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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  December 28, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it's friday, our favorite day of the week. i'm michelle griego. kenny is off. he's sleeping in. >> must be nice. >> i know, we'll be doing that. it's friday so a very important weekend. >> as we head through the afternoon, the winds will be easing. looking at the camera shaking in the wind this morning we're looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. oakland 50. san jose 48 and santa rosa at 34. so let's check out what you can expect with our winds. we're looking at still breezy
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conditions conditions. downtown san francisco 19-mile- an-hour winds. 17 in concord. your weather headlines, clear skies, sunny and seasonal. daytime highs, the winds will be breezy. we're looking at clear skies as we bring in the new year at mid- night. mid-40s inland. we'll talk about what to expect as we head through the rest of the weekend into 2019. let's check in with gianna. we start off with the bay bridge toll plaza. things are byes sir but it's still an easy ride. the lanes should ease e next h
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hour. we have a high wind advisory. the venetian martinez bridge. there's a high wind advisory for those traveling through the altamont pass. a good start. also word of a high wind advisory across the dunbar. we'll check mass transit coming up. a live look in walnut creek where flags remain at half- staff honoring a police officer killed in the line of duty. a video is planned for or ronil singh. meanwhile, a manhunt continues for his accused lin san franci
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likely has been living in the valley. the man accused of killing corporal singh, he immediately got lay way in a gray pickup which he later dropped off in a mobile home park. authorities have some leads but so far no arrests. it's been an emotional couple of days. yesterday the police chief broke down in tears talking about corral singh. >> you have to understand this was not supposed to happen here. >> the stanislaus county said the man sun documented. president trump posted on twitter there is right now a full-scale manhunt for an meghan an illegal immigrant. time to get tough on security. build the wall.
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we will have the report on cbs this morning at 7:00. a report from the al shows increases in fatalities over 2017. the search also continues for an inmate who escaped from san quentin prison. that same man may have also conducted a carjacking. shalom mendoza escaped from a work crew. video show as man in white shirt walking up to a woman who was about no get into an suv. san rafael said he motioned as if he had a weapon under his shirt, demand the keys and
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drove away hoot descriptions were almost identical. so that's a lead we're currently following up on. >> police also found mendoza's prison jump suit. they said anyone who sees him should keep their distance. mendoza was serving a five-year sense for a carjacking and police chase. we're learning more about the-year-old boy who died in a new mexico hospital. felipe gomez-alonzo is the second child to die in border patrol custody. many have voiced outrage over the child's death. >> we shouldn't have to wait until two children die before government begins to act. >> senator diane feinstein has called for a hearing on the
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children's deaths and said the facilities are not equipped to care for them. this is live look at capitol hill in washington, d.c. where there's no sign toward progress to ending the partial government shutdown. the shutdown is in its seventh day and is expected to continue into next week. >> reporter: the senate and the house adjourned. gem mcgovern tried and failed to introduce a measure. >> republicans were hearing what i was hearing which was you guys need to get back to washington and reopen the government. >> reporter: the partial government shutdown is in its
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seventh day. democrats take control on january 3rd. >> compromise is not a word the democrats are willing toen dpeaj in. >> reporter: democrats refuse to give president trump $5 billion. this is not about the wall the president wrote only about the dems not letting the president have a win. >> the worst part is not knowing. >> reporter: about 44,000 coast guard employees are working without pay. overall about 800,000 employees are either furloughed or working without pay. >> we have health conditions we're worrying about not when we will get paid. >> reporter: the coast guard is the only department affected by the shutdown. it's funded by homeland security not the department of
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defense. 46% of adults flame president trump for the shutdown, 33% blame democrats. the dow was down by 600 points. the blue chips bounced back. the down ended with a gain of 260 pointings. that is a nearly 900 point swing to the upside. the nasdaq was up by 25 and the s&p 500 added 217. investors will need more rallies or stocks could most their worst december since the great depression. developing news in san jose now. the police chief now admits his officers mistakenly identified a woman as an and they shot and killed her. she led them on a hiand at one
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run them over. police admit they went after the wrong car. >> i stopped short of the mistaken identity type of issue. no. they weren't the suspects in the shooting. also, had they not been in a stolen vehicle, had they not led police on a pursuit, we wouldn't be here today police said vasquez was driving a stolen vehicle. vasquez's parent are calling his an unjustified murder. more on the vasquez story. the vast qez family vasquez family is demanding an investigation. the attorney said his client is sufficienting from
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delusions and paranoia. psychiatrists will submit their findings february 13. he is charged with killing mia wilson as she stepped off the train in july. prosecutors described the crime as a random act of violence. snow, sleet and freezing rain are battering parts of the u.s. we'll take you to the area where people can expect to see the holidays on ice. >> a look at the bay area in the city of san francisco. thanks for waking up with us and spending "time" with us. we'll be right back. ni
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up to do in southern california. powerful winds went through los angeles yesterday. they toppled several trees. this one fell on to the roof of a home in west hollywood.
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>> timber. no. i just stepped aside and looked at it in shock. >> the winds also knocked out power to thousands of homes. >> a man accused of starting a devastating wildfire in southern california will stand trial. a judge in orange county ruled there is enough evidence to try forest gordon park for arson. clark is accused of setting the holy fire in august. it destroyed homes and forced thousands to evacuate. clark has pleaded not guilty. the winter storm that has been crawling across the country doesn't plan on easing up just yet. john lawrence reports. >> reporter: whiteout conditions in the midwest. more of ed hos the ttinslow. ros e
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>> slop -- sloppy. >> reporter: intense storms, including one responsible for toppling over a billboard. these rough conditions will likely cause nightmares for people traveling over the new year's holiday. >> take your time and take it easy. >> reporter: blizzard warnings are in effect for 1 million people in minnesota, nebraska and the dakotas. flash flood watches for people in a dozen states, including alabama, carolinas and georgia. in atlanta, the city with the world's busiest airport could see a half a foot of rain. that would result in nationwide flood delays. i'm john lawrence reporting. social media lights up in
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queens. they sprayed blue light across the new york city skyline. con edison said it's evaluating a possible explosion. this happened just after 9:00 p.m. yesterday and caused many to lose power. immediately people took to social media to post pictures like these, these eerie blue green lights. >> it could have been since its with an electrical fire, that it caused an arcing a splash of power. that might have been what caused that large light and colors. >> this was like independence day. just look up and weird blue color. >> the fire department said the incident is under chrome and no injuries are reported but how scarying, right? looking up into the sky and not
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knowing what's going on. >> that arcing of the energy. >> yeah. >> they kind of got an early new year's eve fireworks show. >> that's not a good one. >> we're worried about our new year's eve fireworks show. we don't have to worry. >> got to worry about living in the bay area. >> we will' have clear skies across the bay area and i'll have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. here's a look at the camera. it's shaking in the wind. so breezy to windy. our temperatures are in the 40s, 50s and 30s. santa rosa 34. san francisco 51. 48 for san jose. so let's track the winds here because we are still dealing with some strong winds. 13-mile-per-hour winds out of the norkts northwest in san
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jose. seven mountain view. sfo looking at half moon bay, downtown san francisco at 19. 13 san ramone. 17-mile-an-hour winds out of the north and northwest and concord. as we head through the day we'll seat winds ease. breezy to windy. sunny, seasonal daytime highs. as we look ahead to that big holiday, a lot of people will be out and about ringing in the new year. at midnight temperatures for the coast, the bay, the upper 40s and chilly in the mid-40s. we're looking at clear skies across the bay area as we go through even the first day of 2018, 2019, i should say. we're looking at plenty of
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sunshine there. so let's show you this ridge of high pressure that's in control for us. the reason it's been so breezy and windy even yesterday, we had an area of low pressure to our east and a reg of high pressure that was to our west. the two weather features close together. now for today, though, the weather features will move farther away from each other. that's why we're in the looking at windy conditions. futurecast, as we take you through the afternoon, we'll see plenty of sunshine. daytime highs right around where we should be. i will show you futurecast wind gusts as we go through the rest of the morning. still going to be breezy. as we head threw the afternoon, thing also really wind down and we're looking at the winds definitely not as strong. as we head through saturday light conditions. here's what you can expect as we take you flew new year's
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eve. it will be dry in 2018 and a dry start to 2019. your new year's forecast for monday night we are looking at temperatures at 7 p.m. in the 40s. daytime highs today upper 50s to about 60. here's that seven-day forecast. there we go with that sun as we head into 2019 as well. gianna. >> thanks. let's take a look at the roadways. all right. if you want to skip the roadways and use mass transit, why not. bart, cal train and ace and amtrak on time.
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bart will be running on special services from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. with extra trains. free service for caltran from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. the last train leaving san francisco at 2:00 a.m. no service for monday and tuesday on new year's day. just take it safe out there. taking a look at the traffic times, not too bad. traffic is light has you work your way autism of the altamont pals. 580, 680 to the interchange. keep in mind there is a wind advisory. this is a live look at the maze. not a lot of cars. coming off of 580, 880, here's a lock at conditions there. we have cars stacked up.
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still light, about a 15-minute ride. michelle? a couple of championships and a whole lot of hype. the golden state warriors, for 16 years straight they have sold out. that's 311 consecutive sellouts, the fourth largest sellout stroke in the nba. the nba team with the most dallas mavericks. a star studded tribute to arrow that franklin, plus a progress report on the famous new year's eve ball. that's all coming up. first, we want to take a look outside. it is breezy, windy out there but it's looking like it's going to be a pretty nice day. we'll be right back.
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well, we made it to friday. it's not as windy as yesterday. daytime highs seasonal. palo alto at 58. walnut creek 56. berkeley 57 later on today. 59 in oakland as well as san leandro. taking a look at roadways, we are accident free. that is good news. good time to be on the
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roadways. no delay. easy ride out of oakland and san francisco. just a couple of cars. about 15 cars deep. only 15 rides to work your way across the span. do keep in mind there is a wind advisory for the dunbar bridge and the spren venetian bridge. there will be free transportation for new year's eve. in today's eye on entertainment a look at the new year's eve ball, plus the all star lineup honoring the queen of soul. >> reporter: superstars are signing up in honor of the late aretha national football aretha
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franklin. the concert at the shrine auditorium will be recorded. pop singer miley cyrus is confirming her marriage to liam hemsworth. she posted the date 12/23. they met on a movie set and announced theiren gaugement engagement in 2012. sting will be among those ringing in times square. this year's theme is the gift of harmony. >> i think of it on a personal level. it's a combination of mind, bolled di and soul. >> reporter: more than a billion people are expected to watch the ball drop. then january 8th would have
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been elvis presley's birthday. his state will of a an auction. fans can participate on site or online. that's your eye on entertainment. tesla's elon musk knows all too well what happens on the internet stays on the internet. >> the search continues for the man who killed a central valley police officer. this morning we have his picture but not his name.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a case of mistaken identity in san jose ends with one woman shot dead by police. >> the search continues for a san quentin inmate on the
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loose. >> it turns out the state's pipe dream was just a pipe dream. we know revenue from legal recreational marijuana sales are not close to what was expected. i'm michelle griego. kenny is sleeping in today, but we are here, ji an nip and mary. a lot of people have the day off. the weather, there's good stuff happening there. >> if you love the sunshine that will continue. we are tracking some breezy to windy conditions but the winds will ease later on in the afternoon. a live look at sfo clocking winds at 23 miles an hour at sfo. concord looking at


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