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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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on the door of roger stone and took them away in handcuffs. the total devastation in the tubbs fire was not the fault of pg&e, and what is next for these fire victims. good morning. it is friday, nuary 25 i am michgriego. >> i am kenny choi. for a while it was raining and rain, and now it is sun and sun. >> don't you just love it. the sunshine will continue into the weekend for a gorgeous weekend across the area. here's a live look from the salesforce tower camera, clear skies with 41 in concord, 49 in oakland, livermore at 38, san francisco at 50. we have clear skies but tracking some areas of fog. it is five mile visibility in concord and you can actually see the fog moving in from the
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san joaquin-sacramento valley. santa rosa dealing with a quarter mile visibility to start the day with dense fog in santa rosa. the north bay and anterior valley locations are dealing with fog. otherwise clear skies and chilly conditions through the afternoon with above average temperatures 5 to 8 degrees above average today. warmest day of the week will be tomorrow with plenty of sun, cooler by a few degrees on sunday but plenty of sunshine throughout the entire weekend. it is because of the strong ridge of high pressure. we will let you know how long this will stick around and when we could see the return of the rain, coming up. taking a look at the roadways, not bad at all. if you are heading to work or school early, now is a good time to hit the roads with no delays on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is 13 minutes up to 15 from
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the maze into san francisco. you are clear to the central freeway. let's do a bridge tech -- check, the san mateo bridge off to a great start on this friday morning your it looks good from hayward to foster city with the speed limit, 30 minutes over to the 101. the golden gate bridge looks good with a few spotty -- foggy spots in the north bay that could affect your riding the napa and santa rosa. the 101 into san francisco is clear. traffic is pretty light traveling through the east bay and marin county. looking at the benicia bridge, traffic looks really good as well. this part of 680 is off to a great start. there is better news for 680 at fremont coming up in my next report. here's a live look at the san francisco airport where the passenger flight was forced to land due to a medical emergency
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that turned tragic. kiet do is live at the airport to explain what happened. >> reporter: we are live in the international terminal where the jetblue is in at tiffany this early hour. -- activity this early hour. they are told to book another flight and will be reimbursed by hawaiian airlines. hawaiian airlines does not operate a flight from sfo to jfk which is why we are in this position. the flight left honolulu for the nonstop flight to jfk. three hours after taking off there was an unknown medical emergency the involving the flight attendant. there were several doctors above the board and they tried for several hours to save the flight attendant but the announcement came over the speaker that the flight attendant died on board the flight. >> i saw them doing cpr and they were switching off for good our or two hours. it was constant.
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>> reporter: the plane touched down at sfo at 11 and passengers stayed on board for about two hours and have been roaming the terminal the book another flight home and find someone to help them. they are tired and frustrated, have not slept all night but most we spoke with our understanding. by the way, the hawaiian airlines has pulled out with final destination unknown. kiet do, kpix 5. i am michelle griego -- and we have breaking news. roger stone has been arrested in florida. that is the fbi knocking on his door overnight in fort lauderdale. the federal indictment against roger stone includes a lot of very serious charges. here's a live look at where we believe he's being held. it is the federal facility in
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miramar, florida. he is accused of helping the ak emails during the 2016 elections. some charges are obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering. this is part of the robert special counsel robert mueller investigation into the russian meddling in the 2016 election. some of the emails he is accused of orchestrating, and that is said that he will make his court appearance this morning and again this is breaking news out of florida. the 2017 tubbs fire that killed 22 in wine country was caused by a private electrical system and not the pg&e the equipment according to cal fire investigators. they said the fire origin was on private property adjacent to a home on bennett lane north of
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topp 5 flew over the site yesterday. -- chopper 5 flew over the site yesterday. it destroyed over 56 structures in 2017 and the santa rosa company that is suing pg&e on behalf of 400 people disputes the findings saying that pg&e still faces potential liability. they have been cleared of this fire but investigators have determined that the utilities equipments have calls 17 other fires that same month. the partial shutdown of the federal government is entering its sixth week with no end in sight. democrats and republicans each had a plan to end the stalemate that each failed to had enough votes to thwart the presidential veto. president trump vows to veto
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any plan that does not include the border wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> it is ludicrous that this government shutdown over a promise that the president of the united states could not keep. >> senators from both parties have uploaded a plan to open the government for three weeks while the compromise efforts continue. in the meantime, 800,000 federal workers are not getting paid and the hardship is growing. the u.s. officials at the southern border will start sending some asylum applicants back to mexico and there are measures to prevent migrants from waiting in the u.s. while there papers are processed. it will begin at the port of entry south of san diego. in pennsylvania two victims are dead and two are in critical condition after a shooting spree near penn state
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that began at a bar near the university at 10 pm last night. the gunman fatally shot a woman believed to be his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend before shooting and injuring two others. he drove away before the police arrived. >> we had officers. within two minutes and that was pretty quick. he had time to do the act and leave the scene before the police even arrived. >> the suspect reportedly shot his way in a home killing the man that lived they are. the wife of the victim in the bedroom and called 911. the police found the suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. in georgia four people are dead and another person entered after getting shot near atlanta last night. there are reportedly two crime scene's this morning, the house and apartment only blocks apart. the cause of the shooting is under investigation. the san jose police are warning that lives are at risk with thousands of ted as of
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monday last week. the santa clara county superior court transitioned to new software in early november and the software failure has cost approximately 2500 suspects to fly under the radar. authorities will detail their plans at a meeting today and asking the state auditor to conduct a full investigation. the handful of homelessness tents have exploded along the highway and they say they cannot tell the homeless the lead the encampment sitting next to highway 1 at the gateway shopping center at santa cruz. they say they have put out toilets, trash cans and hygiene stations but the business owners say they are stuck in the middle but then can't met is scaring away customers. >> someone tried to light e ban
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caactually tell t to leave. it is against the law now. >> the new federal law makes it for sleeping on public property if the city or county does not have enough shelter beds. 80% of the 2200 plus homeless are un-sheltered. they say will take time to decide how to spend the money they received for the shelters for the homeless. making the mark in the world of beauty and a new initiative to point out over perfection instead of someone's flaws. as you head out for work in school don't forget your coat and sunglasses because you need both today. we have chilly start, sunshine through the afternoon, and we will see when we have returned to the rain, coming up. were dealing with foggy spots in the north bay with
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delays in the altamont pass and details are coming up.
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speeds up alzheimer's- related brain damage. researchers at washington university in saint louis found sleep disruption welcome back. it is 5:13 am. in today's health watch lack of sleep speeds up alzheimer's brain damage.
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they found sleep disruption increases the level of the alzheimer's protein causing it to spread rapidly. researchers suggest that good sleeping habits may preserve brain health. a finding from the university of cambridge, researchers found that thinner people have fewer genetic variances known to increase a person's chances of being overweight. almost all americans say they always are sometimes look for healthy options when shopping for food but the survey from the american heart association found only 28% say it is easy to find healthy foods and 11% say it is difficult. cvs pharmacies is going to start labeling photos in the beauty aisles to indicate whether the photos have been
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digitally altered. this is the first u.s. major company to rollout the policy and meant to address concerns on how the unrealistic ideals of beauty affect women, especially young women. it is 5:14 am. let's take a look at the traffic which he on top. >> it looks very pretty, actually, so far, so good. as we jumped to the maps, let's take a look at all the screen. north brown -- northbounder 101 and a great drive, all the way from the south bay, sfo into the city in tip top shape. we had earlier trouble spots with a few road construction projects happening overnight but it has all been wrapped up with both lanes directions reopened on 680. looking at the traffic through the altamont pass, a busier spot but a typical for the
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super commuters. coming away from the toll plaza connector, 34 minutes from 205 two 680 in the dublin interchange. there is roadwork between greenville and midway with one closed and that should be wrapped up by 9 am this morning. looking at traffic the concord, westbound highway 4, antioch and bay point looks good. there is a problem at willow road, and the lanes are blocked so try to avoid that intersection at chicago. in the north bay a live look at the caltrans camera at rohnert park near wilfrid avenue, traffic moving at a decent speed but limited visibility. out of napa, santa rosa and rohnert park but clearing when you get past that area. so far at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks good with no
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metering lights. good news from mary sunshine all day. >> it will be spectacular once again across the bay area. yesterday the inland locations topped out in the upper 60s and it will get even warmer tomorrow. a live look from the transamerica cam with clear skies and temperatures generally in the 40s and 30s. downtown san francisco is 50 degrees. concord at 41, oakland 49, livermore 38, 40 in san jose and santa rosa at 37. we have fog in the north bay with many locations under clear skies. five miles for concord, a mile and half for napa and a half mile for santa rosa. the visibility is reduced for the north bay and in santa rosa once again this morning. as we take you through the
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afternoon enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures, above average five five date degrees for today. we will continue to warm up and tomorrow is the warmest day of the week with temperatures soaring with that strong ridge of high pressure in control. today and tomorrow will be the warmest days of the entire week. as we fast-forward into next week the high pressure moves farther to the south. it will not be quite as warm next week. as we look ahead to the end of next week on friday and saturday, next weekend we have a chance to see rain with that area of low pressure moving in. that is the next chance but that is several days out at the end of next week. tahoe has great weather with mostly partly to sunny skies this weekenent co looking at the machine groomed current conditions, partly cloudy and mostly sunny through
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the weekend at kirkwood. 11 of the 12 lifts are open. norstar looks with 140% above average with that snowpack. for today daytime highs across the bay area, 64 in downtown san francisco, 64 in oakland, 67 in san jose, santa rosa and napa. 60s across the region. as we head into tomorrow near 70 degrees for some of the warmer inland locations with plenty of sunshine saturday with mid 60s for the bay and the coast. slightly cooler for sunday with mostly sunny for monday and tuesday, partlysufo wednesday and thursday. at the end of next week we have chance for rain. going for the best start since gerald ford was in the
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oval office and the bogeyman knocks off the rough in the nba has been mourned. >> we look forward to that and seeing the highlights. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. 51 degrees in san francisco with clear conditions.
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good morning on this friday and welcome at lden ge brsohbound101 into san francisco. we have foggy spots in the north bay group sonoma county and napa so use caution limited visibility around this area. there are five legitimate all-stars on the roster but only steph curry and kevin durant were named in the starting lineup for the warriors for the all-star game. demarco cousins but we have to take the good with the bag, 17 points and look at the third quarter with the curry moves. it looks like a dance and curry at a game night with 38 points. the golden skate -- golden
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state scoring and 126-118 for the ninth win in a row for the warriors. before the game the team visited president obama at his office in dc. last year they elected not to visit president trump in the white house but the president withdrew the invitation. the hilltop packed at portland, on the run and charles midland paying the hot potato and making four straight shot from downtown all the way for my friends from u.s. app. 83-61 or sf. here is the down low, scoring with 23 points and 11 rebounds and byu won, 71-66.
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the all-stars back in the area for the first time since 1967. 22 years later it is in downtown san jose last night with all three players being introduced at the all-star media night. this is the fifth time on the all-star roster for carlson but the first with the sharks. i think it looks like val kilmer in that movie, tombstone. i had a chance to ask him that last night. >> i'm sure you've had this before, but who is your favorite actor. >> when i was young it was jean- claude van damme. >> val kilmer in tombstone. >> that is a good one. >> he may look just a little bit like johnny depp over val kilmer. that is the latest. i am dennis o'donnell and have a great weekend.
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the nba new orleans taking on oklahoma city for the nba play of the day. >> using the baseline, the thunder up with a slam in oklahoma city goes on to beat the pelicans, 120 2-1 16. the longtime ally of president trump is in federal custody this morning. we are following breaking news out of florida when we come back. we are at sfo where the hawaiian flight was diverted to the airport because the flight attendant died in the air. we have a live report coming up. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is.
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so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, news 're live at the airport. plus: oakland pa furious over breaking news, a medical emergency in the air caused a flight from hawaii to die burt
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to sfo. we are live at the airport. oakland parents and teachers are furious over school budget cuts and they are asking the state for help. levi's is up for sale and there is a staggering price tag. good morning. it is friday, january 25. i am michelle griego. >> good morning . i am kenny choi. it is freezing on the east coast , but this is why i love the west coast, in california when it is raising to the east. >> it is great to be living in the bay area. get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather da enjoy mo in it is 41 in concord, oakland at 52, livermore 38, san francisco 50, san jose 50 and santa rosa
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at 37. we are tracking areas of dense fog and especially across the north bay. concord at five miles, napa at a quarter mile as well as santa rosa. there are trouble spots with the fog once again across the north bay this morning. this afternoon sunshine and warm temperatures, above average by 5 to 8 degrees today and we will warm up even more tomorrow, the warmest day of the week. it is slightly cooler sunday but still plenty of sunshine. the high pressure is in control and we will talk about how long the ridge will remain in place across the bay area and when we will catch rain coming out. let's check in with john on a look at the traffic. >> we are looking at the traffic cameras and you can see the limited visibility in napa and santa rosa. northbound 280 at brady street we have car fire reported and
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they are heading out to the scene but it looks like it is at the shoulder. we will watch this. so far we don't see any delays through this area and northbound 101 looks good out of san jose. it looks like the south bay overall is off to a good start but we will watch out for that vehicle fire. slow conditions through the altamont pass, westbound 580 through 680 four -- for the 40 minute drive time. it looks good past the greenville area. here's a live look at the dublin interchange and it looks like we have some pretty good conditions heading toward 680 with no major snags the report and this is past those brake lights at north plan. e wainto it is 5:32 am.
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here is breaking news from the sfo where a flight from hawaii was forced to land due to medical emergency involving a flight attendant. we have kiet do live with more at the airport. >> reporter: we are in the international terminal. many of these passengers are roaming around and there's no one at the counters to help them at this early hour. the first flights out to new york cannot do for couple of hours. the hawaiian airlines flight 50 left for the nonstop flight to new york. about three hours after taking off there was an unknown medical emergency the involving the flight attendant. they made the call for any doctors and there were several on board. they performed cpr for several hours to try to save the coworker but the announceme came on that the flight attendant did not make it and died on board the flight.
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>> i was unsure what was happening and we knew it was a medical emerge bowspecalwh it was until after we landed. >> reporter: the plane touched down at sfo at 11 pm and passengers were on board for another two hours. they are tired and frustrated because they have not slept all night but most we spoke with were pretty understanding. the flight just pulled out of the gate a few minutes ago and the final destination is unknown. kiet do, kpix 5. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. here is the neighborhood where roger stone was arrested overnight from fort lauderdale, florida. the fbi busted down his door a few hours ago. this is video of that. they knocked and took them in with this federal indictment that is now pending. here is a look in the
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neighborhood of roger stone in fort lauderdale, florida. the federal indictment is basically accusing him of being a part of the wikileaks, damaging emails about the democratic party during the 2016 election. this indictment comes as part of the robert neller investigation -- robert mueller investigation into the tampering into the 2016 presidential election. charges include obstruction, several counts of making false statements and also witness tampering. here's a live look at miramar, florida at the federal facility were we believe he is being held. we have heard he is set to be in court at 8:00 our time, 11:00 in florida. we will continue to follow this breaking news out of florida. happening today senator
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kamala harris will be in south carolina to meet with her sisters in the nation's oldest like sorority in the presidential hopeful will address the women at the alpha kappa alpha at the pink ice gala charity event. the appearance comes days after announcing her 2020 bid for presidency. that levi's plaza in san francisco is reportedly up for sale in the office and retail complex offices the headquarters of the jeans company in levi's takes up nearly half of the space. the sale will not impact the existing lease which runs through 2022. the parents, teachers and former school board members are demanding that oakland unified school district delayed the decision to close schools and the group calling itself justice for oakland schools
5:37 am
urging the school board members, rob bonta, nancy skinner, and buffy wicks, to put pressure on the state to halt the closing measures. >> we want them to use their state influence to ask the superintendent of schools, tony thurmond, to asked the school district to hold off on making any emergency decisions on closing any schools or >> the letter says that the state is largely responsible for the financial and educational issues facing oakland and the $100 million loan issued when the state took over the district in 2003. we reached out to the office of the assembly members rob bonta, nancy skinner, and buffy wicks, but they did not comment. in the central florida bank five people were murdered wednesday at the suntrust bank in debris, florida. the police say that 21-year-old zephen xaver killed each victim execution style. victor sparks was on his way inside to make a deposit and he
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saw what was happening through the glass door. he turned around and called 911. >> thmind is that i was probably the last person other than the shooter to see them alive. that really hits home. >> the victims included the bank customer cynthia watson, marisol lopez and anna williams. if convicted the shooter could face the death penalty. taking the free out of freeway driving is something los angeles officials are contemplating. it is congestion pricing and the mayor says he is open to the idea. the ideas include covering -- converting carpool lanes into toll lanes, sorry about that. taxi drivers on miles driven and charging drivers to enter certain neighborhoods and
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business districts. they want to ease up on the rush hour traffic in the districts. >> i would pay if it would get me to work sooner. >> the cities in the u.s. have not done this but the practice is being carried out in some european cities like stockholm and london. getting a traffic headache in los angeles, this man climbed onto the overpass sign prompting the police to shut down the 101 freeway yesterday afternoon. the frustrated drivers had to wait in the gridlock for emergency officials to get the man down. the man finally came down three hours in the standoff and was arrested on the spot. it is still unclear why he climbed up onto the sign. there is a disturbance of people talking on cell phones while driving and we have more from diane king hall on money watch from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning.
5:40 am
wall street turned in a mixed performance yesterday with the dow flipping 22 and the nasdaq jumping 47. the report cards came in with starbucks getting better than expected, a profit of over $760 million. the ubiquitous coffee drive said sales jumped 12% over the holidays. the prophet was below estimates at intel and they blame the slow down in china and the chip maker is looking for the new ceo after the old one got ousted in june. drivers are getting more risky on their cell phones on the roads and motorists have been observed using their phones 57% more often last year than in 2014. the highway safety watchdog is warning that unfocused driving can be deadly with 800 and more deaths in 2018. we hear there will not be
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the candy hearts as a source for the valentine's day. >> that was following the yesterday's news that the classic sweetheart candy will not be on the shelves with necco candy company. krispy kreme's has their own take on the candy with sweetheart doughnuts that will have messages on them just like the candies did. >> that is a sweet treat for your sweetheart from krispy kreme doughnuts. thank you and thank you for the headlines. >> no problem. it is 5:41 am. i am thinking about doughnuts and i would rather eat doughnuts than the valentine candy. >> hopefully your husband knows that. coming up, meet the california dalmatian that has a starring role on the commercial ad. here's a beautiful shot from our photographer in the
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east bay. look at all of the cars heading into san francisco at this hour, 5:41 am. tune in at 7:00 weeknights on this is a kpix 5 morning update with the latest on the bay area news just after the cbs evening news with jeff glor. the evening news follows 90 minutes of continuous local news weekdays beginning at 5. they're almost too easy to eat on the go. so here are a few panni-dos and panni-don'ts. eating in a car. eating on a car. [screaming] uughh! while tackling errands. or getting tackled by a guy named aaron. huh? [buzzer] while working on your website. while twerking at a construction site. [buzzer] actually, i think that's a panni-do. try my new deli trio or turkey bacon and cheddar pannidos. delivered exclusively with doordash.
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my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese.buly ct every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew".
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insanely good. good friday morning. we made it to friday and we are it isa chilly start as you headlllet you know what to expect as you look at the the weekend, coming up.
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under armour is blasting off into the new market with the sportswear company designing astronaut apparel. it is designing space where for the virgin galactic and the founder made the announcement yesterday on cbs this morning. the space like company would use rocket powered plans so that tourists can experience motionless nests -- motionless nests. under armour is not yet unveiled the design of the suits. we are only 9 days from kickoff. i'm excited about the weekend but we are nine days away from kickoff of super bowl liii. it is exciting. sometimes people only tune in for the commercials. >> this is wire house and bb, b
5:46 am
that will be airing during the game. the breeder got a call for the commercial shoot a few months back. he is riding on top of the budweiser wagon being pulled from the famous clydesdale horses. >> they had a machine to get that effect and i guess the best part was they like the way that her ears are blowing in the wind. she was cool and did her thing. >> she certainly did. the link just came out so you can watch firehouse and xanadu bb big debut. super bowl 53 between the la rams and new england patriots sunday, they were third with a lot of the bay tom brady and jared goff is the rams starting quarterback from
5:47 am
cal. >> they will be facing off and we will see what happens. i have to say, i love that puppy. >> he is a beautiful model and has beautiful ears, flapping in the wind. let's start off with the traffic and we are rolling on the freeways with metering lights officially turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. backed up to the 880 overpass but not quite to the maze. yourself 20 minutes from the maze heading to the central freeway. there are no delays on the upper deck. we have a few delays and here is 205-580 connector. it is crawling along for that commute onto the altamont pass. traveling from 5 to the i-580 is a 25 minute drive time. it is slow through this area with delays just past the air and eastbound 580 is --
5:48 am
westbound, rather, slow into you get to north flynn road. as we look at the traffic, it is pretty busy and 42 minutes when you get to the 580 and 205 which will take you all the way to 680. it is sluggish, slow speeds past north flynn road. 60 minutes from highway number four to the maze and 101 looks good out of the south bay. we have a crash at north 280 and ray street. it is not blocking the main lines of 280. 101 is bogging down northbound out of san jose. it looks like it is bunching up at the 280-680 connector with the speed at 90 miles an hour. when you get past that area there are no delays. we have foggy spots in santa rosa, napa and rohnert park limited visibility along that area of the 101.
5:49 am
i'm checking the visibility and napa and santa rosa and it is about one quarter of a mile dense fog in the north bay so be careful in those locations. here's a live look from the salesforce tower camera with clear skies and chilly temperatures with concord at 41. oakland 52, livermore 38, san francisco 50, santa rosa at 37 and 44 san jose. we have patchy fog and a chilly start so grab your winter coat or jacket heading out the door. don't forget the sunglasses because we have plenty of sunshine this afternoon. above average by 5 to foand wil to warm up. the warmest day of the week will be tomorrow with daytime highs near 70 degrees inland. that is due to this strong ridge of high pressure. today and tomorrow will be the warmest of the week with plenty of sunshine today.
5:50 am
temperatures are warming up. for next week the ridge will move to the south and not quite as warm next week. as we fast-forward to the end of next week we have a chance of rain with that area of low pressure moving in. it is friday and saturday of next week when we could see the return of the rain but that is a while from now. the sunrise at 7:18 am, sunset at 5:25 pm. our daytime highs are above average with mid 60s in palo alto. mound us 65, 68 at morgan hill and six the seventh in san jose. 64 in walnut creek, 65 in pleasant hill and 64 in vallejo. berkeley, alameda and oakland at 64. san leandro 63 in san rafael. 67 in santa rosa. 66 for lakeport and 68 for ukiah. if you are heading out to the
5:51 am
oakland a's fan fest you will see plenty of sunshine with temperatures around 67. it is looking good tomorrow. check out the weekend forecast with plenty of sunshine. we have a warmer saturday beside cooler sunday but mostly sunny skies and warm. we continue with the dry weather for most of next week. it is 5:51 am. the incredible will to survive and meet the man that survived being stranded in the sierra and his only food is dog treats. here's a live look outside at the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is 5:51 am. we will be right back.
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welcome back. it is 5:54 am. if you are traveling through the north bay give yourself extra minutes. we are dealing with limited visibility especially in napa, roanoke park. traffic is moving at a decent speed but use caution in the foggy areas around the north bay. it is 5:54 am. an 80-year-old man is lucky to be alive after being trapped in the sierra snowstorm. >> he had a snack, dog treats,
5:55 am
that he had in his pocket. 80-year-old murdoch was surrounded by darkness into the overnight with no food. he felt something in his pocket. >> i had about four or five little trts that had thought okay. here for long they were dry and it was like sawdust. >> eventually spit them out but said he did eat snow in order to stay hydrated. they located 80-year-old windy murdoch on the mountain and he was okay. >> if he had been stuck there a few more days he probably would have eaten those dog treats and appreciated them instead of spitting them out. >> that snow kept him going. we are following developing
5:56 am
news on the former trump campaign advisor now in federal custody and more on that indictment coming up next. >> reporter: the light from the light was averted here to the sfo due to the medical emergency the in the air. it turns out the flight attendant died on board, and a live report coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . we'll hear from passengers... nexpected announ we are following breaking news. the flight diverted to sfo due to the medical emergency involving applied intended. we will hear from the passengers. the unexpected announcement from some of the wine country wildfires has some considering the pg&e bankruptcy plans. good morning. it is friday, january 25. i am michelle griego . >> good morning. i am kenny choi.
6:00 am
i know we have rain in the forecast down the road but let's focus on the sunny, good and warm weather for this wonderful weekend. >> the rain is coming a while away from us. we are looking at sunshine through the afternoon. this is perfect timing for the weather here the weekend will be warming up even more fear we have outdoor events and activities, and it looks fantastic. good morning to san jose with clear skies and temperatures at 41. 39 in concord and they just dropped a few degrees. oakland 52, livermore 48 and 52 in downtown san francisco. it is 36 in santa rosa. some spots are dealing with dense fog in concord has five miles visibility. it is three quarters of a mile for the north a and napa, a


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