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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news. >> . >> a man is finally back in custody tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm brian hackney. >> we are getting our first look at chillo mendosa. authorities apprehended him at a taco bell after someone spotted him and called police. he had been on the run since wednesday when he walked away from his work detail outside the prison's secured perimeter. investigators say mendosa carjackerred the suv from this parking lot in san rafael. the chp found the suv abandoned yesterday.
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about 40 minutes earlier, mendosa was spotted buying dark clothes at a dollar tree store in nearby san miguel. detectives believe he was trying to make it to los angeles. that is where he understand the five-year sentence he was serving for carjackerring. and the man accused of gunning down a newman police officer is being held without bail tonight. gustava ariago was taken into custody about 200 miles away from the shooting scene. ariago's girlfriend, ana cervantes and his brother were also arrested. both were accused of helping ariago while he was on the run. investigators say ariaga, who is 32, entered the u.s. illegally from mexico years ago, and may have been headed back to the border when he was captured. they say he was affiliated with gangs, and had two prior dui arrests. a vigil was held last night
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for corporal ranil sing. dozens of people gathered in downtown newman to remember the slain officer. he was killed tuesday when sing pulled ariaga over for a suspected dui. sing is the first to die in the line of duty in newman, and he leaves behind a wife and five-month-old son. in the central valley today, a two-year-old boy at the center of a national immigration debate was lid to rest. friends and family gathered at the california islamic center in lodi to say their final farewells to abdul la hassan. he was born with a rare brain disease and came to the u.s. with his father to get treatment. both are u.s. citizens, but abdul la's mom was unable to visit because of the trump administration's travel ban. after a long legal battle, she was allowed to enter the u.s. last week. opportunitearned his mom will t to mourn with dignity, and that's whatthey deserve. that's weverybody dees. hicase
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it showed the reality of the separation and what's happening to the community and other countries on the ban. >> the family's lawyer says he hopes this case will set a legal precedent that could help other families in similar situations. and a live look outside at our dublin cam, which shows mostly clear skies. a few high clouds up top out there as we look ahead to the first move forecast. not looking bad. of course it being late december, early january, it is going to be cold. but clear. move, midnight tuesday, temperatures will range from the upper 40s along the coast to about 43 degrees inland. and if you're coming down to the embarcadero in san francisco, monday night, it begins at about 52 degrees at 7 p.m. and by fireworks time, the temperatures will have lowered to about 47. so bundle up. but at least it looks like, as far as sky conditions go, it will be a good one. juliet? all right, brian. well, the partial government shut down is now in its
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eighth day, and more agencies are reducing services or closing altogether. home land security secretary kristen nielsen is touring detention centers in texas and arizona following the recent deaths of two guatemalan children. today president trump tweeted the democrats are at fault for the deaths. he's vowing to keep the shut down going until congress agrees to funding for a border wall. he has now lowered his demand from $5 billion to 2.5, but democrats say the new number is still unacceptable. >> the president ought to get over this syndrome of his television show "you're fired." you're shut down. >> last night, the environmental protection agency began smitonit e onal after the new year. the shut down is forcing thousands of federal workers and contractors to stay home or work without pay. house democrats plan to introduce legislation to reopen the government when they take control on
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thursday. in the bay area, a lot of people are venturing into the golden gate national recreation area even though it is partially closed. andrea borba is live in san francisco with a look at how the crowds are farring. andrea? >> reporter: take a look behind me. this area is very crowded. this is one of the busiest weekends of the year every single year for visits to national parks, to national recreation areas, and there hasn't been any cause here that haven't gone without at least a few snags. on a crisp sunny december day, mirror beach may be the most relaxing spot on the planet. getting there, on the other hand, has turned into a near mess, as the partial government shut down rolls into yet another day. the effects are running closed, and i just -- we've tried to go to all these different places around san francisco, and they're all shut down. >> reporter: the parking lot at
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mirror beach allegedly full, according to the sign, but in actuallity is locked up and empty, forcing those soaking in the last days of 2018 into traffic jams and fender benders on crumbling marin roads. >> it's ridiculous with how many tours there are this time of year and how beautiful of a day it is. it's kind of ridiculous they're shutting down the parking lot and causing such a huge traffic jam. >> leaving cars ditched in neighborhoods. >> a lot of people are parking in no parking areas. the neighborhood neighbors are being a lot more, like, lenient, because they usually get really angry if we park there. >> reporter: other places like mirror woods were crowded, but relatively pain- free. while other hot spots were open, minus the bathrooms. now, we noticed today, when we were heading back from marin county back here to san francisco, the parking lot at the marin head lands are also closed.
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and at other parks, national parks, joshua tree in particular, there have been piles of trash piling up. so the park service and the government is asking you to pack in and pack out everything to these parks during the shut downs so they don't get too trashed while no one is here to clean it up. live in san francisco, andrea borba, kpix 5. >> thanks so much. a space heart is being blamed for the castro valley house fire. it belonged to a family of three. they made it out all right, but their two dogs did not. the fire broke out just before 6 this morning. it was put out about 20 minutes. still firefighters say the first floor of the house was completely destroyed, and the second floor was badly damaged. well, police need your help in identifying a suspect. take a good look at this man. he is wanted for robbery and attempted murder. san francisco police released these surveillance photos of the suspect. in one of them, it appears the suspect actually stalked it happened on cero
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magnun street. if you do recognize him, police want to hear if you. another big football game coming to levi stadium, and caltrans is rushing to get ready for it. the transit agency has launched a clean-up campaign along a stretch of highway 87. kpix 5's devon feely tells us the effort comes just days ahead of the ncaa championship game. >> reporter: what would you do if you're going to have a group of football fans over to your house? you'd probably do a little bit of house cleaning. with tens of thousands of fans expect to descend on the south bay for the national championship game, caltrans and the city of san jose are doing exactly the same. caltrans announced it's launching a clean-up effort for this stretch of highway 87 between the airport and downtown san jose. not coincidentally, the route most college football fans are likely to take from the airport to their hotel, and then out to levi stadium for the championship game.
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>> i wish caltrans would be working harder at making our highway cleaners and greening out the graffiti faster than they currently do. >> reporter: unlike the super bowl a few years ago, the south bay this time will be center stage. >> we've been in the shadow of san francisco, and i don't think that's the case anymore. san jose has come out of the shadow. a lot of people don't realize that levi stadium is much closer to san jose, santa clara than is san francisco. >> reporter: city leaders hope that geography will give them an added advantage. they predict the impact of next monday's college championship could rival and perhaps even surpass the super bowl. >> most if us think it's a bigger deal than the super bowl, because it actually -- the people that are going to be enjoying this game are actually in our hotels. they're eating at our restaurants. they're enjoying our venues here in san jose. >> reporter: city leaders in san jose say they are optimistic that this game will have an even bigger impact than the super bowl from
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a few years ago, and they say they are confident of the tourists and the money they spend will largely stay here in the south bay. in san jose, devon feely, kpix 5. coming up, two men lucky to be alive after their boat goes up in flames at a popular beach resort in mexico. the close call all caught on camera. >> and usps cracking down on package thieves. the new reward being offered to help convict the people responsible for a slew of postal burglaries.
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two boats completely engulfed in flames this morning. this was at a yacht club in mexico. two men were badly burned and being treated at a local hospital. one of the boats sparked the fuel after refueling. the fire then spread to a neighboring boat, and the fuel pump. and back in the states, there is a new push to stop package thieves. the u.s. postal service offering $10,000 to help find and convict people responsible for a number of postal burglaries. e st monat least a dozen of them have report in the central valley. >> those are both federal offenses. the burglarizing of the post offices and a couple of these burglaries. the theft of the mail, and in those cases, potential penalty of up to five years in federal prison, and
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up to $250,000 fine. >> the last two burglaries that were reported happened on christmas day. new data shows continuing drop in home sales in the bay area. according to the research firm core logic, sales dropped 15% in november compared to a year earlier. this continues a downward trend that's been going on since june, and it includes the high end of the market. last month, sales of homes from more than a million dollars dropped nearly 10%. key factors include higher mortgage rates, and the volatility in the stock market. well, more and more people are visiting urgent care centers when they are sick instead of making an appointment with a primary care doctor. >> reporter: david weiner knew it was time to see a doctor after feeling under the weather for almost a week. >> sore throat for the last few days, and wanted to get checked out for strep throat. and also a rash on my hands and face. >> reporter: so he walked into
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north well house go health urgent care in new york. >> you're seen quickly, get good service, and just much easier than gong my primary care doctor. >> reporter: new research finds the number of people treated at urgent care centers has more than doubled over the past eight years. while visits to primary care doctors and emergency rooms for non-life-threatening conditions are declining. >> we are a lot more convenient. a patient can look at our wait times live online. >> reporter: dr. sipken said the centers treat a wide range of conditions, from cold and flu to broken bones and injuries that need stitches. but he says urgent care should not replace regular doctor visits, and that emergencies always require a trip motorcycle accidents or any one other larger trauma.
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>> reporter: most urgent care visits cost cig can'tly less than an er visit and are similar in price to a visit. hillary lang, cbs news, new york. all right. winds are going to be picking up in the bay area. that is one of the reasons they have a wind advisory posted for sunday night into tuesday morning as we get a pretty good northerlies to northeasterlies come tomorrow night. heads up. it will be good kite-flying weather as we look toward the bay bridge. a pretty night out there, isn't it. san jose, 57. under clear to partly cloudy skies in parts of the bay area. temperatures plummet down to the 30s in parts of the bay, though. tonight. out the door tomorrow morning, as you head out inland, it will be about 37 degrees as we begin to close out december around the bay, we'll be in the low 40s. and at the shoreline, we'll be
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in the mid-40s, and here's how it looks. high pressure is finally going to be moving inland, being nudged aside by that low to its west. and as it does, that gradient means the winds pick up. tonight will be okay. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. but sunny and windy later tomorrow through tuesday, highs will remain in the mid- 50s all week long. and there's no significant rain in sight for the bay area. but with the cool temperatures, it's a perfect weekend to hit the ice downtown in san jose, and also at the embarcadero center. ice skating going on at union square, and also at walnut creek. also the red box bowl coming to levi stadium. michigan state taking on oregon. it will be sunny and about 58 degrees. overnight lows tonight range an fairfield and livermore. if you're close to the bay shore line, low to mid-40s. sun up at 7:25:00 a.m. forecast for tomorrow, the easiest time of year.
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everyone is within a degree or 2 of 60, with 58 in san francisco, 60 in san jose, and 50 in fairfield. and 59 degrees at livermore. in the extended forecast, we're going to be looking for move to be nice. numbers will be in the 40s. we'll have mostly clear skies around the bay area to ring in 2019. seems like we were just doing that for 2018. frankly, it seems like we were just doing it for 1997. in the forecast, we have plenty of sun around. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s all week long, and no matter however ahead we look, there's no rain in sight. things are clouding up a little bit friday and in t on for that, but for this. here's andrea.
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. >> we'll be right back after this. this is not a bed.
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some experts are saying if murray has a good game, it might persuade him to pursue football as well as play baseball. in the first semi final, early 2nd quarter, tied rat 3. tigers freshman quarterback trevor lawrence gets it to justin ross, who breaks 2 tackles, andor from 52 yards out. it's 9-3 clemson. final seconds of the half. now 16-3. team higgins is still automobile to come down with it. a 19-yard td pass, gives the tigers a 22-3 halftime lead. late in the 3rd, travis hit the hole, blows past the
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defender, and puts the game away with a 62-yard touchdown roll. clemson rolls past notre dame, to advance to next monday's national championship at levi stadium against the winner of tonight's game between alabama and oklahoma. jim harba,gh and michigan meeting number 10 in the peach bowl. the wolverines leading 10-6. felipe fraction goes up the middle for a 20-yard td run, giving florida a 13-10 lead. 4th quarter, now 27-13 gators on 3rd and 20. michael peline goes 53 yards for the touchdown. and florida crushes michigan 41- 15. harbaugh and the wolverines they lose their final 2 games after losing the season 10-1. saleft, the broncos up 6. taj idi nails a jumper.
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idi scores 16, and santa clara wins 79-71. their 2nd win this season over a pac 12 school. eric carl son was out the last 2 games after being suspended for a hit on austin wagner. carl son returned to action this afternoon and seamlessly picked up where he left off. the sharks visiting edmonton this afternoon. carlson with a shot from the blue line, and this one, it goes through. it's only carlson's 3rd goal of the year. that makes it 4-1 san jose. 3rd period, evander cane moves behind the net leads a pass for logan kuture. it was 6-1 sharks. later in the 3rd period, carlson with his 3rd assist rlishe day to se goal of the afternoon. san jose wins it 7-4 following a 3-game losing streak. the sharks have now won 2 in a row. the 49ers play their final game of the year tomorrow against the rams. it will be another opportunity to see a glimpse of
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the future. former sanford stand out christian mcafterty's brother has been chosen to replace mcguinness, placed on injured reserve. if the 49ers are going to try to catch the rams in the nfc west, they'll have to hit on their draft picks and the free market this off season. currently san francisco is projected to have more than $60 million in salary cap space. and quarterback richard sherman plans on recruiting free agents to santa clara. >> i think this is a pretty attractive destination as is; but you know, money is the best recruiter. but, you know, i'll give my two cents, you know. i'll go get the best recruiting pitch, and if they say, "hey, we have $7 for you, it's not going to matter you." i could do the worst recruitipi pay em liplay mones.$7ake it we still don't know where the raiders will play in 2019, but we do know they will play the last game of this season on the road in
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kansas city against their division rival. >> we have one opportunity left, and this is against the team we hate the most. they don't us either, so it will be a lot of fun. >> oakland will try to spoil patrick macomb's title homes. in his first year, maholmes has thrown for 4800-yard and 48 touchdowns, impressing john grudden in. >> i don't know how you can't be the mvp after you look at his body of work. this guy is making throws people haven't seen before. closing out on 50 touchdown passes in your first year as a starter? it's quite amazing. and he's taking care of the ball and won games for the team. if i did have a vote, i would probably stand here in front of these micro phones and say i vote for him. >> pretty impressive player. especially in his first year to come out and do that. >> do you think they know where they're going to play next year or not? , for 2019? >> not really. >> still up in the air? >> i honestly think oakland is
5:27 pm
still the possibility and the strongest choice. we've heard of other stadiums, levi stadium, at&t park. a lot of things would have to happen to make those a real possibility. so hopefully oakland and the raiders can work it out, and they can spend the last season here, where the belong. >> fans would like that. we'll be right back after a break. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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>> news updates are always on we'll see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: no end in sight. as we enter the second week of a partial government shutdown, more agencies are running out of money. >> as a federal worker, you feel sometimes like you're-- you know, you're hostage in this. >> ninan: also tonight, a quadruple homicide in missouri. police launch a swat team to hunt down the suspected killer. the man accused of killing a california police officer captured. >> why are we providing sanctuary for criminals? the ime.: a sheriff is blamingt a migrant cries in the u.k. a migrant crisis in the u.k. refugees on a desperate and dangerous journey risking their
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lives crossing one of the world's bues


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