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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the bay area with the coldest night of the year. "if there is going to be peace and legislation, there can not be war and investigation." tonight: the remarks that brought democrats to their feet. the president talks border wall and union n.i.t. his state of the union address. >> there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. >> the remarks have brought democrats to their feet.
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>> a facetime flaw that allowed callers to eavesdrop. lawmakers demand answers from apple. >> and the bay area couple stuck in the snow in their yellow jeep for days. their incredible story of survival. i'm elizabeth cook. the president delivered his second state of the union address. women in congress owned one of the biggest moments of the night. they were dressed in white. they broke into cheers when the president celebrated their record numbers. >> what is on everybody's mind is what is the status of border wall funding issue. the president did not declare a national emergency yet. but he did make his case for some steel barriers along certain portions of the border.
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>> reporter: the president began by saying he wants compromise and reconciliation between the parties. >> victory is not winning for our party. victory is winning for our country. >> reporter: later he talked about illegal immigration saying it's easy for wealthy politicians and donors to call for open borders. >> meanwhile working class americans are left to pay the price for immigration. reduced jobs, overburdened schools, hospitals that are so crowded you can't get in, increased crime. and depleted social safety net. >> reporter: he continued to demand money for a border wall saying it has worked in san diego, california. but here's how he defined the word wall. >> this is a smart, strategic, see-through steel barrier. not
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just a simple concrete wall. it will be deployed in the areas identified by the border agents as having the greatest need. >> reporter: last year democrats voted for more than a billion dollars to fund steel barriers just like the ones described by the president tonight. still stacy abrams appeared to reject the president's proposal. >> we must all embrace that from agriculture to healthcare to entrepreneurship, america is made stronger by the presence of immigrants. not walls. >> reporter: this was a very long speech. well over an hour. and he covered a lot of ground. if you're looking for exactly where to watch irk would recommend the last ten minutes or so. the president had in the gallery a nazi concentration
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camp survivor. if you're trying to figure out exactly where you should land in this very long speech. >> it was won toee the president pay tribute to those gentlemen. a lot of tradition in the state of the union. it's customer for the speaker of the house to introduce him. we did not hear that tonight from the speaker. >> it's hard to know. this is how it usually goes. the guy comes out, speaker t president of united states. and the president shakes hands all the way up to the aisle and gets to the podium. then the speaker of the house says it's my honor to present the president. that does not appear to have happened tonight. and i've watched this from every angle. but nancy pelosi was asked about the
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issue. >> the protocol was broken. i think you were supposed to introduce him. after the speech.. house speaker nancy pelosi >> i don't know where that was. i've literally looked every way i can. it definitely set off a bit of in ordery parliamentary intrigue there. >> oh, yeah. the question i have is did it change anybody's mind. everybody will find their faults and good points in this no doubt. >> that seems to be the case, every year. >> thanks very much. after the speech, nancy pelosi tweeted this. "it will take days to fact-check all the miss representations that donald trump made during tonight's
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state of the union address." and from governor newsom "the trump administration has manufactured a crisis on our border. a wall will not save lives. real comprehensive immigration reform will." president trump also announced a second nuclear sum wit north korea he want and leader kim jong-un will meet in vietnam at the end of the month. this comes as the north is taking steps to hide its nuclear arsenal. reports have found north korea's nuclear program remains in tact. for a deeper look at tonight's speech, you can check the facts on our website. it was a rare bay area snow day today. people coming out to
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play in the powder. any place over 100,000. there's a closer look at highway 17 from sky drone 5. it looked more like the sierra out there this morning. and outside of fremont, an aerial view of the snow on the top of mission peak. now the weather headline shifts to cold temperatures. we're going down. >> it's already cold outside and poised to get colder as the night progresses. concord down to 40. san jose 38. santa rosa 35. making today the coldest day we have had in livermore in two years. lows in the 20s in livermore, napa, santa rosa. widespread 30s even near the
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bay. and that means any roads that are wet could possibly be icy tomorrow morning. so please watch out for black ice, especially in our inland communities for the morning commute tomorrow. it could be icy in spots. apple's ceo, tim cook, is in the hotsee the. >> reporter: the clock is running for tim cook. lawmakers want to know if he kept the flaw a secret. and if the iphone has weaknesses that could into a spying machine. >> it was concerning. absolutely. >> reporter: when debbie heard about the facetime bug that allowed anyone to eavesdrop on other users befe they accept or rejected the call? >> i didn't want to take any chances. >> reporter: she disabled the facetime function right away. >> it's still off on our phones.
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>> reporter: lawmakers hope so too as reported by cknelt. cknelt. the chairwoman of the consumer protection commerce subcommittee. they gave cook until february 19th to answer a half-dozen questions. including whether apple staff about the flaw before a 14-year-old arizona boy discovered the glitch. they want to know why it took workers more than a week to admit that there was an issue. >> one theory is that they knew about this and they were late to take action. that's not my sense. >> that's a new chaefrment for us. >> privacy is over.
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it's gone. >> reporter: lawmakers describe facetime as a wonderful tool when used right that could become the ultimate spying machine. >> will you ever turn it back on? >> probably. eventually. >> reporter: the ios updates to fix the glitch was delayed. it's expected to come out next week. a prominent nfl network reporter is saying the raiders will not play in san francisco next season before their move to vegas in 2020. nfl insider ian rappaport tweeted that the niners are not expected to waive their territorial rights to allow the raiders to play in san francisco. the said they should play their 2019 season in
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oakland. >> there are already a number of challenges with congestion and other issues in this neighborhood. and i want to make sure that we don't add an additional laytory that equation. >> supervisor matt haney is backing the mayor on this one. he says the raiders don't have a good track record with their home cities. and he doesn't want to add san francisco to that list. vacation gone wrong. a san francisco couple heads out to see the snow. *thousands. >> family wedding ring stolen. how thieves managed to sneak in and out of a bay area open house with jewelry worth thousands. >> attacked by a stranger dragged down the street. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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that could have gone wrong-- did. a bay area couple's camping trip-- turned into a struggle for survival. tonight--they are sharing their story--with kpix 5's andria borba. 2 suspects on the run tonight.. the trouble for corvallis hernandez and maya began under the mistletoe. >> i'm gonna take to you mend sin on so you can see snow. we were all snowed in for two, three days, it was fun. >> reporter: off they went wednesday to the mendocino
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national forest for camping and some off-roading friday on a road called ocean view. >> the track ends, i go a little forward. i back up, and i get stuck. i'm spinning tires. >> reporter: the jeep was high-centered, stuck in the middle. >> it pulled just enough, and then nope, just kidding. then it was pull, and then push. it was pretty much rock the car a little bit. but it wouldn't go anywhere. >> reporter: that's when dig-out one of many began. >> i was breaking up the ice with my pocket knife and using my hand to scoop it up. >> reporter: every time they dug out, even with four-wheel drive, they'd get stuck again. justp.ey ganationi making this list. >> we really prepared for the worst but we were hoping for the benefit. >> i told myself fwe're not found by tuesday morning, i'm gonna set a tree on fire.
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>> reporter: yesterday when the couple was beginning to worry, maya heard something. >> it was different. it was not a motor i heard before. it was something else. and i just popped my head up and saw a snowmobile. >> with a guy all red. >> red. and i was just like, i leaned over, honked the horn. and i was, like, we need help. >> reporter: after a harrowing tow off the mountain, carlos and maya are safely home. >> do you ever want to see snow again? >> not for a while. >> reporter: they are heading back up to the mendocino national forest this spring to thank the volunteers who found them and pulled them off of the mountain. and to get a better look around with some local super violation. super vision. jewelry during an open house! this happened on kit fox court two suspects on the run after a realtor says they stole $26,000 worth of jewelry during an open house.
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the realtor says one of the items that was stolen is her mother's wedding ring. she told us there were a lot of people in her home at the time and she didn't realize when the suspects left. the suspects are described as a man and woman in their late 30s. a woman distracted by her phone almost becomes a robbery victim. the whole thing caught on camera, including the good samaritan who stepped in to help. >> reporter: police have released new video of a disturbing teak that left people in this downtown l.a. neighborhood shaken. the victim crosses a small alleyway when a man runs up behind here, throws her to the ground and drags her several feet before a bystander intervenes and scares him off. >> he thought the victim was looking at her phone, he pulled the purse from her shoulder. and he didn't believe there was gonna be a struggle. >> reporter: police say the
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woman was looking down at her phone and was carrying a purse. they believe the attack was an attempted robbery. >> she was looking at her phone for whatever reason. and obviously the suspect decided to take advantage of the situation. >> reporter: fortunately a witness did intervene. he and the suspect confronted each other but don't get interest an altercation before the suspect leaves the scene. >> he's got a lot of energy. he vigorously drags her down the street. kind of looked like he was gonna box the guy from this place. >> reporter: police are asking people in the area to be hyper aware of their surroundings. >> you can't avoid walking around at 6:30. you just gotta be cognizant of who's around and be really careful. >> the woman is okay tonight. police continue their search for the man seen in the video. live look at oakland airport where a pretty special flight took off today to the big island
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of hawaii. southwest airlines flight landing in hawaii for the first time ever. it was just a test flight but it's part of southwest's plans to begin offering regular service between the bay area and the hawaiian islands. >> southwest culture is so similar to the aloha culture. i hired right away and been with them ever since. it's a great opportunity to come back home. >> once it passes testing phase, southwest plans to fly from oakland, san jose, sacramento and san diego to four hawaiian island destinations. starting tomorrow, s, if o will open its new observation deck to passengers. it's called the g terrace. it's a 3,000 square foot outdoor deck for international passengers awaiting their departing flights. it is room for 89 people, benches, loungers, and a
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view of airport operations. >> there's a bit of magic in air travel. and i think we've lost that over the year. and i hope this space can help passengers recapture that magic. >> it will be open from 7:00 am to 11:30 pm seven days a week. if you didn't already snag a spot in line, you're out of luck for now. tickets to the top of the sales forest tower to see this view are sold out through july. we saw more than 150 spots for a visit to the top of the tower in july. the tour happens only one saturday a month and we saved the best part for last. el will connect mineta the city of san jose looking to build an underground tunnel with the help of elon musk. the tunnel will con ternational airport to the train station. the mayor says
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he's been in phone discussions with the document explore the idea. massachusetts, boston is full of tunnels which lets traffic flow in a variety of directions. i think tunnels are the wa so far there >> certainly our city isn't going to get any less crowded. and god's not creating anymore land. so it's likely there's gonna be a viable connection. it's going to be on the ground. >> massachusetts, boston is full of tunnels which creates opportunities for traffic to flow in a variety of directions. >> so far there is no timeline and no budget but the mayor says a tunnel tort woue cheaper than a surface rail. just two degrees above freezing. we will fall below freezing in the north bay. santa rosa and napa in the upper 20s. below freezing in vacaville. livermore and dublin around 29
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degrees. 31 in concord. redwood city 34. san francisco 40. pacifica 41. radar will stay clear. a few showers offshore. snowpack looking great. four days ago, 101% of average. it has jumped 24% since friday. it's 125% of average. doing excellently. and add in the snow from today. this pattern will be with us for the next few weeks. we have a huge trough of low pressure. this will continue to drag down there from canada. our temperatures likely in the 50s for the next week or two. precipitation, tomorrow, no. we'll have some showers offshore. a slight increase in cloud cover on thursday. and then some light to moderate rainfall returning on
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friday. perhaps more from mt. hamilton. but not much if any for any of the lower hills. unsettled weather continues through the weekend. showers or light rain possible at times saturday and sunday. cold night tonight. watch out for black ice in our inland valleys. chilly but dry weather. there is a rain chance for the weekend. highs tomorrow, low 50s. chilly, 52 in livermore. napa 52. san jose 55. san francisco and oakland in the low 50s. we're dry tomorrow. rain returns on friday. scattered showers or light rain over the weekend. and there are no 60-degree temperatures anywhere in the bay area for the next seven days. tomorrow morning, it'll be a chilly morning. cold nights. >> thanks, paul. coming up, trail attack. a runner says he had to take on a mountain lion with his bare hands. so cute (laughs)?
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so cute i could just eat you right up, yeah! (gasps) oh, look at you, look at you! spokeswoman: try a mcdonald's mini meal for just 3.99. (pleasant whistling tones) mountain lion with his bare hands... after it attacked him on a trail.. the man says it was self-def a runner says he killed a mountain lion with his bare hands after it attacked him on a trail. the man says it was self-defense. a juvenile cat jumped him from behind. he was bitten on the wrist before he was able to suffocate the animal. rangers said the man did the right thing by fighting
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back. watching a pretty good hockey game going into overtime. >> first what do horses have to do with the warriors? steve kerr is gonna connect the dots.
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had the league's longest- active home win streak at 7 games... the sharks had a lot on their plate tonight facing the first place winnipeg jets. a team that had the league's longef active home win streak at seven games. burns sporting his new grill. in can dark early third period. san jose trailing two-1. sorensen comes out with it and scores to tie the game. we go to overtime again. sharks shorthanded. didn't matter. the game-winner, san joses it 3-2. their third straight overtime win. back in the cup conversation. ach. rory his unique swing will make his pga debut.
11:30 pm
choi who plays professionally in asia. rory mcilroy questioned whether he should be included in the field. davis love said the decision was all about selling tickets. >> you make choices based on guys' competitiveness. and sometimes choices based on selling tickets and promoting your sponsor. so as a veteran member of the tour, i can see both sides of it. it's a good one for him to be on. we go pretty far down our list this week. we're happy to have him. >> i don't know if that's a compliment or not. the 49ers reportedly hired wes wilkeras their new receivers coach. he spend the last two seasons working for the texans in. 13 years, we caught over 900 passes for nearly 10,000 yards. leave it to steve kerr to compare the warriors smelling the playoffs like a horse
11:31 pm
smelling the barn. >> as soon as we turned the corner, the horses took off. and that's how i feel it is with the nba teams. they can feel it. so they pick up the pace. , james with a bad pass, stolen by darren collison, who gets the lay- up. pacers crush l-a -point loss is t >> lakers ain't picking up the pace. lakers visiting indiana. second quarter, james, bad pass. with a huge trab trade. >> clippers and the sixers, oh, straighted a bunch of guys and first round picks for tobias harris. >> just happening. >> breaking news. what happen >> we'll be right back. hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape?
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good night. the sharks had alot on >> the late show with stephen
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colbert is next. >> next newscast tomorrow at 4:30. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now the russian response to the state of the union.


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