san rafael, emily turner, kpix5. new video of a mountain lion caught on camera in monterey county, it was spotted lurking in the shadows sniffing around that front yard. it appears to be particularly interested in what looks like the old halloween pumpkin there. police say the wild animal wandered through a neighborhood yesterday. they say while attacks on humans are rare, they can happen. >> definitely shock especially because it's such a populated area around so many shops. >> given the conditions of the environment and everything, i wasn't that surprised.
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>> police say the sight does serve as a reminder, you see a mountain lion, make sure your pets are inside. a morgan hill mushroom grower could face tens of millions dollars in fines for illegal dumping. a lawsuit from the district attorney claims the company emptied wastewater including toxins into the creek which flows into the coyote creek which flows into the san francisco bay. the illegal dumping started in the spring of 2016 into the spring of 2017. the lawsuit said the company did it to save money. it seeks $67 million. we reached out to the company for comment. so far we haven't received one. windy weather had nothing to do with this big mess in san francisco's hayes valley. this massive tree came down on a box truck after the driver ran into one of the branches
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nap snapping it. the snapping it. . into tomorrow morning we could see higher elevation wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. the wind probably made it feel chillier than the low 60s today which we had in hayward, concord, santa rosa and half moon bay, but that doesn't hold a candle to bitter creek, wyoming. why am i talking about it? it dropped to 20 degrees below zero in bitter creek wyoming this morning. we were 80 degrees warmer than that today, even san francisco 59 degrees, nothing like what they're dealing with on the other side of the sierra nevada. maybe you want to go do some ice skating this weekend? a couple choices, the union square ice rink. this weekend mainly sunny, upper 50s and walnut creek on ice, civic park, more sunshine, more 50s. we'll stay dry and cold. we did have a front move through. it's a dry front. that's why the wind increased
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today, strong ridge to our west, strong low pressure area on the other side of the sierra nevada over western utah and the two combined to a pretty strong north to south pressure gradient and strong wind. that's why it got windy today, gusts of 30 miles per hour in alameda, oakland, napa hit 37 miles per hour, san jose nearly 30 miles per hour. so it was a brisk afternoon and this breezy pattern will be with us the next several hours. that said clear night tonight, chilly night tonight. let's look at overnight lows which will be on the cool side of average. we will drop well below 30 degrees in sonoma county, 33 in santa rosa, 38 redwood city, san jose 37. tomorrow even though temperatures will be lower than what we had today, as you take away the wind, it's going to feel a lot warmer. fremont 58 but no wind, san jose 59 but less wind, napa 60 degrees less wind. so it will feel warmer tomorrow even though these numbers are lower than what we just had. as for rainfall, we're done for a while. it's going to come back. all indications are january
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will be wetter than average. it's going to start on a dry note. we say good-bye to 2018 in the next four days. we're completely dry. 2019 will start off dry for the first three days of it, sunshine for the next seven days. back to you. >> welcome to the new year. thank you, paul. instagram probably wishes it could filter out what happened today, the unexpected update that had some users doing a double take this morning. >> sports settling in, get your popcorn ready. warriors back in business tonight. i've even got a nickname for this one after what happened to him christmas day. you know what it is? stick around. i'll tell you.
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nba up top, warriors business tonight. they host the portland trail blazers. i'm going to call this the response game. how are the gold clad dubs
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going to respond to getting run out of their own building? a christmas day question by the lakers, rolled by 26. they've lost 11 of the last 24, have a record of 23-12, on pace to win 54 games this season, down four from last year. coach? >> wouldn't that be devastating? devastating if we only got 54 wins. get rid of everybody. imagine uttering those words, you know, any time over the last three decades. would the warriors settle for 54, you know? the bar has been set high. >> indeed. nfs,t dogs at the rams sunday. see no. 4 there? that's quarterback nick mullens. ven starts, 10 touchdowns, led them to three wins and his 9er teammates have seen enough, allen. they've seen enough to know that they have something special in him.
6:23 pm
you know you're doing something right if you impress the locker room leaders, the seasoned veterans like richard sherman. >> he could be a starter for a lot of teams in this football league and we appreciate that we have him and he's playing his tail off for us. >> what he said after the game was -- meant a lot, you know, the fact that, you know, i've earned his respect. i think it's the biggest thing coming into the building. for me i'm always trying to gain guys' respect by the way i play, by the way i handle my business and the fact that i earned enough respect from him for him to say those words was pretty cool. bowl games, i love them. look, allen, yankee stadium hosting football. sound familiar, bay area? wisconsin in red against miami in the pinstripe bowl and it didn't take long for badgers jonathan taylor to score four minutes into the game, took a 14-0 lead, ran away from them, rolled over miami 35-3, taylor 207 yards rushing. we've got duke. we've got temple.
6:24 pm
it's the independence bowl and a quick 3rd quarter hit, daniel jones to t.j. ramming and he's gone, 85-yard play for duke, ramming 12 balls, two scores. jones threw for five touchdowns. they hammered temple in shreveport, louisiana, 56-27 and after today, allen, 20 bowls left, 20 more bowls! >> i won't ask you to name them. >> please don't. >> at least we're getting somewhere. >> the producer would be like whoa, he's way over his time. >> verge, vern, we'll look forward to it. coming up in our next hour it was supposed to be a huge tax windfall for california. >> but we'll explain what's blocking the cash flow. >> reporter: some lawmakers are now returning to work on day six of the partial government shutdown. i'm natalie brand on capitol
6:25 pm
hill where we're waiting and watching for any signs of a deal. >> and a drone crash leads a california father and son to a possible murder scene, the gruesome discovery in monterey county.
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welcome back to kpix5 news at 6:30. >> just ahead it's day six of the government shutdown and after the latest senate session lasted just a few minutes it's looking less and less likely that the standoff will end this year. >> plus a gun rights group is taking the trump administration to court tonight, the deadly add-on device they are suing to protect. but first our top story at 6:30, has the promise of legal pot gone up in smoke? >> supporters say the associated taxes could bring in $1 billion a year, but kpix5's wilson warealitly nothing close to that. wilson? >> reporter: not going to come anywhere close to $1 billion this year. we are at magnolia oakland, one of the dispensaries you will
6:29 pm
find here in the east bay. we were here in this same facility a year ago. they were throwing a product trying to unload as much product as they could before the taxes took hold. well, here we are one year later and the party, well, the party is over. just one year ago the arrival of legalized cannabis came with a good bit of celebration in this industry. >> this is wonderful! >> reporter: one year later? >> it's obviously tough for any legal business with the taxes. >> reporter: and this is something a whole lot of people saw coming. this time last year we criss- crossed the state of california asking anyone who has anything to do with this plant what they expected in 2018 and the consensus prediction was best delivered by an entrepreneur named donnie anderson. >> the state and city see money and they want to overtax. >> reporter: that fear, overregulation, did not to mate the first distress signals came from small growers in just the first week of march.
6:30 pm
>> i sold my farm yesterday, but the overregulations have stopped me from being able to move forward. >> reporter: by july testing requirements left many stores with shelves that bordered on empty and with the wheels seemingly coming off lawmakers in sacramento tried to roll out plans for some cannabis market relief. >> reduce the state excise tax from 15% to 11%. >> those efforts were unsuccessful in 2018 and so a lot of important work was left 50, 75% finished. >> reporter: ask this industry lobbyist why california is well short of the revenue projections. he will point straight to the law approved by california voters based on the idea of local control, laws changing at city and county lines. so local pushback has dramatically downsized the california market. >> there's only less than 1,000 retail locations in a state that could probably be best
6:31 pm
served by 10,000 or more retailers. >> i don't know. maybe the way i'm thinking of it, it's maybe easier to think of it as an economy than a cash register. it has to work systemically for there to be any kind of payoff for the state. >> absolutely. if californians are buying cannabis from unregulated sources, that means an unregulated transport company brought it there and ultimately that means an unregulated grower grew it or produced it. so it really is a cascading effect throughout the state. >> reporter: and again same complaints at the local level. >> because if you want to be able to bring a lot of people to oakland, you can't have the highest taxes in the state. >> reporter: so taxation, a resilient black market and the infamous cash problem when it comes to capitalizing on california's largest cash crop, there is a lot of work left to do. >> at the end of the day what we really need is a systemic comprehensive review and overhaul of the cannabis laws. >> reporter: all right. here's the complicated thing about doing the overhaul of the
6:32 pm
system. it was passed by the voters to undo a lot of this is frankly a constitutional question now in california. so we have the law that we have. we've been trying to make it work for a year. clearly it is prohibitive to a lot of people getting into this industry, thus the state getting a lot of money out of it and fixing this is not going to be easy. >> that was my thought, wilson, is overhauling the laws, i mean the state, the government not necessarily known for being nimble and fast on its feet, that's going to take quite some time. in the meantime what happens? are we stuck where we are? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely stuck where we are. if you think about it, we showed you those farmers in dire straits in march, the state within a month of that trying to change the tax laws, but they couldn't do it even though there was kind of a consensus. the change is not coming quickly. now one possible enzyme in this whole thing would be the new governor, gavin newsom, who was supportive of this law.
6:33 pm
e might be able to push a little bit to get things changed. it's exactly like we predicted one year ago. smaller businesses have really struggled to incur the cost and you wonder how many years that can last if the state really wants to recoup the money that it intended to recoup from legalizing this product. >> a lot of them are going out of business without a doubt. wilson walker, thanks. there's a big problem hampering the pot industry statewide this evening, public banking. a new state report claims a state run bank for cannabis is too financially risky. here's why. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. the report says a bank would be at risk of criminal or civil liability and the penalties would be just too severe. >> i think there is obviously a lack of experience within the public sector when it comes to banking and financial institutions. >> the report recommends lobbying for legislative change
6:34 pm
on the federal law in order to set up an exclusive bank that would provide services only to the cannabis industry. well, some more whiplash on wall street today, the bears roared back after a brief holiday hibernation. the dow was down more than 600 points by midafternoon, but the selloff was short lived. the blue chips bounded back in a huge closing rally. so the dow ended the day with a gain of 260 points, nearly a 900 point swing on the upside. the nasdaq was up by 25. s&p 500 added 21. tonight president trump is back from his surprise trip overseas to visit troops in iraq and he's returning his attention to the ongoing government shutdown. cbs reporter natalie brand tells us the president's prediction that the standoff may drag on into 2019 is looking more and more likely tonight. >> reporter: the senate and house gaveled in thursday as expected before ending their
6:35 pm
sessions after just minutes. >> the senate stands adjourned. >> reporter: cbs news spoke with republican congressman mark meadows who said the two sides are not talking. >> there's no talk at the principal level. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to my knowledge are not engaged. >> reporter: president donald trump is back from his surprise visit to troops in germany and iraq where he bashed democrats over the partial government shutdown. >> the democrats all agree that you need a wall until i wanted it. >> reporter: he fired off several tweets demanding funding for his border wall in exchange for reopening the government. democratic lawmakers responded with tweets throughout the day accusing the president of using federal workers as bargaining chips. before leaving for the holiday break the senate decided it would not vote on legislation until a deal could be reached to end the shutdown. >> can it be resolved in this congress? >> it can be. i'm doubtful that it will be.
6:36 pm
>> if the republicans don't act before january 3rd, then on january 3rd democrats need to bring forward a resolution to fund the government and reopen the government. >> reporter: with no end in sight some people are taking matters into their own hands. in philadelphia a tourism group is gathering money to open up the liberty bell center for 25,000 people hoping to visit the national park site. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. >> the president said he plans to visit the border next month before delivering his state of the union address. a gun rights group is suing the feds to try and block a ban on bump stocks. the trump administration recently banned those devices that make semiautomatic rifles more like automatic weapons. now gun owners of america is suing the atf and justice department seeking an injunction to stop the new rule from being enforced. you might remember a gunman used bump stocks in a massacre in las vegas last year.
6:37 pm
acting attorney general matthew whitaker signed the ban earlier this month. maybe it was a blessing in disguise finding it and it's leading us to that spot. >> a wayward drone leads a father and son to a possible crime scene, what they found on the ground below. >> serena williams is supporting a big rule change in pro tennis, has nothing to do with the game itself. it's all about leveling the playing field.
6:38 pm
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did you ever hear a sound that makes you want to wake up with a smile on your face? oh, somebody is cooking in the kitchen making breakfast for you. i'm not doing that, but i will give you the breakfast forecast. i'm getting hungry just hearing
6:40 pm
that. breezy tomorrow morning, chilly inland as the bacon sound continues, 35 degrees inland tomorrow morning, mid-40s near the water, sunrise 7:24 a.m. kpix5's mary lee will have your up to the minute forecast while you're enjoying that breakfast tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. a wayward drone led a monterey county man and his son to a disturbing scene in salinas. they were flying the drone over the city on christmas day when it crashed. when the pair went to retrieve it, they stumbled onto a set of human remains. >> went overlooking for it, found it in the tree, lo down, saw human bones. maybe it was a blessing in disguise finding it and leading to us that spot. >> deputies say the bones were those of an adult and they appear to have been there at least a couple of months. it could take weeks to identify the remains and determine the cause of death. an instagram test had some users doing a double take this
6:41 pm
morning. normally users view their instagram feeds scrolling down through posts of people they follow, but in the tested format you had to swipe sideways and then tap through your feed. that didn't sit well with some users and they quickly hit twitter with posts complaining about the unexpected change. the head of instagram said it was a small test that went broader than expected. it's all going to be back to normal now. serena williams is backing new rules tonight to help tennis players who want to have kids. she's supporting changes made by the women's tennis association that would freeze a player's ranking in the event of injury, illness or pregnancy. the new rules would take effect in 2019. williams said the move could encourage players to take career breaks earlier than she did in order to have children. the 37-year-old took time off in 2017 to give birth to her daughter. she returned to the wta circuit in march, but she lost her no. 1 ranking. she is currently no.
6:42 pm
16th in the world. these college football fans taking their love of the game to new heights tonight. we'll tell you what they are playing for in this camp-out contest.
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6:45 pm
and from a live look at the east bay in san francisco to a live look at san jose where four die hard college football fans are camping out. they are 45 feet up. well, it's not live. it was earlier today. they're living on this billboard ahead of the national championship game at levi stadium january 7th. it's part of an espn contest. the fans representing the four teams vying for the title, clemson, notre dame, alabama, oklahoma. the billboard, well, it's 40 feet long, 8 feet wide. each person does get a tent and a sleeping bag. they get three meals a day and i know you're wondering.
6:46 pm
yes, there's a bathroom and shower underneath the billboard. the fans of the two final teams get tickets to that championship game. there's the reward. >> i'd imagine it's pretty cold up there, paul. >> if you're visiting from clemson, that's south carolina, oklahoma. maybe the folks from south bend, indiana, notre dame, they may actually think this is warm. everybody else is probably pretty chilly, yeah. it is at least by our standards. we're kind of wimps when it drops below 40. santa rosa 49 degrees. you will be near freezing overnight tonight, concord 54, livermore 52. let's talk about the wind speeds because it was a windy day. the wind is beginning to relax, but we'll stay breezy throughout the evening and windy in the hills, sfo reporting a 16 mile-per-hour wind, santa rosa down to 6 miles per hour, concord down to 10 and san rafael down to 8 will prevent us from getting as cold as we could be if
6:47 pm
everything was calm. that's when we get our coldest nights. that's tomorrow night. we will be below freezing in santa rosa. concord tonight 37, fremont 39, oakland 33. microclimate forecast, san ramon, pleasant but chilly, 57 degrees the high tomorrow, sunshine, less wind. saturday, sunny and cool, 55 degrees. you really want to cool off? head to downtown ice in san jose, a couple more weekends to go. last weekend of 2018, crazy. mainly sunny skies over the weekend with highs in san jose in the upper 50s. let's show you the big picture weather. a strong ridge of high pressure remains centered to our south and west, but the new player today was the low pressure area diving down from montana now sitting over eastern nevada and western utah. that's actually causing some rain in palm springs, rain in portions of arizona. we did not get precipitation, but the strong ridge to our west and strong low to our east, kind of caught in between, a little wind tunnel up and down the i-5 corridor. it's been windy throughout the sacramento valley up into southern oregon and it has been
6:48 pm
windy in the bay area today and will remain breezy overnight tonight. if you're looking for cloud cover, it's not getting here tomorrow. we'll have mostly sunny skies. let's roll through saturday, which futurecast also says will be mainly sunny. the cloudiest day of the next several will be on sunday as another storm will pass to our east. all we'll get is a little cloud cover and somewhat breezy conditions sunday. new year's eve outdoor plans, tens of thousands of us yes, you do want to be outside. there will be no rain from san francisco to bellingham, washington. there will nobody rain down to the mexico border. you would have to travel to salt lake city to pick up some snow. it's going to be dry on new year's eve around here no, rain or precipitation within, oh, about 5 or 700 miles. brisk and breezy tonight, sunny and mild tomorrow. tomorrow night without the wind is the really cold night dropping below freezing in a couple inland valleys. we will stay mainly dry the next several days, temperatures close to average tomorrow, 58 in morgan hill and gilroy, 57 in union step, city, 58 for
6:49 pm
half moon bay, pleasant hill 58, dublin 57 degrees, daly city 58, san rafael 59 and a few low 60s including windsor and rohnert park, lakeport 55 degrees tomorrow. saturday and sunday, cloudier sunday, but we're dry over the weekend, dry for new year's eve, dry for new year's day and the sunshine train rolls through next thursday. a pattern change is likely after that, but the next seven days are all looking dry. back to you. >> paul, thanks. bay area companies have been volunteering both time and money to help families in need this holiday season. >> kpix5's juliette goodrich shows us how they're making a difference in our food for bay er i'm juliette goodrich here at the food bank of contra costa and solana. we're in the sorting room where the volunteers have again hard at work. betty, how many years have you been sorting? >> 17. >> reporter: thank you so much and thank you to all the people in this room. i want to talk to the people
6:50 pm
from the civic service credit union, kristen and mark. >> this is our 2018 donations to the food bank and the amount is $37,000. >> reporter: that's wonderful. thanks to your company and your employees, too, sport jeans to raise money. tell me about that. >> yes. this combined with our jeans for beans cards, employees spend $10 to purchase jeans they can wear in the office and the other is corporate giving. >> reporter: you can buy this card and wear jeans. >> yes. >> reporter: i want to introduce kim castaneda with the food bank. tell me how this will stretch throughout the season. >> i'm excited to see $10 can add up to something so large. 74,000 meals to people in need in our community. >> reporter: that is so wonderful. tell me about the $10. >> so $1 equals two meals. so for $10 you can provide 20 meals. >> reporter: you can see how that money stretches throughout the season. we want to thank both of you,
6:51 pm
your employees, your employees for sporting those jeans. i like that idea. we should do that at our station. happy holidays. if you'd like to help, you can go to our website, coming up a glimmer of hope for a couple who lost everything in the camp fire. >> well, almost everything. >> the diamond just sparkles and it was like oh, oh, my gosh. >> the priceless family heirloom that somehow rose from the ashes of their destroyed home. >> coming up on bay area nightbeat win or lose, the warriors will be setting a new record tonight, the franchise first tonight at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12.
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6:54 pm
when the deadly camp fire broke out in butte county, many people had to leave everything behind. >> one couple who thought that they lost everything turned out to be wrong, reporter steve large on the glimmer of hope they found in the ashes. >> it shines and it sparkles and the outside is blackened and charred. >> reporter: it is a precious family heirloom with a charred surface that has its family cherishing it even more. >> that's amazing that we were
6:55 pm
able to find it again. >> reporter: paradise fire victim heather thornwood and her husband larry willis weren't sure they'd ever see it again. >> we got up there and it was like oh, my goodness. this is going to be hard. >> i didn't expect such a level of devastation. >> reporter: these are photos of their destroyed paradise home burned to the ground. the pair escaped the camp fire with their two daughters and pets. of all the possessions inside their burned home, the family ring was the only item they were desperate to find. >> legitimately pretty much everything else can be replaced, but the ring wasn't. the ring is not replaceable. >> reporter: starting their search near the area they believed the ring's jewelry box would have been located, the family spent two days searching through the mucky rain soaked ash. then -- >> i was like what is this? >> reporter: thornwood found something, a chunk of silvery debris. >> all of a sudden the diamond
6:56 pm
just sparkles and it was like oh, my gosh. it took my breath away and tears of joy and just this moment. i'm like i found it! >> reporter: within the ashes of her destroyed home her family's diamond ring, the painstaking search paid off. >> this is the ring that's my family's history. >> reporter: this diamond ring that can now also serve as this family's camp fire survival story for generations to come. >> that's great. >> always amazing. we saw that in the fire in santa rosa, you know. we were there when a woman found her diamond ring. they left it behind. she found her wedding ring, so really feels good. for news throughout the evening, the latest always on kpix5. >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12 and back here tonight at 11:00. >> have a good night!
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everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go see. give me phyllis, give me danielle. heh heh heh. top 7 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 married women if your husband asked you for a divorce sunday night, what's the first thing you'd do monday morning? phyllis: have a party. steve: have a party. damn. damn. have a party. danielle: cry? steve: cry. andrus family: play, play, play. danielle: we're gonna play, steve. steve: you're gonna play. danielle: yeah. whoo! hi, steve! steve: hey, danielle. how you doing? danielle: i'm doinll


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