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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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me. (door opens) (sighs)
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gramps. daniel. look, i, uh, just wanted to come by and tell you i'm sorry. what for? i'm the meddler. no, you're not. oh, yeah. i got it from a very trusted source. look, i admit, i might have flown off the handle a little bit. guess i got nervous having the former commissioner looking over my shoulder. not what i was trying to do. i know it wasn't, but that's what it felt like, and it felt like that even more so because every time i was screwing up the case. not that i saw. really? danny. all cases are tough until they break. that's the fun of it. and what more fun, but doing it alongside you? wish all my witnesses had your eyes and ears. i mean, you could clean this whole city up
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in the blink of an eye. put the whole family racket out of business. well, i don't accept your apology. you don't? no, not till you accept mine. 'cause, i, uh... i barged in without being asked, and stuck my nose where it didn't belong. okay. well, apology accepted. so you think maybe we could start over? 'cause i really could use your help. shoot. is there anything that you didn't tell me about the crash? anything you might have forgotten or overlooked or slipped your mind? even the most insignificant detail? l ri but whdito me at your squad. even the most insignificant detail? he't wry because my grandson was on the case... mm-hmm. ...she looked at me and said, "ooh, someone will pay." like she knew who killed her husband? or, as if she was planning to get justice herself.
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the wife. okay, thanks. um, i'm gonna go deal with her down at the squad. you want to tag along? what, and skip the best meatloaf sandwich in the world? nah. you go ahead. you still got it, gramps. hmm. i do, don't i? voorhees. glad you could come. what's going on? some sort of emergency, you said, with gabe harris? actually, it's more your emergency. what are they doing out of rikers? we brought them here. you c-can't transfer my people! they're not your people. not after gabe tells the doc area supervisor that his p.o. made him break the law for his own ends. you know, leo's got quite the tale of being ordered into rikers to shank a fellow parolee. i want them out of there now!
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hey! hands behind your back. what are you doing? ending your reign of terror. (shouts) (handcuffs tighten) you can't arrest me. sure can. and detain you until doc osi gets here. go to hell. both of you. do me a favor, janko. put our fellow law enforcement officer here into the detectives cell, will you? happily. you know, you're gonna get your very own parole officer, and i hope he's just like you. jamie: as soon as doc starts their investigation, you guys will get assigned a new p.o. you'll tell them i didn't want to stab anybody, right? yeah. and gabe, i can't guarantee that you're gonna get to see liza, but i'll put in a good word. officer reagan. uh, why'd you help out me and liza? you didn't have to do that. you love her, she loves you? yeah. there's no law against that i'm gonna enforce. (exhales)
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going somewhere? what are you doing here? what am i doing here? stopping you from doing something really stupid. i don't know what you're talking about. yes, you do. it was you who opened up the offshore bank account. it was you who wired money to it. and it was you who had the stupid idea of trying to rip off vangelis. not your husband. i was just trying to make a better life for my family. yep. and jerry was too gutless to do it, so i had to do it myself. yeah, but ironically, vangelis thought it was jerry, and now he's the one who ended up dead. not you. which is why he has to die. no. you're not a murderer, whitney. but he is. so what you're gonna do is tell me everything
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you know about vangelis, and i'm gonna collar him the right way. please, just go, so i can do what i came here to do. i'm gonna go. but you're coming with me. let's go. hey. do you promise me you're gonna make him pay? with a smile on my face. you ready? whoa-ho-ho. hey! vangelis! enjoy your freedom. while it lasts. so, dad, why the sudden urge to lose at poker? gee, now i'm all psyched out. (bottle thuds)
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thank you. she is 21. well, we were there. bad intel or what? no, not exactly. was what bad intel? i'm listening. grandpa, after i came to your office the other day, i... wait. when did you go to his office? oh, let her explain. or try to. there is no "try" on this one. at least i know why i got the invite. i went back to chrissie and her friends and told them to call it off. you told them to call it off? between the smoke bombs and the possible injuries
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from the ball bearings, it was a terrible idea. i couldn't say more, because then they would know i told you, and i couldn't tell you because they may go through with it anyhow... well, that wouldn't guarantee they wouldn't try it anyway. i know you mobilized your forces. you know, all this double-dealing really made me feel no better than how she treated me. i'm sorry things got so complicated. they just usually are. shut up and deal. (slides cards) caioning sponsored by cbs and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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plenty of representation in the game. wealk to novato's jared goff's family... no bay area teams in the
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super bowl this year but plenty of representation. we spoke to jared goff's family. >> he has been working so hard his whole life. one of the bay areas very own heading to the super bowl and his family could not contain their excitement. >> we spoke with some of jared goff's family members after his
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la rams advanced with an overtime victory. joining us from uc berkeley. betty? >> it was such an intense game. jared goff's family said it was surreal to watch it all unfold on tv. the native holds many records where he has been impressing big crowds ever since he arrived.>> i am crying and i am so excited for you,>> reporter: that was the text is on to texted him. >>i otna ou it wasnjust jared,rtreport:his grandparents watched hi spts from a young age when he was a standout. they shared these photos of jared with kpix . >> he is very competitive and
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humble.>> yes he is.>> like he always did a team effort for all his growing up with, like we were catholic, pop warner, it was not about him but the team.>> reporter: his wife was also a regular at his games, including at cal. he had a 1-11 start when he got there.>> he sucked it up and persevered, he does that at every level that he is needed to. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the young star will face off against tom brady. brady and goff recommend the largest age gap between opposing quarterbacks in super bowl history.>> he deserves it, he has been working so hard his whole life for, striving to be
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really good at sports. >> reporter: tonight, catholic tweeted, congrats on heading to the super bowl. get it done. he will be joined by another cal bear, cj anthony, also headed to the super bowl from vallejo. >> very exciting betty, new video tonight. a rare celeste teal event, this is the time lapse during the total eclipse of the moon visible across the western hemisphere. this was called a super blood wolf moon. the cloudy night did not stop bay area residents from trying to catch a glimpse. joe vazquez is there. organizers had to make a last- se the clouds were thick, le to
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people were packed inside thinking they would only see a live video feed but then words started to get out that the clouds were parting. people ran outside to catch a glimpse.[ cheers ] >> tonight's spectacle goes by several names. tonight's moon kept appearing and disappearing behind the clouds. >> scientifically this is called a lunar eclipse. the moon passes through the earth's shadow, when it does so, the moon will turn a rusty red color, hence the name blood moon. >> the native americans used moons and lunar eclipses to tell the time. they named each month and each moon after something so, this one is the wolf moon.
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>> and it requires howling?>> ye >> it's a red on the bottom. >> folks watched a video feed from other odd observatories around the country. the real show was the unexpected appearance outside the center. the moon was visible off and on for two hours and then it was gone.>> how much better is this then a videogame?>> better. >> that was honest.>> imagine that, something more exciting than video games. it didn't last long, the super blood wolf peekaboo moon has sailed into the sunset. >> what will they come up with next. new video tonight, hail coming down pretty good. the weather service also said
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that hail was reported near pleasanton shortly after 6:00 tonight. all of this triggered by unstable air e bay area. in the wake of the cold front, triggering the showers and occasionally some downpours. it is still going on in some parts of the south bay. in hamilton, snow and ice and a pretty good pack of showers toward morgan hill. and a little more rain tonight, we will recap the rain and look ahead to something completely different in the forecast in a few minutes. tomorrow the nation remembers martin luther king jr. and his efforts. here is a list of places that will be affected, banks and other financial institutions will be closed, post offices will be closed. service from richmond starts an
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hour earlier than usual for saturday and additional early trains will run from richland and daly city. ac transit is on a sunday schedule and parking meters will be enforced in san francisco. but the monday through friday street sweeping will not. a parade at the caltrain station on the fourth street. thousands are expecting to join. it will end at yearbook winter gardens.. there will be events at the plasma starting from 7:45 in the morning until 8:00 at night. a man is dead after shots rang out at an east oakland party. a 22-year-old was shot last night, police say it happened while the victim was outside a house party.
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the shooter fled the scene. nobody knows why it happened. police and crimestoppers of our oakland are offering ward. a teenager is behind bars accused of beating an elderly woman in a san francisco park this month. the 89-year-old victim was doing her morning exercises when she was beaten on january 8. found unconscious with multiple fractures. police say after the attack, the suspect broke into her home across the street. last night they arrested an 18- year-old suspect they say just committed another robbery.>> a crime as heinous as this, we need to ensure whoever did this is off the street and we are glad that is happening.>> they are teaming up with the city to rvllan cw fety with police substation.
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the police officers association has put forward a plan to staff eight mobile command center. and nancy pelosi is asking the president to delay the state of the union address but could he still show up regardless?
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capitol-- where president trump has made an offer..
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