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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 2, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00 san jose's mayor spending the night inth hospital he s bike. tonight we hear from the neighbors who rushed to help him. >> a flight from the bay area forced to make an emergency landing just a short time ago,
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what went wrong over chicago. >> tensions escalating at the border right now, tear gas fired at migrants trying to cross. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. kpix5's joe vazquez is live for us at regional medical center with the latest on the mayor's condition right now. joe? >> reporter: veronica, the mayor's injuries are not life threatening, but they are serious enough that doctors here at regional medical center have decided to keep him overnight. san jose mayor sam liccardo finished this news conference earlier today when he decided to go for a new year's day bike ride just after 12:30 ending up in a crash. >> a pedestrian with a vehicle. >> a car cut him off and caused a collision. >> reporter: karl guardino of the silicon valley leadership group is the mayor's friend and frequent bicycling companion fractureincludfracture r's g.>>
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to stanhe's ed up d up, but he's ie mayor was riding along this bike path on mayberry road when suddenly an suv darted across his path on salt lake. the mayor smashed right into the car. >> i walk over and i say hey, are you okay? >> reporter: linda dutro is one of several neighbors and witnesses credited with quickly coming to the mayor's aid. >> tom and the wife dragged him onto the concrete because they were just afraid of another car coming and just taking whoever else was there. >> reporter: once they got him out of the road firefighters and paramedics rushed the mayor to the hospital. >> one thing i've got to say because, you know, i've been in healthcare for a very long time is he just kept thanking us. to me that was just like a very humble person, doesn't know who these people are, people come to his aid and he's thankin >>in factina rmnt tonight the mayor thanked linda and tom and some of the others who came to
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his aid. er described his injuries as minor fractures and he went on head were preexisting conditions." back to you. >> so they're describing his condition as having minor fractures, but, joe, they're keeping him tonight anyway? >> reporter: yeah. he was pretty banged up. i mean there's minor fractures often if they're on sort of the upper part of your body, you can be seen by a doctor and released, but i think it was just the totality of the injuries. linda said that his head actually went through the window, one of the windows of the suv. so we're talking about a pretty serious crash. they just want to make sure he's okay before they let him out. >> really, really lucky that he had help when he needed it. thank you. tonight mayor liccardo thanked the fire department for their quick response. they responded wishing the mayor a speedy recovery. >>th j plane okofomwaforced tokeemgenc
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international in chicago. there are reports that one of the plane's tires blew out midair. the plane did land safely and there are no reports of any injuries. in oakland tonight a 6-year- old girl is in the hospital hit by a stray bullet. now nightbeat's christin ayers reports the police chief is on a new year's mission. >> reporter: tonight the 6- year-old girl is here at children's hospital in oakland in critical but stable condition. the bullet is still lodged in her head. oakland police have made no arrests to far, but tonight the oakland police chief has a message for anyone who opened fire while celebrating the new year. >> put the guns down. do not come to oakland with your guns. >> reporter: oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick calling out revelers who rang in the new year with gunfire. >>. >> i hope it pierces your conscience to know that your
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gunfire last night resulted in the critical care of a 6-year- old and i would ask you to come forward. >> reporter: chief kirkpatrick said she's making it her mission to reduce gun violence in oakland this year. she brought the girl a stuffed animal this afternoon. the child had been playing in the backyard of this east oakland home at a new year's party early this morning when a family member found her lying down in the yard. oakland police say a shot spotter sensor was nearby. >> that technology indicated multiple gunshots at about the time that the witnesses and the family noticed this little girl who was ng backyard. >> reporter: neighbors also heard the gunfire throughout the night. >> it's just like a random act of violence you hear about on the news every day, something crazy, something that don't make no sense. >> reporter: the girl is expected to survive and though they've made no arrests, oakland police are pulling together evidence including another stray bullet that hit a nearby car. >> when we can get the bullet,
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when we can find and get the bullets, we can match these bullets to specific guns. so it's just a matter of time. >> reporter: chief kirkpatrick said she spoke to the family of the little girl and that they are still shaken up tonight. crime stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. we're going to switch gears and talk about the sunset tonight viewed from oakland looking towards san francisco today, 36 seconds longer than yesterday. we're on that side of the solstice. days are getting longer. they're now nine hours and 36 minutes long and we sure had a pretty finish to the first day of 2019. tomorrow will be nice, too. high pressure is still off the west coast, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security because by this weekend things will be changing. we get three more days of dry weather. the rain will begin on saturday with gusty winds and then unsettled weather fundamentally is going to change things.
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it will continue through early next week as low pressure now sets up off the northern california coastline beginning this weekend and it looks like next week is going to be a somewhat wet week. we'll have more details as the day approaches and when we have the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. tonight san francisco police are on the hunt for a man suspected of sexually assaulting an elderly person. police released these photos of the suspect. the assault happened around noon yesterday on pacific avenue near stockton street. the suspect was last seen wearing a blue vest and these checkered pants. anyone with information should contact san francisco police. tonight livermore police are treating the discovery of a body in a landfill as a homicide. a worker found the body yesterday at a facility on altamont road in rural livermore. police suspect the body was discarded in another city and then transported to the landfill. the cause of death is unknown. authorities are hoping an autopsy will answer a lot of
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questions. new video tonight from the mexican border, it shows clouds of tear gas surrounding a group of migrants. u.s. border agents launched the tear gas to keep the migrants from crossing after they say some people started throwing rocks. people can alsoing seen running away from the smoke. the confrontation started last night in the city of tijuana and continued into this morning. 25 people were arrested. as clashes continue at the border tonight, melissa caen reports president trump has invited congressional leaders from both parties to a briefing tomorrow at the white house. >> so we have to have a wall as part of border security. >> president trump began 2019 talking about the wall. the democrats much as i suspected have allocated no money for a new wall." today the president invited congressional leaders from both parties to the white house tomorrow for a briefing on the wall and border security, but the white house provided no
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details and some democrats are already calling the invitation a stunt. if the meet does go happen, it will be the president's first meeting since december 11th with democratic leaders when he said this about the looming shutdown. >> i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. >> without a deal on the wall the shutdown will continue. calls will go unanswered at the irs and the smithsonian museums and national zoo will prepare to close. the animals will be cared for, but the hugely popular panda cam will go dark and hundreds of thousands of federal employees will continue to work without pay. the largest federal employee union is suing the government arguing that forcing employees to work without being paid violates federal law. melissa caen, kpix5. a lot of people think the government shutdown stinks and that is becoming a literal fact without park rangers on duty in and around northern california. at rodeo beach in marin bathrooms were closed to the public because nobody is there
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to keep them clean. san francisco's ft. point littered with trash while land's end saw its share of garbage overflow. >> i understand park rangers aren't working today. so we figured we had plastic bags on us. why not clean this afternoon cleaning up what we can do. >> about a half hour later that very trash can looked good as new because of those folks that were just willing to help out. good for them. democrats officially take control of the house thursday. they are planning to pass two bills to reopen the government, but the white house has already rejected the plan. so what happens next is anybody's guess. you can expect to see fewer people on b.a.r.t. in the new year. ridership is expected to decline even though b.a.r.t. extended service to warm springs and antioch. the biggest drops, nights and e safe riding b.a.r.t. and prefer to use ride hailing apps instead. tonight marks 10 years since oscar grant was shot and
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killed by police. dozens gathered for a memorial today at the fruitvale station in oakland to remember the 22- year-old. his death helped spark a national conversation about police violence and the black lives matter movement. >> we're going to continue fighting for equal rights, for not just my family but all the families who have lost a loved one through injustice. >> it actually means a lot to me because like it's another day that i'm living that i get to wake up and support my dad. >> officer johannes mehserle shot grant in the back. he said he shot he was using his taser. he spent two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. still ahead firenados spiral across a beach after a bonfire gets out of control, the wild sight in the netherlands. >> new year's new laws, the changes coming for pets sold in stores. >> my mom was like wouldn't that be great if he was like the first new baby of the new year and i was like no.
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i would like to have her now. >> after 13 hours of labor the first bay area baby of the new year is born and she's the youngest of 10 kids.
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check this out, some pretty crazy video of a new year's celebration that spiraled out of control in the netherlands. it started with a bonfire and then turned into a firenado that swept the beach. witness video shows the whirls moving along the sand and embers and ash being blown across the sky near a dutch seaside resort town. no injuries luckily were reported there. taking a live look at the bay bridge tonight, the tolls are higher on all state run bridges thanks to a new law, but you might get your money back. opponents to the law filed a lawsuit saying the increase is an unconstitutional tax. so all the money collected is not getting spent until this lawsuit is resolved. if the toll increase is ruled invalid, drivers would be able to get some money back. >> it's real easy for those who pay their tolls with fastrak. just provide a credit to those accounts. >> if you pay cash at the
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tolls, the mtc says make sure you get that receipt. in the 1953 popular song patti page asked how much is that doggie in the window? well, because of new laws, there's a new answer. here's reporter joy benedict. >> reporter: harley's life is pretty simple and so is reesey's thanks to their humans, but for many dogs the dog park on new year's day is just a doggone dream, but a new law in california is hoping to change that. in the state of california 2019 has already gone to the dogs. starting today only rescue dogs, rescue cats and rescue rabbits are allowed to be sold in pet stores. >> most of the pet stores you see thare selling puppies, it's, you know, you know they came from some farm somewhere. >> reporter: the humane society estimates more than 2 million dogs come from so- called puppy mills every year and state leaders and these dog owners don't want those dogs
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sold here. >> so let's take care of the ones that are in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the new law states any pet store selling an animal has to post which rescue or shelter it came from. so there isn't any question in pedigree. >> i think it's a good thing because there's a lot of dogs in the shelters that people give away because they thought it was going to be a good fit for their families and it's not. >> reporter: although many of these owners bought purebred animals, they say they aren't offended by the law. you can still buy from a breeder, but this law helps give more exposure to the animals left behind who truly need a home now. >> those are the first dogs that get put to sleep and they need a lot of help. so that's a really good idea. >> reporter: the hope is next time you're picking up pet food you may pick up a new pet and give another pup a chance to run free. >> if you love dogs, then you'll do the right thing. >> reporter: this rule was signed into law back in october of 2017, but it didn't take effect until today simply so that pet stores all across the state could have time to
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adjust. from encino i'm joy benedict, kpix5. other laws that went into effect today include who gets to keep the pet in case of a divorce. a judge now has the power to decide and can consider evidence like who feeds and plays with the animal. bay area workers will be getting paid more and that's because several cities have raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. they include san jose, mountain view and sunnyvale. and publicly held corporations must now include at least one woman on the board and workers are no longer required to sign a nondisclosure agreement as part of the sexual harassment case. you can say adios to plastic straws unless you really want them. they are banned in restaurants statewide. bu one if you ask for one. and the official sport of california, you are looking at it. it's surfing. governor brown designed
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year the bay area welcomed its first baby of 2019 in fairfield. >> kpix5's andria borba introduces us to the newborn girl who is sure to get some help from her nine, yes, nine brothers and sisters. >> reporter: inside north bay medical center up an elevator down the hall into the mother and baby wing just past the squirt of hand sanitizer sleeps the first bay area baby of 2019, all chunky cheeks and sweet rosebud lips, meet keani diane, all 8 pounds on and 25 ounces of her born on new year's day. >> she is our last one. >> reporter: mom elesha matte is no stranger to this process. keani has nine brothers and sisters. >> my oldest is 23 and they range from 23, 20, 17, and then
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6, 5, two 4-year-olds because i have twins and then 3 and 18 months. >> reporter: elesha was induced new year's eve at 11 a.m. >> she took a lot longer than i thought she was going to take because i normally progress really fast, you know, once i'm in labor, but she took a lot longer than i thought. >> reporter: think 13 hours of labor. >> it was a joke like yesterday while we was in, you know, the other room and was talking about it and my mom was like wouldn't that be great if you was like the first baby of the new year and i was like no. i would like to have her now. >> reporter: the feeling from elesha's other kids was mutual. >> he was like mom, can we have her yet? can she come out now? >> reporter: her gift for being the first born of 2019? this 53-inch plush bear from the hospital staff. it's a little big for her to play with just yet. >> she's 20 1/2 inches long.
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>> reporter: her cousin also has plans when the newborn is just a bit bigger. >> karate. >> repte keani's name is hawaiian after her father's heritage. >> it means like the wave, a breeze. >> reporter: or like the gale force winds that blew through fairfield and into her mom's arms and the record books this morning landing her permanent baby status in the family. >> we are done, very much so. >> reporter: especially after cheeks that perfect. in fairfield, andria borba, kpix5. >> brian, she had 10 chances to have a new year's baby and she did it. >> she finally landed one on january 1st, very nice. you've got one. can you imagine 10? >> no. absolutely not. she's a hero. >> all i is golly. >> congratulations. >> yes, congratulations. as we look from sutro tower and beyond it's a clear night and the numbers will show it
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before sunrise tomorrow. with clear skies any heat we generated during the day just back out in space and the numbers go down, right now 40 degrees at concord, livermore 39 and 34 in santa rosa, a chilly night for the bay area underway. high pressure will keep us sunny for now, but rain comes in by the weekend. tomorrow morning plenty cold, a degree below freezing around livermore and pleasanton. that's to start the day. around the bay we'll be near 40 degrees. we've got these northerly winds that are going to keep the shore line mostly fog free and a gentle offshore flow keeps us dry and seasonal for the time being. so tonight it's cold, temperatures in some places down to 29 degrees. you'll see that in a minute. sunny and slightly warmer tomorrow and a big weekend change coming as rain and low pressure returns. hedding out of sfo, sunny tomorrow, high 56. you will find a few showers around atlanta and 62 degrees. overnight lows tonight 29 in santa rosa, 31 for livermore, 34 in san jose, sun-up on
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january 2nd at 7:25 a.m. forecast highs for tomorrow, we'll look at them in the mid- 50s with sunshine in the south bay tomorrow morning, los altos hits 54, redwood city 55. over in the east bay pleasant hill 54 degrees, vallejo 58, benicia 57. nice in the north bay, sunshine, the coast fog free and up around ukiah in the 50s. in the extended forecast we'll be looking at sunshine through friday, but then we are all going to be talking about rain by the time we head to the weekend. one person talking about it will be mary lee. wake up with our team for the latest on weather and traffic starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> really is getting cold out there, though. >> it is. >> can you fix that for us? >> i cannot. you fix the news. i'll fix the weather. >> okay. one of the most infamous homes in california is up for sale tonight, the bidding war over the house of horrors. deal talk!
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a southern california home known as the house of horrors is at the center of a bidding war tonight. >> this home once belonged to david and louise turpin, the couple accused of torturing their 12 children. the four bedroom three bath home is located in the city of paris in riverside county and is being sold at an auction site that is accepting bids until tomorrow. the turpins made national headlines when they were arrested last year. authorities say the couples allegedly shackled their children to furniture and starved them, but that's not stopping people from wanting to buy the home. the current bid is just over $300,000. well, sports tonight. >> sports tonight, we have a lot of college football tonight and coming up in sports serena and federer on the court. set e for the sugar bowl as
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bevo the steer goes right
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huskies are the last team from the pac-12 to play in a bowl game. they are making their first appearance in the rose bowl in 18 years against ohio state and coaching game of his he is career. the 105th edition of the rose bowl from pasadena, final seconds of the 1st half. osu's duane haskins throws his
2:07 am
50th touchdown of the season giving ohio state the 21-3 halftime lead. the huskies trailed by 25 entering the 4th, but with less than a minute to play jake browning gets it out to miles gaskin who just gets the pylon to cut u-dub's deficit to 5. washington needed the onside kick, but it bounces right to the buckeyes and ohio state hangs on to win 28-23 to send meyer out with a win. the pac-12 finishes the bowl season 3-4. prior to the sugar bowl between georgia and texas the mascot meeting didn't go very well. the bull nearly tramples the dog. luckily both of them are okay. 2nd quarter texas up 10. quarterback sam ellinger drops back, looks like a sack but escapes to get into the end zone for thsce. 4th quarter texas looking to punch it in on a 4th and 1 and it's ellinger again. he had three rushing touchdowns on the night. matthew mcconaughey is hyped for his longhorns as they upset
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georgia 28-21. u.s. and switzerland mixed doubles which meant roger federer and serena williams facing each other the first time. 2nd set in australia, williams and federer who have combined 43 grand slams going back and forth, federer and switzerland win the match in straight sets. >> having an opportunity after all these years we've actually never done this. so this is super cool that we get to do it at such a pinnacle point in both our careers and for me it was super cool like i'm literally like wanted to take pictures. i want to bring my baby out. i'm like way too excited. >> no baby here, but serena did get her wish to snap a photo with federer. >> what was the tournament? >> it was a mixed one. e uld ve to see her just hit the ball to federer. she has so much power.
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>> good for her. >> we'll be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. set your clocks now. set your clocks now. thanks for watching and we'll
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