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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 4, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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for steph curry's party. we ask was it worth it next. faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. now at 11:00 six days of rains just hours away, the stormy weather niofour t right now. >> is pg&e going into bankruptcy? the reports that sent their stocks into a tailspin. >> steph curry's free oakland
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bash just wrapping up, tonight we asked the fans did it live up to all the hype and drama? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. first we begin with some breaking news near the west oakland b.a.r.t. station where three men have been shot and killed. this is new video just into our newsroom. you see the very large active police scene out there now. >> this happened at 9 p.m. at 10th and center streets about 3 blocks north of the b.a.r.t. station. police haven't released many details except to say there are three victims all adult males. just yesterday oakland's mayor and police chief announced a trash drop in the city's murder rate in 20 -- drastic drop in the city's murder rate in 2018. a dramatic shift in the weather is only hours away. a satellite loop showing a storm spinning off the coast. that's not the only one, brian hackney with the latest on what's happening next. >> yeah.
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it's going to be a one-two- three punch by the time all is said and done. the southerly winds will increase after midnight tonight and spread rain over the bay area beginning at sunrise. the hi-def doppler is just beginning to pick up the first few faint echos off mendocino. for us futurecast shows that the brunt of the front moves through about 7:00 or 8:00 this morning and powers through leaving another wave coming through about 11 a.m. after that we get showers for hours until finally things begin to abate around sundown tomorrow night. we get rain and wind at sunrise tomorrow morning about around a 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches of rain tomorrow with 25 to 60- mile an hour wind gusts out of the south and then another wave of rain is going to be coming in by sunday afternoon. so expect things to get wild and wet beginning tomorrow morning. i'll have more details in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you.
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financial storm clouds are swirling around pg&e tonight. its stock is plummeting amid reports it may be eyeing bankruptcy. shares fell more than 19% in after hours trading. kpix5's andria borba is outside pg&e headquarters in san francisco for us. >> reporter: currently has a $12.7 billion market capitalization. that is below the estimated $15 billion liability it may have for potentially starting the camp fire leaving options running wild here. two bombshell reports about the potential future of pacific gas and electric, the first from mpr saying pg&e is considering selling off its natu division. that i to state senator jerry hill. >> they were doing that at the exact same time they were trying to fool the legislature so that the legislature would look at either two choices. the narrative was either
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bankruptcy or bailout. the legislature gave them a bailout and at the same time they didn't come forward, weren't honest. they weren't showing the best integrity by letting us know they were looking at an alternative, a possible way of paying for the liability. >> reporter: the other report from reuters, that the utility giant is preparing for bankruptcy filing due to mounting liability from the deadly camp fire that destroyed much of the town of paradise. >> if pg&e declares bankruptcy, it is pg&e essentially saying that they care more about saving the behinds of the executives than they do about compensating all the people they've victimized. so it sends a message thatis no thing mpensateall of these people it's harmed. >> reporter: since the camp fire began pg&e stock value has taken a nearly 60% nose dive dropping to $19 a share tonight in after hours trading. state senator hill thinks breaking up the utility is the correct move. >> by spinning off their gas
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and electric systems i think they will become a size that they can manage. i think what we've seen over the last few years is they've been too big to succeed. >> reporter: millbrae attorney amanda riddle represents more than 700 camp fire victims who lost homes to flames that pg&e equipment is under investigation for sparking. she says bankruptcy only harms those folks even more likely leaving many without enough money to rebuild. >> the victims would be compensated nowhere near what they should be entitled to in a court of law. >> reporter: today in a statement pacific gas and electric spoke about refreshing their board and looking at structural options. state senator hill is wary of any decision the utility makes. >> pg&e will do whatever is in their best interest regardless of anything else. >> reporter: now pg&e also has one other option that has been kicked around and that is potentially selling. the headquarters that you see behind me located in the heart of downtown san francisco in
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the financial district, it is worth roughly $1 billion. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. a live look at capitol hill tonight where two hours of high stakes talks failed to end the shutdown stalemate. it is day 14. tonight the president is indicating he would consider declaring a national emergency to get his wall built. >> kpix5's veronica de la cruz is here to break it all down for us. >> two weeks into the shutdown funding for that proposed wall remains the sticking point. congressional leaders met with the president at the white house for the second time this week. a white house photo shows mr. trump standing and glaring at house speaker nancy pelosi. democrats later said and the president confirmed that he is considering an extended shutdown. >> in fact, he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time, months or even years. >> did you say that and -- >> i did. i did say that. absolutely i said that. i don't think it will, but i am
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prepared. >> now the president also said if democrats and congress do not give him the more than $5 billion he wants to construct the border wall, he may use emergency powers to divert money from the pentagon instead. >> we can call it a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely. now we can do it. i haven't done it. i may do it. i may do it. >> meantime the tsa is seeing a rash of sick calls, hundreds of agents calling out sick this week at five major airports, none in the bay area. they've been working without pay during the shutdown and one airport spokesperson said sick calls are likely to spike next week after agents miss their first paycheck. here in the bay area muir woods will close monday. park officials are acting out of concerns over health and safety. during the shutdown trash bins have not been emptied and restrooms are off limits. there's a plan in place tonight to shore up those d l beams in san
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francisco's transbay transit center. the repair calls for steel plates to be placed above and below the problem areas, almost like you splint a broken bone. the steel is on order, but there's no timetable yet for the work or for when the transit center might reopen. it's been closed to the public more than three months now. a train hit a big rig near the port of oakland. it happened late this afternoon on middle harbor road. the train is a union pacific freight train. it didn't derail, but the truck is damaged. there are no reports of any injuries. happening right w in oakland steph curry's bash to celebrate 10 years in oakland. that is just starting to wrap up. the line to get into the fox theater went on and on and on earlier tonight. we see that from chopper 5. kpix5's susie steimle is there. so what did fans tell you? did steph curry deliver? >> reporter: i mean absolutely. from what i'm hearing, things went extremely smoothly, which honestly was a little bit of a surprise after this week with a lot of confusion about all
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these free tickets. you could see even behind me the fox theater here, the marquee lights are off. they got done with the concert early, wrapped everything up without any lefaare saying it w wait. >> all right, guys, here we go! >> reporter: the curry confusion has come to an end. fans spent the week sleeping in their cars and waiting in wrap- around lines like this for free tickets. >> i'm a little tired, but i'm excited. >> reporter: she's waited in line 18 hours over three days for her free ticket. other than the usual event line drama over cutting -- >> people cutting in. they're saying we're going to roll the camera back and put them out of line. hogwh.>>po ingswent out a hitch. eventuallyeveryone made it into the fox theater for the show including nearly a dozen local basketball teams from across the bay area who were given free curry 6 shoes released tonight.
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when steph took the stage, he thanked oakland for being his home for 10 years. >> it's definitely symbolic because in the 10 years the city of oakland has changed drastically. >> reporter: stanley cox, aka mr. fab is one of several performers here tonight. he says as oakland's population changes, it's important to see people like steph curry offer free events for fans. >> most of the things from concerts to just typical things are so far outpriced that the average person that lives here can't even afford it. so to be able to have something like that, it's empowering. >> reporter: so i want to give you guys reactions from a real fan who was inside the entire time. she works for us on the assignment desk for the morning show. she's been up forever, but you're from oakland. how was it tonight? >> it was honestly amazing. it's everything i thought it would be and more. it's just one of those once in a lifetime shows that you won't really get another chance to go
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to. so it was worth the wait. my boyfriend waited eight hours in line, but yeah, it was great. everyone, amazing. >> reporter: thank you so much, maya. go get some sleep. she stayed up all day and night for this party and everybody says itwent really well and it was worth it. >> credit to the boyfriend for standing in line, good for her. thanks. a wild police chase, at one point a woman is dumped out of the car, what police are learning from her tonight. >> cameras rolling as robbers storm a jewelry store, what sent this crew running scared. >> reporter: and the party has started, but not all the guests have arrived yet with st days a >> we're tracking a new storm system headed our way and could
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sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. it's the final days of the lowest prices of the season. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. tonight the stage is set for college football's big event. both teams touching down in the south bay in the past few hours and they'll face off at levi's on monday. now, of course, for college football fans this is the biggest game of all. >> it's what they wait for, lots of entertainment already going on in downtown san jose. kpix5's andrea nakano is there to show us how that party got started tonight. >> reporter: yeah. you walk down the streets of san jose tonight and a clemson or alabama fan, but one man did tell me that they are
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coming. it's just san jose is a little far. it's the friday before the big college football national championship game and that means the party has started. a free concert in downtown san jose and we found a very devoted clemson fan in this crowd. you came all the way from south carolina. >> we drove here. >> reporter: how did you enjoyment the road trip? >> we had a great time, didn't we? it was a long ways, but truthfully it was wonderful. >> reporter: while the bell family took a long road trip the teams arrived by air. the clemson tigers touched down first followed by the alabama crimson tide. both schools were greeted by the kids from the santa clara lions youth football league. these two teams will battle at levi stadium on monday, but until then fans get to enjoy a weekend full of events leading up to the championship game, even if they are not hard core football fans. what do you know about the college football championship? who is playing? >> i know that alabama's
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playing at the levi stadium. >> reporter: and who else? at the convention center it's playoff fan central where fan goes through some of the same drills a few of these college athletes will go through at the nfl combine. >> i did all right. i was surprised. >> reporter: and one of the highlights of this event was to meet these guys. the 49ers junior bryant and dennis brown who brought home the lombardi trophy in 1995. fan central will kick off at noon. andrea nakano in san jose, kpix5. the coastguard has released new video of a deadly ship fire in the pacific. the ship was carrying cars from japan to hawaii. it caught fire on monday, then raged for several days. see the thick, white smoke coming from the vessel? 16 crew members had to be rescued. four of the crew members were killed and a search for a
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missing crew member has been suspended. the cause of the fire is under investigation. residents of an l.a. neighborhood forced from their homes tonight by an underground gas explosion. a 42 unit apartment building in west lake was evacuated after the blast rocked an underground vault. a gas flame could be seen shooting up through the sidewalk as people were being ordered out. there were no injuries or damage reported. also in southern california a suspect played a game of cat and mouse with police in a high speed chase that lasted about two hours. the reporter stacy butler shows us the dramatic pursuit. >> reporter: chp officers say this woman was the passenger who possibly jumped out or fell out during a high speed pursuit earlier tonight. >> somebody coming out of the door. >> reporter: a chp cruiser picked the passenger up near kramer and by parking lot ere paramedics treated her for shoulder pain.
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officers say she told them she knew the suspect well and he was armed with a gun. she was not seriously hurt and said neither was another woman she claimed was also in the car and pregnant who got out in riverside when the chase began. you can see her walking away on the sidewalk. it's unclear if the women were victims or suspects along with the driver. the chp officers say the driver was out on bail. riverside sheriffs say they tried to stop the driver after they say he assaulted a police officer. sky 9 was over the pursuit as the driver sped through two counties at times driving on the shoulder. >> whoa. >> reporter: he even plowed through a dirt road along a train track, over side streets and drovside of the road over two hours friday during rush hour traffic. >> he's getting back on. there we go. that's what we've been talking about. >> reporter: chp officers caught up with him in anaheim near state college boulevard. he walked out of the jeep with his hands up and was taken into custody without a fight. >> hands up bringing this
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to an end. the dog, though, ready to make a move, but it does appear the driver now going into custody. >> reporter: it sounds like the driver will stay behind bars for a while. he now faces a slew of charges. in orange county, stacy butler, kpix5. caught on camera tonight a wild smash and grab, the crooks made off with about 10 grand in jewels in seconds. it happened at a florida mall and video shows four masked men storming in smashing the glass with a blue hammer. they home the counter there. two man grab and shove a clerk. the thieves take as much as they can before they run out. that's because the owner came back with a gun. it all happened in under 15 seconds. today people in a central valley town paid tribute to a police officer murdered in the line of duty. corporal ronil singh was shot to death during a traffic stop last week in newman. today people held american flags while waiting for his casket to arrive. it was carried into a theater for public viewing as officers
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stood at attention. >> we just had a person come up to us and said they loved him even though ronil was one of the ones that arrested him. so even people that he had contact with he touched and made their life di >> singh was a -- different. >> singh was a pillar of the community. >> officer singh's funeral is tomorrow morning in modesto. governor newsom announced he and his family will leave marin and take up residence there. they have four children, two dogs and one rabbit. today the moving trucks were outside the 140-year-old victorian home. governor brown will leave on rno live in the mansion since ronald reagan in 1967. it has undergone a multi- million dollar renovation.
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now to an out of this world mistake tonight. >> an astronaut accidentally dialed 911 from space. the 60-year-old dutch astronaut was trying to dial an international number, so he dialed the 9, then missed a number. so he wound up calling 911 instead. he hung up immediately, but the call triggered an alert in houston 200 miles below. they contacted him. ground control to major tom, is everything a-okay? i guess it was, all is well. >> next it will be pizza. >> instead of all that tang they're drinking. as we look live over san jose tonight, some locations around the bay area have clear skies, but that will change by sunrise tomorrow. managed highs in the upper 50s and low 60s today and the numbers now not falling that much, but winds are beginning to pick up. now in san francisco 52 and in livermore down to 39, but out the door tomorrow morning rain and wind, temperatures starting in the 40s, into the 50s.
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here's where it's coming from, low pressure winding up. as that low gets, southerly winds gust to 30 miles an hour. about 4 a.m. not much on hi-def doppler, but that will change. the narrow band of robust showers, heavy rain coming in about 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, 25 minutes before sunrise. boy, it's a fast mover. look at this, just out to the east bay, but behind it showers for hours in the bay area right through saturday evening and then watch what happens sunday. here comes another one and with this the snow levels come down to 4,000 feet. bay area peaks could get a dusting. at the moment the winds are not much to shout about in some places. they are calm, but it will be a rapid change. futurecast shows this rich wind field moves in by sunrise tomorrow morning with gusts up to 40 miles an hour down below and 60 miles up top. then you think by saturday night not bad.
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it goes down to about 4 miles an hour, but with the next storm coming in sunday once again the winds ramp up especially in the south bay. wind advisories then are posted for the bay area, upper elevations up to 60-mile an hour gusts and the rain down here turns to snow up flat out mountain travel strongly discouraged, but that's what they're saying about the heavy snow tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. if you insist on heading out, give yourself plenty of time. to sum it up, it's rain and wind after sunrise tomorrow morning. showers, gusty wind saturday and more showers coming later on sunday and it's not going to be done then. extended forecast shows a distinct system sunday afternoon and another distinct system wednesday and even unsettled after that. we will get some breaks, but it's wet. >> thanks, brian. coming up see what happens when a kitten uses one of its nine lives in the middle of a busy freeway.
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tonight the freeway rescue that may just be the cutest video of the day. >> hey, kitty. >> poor little girl, a kansas city police officer spotted a tiny kitten stranded on the top of a jersey barrier just crying. so he swooped in to grab her and put her in his patrol car. it's unclear how the little
11:26 pm
girl got stranded. lucky for her this tale has a happy ending. the officer's family adopted her and named the kitten della. >> love that. hey, straight ahead it is friday night at club kpix. that means ladies night as the pac-12 women get beyond the velvet ropes first to lead it off, wild shots on the court tonight. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on
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ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. college basketball up top, let's get into pac-12 play, ladies night. we pick it up in berkeley. turnovers, ucla just the cause of the stress. overtime game. cal went inside to its strength. not enough touches at the finish. here's the key moment. one-point game, no foul is called here. this ends up a turnover for ucla and mckayla ononware made them pay for it. cal had 19 turnovers in the game. tara vanderveer standing up. stanford on better get going.
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they did against usc. how you going to stop carrington. she scored 14 and the killer cross over, kianna williams, game high 22 as sc did not fight on tonight. stanford now 11-1, final 72-64. nfl 49er tight end george kittle was named second team all pro. he's the team's first all pro selection since 2015. kittle had the most receiving yards by a tight end. stanford receiver j.j. whiteside announced he will enter the nfl draft projected to be a second or third round pick. this is cute, not a stanford men's game last night, a win by the bruins. it was walton who called this game weighed in on who he thinks should lead ucla now that they let go of their head coach. >> who do you think can succeed
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here? what type of characteristic should ucla look for in the next coach? >> barack obama. >> well, i don't think he's going to coach. >> well, you keep saying that, but why? why are you so negative? why are you just turned down? his brother-in-law in coached. i'm sticking with barack obama he says no. >> i love big -- barack obama until he says now. >> i love big red. shout out stanford soccer sensation kateryna mccario named the trophy winner today, the highest honor in soccer you can get as an individual in the game. >> fantastic for her. >> thank you, vern. >> be right back.
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the late show with stephen er . >> have a great weekend! good night. >> stay safe.
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