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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news, a pipeline explosion kills at least 20 people in mexico next. an oil pipeline explodes .. killing more than 20 people in mexico. the horrific fireball.. seen for miles. now at 11:00 breaking news, an oil pipeline explodes killing more than 20 people in mexico. the horrific fireball seen for about the president's major announcement. >> plus some new video, water
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rescues in flooded butte county and homes buried in snow in the sierra. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. first that breaking news out of mexico tonight, a pipeline explosion has killed at least 21 people and badly burned 71 others. flames could be seen shooting into the sky. military and emergency personnel are responding to the scene and approaching the fire burning through the field. the explosion erupted in the state of hidalgo about 80 miles north of mexico city. areas close to the pipeline have been evacuated. ambulances are rushing people to hospitals in mexico city. the state ru c says ed by an illegal fuel tap on the pipeline. a similar accident in 2010 killed 27 people. take a live look at the nation's capitol tonight. it is night 28 of the government shutdown and tomorrow the president is set
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to deliver a "major announcement" according to the white house about, a hint that an end to the standoff could be in sight. the president released this video on twitter tonight. still against funding for a >> we have to secure our southern border. if we don't do that, we're a very, very sad and foolish lot. >> well, congressional democrats are still against funding for a border wall, but new reports say that they now want to add more money in other areas related to border security and that includes about $500 million each to improve ports of entry and hire more immigration judges. as for what's in tomorrow's presidential announcement -- >> going to get ahead of the president, but i can assure you that he's going to continue fighting for border security. he's going to continue looking for the solution. >> a white house aide tells cnn that the president intends to put something on the table to try to restart the negotiations. democrats say they're willing to negotiate after the
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government fully reopens. about 800,000 federal employees are caught in the middle of this political firestorm. some are working without pay. many others are on furlough. kpix5's andrea nakano on how some workers are teaming up with a bay area lawmaker in search of a solution. andria? >> reporter: with the shutdown some of the furloughed workers are having a hard time just putting food on their tables. luckily some of the restaurants in san francisco are serving up free meals to government workers and their families until they are able to get back to work. been very vocal about her opposition to president donald trump and his idea of border security. sot mr president, your way on a dumb >> the president has got to become presidential. this shutdown has got to end. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier from california's 14th district has been very vocal about her opposition to president donald trump and his idea of border security. >> mr. president, u ing togeur wall. we will work with you in
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developing smart border security that actually generates results, but you're not going to do it on the backs of all the federal workers. >> reporter: and today the congresswoman invited furloughed government workers to share their stories. >> we want to go back to work. we want to get paid for the work we do for the american people. >> reporter: workers from nasa ames and the epa say they haven't seen a check since the end of december. to help federal employees, lefty's in fisherman's wharf, for example, is offering free meals until the shutdown ends. destiny cooper with the epa hopes politicians will come up with some sort of agreement to open the government again soon. >> the impact of not knowing is just as stressful like the fact that you don't know where or how this is going to end. >> reporter: and as for the major announcement expected from president trump on saturday afternoon, congresswoman speier says she has no insight on what that announcement will be. >> you think i know how that brain works?
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i would hope that the president has gotten enough heat. his poll numbers have dropped significantly enough that he recognizes that he owes it to the american people. >> the owners of lefty's tells me he's served about 70 free meals per day since the shutdown. this was supposed to be his way of paying it forward, but he tells me that he's already received donations of food from his suppliers to help offset the costs. live in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix5. wrote that h and former president george w. bush posted a photo of himself delivering half a dozen pizzas to his secret service detail. he wrote that he's grateful to all of the people who are working without a paycheck. buzzfeed news report. it claims president trump directed his new tonight special counsel robert mueller's office is disputing an explosive buzzfeed news report. it claims that president trump directed his attorney, michael
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cohen, to lie to congress. a spokesman issued a statement saying buzz field's description of statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of michael cohen's testimony is not completely accurate. mueller's office did not point out what part of the report was inaccurate. buzzfeed's editor in chief issued a response today saying, "we stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it and we urge the special counsel to make clear what he's disputing." the report claims that president trump directed cohen to lie to congress about a trump tower project in moscow. today we also learned president trump will be holding a second summit with north korean leader kim jong un. the goal will to be try to convince the north to give up its nuclear weapons program. the announcement came after the president met with the north korean envoy. the summit scheduled to happen near the end end of february and the location will be announced later. a historic movement is losing stream across the
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country. women's marches are being canceled amid controversy, but the show will go on. in the bay area several marches could see crowds crowds as big as last year's events. kpix5's maria medina is in san jose where she spoke with organizers about this year's challenges. >> reporter: organizers of women's march san jose expect 24,000 people to show up for tomorrow's event. that's the same amount of people who showed up last year, but they admit this year was a challenge as they try to distance themselves from the controversy. the nation of islam: an organization de y the southe >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: millions took part in the first women's marchs in 2017, but now their unity is being threatened and bay area organizers say they felt the impact. >> my stomach sunk and then as it got closer it, got worse and worse and it hurt us. >> reporter: several chapters canceled plans this year after the national women's march group refused to remove co- president tamika mallory after she appeared on the view
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defending her association with louis farrakhan, top minister in the nation of islam, an organization designated a hate group by the southern poverty law center because of the racist anti-semitic and anti- lgbt rhetoric of its leaders. >> just because you go into a space with someone does not mean that you agree with everything that they said. >> reporter: still donations are down this year for women's march bay area. this plea on their website on the eve of saturday's more says they are short 25% of the group's budget. >> our funding was down. we had to do a lot of work and we really reached out into the jewish community. >> we run our organization separate from the national, separate from any other group and we know what we stand for. >> reporter: as women's march bay area organizers distance themselves from the national group, they continue their movement with optimism. and another plea for those who may be hesitant to help spread their message. >> don't let the rhetoric and the rumors separate us.
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let's come together. let's celebrate. let's stay united because if we don't, then that's how they break us apart. >> reporter: here in san jose the women's march will start at city hall at 11:00 tomorrow morning. it will end here at arena green near the s.a.p. center. the event goes until 4 p.m. and there will be a heavy police presence. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. >> now as for how to get to the march in san francisco tomorrow, kpix5 traffic reporter gianna franco has your transit options. >> if you plan on heading into san francisco on saturday, there are closures in place for the women's march, which is happening saturday, january 19th, from 11:30 to 3:00 at civic center plaza. the rally begins there at 11:30. the march starts at 1:30. it should extend till about 3:00 that afternoon. street closures, that will be in effect will be market street between eighth and embarcadero, grow street between polk and
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market. mission street will have access restricted for transportation between van ness and embarcadero. no buses on market street. they are recommending that you use sf muni, b.a.r.t. or ferry service if you plan on heading into san francisco to participate in the women's march which again is happening saturday, january 19th, starting at 11:30 with a rally at civic center. it extends until 3:00 with the march beginning at 1:30. hopping center. right now novato police are investigating a fatal crash. it happened near the entrance to the novato fair shopping center. the crash happened along south novato boulevard. the number of fatalities is unclear. it is also unclear how many vehicles were involved. the area between diablo avenue and nave court is closed and will remain closed several hours. new video tonight, cal fire and butte county fire spending the morning rescuing drivers who were stranded on flooded roads just west of chico. rescuers had to evacuate people by raft. the storm that ripped trees out
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of the ground here in the bay area also dumped several feet of snow in the sierra and reporter steve large has the latest on those conditions. oda springs for three decades. he built this home. and is relieved to see a j ... his fron >> reporter: john coburn's home is somewhere underneath all this snow. >> it's great to see another great sierra snowstorm like we've had for so many decades. >> reporter: coburn has lived in soda springs for three decades. he built this home and is relieved to see a january like this again. his front door framed by a wall of snow. >> we're missing this kind of big dump. we love to have the 3 and 4- foot storms and that's what makes our winters up here. >> reporter: coburn relies on tiny crews and private plow companies to dig him out of his own driveway following snowstorms. for those who don't live here, the drive to get up to the is wet. rainfall hitting the roadways.
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and slashing down on skiers and snowboarders on boreal slopes, maybe thinning the crowd. >> i think people wanted to make it home, stay off the roads, stuff like that. >> it's a little bit wet because it was raining, but really good conditions. as long as you wax your board, it's nice and fast today. >> reporter: misty mcdonald drove up from citrus heights with her cousins for the day, no skis, just snowballs. >> i haven't seen snow in eight years. >> reporter: this series of snowstorms bringing out lots of smiles, both for those making this their get-away and for those who get to call this home. >> and i'm delighted to have this much snow. i'm just going to go out and ski as much as i can up and down hills. >> reporter: and another look at the rain that's coming down on all this snow that's been piled up in this massive snowbank, this is just round one. round two is on the way. in soda springs, steve large, kpix5. crews in southern another winter storm heading toward the sierra. we have more rain heading toward the bay area and does
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sunshine and 67 degrees sound good? i'll show you which one day will get that warm here coming up. >> a horse stuck in a dumpster. yeah, you heard me right. how crews in southern california managed to figure this one out. >> and it's a mouthful, the super blood wolf moon, how to get a glimpse of the celestial show this weekend. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus, free premium delivery and 36-month financing. ends monday.
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sleep number... proven quality sleep. a horse stuck a dumpster... first responders in southern california it is not every day that you see this, a horse stuck in
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a dumpster. yeah, first responders in southern california certainly had their hands full trying to figure out how this horse named rodeo got there in the first place. reporter stacy butler with this must see rescue. ove a dumpster with a lid...then jumped on where he was >> i've never heard of this before. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue just minutes from the ocean in huntington beach. witnesses say rodeo, an 18-year- old horse, somehow escaped his enclosure at this stable on golden west. he took off running onto a platform they say above a dumpster with a lid, then jumped on top of it and fell through where he was trapped for over an hour. >> i was actually getting in my stall with my horse and then my mom's like there's a horse in the dumpster and my heart like stopped. i was so shocked. >> reporter: brook wanger stayed with rodeo to comfort him. >> i came down and she said hold the bag of hay and act like they're in a horse trailer. just keep him calm. >> reporter: huntington beach fire crews couldn't get rodeo out of the dumpster without
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serious help. stable hand jesus martinez showed up with a forklift. as a vet gave rodeo a sedative to keep him calm, an urban search and rescue team from the orange county fire authority that specializes in large animal rescue placed a harness around rodeo's belly and slowly lifted the sleepy horse up and out of the dumpster safely to the ground. one of the handlers told us that rodeo is still here at the equestrian center. he's being treated by a veterinarian. he only has cuts, bruises, a few scratches, luckily no broken bones. in huntington beach, stacy butler, kpix5. >> and like stacy just said, rodeo had a couple cuts on his legs. he's been seen by a vet. he is doing just fine tonight. well, there are at least two sides to every story. tonight we are hearing one of them in an exclusive interview with the jogger who was bitten by another woman on an east bay trail. >> i have a concussion.
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i have ptsd. prompting her to pepper spray >> cindy stainer was jogging in the oakland hills the morning of january 3rd. that's when she says a dog nipped at her shorts prompting her to pepper spray it. seconds later she says the dog's owner ran after her, hit her and then bit her. >> i thought she was trying to kill me. i thought oh, my god, i'm going to die out here. the dog owner's attorney s >> well, the 19-year-old dog owner released this video of her dog with a swollen eye. the dog's owner's attorney says that cindy is the one who is lying. she was the aggressivor. the attorney claims the woman bit cindy in self-defense. the district attorney is currently reviewing the case. a california man is free tonight after serving 15 years for a murder he didn't commit. he also pushed for a law that led to his release. adnan khan walked out of a detention facility today in
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martinez. in 2003 at age 18 khan agreed to help three people rob a marijuana dealer. one accomplice stabbed the dealer to death and khan was held responsible because of the so-called felony murder rule. it said anyone taking part in a felony where a death occurs is liable for first degree murder. are you done" - i was like no, i'm still figureing out the belt, so..." ked with oth >> we just leave it behind because he's out here now. >> i didn't know how to put these clothes on seriously. when i was putting my clothes on, the deputies in there were like hey, are you done and i was like no, i'm still figuring out the belt. >> last year the governor signed a new law where only the actual killer or major participant can be guilty of first degree murder. that new law is retroactive. well, law enforcement officers from around the country said good-bye to one of their own today in davis. natalie corona was a rookie officer whose childhood dream was to be a cop. singer billy ray cyrus was
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there and performed a ballad for fallen officers. >> ♪ all gave some some gave all ♪ . >> he performed gave it all, a song he wrote about a vietnam war veteran. after the ceremony a funeral procession followed corona's casket from davis to arbuckle, corona's hometown. corona was killed while responding to a car crash in downtown davis. police say a man rode up on a bicycle and opened fire killing her. an extraordinary lunar event is set to take over the night sky this weekend. >> this sunday the extremely rare super blood wolf moon is going to pass overhead. kpix5 reporter christin ayers has the story. >> reporter: astronomers say sunday night the super blood wolf moon will be visible for about three hours and if you don't see it then, you'll have to wait years to see it again. look east sunday night and astronomer bing qwock of the
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california academy of sciences says you'll see it, a rare total lunar eclipse. the moon will be a little bigger and brighter, but the big attraction will be the side of the sun's shadow casting a red glow as the moon passes behind the sun. it will start at 7:31 in the evening when the moon begins to enter the darkest part of the shadow. >> we'll see a little nibble being taken out of the full moon. it will become a bigger and bigger bite until about 8:41 when totality begins. that's when the moon is completely inside the shadow and looks red. >> reporter: he says the entire event will last until about 10:50 p.m. we won't see another one like it for at least two years. so he says enjoy it for what it is. >> really just a magnificent example of a clock work of the universe where things can line up so precisely that we have the earth casting its shadow into space onto the moon. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. >> i would love to give you an amazing forecast for when you can get outside and see the
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said blood moon. don't worry about it. it's going to be pretty cloudy. hope the forecast changes. right now sunday night does look cloudy between 8:30 and 9:30. right now very light rain showers, getting a little bit more widespread there over concord, walnut creek, pleasant hill, south to alamo. any heavier rainfall stays up toward crescent step, yreka and mount shasta city. heavy snow is likely on sunday in the sierra, snow level 6,000 feet. check out the snowpack. before we add in today's snow it's 11% above average, north sierra leading the charge with 113%. your tahoe report, look at the new snow at alpine, 73 inches of new snow. it's a base now of 73 inches at kirkwood and more than 5 feet of new snow at north star. it's not the best snow to ski
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on this weekend. i believe they call it sierra n snow. get up and enjoy. 50 degrees in vallejo and fremont, 48 degrees in san jose, mild because of cloudy conditions. we have a strong ridge of high pressure poised to move in, but the storm track is going up and over the ridge still in northern california. that's why we have showers there tonight, mainly in the north bay tomorrow morning. don't be surprised at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, you'll get sprinkles around san francisco and oakland. the rest of the bay area is dry on saturday, not so sunday. here comes widespread light to moderate rain moving through on sunday. then heading toward monday we dry out and once we get dry we stay dry for five to seven days. there's the ridge just off to our west, sunny, warmer weather moving in next week starting on king day, on monday. 65 degrees for a high in vallejo tomorrow, 66 in san jose, warm in the santa clara valley. watch out for showers, santa
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rosa and napa, low 60s for highs of sunday widespread light to moderate rainfall. once we hit martin luther king, jr. day all through next week sunshine across the board, 67 degrees for a high thursday. no rain next , ju nothing but sunshine. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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the owners of russian river well, an illusive beer that is only available in february may be a bit easier to get this
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time around. >> good news. the owners of russian river brewing company are expanding production of their signature product pliney the younger. they're making up to 350 barrels up from 160 last year. it's still only available during the first two weeks of february. you can get it in windsor and in santa rosa. arriors demarc he came, he saw and he conquered and he did it all in 15 minutes of game time. say hello to warriors demarcus cousins. we'll talk about his first game and 356 days tonight and we'll show you moving pictures, too all 6' 11 of them.
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11:29 pm of the best days of my life." that was demarcus cousins....a big hand in the dubs' 7th ... nba up top and the warriors. he said, "i felt like a kid on christmas, one of the best days of my life." that was demarcus cousins, a big hand in the dubs' seventh straight win tonight. all cameras were on him ever since he entered staples center tonight, his warriors debut of the clippers, and he scored the dubs first bucket right hand hammer. a couple minutes into the came, got the bench all hyped as the
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kids say. second quarter we knew cousins was a long range threat. he drained three of four tonight, pretty uncontested, too, man. into the 1st half curry set up draymond green and draymond rocked the rim, got teed up for that. warriors took a one-point halftime lead, shot the team poorly as a team, but as long as you have curry creating a shot, no problem, led the dubs with 28 points. fast forward early in the 4th, why wasn't this on a shouting report? cousins, he can hit the three's. 14 poisix rebounds in 15 minutes. warriors won seventh straight, final 112-94. >> nice. meantime this only looks good when you win. stanford on ladies night in the pac-12. they've been winning a lot. several of sixth ranked cardinal players went against washington, smith corner pocket three, game high 27. the 2nd half it was more of the same. kianna williams beyond the arc
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added 22. stanford 91-54. can we just have them start the post season? their record is 15-1. how about tennis? serena williams got her producer's attention for 67 minutes, the time it took the green clad superstar from far court to rip apart her opponent. follow up that ace with this return. look at that. williams in a rout, 6-2, 6-1. she will find out tomorrow if she will play sister venus in the next round. let's take you to palm springs, different day, different course, same event, pga desert classic and round 2 phil mickelson as i like to say out of the cat box. 7 hole and that is butter. set himself up for birdie, yesterday 60, 68 today, birdied four of the last five holes, leads the field by two.
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we'll be back. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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well, the late show with as great week >> one of the country's biggest l.g.b.t. groups is condemning karen pence for returning to her post as a teacher at a school that bans gay students. as cnn first reported on tuesday, the vice president's wife is teaching art. >> and now a word from art. >> how can you be anti-gay and teach art? leonardo was a gay genius. he invented the helicopter, the parachute, and the appletini. >> i'm straight. but i did experiment in college. who doesn't? >> how are you going to explain this one? >> let me put it this way: this ain't a mammogram. >> now, the guy who painted me, michelangelo, never married and spent his life painting naked guys.
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>> hello.


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