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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 29, 2018 2:07am-2:36am PST

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livermore, both accused of helping arriaga while he was on the run. five other people were arrested earlier today. our first look at arriaga's mugshot, according to the stanislaus sheriff's department authorities have also found the likely murder weapon. investigators say arriaga who is 32 entered the u.s. illegally from mexico years ago and may have headed back to the border when he was captured. they say he was affiliated with gangs and had two prior dui arrests and this was heart breaking. corporal ronil singh's younger brother was emotional as he thanked officers today. >> i was waiting for this to happen. i'd like to thank you working day and night to make this happen. thank you. >> tonight a vigil was held in downtown newman as people gathered to remember the slain officer. he's the first to die in the line of duty in newman which has just a 12-member force. reporter steve large was at the
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vigil this evening. >> reporter: grief and togetherness at this candlelight vigil for newman police corporal stding with the family, singh's k-9 partner was also here. >> i do not know how i'm going to go back to work without him there. >> reporter: one after another, those who loved corporal singh stepped up and talked about him. >> you're down, he'd pick you up. >> and he was always happy. when you were sad, he would make you happy, always smiling. >> reporter: reggie singh holding his slain brother's son, also spoke praising the work of police officers. >> he enjoyed his job from the wife, the family, i'd like to thank all you guys for all the service and everything. >> reporter: speaking to this massive crowd converged in newman's civic center was a moment merced county sheriff's deputy clint landrum will not soon forget. >> was powerful.
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you really don't get the grasp on how many people are here until you stand up there and look out and see the sea of mourning, sad faces. >> reporter: besides the sadness, there were also shared moments that brought laughter. singh always one to smile was a prankster. >> he would purposely drive by my house since i lived down the street from him, purposely drive by, hit his air horn just to scare my laugh and then he would text her and start laughing and say did i scare you? >> reporter: singh's uncle spoke about the pride his nephew has given his family. >> he was just a role model. >> reporter: a beloved newman police corporal killed in the line of duty. >> he was the most selfless man life i have ever mey >> reporter: this vigil showing the pain his tragic death is causing this close- knit community. steve large, kpix5. >> law enforcement in stanislaus county made sure that corporal singh's handcuffs were the ones used on arriaga
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as he was held in custody today. corporal singh leaves behind a wife and a 5-month-old son. the stanislaus county sheriff said that the murder suspect's status as an undocumented immigrant points to flaws in california sanctuary policy. >> if he wasn't here, then he wouldn't have been driving drunk and it wouldn't have been reported to officer singh and the encounter, the stop, the enforcement stop potentially never would have occurred. my point is why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gang members? it's a conversation we need to have. >> the sheriff says current sanctuary laws place too many restrictions on law enforcement and put communities at risk. breaking news out of the east bay, the 2-year-old boy at the center of a legal battle has died in an oakland hospital. abdullah hassan was born with a rare brain disease. his father took him to the united states for treatment and he was placed on life support. his mother, a yemeni national, was barred by the travel ban
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and unable to visit. however, after a long fight she was allowed to enter the u.s. and say her last good-byes. a funeral will be held tomorrow. now to an original report, falling tree branch. tonight the garcia family is filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit claiming the injuries could have been avoided. >> reporter: tonight the parents of a toddler seriously injured when part of a massive tree came crashing down on her on this campus last year are filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit saying the school should have known the tree was a tragedy waiting to happen. the video shows then 2-year-old zealyn garcia at her mother's company picnic in august 2017. an hour later her father would watch a large tree branch 50 feet long and several feet
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thick in some places come crashing down on jasmine and zealyn. the impact knocked zealyn unconscious. >> she was lifeless like, you know, she was either unconscious or -- i really thought she was dead. >> reporter: zealyn suffered a skull frre concussi and underwent surgery for lacerations to her eyelid. she's 3 now and some of her scars are still visible. her parents think about what happened every day. >> i still have nightmares now every now and then. >> reporter: jasmine sprained a hand, broke a toe and was left covered in scars. at the time she was pregnant with their infant son. >> the worst thought was i'd probably have a miscarriage because of what happened. >> reporter: two other women who were near the tree also left bloodied and scarred. >> this incident was entirely preventible had acfulfled s gae
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trees in a safe condition. >> reporter: the garcia's attorney says the college destroyed the tree after the incident suppressing valuable evidence, but not before experts examined it. >> their own arborist found that the tree bow had actually begun failing long before it actually came crashing to the ground. >> reporter: tonight the garcias have filed ail lawsuit claiming the tree had numerous obvious signs a failure was imminent including visible decay, cracks, bacterial infection, wounds, stress fractures and callouses, signs menlo college allegedly missed or ignored. menlo college has never publicly addressed the incident and did not return a call today seeking comment. the garcias say the school has never reached out to them. they're hoping for an apology and they're also still watching zealyn closely for any future signs of permanent brain damage. >> i worry that she won't grow
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up to have the normal life that she was supposed to have. >> reporter: in atherton, christin ayers, kpix5. >> we also left a message for the attorney for menlo college and did not hear back. we are just three days away from new year's eve and tonight san francisco police already accepting up patrols to make sure the sell celebration stays life, andria borba live. >> reporter: the extended holiday weekend means extended enforcement on the roads to make sure that drunk drivers do not ruin the new year. with that late december chill in the air and as the calendar races toward 2019, sfpd is lofor iver their patrols hey'going to be lo fopadrivers. that includes alcohol and/or drugs. >> reporter: with new year's eve falling on a monday, an extended holiday weekend, the saturation patrols are starting early just like the parties. >> there's so many options out
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there where you don't have to get behind the wheel. you have so many other options. just be safe. be responsible. >> reporter: the bay area is no stranger to holiday weekend tragedies. it was christmas eve 2017 when chp officer andrew cammalleri was struck and killed by a driver impaired by both alcohol and marijuana on 880 in hayward. when the clock strikes midnight on monday and the ball drops, so do a whole host of new dui rules including this. >> ignition interlock devices for all repeat dui offenders. >> reporter: it also applies to all first time drunk drivers who cause an injury kicking the cost of a dui much higher. we gave a pop quiz on the embarcadero to see how aware mu >> $350. >> that's a good guess. >> reporter: 350, that's your guess? how much is yours? >> i would have guessed 270. >> reporter: not quite. >> i know it's very expensive.
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i would estimate between 5 to $10,000. >> reporter: this is much closer to reality once court fees, other fines including that new ignition interlock device are tacked on. >> that will make you think twice. >> boy, i'll say. >> to drink. >> reporter: now agencies all over the state of california including sfpd, the chp and across the country are urging people for this one simple fact please do not drink and drive. you have other options. live in san francisco tonight, andria borba, kpix5. >> there are plenty of ways to get around the bay area without getting behind the wheel new year's eve, caltrain, samtrans, vta, muni all offer free transportation. hours and available utes do vary. check the websites for more information. with your new year's eve forecast and a look at tonight's chilly temperatures, here's meteorologist paul deanno.
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>> the weather should be pleasant new year's eve, breezy through windy throughout the day. the wind should become to relax come evening time. thg degrees for your sday 00in dinner reservations, midnight 47 degrees, fog free, rain free throughout the bay area. wind has gone calm, 5 miles per hour or less for the majority of the bay area. as a result, tonight will be one of the coldest nights this season. it will be frosty, rohnert park and napa near or below freezing, san ramon dropping to 35 degrees overnight tonight. we'll talk about any prospects for rainfall coming up in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, paul. thanks. a powerful earthquake started fears of a tsunami in the philippines tonight. it struck off the coast on the southern part of the philippines measured as a magnitude 7.0. the quake prompted a tsunami warning in the area, but it was lifted after about two hours. to be clear, the warning didn't apply to the west coast and as
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of thhave been no reports of damage or injuries. coming up a driver backs up his ferrari only to put it into water. what happens. >> it's been a good year for
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the partial government shutdown has just moved into its second week. president trump wants funding for a border wall and today he tweeted, "we will be forced to close the southern board entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us money to finish the wall." with washington deadlocked 380,000 workers have been told to stay home. 420,000 others must work without pay. >> this is a strategy of theirs that is a stupid strategy, a harmful strategy, a strategy that undermines the confidence of the markets, the morale of federal employees and the international community. >> acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney expects the shutdown to go on for a while. democrats plan to pass a resolution to reopen the government when they take over the house majority next thursday. tonight the coastguard is
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assuring its active duty members and reservists they will get paid december 31st , but it says an act of congress is going to be necessary to meet the following pay date on january 15th. the shutdown is not keeping people from enjoying bay area parks that are officially closed. today at fort funston in san francisco visitors simply went around barr and closure signs. same kind of thing at aquatic park as people walked along the beach, rode their bikes, enjoyed a sunny december day, but the maritime museum is shuttered. tonight the environmental protection agency has begun furloughing thousands of employees, but it will keep disaster response teams on the job as well as other essential workers. a carjacking victim is speaking out saying she recognizes an escaped san quentin in may want as the person who stoln they escape fr quentin? >> dang nguyen was in a home depot parking lot wednesday
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night. she said a man approached her, demanded her keys and threatened her life. she recognizes him as a 21-year- old male, shalom mendoza. he was first reported missing that night. >> he said give me the key. i have the gun. if not, i'm going to kill you. just do like this, i have the gun. give me the key. if not, i'm going to kill you. he jumped through the car and then i ask him can you return my dog? >> he let her take her phone and her dog and then sped away in her toyota rav4. police found mendoza's prison jumpsuit not far away. authorities are combing through bridge surveillance footage to see if he's left the area. tonight a bay area sheriff's lieutenant is under ingas. policeay that they caug working out when she was supposed to be out on workers' comp. santa clara counties sheriff's lieutenant mandy henderson is accused of faking the extent of her injuries. she's currently in jail in vegas awaiting extradition back to the bay area. now her boss, sheriff lori smith, said in part, "if these
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allegations are true, it's a violation of the public's sts our offir th . erson should be accountable." some new video out of palm beach tonight showing a ferrari speeding off a dock straight into the water. dashcam video shows an officer talking to a driver. the driver gets into the car, backs it up and suddenly accelerates and plunges straight into the water. crews had to use inflatable bags to refloat it, no word yet what caused the driver to crash into the water. >> oops. mega millions making history over the holidays, jackpot climbing. >> after tonight's drawing it might look like small potatoes compared with october's colossal prize, but this is the last jackpot for the year. maria medina's live where a
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streak of players have been pretty lucky. >> reporter: ernie's liquor store sold a winning lottery ticket here six months ago, so it's no surprise people drive out of their way to buy their tickets here and tonight, of course, is no exception. for $2 a play someone out there in the 44 states that participate in the mega millions is hoping their ticket holds the winning numbers for tonight's $370 million jackpot including -- >> if you don't play, you don't win with. >> reporter: -- margarita cuevas who drove out of her way to buy her ticket at ernie's liquor store in east san jose. do you feel like it gives you a better chance because there have been so many winners in san jose? >> definitely. >> reporter: ernie sold a winning mega ticket this past july to one of his customers who organized an office pool with his co-workers from well went more tha$2 .
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reporter: jose mata said he will never forget about now he decided not to buy a ticket that day. san jose is known to pump out winning tickets. in 2014 a man won a 324 mega million dollars jackpot. a couple years ago another lucky winner bought a $9 million super lotto plus ticket at a chevron, so it's no surprise this south bay kpix5 crew would want to try their hand at a win including photographer vince garrido and yours truly. lucky for me if i lose, i've still got jose to count on. >> go on vacation and take you guys with me. >> reporter: oh, my gosh. okay. we have that on record. thank you for saying that on camera. the owner of ernie's got about $1 million for e big win a few months ago. in san vi meanwhile the winner cket with
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numbers was purchased at a south carolina gas station. the winner has 180 days to claim the $1.5 billion jackpot. >> they're still searching for the ticket. another stunning sunset, got some time last video. is it possible our sunsets get better and better each night? >> i would have to say yes. it has been spectacular. it's kind of interesting. we get more twilight this time of year because the sunset comes in at an angle. so we get more of that twilight, more presunset, post sunset. summertime it just goes straight down. wintertime it comes in at an angle and we get that beautiful color longer in winter, gained about 25 seconds of daylight today, but it's getting cold outside tonight, 41 in concord and santa rosa, 40 in livermore. do i hear the 30s? absolutely. as a matter of fact, the only places not dropping to the 30s
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tonight on this map are san francisco, pacifica and oakland. hello, santa rosa dropping below freezing. it will be dry, clear skies, rainfall for the calendar year because we're done no, more rain in 2018, didn't do bad. santa rosa 80%, san francisco 78% of average, san jose 71% of average, not adding to the rain totals any time soon. mind you, it's snowing in mexico right now. just south of el paso it is snowing heavily on the bottom side of that area of low pressure which is moving out, a new one sunday. a north flow of air will keep things not so warm but very, very dry for the next several days. futurecast, tomorrow clear skies in the morning, clear skies in the afternoon, another low passing by to our east much like yesterday. the wind picks up, a little cloudy sunday for a few hours. futurecast now toward the middle of next week, the storm track creeping back our
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direction leaving canada back into the northwest, maybe getting here about 10 days from now. between now and then we're dry. highs about 2 degrees above average tomorrow, but it will be brisk, especially after that cold start, milpitas 57, san mateo 57, sunny but cool in pleasant 57 degrees, sonoma 59, a few spot hitting 60 degrees including lakeport, cloverdale and windsor. mid-50s to low 60s through new year's eve into much, if not all of next week. so staying dry to start the year. things look like they may change about 10 days from now, maybe getting back to some wet stuff. >> looks good. thank you, paul. lucky to be alive, how
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a 12-year-old skier is lucky to be alive tonight. >> very lucky. he was hit by an avalanche buried nearly an hour. you see this rescue group working to get him out of the snow. this happened yesterday. the boy was skiing with a group in the french alps. amazingly he was found by a rescue dog alive and conscious. his only injury after they airlifted him out was a broken leg. >> it's amazing. coming up in sports bowl season hasn't been kind to pac- 12 teams, washington state looking to change that tonight. >> and what is going on with those warriors? the dubs haven't looked like themselves, coach kerr with what he wants to see from his
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the warriors have dealt with injuries this season and there are new players on the roster, but very few expected them to be 23-13 at this point. they haven't looked like the defending nba champions as they struggle to put together a complete game. golden state has the lead with 15 seconds left in overtime last night, but portland steals steph curry's pass and it leads to the game winning three by oakland native damian lillard with five seconds left. after the christmas day blowout by the lakers the warriors have lost two in a row now at home for the third time in the steve kerr era. >> for whatever reason we're just not quite clicking. we're not quite together on all fronts. i think just not winning and playing the way we have done for many years, i think our guys are a little disappointed, you know, in that and maybe
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that's affecting them. that's when you got to fight even harder. >> well, the cavaliers have reportedly signed patrick mccall to a two year deal. mccall has been holding out this season after rejecting a new deal from the warriors in october. last year he averaged just four points a game in a disappointing second season. the athletics lose jonathan lucroy to a division rival, the los angeles angels. the free agent veteran catcher was a steadying presence behind the plate as the green and gold dealt with numerous injuries to their pitching staff. the one year deal is reportedly worth roughly $3.5 million. the valero alamo bowl, pac- 12's washington state led by the mississippi moustache graduate transfer taking on the iowa state cyclones.
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2nd quarter he runs into the end zone as washington state wins 28-26. he threw for 299 yards and breaks former cal bear jared goff's pac-12 single season passing record. the auburn band was busy at the music city bowl against purdue. late 1st half it goes deep to layton for a 35-yard touchdown, his third td of the game and gave auburn a bowl record 56 points in the 1st half. they win 63-14. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it can even warm your feet to help you fall asleep faster. so you wake up ready to make your resolutions, reality. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep.
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