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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 3, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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crazy holiday period. >> thank you for posh important a
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subject to walk away from distribute democrats have refused to allocate any money for a border wall, let alone the $5.6 billion the president has demanded. a source familiar with the private meeting later held with congressional leaders in the situation room tells cbs news that when senate minority leader chuck schumer pressed the president to reopen agencies unrelated to border security, mr. trump responded, i would look foolish if i did that. political leaders have offered few solutions but plenty of political theater. >> trump said let's make a deal. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer
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said go to hell. >> reporter: the president used over an hour and a half televised cabinet meeting yesterday to tout his own accomplishments. >> we got the greatest tax cuts ever. >> reporter: and even played the sympathy card. >> i was here on christmas evening, was all by myself in the white house. >> reporter: democrats aren't budging. >> we're asking the president to open up government. >> reporter: and are also using the shutdown as a political opportunity. >> our last meet, the president said i am going to shut the government down. they are now feeling the heat. >> reporter: this, as national landmarks close down and federal workers go on without pay. >> the longer it goes, obviously, you have to prioritize certain things. feeding your family. the gas to get to work. >> how long are you willing to keep the government shutdown? >> as long as it takes. i think the people of the country think i'm right. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggested the shutdown could go on for days.
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even weeks. he described the house democrat's proposal to reopen the government as a, quote, nonstarter. has invited congressional leader back here to the white house tomorrow. >> paula, thanks. the new congress will be divided between the the two parties for the first time under the trump administration. democrats in the house plan to pass legislation today to reopen the entire government without the money mr. trump wants for the wall. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with the new opposition to the president. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. democrats take control of the house for the first time since 2011. nancy pelosi's return to the speakership all but assured today after a series of negotiations with some members of her own party and a promise not to serve as leader for more. >> god bless you, speaker boehner. >> reporter: eight years after giving up the speaker's gavel, nancy pelosi is poised to reclaim it today.
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the 78-year-old house veteran will call for bold thinking to address income disparity, a looming climate crisis and rising prescription drug prices. >> we want a better nation. >> reporter: democrats are regaining this measure of power in washington thanked to a 40-seat house swing from red to blue and a record number of new women members. the biggest headache for president trump, democrats will now have the power to pursue his tax returns. and probe foreign spending at his d.c. hotel. they'll likely subpoena documents related to the separation of migrant families at the border. and reopen a russian meddling investigation house republicans closed last year. >> the last two year, the president has had no oversight and no accountability from congress. >> reporter: things are brighter for the president in the senate, where republicans will expand their majority by two seats today. even as two of the party's biggest trump critics retire. but utah's newest republican senator announced his arrival to
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washington with a scathing op-ed, slamming the president's character. >> the departure of secretary mattis and the decision to pull out of syria and the abrupt way it was done was a precipitating event for my finally going on this record. >> reporter: one potential distraction for the new congress more than a dozen democratic members are publicly toying with the idea of runs for president. and that, norah, means a lot of democrats down here on capitol hill looking for ways to grab the limelight over the next year. >> nancy, thank you. an historic day there. in russia, the u.s. ambassador has met with a michigan man accused of spying. russian police detained paul whelan nearly a week ago and he now faces espionage charges. whelan's family says they're worried about his safety. jan crawford is outside the embassy. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador jon huntsman was finally able to
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meet with whelan yesterday in a russian president. he spoke with the members of whelan's family. that's the first time they'd heard anything from him since friday. that's when russian officials arrested him on charges of espionage. the russian media reporting this morning they actually picked him up in his hotel room and they're accusing him of trying to recruit russians to get information. whelan's brother david told cbs news that paul whelan was in moscow for the wedding of a friend and he'd been to russia sefr several times before. that whelan gave wedding guests a tour of some kremlin museums but of course never made it to the wedding friday night. yesterday, secretary of state pompeo deliver add stern warning to the russians. he said if this detention is inappropriate, the u.s. is going to demand his immediate return. >> jan, thanks so much. more than 7.5 million people in the south are in the path of a major winter storm causing dangerous travel conditions.
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icy conditions caused trouble on a 21-car pileup in oklahoma. and in central texas, crews are working to drain floodwaters for more than 200 roads that are shut down. meteorologist megan glaros of our chicago station wbbm tv has the forecast. >> you'ric whe iwaking up in so california and arizona to a cold morning. looking act freezing concerns all the way down to the mexican border with california and arizona today. and if we move further east, texas and oklahoma under the gun for snow today. it could be anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. mixed with some freezing rain. that storm system then continues to progress east. picking up lots of gulf moisture. bringing the potential for some very heavy rain all the way from texas, all the way through into georgia, south and north carolina. where we have flooding concerns going into the end of the week and into the early portion of the weekend.
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in the west, we're looking at another storm system coming on shore. this will happy from late workweek, all the way through into early next week. we're looking at the potential for heavy rain and also the possibility of some very heavy snow in mountainous areas that could really impact the pacific northwest. so yet another storm on the way. norah. >> all right, thank you, megan. wall street opened lower this morning after apple stunned investors with a rare warning. it says revenue from its first quarter which includes holiday sales will not meet expectations. in part the company blamed slower iphone sales in china. ceo tim cook says apple expects about $84 billion in revenue for the quarter. that's down from $93 billion. cook said tinensions with china and the u.s. are hurting apple. >> it's clear the eecd half and what i believe to be the case is the trade tensions between the united states and
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china put additional pressure on their economy. >> cook said apple plans to make it easier to trade in phones and will improve financing plans to help drive sales. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here. good morning. this is remarkable what apple has done. what does it say about our global economy? >> definitely says the chinese economy is slowing down. it may not be precipitous. we might have seen 6.5% growth in 2018. those are the official figures out of china. some dispute that. this year, we're looking at maybe 6.2%, that seems like a teeny tiny differential spread off over $1.4 billion people, it's a lot. that chinese economy was slowing down already. as before the trade tensions started bubbling up. exports down dramatically. retail sales in china down by the weakest amount. we saw the weakest reading in 15 years. so things are slowing in china. that's the second largest
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economy in the world. it obviously impacts everyone. >> and obviously other companies now are going to be paying close attention to their revenue forecasts in china as well, it's not just apple. you've got auto industry and you've got the other tech stocks too. >> not only that, we definitely see it in the auto industry. look at some of the high-end luxury retailers that are really on edge about this. we saw tiffany come out with a warning at their last result. lvmh also very much concerned. why? because the chinese were set to become the second largest consumers of luxury goods. supposedly, over the next course of 5 to 10 years, maybe 45% of luxury goods being purchased by chinese. if their economy is weakened, clearly they're not going out and buying. >> can we link this to president trump's trade war? >> i don't think you can directly link it. the trade war exacerbated a slowdown already in effect in
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2018, will continue this year. >> china will strike a deal? >> i don't know. what do i know? >> a lot more than most of us. interesting. really interesting. thank you. we're in that 90. day freeze as well on the trade war so we'll see how negotiations go. thank you. a 14-year-old boy accused of causing a deadly crash in houston is now charged with murder. police say the boy was driving an suv tuesday as he and two teenage passengers threw eggs at cars. a man in one of those cars allegedly pulled out a gun and chased them. police say the teen driver than ran a red light and crashed into a truck killing a woman. the victim silva zavala was a 45-year-old mother of two and a grand mother. police say the man who allegedly chased the teenagers is cooperating. the fda is expanding a recall of a popular blood pressure drug over concern it may contain an unnted nc.ndo prma sst is
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voluntarily recalling tablets with the ingredient valsartan because of a substance called ndea, that's been classified as a probable human carcinogen. they involve seven different companies. our dr. tara >> how is it getting into blood pressure medication? >> the recalls concerned c contaminan contaminants. these are probable carcinogens, chemicals you might be eblxpose through with cured meat or even cigarette smoke but shouldn't be in your pharmaceuticals. this problem has traced back since july and it's really affected a class of blood pressure medicines known as the arbs, and it's not just some
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doses but also low sartin. the fda is investigating how this may happened. it may be a change in manufacturing processes but most chased back to plants in china and india. >> a lot f people take blood pressure medication. how big is the risk for cancer? >> the fda said probably low. mostly based on animal studies and basically said if about 8,000 people, for example, took the highest dose of sartan for four years, one additional case of cancer what you would usually see. probably low risk. >> how commonly are these drugs prescribed with people who have high blood pressure? >> it's commonly used with high blood pressure or heart failure or previous infarctions. it could be more dangerous to
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stop than the risk. >> what are you telling your patients? >> check your bottle. look at what it says on the table and go to the fda web site and compare it to what's been recalled. call your pharmacist and doctor and discuss it with them and as i mentioned, other options. so patients don't have to worry. different medications in the same a or b class or even other classes of blood pressure medicine. >> as you said, should be consulting with their doctors if they're concerned about this. >> definitely. >> tara, thank you. china is shining a light on the dark side of the moon. hours after an unmanned rover touched down on the side of the moon that never faces earth. china launched the cti of the moon's far side terrain that has more craters than the side we normally see and nasa is giving us the best look yetista explored.
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the reddish snow man block known as the ultima thul rks. they captured this this a fly by. >> it looks like a potato chip. >> very expensive po ttato chip many people use artificial sweeteners to lose weight. ahead, a sweeping new review, the people may be it's another cold start to the day. bundle up if you are heading outside. we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we go to the afternoon. looking ahead to the weekend a strong storm arrives for saturday with gusty winds and widespread soaking rain for saturday. for today 56 for a daytime
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high. 57 in oakland and fremont. there we go with that wet weekend and into next week as well.
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we have much more news ahead. artificial intelligence is helping utilities save consumers money but it may also open new doors to cyber threats. on "cbs this morning," a crucial power plant to find out the steps they're taking to protect the grid. plus, los angeles police say a criminal used fake real estate connections to steal from hollywood celebrities. carter evan shows us the bold teen. >> reporter: this is one place, a very sophisticated thief pulled off one of a string of burglaries. coming up on "cbs this morning," how he infiltrated the lives of the rich and famous. essential for pine trees, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
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potentially dangerous challenges taking social media by storm. ahead, how netflix with people who try everyday tasks blindfolded after watching a new netflix horror film "bird box." local news is coming up next. m . . . .
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morning it is 7:26 am. i am michelle griego. crews are trying to put out a three alarm fire in alejo. so far no word of any injuries or a potential cause. apple is holding an emergency meeting this morning after a rare announcement made shares tank yesterday. demand for the iphone is down and investors are now concerned.
7:27 am
taking a live look from washington d.c. with a 116th congress will be sworn in shortly. the democratic party will regain the majority in the house of representatives. the bay area and nancy pelosi is expected to be voted house speaker. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, .
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good news the crash eastbound 80 has now been cleared. over to the shoulder a little slow. on the flipside westbound eastshore freeway a live look. as you work your way from westbound 80, at mcbride. traffic looking pretty good. extra volume on the westbound side toward the bay bridge. an easy ride into san francisco. >> a cold start to the day. check out our current temperatures. concord 32, 40 in oakland and 34 and livermore. 8:36 am. right now santa rosa at 36 degrees. plenty of sunshine today. it looks like a wet weekend and into next week.
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♪ do looking at pictures of the capitol this morning. three hours from now, a new democrat controlled house of representatives. new challenges for president trump. it's also a historic morning for nearly 100 new female faces roaming those corridors. it is a new day in washington. there are young women who have never held political office that are going in there, female speaker of the house, congress. >> very own thing here. >> a face we're familiar with nancy pelosi. first person in over 50 years to hold the job with speaker of the house. >> why we don't talk women and
7:31 am
age but nancy is 78 years old but anyone thinks their life has not taken off, you can still. i mean, speaker of the house. 78 years old. still going strong. >> most powerful woman in politics. >> here are three things you should know this morning. the national debt grown more than $2 trillion since president trump took office, according to the latest u.s. treasury must remembers. it's now at $21.9 trillion. that's a 10% increase in the last two years. some financial analysts say skyrocketing debt could drive interest rates up and suppress future wages and economic growth. during his campaign, he would eliminate the then $19 trillion of debt within eight years. the public safety commission investigating the deadliest high school shooting in the u.s. released the final report. the commissioner found widespread failures before, duing and after the parkland school shooting in florida last year. 17 people were killed.
7:32 am
the report claims schools remain unsafe and lack critical security resources. it recommends training officers to respond more aggressively and changing state law to let some teachers carry guns. it is up to florida's legislature to take alaska. a british medical journal replaced sugar with artificial sweeteners does not help obese adults and children lose weight. the review of 56 studies found no evidence of health benefits from non-sugar sweeteners like soft drinking. the world health organization is presenting this. the analysis has seriously limitations. police identified more victims of a man who allegedly posed as a real estate agent to steal from hollywood celebrities. a suspect was arrested and they confiscated thousands of stolen items. the valuables were taken from
7:33 am
stars like singers usher, jason derülo and adam lambert. it was in the tarzana section of los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a wealthier area in los angeles, with gated homes. one was the home of jason derülo, targeted back in 2017. police are posting pictures of the stolen items online hoping people will recognize their belongings and come forward. >> when he showed up, he was dressed to the nines. he acted the part. >> reporter: los angeles police say benjamin ackerman is behind one of the most brazen and sophisticated string of burglaries they've ever seen. for more than a year, the 32-year-old allegedly posed as a real estate agent showing up at homes, driving high end luxury cars and wearing designer clothes. he would sign in under an alias to case his target, returning later to steal items valued in the millions, in some cases,
7:34 am
apparently convincing unsuspecting brokers to give him access to homes. >> a lot of times, people, we just want to be friendly and we don't want to challenge people and because of that lack of challenging is how you invite the devil in. >> reporter: police say he tried to cover his tracks, altering print numbers on stolen art work. but ultimately, a tip from a victim led them to ackerman's home and storage unit containing more than 2,000 stolen items including jewelry, designer handbags and fine wine. >> what i thought was interesting was the wine, the alcohol. bottles of wine worth hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of dollars. >> he knew what he was looking for. >> correct. it wasn't wine you and i are drinking. >> reporter: police identified more than a dozen victims so far, everyone from usher, jason derülo and adam lambert to a family friend of the suspect.
7:35 am
ackerman was released pending a forensic analysis. >> he could be watching this. >> yes. >> anything you'd want him to know? >> i'd want him to know that the investigation is not over. he can't go around stealing from people. and you do it long enough, we're going to catch you. >> reporter: we reached out to ackerman's attorneys but not heard back. what police try to figure out now if this is related to another series of crime where thieves watch celebrities' social media accounts to see when they'd be out of town. >> carter, thank you. > the long arm of the law will catch you. >> it's an interesting scheme to pose as a real estate agent. get to a lot of houses that way. >> and expensive wine too. >> if you know your wine. all right. fans of the netflix thriller "bird box" are told to keep their eyes open. copy cats about a serious risk from a popular social media challenge. >> on the go, subscribe to the
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♪ netflix is warning fans about the risks of a new social media challenge inspired by its hit movie "bird box" the r rated film starring sandra bullock playing a blindfolded mother escaping from a sinister force. some are mimicking the scenes often with painful results. jamie, good morning. >> last week, netflix bragged "bird box" one of the most popular films ever but now that fans are finding new ways to parody this make believe thriller, urging their eyes open to the very real risks. >> never, ever take off your blindfold. if you look, you will die.
7:41 am
do you understand? >> in "bird box" tormented by e-mail creatures that turn anyone who sees them suicidal. she and her children wear blindfolds to make their escape. blindfolded copy cats have now popped up on social media. many stunts appear to have been done for laughs, others carry a little more risk. this woman nearly burns herself on a heater. >> take it slow. >> this boy repeatedly crashes into furniture with his tricycle. >> and a toddler slams into a wall. on wednesday, netflix tweeted in all caps, please do not hurt yourself with this "bird box" challenge and cautioned fans to not end up in the hospital. >> companies are always a little concerned when something takes up that's out of their control. >> rebecca keegan, senior film
7:42 am
editor at "the hollywood reporter," senses a marketing opportunity. >> the first time i heard about the bird box challenge was by netflix warning people about the "bird box" challenge. >> sarah paulson and trevon tai rhodes, names that normally light up theater marquees. the company secretive about its viewership, 45 million accounts streamed bird box in the first seven days. numbers that can't be independently verified. >> i think netflix really wants to demonstrate to hollywood that it takes them seriously. if they want to be able to pound their chest just like you would if you had a big box opening. >> "bird box" released in theaters for only a week before netflix started streaming it, although the movie did well in test screenings prior to release, even netflix has been
7:43 am
taken aback by the audience response. the 45 million is a third of peel who have netflix. >> who blindfolds their toddler? >> i don't know. parent of the year. and video tapes it too. yeah. >> i'm going to pass on this one. thank you. up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including a terrifying and unexpected launch for a (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
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and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. there's the 82-year-old pope francis starting 2019 off with some fun. cuban circus performed during
7:48 am
the first weekly address of the new year. the group dance performed tricks and stunts yesterday at the vatican. they even helped pope francis with a basketball on the finger. he thanked the artists saying beauty makes us all better. >> in argentina. tangoed before. >> i kept waiting for him to jump out of the chair and climb on those guys' shoulders. he looks so calm. >> and happy. "cbs this morning," look at this morning's headlines around the globe. britain's telegraph reports saudi prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for at least five suspects in the murder of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi. he was killed in turkey. saudi state media reports 10 suspects attended the first court hearing today in saudi arabia. the suspects were not named. saudi arabia initially denied khashoggi was killed but three weeks later, the kingdom
7:49 am
knowled acknowledged it. joining the man hunt for the killer of jazmine barnes. a gunman shot and killed her while she was riding in her mother's car. $75,000 is offered for information leading to the killer. the suspect is a bearded white man in his 40s. they believe he was driving this red truck. usa today said the highly divide deploy to pick up the great garbage patch broke and will be towed back to port. the 2,000 foot long bloating system was deployed in october to corral up to 2.4 million tons of garbage in the pacific ocean between california and highway. a 60 foot chunk broke off. i remember seeing that on "60 minutes". usa today reports that fewer americans bike to work and bicycle share programs. figures in 2017, more than
7:50 am
836,000 people said they used a bike to get to work. that's down 7.5% from a high in 2014. some experts say lower gas prices and a strong economy contributed to an increase in auto r hli services. u.s. news and world report has its annual list of the best diets for the new year. it's compiled by an expert panel of dietary consultants specializing in diabetes, heart health and weight loss. weight watchers point based diet and the brain healthy mind diet with a leafy greens, nuts and berries tied for fourth best overall. it allowed flexibility where you can be a vegetarian most of the time but still have a burger or other meat in moderation. >> the dash diet, aimed at stopping high blood pressure emphasizing fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins and low fat dairy and the mediterranean diet for the second year in a row.
7:51 am
it stresses fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish. researchers linked it to a host of benefits from a longer life span to greater cardiovascular health. >> i like they put this list out because i think it's helpful and good news that the mediterranean diet always ranks number one right up there and the fruits, fl flexitarian. >> flexible about sweets and desserts. a new label. >> i'm a flexitarian. i like that. the sydney herald, a paraglider was thrown off a cliff by a dust devil. he was swirled off before launched in the air and watched from the ground in terror. the man and experienced pilot managed to gain control and continued on a 112 mile cross country flight. the death devil formed quickly just before takeoff. have you ever done that? >> no, and i might be discouraged now.
7:52 am
>> i did once but it was nothing like this. i tell you that. >> luckily, he was a pilot. he could handle it. >> unlike the wife who was screaming. the author of a new book uses very strong words to explain how he believes chemicals are affecting our health. how we can reduce exposure to chemicals in our food and environment. health. that's ahead. surprise! (vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) tidy cats lightweight with ammonia blocker tackles tough odor. now 100% dust free! so long stankface! (vo) bye bye dust! there's a tidy cats for that. the marriage was builyou are so awesome. but the house was built too small...
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. good morning 7:56 am. i am ann we will be right back. there's a reward out for a hit- and-run driver who dried a 14- year-old bicyclist for four blocks yesterday. and then left him for dead. it happened at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. police searching the driver to turn themselves in. roads are closed in san jose ahead of monday's coll football championship game at this morning crew shut down park avenue and eastbound san carlo street. we have a full list of closures for you on fans warring up at the curry under armour store in oakland this
7:57 am
morning. trying to snag two free tickets to , the only thing required is a valid high school or college id. news updates throughout the day on all your favorite platforms including our website, .
7:58 am
it's time to check the roadways. first reports of the crash westbound 80 around the 580 connector. it may be blocking at least one lane east of where this camera is out west 80 and gilman slowe moving okay as you work your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been like this all morning long. an easy ride. same goes for the san mateo bridge. no delays in both directions. a sunny but cold start to the day. check out our temperatures, conquered 34 in oakland 40 and livermore 31 in santa rosa coming in at 30 degrees. mid city 30 san jose. plenty of sunshine.
7:59 am
daytime highs in the mid to upper 50s. a wet weekend ahead.
8:00 am
♪ freeze-frame good morning, it's january 3, 2019, welcome back to cbs "this morning." would you believe congress once agreed to build a border ball? we'll look at the existing barrier that's been built over the past 12 years. plus, we'll take you to new mexico's beautiful white sands to visit what c america's next national park. president trump and democratic leaders failed to reach a deal on bsharp-edged me the white house. >> seems both sides view trying to win the shut down as the first step towards winning the election next. >> democrats take control of the house, nancy pelosi's return to the speakership all but assured
8:01 am
today. >> u.s. ambassador to russia jon huntsman was able to meet with paul whelan in a prison yesterday. russian officials are accusing him of trying to recruit russians to get information. >> freezing concerns down to the mexican border with california and arizona today. texas and oklahoma under the gun for joe today. >> this is remarkable what apple has done. what does it say about our global economy? >> things are slowing in china. it impacts everyone. >> love is in the air, literally, a man proposed to his girlfriend while on a plane with the help of the other passengers. >> the passengers handed her roses as she walked down the aisle. some were wearing masks of her boyfriend's face, giving her kind of a you what. >> she did say >> how would you not after that? >> no pressure, right? she had to say looked scary. >> it's sweet but hopefully there was no turbulence.
8:02 am
>> there may be turbulence ahead. >> in any marriage there is. congratulations to the lucky couple. >> that's a great way to start the year, i'm bianna golodryga with norah o'donnell and anthony mason, gayle and john are off. >> well, democrats have taken control of the house of representatives. president trump and congressional leaders refused to budge on their demands to end the shutdown. democrats won't pay for a border wall but are offering to spend 1.the 3-billion for border security. mr. trump insists on $5.6 billion to help build a wall. >> house speaker designate nancy pelosi plans a vote on two measures to reopen the government. mitch mcconnell says the senate will only vote on a plan the president would sign. mr. trump offered to continue the negotiations tomorrow. >> kgb be hard to imagine a time when the two parties might have
8:03 am
agreed to build a wall but in 2006 the federal government built nearly 700 miles of wall and fencing with bipartisan support. we asked tony dokoupil to sort out when and how the physical border barrier created a political one. president trump and his allies accused democrats of flip-flopping on border security voting in favor of a barrier in 2006 but now refusing one. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer say for their part in effect not all barriers are created equal and mr. trump's big beautiful wall idea would in fact be expensive and ineffective. at more than 10 feet tall and made of steel, barriers like these might seem like a prototype of president trump's border wall. in fact, they're a sampling of what's already in place along the u.s./mexico border. in remote areas, you'll find shorter vehicles barriers like this, all part of the secure fence act, a 2006 political
8:04 am
compromise on immigration. signed by president bush and supported by 90 democratic members of congress it included funding for two layers of reinforced fencing plus additional physical barriers along roughly 700 miles of border from california to texas. among the senators who backed it, barack obama, hillary clinton and chuck schumer. >> the fence is now basically complete. >> reporter: a 2007 republican amendment give the department of homeland security control other ware where to build the barriers and since much of the rest of the border is protected by natural barriers like rivers, america's great border controversy was over. >> i will build the greatest wall that you've ever seen. >> so it seemed? >> who's going to pay for the wall? president trump's comments on the length. >> we need a thousand miles.. >> thel g ten fep agn of h wall have varied wildly since
8:05 am
2015. so widedly there is no telling what he'll accept in the end. >> it gets higher and higher every time somebody says i'm not going to do it. >> the stand yuf and shutdown continues. in his 2017 executive order authorize ago border wall, president trump defined the wall as a, quote, impassable physical barrier. from the president's perspective, that definition might also describe the new democratic congress. norah? >> the "washington post" has a great piece today that this budget shutdown is putting a huge strain on the u.s. immigration system. the men and women who guard our border, they're not being paid. the companies trying to use the, verify system to check and see if the person they're going hire is an americits thiss creating a whole other obhe fact
8:06 am
thathose who wtor securiis. >> and the president isopg the democts cave poi 2006. important to remember this is a very different democratic party? and mounting stress for families who don't know when they'll get a paycheck. >> great reporting. the partial shutdown affects americans across the country in all kinds of different ways. native americans point to vital services that are guaranteed by government treaties that tribes negotiated just generations ago. the so tribe of chippewa indians says it's losing about $100,000 a day for its medical clinics. >> the last time we had a shutdown in 2013 it ended $2013 costi ining us $1 million and w lost six staff including a doctor and nurse practitioner. >> they cannot lose those personnel. a couple from iowa had to scramble to find a new wedding
8:07 am
location when cabrillo national monument park in san diego was closed one week before the ceremony. >> it's -- as much frustration as we have had over having to change the venue, we had an amazing day. our hearts are broken for the people who need the government to be open in order to be paid. >> another couple in washington, d.c. said they couldn't get a marriage license two days before their wedding because the district's marriage bureau is closed due to the shut down. the divorce department, reportedly, is still open for business. [ laughter ] >> i wonder which one is getting more business. >> it's important to remember what's happening is having a massive effect on people across the country. so important to point that out. democratic senator elizabeth warren who is taking steps to run for president says she supports the idea of withdrawing u.s. troops from afghanistan and syria. last month, president trump said
8:08 am
he would take all troops out of syria. warren said yesterday the u.s. can't stay in the countries forever but needs to work with allies before getting out. >> i think everybody who keeps say nothing, no, no, we can't do that needs to explain what they think winning in those wars look like and where the metrics are. lots of different problems in afghanistan and what seems to be the answer from the foreign policy establishment, stay forever. that's not a policy, we can't do that. having said that. when you withdraw, you have to withdraw as part of a plan. >> the president demanded a speedy yawl from syria he said yesterday it will happen, quote, over a period of time. president trump is taking aim at james mattis. mattis announced he would step down and criticized the president's foreign policy in his resignation letter. mr. trump later moved mattis'
8:09 am
last day to december 31 from february then, in a cabinet meeting yesterday, the president said he was unhappy with results in afghanistan despite giving mattis resources like new fighter jets. >> general mattis was so thrilled but what's he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan? not too good. i'm not happy with what he's done in afghanistan and i shouldn't be happy. we have an area that i brought up with our general four or five weeks ago where taliban is here, isis is here and they're fighting each other, i said why don't you let them fight? why are we getting in the middle of it? let them fight. they're both our enemies. let them fight. sir, we want to do it, they go in and fight both of them, the craziest thing i've ever seen. i think i would have been a good general but who knows? >> the president also discussed iran in the cabinet meeting. a "game of thrones" style poster
8:10 am
was laid out on the table saying sanctions are coming. he previously tweeted the image in november before restoring sanctions on iran. >> the president may have been a good general but he sought five deferments from service during vietnam, including one for a bone spur in his foot so he didn't have the opportunity or want the opportunity to serve. our power grid is more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks, partly because of the rise of artificial intelligence. we'll take you inside new york state's largest power plant. see hue
8:11 am
8:12 am
we have much more news ahead. a new book argues potentially harmful chemicals are widespread in our food and homes. we'll talk about hormone disrupting substances with possible links to obesity, breast cancer and infertility. plus, a florida teenager says she's being punished for her s.a.t. prep. why she's worried about getting into college after her high score drew unexpected scrutiny. and hundreds of square miles of new mexico desert could become america's newest national park. ahead on cbs "this morning," we visit the dynac dunesf white sands national monument. we'll be right back. be right back. was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the tenderness. the psoriasis.
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8:17 am
♪ can i get a connection americans are increasingly connected to the virtual world through phones, computers and smart appliances. now even vital utilities like power and water grids are going digital. only on cbs "this morning," we got access to a massive power plant near niagra falls, new york. it's upgrading its systems with artificial intelligence. that is raising concerns among some security experts act the dangers from hackers. errol barnett shows us how power plants can defend themselves. >> reporter: cyber security firms are tracking an increased number of attempted attacks on u.s. infrastructure with one identifying at least eight groups of state-sponsored hackers. meanwhile, our homes are linked to the grid through smart thermostats and other connected devices so to see the risks, i explored new york state's high tech utility infrastructure which is becomingore reliant on artificial intelligence to
8:18 am
see how our grid is protected from attack. >> we are laying new technologies to the system built in the 1960s. >> reporter: old school hydro power is getting a new school upgrade thanks to artificial intelligence. new york state's largest power plant harnesses awesome energy of the niagra river and now the new york power authority is connecting this plant and miles of transmission lines with tens of thousands of sensor which is can essentially think. >> if there are anomalies or the temperature is outside the range of design. this sensor will communicate automatically to our integrated smart operation center. >> the ai network reaches statewide warning not only of problems on the grid but predicting where are unscheduled maintenance is needed. the aim is to lower costs and pass savings to customers.
8:19 am
with all data processed and verified here with engineers. >> with the improvements of software power you have the increase in potential risks from cyber attacks. how do you protect against them. >> you have to think about cyber at every step of the process. we have to incorporate cyber defenses in every step of the softwa software. >> there's more risk than we've had before. >> rob lee spent most of his military career at the national security agency and now runs his own consulting firm. after sounding the alarm about weaknesses of the u.s. grid to congress, he's critical of states relying on ai systems in general. >> the communication paths it has might open up paths for adversaries to take advantage of it. >> reporter: lee led the u.s. military investigation into the russian hack of the ukrainian power grid in 2015 made possible, he says, by a simple
8:20 am
internet connection. >> they opened up circuit breakers and deenergized portions of the grid leaving 225,000 customers in the darkness for a couple hours. >> reporter: lee warns ai without highly skilled humans involved is risky. what are the humans involvement risky. >> you don't want your grid operators, the humans controlling your grid, to become so definite on the machines running our ai model that they forget out to do their jobs. >> they're thinking and makes decisions. what do you say to people who are concerned about that? >> there are still humans in between the information and the action. so think of this really as a very smart decision support system. >> now we weren't allowed to show you, but gil tells me that power plant control courtrooms are safeguards and the department of holand security
8:21 am
revealed that russian malware was opened by someone in a control room from an e-mail. . anthony? >> thank you, ahead, the new research on the state's seeing the biggest exodus of people. why they're moving to other parts of the country. you're watching cbs this morning. when you have a cold, pain from a headache can make this... ...feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®. i but i can tell you i liberty mutual customized
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8:24 am
a new book a new book claiming that harmful chemicals are in our household products. how they could be links to serious diseases and how to protect ourselves and our families. your local news is next.
8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 morning update. i am ann macvicar. fire crews were busy with a big fire in vallejo. it was last occupied by a straw hat pizza parlor. no word of any injuries or a potential cause. apple is holding a meeting this morning after a day after a rare announcement, shares tank. demand for the iphone is down and investors are getting concerned. the first sierra snowpack survey this year is set for later this morning at tahoe. it helps to determine the amount of water that will eventually melt and run off. the state reservoir in the
8:26 am
warmer months. news updates throughout the day on all your favorite platforms including our website, .
8:27 am
it has been a not too bad commute. live conditions, if you're headed toward sfo not seeing any delays. eastbound 380, just past the 101 we are getting word of a broken down vehicle. it doesn't look like we are seeing any delays in our live shot there. no worries there. the rest of the bay area, if you're headed along the richmond san rafael bridge, the
8:28 am
westbound side is moving slow. eastbound there are debris and lanes.t's go to the golden gate bridge. traffic actually doing pretty nicely. an easy ride. no de about a 15 minute ride to go from 580 toward s.f. >> our temperatures are taking a dip. take a look at our current temperatures. 34 in concord and 38 in oakland and 31 in livermore and 43 downtown san francisco. 34 in san jose, santa rosa at 30 degrees. some freezing this morning. definitely bundle up. as you head outside this morning. 56 for a high and san
8:29 am
francisco. 57 in oakland and fremont. plenty of sunshine as we go through the day. partly sunny for friday. there we go with our next set storm system for saturday. we will keep the rain chance going sunday, monday and tuesday into next week. a wet weather pattern beginning this weekend.
8:30 am
♪ it looks like a scene from "the birds," but it is just nature at work. the starlings in israel have been putting on fascinating displays in the past two weeks. the synchronized swirling offici officially called murmuration is used to keep predators away. >> wow, there is a lot, look at them. >> they're busy at work protecting themselves and we're just enjoying them. >> that cow in the beginning was like nah, i have seen that before. >> right now, it is time to show
8:31 am
you some headlines from this morning's gloebe. giving up eating beef could reduce diet related deaths by 5%. the world economic forum study found that if people switched to other sources of protein, greenhouse gas emotions could fall 25%. and a long awaited early warning earthquake a. we first showed shake alert l.a. in 2017. the app gives users seconds before shaking from an earthquake arrived at the users location. a warning time of just a few seconds can save lives, it allows utilities so is your honor off fuel lines, and skull children to shelter under desks. and the state that the most people moves away from in 2018.
8:32 am
connecticut had the third highest, illinois was the second most, and new jersey was the most. the leading motivation is a career change. virginia had the highest percentage of people moving into the state. >> a florida high school senior is fighting baf after she says she was accused of cheating on her s.a.t. she scored 900 out of 1600 when she first took the test in march. after more practice she took it a second time and lifted her score to 1230. last month she received a letter saying her scores appeared invalid. campbell believes it is because of the big increase and now worries that she won't get into the school of her choice. her attorney benjamin crump is considering a lawsuit. we're demanding they validate
8:33 am
her test scores and release her test scores. >> i had to be focused and dedicated and i won't let them take my accomplishment away from me. >> they told campbell her score is under review because of similarities between her answers and those from other test takers. the college board that makes the s.a.t. says it doesn't cancel scores based seou solely on a p increase. and the potentially harmful effects of chemicals in our shoots and household products. they could be linked to obesity, diebl diabetes, and brain disorders. it comes from the new book "sicker, fatter, poorer." in a statement to cbs this
8:34 am
morning the american chemistry council says to stay below ranges of exposure determined to be safe, consumers should read product labels closely. phthalates are used widely in many products, their safety has been researched and reviewed. we did not hear back from the fda because of the partial government shut down. an associate professor, you start off with an ominous comparison. a new york city playground in 1962 to today where the children are fatter and not as healthy and you tribute to hormone disrupting chemicals. >> who mohormones are chemocali
8:35 am
our bodies use, and these chemicals disrupt them. the evidence is strong for four categoried of chemicals, pesticides, phalates. bisphenol, and they're in almost all part of our lives. yes. >> and you see a very strong link here to obesity? 40% of learns are obese. >> that's where the science has gone with leaps and bounds. nothing that i'm describing here suggest that chemicals are the only things affecting the obesity epidemic. >> how do they contribute them? >> they scramble hormone signals and scramble and shift our diet
8:36 am
how it is transformed in our body to fat or other categories. there are safe and simple steps we can take to limit the exposures that may be easier to do. >> our children are particularly vulnerable. >> yes, pound for pound they're eating more food and breathing more air, and they're developing organ systems are vulnerable. >> so what steps can we take to limit our exposure to these hormone disrupters. >> avoiding contact with aluminum cans. looking at a plastic bottle, check the numbers, the numbers 3, 6, and 7 are not safe for yourself. >> any plastic con taker, there
8:37 am
is a number on the bottom. 3 or for phalates. >> you start the book talking about children, norah mentioned children as well. they banned bpa in baby bottles. last year it said that bpa is safe for consumers, what is your reaction to that? is it safe for consumers? >> there is always shades of gray, but even the fda's own science suggests that lower levels of exposure that are more common in humans, we're in a place like we were with lead and tobacco smoke 20 years ago. how will we gamble with our health and if we want to take that gamble. that's why i'm here talking about this book. we need to empower consumers to make up their own minds and take
8:38 am
the simple safe steps they need. >> when it comes to europe, they regulation chemoc regulation chemical use than our government does. are you seeing the reactions to the regulations. >> policy predicts exposure. exposure predicts disease, and disease costs our economy. we found these exposures cost the united states $340 billion a year. >> so interesting. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. "sicker, fatter, poorer" goes on sail on january 8th. white sands national monument could soon seem some changes. these are dynamic dunes. the shifting white stands in new mexico part of the largest deals in the world. this landscape can change overnight.and now this area's f
8:39 am
be shifting. you're looking at what could be america's next national park. the story is c another cold start to the day as we head through the afternoon. looking ahead to the weekend a strong storm arrives for saturday bringing gusty winds and soaking rain. for today mid-50s in san francisco and looking at 57 in oakland. san jose 57 in santa rosa. the wet weekend as well as for a rainy start to the week next week.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
most national parks across the country remain closed due to the partial government shutdown. that hasn't stopped all tourists
8:43 am
from visiting. hundreds of people scaled fences to play in the dunes at new mexico's white sands national monument over the holidays before the shutdown, lawmakers proposed a bipartisan bill to make white sands america's next national park. mark strassmann went to new mexico to check out the desert oasis. >> this is the most pristine beach in the world. >> it's constantly moving, growing, evolving, changing. >> this place, it encourages you and rewards you to look deeper. >> reporter: the landscape other worldly. 275 square miles of sugar white sand. >> this sand is perfect. i mean, it's perfect. >> reporter: the park rangers we rode with into new mexico's white sands national monument
8:44 am
assured us this is no mirage. but a geological wonder. the largest gymsom sand field in the world. all those there plenty of serving here too. >> the environment is ever changing in the backdrop of these white dunes. >> reporter: this ranger says don't be fooled. white sands is more than a giant sandbox. >> this is a thriving ecosystem. there's over fiftien demmic spe spees sees that live in the dunes. this is an island. this is an island of life. >> that's because beneath the basesy lies a high water table, a giant underground lake. we found water about a foot below the surface. >> this is old water. this is from 6,000 years old? >> 6,000. >> so in the heart of the desert there's an amazing oasis. >> reporter: herbert hoover proclaimed white sands a national monument in 1933, but
8:45 am
there's an on going drive here to upgrade its status and make white sands america's next national park. >> we're at about mile four. >> reporter: white sands super inte intendant describes the difference. >> it's usually remembering miessed for a singular resource or event. a national park will frequently have multiple am layers, a little more comples complexity. >> the national park designation carries more prestige, which would bring more tourists, jobs, and revenue. in this nearby town, population 31,000, we met gb oliver. studies showing turning white sands into a national park could mean an extra 100,000 visitors a year, an economic windfall of up to $7.5 million for the region. >> national parks have that much more recognition. people are in the habit of looking for those and going to them and visiting them.
8:46 am
>> reporter: one potential issue, the monument lies within the white sands missile range, america's biggest military installation. where the first atomic bomb was detonated some 60 miles north of the monument. the department of defense and the park service had competing interest, but agreed to create a national park with a series of proposed land swaps. the real pitfall is something else. america has 60 national parks, almost half were once national monuments just like white sands. creating a national park requires congressional approval. the challenge is that these days congress can agree on very little. new mexico senator martin heinrich produced the bill to designate white sands as a national park. >> they know had they go to a national park they should expect something special. and i think white sands meets the bill as well as anything i've ever seen. >> but senator heinrich also
8:47 am
knows politics in washington can feel like a clash of the transformers. this scene was filmed at white sands. >> what are the odds, then, of this happening? >> i think the odds of this happening are very high. i think the question is when. and it may take six months or it may take a few years. but there will be a white sands national park. >> reporter: white sands play have a lesson for polarized lawmakers about the dynamic of change. one windstorm, one rainstorm and every track here is erased for another day. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann at the white sands national monument in new mexico. >> i hope it becomes a national park. >> i've never been there. >> and it's just stunning. >> you're reminded of the beautiful landscape in america, right? a little bit of everything. >> incredible places and if that's not worthy i don't know what is. today on the "cbs this morning" pod daft we talk with mark elwood, contributing editor
8:48 am
traveler about the top places to visit in 2019. find out the city in china' compares to san francisco. our podcast is available on apple's podcast app or wherever you like to download your podcasts. we will be right back. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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8:51 am
the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday. a crispy creme donut truck
8:52 am
that caught fire turned a sweet new year's sour for police in kentucky. they posted pictures of officers jokingly mourning the truck with the caption, no worries. other departments across the country gave their support. the new york police department encouraged them to hang tight. police in toledo promised 2019 will get better. they got in on the fun and delivered dozens of their donuts to delighted officers yesterday. >> that krispy creme box looked crispy. >> charred donuts. well done, krispy creme, well done. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the cbs evening news with jeff glor tonight and we will see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." have a great day keeping your resolutions. >> stay away from donuts. >> trying so hard.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is is a kpix 5 morning update. five minutes before 9:00 , i am anne makovec. ohka leaders will discuss the city's lowest murder rate in nearly 2 decades. new numbers show the city's homicide rate was down to 68 in 2018. that's the lowest it has been since 1999. san jose mayor, sam liccardo back home after he was hit by an suv on new year's day. he was hit near the east foothills. less than two hours more than 1000 people are expected to celebrate the grand opening of the moscone he center expansion in san francisco.
8:56 am
the $551 million expansion is on howard between third and fourth streets. news updates throughout the day on all your favorite platforms including our website, life can change in an instant.
8:57 am
be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. to siisial help is available, ary , so't miss out! because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. this was just in. a new crash involving four vehicles westbound 80. we have our eye on this live caltrans camera. no delays as of yet. chp is headed out to the scene.
8:58 am
a live look right now at the bay bridge, it has been an easy ride all morning long. from here to the oakland area. 880 oakland, much better. stopping conditions on the northbound side near the coliseum. no delays here in both directions. san mateo bridge looking good as well. no delays headed toward the peninsula. the golden gate bridge a beautiful shot as you head into san francisco. >> plenty of sunshine but cold out there. our current temperatures mostly sunny skies. 39 in concord and 38 in oakland and livermore at 36. 42 in san jose. plenty of sun as we head through the afternoon. daytime highs seasonal for this time of year. 57 four oakland. 59 in san jose. drive for one more day. partly sunny for tomorrow.
8:59 am
a series of storms that will bring wet weather forest beginning this weekend. through windy wednesday. 59 in san jose. dry for one more day. partly sunny for tomorrow. a series of storms that will bring wet weather forest beginning this weekend. saturday looks rainy and windy. rain chances through windy
9:00 am
wayne: season ten! hit it! - i'm taking the money! jonathan: it's a trip to sweden. big deal of the day! wayne: what's in the box? jonathan: what? tiffany: selfie. - oh, my god! wayne: smash for cash. $20,000. let's go. "let's make a deal" season ten, baby. jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, america. welcome to "let's make a deal". wayne brady here. thanks for tuning in. who wants to make a deal? you, bobby soxer, come on over here. yes, yes, yes. (cheers and applause) come on over here. what's your name? - i'm joselyn. wayne: joselyn, what do you do? - i'm a teacher. wayne: give her a round of applause. (cheers and applause) what do you teach? - i am a seventh grade teacher, so i teach math, science and pe. wayne: oh, and the pe teacher.


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