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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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and big time snow forecasted for the bay area mountain top tops. take a live look right now on the top of loma prieta for the summit. park rangers closed the roads leading to mt. diablo due to the falling snow. some people drove up as far as they could, see a little bit for themselves. our cameras were allowed past the gate to see conditions near the summit. showers were just enough to cover the grass and made road conditions dangerous. snow also fell in the north bay near the napa/lake county line. a mix of snow, hail and sleet came down this morning along highway 29. caltrans trucks called out to spread sand for traction on the slick roads. it bounce off the gound in the backyard of a home. but the big story is the bay area snow. let's get right to hail was also coming down in san mateo. you can see it bounce off the ground into the backyard of a home, but the big story is that bay area snow. let's get right to chief
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meteorologist paul deanno who is tracking it for us right now. >> liz, this is the most snowfall we have had in the bay area since 2011 and depending how things go tonight, it may be longer than that. let's look at the current radar image which shows a lot of yellow and green. it's raining in a lot of spots, but it's also snowing in a lot of spots. we take you to the santa cruz mountains, widespread snow along highway 17 to the east and west of the road along highway 35 as well and it has been a snowstorm around mt. hamilton for the past three hours. it is also snowing in portions of sonoma county, napa county, marin county including mt. tam just west of vast of napa. as we look at the time lapse, there is a lot of snow mixed in there, anywhere above 1,500 feet in elevation. you have the opportunity for snowfall this evening before the snow level drops further tonight. mt. tam, mt. st. helena, mt. diablo, mt. hamilton, almost a guarantee it snows significantly tonight. more likely than not we get
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snow at grizzly hills, highway 17 summit and an outside chance the city of santa rosa, twin peaks in san francisco and san bruno mountain all get an opportunity for snowfall in any heavier shower tonight because a heavier shower will drop the snow level further. so a winter weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning, not in the sierra, right here in the bay area, the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range and the santa cruz mountains. we could see up to 8 inches of snowfall overnight tonight. with the clouds clearing tomorrow we'll all be able to see a lot of snow in the mountains tomorrow morning. i'll have more about our local forecast for rain chances in a few minutes. if you had plans to drive to the mountains tonight, forget it. whiteout conditions in the sierra closed parts of highway 50 and interstate 80. they're shut down. a blizzard warning is in effect right now making for brutal driving conditions on the way up. kpix5's don ford got as far as colfax. >> reporter: the weather is nasty!
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the road is closed and the chp says if you don't need to be up here, don't come up. blizzard, snowfall, whiteout conditions, the snow is piling up and as you can see here, i- 80 is closed. rrow transplant so, we're trying to get her back so she can get her me get us in the placer county sheriff substation is digging out their vehicles as snowfall is reported in some places to be 3 1/2 feet in the last 48 hours. luck..] ohhh! yeah, god help us! (ha ha ha) along i-80âdon ford kpix to get throug caltrans is helping vehicles already in the truckee area off the freeway so snow removal equipment has a clear path. ski resorts are also digging out. heavenly and north star each received nearly 2 feet in the last 24 hours. still coming down hard, low visibility makes skiing difficult and the ski patrol is out in full force. all traffic including four wheel drives are being stopped, no one allowed past colfax. this driver is trying to return to reno to get her daughter's
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cancer meds. >> she needs a bone marrow transplant, so we're trying to get her back because she left her medicine in reno to come get us in santa rosa. >> reporter: what are you going to do if you can't get them? >> find a hospital. >> reporter: one close by? >> yeah. >> reporter: downhill no big rig trucks are allowed past applegate. trucks are lining up waiting while the freeway is closed. just up the road back at colfax -- >> we're trying to go to the lick to have some fun. >> reporter: good luck. >> god help us. >> reporter: along interstate 80, don ford, kpix5. hi there, no way to get through, right? >> no. the highway is closed. >> yeah, both directions. drivers on i-80 coming from reno also being turned around because of the storm. check out this long line of tractor trailers. these guys are used to it, happens every winter. they sit there. they park. they take a nap. they eat dinner. they do whatever they got to
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do. they will likely be waiting until tomorrow to cross the sierra nevada. back here in the bay area the uvas reservoir near morgan hill is spilling over. it's at capacity and water is flowing down the spillway. the intersection of uvas and watsonville roads has been closed. there were concerns the water was spreading to camp site, but the sheriff tells us evacuations have not been ordered. meanwhile niles canyon road back open tonight, this after getting shut down twice today by mudslides and boulders. it took hours for crews to clean up both messes. and new at 6:00 a rash of burglaries and some oakland residents are frustrated. they want to know why police are not making arrests despite video evidence. kpix5's juliette goodrich is live in oakland with that story. juliette? >> reporter: hi, ken. taing and they have the neighborhood apps and they're sharing their videos, surveillance pictures and saying we have break-ins during the day. we've shared our video.
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we've handed it over to the police. why hasn't anyone been arrested? >> i have had 10 of my tires slashed in the last six months. >> reporter: peg lum is captain of her neighborhood watch. >> we do have cameras. the person still hasn't been caught. >> a lot of break-ins. >> i think we're mad. i think it just feels like it's time to start holding some people accountable. >> reporter: susan koch said she is tired of watching surveillance video like this and still no arrests. in this particular photo you see one suspect with a crowbar. this video shows a group leaving a home with bags of valuables in hand in broad daylight. >> they keep telling us they're working on it, there's going bu just haven't seen it and the thing is everybody sort of knows who ago with signs like this and neighborhood watch groups and now neighbors here are
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installing surveillance cameras, but they're asking the question what more can be done? after all, they are handing over valuable video evidence to the cops. >> we keep catching people on video breaking into cars, breaking into homes. we turn the videotape over to police, but nothing has been done. >> reporter: are you surprised more people haven't been arrested in the area given all of the video that's been circulating in your neighborhood? >> sometimes i would think that it would be more of a deterrent, but it's not necessarily that way. >> reporter: all of this has come to the attention of newly elected council member shang tau of district 4. she's going to meet with the community to have a dialogue about what can be done. these also scheduled a meeting with police chief and horse law enforcement to find out what neighborhoods can do to fight this crime. there's no clear answer yet what led a woman to go the wrong way on 101 and crash. she died in yesterday's
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collision in san francisco along with an uber driver. kpix5's susie steimle on what investigators are now looking at as the victim's family tries to cope. susie? >> reporter: chp tells us they're still trying to figure out the cause of the crash and it might take several days. meanwhile the family of that uber driver -- excuse me, this wind. i'm going to grab my microphone so you can hear me okay. the uber driver who did not survive this crash, his family is reeling with what to do in his absence. him his life. waheed was driving for uber with 6 passengers in hi driver goin >> waheed was a role model for most of us. he was a very hard working guy. the family is in deep shock. >> reporter: family and friends of waheed etimad are still reeling from this fatal accident sunday morning that cost him his life. waheed was driving his uber with six passengers in his van when a wrong-way driver going southbound in his northbound lane struck two cars, then
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crashed into him. waheed and the wrong-way driver, 21-year-old kayla wilson from san jose, didn't survive. nine others were injured. >> i mean there was major damage to most of the vehicles involved, especially the ones that went head on. we're talking engine compartments completely removed from the vehicle. >> reporter: 40-year-old waheed etimad is from afghanistan. before moving to california he became a translator for the u.s. army. he was working every weekend as an uber driver and going to school trying to support his wife and seven children. >> he was a good guy. he work hard and also going to college. >> he was a good dad. he wanted us to go to school, practice hard and do good things. >> reporter: nearly 2,000 people have already donated to a gofundme page for his family. in one day it's generated more than $99,000. sadat said the family needs all the support they can get. >> i know we still need a lot
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of support. we have seven children and the oldest one is only 14. >> reporter: burial services for etimad are taking place tomorrow. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. teachers want schools that are new today teachers in oakland have voted in favor of going on strike. the decision came down a short time ago. the teachers want schools that are on the chopping block to stay open. they're also demanding smaller class sizes, higher wages and more student support. both sides are scheduled to meet next friday. meanwhile the school district says it hopes an agreement can be reached to prevent a strike which could happen before the end of this month. leave dozens of people wit coming up camp fire victims living in trailers are forced to leave, the heated debate unfolding in paradise that could leave dozens of people with nowhere to go. >> reporter: coming up fans of kamala harris get some good news and bad news for anyone who is hoping hillary clinton would run for president in
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our best offer of the year. for a limited time get a premium beverage package, unlimited wifi, prepaid tips and $150 to spend on board plus savings up to $400 when you book a vacation in europe, alaska, the caribbean and beyond. offer ends tuesday so click or call to book today. (soft music) our photographer jim flannigan sending back these pictures from a... paul will hav another live look at the santa cruz mountains, the snow is really coming down. our photographer jim flanagan sending back these gorgeous pictures from loma prieta. paul will have more on a winter weather advisory in just a couple minutes. a major de new at 6:00 senator kamala harris just got a big boost in her run for the white house. a major democratic fundraiser based in the bay area is endorsing her. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen on what all this means and not only for harris.
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melissa? gns now susie to >> reporter: that's right. we are here in san francisco right near the home of mark and susie buhl. some political folks call this building the tower of power because of all the political fundraisers that happen here. basically any democrat running for senate or president has to stop here to raise money and susie buhl is a long time supporter for hillary clinton raising millions of dollars for clinton's two races for president. now suzie tompkins buhl is supporting kamala harris and she said her friend hillary is not running for president in 2020. susie tompkins buhl is one of the nation's most prolific fundraisers for democrats. she gives money to causes, but she also raises millions more by hosting events. >> we have a good rolodex. that's for sure. i'm absolutely endorsing kamala to run for president.
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>> reporter: the family has long ties to harris. mark buhl was a finance chairman for harris' first election, the 2003 race for san francisco district attorney. >> i was initially not optimistic, but as i watched her campaign and got to know her politically and how she thought and approached things, i became convinced she could do it. >> reporter: for susie it was the harris presidential campaign kickoff in oakland that really sealed the deal. >> i just realized that she was the right person for right now. >> reporter: susie has been friends with the clintons for decades and helped raise $6 million for hillary clinton's presidential campaign in 2016 and there have been rumors that clinton may run again in 2020, but buhl says that's not true. >> hillary's not going to run again. i have not heard those words from her, but i know her and i know she's got lots of plans and she's been somewhat dormant, but she's working very, very diligently behind the scenes figuring out what she can do to help our
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democracy, to restore this country, but running for president is not in the plan. >> reporter: what if another well known candidate like joe biden gets in the race? is there someone else who could change her mind? >> nobody can change my mind because i'm somebody that once they make up their mind, i'm just so behind it. >> reporter: now susie is not wasting any time. she tells me she's already planning a big fundraiser for kamala harris' presidential campaign. live in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix5. this evening a catch 22 of sorts for some victims of the camp fire. they want federal funding to rebuild. they need to leave their property so clean-up can begin. town leaders and residents attended a heated community meeting today. they discussed more than $1 billion in fema funding that's at stake. according to fema rules, though, all hazard us material must be removed before
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we need that people can return to their homes. the town let them back in to live in trailers on their own property. >> i felt like we had a financial gun to our head because we need that money. >> if we don't do it, our town will look like a war zone for the next 20 years because we are broke. we have no money. >> people do leave their homes. the rvs parked there. it's still unclear how long it would take fema to clean up the hazardous materials. back on the storm watch, a worker in southern california fell into a sinkhole while trying to clear away storm debris this morning. gilbert beltran was pushing mud off this windy canyon road when it almost trapped him. >> i felt something weird like a flat gave way and the back end fell in and i was looking straight up. >> he somehow climbed out. then moments later the 20-foot front loader sank below the surface burying the cab leaving
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only the bucket above ground. soggy out there, paul, muddy. >> it is, yeah. southern california got whacked. we are getting hit with another storm moving through, lots to talk about in this one radar image here looking at the east bay. first up richmond, the red you see likely is a storm containing at least some small hail and very heavy rainfall. that stretches over the hills to walnut creek. we also see some pinks and purple and whites. it's snowing at the top of mount diablo right now. it may be snowing at grizzly peak in the east bay hills now and some of the hills east of vallejo are also being reported with some snowfall. look at the snowstorm. it's not just snow. it is a steady snow the past three or four hours in the diablo range including mt. hamilton. we have will see significant snowfall accumulations above 2,000 feet there. it is li of the night. we see widespread showers, some heavy and in the higher elevations including the santa cruz mountains it is currently snowing. the snow level tonight will drop to 1,000 feet, the lowest
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snow level since 2011 in the bay area meaning the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range and santa cruz mountains have a good opportunity for snowfall tonight in the snowiest spots up to 8 inches of snow. on tomorrow's date 1976 is the last time we had widespread snow in san francisco. we are not forecasting it tonight, but it would look a lot like this because this is a picture from february 5th , 1976, where it snowed in many of the higher elevations, in the city of san francisco 5 inches of snow at twin peaks. it's only 42 at santa rosa and livermore. we drop to the 30s tonight with rain. that's why snowflakes may mix in in a few spots including ver rosagrs san hitorr, chil the precipitation is done by 7 a.m. you'll get some sunshine in the afternoon and still brisk on wednesday with sun and clouds and a high of 55. this low pressure area is the same one that dropped a foot of snow in and around seattle working itsway down the coast, a lot of cold air in place,
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moisture coming from the ocean, a rare combination where we're cold and wet at the same time. futurecast, 11 p.m. still snowing east of san jose, still snowing in the north bay mountains. the moisture begins to clear out. by 9 or 10 a.m. tomorrow, we have a wonderful opportunity to see the snow in the mountains. there will be a lot to see, mt. tam, the north bay mountains, mt. diablo covered in white tomorrow. tonight showers are done by 9:00. skies clear quickly leading to a chilly day and very cold night tomorrow night, widespread lows in the 20s. highs tomorrow low 50s, vallejo, oakland, san francisco 52. extended forecast, once we get through with the showers tonight we'll be dry at least nd but in the 50s for each of the next seven days. that's your forecast. paul, rain might be a problem for the won't be there them. will explain. >> and are you experiencing
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patriot fatigue? so is steve kerr. the coach weighs in on the super bowl next.
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bowl in history, so it should be no surprise ratings were the lowest in a decade.. but none of that matters to tom brady who had a little message it was the lowest scoring super bowl in history. so it should come as no surprise ratings were the lowest in a decade, but none of that matters to tom brady who had a little message for the doubters. la la la la la la la la guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back ♪ . >> pretty good. that's brady's instagram account where nothing needed to be said, but the score tied in the 4th quarter against the rams, brady four for four on throws that got new england down to the goal line and then
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sony michel pay dirt. patriots won 13-3, six super bowls for brady, the most for any player in nfl history. brady called his receiver jules and last night jules was really the only diamond on the field. >> you talk about tom brady having a clutch gene. you have that same clutch gene. you realize that, don'a quarter >> great local story. he began his football career at quarterback at woodside high, later college at san mateo. last night as a receiver he caught 10 because, 141 yards, won the super bowl mvp. csm head coach tim tillock was the only one who had interest in edelman way back when and helped propel what some are saying is a hall of fame career. >> he was just an overachiever, unbelievable work ethic, relentless competitor, passionate. he just exudes what our program's about. just proud to see him as a coach when i recruited him from
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high school to make this transformation to the biggest stage. >> it seems like anybody not in new england has patriot fatigue at this point. steve kerr, add him to the list of the people who are over them. >> it just gets old watching the same team win the whole thing year after year. i'm sorry. that was really arrogant, wasn't it? it's kind of fun to say that, though. the end of the super bowl means the beginning of pebble beach week and the at&t pro-am festivities are off to a rough start down the coast. tournament officials were forced to close practice rounds to the public today because they're still cleaning up after this weekend's storm. winds leveled the hospitality tent, did more damage to other temporary structures around the property. they expect everything to be restored in time for the first tee shot on thursday. it was a lot of sun in saudi arabia, but that doesn't mean it was sergio garcia in a
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good move. look at the masters champ from 2017. he completely lost his mind. >> thought it was a gopher there. >> killed a gopher. a day later sergio was disqualified from the event for damaging five greens while in fits of rage. he took his club to the greens. now today a couple hours ago the euro tour said he will not be disqualified or fined or suspended from any future events. >> he couldn't shake it. he had to go five greens. >> i wish he was at pebble beach. wouldn't that be fun? >> thanks, dennis. still ahead a california girl scout comes up with a clever way to boost her cookie sales, her music video that has now gone viral.
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the snow is really coming down right now! is is from loma prieta... let's take another live look at the santa cruz mountains. you can see there the snow really coming down right now. it's so pretty. this is at loma prieta.
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:00 look! my troop is all bad, you'll love this. a southern california girl scout is channeling her inner cardi b. >> she and her mom remixed the rapper's song money. ♪ look these are real you know the deal ♪ . >> she posted her cookie selling remix a few days ago. then girl scouts usa posted it and, of course, went viral with more than 50,000 likes. i'm sure she won her troop in the competition there. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00! the cbs evening news is up next. >> we'll be back here on the new kpix5 news at 7 p.m. elling. plus save an extra 50% off all clearance. from stitch to store that's the bank way.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, virginia's governor says he will not resign mer a racist photo. now the lieutenant governor faces accusations from his past. >> lieutenant governor justin fairfax facing controversy of his own. >> a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her at the s owcratic national convention cuse004. >> the allegation is completely false. >> a white house source has leaked nearly every day of the president's private schedule. almost 60% of the president's work day is dedicated to unstructured executive time. >> i want to be looking a little bit at iran. >> president trump facing ctcklash from iraq's president t ter announcing plans to keep u.s. troops in the country. >> saying, "don't overburden iraq with your own issues." >> tragedy in southern california. >> five people are dead after a


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