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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 19, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . the air sport -- airport security gate is rammed overnight and what we have learned about the driver. there are emergency crews in marion cleaning up the highway 37 storm damage, and they need help from the governor. the catholic priest bothering hundreds of children and that vatican secret plan to deal with this coming up. it is tuesday, 419.
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i am kenny choi . >> i am anne makovec . it is a cold and clear start to the day. we are looking at temperatures plummeting down into the 30s at many locations. here's a live look from the transamerica camera looking to the west. we had the super snow moon that is so bright you can see the reflection of the moon on the water so hopefully you get a chance to check it out. look up as you head outside. vee subfreezing at 30 d, degrees. 41 in san francisco, 36 in san jose. 36 in bear cub, 30 in napa, close to freezing at redwood city, fremont and 35 in mountain view. frosty conditions in spots and
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we will continue was sun through the day with cool to below average daytime highs in the 50s with spotty showers tomorrow. we will time this out on the future cast taking you hour by hour with the weather system we are tracking in a few minutes. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic on this cold tuesday morning. >> grab your jacket. we have a westbound vehicle fire with significant delays with three lanes completely sat down only leaving open the right lane open at westbound 580 at high street. expect slow-and-go on 580 and you can use 880 four an alternate. again, westbound 580 at high street. there was anrlier car fire westbound at fitzgerald but now on the right shoulder with no delays as you work your way on
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80 away from highway 4 to the maze, traffic is pretty light. at the bay bridge toll plaza we of cars stacking up in the cash lanes but an easy ride from the maze into san francisco. it is a total of 15 minutes at the central freeway connector. we have a lot of people making the trip out of tracy with slow- and-go conditions but better at the dublin interchange. through the altamont pass, 34 minutes from 205 into 680. good on the east shore freeway and no delays on the commute from the south bay. it looks like 36 minutes to the sfo. new this morning, the pickup truck rammed through the security gate in san jose. we have kpix 5 kiet do at the airport. >> reporter: the only thing keeping trespassers out of the airport is the chicken wire and
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caution tape. the gate is they twisted rack after the suspected drunk driver plowed through it. here's the video shot at 10:00 with the silver toyota tacoma ramming the fans at the airport and stopped a few yards away. it must've backed up and hit something because it looks like there's also rear end damage. they conducted a field sobriety test and no surprise the main failed the test. he was arrested and the pickup truck was impounded. it looks like the wreckage of the truck was actually on the airfield itself on the tarmac but it does not appear he got that far and did not interfere with airport operations. county workers will be back later to deal with the busted pants. live from san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the board of supervisors is
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holding a special meeting to declare a state of emergency a, impacted by the flooding in eastern novato south of highway 37. engineers are analyzing the embankments and levies to figure out how to mitigate the storm water affects with the main focus to reopen highway 37 as soon as possible and try to help caltrans lowered the water in the flooded area. i am emily turner at the live news desk. the fashion industry has lost a great, kara longer failed died this morning, degraded director for chanel and his own brand and in the fashion industry for 50 years. you may not know his name but you will recognize the video of the iconic like ponytail and dark glasses. he died at the age of 85 and we cannot quite put our finger on that number but fashion
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industry will memorialize him throughout the day and throughout the wait. it is 505 eight yelp. senator bernie sanders is throwing his hat into the presidential ring once again. >> if we all stand together there is no end to what great people of our nation can accomplish. >> the senator from vermont has announced he will seek the democratic presidential nomination in 2020, the second go round fort sanders who finished second to hillary clinton in 2016 for the democratic nomination. he told cbs john dickerson that he will weigh. you can watch the interview on cbs this morning coming up at 7:00 after this newscast. it is 506 ed galberth california is among 60s these filing lawsuits against the president trump emergency declaration for the southern
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border. the plan to bypass congress to build the wall is bringing out protesters as he plans to secure billions of dollars to build the wall by diverting the funding from the defense in other departments. the white house is challenging the notion that the emergency declaration is unconstitutional. >> the president is overreaching, going beyond his executive powers knowing there is no emergency crisis at the border. >> president trump vow to take the fight to the supreme court. in the meantime the border control confirms the death of a third migrant since december. the 45-year-old mexican national died after crossing the us-mexico border into texas earlier this month. he had heart failure. the vatican has reportedly admitted they have secret guidelines on what to do when the priest bright celibacy -- phrase break celibacy vows and
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against children, and they say there could be thousands of children all over the world born from the sexual abuse by the priests. yesterday sexual abuse victims gathered in st. peter's square and organizers say this could be a turning point here the pope francis calling 100 bishops around the world on how to protect minors. there is an event at 6:45 pm at the jesuit school of theology at berkeley. the san francisco police investigating a double shooting in the golden gate heights neighborhood at 18th avenue at the larsen peak park. two men walked into the hospital sunday had been shot but no word on who did this and why and the police have not made any arrest but the injuries of the victims are not life-threatening. it is the deadly officers
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shng in napa county and they sa captured the exchange. this reportedly shows the officer driving by the the suspect on henry road. they say the suspect shot at the deputy from the car and that the officer fired back killing the suspect. the sheriff's deputy was not injured and the suspect has not been identified. former president obama will be in oakland for the obama foundation, my brother's keeper, aligns with hundreds from students, educators and nonprofit leaders in oakland from all over the country. they are guests of president obama to visit >> in the shared environment of boys of color. >> my grandmother is praying i get to meet president obama and get a picture. presidt obama, if you're listening, my grandma want a
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picture. >> it also includes warriors start staff curry, -- steph curry, director ryan coogler and more. it is by invitation only but can be streamed online. it is 15 ed galberth that coming up, the free cereal for kids that could actually have written in it. it is a cold and frosty start to the day. i will let you know when we will have the next chance for showers with the future cast coming up. we about traffic alert along the 580 with all lanes open, details coming up in minutes.
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that involves *breakfast.. nature's path foods is recalling more than 400- thousan strack it is 5:13 am. extract there is a health recall denim brawls -- involves breakfast, and the product could contain what the fda calls undeclared gluten. the products are in the in biro kids line and no illnesses have been reported. any people with an allergy to wait or celiac, gluten allergies should not eat the cereal. set the johns hopkins university is warning that teenage girls that give blood
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could face a higher risk of anemia. taking supplements and increasing the time between donations could be helpful. extract doctors in canada say that a medicine commonly used to treat yeast infections is linked to a higher rate of miscarriage when given to pregnant women. they tracked hundreds of thousands of pregnancy and found women could be more likely to miscarry or have a newborn with a heart defect. extract the more primary care doctors there are the longer people live according to the new data from stanford and harvard universities. bravery can additional primary care doctor for 100,000 americans there was a jump in the life expectancy. extract it is 514 egging him. extract let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic . >> we had an earlier traffic alert that is been canceled so that's good news at 580 and high street with all lanes
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open. here's a closer view where traffic is thinning out nicely. we did see red and yellow earlier with slow-and-go space but now pretty light for most of the bay area. it is pretty early with the exception of a few spots, westbound highway 4 looks good with 27 minutes from 160 today short for a wife. no troubles but on the east shore freeway you are good to go, free flowing in both directions with westbound 80 at carlton looking good. we get have an earlier trouble spot at fitzgerald but that is being cleared out. the nimitz freeway northbound 880 looking good just past the coliseum and southbound doing okay with traffic bunching up a little bit south of where the camera is in the hayward and fremont this morning. keep that in mind working way toward the san mateo bridge and
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ns delayon the 101 itself. on the bay bridge no metering lights but that is probably going to change in the next couple of minutes. traffic is backed up just past the 880 overpass so getting slow-and-go. when you get on the span of the bay bridge traffic looks pretty good into the city. so far westbound 580 we have that track for the super commuters out of tracy pretty slow, backed up to the mountain house off of 205 with stop and go conditions continuing through north plan. when you past that the traffic will light up past the dublin interchange with 37 minutes from 205 to 680. you can always skip the roadways and use mass transit with everything on time this morning. it is chilly outside. >> it is a cold start to the
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day with clearing skies and light wind and temperatures plummeting. with clear skies across the bay area we have a great chance to see the super moon, snowmen. this is the snow moon shining brightly. checking out temperatures, 33 right now and concord for a very cold start to the day. close to freezing and oakland at 42, livermore at 30 with subfreezing temperatures. san francisco at 45, 36 in san jose and 31 in santa rosa. this is the super snow moon, the biggest and brightest full moon or the year, 30% brighter and 14% larger than normal. it is 17,000 miles closer to our right now. we love all of your super moon
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snow moon photos. tagus on instagram or twitter using #kpix. 36 in fairfield, 34 in napa and close to freezing in redwood city and fremont with 35 in mountain view. a cold start to the day so bundle up and put on the big winter coat. frosty conditions, especially inland with more sun through the afternoon with high pressure settling in. we have a few showers with wait disturbance moving in tomorrow. here's that ridge of high pressure, the dominating weather picture today keeping us high and dry. we have the like northwesterly wind with dry air, and also cold air. it is a chilly day once again with temperatures below avthe y taking you through the futurecast, plenty of sunshine through the day with the few
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showers tomorrow, especially in the afternoon. this is spotty, not widespread or crazy by any means but we do have a chance for tomorrow with dry weather through the rest of the week. 56 in census go and san rafael -- san francisco, san rafael and 56 in san jose with 58 in santa rosa. your 7-day forecast on temperatures in the 50s with sunshine today. spotty showers for tomorrow with the weaker weather system, drying out thursday with sunshine friday and the next chance for showers is on sunday. in half moon bay the san francisco county sheriff's deputy find two young mountain lion cubs downtown. look at these little babies. they appeared to be trying to
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escape the cold in this photo shows them snuggled up under the patrol car. officers said they were not aggressive and they kept the eye on them for safety. hopefully they have found their way back home into the woods. >> hopefully the mother was not too close. you don't want to run into the mother. >> i know i would be tempted to pay it the cubs but i know you're not supposed to. strack coming up in sports, it is time that the giants make the big announcement, the last season for bruce bochy with the full report coming up from scottsdale . strack would go to break a vecons tuesday morning as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. this is not a bed.
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strack bruce bochy arrived in san francisco in 2007 and built the hall of fame where the resume but soon it is coming to an and. dennis o'donnell has the reaction from scottsdale. >> reporter: the air and catching the media and players off guard. >> i will let you guys know now that i will be retiring after this season.
5:24 am
>> there was not much of a reaction because he blew by quickly and started talking about something else. >> reporter: 2019 will be the 13th and final season as manager of the giants for bruce bochy, highlighted by three world series titles. >> the giants come census go and new york, the whole thing. >> i came up here in 2007. it is a good feeling and gut feeling it is time, but an unbelievable ride >> i don't think it has caught up to me yet. when it gets closer and it is the time with the final game played, that is when it will sink in. >> reporter: the players see the departure of bruce bochy as a rallying cry and they want to send him out as a winner. dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> the sharks showed that thornton did something last night that he is not done since
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2010, the jumbo scoring his third goal of the night, the hatchery. and the bruins come back for the force of the overtime and charlie back avoid forcing the game-winner and the loss drops the sharks into second place in the pacific division. kevin durant may have one back the mbp for the all-star game but one of the best moments was when steph curry hit the three pointer and filed by klay thompson. this gives steph curry bragging rights over the splash brother. >> that four point chart bad. >> that part when you get back to oakland? >> that did her. >> i fell asleep for second. if i was going to make one shot out of 23, it had to be that one. >> it will be a good thing when their back on the same team again to face the kings on thursday. strack your play of the day
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from the english soccer match with united squaring off against chelsea for the cup. >> heading for the penalty spot and it is topped out and brilliant. >> let's take another look at marcus whipping it across to find the vault between the two defenders and powering past the goalie for the win with your play of the day. strack there is a big hole at the security fence around the airport here in san jose and we will explain coming up with a live report. you.
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all of you. how you live, what you love. that's what inspired us to create america's most advanced internet. internet that puts you in charge. that protects what's important. it handles everything, and reaches everywhere. this is beyond wifi, this is xfi. leeaes >>ivhe cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix 5 news the it up plowing through the airport security gate in the south bay. we are live on the scene. most of highway 30 seven is
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still shutdown and the county is asking for state help. the gondolas carrying seaworld visitors is stuck in midair and the effort to reach more than a dozen people that were trapped. it is tuesday, february 19. i am anne makavic. here's a live look and you can see we have clear skies with temperatures call for sure. bundle up as you head outside for your work and school. check out the temperatures with concord at 33, close to freezing, oakland at 32 and
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livermore with subfreezing conditions, mid 40s in san francisco, and mid 30s in san jose, 31 in santa rosa. 34 in napa, 36 in fairfield, also for fremont at 33 and mountain view at 35. it is a cold start with frosty conditions, especially inland. we will have plenty of sunshine with cool, below average day, highs, 50s with daytime showers possible on wednesday. we will time this out on the future cast, arab hour with the 10th of showers coming up in a bit. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic on this chilly and frosty morning. >> we have a trouble spot 880 southbound in the hayward area at a straight. it looks like a couple of lines are blocked with debris reported in the lanes, minor
5:32 am
red on the maps with traffic building. hopefully that will get this on the right shoulder pretty qukly. can see coming out of castro valley traffic is loading up coming away from to 38 connecting at 580 toward the nimitz freeway. on the san mateo bridge, you should not have any troubles after you get past this area on the bridge itself. traffic is clear from 880 and the toll plaza to the peninsula. south 101 at west 92 getting rid of the traffic hazard with someone changing a tire truck in the slow lane of traffic. the traffic is still pretty loud and youreyunivertrc pretty light. the peninsula is pretty good. out of the south bay let's say good morning to san jose were traffic looks good at 101. you are good to go out of gualu
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a look at thbay bridge coming up next. i am emily turner at the live news desk. it is the race for president in 2020 and bernie sanders has announced he will run for president. the 77-year-old vermont senator announced it on public radio last night that he will be seeking the democratic nomination. he was a progressive candidate that won 13 million votes in the race in 2016. his campaign included free college deletion, medicare for all and says they will "laid the groundwork for transforming the economic and political life of this country." he will speak on cbs this morning on channel 5 later this morning so stay tuned to see what he has to say. the driver is under arrest after ramming the truck through the airport security fans in
5:34 am
san jose. we have kpix 5 kiet do live at airport . >> reporter: this is a thick fans so this truck had to be moving at a clip to do that much damage and knock it down. officers took off around 4:40 am and there are no police officers guarding the entrance overnight to the airport. here's the video shot around 10 pm last night. the toyota tacoma rammed the fence at the airport it stopped a few yards away. the driver must have backed up that something because it looks like they have rearing damage as well. the officers arrived to found the may not injured and they conducted a field sobriety test and no surprise he failed it. he was arrested and the truck was impounded. the planes at the airfield where only yards away but it does not appear he got far enough to interfere with the airport operation. the county workers will be back
5:35 am
later to morning to deal with the busted pants. kiet do, kpix 5. greene county is asking for help from the state to recover from the storm damage and we have katie nielsen live with what is next. is it still shutdown? >> reporter: the stretch of highway 30 seven has been closed since last thursday due to the storm damage. you can see over my shoulder crews are working around the clock to reopen the roadway. the marin county saw torrential rain last thursday which caused areas. ng e legave way allowing millions of gallons of water from novato creek to flood the low-lying fields next toe highway to allow the water from the bay to rushdie and during the high tide. over the weekend marin county engineers in public works crews built the temporary dam to stop
5:36 am
additional flooding and i have already spent over $1 million dealing with the damage from the storm last week. county supervisors will vote today to ratify the state emergency declaration. >> it brings in mutual aid from other agencies and the state. we are doing everything we can to respond to the event. >> reporter: when the board of supervisors ratifies the declaration at 1 pm, it has to be approved by the governor and state office of emergency management. at that point the county can access state and federal disaster funding to pay for the necessary repairs. the best news out of all of this is that highway 30 seven, westbound lanes, could actually be reopened by this afternoon. the crews are right now installing temporary blood wet barriers and hope to have the
5:37 am
repaving gun. if they get that done they hope the westbound lanes of highway 30 seven can reopen this afternoon. katie nielsen, kpix 5 . we have an update from san diego where 16 people were rescued from the malfunctioning gondolas that were stuck in midair at seaworld and they were stuck above the frigid waters for four hours after the ride malfunctioned. the big gust of wind tripped the circuit breaker and the concern was the cold temperatures with 40s in san diego last night. according to seaworld each gondola has blankets. check out how complicated the rescue operation was. firefighters had to strap person into a harness and then lower them down into the waiting tugboats. they had rescue boats waiting in case anyone fell in the
5:38 am
water. a baby and a partially paralyzed person were among those in the gondolas. there was a pepper spray attack in san francisco after an altercation in the store on bayshore boulevard. the main pepper sprayed someone before running off. several employees were standing outside with mass. the video shows the car window smashed that is related to the incident but it is unclear how or any word on whether they caught the person. the white house is welcoming the chinese officials for another round of trade talks, coming as the deadline for the major care boost loans. the access and intellectual property topics on the table along the chinese pledge to purchase a set amount of years goods and services. >> we need more opportunity pov
5:39 am
to be reducing tariffs around the world instead of increasing the. >> it is march 1, the deadline to more than double the tears on over $200 billion worth of chinese products. the president says he may extend the deadline if the u.s. and china appear to be close to wrapping up a deal by the end our cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says we have issues to tackle. she is here with the income tax boot camp. he said the first important step is about deductions and what do we need to know about the boot camp? >> that is what we do, day after vacation day, every heto claim the standard ine deduction or whether to itemize. each method will reduce the amount of income subject to tax. there are big categories for out of modelers like mortgage interest, state and local taxes, qualified medical
5:40 am
expenses, charitable contributions. that is more than the standard deduction amount you would itemize on schedule a on your tax return. for many that is a high bar. the new textile doubled the standard deduction with $12,000 for single, $24,000 filing jointly and married. most will clean standard which will make the tax credit a little bit easier. >> the camp continues with round 2 and how have the credits changed this year? >> the personal exemptions are completely eliminated. that means that the credits are so important. credits are great because they reduced the tax bill dollar per dollar. the biggest of all of the credits is the earned income tax credit for working families that make other less than $55,000. there is a maximum of over
5:41 am
$6400 with those that had three or more qualifying children. there is a child tax credit, $2000 per qualifying child under the age of 17. there is a new credit of ch qua other dependent meaning the child over the age of 70 or an elderly parent. the child independent credits are limited to the couples earning less than $400,000, singles earning less than $200,000, and there are not one but two education credits. the american opportunity and lifetime learning will apply to expenses to pay for you, your spouse or dependents, and that is a lot of numbers for this early income tax boot camp. goill onney.need before filing. >> thank you, jill schlesinger, new york city. is 541 at yelp drive as fast as you want
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without getting a ticket, in california could be getting rid of the permit for these two major roadways. we have a lot of cameras but a lot of cars on the roadways, and we have your traffic update after the break. so cute (laughs)?
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so cute i could just eat you right up, yeah! (gasps) oh, look at you, look at you! spokeswoman: try a mcdonald's mini meal for just 3.99. (pleasant whistling tones)
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in just a few minutes. way lanes with good tuesday morning. check out the super moon snow moon, the biggest and brightest full moon of the entire year happening right now. we have clear skies and this is great viewing weather to check out the super moon snow moon.
5:45 am
we will let you know how chilly it is to start the day with frosty conditions, details coming up. >> that is a fantastic shot. it is 544 that is why 44 at yelp imagine freeways with no speed limit, an idea worth considering for orange county. the traffic is said to be bad for the environment so they are pushing for new bill tad two new lanes on each side of i-5 and highway 99 from bakersfield to stockton with no 65 mile an hour limit. the plan is said to be more realistic than the high-speed rail. >> you are burning fuel efficiently as opposed to sitting in slow traffic. why not provide people with vehicles an opportunity to drive a 100 miles an hour to get to san francisco in a shorter period of time. >> there are plenty of questions about how state that
5:46 am
would be, and whether there would be a minimum speed limit. >> that seems a little bit too sweet to be real. >> what do you think? >> how much will it cost? >> the proposal does not have a price tag get in the senator says he is working on getting more drivers wrapped up about the idea. >> we will see how that turns out but it could be like the audubon or the i-5 from bakersfield all the way up. >> the traffic on those roadways will polyp no matter what so no one is going 100 miles an hour. >> no doubt. we have a traffic alert on 580 already with a handful of accidents to slow you down, especially on 880 around later a straight. they do have everything at the right shoulder but the damage is done and you can see the line of red on the maps was ptech 20 miles an hour. it is slow-and-go southbound on
5:47 am
880 and hayward. the accident at eight street is clear but you can see the traffic is slow at the castro valley area. it is slow at the connector and at the nimitz freeway. give yourself extra minutes on 880 this morning. highway 4 is loading up. we are seeing the brake lights at a pittsburg into bay point with the traffic beginning at railroad, sluggish into the bay point with bates at 25 miles an hour. we have no accidents in the area you are clear when you get past 680 toward the east shore freeway and on 80 should not be a trouble spot this morning with traffic clear on westbound 80 through hercules. westbound 580 from the 205 and 680, 39 minutes. out of 205, tracy area toward the top of the altamont pass, easing up dublin interchange. traffic is loading up with a few more cars on the road ways. the speech are okay getting
5:48 am
onto the 680 interchange. the bay bridge metering lights are on, slow-and-go off of the 880 connector. it is busy right, 20 minutes from the maze into san francisco. the san mateo bridge looks pretty good with a few more cars on the road ways and drive time is 18 minutes. on south 101 at west 92 cleared. the nimitz freeway is good to go northbound past the coliseum. it is slowing down in hayward. it is called to start the day with clear skies and with that we are able to state the super moon, snow moon and a great shot from the salesforce tower camera. this is the biggest and brightest supermen, will mean for the entire year happening right now. people are saying it is big, bright and beautiful. check it out when you had outside and look up at the
5:49 am
moon. let's talk about temperatures that are called, 33 in concord, oakland at 42, 30 in livermore, 36 in san jose and 31 in santa rosa. napa 34, 35 in mountain view. it is a cold start for sure. we have frosty conditions and especially inland through the afternoon. this high pressure remains in control with this weaker weather system bringing showers tomorrow. here's that strong ridge of for day. terly flow we l with it will be temperatures wi ave tees at the year. and sunshine. here we go tomorrow with spotty
5:50 am
hit and miss showers with that weaker weather system. as we head through thursday we will dry out and we will continue to see dry weather for the end of the week. the snowpack to show you at this year snowpack, 141% of average. as we head through at least by sunday we could see more snow in the sierra. highs today at 56 in san francisco, 57 in redwood city, 57 in fremont, 56 in santa rosa. soak up the vitamin d today as we look at scattered hit and miss showers on wednesday, drying out thursday. we have plenty of sun friday and saturday, and showers returning sunday to end the weekend. we have new video capturing the moment that this
5:51 am
dog and two skiers were rescued that have been missing since saturday. you can see this gear wiping to the chp crews. relocated at the el dorado national forest in the mountains. the two skiers and the dog were hoisted to safety and skiers were taken to the hospital to be treated for the cold related injuries. the bay area fireman that is about to become a local celebrity and we take a look at the upcoming run on survivor. we take a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. gianna has the full traffic report an update on the hotspots when we come back.
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looking up you can see are beautiful snow moon. currently 30 great in concord, 42 in oakland, 30 in livermore, 45 in san francisco, 36 in san
5:55 am
jose, and 31 in santa rosa. we have a traffic advisory in effect with a major injury accident in fairfield with 12 completely shut down in both directions. this happened just after midnight and there are still a lot of activity for the investigation and that area. chp is advising you avoid that area. texas street good help you out not far from 80 so keep that in mind if you're getting on 80 this morning. it is 5:55 am and we have one bay area fireman putting his skills to the past. >> it is eric hafemann wrapping up the role as the castaway in survivors 38 season. it is survivor: edge of extinction. he said it was a 24 hour job keeping up with what everyone was doing every day. he said leading up to the show
5:56 am
that he prepared himself for starvation. >> there is a chance i could be the villain or the good got. >> reporter: he is the guy you don't want to let get deepbecau >> eric says he has dreams that he is back on the island and no one has won yet. the libra built will happen when the final votes are tallied and red on may 20. >> the premier of survivor: edge of extinction is airing tomorrow night right here on kpix 5 . >> reporter: the road crews are working round-the-clock to get westbound lanes of highway 37 and reopened. they have been closed since last week due to the flooding. we have an update on the timeline after this. >> reporter: the suspected truck driver plowed through the that that the red hillview airport in san jose with the live report coming up.
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♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
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a state of emergency is in effect in the wake of the mudslide that wiped homes. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . it is the state of emergency in effect in the wake of the mudslide that wiped out several bay area homes. some residents say that caltrans should share the blame for the disaster we hear from the california attorney general on his decision to file a lawsuit in response to the president trump national emergency declaration. there is a major issue over airline baggage weights. it is very chilly outside and you can feel it when you step outside. it is a cold blast of air. if you have trouble waking up, step outside. temperatures once again down hto the 30s so bundle up.


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