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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 31, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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slammed with a racial discrimination lawsuit amid a new uc berkley report that shows the nation is more divided. it's monday, december 31st, i'm michelle griego. >> it's almost 5:00, gianna franco has you covered with light traffic conditions to start this morning. if you want your new years eve weather forecast, this is the place to get it. we have been talking about it for a week and a half. >> we have it first. we are looking at tonight as we ring in the new year. temperatures will be on the chilly side as well as windy. beprepared. midnight temperatures in the 40s. looking at for the bay, mid to upper 40s, inland locations in the low to mid 40s at midnight. clear skies, great fireworks viewing weather. live look with the sales force tower camera, clear skies for this morning.
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temperatures down to concord 38, 39 livermore, oak land 48. 48 downtown san francisco. san jose and santa rosa, 43. your weather headlines, what to expect, clear skies and chilly conditions. breezy to windy, the wind advisory for the san francisco bay shoreline today as well as all our bay area hills under that wind advisory. we are going to see gusts north and northeast, anywhere from 60 to 70 miles per hour for the highest peaks today. sunshine as we head through the afternoon, cool but seasonal daytime highs, we will time it out, future cast wind gusts, when you will will see the strongest winds coming up in a few minutes. safe to say people are sleeping in this morning. it is light on the freeways, we checked in with chp, not a lot going on. no accidents or incidents. lots of good news to report. a live look to the bay bridge, no metering lights, quiet conditions out of oaklands in
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to san francisco. the tolls are going to be raised starting tomorrow. that starts january 1st. higher tolls in place for the state owned bridges. that includes the bay bridge toll plaza. a look at traffic conditions along the 586, through dublin, this time of the morning, we see brake lights coming through, away from that 205, connector. not the case this morning, traffic is light. nice and ease out of tracy, westbound 580, easy ride towards 680, both direction, traffic is very quiet through there. jumping to the south bay, good morning san jose, north 101s not a lot of car on the roadways. easy ride northbound out of san jose. the travel times, if you are traveling from san jose, man to head towards sfo, an early flight to catch, that will take you 36 minutes on the northbound side of 101s in the green along the east shore freeway, westbound 80s 13
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minutes hercules to the maze and 580, 18 minutes from 205 towards 680. today marks the end of 2018, now we are hours away from spectacular sites lighting up the bay area skies. kiet do is live in san francisco with how to get around the crowds tonight. >> reporter: last year, 200,000 people came up to san francisco to check out the fireworks, it is arguably the busiest single night in the city, all year long, that means, we got to talk exit strategy. if you were thinking of using a ride hailing service, lyft or uber, think again, so is everybody else. price willing be in effect, rides at the priciest going for twice or quadruple. bart will have expanded service with extra trains and trips available until 3:00 a.m., helping move the large crowds more efficiently to and from
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the midnight shows on the water fronts. vta, ac transit, muny will be free tonight. those free rides start at 8:00 p.m. and last until 5:00 a.m. if you can't it to a bus stop or train station, the california office of traffic safety is offering a $10 lyft credit through january 11th. details and restrictions are outlined in the lyft app. if you need to have your car, there is aaa's tipsy toe service, free for 10 miles whether or not you are a member, it will be available 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the porta potties are out, they have the metal barriers, lined up and ready to go. pack restrictions on the embarcadero, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. they will be here at 5:30 to give us a briefing on safety and what the crowds can do to make sure they make it home this one piece on new years
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eve. for now live in san francisco, kiet do, kpix 5. have fun. stay safe. >> police in new york city have ramped up security ahead of the new years eve ball drop. officers will be flying drones over the celebration and monitoring feeds from over 1000 security cameras, watching for any signs of potential danger. up to 2 million people are expected to crowd in to times square to watch the ball drop as they counts down the last seconds of 2018 with 1.2 billion people watching as they usher in 2019. the new york celebration will feature performances by bastille, christinaing a lairra and snoop dogg to name a few. the honoree will be the committee to protect journalism. we are less than 24 hours away from getting changes. >> 1000 bills will go in to effect new years day. a law prevents secret
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settlements for companies accused of sexual assault or harassment or discrimination. no more paying people to be quiet on those issues. >> new law requires publicly held corporations to have one woman on their board of directors. they will have to have one female board member by the end of 2019 and two or more by the send of 2021, new gun control laws, starting tomorrow, anyone convicted of certain domestic violence misdemeanors face as lifetime ban from possessing a firearm, the same goes for anyone who has been hospitalized for a mental health issue and has been proven a danger to themselves or others more than once in a year. tomorrow, a new law whether ban the federal government from expanding oil drill off of the california coast by blocking new pipelines and supporting construction in state waters. adopt, don't shop, california will become the
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first state to ban the sale of pets from providers other than shelters or non profit rescue operations. you can buy from private breeders. the legislation is designed to end puppy mills and kitten factories. a live look at capitol hill this morning. the u.s. government shutdown has stretched in to its second week and no end in sight. as of this morning, both sides appear to have made little to no progress. tom hanson has the latest. >> reporter: 10 days in to the partial government shutdown, president trump and democrats remain at odds over funding for a border wall. >> we are not willing to pay $2.5 billion or $5 billion, in wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note because donald trump decided he was going to shutdown the government and hold the american people hostage. >> reporter: the congressman told abc this week, democrats are willing to pride money for
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other security measures but called the wall medieval. >> richard shelby said on face the nation, the republican controlled senate will only take up a bill with the president's support. >> nobody wins in a shutdown. we all lose, we look silly. >> reporter: on sunday president trump called it the schumer shutdown, despite taking responsibility for it just a few weeks ago. >> i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> reporter: aids and supports took new aim at defining the wall. >> it's a metaphor for border security. >> reporter: outgoing chief of staff john kelly told the la times to be honest it's not a wall, it would be a mixture of steel slats and technological enhancements. >> it's a silly sim antic argument. >> reporter: kelly ann conway wouldn't rule out a presidential veto if congress pass as clean bill without border funding.
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democrats take control of the house on thursday and are expected to pass a clean funding bill. it's unclear in the senate will follow suit without president trump's support. . a north carolina wildlife conservatory is closed this morning as a 22 year old woman was killed by a lion. alexandra black had been interning at the center in berylington for 10 days, she was helping clean the lion enclosure when the animal escaped and attacked her. during the attack, officers attempted to sedate the lion, they were unsuccessful, they eventually shot and killed the lion. >> we are devastated today that we had an incident on our site that included the loss of life of one of the people who was working our trained professional staff keepers. >> the park which houses more than 80 animals is closed while an investigation takes place to figure out how that lion escaped. in a statement, black's family said the graduate died
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following her passion and asked for mourners to honor her by donating to a wolf sanctuary that she worked at previously. an oregon hotel is facing a lawsuit after an african american guest was escorted off of the premiseses by police. the double tree has apologized to massey who was on the phone with his mother at that time. two employees have been fired. the hilton corporation which owns the hotel says it is reinforcing diversity and inclusion training to ensure this doesn't happen again. this comes amid a new report that shows america is more divided than it was two years ago. the hoss institute found the u.s. has become less welcomeing to women, minority groups and people with disabilities compared to the rest of the world since 2016. the institute's inclusiveness index is based on how people in the minority based on factors compare to the majority. time is 5:10, a study find
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it maybe okay for heart patients to drink, plus a dangerous disease is spreading on college campuses, coming up in our health watch. a wind advisory in effect. i will show you future cast, when we will see the strongest winds today and ringing in the new year , the new years forecast first is coming up. if you plan on heading out and about, we will update you on mass trance it and the changes for this evening and the freeways looking very good. a complete look at traffic coming up.
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5:14, welcome back. health watch, college students are at 3 times the risk for catching one of the most common strains of meningitis, the illness is spread through close contact with exchange of saliva. while the incidents are low, it can be severe and deadly. a study in the journal of pediatrics say students planning to live in dorms should consider getting a vaccine. the opioid epidemic is taking a toll on the youngest americans. nearly 9000 children and teenagers died from prescription and illegal opioids over an 18-year period with the death rate nearly tripling during that time. teenagers were hardest hit with heroin killing nearly 1900. for older adults with heart failure, it maybe okay to have a glass of wine with dinner, a study from washington
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university tracked patients over 65 years old with newly diagnosed heart failure, those who had up to 7 alcoholic drinks survived a year longer than those that stopped drinking all together. let's check traffic with gianna franco. >> traffic looks pretty good. we haven't had accidents or incidents. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge, traffic is light. an easy ride between 80 and 101. it is a good one this morning. to the maps we go, north bay, 101, southbound out of santa rosa, nice speeds clocking in at 58 miles per hour. easy ride headed through there in to petatuma, traffic is light. 37 looking good as well both directions, in the green working between 80 and 101, traffic is light. if you are headed towards the
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peninsula this morning, 101, traffic looks good south bay northbound in to san francisco, southbound 101, no delays, 280 off to a great start as well. a live look at the peninsula as you take a look at 101, hills dale, not a lot of cars on the roadway. lightly traveled. easy time to be out there. everything is in the green so far. san mateo bridge is a nice ride as well, if you are commuting hayward this to foster city this morning, 80 towards 101, taking you 14 minutes to go from 880 through the toll plaza towards 101 connector. back to maps now, heads up, there are scheduled changes for mass transit for new years eve, sam tran running free service between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., vta as well for everyone in the south bay, free service between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. no service fs bay ferrys, on a sunday schedule, do plan for that. hopefully it will be clear
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skies for the fireworks. it looks like a beautiful day ahead and great weather for new years eve, as we ring in the new year at midnight. the forecast first, we are looking at clear skies. great weather to view all of our fireworks celebrations tonight. if you are heading to the embarcadero, temperatures in the low 50s at 7:00 p.m. with windy conditions, it's going to feel chillier. bundle up, you will need that big winter coat for tonight. by midnight, embarcadero center, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s with chilly, breezy and clear skies. our temperatures now, looking at 30s and 40s to kickoff our monday. sales force tower camera looking east, clear skies, great weather as we head through the day with the sunshine although it will be breezy to windy.
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concord 38, oak land 48 as well as downtown san francisco, livermore 39. 43 in san jose as well as santa rosa. we have a wind advisory because of the winds that are going to be kicking up today. first, the san francisco bay shoreline, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. today, winds sustained 15-25, gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour. downed trees and power lines are possible. we have a wind advisory for all of our bay area hills and this is in to tomorrow morning until 10:00 a.m. for the bay area hills. elevations above 1000 feet. winds 20 to 35, gusts 6 oh to 70 for the highest peaks. here is what you can expect, chilly and clear skies, breezy to windy conditions today. /through the afternoon with and seasonal highs. satellite and radar view , the area of low pressure to the east, a ridge of high pressure to the west, the features are close together, a tight
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pressure gradient, the winds are going to be ramping up through the day today. future cast wind gusts, stopping the clock, 10:00 a.m., see the winds picking up, catching a little bit of a break for the afternoon and winds kick up through tonight in to tomorrow morning in spots, especially in the higher elevations tomorrow morning. daytime highs today, mainly in the mid 50s, mid 50s in san francisco at 55, as well as redwood city, san jose, 54 fee front, 55 oak land and 56 for vallejo and san rafael. the seven-day forecast, sunshine, breezy to windy today. the sun continues tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday and in to saturday, partly sunny skies with a chance of a shower by sunday. heading to the red box bowl, levi stadium at noon, michigan state taking on oregon, seeing the sunshine, mid 50s. we are looking at breezy to windy conditions as we head through the afternoon. let's check in with vern for a look at sports.
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how is that coffee this last day of the year? as you sip and think of 2018, review, why don't we talk a little football. like the 49ers end of the season. i got a minute to tell you about it. looking forward to that vern. thank you. as we look outside at the golden gate bridge on this final day of 2018, clear and chilly to start on this monday morning.
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so far, no delays across the bay bridge toll plaza. regular tolls will increase at the bay bridge to $7 during weekdays, off peak 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to midnight, $5 on the weekend increase to $6. plan for that. that goes in to effect tomorrow. good morning. uncle vern joining you, procrastinating, trying to keep from going to the gym this morning. i know, why don't i kill time by telling you i have the raiders and 49ers on my mind. here is cal, running the show
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from san francisco, game face on. rams first quarter after an opening fumble. jarrett rolled out. the rams in the 70s, 80s, 90s throw back led 7- 0. picked twice by the same man. littleton, house call. on a high note, a mullins toss to george. the big fellow went 43 yards. frap choose record for most receptions. raiders inside pat's house. trying to crack 5000 yards, 50 touchdowns. more on that later. the 67-yard dart. speedy receiver hill, the chase led 7- 0. it's hard to win there. oak land's problem, this. jared cook stopped his route.
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easy interception for daniel sorenson. 14-0 like that. i'm trying to snap. kansas city first drive of the third quarter. he wants to go deep again, looking for doe marcus robinson. an 89-yard score. that made it 28-3. chiefs won 35-3. oak land finishs the season at 4 and 12. did you know derrick 0 and 5 at arrow head stadium. more nfl action from the last play of the day of 2018.
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>> ravens hosting the browns with the playoffs on the line, cleveland driving for the win on 4th down. mayfield throws it to moseley who intercepts it. ravens hold off and headed to the playoffs. that's the play of the day. strike a pose. i'm kiet do, live in san francisco as we say farewell to 2018. we got tips on how to deal with the massive crowds expected in san francisco tonight we have a live report coming up.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪
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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only december 26th to january 6th. ikea. new year, new laws, when the clock strikes midnight, californians will have to abide by a new stet of rules. it's day 10 of the partial federal shutdown and all signs pointing to it extending in to the new year as both sides
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argue over funding for a border wall. intern killed by a lion at a north carolina conservatory, officials say she was mauled during a routine procedure, 10 days in to working at the facility. good morning, everyone, sit monday, december 31st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. as we check weather and traffic, light conditions on the roads so far. first the all important new years eve forecast. >> we are going to have clear skies. great weather to view the fireworks celebrations as we ring in the new year. you are new years forecast first, midnight, looking at temperatures along the coast, upper 40s, clear, definitely breezy for the bay, mid to upper 40s there, clear skies and inland locations, low to mid 40s at midnight. breezy to windy but clear for all of us across the bay area. a live look with our san jose cam. good morning to you. looking at clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and in
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the 40s, 38 concord as well as livermore, 49 oakland as well as san francisco. 43 san jose as well as for santa rosa. checking the winds now, looking at generally north westerly winds at 11:00, half-moon bay, 10 downtown san francisco, 9 at sfo, 10 berkley, 14 antioch. 10 san rafael. 12 navado. chairfield, northerly wind sustained at 29 miles per hour. the weather headlines, cheer skies and chilly conditions, breezy to windy, the advisory in effect for the bay area hills and for the san francisco bay shoreline, seeing the sunshine, cool but seasonal daytime highs. timing it out for you on future cast wind gusts and when we will see the strongest winds coming up in just a few minutes. typically this time of the morning we would see pretty good sized back up working through the although month pass but not the case today. sit light. hitting the roadways, now is a good time to be on it.
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traffic is clear along 580, towards 680, no delays. we got word of a possible accident, they are headed out to the scene westbound 4, near 160. that's not far from the bridge. a rollover crash possibly blocking lanes. more details on that as it comes in. you might expect spectator slowing. a look at 680, a live shot near main street. walnut creek, 680s, an easy ride to 24, westbound 24 clear towards 580, no delays towards the bay bridge. to the travel times, conditions along highway 4, drive times, 29 minutes from 160 to 80, the bridge towards the east shore, south, the nimitz, not bad, to 237, 19 minutes, south bay, westbound, 237, 880 to 85, 9 minutes this morning.
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the countdown is on to 2019, san francisco is getting ready for the annual fireworks show. our kiet do is live on san francisco's embarcadero this morning. more than 100,000 people expected to ring in the new year tonight. >> reporter: last year was 200,000, expecting roughly the same number this year, the porta potties are out, the metal railings are out, parking restriction signs are up. joining me is francis with the office of management services with san francisco. tell me, you guys are using this tech service. >> we have thousands of people coming in to san francisco for new years eve, hundred events taking place all over the city. if there is an emergency or major disruption, we wants to make sure we can get ahold of you. all they have to do is text the phrase ny esf to 888777, all one word to triple 8, triple 7,
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your phone will be registered to receive emergency alerts. we can send alerts and instructions if there is an emergency. >> the there a credible threat against the city or with this event tonight? >> san francisco does large scale events all the time. we work with our law enforcement partners, public safety partners at the local state and federal levels. we do this for pride and there is our way of leaning forward and making sure we have resources on hand should there be any type of disruption. >> i'm getting a since that driving the car is a terrible idea. >> take public transportation. muny is free all night. if you have to drive, come here early, if you are drinking, have a designated driver or an alternate route home. >> last question, i never seen it myself, if you had one place to be to watch the fireworks where would you go. >> in front of the ferry building you are going to get an awesome view, behind the
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building. bundle up. it's going to be cold tonight. >> reporter: thank you very much. if you come tonight, don't drink and drive, have fun, live in san francisco, kiet do, kpix 5. start thinking about how you will go b getting home after the clock strikes 12s ride hailing services such as lyft and uber will be at the priciest. we compiled alternatives, bart will have expanded service on new years eve with extra trains and trips available until 3:00 a.m. it will help move large crowds more efficiently to and from the midnight fireworks show on the water front. the vta, ac transit, call train, sam tran and muny will be free tonight. the rides start at 8:00 p.m. and will last until 5:00 a.m. for call train, free rides last until 2:00 a.m. if you can't make to it a bus stop or a train station, california's office of traffic safety is offering a $10 lyft credit for customers in san francisco, sacramento, los angeles and san diego through
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january 1st. details are outlined in the lyft app. there is tipsy toe, free for for 10 miles, available 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. as fireworks ring in the new year, pet owners know the sounds can terrify their dogs and cats. one solution to happen calm down your pets is hemp products. >> it's not psycho active, it's hemp based. >> the animal doesn't become you firic. >> it doesn't become high. >> vets can't talk to pet open rs about these products but that changes tomorrow. a law will allow vets to have a discussion with pet owners on using cbd products. tomorrow, a game changer for animal activists, stores across the bay area will no longer be allowed to sell pets.
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a california will ban the sale of pets other than shelters and non profit rescue operations, you can buy from private breeders. it's designed to end puppy mills and kitten factories. a wildlife conservatory is closed after a 22 year old woman was killed by a lion. black had been working there for 2 weeks when she was attacked. the lion got loose from a locked space while its enclosure was being cleaned up. it was shot and killed to allow workers to retrieve black's body. an investigation is underway to figure our how the lion escaped. 10 days in to the partial government shutdown. the white house says president trump has no plans to reach out to democrats for a deal. both sides are at odds over funding for a border wall. congressman jeffreys said democrats are willing to provide money for security measures but called the wall,
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medieval. senator richard shelby said on face the nation , the republican controlled senate will only take up a bill with the president's support. >> nobody wins in a shutdown. we all lose. we look silly. >> democrats take control of the house on thursday and expected to pass a clean funding bill, it's unclear in the senate will follow suit without president trump's support. over the weekend, president trump spoke with chinese president, and says progress is being made in trade talks. wendy gillette is live at the new york stock exchange with that story and much more. >> reporter: good morning. today is the final day of trading for 2018. many investors are probably happy to be done with what has turned in to a roller coaster year. friday the dow dropped 76 points, nasdaq gained 5. markets will be closed new years day. over the weekend, president trump said big progress is
5:39 am
being made in trade talks between the u.s. and china. the u.s. wants china nato address intellectual property theft. since trump and chinese president met in december, china made a number of trade and investment proposals, detail looking. u.s. officials will begin several days of talks on january 7th. the federal judge who struck down obama care says it will remain in place during the appeals process. earlier this month , the judge ruled the affordable care acts individual mandate is unconstitutional, which makes the rest of the law invalid. a group of democratic state attorneys general intends to appeal the decision. >> i heard someone could be starting off the new year with luck and a little bit more cash. >> reporter: a lot more cash. mega millions jackpot has grown to $415 million. that's the 8th largest mega millions jackpot ever, no one
5:40 am
won the christmas day drawing, the next one will be tomorrow new years day. maybe pick up tickets. >> i have been disappointed for so many years, i have given up on lottery. sharing is caring if you end up winning. >> reporter: okay, share is caring. . i'm not convinced she will. i don't think you will hear from her again. >> would you share? >> i think throw a couple of dollars your way. time is 5:40, raiders fans are willing to go the distance to watch the team play next year. next, how far fans may have to go. let's get a live look outside this morning, dublin, traffic conditions are still pretty light going westbound, we will check this with her when we come back. time is 5:40.
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people in san francisco have to travel across the bay to catch a raider game. >> next year you might have to travel across the pond. the team is considering playing their 2019 home games in london according to the daily mail. talks are going on between oakland and the hot spur to allow the raiders to play their 8-game schedule at the soccer clubs new stadium in north london, the raiders were scheduled to play their games a the colosseum this year but the stadium wasn't ready. that's a long way to travel for the black hole. would they do it? >> unfortunately for the fans here, it's not good news. we will see what happens. i would think they would play, i'm betting they play their games in the united states next year. >> their options are oh tensionally at&t park and possibly levi stadium. . the giants said they were in early talks with maybe working
5:44 am
out a deal with them. maybe, we will see what happens. you are looking good on the freeways, one trouble spot to report, along highway 4, the only accident so far, past laurel road a roll over crash with a lane blocked. fire crews on scene. may take a few minutes to clear out of lanes, it's not slow. it's in the green, slight spectator slowing past the scene. westbound 4s near laurel, one lane is blocked for a rollover accident. highway 4s antioch towards the east shore freeway, a live look at highway 4, 80 connector through hercules. traffic is light. a 14 minute ride to work westbound 80, from here towards the maze, hopping on the bay bridge, traffic looks great. the bay bridge toll plaza, light conditions, no delays. hopefully it stays that way,
5:45 am
easy ride in to san francisco. tolls will increase on 7 state owned bridges. the bay bridge is included. that starts tomorrow. a look at the san mateo bridge, most of our bay area bridges are quiet. an easy ride between hayward and foster city, golden gate looks good as well. marin county, light conditions. the richmond san rafael off to a great start as well. a few cars on the roadway. nothing like it should be during a typical monday morning commute. we will take it while we can. i wish this could be the way every day with traffic. well, we are kicking off 2019, new years eve and it looks great. clear skies as we ring in the new year at midnight. great weather to damp fireworks celebrations -- catch the fireworks celebration. the new years forecast first, we are looking if you are
5:46 am
heading out to embarcadero center, 7:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 50s, clear skies, chilly and breezy to windy. if you are heading out, bundle up with the big winter coat. with the winds, it will feel chillier. midnight, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. through tomorrow, we are going to see clear skies as well. temperatures now, can cord 38, as well as for oak land 48, downtown san francisco, livermore 37. 43 san jose and 43 santa rosa. a wind advisory in effect for the bay shoreline from 9:00 a.m. today until 9:00 p.m., winds from 15 to 25, sustained gusts 35 to 45, downed trees and power lines are a possibility. bay area hills, the wind advisory until tomorrow morning until 10:00 a.m.
5:47 am
highest peak could see gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour. our winds now, generally out of the northwest, 1 1/2 moon bay, 9sfo, 10 downtown san francisco. looking at 14 miles per hour winds antioch, 10 san rafael. 9 navado. fairfield, northerly winds sustained at 29 miles per hour now. breezy to windy conditions today. we are looking at that sunshine, cool and seasonal daytime highs, starting off the day with clear skies and chilly conditions but the reason why we are going to see the winds wrap up is because of this area of low pressure to the east and the ridge of high pressure to the west. those weather features are close together, a tight pressure gradient, we are looking at increasing winds. future cast wind gusts, 11:00 a.m., going to see the winds increase, catching a bit of a break in the afternoon. our winds really ramp up as we head through tonight. see the red and orange purple
5:48 am
colors indicating the stronger winds from 29 napa, 27 fairfield, for the wind gusts. through tomorrow morning, we are going to see breezy conditions especially in the higher elevations , the hills and mountains before we will see the winds ease. sunrise today, 7:24, sunset at 5:00 p.m., daytime highs today, around where we should be for this time of year, locations will be in the mid 50s, 55 san francisco, as well as oak land, 5 h freemont, 55 san jose and 55 santa rosa. sunshine, breezy to windy conditions. keeping the sunshine going through the week, partly sunny on saturday, with the chance of showers on sunday. mourning the death of church pastor craig jutil after a heart attack. the 53 year old died while on a snow boarding trip with his family, found unresponsive on a
5:49 am
slope at sierra at tahoe. paramedics were unsuccessful in trying to revive him. he was a teaching pastor for 20 years and survived by his wife of 27 years and 3 adult children. his celebration of life happens at 2:00 p.m. today at the venture christian church on hicks road. arrest in a violent beating and robbery near union square. a witness helped track down the suspect. the woman recorded the incident on friday. it shows a man stomping and beating someone before robbing him and leaving the victim for dead. police used the video to circulate still photos of the suspect, yesterday they arrested 25 year old melton earl kelly of oakland. after the witness saw the beating she stuck around the assist police with the investigation. tenderloin, a geyser towered over an intersection after a car slammed in to this fire hydrant yesterday afternoon at turk and jones street blocking traffic.
5:50 am
as you can see from this video, the toyota corolla that crashed had been stolen. two suspects jumped out and tried to get away but officers caught up with them. a pedestrian suffered minor injuries. first responders in fresno are trying to attack the frequent flyer epidemic, us they are defined as system abusers. we found many frequent flyers are homeless and in need of food and warmth. if you abuse the system in fresno, there is no guarantee you will be taken to a hospital after being checked on by paramedics. >> we are not looking at the bigger problem of what do they need and putting a band-aid on it, putting them in to the hospital and they come out and it's gotten nowhere. helping them find a solution, knowing there is a person there,, it's a human touch. >> if a patient is added to the
5:51 am
no fly list, they are given 3 written notices and a packet of resources with information on obtaining a primary care doctor and permanent housing and a group of behavioral health vol tune tear paramedics try to get to know them. time is 5:51s losing weight is one of the most popular new years resolutions every year. >> we have tips for setting workout goals that you will stick to. a live look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. safe to say, maybe a lot of people are taking the day off of work today , the last day of 2018. it is 5:51, we'll be right back. deal talk!
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plenty of sun, breezy to windy conditions. daytime highs, seasonal. 55 mountain view for highs as well as san jose, 56 santa clara, 56 fairfield. 54 danville. berkley, a high of 56. 55 alameda, oakland, downtown san francisco, 54 in petatuma, 56 san rafael. a wind advisory in effect for the san francisco bay shoreline and all of our bay area hills. we will talk about naand ringing in the new year, the new years forecast first, coming up. a couple of trouble spots
5:55 am
keeping our eye on in the traffic center, san jose, words of a car fire northbound 85, camden avenue, through san jose, not blocking any lanes. there is a lot of activity over to the right shoulder. second accident is along highway 4, a vehicle stuck on its side westbound just past laurel ride. crews are blocking one lane, still light overall with not a lot of cars on the roadway. studies show most people that set fitness goals as resolutions don't stick to them. >> this morning, experts are weighing in on the key to success. the focus should be less on the pounds lost and more on positive reinforcement. exercise should be considered a habit or just part of the daily routine. the best way to get healthy is make resolutions that stick and set smart measurable realistic and time based goals. >> set your goals in relation to an immediate benefit that
5:56 am
you might gain. i want to reduce my levels of stress, i want to sleep better. those are immediate benefits tied to exercise. >> the benefits of regular exercise are big from decreased risk of heart attack, stroke and chronic diseases as well as lower rates of stress and anxiety and depression. the next half hour, fireworks are flying as people around the world ring in the new year. this morning , the first celebrations of 2019. one of the busiest nights of the year in san francisco is upon us, talking about new years eve celebrations and the fireworks going on. i'm kiet do, a live report with safety tips coming up.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
this is kpix 5 news. this morning , the barricades are out as sfpd is ready. while much of the bay area gets ready for tonight's light
6:00 am
show, san jose police are cracking down, what they want you to do if you see fireworks in your neighborhood. the partial government shut down wills tends in to the new year. lawmakers explain what it will take for a compromise. good morning. it is the final day of 2018. monday morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. breaking news in to the newsroom, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren takes a major step towards a 2020 presidential campaign. she has launched an exploratory committee for the bid, first top tier candidate to make a move. the raiders are about to i a announce a new general manager. the raiders are hiring nfl network draft analyst mike mayyok. time check, 6:00, as we look outside. new york city's times


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