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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  February 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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i'm veronica de la cruz. i'm allen martin. let's get a check of your top local headlines at 5:30. we're tracking a powerful orm.. moving i you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. >> good evening and welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. let's get a check of your top local headlines at 5:30. we're tracking a powerful storm moving to the bay area, the
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heaviest rain still to come, paul deanno tracking hi-def doppler for us. >> we're watching the rain and the winds. i'm looking at the wind right now which is kicking up offshore between 40 to 43 miles per hour, top of of mount tam it's a 32 mile-per-hour wind gust. it will get windier overnight, but the wind will increase throughout the evening. rain, it's there, most of the bay area getting some steady rainfall, the heaviest stuff once again happening after midnight tonight, but we will see several hours of steady, soaking rain as the evening progresses. the drive over the bay bridge, not very fast tonight. we are talking about steady rainfall from marin county, all of san francisco, most of the northern half of san mateo county including san bruno and stretching across the san mateo bridge to hayward, steady rainfall now, heavier rainfall and stronger wind coming up tonight, full forecast later on in the show. >> sounds good, paul. thanks. also happening this evening hayward police releasing a body
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cam video of a deadly police shooting in november. officers shot 29-year-old agustin gonsalez after he approached them with a razor blade. the police chief said he wants transparency and released the video, 911 call and the dispatch audio of the encounter. the family says lethal force was unnecessary. a man was shot and seriously wounded this afternoon in berkeley, the gunfire near derby and grant streets prompting schools to secure their perimeters. no word on the victim's condition. no arrests have been made. crews are cleaning up the largest and some say most troubled plague to homeless camp in oakland. the site on east 12th and 23rd avenue was once sanctioned by the city, but now homeless groups and the city are pointing fingers at how and why things got so bad. kpix5's len ramirez has the details. >> reporter: this homeless encampment in the fruitvale section of oakland is so large it could not be cleared by
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demolition crews in a single day. it's taking four or five days. as the heavy equipment moved in today, it exposed some of the squalor that the people have been living here with for years. tents, primitive shelters and tiny homes, they all came down in a heap as the former residents of this camp on east 12th street at 23rd avenue looked on. >> demolition at its best. >> reporter: but as this front end loader scraped debris from the earth, it uncovered a literal rat's nest which sent dozens of the furry creatures running in all directions. several onlookers were sickened. >> it is unacceptable for anyone to be living in a situation where there's rats where they don't have access to sanitation. >> reporter: shawn mose says he's lived around them in these camps for years. >> they're bad. they scare you. one of them almost knocked me out. >> reporter: the camp started a few years ago with a few tents. >> when we had the dumpsters
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here it, didn't look like this and when the city removed the three dumpsters and refused to give them back, this is what happened. >> reporter: the city of oakland denies that, but councilman noel gallo insists mistakes were made. >> where the city went wrong is we didn't enforce the rules. >> reporter: the last straw was a series of fires including one so large it weakened a freeway off ramp. caltrans needs room to repair the ramp. stot so the camp had to go. about 40 residents are being resettled a few blocks away. >> we're living with the same group of people, but now we've got rules. >> reporter: long term plans call for the land to be turned into a park, but one man told me as soon as the land is cleared, he's bringing his tent back. a woman narrmpted rape yest point. the attack happened north of the pittsburg bay point
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b.a.r.t. station near mims avenue and canal road. look at the suspect. after getting off the b.a.r.t. train with the victim the suspect assaulted the woman trying to rip off her clothes. she fought him and got away. police are asking anyone with information to please come forward. hundreds of high school students walked out of class in oakland this morning as a show of solidarity with their teachers. >> i got math class with 36 other people. >> the students of oakland tech high school organized today's event, comes as educators wrapped up voting today on whether or not to authorize a strike. one teacher is praising students for standing with them. >> the leadership of these young people, you know, for the future of oakland to stop school closings, to get money into our schools, to get new books and supplies. this is the struggle. >> the students are planning a sickout next friday. they hope to have other high schools join them in the city.
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governor gavin newsom said during pg&e's bankruptcy victims, employees and customers should get a seat at the table. the governor writes, "these groups don't have the resources of many of pg&e's wall street creditors, but they will be directly impacted by the bankruptcy's results and conserve to have substantial representation in bankruptcy court." newsom is asking the federal trustee overseeing the bankruptcy to let those groups serve on a committee of unsecured creditors. that committee will help negotiate the reorganization of pg&e. typically it involves stakeholders holding the largest claims. today cory booker joined the field of democrats running for president. >> that means he's competing against his friend and ally senator kamala harris. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen on you this their two campaigns are likely to differ. >> over the last two years senators harris and booker have teamed up on issues like
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legalizing marijuana. >> we need to change the system. >> i'm proud to stand with senator kamala harris and others in supporting the marijuana justice act. >> and together they refused to even vote on a motion during the hearings of justice kavanaugh. >> miss harris. mr. booker. >> they're not answering because this is so unfair, mr. chairman. >> they appear to have developed not just a strong political friendship over the years, but a strong personal friendship as well. >> dan shiner is a politics professor at uc berkeley and usc. he said keep your eye on the senate judiciary committee where harris and booker sit next to each other and they may have to throw some sharp elbows. >> every time the senate judiciary falls under the spotlights, between now and next year, in addition to the topic at hand, you're going to see at least two, if not more, democratic senators vying for the spotlight understanding how it can help them on the primary
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trail. >> he says harris and booker have similar political views, but they've approached their campaigns in very different ways. harris claims to be a fighter. >> and i'm prepared to fight. >> while booker says he's all about universal love. >> i'm not looking even to simplistically beat republicans. no, i'm looking to unite americans in this race. >> for democratic primary voters it may come down to which attitude they prefer. >> democratic primary voters are going to say are we sick of the politics of division and do we want to come together like cory booker's talking about or are we really mad and really angry and do we want a candidate who can throw a punch like kamala harris? >> i do want to point out one bay area connection here. that is that cory booker's campaign manager also lives in oakland. >> wow, there go. >> interesting connections. >> if you squint just right, all roads come to and from. >> thank you. senator kamala harris will have a special guest at president trump's state of the union address, which is next
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week. she has invited trisha pesiri dybvik, an air traffic control specialist who lost her home in the 2017 thomas fire. she was also furloughed during the government shutdown. trisha's husband is a navy veteran and air traffic controller who worked without pay during that shutdown as well. east bay congressman eric swalwell announced he is bringing cameron kasky, student survivor of the 2018 mass shooting in parkland florida. the 14-year-old helped organize the march for our lives last spring and has co-founded a gun violence prevention advocacy group. you can watch president trump's state of the union address tuesday night right here on kpix5. live coverage begins at 6 p.m. san francisco mayor london breed kicked off black history month at city hall today. erican heroes who led >> here in san francisco despite having an african american population that's less
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than 6%, we still know how to make sure that our voices are heard. >> breed spoke about local african american heros who led the way for future generations like poet maya angelu, journalist belva davis and her grandmother who she says never gave up on her. breed is san francisco's first african american female mayor. well, san francisco city leaders are overhauling a billing policy that can leave patients at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital in heavy debt. the hospital says about 6% of patients have private insurance and come through the emergency room. many reported getting surprise bills since the hospital is out will bespended for 90 ive days so the hospital and the department of public health can come up with a change. rably. busted, a man caught on camera faking a fall at the office, how his plan to cash in failed miserably. >> and it's super sunday for
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snacking, some mouth watering facts about the most popular foods for the big game. >> coming up at 6:00 thousands of pg&e customers suffered a serious case of sticker shock after opening their latest bills and the sudden spike has nothing to do with winter weather. >> another check of hi-def doppler as we track the storm that is moving through over the bay area, your full forecast about 10 minutes away. ♪
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fill your heart with ireland. foxconn now plans to go ahead and build a facility in wisconsin.. the decision comes
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after an >>m keida the live news desk. yeah, we know about the rain up here in northern california. let's take you to southern california where that bulldozer is clearing out big basins in the lake elsinore area, one of several cities hit hard by the holy fire, a lot of mud and debris flowing in clogging everything up. the fragile hillsides could give way. flash flood watches in effect for the woolsey and holy fire areas this weekend. the storm could bring up to 7 inches of rain in parts of the region through saturday night. let's go down to malibu where residents have been stocking up on sandbags. the hillsides above malibu are still barren after the woolsey fire raced through there in november, no vegetation to hold back the hillside, heavy rains bringing mud and rock and debris down, people trying to get ready this afternoon. caltrans is warning motorists to avoid a stretch of the pacific coast highway through
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malibu. it has been shut down several times in the past several days because of mud and all the mudsliding and debris flows going over the highway there. that's the latest from the live news desk. i'm ken bastida. back to you. >> thanks, ken. fox con now plans to build its facility in wisconsin. the decision comes after an appeal from president trump. the company is moving forward with plans to make flat screen panels at that facility which it began building last june. foxconn appeared to back away from that deal earlier this week saying it may use the facility as a technology hub instead of factory which would have employed many more people. after that announcement president trump had a little conversation with the ceo and foxconn announced today it is sticking with the original plan. a positive start for 2019 for the u.s. jobs market, according to the labor department employers added 304,000 jobs in january. that is nearly double the
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expectations, but the nation's unemployment rate rose to 4% due to the impact of the partial government shutdown. investors were happy about the jobs report, but stocks held onto only tiny gains on wall street today. the dow ended the week up 64 points. l the nasdaq was down 17 points and the s&p 500 was up only about 2 1/2. here's a live look now at mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta where crews there are gearing up for the super bowl this sunday. the biggest game of the year is now away. no matter who wins the food industry, of course, is going to come out on top. the only day americans eat more is on thanksgiving. but on sunday it is the snacks that do us in. americans buy enough tortilla chips for gameday to stretch across the u.s. 2 1/2 times and enough avocados to fill a football field end zone to end zone, but fast food restaurants aren't going to be left out. >> i think it's just a tradition in america that we
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love pizza. we love wings. we love watching tv. >> nationwide domino's pizza will sell 2 million pies and 4 million chicken wings. the team at this domino's restaurant in new york want to beat last year's sales when they made, get this, 700 pizzas during the game, 700. >> a dozen wings will hold me. that's all i ask and the ranch dressing. even though bay area teams are not playing in the super bowl, the teams' quarterbacks are. >> today dozens of kids at a north bay elementary school dressed up in support of jared goff, their hometown star. check it out. almost every single student at novato elementary wore that no. 16 shirt like the l.a. rams quarterback. jared goff an alum of that school. his pe and kindergarten teachers say they noticed his athleticism at an early age. >> we focus a lot on throwing and catching, especially throwing to a moving target, and he excelled at that obviously. >> ill just always knew he
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could do this and i'm going to be rooting for him the entire time. >> just six years ago jared goff was the star quarterback at marin catholic high school, then went to cal. he was voted most athletic in his high school year book. you can watch jared goff face off with tom brady sunday, 3:30 game time right here on kpix5. >> it's going to be a good game and we'll have some wings for you, allen. >> thanks. coming up a steak smuggler, a man goes out for a pricey meal and wait until you see the unusual dine and dash. >> here's a look at the radar, update live. we're looking at the peninsula getting socked with steady rain. that's the orange color, even heavier rainfall around burlingame and san mateo. when does the heaviest rain get here and when do the strongest winds arrive? your forecast next. >> we invite you to tune into our new newscast at 7:00 weeknights. join ken bastida, elizabeth cook and paul deanno for the latest bay area news. [phone ringing]
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for an interview with margaret brennan... host of "face the nation" on c-b-s. she told me... mister trump had some harsh comments about house sp her oppo president trump just sat down in an interview on face the nation. >> reporter: he had been kind of pulling his punches because he knows in order to get anything through congress, he needs to work with the speaker. it seems his frustrations boiled over at this point. he was very harshly critical of her basically laying the table for declaring a national emergency, getting funds that
5:52 pm
bypass congress. >> you had quite the showdown with speaker pelosi. what did you learn about negotiating with her? >> well, i think that she was very rigid, which i would expect, but i think she's very bad for our country. she knows that you need a barrier. she knows that we need border security. she wanted to win a political point. >> you can see segments from that interview on sunday on face the nation, also during super bowl pregame coverage at 12:30 p.m. our time. paul deanno, we're sitting down, we can take it. give it to us. >> we're going to get some rain and wind and one note for folks saying maybe i can get outside later on this evening. it might not be raining as much or be as windy, no. the rain we have outside, which is pretty steady, is about the lightest rain we'll see until sunrise tomorrow. we'll be in it a while. we do have steady rainfall petaluma, napa, st. helena, north of middletown and
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clearlake, bodega bay wet and windy, some heavier pockets of rain leaving south city, san mateo, san bruno at the airport, south to mineta airport getting wet now. san jose is now picking up rainfall. the wall that is the santa cruz mountains not blocking the rain and it's raining south to gilroy. zoom out, show you a three-hour time lapse. rain is building from the south and west ahead of the cold front which will give us the heaviest rainfall and strongest winds later on. flash flood watch starts in about one hour. i am not expecting any flash flooding until much later because the rain has to accumulate. so heavy rainfall is likely overnight tonight in a short amount of time. small streams may flood. highways may flood. you know the spots on your drive home that typically flood. they will and roads may flood. turn around. don't drown. be smart if you're driving rng. high wind warning for the entire bay area, the coast and mountains getting wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. wouldn't be surprised if downtown san francisco get a 40 or 45 mile-per-hour wind gust, oakland may be a bit stronger
5:54 pm
and out towards san jose and mineta airport 45 or 50 miles per hour. there will be some very strong winds overnight tonight. highs today ahead of the rain moving in, close to 60 in san jose, redwood city and san francisco, 61 in half moon bay, 63 the warm spot, napa. we have a storm arriving tonight. as it strengthens and it is and gets closer to us, that's when the wind ramps up because wind is basically mother nature trying to cancel out higher pressure and lower pressure, the difference between the two, the stronger the wind is and we're seeing a strong low to our west pulling that wind toward it, so a strong south wind overnight tonight. the storm will get stronger until it passes by tomorrow. overnight tonight as the front moves through ahead of that low, very heavy rainfall, very strong winds, 2, 3, 4 a.m. we get a break around lunchtime tomorrow after the front before the low, bupps wh the low moves rain fills back in, scattered thunderstorms, still windy throughout the day tomorrow. we catch a little break sunday. what i mean by that, fewer showers, but they're still there and they won't be as
5:55 pm
heavy. so super bowl sunday is likely the dryest day of the next several. as we roll toward monday, not only is it raining, that's snow in lake county, higher elevations above 2,000 feet. mount diablo, mount hamilton, mount tam, mount st. helena all likely getting snowfall monday and tuesday. rain and strong wind tonight. we stay wet and windy at times on saturday. the unsettled weather lasts into next week. highs tomorrow, you're probably not going to be outside to enjoy it, but it will be around city, blustery with scattered downpours in danville, 58, antioch 57, oakley 57, san rafael upper 50s tying you with berkeley and richmond, 54 the high in cloverdale tomorrow. stormy tonight, on and off stormy weather saturday, a bit of a break sunday. then we get cold monday and tuesday, highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s, snow in our higher elevations. it's kind of strange early next week and next wednesday when
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the sunshine comes back, we will still be chilly. busted in the break room, the hilariously bad way a man is caught trying to fake a fall to get insurance money. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart
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with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. says...he *slipped and fell on some ice. but the video.. is telling a a man in new jersey tried to get some insurance money after he said he slipped and fell on some ice. >> the video tells a different story. judge for yourself. the guy grabs a cup at his
5:59 pm
workplace, fills it up with ice. then he will toss it on the floor. he waits a few seconds, kind of checks things out, looks around, grabs the counter and lies on the ground. police say he waited there until somebody discovered him. then he filed an insurance claim for hospital treatment. now he's charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception. he's got to see a judge next week. he's got some explaining to do there, buddy. >> big brother is always watching. >> you should know that. that's your workplace. that's going to do it for the news at 5:00. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with ken bastida and elizabeth cook. now at 6:00 we are on storm watch as one of the most powerful storms of the season barrels towards the bay area. >> reporter: i'm andria borba live in pacifica where the winds have not picked up yet at this point, but buoys offshore tell us they are coming. >> plus the former head of starbucks is about to speak in san francisco. will it be a lukewarm reception
6:00 pm
for howard schultz? about the police officer's past. kpix 5 news at six starts right now. od evening. >> i'm not resisting. put me on the ground. >> a tense takedown caught on camera, what we've learned tonight about the police officer's past. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now. chopper 5 flew through some very dark skies over oakland this afternoon. and as t good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we start on the storm watch. chopper 5 moved through some very dark skies over oakland this afternoon. as the rain comes down, the winds are picking up. our andria borba is live at a soon to be blustery pacifica pier. we begin with paul deanno, though. he is tracking the radar. paul, this is just the beginning of this thing. >> yeah. the front is still seven, eight, nine hours away. so all this rain that piles in is actually ahead of what will be the heaviest rainfall and strongest wind. here's a look at radar now. it's gone yellow, everybody getting steady soaking rainfall, the


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