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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PST

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with strong wind and a cold front pushing through this afternoon and evening, and the been blown away mic hey area will for as low as $70 per person, per day. continue. we are saying goodbye for now but not done with this tropical storm heading our area with the next local update at 7:26 am. be careful out there, and have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, february 26th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump has just arrived in vietnam for his second nuclear summit with kim jong-un. we're in hanoi with the latest preparations while back home his former fixer, michael cohen, is set to testify that his boss committed crimes, including possible tax fraud. first on "cbs this morning," we'll talk to the director of the explosive new michael jackson documentary "leaving neverland." dan reid is here in studio 57 with his response to the jackson family calling this film one-sided propaganda. we get a first look at the fbi operation that seized thousands of illegal artifacts from one man's personal
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collection. an agent reveals why one discovery was particularly disturbing. plus, the one and only isaac mizrahi comes to studio 57. remembering his lifetime in fashion and the struggles on his way to success. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> the president has arrived in vietnam for the high-stakes summit. >> the north korean dictator has already arrived in a heavily armored train. >> pruesident trump and kim jong-un descend on vietnam. >> former trump fixer michael cohen returns to capitol hill today to testify about business dealings related to president trump. >> the president is facing a new lawsuit from a former trump campaign worker who accuses the president of kissing her without her consent. >> new england patriots owner robert kraft has been summoned to appear in a florida court to face charges of soliciting prostitution. >> this is not about lonely old
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men or victimless crimes. >> r&b singer r. kelly is out of jail after pleading not guilty to a series of sex abuse charges. >> a major winter storm with extremely strong winds. >> high winds left this british airways plane struggling in the air, rocking from side to side. good morning. i am your meteorologist mary >> president trump announcing an event to honor the united states lee on storm watch. on july 4th. he tweeted this. we have this storm bringing hold the date. heavy rain and strong wind, and it will be called a salute to america. >> finally a chance to celebrate it is not let up since america on july 4th. yesterday in the north bay with >> on "cbs this morning." 3 to 9 inches of rain in the for the first time, the oscars had no host, but it north bay. didn't seem to matter. rohnert park, petaluma, bodega bay, inverness and novato with ratings were up. several storms reported with >> people were saying we don't need a host anymore. this is my livelihood they're this powerful storm. talking about. in inverness a report of an suv sadly, everyone is like, life's washing off the side of the better without a host. without a host, the world is road. light to moderate rain in forest hills, san rafael and
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pure anarchy. >> it would be, absolutely. mill valley pushing across the richmond-san rafael bridge, >> can you imagine "the price is right" without a host? it would be chaos. walnut creek and showers across everybody would come on down. the santa cruz mountains. there is a flood watch in l thi there is a flash flood watch ♪ for the rest of the bay area welcome to "cbs this due to the street flooding. morning." we're not going to have any we are watching rivers rise and a wind advisory for the coast anarchy here. >> yes, i'm in favor of having a host and anchor to guide things and the hills, gusting up to 50 along. although, that oscars show moved miles an hour. very quickly. wet and windy today with heavy it was also fun to watch. but i still like a host that rain for the south bay this afternoon into the evening. guides you through everything. the south bay will have rain tonight with scattered rain >> and we shall guide you showers thursday, few showers through your morning. we'll start with this. as you wake up in the west, thursday afternoon, dry on president trump is in vietnam for his highly anticipated friday. everyone's got to listen to mom. second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. the president was welcomed a when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, short time ago after air force one landed in hanoi, vietnam's coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. capital, about 21 hours after he left washington. we're working together to do just that. >> kim arrived in vietnam earlier in the day after a bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar 2 1/2-day train ride through
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china. or no sugar at all. people lined the streets to get smaller portion sizes, a look at the first north korean leader to visit in more than 50 clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. years. benn tracy is in hanoi, where the summit will be held. ben, good morning. because we know mom wants what's best. >> reporter: good morning. so this has been billed as a more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. two-day summit here in vietnam. the white house now says that president trump will meet kim jong-un here in hanoi wednesday night for dinner. their official meetings will take place on thursday. since he arrived first, so far it's been the kim jong-un show. when the north korean leader arrived in vietnam, he was wearing a black suit and a big smile. kim jong-un seemed relieved to be done with his 60-hour train ride from pyongyang. once inside his armored mercedes, he even rolled down the window. the dictator known for starving and killing his own people looked like a seasoned politician. when he arrived at his hotel in hanoi, north korean security agents left nothing to chance. a bellman tells cbs news that
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all of kim jong-un's food, cooking supply, and even forks and knives were brought in from north korea. but what he's willing to do without is the question of this summit. will north korea take any welcome back. concrete steps towards i am gianna franco in the denuclearization? traffic center and a very busy before leaving washington, president trump previewed the argument he'll make to kim. >> we want denuclearization, and ride. we have a lot of hotspots with i think he'll have a country speed down the 25 miles an that will set a lot of records hour. we will get you updated on a for speed in terms of an couple of them. westbound 92 at experian, all economy. >> reporter: kim jong-un desperately wants relief from crippling economic sanctions, but he doesn't yet seem willing to trade his nuclearea, even i e lanes clear but slow through this area. the lives of his impoverished we have the delay just past the toll plaza at the san mateo people. bridge where your drive times >> i think north korea also 25 minutes from 880 two 101 needs to understand that they with a wind advisory on the san can't eat nuclear weapons. mateo bridge. southbound crash at 101 and it >> reporter: chun in-bum is a is in the clearing stages but former general of the north korean army. >> do you really believe north korea is actually going to give these weapons up? backed up. it is the slow-and- >> i personally think that's going to be a hard process. but even if they decide to do go ride along the peninsula. northbound 880 at decoto road
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so, it's going to take 15, 20 with lanes blocked, slow-and-go anyway southbound 880 that will affect your drive using the years. >> reporter: in what appears to be a case of seriously bad planning, it turns out the hotel dumbarton bridge this morning. this is 880 past the coliseum, where the white house press corps was assigned to work from struggling along with slow-and- go conditions from here, pretty is also the hotel where kim much stop and go toward the maze. jong-un is staying. when he arrived this morning, all of the journalists were kicked out, and the hotel says that north korean security agents are now in charge. >> really interesting details. i've never heard anyone talk about eating a nuclear weapon. ben tracy in vietnam, thank you. >> a short time after the president landed, his former personal attorney and fixer arrived to start testifying on capitol hill. a source tells cbs news michael cohen plans to accuse the president of criminal conduct in connection with hush money paid to alleged sexual partners. cohen will also reveal some of the president's financial statements and accuse him of making racist comments. nancy cordes is on capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: good morning. and cohen could get grilled
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behind closed doors today for up to ten hours by intelligence committee staffers as senators look on. tomorrow we're told when he goes before the house oversight committee, he will provide documents that show that the president may have engaged in tax fraud. today he's going before the senate intelligence committee. this is the committee that's looking into russian wayne: wow. - yeah, boy! interference, and senators there are not inclined to go easy on a wayne: tiffany, what's behind the curtain? jonathan: it's a trip to italy! man who lied to congress the - i'm here to win big today. jonathan: it's in the bag. (grunts) last time he was here. wayne: go get your car! the committee is asking him why give him a big ound of applause. he lied to them about president you did it, you got the big deal of the day! trump's 2016 pursuit of a big and this is how we do it in season ten. moscow real estate project, and jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." they want to know if someone told him to lie. now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! how many other russia deals did mr. trump pursue stretching back wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal," to the 1980s? wayne brady here. and who were his key business let's make a deal. two people, let's go. i need a couple, i need a couple to make a deal with me, partners there? cohen has been sentenced to let's see, where am i going to get my couple? three years in prison and is set to be incarcerated in may. the king and queen, come on over here. he's been working with federal everybody else, have a seat. (cheers and applause)
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prosecutors, looking for ways to get his sentence reduced. so senators are hoping he's going to be motivated to be more truthful this time than he was the last time. bottom line is, they know he's a flawed witness, but he knows a lot about the president's business dealings. >> and a lot of people waiting to hear what he has to say. thank you very much, nancy. the highest ranking catholic leader ever charged with child sex abuse was found guilty of molesting two boys in australia. cardinal george pell, a top adviser to pope francis, was convicted back in december, but a court had forbidden publication of any details about the trial until now. he abused two boys moments after sunday mass back in 1996. seth doane is in rome with details on that. >> reporter: good morning. that gag order had been put in place by an australian court to avoid the possibility of prejudicing a jury in a second trial that's now not taking place. today the vatican is saying this is just the first stage of a legal process, and since cardinal pell has maintained his
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innocence and his legal team has filed an appeal, the vatican will wait until the conclusion of that process to make any next steps. now, earlier, cardinal pell was heckled as he left the melbourne courthouse as he was mobbed by reporters. the cardinal was convicted of sexually abusing two 13-year-old boys in 1996 at a melbourne cathedral. he was 55 years old at the time and in charge of the local church's program to combat sex abuse. the vatican today said that pope francis was standing by, confirming his position and restrictions on cardinal pell, including that he should abstain from public ministry and avoid contact with minors until this appeal process is complete. now, we know that cardinal pell faces up to 50 years in jail. >> seth doane in rome, thank you. this morning, venezuela is deporting an american journalist who says he was detained for more than two hours at the pala. jorge ramos was interviewing
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president nicolas maduro at the time violent and deadly protests continue in venezuela over u.s.-backed opposition leader juan guaido's challenge to power. manuel bojorquez is in colombia. >> reporter: waves of protesters faced off. we're going to stand up frp venezuela, even if they don't want to support us, this young man told us. we will find a way. in a sign of the fracturing regime, our cameras captured a venezuelan military officer fleeing to colombia to escape the growing crisis. in a new interview, president nicolas maduro blamed the united states for, quote, trying to fabricate a crisis to justify political escalation and bring a war to south america. univision 't want the world to jor ramos said he and his crew
7:11 am
detained in a dark room for two hours. >> the minister of communications told us that they confiscated all our cameras, four cameras, all de all of our cell phones. >> reporter: the incident happened just hours after vice president mike pence met with opposition leader juan guaido across the border in colombia, announcing new sanctions against maduro's government. >> the tragic events of this past weekend have only steeled the resolve of the united states of america to stand with you. >> reporter: meanwhile, those along the border remain fearful. ramona lives in colombia. she says she ran for cover, choking during those deadly clashes as four tear gas canisters landed in her home and bullets flew overhead. are you concerned about what's is is s your
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view? more than 50 countrecoed j gupp. manuel bojorquez. back in the u.s., patriots owner robert kraft allegedly visited a florida massage parlor for sex acts twice just before the afc win. kraft is among hundreds of people accused of soliciting prostitution as part of a crackdown on alleged sex trafficking. the billionaire was seen flying to boston from los angeles yesterday with patriots quarterback tom brady. omar villafranca is outside the day spa in jupiter, florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this little spa is tucked in on the strip mall, but i year after a health inspector said he found evidence that women were
7:13 am
living here. so they set up a sting operation. they tell us they recorded all kinds of men going in and out, including the owof ampion new england patriots, robert kraft. hours before the new england patriots clinched the afc championship title in kansas city, florida authorities say the team's owner, robert kraft, visited this massage parlor and paid for sex acts. the state attorney officially charged the billionaire monday with two misdemeanors of soliciting prostitution. >> this is not about lonely old men or victimless crimes. this is about enabling a network of criminals to traffic women into our country for forced labor and sex. >> reporter: according to charging documents, kraft arrived at the orchids of asia day spa by chauffeur at 10:59 a.m. on january 20surveillance paying cash at the front door,
7:14 am
hugging a lying face up on the table. he left 14 minutes later after the alleged sex acts. it was allegedly his second visit in less than 24er bowl earlier this month, has denied any wrongdoing. in a statement monday, the nfl said its personal conduct policy applies to everyone in the nfl, and that it will take appropriate action as warranted based on the facts. the florida state attorney says he hopes attention on the case goes beyond kraft with the focus shifting to the victims. according to court document, at least some of the workers were born in china and were forced to live at the spa and not allowed to leave without an escort. >> it's up to all of us to be the eyes and ears to protect against human trafficking because a lot of the stuff occurs in plain sight. if you see something, say something. maybe that's the good that can come out of all this.
7:15 am
>> reporter: if found guilty, defendants will have to pay a $5,000 fine, perform community service, and go to school to learn about the dangers of prostitution and human trafficking. they could also face up to a year in jail, but the florida state attorney tells us that first-time offenders rarely spend any time behind bars. >> all right, omar. thank you. attorney michael avenatti says new video showing r. kelly sexually abusing a minor is now in the hands of prosecutors. kelly was released from a chicago jail on bail yesterday. the r&b singer pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse charges. jericka duncan is outside the cook county courthouse. >> reporter: good morning. according to jail records, a woman who describes herself as a friend from the chicago area is responsible for getting that $100,000 needed in order for r. kelly to be released. take a look at this video of r. kelly walking out of the cook county jail shortly before 5:30
7:16 am
yesterday evening after spending three nights behind bars. the 52-year-old grammy award winning singer was accompanied neo reporters.y. kelly then got into a black van and was later spotted at a flagship mcdonald's, then a cigar lounge. hours earlier, kelly appeared in court before a judge where his attorney pleaded not guilty on his behalf to all ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four women. three of those women were minors at the time of the allegations, which date back to 1998. meanwhile, attorney michael avenatti, who said he represents two of kelly's accusers, says his legal team gave prosecutors a second video that shows kelly having sex with a girl believed to be 14. now, kelly's attorney says he has not seen any of the video evidence but maintains that kelly did nothing wrong. r. kelly is expected to appear back here in court in march. >> jericka, thank you.
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to be continued, for sure. 183 on an amtrak train have been stranded for more than 36 hours after that train hit a tree on the tracks in the pacific northwest. the train was heading from seattle to los angeles on sunday when it opy i a remote area near oak ridge, oregon. no one was hurt here. this morning, passengers on board say food carts are empty, parents with young children have run out of diapers. >> usually it's a pretty uneventful ride over mountain passes. it was snowing last night. the train took some damage, and guess what, broke down. >> winter weather has hampered the efforts to get the train moving again. snow in the area made it impossible to evacuate the passengers. in a statement, union pacific said crews are in the process of clearing the track this morning. the train will then move back to eugene and portland. i saw an interview with someone who was on the train. she said the most frustrating thing, other than being stranted, is they're not getting any information on the train. they're getting a lot from social media and people calling.
7:18 am
but to be there and not knowing exat's goin is extrem ating. >> i worried aut. >> me b weath news. a powerful winter storm unleashed ferocious winds from the midwest to the northeast, knocking out power to more than half a million americans. along the shores of lake ontario, wind gusts of more than 50 miles an hour pounded the shore with 20-foot waves and a wall of ice. this is known as an ice tsunami. in some states, the winds tore off roofs, uprooted trees, and caused buildings to collapse. a new hbo documentary focuses on child sex abuse allegations against michael jackson, who has repeatedly denied the claims. in "leaving neverland," wade robbson alleges that the pop icon abused him for years as chd. nig that i was with him, there was abuse while my mother was, you know, next door. he started talking about how much he loves me.
7:19 am
what is this is how we show our love for each other. other people are ignorant and they're stupid. they'd never understand. if they ever found out what we were doing, about this sexual stuff, that he and i would be pulled apart, that we'd never be able to see each other again. >> in just a few minutes, director dan reid will join us here in the studio for his first tv interview about mak we are tracking rain and wind with this powerful storm, the atmospheric river bringing a lot of rain. there is a flash flood watch in the bay area, rockslides, debris flow, a wind advisory at the coast and the hills. the wind is gusting up to 50 miles an hour, rainy and windy, and we get a break finally by friday.
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we have much more news ahead. federal regulators take a new look at opioids. why drug makers will have to study the powerful pain pills to see if they are safe and effective over the long term. plus, a woman claims her cruise ship left her stranded in mexico in the middle of a medical crisis. how she and her husband say they spent nearly $4,000 to get home. and see why jon stewart lobbied congress alongside first respond who are got sick from 9/11 duty. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ll cinema ty with cinemastream for less buffering, cinemasound for brilliant clarity, and cinemacolor for ultra vivid color. get $200 off select xps13 laptops at ♪ now there's a soft werther's caramel with a delicious prize inside. discover vanilla crème soft caramels filled with luscious vanilla crème. werther's original crème soft caramels
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good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mary lee. we are tracking rain and wind with the atmospheric river dumping a lot of rain in the north bay, 3 to 8 inches already with more rain on the way. moderate heavy rain pushing through from eldridge, sonoma, as well as petaluma and napa. we have storm reports with debris flow reported rohnert park, petaluma road, and at the junction of snyder. we have heavy rain in mill valley, sausalito, into san francisco with light rain at the bay bridge, east berkeley, walnut creek, san ramon.
7:27 am
rain in san mateo and a break in san jose, you will see rain later today. there's a flood watch in the north bay with a flash flood watch in the remainder of the north bay area. we have your traffic coming up.
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welcome back. it is 7:28 am. we have wet roadways with windy conditions and slick surfaces. we have a few trouble spots at the lower deck on the bay bridge with word of a broken down vehicle, and an accident reported in that same area. we have a line of cars on the lower deck, but not bad on the opposite side, slightly better conditions on the bay bridge. it is busy here but improving after you get past the metering lights into san francisco and on the upper deck. traffic busy out of marin, slow- and-go on south 101 out of san rafael, and a busy ride into
7:29 am
san francisco.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. the house is expected to pass a resolution today in determining the president's national emergency declaration. at the southern border. democratic leaders say it violates the constitutional bounds of power. only one republican congressman is supporting the resolution. the senate will vote next. president trump says he will veto the resolution if it reaches his desk. >> the "washington post" reports the fda will soon require drug companies to study the effectiveness of opioids at reducing chronic pain. in an interview with "the post," the fda commissioner said the studies results would affect the
7:31 am
labelling of some opiods. they critic the effectiveness of opiods for long term use. federal investigators will continue searching today for black boxes of an amazon cargo plane. they're also looking for the remaining of a third crew member who died in saturday's crash. lightening, muddy water and alligators have hampered search efforts. if negligence, rescuers will drudge the area to salvage the wreckage. authorities say they're preparing for a lengthy search that could take weeks or months. an explosive new documentary set to air on hbo this weekend is reigniting claims that michael jackson sexually abused children. allegations he has repeatedly denied. in "leaving never land" the pop
7:32 am
icon is accused of abusing young boys. we'll take a look at that documentary. the jackson family will give their first on camera interview about that. in a moment, we will talk to the film's director, but first here is a look at how the two accusers defended jackson for years. >> secrets will eat you up. you feel so alone. >> the two men were the focus of the "leaving neverland" documentary wade robinson and james safechuck say michael jackson molested them repeatedly through their adolescence. >> every night there was abuse with my mother sleeping right next door. >> he met the singer when he was 5 years in the documentary, safechuck says he shot a pepsi commercial with the king of pop right before his ninth birthday.
7:33 am
>> looking for me? >> the men say jackson warned them they had to keep the abuse a secret. and allegedly pressured them to defend him in his sex abuse cases. jackson settled the 1993 lawsuit and was acquitted in a 2005 criminal trial. in court and in tv interviews, robinson repeatedly denied being molested by michael jackson. >> what's he like? >> he's a good guy. >> no nonsense? >> no. >> in 2015 after suffering several nervous break downs robinson decided to tell what he claims is the real story in a lawsuit against the jackson estate. savechuck followed him a year later. both cases were thrown out because of statute of limitations. the men are appealing. >> he started talking about how much he loves me, what this is is us, how we show our love for each other and other people are ignorant and stupid. they would never understand. >> the jackson family has denied it and denounced them as
7:34 am
opportunists and admitted liars. his estate also sued hbo last week calling "leaving never land" a one-sided piece of propaganda used to smear a man no longer here to defend himself. film maker dan reed is the director and producer of "leaving neverland." dan reed, very good to see you. >> thank you. >> already it's created a lot of controversy. one of the main criticisms about it is it is very one sided. you only focussed on wade and james and you got no reaction from the jackson family or anyone associated on his side. how do you address that? >> the allegations directed against michael himself and of course he's no longer around to defend himself. so we included the things he said while he was alive in defense of his behavior, you know, during the 1993 and the 2003, 2005 criminal investigations. he went on television and his lawyers made statements and we
7:35 am
included all of that stuff. >> but did you not think it was necessary to hear from members of his family or his lawyers to react specifically to wade and james? >> well, this isn't a film about michael jackson. it is a film about wade and james, two of the boys. to whom this dreadful thing happened long ago. it's a story of their coming to terms with that over two decades an the story of their families. as far as including other eye witnesses to that, there was no one else in the room, i don't believe, when wade was being molested by michael or when james was having sex with him. >> they both defended michael jackson in the past including in 1993 when he was accused of sexual abuse. robinson testified on his behalf at the trial in 2005. why have their s changed? >> people find it difficult to understand and what i found making this film found it
7:36 am
difficult to understand is the deep attachment that forms between the abuser and the abused with this kind of grooming. so both wade and james were in love with michael, and they continued loving him and he was a close friend, particularly to wade for many, many years. >> they thought michael was in love with them, too. >> michael told them both, you know, that he was in love with them. >> that they were special. >> they had an amazing future ahead of them. >> if you are going to be mentioning michael jackson, don't you have some obligation to get in touch with the people who have histo interests becaus you are saying and repeating some pretty extraordinary things. don't you have an obligation to talk to the family? >> what does the family know about this sexual abuse that happened? do you think they know about the sexual abuse? >> but when you are doing this documentary, don'ts becausyou dw what the answers are to
7:37 am
questions until you ask them? >> we know the family and the estate all deny that any sexual abuse took placet time on the screen and have people casting doubt on wade. >> if characters deny something at one point and then they change their mind, why not give the family the same chance to change their stories just as your two main characters did? >> what was important for me was to have eye witnesses or people who could add something to the story. i don't know that the jackson family has any direct knowledge. >> sure, sure. >> of what happened to wade and james. i don't believe they do. if they do, they should -- >> this was clearly very difficult to watch with many disturbing details. how do you vet some of these details, though? because most of this happened with two people in the room according to these two men. >> that's the case with a lot of pedophile allegations. 's two peopleten people come ous
7:38 am
after the sexual abuse has taken place. i did a deep dive into the child sexual abuse allegations against jackson in '93 and 2003 and 2005 and read a lot of the witness statements there and spoke to a lot of the investigators and i didn't find anything that contradicted or cast any doubts on wade and james' account. >> the documentary was very graphic. why did you decide to go that way, the details of it? >> i think jackson got away with this image of being a child himself and being affectionate with children. i wanted to make sure people understood this. this wasn't kissing or cuddling. this was sex. this was the kind of sex adults have, but he was having it with a child. >> he was known to spend a lot of time with children. some famous. mccauley caulkin, corey feldman. they have throughout the years denied any sexual abuse took place. did you walk into this project objectively or did you walk in already believing these two
7:39 am
gentlemen? >> you know, i had no prior views about michael jackson. i have never taken a special interest in jackson or anyone famous. i come from a background of making films about terrorism and crime. i came to it with a completely open mind. i certainly didn't want to stake my reputation on a story that didn't have a strong factual basis or that wasn't true. so i did look, you know, throughout the two years of making the film, i looked for anything that could cast doubt or independence mine wade and james' story. i found nothing at all. i found their stories to be consistent. i found their family's stories to be consistent with what they told me. >> were they paid for the documentary? >> they were not paid. they have no future past financial interests. >> and one of the criticisms i've heard is that these two knew each other and they got together with a lawyer and decided that they would -- because you came to them, right? they didn't come to you. >> yeah. this is a story i stumbled across. i was sitting down with a channel four executive in the uk for breakfast one day and said
7:40 am
what are the big stories out there that people think they know but don't really know. never been sort of conclusively exam evened. and michael jackson was one of those. i had someone do some research for three weeks in a footnote in a forum was this reference to wade and james litigating against the michael jackson estate. okay? and that's how i stumbled across this story and here we are now. >> you reached out to them. well, it has created a lot of conversation for people that haven't seen it. people have to see it before they can draw any conclusions on either side. >> there's a divide between before and after watching the film. >> all right, dan. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the documentary is called "leaving neverland." it airs march 3rd and march 4th on hbo. up next, a look at this including how elon musk tweeted his way into trouble again. why he could be held in contempt
7:41 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here is a look at headlines around the globe. the russian post reporting attorneys for paul manafort asked a judge for leniency when he's sentenced next month. manafort who is 69 also faces more than 19 years in prison in a separate federal tax and bank fraud case in virginia. manafort's lawyers claim he has been treated harshly by robert mueller. >> the washington journal ha it hold elon musk in contempt of
7:46 am
court. he tweeted tesla will make around 500 cars in 2019. that conflicts the january shareholder letter. musk corrected the number in a later tweet. it was said that musk violated a settlement to preapprove statements that would affect the company's share prices. the new york daily news reports john stewart went to capitol hill to secure the 9/11 victim's compensation fund, which is running out of money. >> the program works exactly like it's supposed to. so now it's congress' job to fund it properly. and let these people live in peace. >> the fund administrator recently said pay outs could be cut by at least half. britain's independent reporting a terrifying video of a plane battling wind as it tries to land. it was rocking from side to side. just watching it makes you queasy. yesterday as it approached the airport, it was forced to land in a nearly city in spain. no one was hurt. it was fine.
7:47 am
they're built to withstand this kind of thing, gayle. >> so i've heard. >> passengers were put on a bus. >> when i was landng last night from los angeles to new york, it was also very bumpy. it wasn't like that. but it is just very terrifying to be there in the air when you have no control over anything. you're really just in the hands of very good pilots at that moment. but they said that that landed okay. everybody was all right. you know what i think. >> planes may be built for it, but we're not. >> i needed to change my underwear. that was very frightening. >> they should advertise that in a magazine. >> i'm not ready for that yet. it was a joke, but it makes the point. all right. a new jersey couple says they were forced off their cruise and stranded in mexico because of a medical emergency. ahead inside their difficult and costly t
7:48 am
we are tracking rain and wind with this powerful storm system. the atmospheric river is bring a lot of rain in the north bay with a flood watch, a flash flood watch for the rest of the bay area. rockslides and debris flow with the wind advisory at the coast and the hills, wind gusting up to a few miles an hour. rain to scattered showers wednesday and thursday, a break finally five friday. people are fighting type 2 diabetes with fitness, friends
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good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist mary lee. the north bay continues to see heavy rain at this hour. as we zoom in you can see moderate to heavy rainfall at the coast, bodega bay, inverness, santa rosa with moderate to heavy rainfall across rohnert park and novato. we have a flood report at inverness with the platform road closed due to the flooding. rain pushing across mill valley, golden gate, bay bridge and in the east bay, berkeley and oakland. light rain showers in san mateo and half moon bay.
7:57 am
san jose will have rain this afternoon and evening. there's a flood watch in the north bay, a flash flood watch for the rest of the bay area. we have a wind advisory for the hills and the coast. ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
7:58 am
welcome back. it is 7:58 am. it is busy in a lot of spots on this tuesday morning with a lot of red meeting speeds are down to 25 miles an hour in many areas, and especially on the san mateo bridge. we have a crash on the shoulder just off of 880. we have glass debris in the middle lane which is slowing down traffic, and also sluggish on the bridge. there's a wind advisory on the san mateo bridge with most of the bay area bridges dealing with windy conditions. you will see delays on 101 as well of out of marin county, and southbound 101 from san rafael into the city with brake
7:59 am
lights on and off. a crash northbound 101 at san antonio road blocking one and northbound out of mountain view with pockets of slowing in hillsdale.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, february 26th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead -- a couple sues royal caribbean claiming they were kicked off a ship after one of them got very sick. we'll hear the cruise line's response. plus -- our follow-up to a disturbing story of a woman who was attacked in her hotel room. how you can protect yourself with a new simple changes to your travel routine. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. president trump is in vietnam for his highly anticipated second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> their official summit meetings will take place on thursday. since he arrived first, so far
8:01 am
it's been the kim jong-un show. >> could get grilled behind closed doors for up to ten hours by intelligence committee staffers. >> the gag order was put in place to avoid the possibility of prejudicing a jury in a possible second trial. cardinal pell was heckled as he left the courthouse. >> more than 50 countries have now recognized juan guaido as venezuela's interim president. despite some defections, maduro still seems to have strong support within the military. >> they set up a sting operation and they tell us they recorded all kinds of men going in and out, including the owner of the new england patriots robert kraft. halftime of the milwaukee bucks game. a dance-off. >> oh! >> oh, is right. this bucks fan is getting a lot of attention for his dance moves. >> let's go, big fella! shut itdown >> just give him the prize. >> that's impressive.
8:02 am
this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by liberty mutual insurance. little known fact from the 1980s. i used to try and breakdance. >> little known fact, will you wear pants tomorrow and give us a demonstration? >> i cannot do the -- >> i will pay you guys to see that. >> there are many other options available than the worm. >> they're coming back. >> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king, john dickerson and bianna golodryga. president trump has arrived in vietnam for another summit with kim jong-un. vietnamese officials welcomed the president a short time ago. he and kim will have a brief one on one meeting tomorrow followed by dinner. now their official discussions will happen on thursday. kim arrived hours ago after a train ride through china that took 2 1/2 days. he was greeted at vietnam's border with a redarpet welcome, large crowds and heavy security before he was driven to
8:03 am
his hotel in hanoi. american journalists expected to work at that hotel but they were suddenly forces to move a few hours before kim arrived. hotel staff told cbs news that north korean security will not allow them to touch anything, not even help with any of the luggage. >> it has been reported that the north korean president is worried about being poisoned and other things and having any -- >> he brings his own stuff with him, everything. >> brought his own bubble. >> the president's former attorney michael cohen is testifying on capitol hill this morning about the russia investigation and other matters. attorney general william barr is expected to receive special counsel robert mueller's report next week. and has not confirmed whether he will make it public. outgoing deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who oversaw the mueller investigation said yesterday there may be good reason not to release the full report. >> there's a knee-jerk reaction to suggest that we should be transparent about what we do in government, but there are a lot
8:04 am
of reasons not to be transparent about what we do in government if we aren't prepared to prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt in court, then we have no business making allegations against american citizens. >> democratic lawmakers threaten to subpoena the report or mueller himself if all of it is not made public. the irs is out with new data on this year's tax filings. we are four weeks into tax season and the average refund so far is $2,640. that's down from more than $500 from this time last year. the irs has received fewer than 40 million individual filings so far, down nearly 5% from the same period in 2018. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger is here with when you can expectrrefund. jill, good morning. you've already said you are not anticipating a refund but we know many americans are. how long can they expect to get one after they file? >> if you file electronically, it should be within 21 days. if you go with the paper filing,
8:05 am
we're talking about six weeks or so. and again, this is based on the information from the irs. no delays due to the government shutdown. there were some fears about that earlier. >> if there are any delays, what would be the reasons? >> the biggest one is people who claim the earned interest tax credit or the additional child tax credit, a lot of those people filed early hoping to get those credits. unfortunately, they are not issued until mid-february. the irs says tomorrow if you file those two kinds of credits, you should get your refund direct deposited. >> some people have gotten their tax cut because -- there are people who got tax cuts as a result of the president's tax plan. they may not get a tax refund but their net tax bill will have gone down. >> that's really important. when we look at the refund amount we just cited it's down by $500. now think about that. $500, but if you got a $10 a week pay increase throughout the year, you may not have noticed it. i get it. but that was part of your tax
8:06 am
refund. so it's important not to conflate a refund with a tax cut. >> a refund is essentially giving a free loan to the government and as a financial adviser, you tell people probably not to do that. >> not the best idea. >> for people who do get a refund, what do you recommend they do with the money? >> take a trip? >> stop it now. first -- >> buy some shoes? >> some necklaces? >> catch up on your bills, obviously. then, of course, pay down any outstanding credit card auto loan, debt. beef up that emergency reserve fund that's so important. and, look, if you have some extra money, maybe bump up that contribution to your retirecounn the previous year, use that. capture it. put it into your retirement account. by the way, putting money into a retirement account is a great way to reduce your taxes for next tax season. >> regardless of your age. even if you are a young person. put money in for retirement. >> just do it. >> all of that available in your
8:07 am
book? >> absolutely. thank you, bianna. >> jill, thank you. a new jersey couple accuses a cruise line of abandoning them in mexico during a medical emergency. carol and bertram palk claim they were told off to get off the royal caribbean's "allure of the seas" because they could not treat her internal bleeding. they paid thousands of dollars to return to the u.s. demarco morgan shows us their ordeal. >> reporter: this couple has been on more than a dozen cruises but none quite like this one. carol and her husband bertram were in the middle of their january cruise from miami when she became ill. the 79-year-old twonwent to the ship's medical staff and was told she was bleeding internally. >> he told me i could have a heart attack or i could bleed out and i need a blood transfusion and they had no facilities to do a blood he waneo g to
8:08 am
hospital. the doctor said we're kicking you off the ship, and those were his words. >> the couple was taken off in coasta maya, mexico. they arranged transportation but they had to pay for it. they took a five-hour cab right to cancun and flew to mexico city. they bought their own plane tickets home to new jersey. they shelled out nearly $4,000 for the 24-hour ordeal to get home. in a statement, royal caribbean denied kicking the couple off the ship writing our on-board medical team initially treated the guests and then determined that for the guest's health and safety, additional medical attention was needed that could be best provided by a hospital in the area. the guest declined our professional medical recommendation to seek immediate local care and decidednsteadtoa say they were given $157 each and 20% off toward a future cruise.
8:09 am
all they say they really want is an apology and they hope to get one soon, gayle. >> all right. i'm trying to figure out what the ship -- what the cruise line did wrong. it seems like they were trying to save her life saying you have to get medical attention. >> it's not like -- >> they can't help you. >> it's not like they got sick because of something they did. >> there's more to the story. >> may have saved her life. >> yes, by saying we -- >> we don't have the medical staff. >> demarco, we thank you. good discussion. growing number of women travelers are taking new precautions in hotels. one woman who was victimized reveals how you may be putting yourself at risk without even realizing it. pl
8:10 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. only pay for what you need.
8:11 am
there's much more news ahead, including the 91-year-old man caught with thousands of illegal artifacts. see why the fbi was surprised by some of the items in his collection. and isaac mizrahi is telling his very colorful life story. the world famous designer will be with us in studio 57. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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a majority of women say they have experienced one safety related incident or concern while traveling. yesterday we introduced you to sherry, the mother of three who
8:16 am
was sexually assaulted in her hotel room while traveling for work in 2014. according to court documents, her assailant got a key to her room from a hotel staff without security checks. we spoke with her and are here with some tips on how to protect yourself. >> good morning. she thought she did everything right to protect herself in that hotel like locking the door and putting on that safety bolt. but there were some things that came as a surprise to her in the wake of an attack, some things that might be a surprise to some of you watching. >> it is like home away from home. i even look at some of the advertising, and that's exactly what they're marketing is that this is your refuge when your on the road. >> reporter: while staying at this embassy suits, she felt safe in large part because she believed in the brand, hilton. >> you walk in
8:17 am
name. through this process i learned that it's not. >> reporter: so you thought thi everything? >> yeah. i think that's something that has to be more recognizable, that when we go, it is not necessarily a hilton or a marriott or a hyatt. it is somebody like in my case, you know, an owner/operator situation. >> reporter: many of these big brand hotels are franchises, meaning the owners and managers operate independently. >> the court ruled that the guest room key control, they did not have ultimate responsibility. >> reporter: her attorney says the management company and owner were ultimately responsible for giving christopher la point access to her room where he sexually assaulted her and raped
8:18 am
her in the middle of the night. >> reporter: that seems like a huge surprise to people, that a brand name is on a hotel and they wouldn't be responsible for everything. >> i think within the industry we learned that it is quite common. i have had other cases like this. things get made by different people. even though there is different names on them. you could be wearing a jacket by a name brand and made by china. so it works similarly in the hotel industry. >> reporter: even the hotels with the best names in terms of the brand may present a risk of harm to you. >> women's rights attorney has represented several hotel assault victims including kayla who was raped in her hotel room in 2019. >> my hotel room key was given to my attacker. >> reporter: he was given a key to her room without an id check at this embassy suits in south caroli
8:19 am
carolina. >> no one else is authorized to be in that room or to be given a key. >> reporter: the case settled out of court. >> can the hotel industry do better? >> all industry can do better when it comes to safety and security. >> steven says travelers should be proactive about their safety. >> when we get to the hotel front desk, don't provide your name outloud f. the front desk agent calls your room number outloud, you need to request a different room. when you sign off on the guest check, if you are billing to your room, hand that receipt with your information back to the server so that you know it's in the custody and control of the hotel and not some random person. >> reporter: do companies need to catch up when it comes to their security? >> yes. businesses need to recognize they're asking people to go out and do things on their behalf and they need to take an active role in teaching and training them about how to be safe and
8:20 am
secure when they travel. >> reporter: as for sherry, she now uses a portable door lock that helps her feel a little safer again while on the road. >> i have a lock that i found, and i use that everywhere i go. in fact, i carry two in case someone gets me. i always request no requesting doors, but i always carry two just in case i get that. >> reporter: and a variety of portable door locks are ease will available on line if you do a search or even a simple rubber doorstop. a few other things to keep many mind. when you are in elevator, don't push your floor number first. if someone gets out on your floor, let them go ahead of you. if you are concerned at all, go down to the front desk. and request one room key so you always know where it is. important to note that hilton was not involved in the lawsuit, but the company did tell us it maintains rigorous safety standards for hilton managed properties and expects the same
8:21 am
of its franchised hotels. >> there are a variety of door locks, different sizes, different types. you do have to remember, this means if there was an emergency, the hotel staff may not be able to get in to help you. but when you talk to people about their safety, that can make a difference. think, be smart and don't be afraid to speak up. you have to be assertive when it comes to your safety. >> good advice if they call out your hotel room number. >> ask them to change it based on it. >> thank you. you can see more of our interview with sherry, including her emotional account of how the attack changed her life. more on cbs this morning. we will be right back. has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
fbi art crimes specialists were startled by what they found in one indiana home.
8:25 am
good morning. i am meteorologist mary lee. we are tracking the rain and wind with this atmospheric river bringing a lot of rain with the north bay already picking up 3 to 9 inches for parts of the north bay. we have heavy rain at santa rosa, rohnert park, bodega bay and santa rosa. we have storm reports, but reports and the platform bridge is closed due to flooding. we have heavy rainfall from for snows into mill valley with bay east bay, but no, berkeley and walnut creek. drive for the south bay but you will get rain through the afternoon, and especially this
8:26 am
evening. we have the heavy rain expected in the south bay tonight. there's a flood watch due to all of the rain. there is more rain to come and there is a flood watch through wednesday for the north bay. there's a flash flood watch for the rest of the bay area. there is a wind advisory for the coast and the hills, gusting up to 50 miles an hour. rainy and windy today, rain and wind with scattered showers tomorrow. or that. or been here. i bet you haven't met her, or him, or them. ooo, dance-off! this is... incredible. you, see what i did right there. and when is the last time you felt like this, or that or (sighs deeply) i mean, come on- that's basically a perfect moment. it's time to make some magic for as low as $70 per person, per day.
8:27 am
good tuesday morning. i am giannaco in t fic center. it is a 20 7 92 at his spirit i
8:28 am
with a couple of cars tangled up. the three right lanes are blocked with glass debris across the lines. they have called out the sweepers but that will take some time. your backed up onto the 880 and it is a tough ride. on the san mateo bridge itself it will ease up with most of the traffic being held back where the trouble spot is. there's a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge, along with the bay area bridges. the 880, and we just locked the live shot at paseo grande, but slow out of 880 with brake lights and hayward. on the 101 we go, southbound at san antonio road lookout for crash with two lanes are blocked and debris reported in the roadway. we have delays in both directions through this area with 101 a struggle through the peninsula.
8:29 am
we have an accident reported at mark west springs road.
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning," right now it's time to show you the headlines. "the washington post" reports a former accompany staffer is suing president trump for allegedly kissing her without her consent. in a federal lawsuital baa johnson claims mr. trump kissed her on the corner of her mouth as she turned away at a florida campaign rally in august of 2016 when he exited an rv, she is speaking unspecified damages for emotional pain and pain and suffering. the white house is rejecting the claims. >> the associated press says jerry sign field is suing a california classic car dealer over a dispute involving a 1958
8:31 am
porsche. the company claims it bought a p por sche for $1.5 million, and it turned out to be fake. he relied on the company he bought it from, certificate of authenticity, a suit follows a out suit. >> pretty soon you'll have a -- never mind. "the wall street journal" reports the laws of supply and demand have not been repealed. foods containing so-called healthy fats are more expensive because they're in fashion. the average price of avocados, butter, olive oil and salmon increased 60% since 2013. there's been a broad dietary shift to natural fats. the american heart association says healthy fats and reduce blood pressure, reduce heart problems and cut bad cholesterol levels. >> kwch reports a greenville, south carolina man bought more
8:32 am
than $500 worth of girls scout cookies so the girls could stay out of the cold. the mother said the man bought seven packages at first and then came back and said i'm taking them all so you all can get out of this cold. it was around 34 degrees at the time. the man has not been identified, but whoever he is, we like this guy. >> it's the season. my son last night asked me for some money. >> and you said what? >> i said of course. >> we all remember selling cookies. >> some of us have sales people in our families. >> really? >> inventory is gone now, we're happy about that. a chinese delegation will go to indianapolis this week to claim a massive trove of artifacts brought to the u.s. by an indiana collector. the fbi seized about 360 ancient items from ceramics to weapons in 2014. in the story you'll see only on cbs this morning, anna westearn reveals what else the government
8:33 am
found. >> good morning, the artifacts were part of a vast collection gathered by a man named don miller. he was 91 years old when the fbi showed up at his home in 2014 for what may be the largest seizure from a private collection ever. they said miller wasn't supposed to have many of those rare and ancient items. we're learning unsettling information about what else the fbi found. >> reporter: when the fbi showed up at don miller's home in rural indiana in 2014 it was a shock for people who knew him. >> he was very beloved. he was very charismatic. >> reporter: former local reporter liz dikes interviewed the former engineer about his anytime the world war ii, his missionary work in haiti and his huge collection of artifacts from around the world. >> the entire house is a museum. there are things everywhere. it was just mind blowing. >> reporter: miller even gave tours of his collection.
8:34 am
so when the fbi came calling she says -- >> i wanted to know what they were lookingeo haven something. >> reporter: there was. something the fbi hasn't talked about until now. >> first went into his house and saw the size of the collection it was unlike anything we'd ever seen. >> reporter: tim carp pen ter heads the crimes unit. fbi photos never before shown publicly give a glimpse of the collection. some 42,000 items. including pre-clom bee -- items from china, some that miller labeled chinese jewelry from 500 bc. >> roughly half of the collection was native american and the other half of the collection was from every corner of the globe. this piece, as you can see, it was labeled by mr. miller. >> reporter: the problem carpenter says was that the fbi found a lot of it had been illegally obtained. miller admitted he's gone on
8:35 am
digging expeditions in foreign countries, and around the united states for decades. in violation of antiquities laws. >> did he understand that h obtained some things illegally? >> he did. >> so he admitted that? >> he did. >> reporter: miller eventually agreed to let the fbi seize some 5,000 artifacts so they could be returned to their countries of origin. but carpenter says all the fbi's careful planning couldn't prepare them for another, more disturbing discovery. >> about 2,000 human bones. >> 2,000? >> to the best of our knowledge, those 2,000 bones represent about 500 human beings. >> reporter: nearly all of those human remains, he says, were also dug up, from ancient native american burial sites similar to these. >> okay, that sounds like a staggering number. >> it's very staggering. >> reporter: why would anybody have that many human bones?
8:36 am
>> i don't know. i truly don't know. >> reporter: native american burial sites dating back thousands of years have been a source of fascination for archaeologists for decades. >> meticulous care must be exercised. >> reporter: this old government film showed the excavation of an ancient native american village in alabama. over time many other sites have been looted by people seeking artifacts, and even skeletons. >> this comes down to a basic human right. >> reporter: holly cusack mcvay is a professor of anthropology brought in by the fbi on the miller case. >> we have to think about the context of who has been the target of grave robbing. for centuries. whose ancestors have been collected for hobby. and this comes down to racism. they aren't digging white graves. >> reporter: experts determine the remains found at miller's residence likely came from native american tribes,
8:37 am
including the -- in north dakota tribal official pete coffey is working with the fbi to bring them home. >> all too often here we have been treated as curiosities rather than a people here. it could very well be my own great, great, great, great grandfather or grandmother that had been -- i characterize it as being ripped out of the earth, you know. >> miller died in 2015. we wanted to know what his widow thought about all of this. >> hi. >> mrs. miller? >> yes. >> reporter: so we went to miller's home where a chinese terra cotta warrior figure stood guard outside. >> i can't comment on the situation. at this time. >> reporter: but carpenter believes in his later years miller understood the ramifications oft he d. h compelled to do the right thing and return these home. >> reporter: returning those native american ancestors home, which is what carpenter says is the fbi's motion important
8:38 am
mission now. >> you have to treat these people with dignity. these are human beings and people. that matters. it has meaning to people of the day. it has meaning to our children and their children. >> reporter: well, so far the fbi has already returned items from miller's collection to several countries, including cambodia, canada, colombia, and mexico. they've already returned some native american ancestral remains to tribes in the south dakota region, and are planning a large scale repatriation of remains to other tribes in the coming months. >> wow. >> it's a big project, going to go on for years. >> very unusual story. >> yh. >> s thinkingbout that o t home. >> the terra cotta. you >>o,never. >> i have, they're pretty impressive. >> thank you, anna. you've seen designs on high profile figures from rihanna to hillary clinton, isaac his his
8:39 am
raw he is here
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what's frustrais,gert begt'.
8:43 am
anything that you are really working hard at and that's not working, that's a pr >> that's isaac mizrahi. it pulled back the curtain on his runway collection and cemented him as an icon. since launching his clothing line in 1987, he has designed clothes for michelle obama, meryl streep, sara jessica parker and others. he has a new book out. it's called "i am." isaac mizrahi joins us here on cbs this morning. fabulous to have you here. >> great title. >> it just happened that way. >> we know your clothes. we know you. and this sort of pulls back the curtain on your life. so you first started designer
8:44 am
clothes when you were six years old for? >> for my mom, my friends and myself. and barbie. >> it's in the book, isaac. >> now it's out there. people are reading it and it's shocking. barbie was a muse of mine. >> did she complain a lot? >> she had such a small waist. i never heard a word out of her. >> you write in your book, the best collection was inspired by how my mom looked in clothes. >> she was not your average kind of stylish person in that she didn't have tons of money. so she was always kind of throwing things together in this incredibly stylish way. and her big lessons to me were that style is not necessarily about money. it was about like nerve, you know, and having an eye, training your eye. she just happened to have great ideas. >> i love how you say her
8:45 am
cold-blooded assessment was your greatest form of encouragement. it's almost like you are standing there naked telling us. you talk about your first sexual experience, your highs and lows in the fashion industry, about being -- you are 5'8", weigh 250 pounds, body issues you had about that. but you talk about homosexuality. you said coming out to your family felt like suicide to you. >> i didn't have a problem with it. i just trusted my feelings. that was genetic or something. i got bullied and i had like a s.rrible time in m for it was really rough. but i want to make this really clear. i was very resilient, you know. and i think i got it from my mother. this ability to ascend everything. there are so many kids today that are not as resilient, and i really worry about that.
8:46 am
and i hope they can read the book. >> i thought you were sending a message to them because you said your mom was shocked when you came out to her. your friends were like duh. and you never told your dad. >> i did not tell my dad. i don't regret that only because the relationship between us was so specific, right? and even the shrink i was seeing at the time. i started when i was in first grade and i saw him all the way through my whole life and the shrink was like, don't tell your dad. i just trusted their advice. i think they were right because it was such a different time in the 1980s when you guys rememb. >> your dad made disparaging remarks about fairies and you are thinking, dad, you are looking at one. >> yeah, exactly. i was going to say it was just a different time. i keep saying this about my dad. you know, he was a great guy. had he lived through the past 30 years. he died very young.
8:47 am
but i think that just culturally, we have been corrected so, so, so much. you know, racism, sexism, it is a different world. >> what is it like going back through those memories when you were in this process? >> well, you know, i'll tell you what, all of that stuff about my early youth was sort of hard. but thinking back about, like, you know dressing mrs. obama and et cetera, that was pretty fabulous. there is a fun side to the book. i mean, i do write about like this fabulous career that i've had, which is really fabulous. and i use it in air quotes like, kni neve t mysf this fabulous creature the faye homo school. that's what led you to being a designer. >> yeah. i'm not sure. i was so sure i was going straight into show business, you know, from performing arts.
8:48 am
i was an actor. at some point i just got scared that all the other kids in my class were so handsome and beautiful and castable and i was this fat kid, right? i thought how treacherous show business. let me think of another industry to go into that's not as treacherous. >> yeah, right. >> you write, when you started designing for the masses going to target x some of the soci socialites said i can't wear your clothing anymore. >> this is so true. some of the things that happen to you in your life don't necessarily happen. you kind of will them to happen. so all those years of kind of like being in that industry which excludes, excludes, you know, tt not the most incluve ry, fashion.atome poi was lik'v us jant ri to t girl next door, you know. >> how has the industry changed
8:49 am
since when you did the documentary in '95? >> immensely. retail itself is just shifting, shifting so much to the point where people don't realize and don't recognize and only the very, very good ones are changing and keeping pace with it. >> the one thing i should have. >> okay. i think a flat, a dressy flat. and john, i think like a bright colored tie. >> there you go. >> that pink tie would look good on john. >> thank you. >> so great to have you. >> so great to be here. i love it. thank you very much. >> and murry discusses how she uncovered a
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