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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 9, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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skies on this wednesday, january 9. we are dealing with rain again this morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. in san jose a tree toppled onto a home on east taylor street and trapping people in the home for a while. there was also a tree down on board lane but no reports of injuries in either incident. we have dangerous surf today and here's what the waters looked like at rodeo beach and high surf warning tonight. be careful and we already have some problems. >> we will tell you why coming up in a few minutes. >> we are going to get a little bit of a break today in the rain. >> a little later. we will have scattered showers
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this morning and it will dissipate into the afternoon and evening. you can see quite a bit of green with scattered showers in the north bay and south bay. the vast majsthemonte ity orth don't feel and napa. we have showers making their way eastward, showers scattered throughout sunnyvale, san jose, and be careful on the roadways. it is also very windy right now. at the moment we are still gusting at 17 miles an hour in severed cisco in a little bit better in the south bay. 13 in san jose and in novato it is for teen miles an hour. it is still relatively gusty out there, gusting it 15 miles an hour overnight. in the north bay 14 miles an hour in santa rosa and topping out at san rafael, 18 miles an
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hour. this was more of a wind event than a rain event. we had close to one inch in parts of the north bay. in the rest of the bay area, 4/100 of an inch so not a lot of rainfall. there is more rain on the way. we certainly have clouds, san francisco 57, 58 in concord, 56 in santa rosa and in san jose. there is a deadly rollover crash that has the lanes completely shut down at north one-on-one. that is just past to make key and there is a traffic alert issued. we have no word on when those lanes will reopen, and the garbage truck rolled over around four -- 4 am this morning. we will have a better perspective but in the meantime avoid the 101 and use 87, 280
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or king road rnate. weill continue to monitor the situation throughout the morning. other trouble spots, wet roadways with accidents trickling in, two lanes are blocked as you approach the scene. it is pretty windy this morning so the wind advisory is in effect for some of the bay area bridges including the dumbarton bridge. currently 63 miles an hour on the westbound side out of the east bay toward the peninsula. moving okay but we do have windy conditions and sleek roadways which could make it a difficult commute. definitely give yourself a few extra minutes heading out the door this morning. again, northbound at mckee, use
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an alternate. several consulates have been evacuated in elkhorn and canberra due to suspicious packages. they were apparently envelopes labeled as asbestos. inside were plastic bags with fibrous material. authorities are working to find out what the material was but in the meantime the u.s. nbc, india, italy, spain and among others have been evacuated. they don't believe there is danger to the public around them. a live look at washington dc and it is day 19 of the partial government shutdown and neither side appears to be compromising over the proposed border wall. the president is meeting congressional leaders today at the white house and reporter
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marc liverman shows us that in several national addresses the president and democratic leaders continue to blame one another for the impasse. >> reporter: president trump using the first primetime oval office address to urge democrats to support funding the border wall. >> how much more american blood must we shed before congress does it job. >> repoer: the speech did not offer policy changes or compromise but instead the president painted the situation as a humanitarian crisis. >> democrats have refused ide ow knour bordther agents with the tools they desperately need to protect our families and our nation. >> misreporter: rebuttal house speaker nancy plessis -- nancy pelosi and chuck schumer debate the security.
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>> stop manufacturing a crisis and we must reopen the government. >> reporter: in his own responsible social media, vermont senator bernie sanders was among those fact checking the claims of the president, and among them that mexico will pay for the wall. >> the wall will also be paid for indirectly with the great new trachea we have implemented with mexico. >> that is a lie. if the wall were to be built mexico would not pay for it. american taxpayers would. >> reporter: president trump says democrats requested the steel barrier rather than the wall, and says sanders, that is false. >> tomorrow the presidt fly to the texas border. >> no bill to find the hundred thousand workers will
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likely not be paid until the indays the month, almost 3 snow roughly 420,000 employees are working without pay and 380,000 have been furloughed. >> officials say that parks will temporarily close, and at the josh wood three park people are misbehaving by driving off- road, trashing and damaging some of the trees. >> they are camping where they are not supposed to camp and driving around gates that say a closed area, but this is a sensitive environment that does not recover quickly. >> there was the hand-delivered garbage been labeled, "trump trash" and collected the trash in san francisco this weekend with volunteers. >> the fda is expressing concern that the shutdown could threaten your health and safety. agency operations continue to
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the extent permitted by the law but 41% of the work force is currently off the job. a teenager was found shot in the parking lot of an elementary school. the officers went to the central elementary school on middle road after getting a call from the victim's family requested a welfare check. the victim is identified as mohammad othman, a 17-year-old that played football for carlmont high school . they believe that he and the killer know each other. yesterday evening the belmont police responded to a home at pleasanton but the police would not say why, leaving the friends of mohammad othman to speculate. >> we all told him not to get involved with his friends. he was a smart kid but he did get involved with them. >> it was like any other teenager. he had minor setbacks and issues, but nothing that would be an indicator of something
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like this. >> mohammad othman was expected to graduate this year and reportedly plan to go to college at san mateo. a man was found dead more than 100 feet below the cliff in santa cruz county. they were called to the scene and davenport yesterday but the waves along the bluffs made it difficult for them to make their way down to the body. >> there are many equations here that can get people hurt bad. we have to move slowly and methodically, and run the numbers to get it done. >> the victim has been identified, 20-year-old cameron cool but no word on how he died. >> residents have raised concerns about the dangerous cliffs and some touristy strokes to scale down to get the beach. they have since put up warning signs. the councilmember jumped and action to help save a woman stabbed downtown one week ago
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at 5 pm at broadway and 16th street not far from city hall. the councilmember dan kalb and his former chief of staff saw the woman through the window at peet's coffee shop. the man stabbed her multiple times and they each reached out to help and were joined by two other good samaritans. >> we were trying to distract the guy to get him away from the person. we through the luggage at him and yelled at him, and then he pointed the knife at us. >> dan kalb said a gunman tackled the suspect to bring in and to the terrifying deal. clinton lucas was arrested for the attack and the victim was treated for her injuries. they believe it started over an argument about money. the novato police what your help to identify a suspected bank robber after the man walked into the state played and handed the teller the no running away with cash.
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a santa fe restaurant has closed its doors for years and harry's is going out of business after 42 years. >> whatever we fly in our out, we always come here to eat. >> we wanted to be here for the last day and this is been our favorite place for 30 years. >> the fans lined up to get one last taste of the food and beer and they cannot sign a lease because the property is expected to be redeveloped. it was nice while it lasted. >> you look around and there is a lot of life. but it needs upgrades, and we cannot do it. >> two other harry's locations are open. it is 4:41 bad for apple ah word is spreading about another iphone production cut, and what could be behind this mess for the tech giant.
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>> we take a beautiful look outside over the tower, 57 degrees. it is currently 4:41 am. we will be right back
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it is 4:44 am. it is day 2 at the ces tech convention in vegas. it is making headlines for another reason and dan patterson explains. >> reporter: the biggest news from ces had everything to do with investing in future technology, the announcement of the $10 million bond to help improve diversity and access to the funds for the underrepresentgrwomen, minorities and other groups will have access to mind are -- money they otherwise would not. in other news in 2019, and possible foods announcing the impossible burger 2.0.
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this is a meet read burger -- meat free burger that will sizzle and pop, and it tastes smartcards to vigate roads, and share data with other cards to help improve the traffic congestion. finally, there is brand-new smart toilet technology in the caller intelligent toilet is part of the smart bathroom collection for a fully immersive experience with the heated seat, personalized cleansing, ambient lighting, voice control and amazon alexis support. i am dan patterson for cbs news. there is new trouble for apple, and they are slicing apple production by 10%. the tech giant told suppliers to produce fewer iphones over the next three months, the
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second time in two months that apple has trimmed production. apple said that the cells are weaker in china and slicing the forecast with the cell phone market saturated. google is expanding in los angeles and will transform the 600,000 square foot mall into office space. google signed the 14 year lease for the westside pavilion shopping center which will be redeveloped and expected to be completed by 2022. $1.6 million is not unheard of for a house in the bay area but this is different. it is missing a kitchen. the four bedroom, four bathroom home suffered a cooking fire a year ago so all that is left of the kitchen is a black and shell in the home is unlivable. the agent says there has been plenty of interest. >> yes, put up the cabinets and you are done.
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it is just a little renovation project. just $30,000 to fix up the kitchen. >> for more than $1 million that is a hard pass for me. your drive to work will likely be soggy and gusting with the wind advisory still in effect. taking a look at the high def doppler you can see the green on the radar with yellow and orange. the north bay is seeing the front of this actually moving through glen allen, yountville with napa saying a few showers as well . we have scattered showers in the bay area through the morning. more rain means is no in the sierra but only in the higher elevations. in fact, it looks like rain at the lake level but in the higher elevations we have snow. they have more weather heading
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in that direction and we know they want all the snow they can get at this time of the year. currently in san francisco 57, 58 in concord, santa rosa at 56 degrees. this pressure system is moving up spinning off and you can see the tailend of it right here as it slowly makes his way inland with scattered showers moving through for the rest of the day. looking at the futurecast, you can see the green as it makes its way through the area meaning we will have pop-up showers here and there. in the afternoon this will clear before tomorrow. we will likely have a dry break with even sunshine here and there before the rain eventually returns to the forecast on friday. it will be a wet weekend. the wind advisory still in effect until 10 am this morning. we have seen the wind gusting up to 50 miles an hour or just above. winter weather advisory is in effect in tahoe.
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it is raining at the lake level but in the higher elevations we are seeing quite a bit of snow so you could see possible travel delays through the passes heading to tahoe today. we have the high surf advisory so many things to watch out for today and tomorrow. we will have a dry break on thursday with a mix of sun and clouds. that is the one break we have before the rain returns friday morning. we will stay wet through the weekend. looking at the high temperatures today, upper 50s to low 60s, 57 in santa rosa and pacific up. san francisco 59, oakland 61. san jose is the warmest at 62. we have showers today slowly fizzling out. it will dry out in time for a mix of sun and clouds on thursday. friday we have the next round of rain returning, going into
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showers saturday and possibly sunday. it looks like it will be a wet start to the work week next week. >> that always makes it difficult for the commute. we have a traffic alert on northbound 101 at mckee. it is a rollover garbage truck reported around 3:45 am this morning. the traffic is being diverted off of the freeway at allen rock. there is an oil spill as well in the roadway so this could take some time to clear the lanes. this is causing a big back up. your best bet is to avoid the one-on-one commuting out of the south bay. 280 will work with no delays right now. you can connect over to 87 back to 101. king road is also an alternate. again, northbound 101 at mckee is shut down for the next few hours. there is no official ato but we
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will keep you updated. other trouble spots appeared to see a concentration southbound. it is slow approaching this area. we have stop and go conditions at fair oaks avenue and 101 with a car facing the wrong way. we have a delay on highway 17 southbound at idlewild. the car hit a tree that is blocking the southbound lane. your travel times right now pretty slow and especially through the altamont pass, westbound 580 and the east shore freeway looks pretty good right now. here is a live look at highway 80 and mcbride with slick services along with a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. it is quiet at the toll plaza and gusty across the span into san francisco.
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the chp officers have had their hands full this week with traffic backed up on highway 17 due to the goats goats that wer blocking traffic. the police are trying to figure out who they belong to. pulling off the roadside delivery and here is officer lloyd reed holding a newborn baby girl he helped to deliver monday afternoon on the side of route 99. mother and daughter are in good health and resting at the local hospital. >> going above and beyond the call of duty. straight ahead, she is a barbie girl in a barbie world. i think that is how the song goes but i don't know the rest of the words. a star is born takes on more awards with that and more in your hollywood headlines. here's a live look outside over the south bay with raindrops on the camera lens,
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56 degrees in san jose and rain is on the way. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can build a more just and prosperous future? please, join the more than 6.5 million americans who are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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good morning, temperatures mild and 57 degrees in pacifica, 61 in cupertino, 60 in morgan hill. 61 in livermore, and 59 in vallejo. cooler in the bay with the mix of 50s, 57 in santa rosa. in the north bay 57 degrees, and 58 degrees at ukiah. the traffic alert continues in the south bay with the deadly crash having all lanes completely shut down at northbound 101 and mckee road.
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it is a rollover garbage truck with many delays in the area. you will need to use alternate at 280, and king road to avoid the delays along the 101. barbie is coming to life and the star is born is winning big at the awards show. chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: after bradley cooper picked up the best director of the year award for that stars born at the gala in new york tuesday night, his costar, lady gaga, receiving the nod for best actress of the year. the "hamilton" playwright lin- manuel miranda and friends are the proud owners of the drama book shop in new york city. the bookstore is been around for over 100 years but moving due to the skyrocketing rent but the new location has not
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been announced. barbie is bringing the malba dream house to the big screen, mattel and warner bros. are partnering with the first live actor feature film featuring the award-winning doll. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. >> i am a barbie girl. it is 4:57 am. the camp fire devastation is getting international attention this morning and coming up, where that deadly california wildfire lands on the list of costliest natural disasters. the downed power line track people in their home after the tree comes down in downtown san jose. we will take a look at the wet and windy weather that flew through the bay last night and a live report.
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