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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 28, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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while in the office. good morning. it day, ry28. i am michelle griego . >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we have evacuation centers open for those people orest out of their home and also at the sebastopol center for the arts at the high street along with the sonoma county fairgrounds. we will check in with kpix 5 jackie ward at the flood waters. >> reporter: despite the rain stopping in forestville, the russian river looks more like a lake but the water is beginning to recede after cresting last night. unofficially we ran into the sonoma county road crew that said from what they have measured they believe the water is dropped at least two feet which is certainly the case here. we can see on the side of this barn how high the water got, 2 or 3 feet, terry good news.
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this area desperately needed a break from the rain with these cars, homes and businesses swallowed up by the russian river with entire communities cut off by the mud. it is startling to see this and experience even for those living here for decades. >> i have never seen a slide and i've been here 1998. i have never seen anything like this on maze canyon road. >> i have never seen slides like this, no. >> reporter: just like yesterday today sonoma county officials are telling people to stay off of the roads this clean up beginning to get rid of the incredible mess. the further up the river road you can get is east of waller road and we are half-mile from that right now, and that is 10 miles southeast of guerneville which is still inaccessible.
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in forestville, jackie ward, kpix 5. we have some good news with drier weather today and tomorrow which we desperately need, and especially in the north bay. it is good to see the north bay dry this morning which will continue today and tomorrow. with this rake in the rain the russian river will continue to receive. the river level is 44.61 feet and crested at 45.38 feet last night at 10:45 pm. it will continue to recede but stay above flood stage throughout the day today, finally dropping below flood stage at midnight tonight and the hi-def doppler wi a few spotty showers across the south bay, east foothills at 680 with a few showers. your weather headlines with a
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break from the rain, dry today. we are catching a little bit of sunshine with partly cloudy skies today. we start out sunny friday with clouds increasing tomorrow with this next weather system bringing another round of rain likely friday night into early saturday. we will time it out hour-by- hour coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with gianna for a serious traffic alert. >> we have a trouble spot, eastbound 580 at 98 for your commute out of oakland into san leandro affected. this has been here for quite some time, at least since or a.m. it is backed up for a slow-and- e vestation continues and al . it will take time to get the lanes reopened in that area. we will keep you updated but you can use an alternate in the meantime with no delays
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westbound 580. you could try 185, international boulevard, through oakland. 880 southbound is also a good bet. south 880 has no delays into oakland. it is busy out of the altamont pass with stop and go conditions out of tracy, typical for this time of the morning. here's a live look at the connector that has you backed up all the way through mountain house with 40 minutes from 205 680. lookout for the stalled vehicle in the lanes that will affect your drive southbound 101 at millbrae avenue. keep that e heading in that direction. the bay bridge metering lights are on and backed up well into the maze. we have an accident off of the east shore freeway in hercules with more details coming up in the next report. the napa road shutdown indefinitely due to the massive landslide. the wall of trees, but and debris blocking 3500 redwood
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road. the slide brought down the shed, sending piles of mud and a tangle of trees onto the roadway but no one was injured. they are working around-the- clock to clear the mess but it's unknown when that will be cleared. in sonoma county much of the sebastopol area is a flooded mess and we have emily turner live at this location this morning. >> reporter: it is not a great situation. in the last half-hour these folks are trying to come to work that they get here, and they see this, essentially a flooded town. the waters at the laguna day wetlands coming up spilling into sebastopol overwhelming homes, cars and storefront leaving the streets accessible only by kayak. here's one of those folks showing up in waders to get to
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the restaurant to pump it out but that may be futile at this point due to the flood waters. this is a bad scene. highway 12 remains closed underwater with officials patrolling the area looking for people that refused to leave that these businesses are trying to figure out what is next. >> the water is just about up to my knees, better than it was at 2 am, so things are going down which is maybe good. >> reporter: as a that is definitely good but the problem is past this stuff, lower than even where his restaurant is. they are four the more underwater, not a good situation. the concern moving forward is what will happen. they will have to throw everything out because these are kitchen restaurants, a cheese shop, taco shop and they have to throw out all of the
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perishables. they have been without power for days, and not even taking in concerned the health department in getting back up to code. there are more people heading into fuel of the generators and the pops, reporting live from sebastopol, emily turner, kpix 5 . >> the suv veered off the roadway crashing into big rig at emeryville westbound interstate 580 at powell street. the suv was pinned under the big rig. >> we have no reason to believe there is any circumstances that caused the vehicle to veer off the road. we don't know if alcohol or drugs are involved or whether the speed was a factor. >> chp says a fourth person in the suv survived and brought to the highland hospital in
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oakland with critical injuries. the investigation prompted lane closures for over two hours but they have reopened. we will hear from the longtime personal attorney michael cohen one month after he publicly laid into his former boss. michael cohen is returning to capitol hill and told congress under oath yesterday that the president broke the law while in office. he said president trump violated federal campaign finance laws by authorizing hush money to stormy daniels. cohen said he did not know whether the president include with russia during the 2016 campaign, and the president reacting from vietnam yesterday calling it interesting, accusing michael cohen of line. president trump is back early from the summit with kim jong-un in vietnam.
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here's a live look at the white house where the president is expected to arrive later today. after the two they summit with kim jong-un in hanoi, vietnam, they said the contract that was to be signed that never materialized. the north korean dictator summit with the american president was asked if he was ready to denuclearize. >> if i'm not willing to do that i won't be here right now. >> that is a good answer, and that maybe the best answer we have ever heard. >> the top years goal is to receive concrete steps for the dismantling of the nuclear program. north korea is seeking relief from the economic sanctions and so far president trump and kim jong-un have not agreed to the next summit. a stunning failure to act in the years before the deadliest wildfire in california history. why the proposed law in florida is targeting drivers that allow their pets to ride
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in the front seat. it is a dry day and we are tracking the next storm, and i will let you know when the rain will return, coming up. at 580 we have a traffic alert in oakland with the new crash at the east shore freeway, and details are coming up. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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good morning. for the most part we are dry but tracking showers from santa cruz mountains, redwood terrace and patrol of valley. we have a few showers across the them range, the east foothills with a few spotty showers. we will stay y and lk about what to expect as we take you through the rest of the week. we have the details on this next storm system coming up. i am anne makovec at the live news up.
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you can barely see the signed on the right inside of your screen. this is north of incline village. there's a winter storm warning in effect for spots over 4500 feet. they have one or 51% of snowfall -- 151% of snowfall on average which is very good news for the california water supply. for the travel on 80 eastbound, open westbound and a very busy weekend in tahoe. it is 6:14 am. pg&e admits they put up -- put off upgrades, which led to the deadly fire in butte county. repairs were plan for is early as 2013 on the aging equipment, and this is the origin of the deadliest fire in state history. the upgrades were never done in the energy officials warned the
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utility company about the aging lines for the better part of a decade. the state of florida is going after the distracted drivers. they are starting with those that allow pets to ride in the front seat. the bill filed in the lord the senate would ban interaction with pets while driving. 52% of people say they are padding their dog while driving with 29% admit they are distracted by the dog. if the bill passes those that are caught with pets in the front seat are pulled over and will get cited. >> always love to see the pets with their head sticking out the window while going fast, they sure enjoyed it. >> i wonder how many people let their pets ride in the front the. >> many people. >> they do make seatbelts for pets. we start on the east shore freeway to get you updated on the traffic alert and 580.
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here is a look at westbound 80 out of hercules with the crash that involves at least three or four mac cars. no word on whether the lanes are blocked but that's possible with delays building out of hercules westbound heading toward the bay bridge and maccarthur maze. we have an update on the traffic alert at eastbound 580 and 98 avenue. this is been here for over two hours with two right lanes completely shut down. this is a fatal accident where the vehicle hit a tree and caught fire. there's a lot of traffic in the area, backed up beyond highway 13. you could use 185, international boulevard, traveling through oakland. you could also hop on southbound 880, and that area is doing okay this morning. a live look at oakland and not a lot of traffic at the coliseum. south of here we have slow-and- go conditions near san leandro.
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right now the bay bridge is beginning to stack up, act up well into the maze, and we have metering lights on with busy conditions out of oakland into san francisco this morning. we have the earlier stalled vehicle at 80 now cleared. finally, a break from the rain, and here is mary. that's right. we desperately need a break from the rain and we will get it today and tomorrow. here is a beautiful view from mount baca camera, a sliver of a sunrise this morning. temperatures in the 40s, and 50s to start the day. 51 in concord, oakland at 50, livermore at 47, san francisco 49 along with santa rosa and san jose. mainly dry conditions, and great to see with spotty and isolated showers across redwood terrace and for total of
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valley. this includes mount avista showers from the diablo range and the eastern foothills at 680. it is very spotty this morning and we continue to see dry conditions through today and tomorrow with a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. partly sunny today, dry tomorrow. we start the day sunny with increasing clouds ringing a return of the rain late friday night into saturday. this is not a major storm but it will bring wet weather. as we take this hour-by-hour here we are at noon with clear skies and as we head through 4 pm increasing clouds and partly sunny today. we start sunny with increasing clouds saturday with rain returning late friday night into saturday morning. we have rain up to scattered showers saturday. we don't expect a lot of rain
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with this next storm, one quarter of an inch up to three quarters of an inch of rain. the hills can see 1 ches of rain. e run lllikely the en, nst 6:02 pm. 60 in santa clara as well as san jose. 59 in sunnyvale and campbell with daytime highs in the upper 50s at pleasant hill, walnut creek and danville mid to 50s, 57 and alameda, oakland and san leandro. 56 for sausalito and san francisco. low to mid 50s at clear lake and lakeport. your 7-day forecast, a break today and tomorrow with rain to scattered showers saturday, few lingering showers on sunday. sunday looks like the drier day of the weekend with a break on monday. we will watch for next tuesday and wednesday when we could see
6:20 am
another atmospheric river setting up. here is dennis with the sports. >> coming up, could bryce harper be the san francisco giant with the latest as the warriors go down to the buzzer against the heat, and we have the finish when we come back. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge looking east from the salesforce tower camera. it is 6:20 am. we will be right back.
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we have enof the season.
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the warriors we she retired before the game last night, and the warriors were sluggish to start. it looks like dwyane wade is at the right place in the right time. the doves scratched and called their way back with the warriors leading, 116-114 and one minute to go. it is katie getting a foul for this four point play. the warriors had two costly turnovers and down with time ticking down. >> it is dwyane wade and he is blocked. >> you have to be kidding me. jordan bail blocked the shot and missed it the second time and miami heat takes it, 126- 125. >> i told them i needed this one on my way out. you guys have got enough.
6:25 am
>> i knew it was going in when it left his hands, the perfect distance long to bank it. >> that is a perfect finish for dwyane wade. the giants had another meeting with free agent bryce harper in las vegas and the team brass is warming up to the idea of giving him the 10 year deal. the a's sent out the top prospect to the mound and jesus luzardo struck out three dodgers and the lefty has a nasty curveball to throw with that fastball, growing into the 90s and recently developing that heater. >> you did not have the fastball but did you still have major league aspirations? >> it's always young i had major league aspirations and always told myself i would find a way to get there, so hopefully that is the plan, even without the fastball. steph curry, e gerrard out and here is anthony mark:
6:26 am
making 31 shots from the nba range sitting the guinness book for the most in one minute with the previous record 26. he perfected the shot and that was a double loss for the warriors. that is the latest from sports, and i am dennis o'donnell. i will see tonight. the teachers in oakland hit the picket lines again in a big show of support land by their colleagues in and around the bay area. it is nice that the rain is stopped coming down and you can see the extent of the damage from the flooding of the russian river. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with cloudy conditions across the bay area. the rain is coming back and we will get a break today. we have more on that when we come back. it is 6:26 am.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . it is in erie seen -- eerie scene in the north bay. the president accused of breaking the law while in the office. it is thursday, february 28. good morning. i am kenny choi. >> good morning. i am michelle griego. we have many buildings and residences underwater and let's go live to jackie ward at the russian river. >> reporter: guerneville is 10 miles northwest, and we are southeast of guerneville right now. check this damage out, what we are looking at this morning. this is unbelievable.
6:31 am
because of the road closure on river road, if you want to get anywhere close to guerneville it will take you almost an hour and a half. parts of river road look like a leak. you have to go up to healdsburg and use sweetwater springs road but that could be difficult. the water level is 14 feet above flood stage with a flood warning at healdsburg extended this morning. we spoke with people that live alongside the river and they are hoping that the worst is behind them. >> we are on sunridge avenue at forest hill. this is a very low spot next to this creek, one of the first places that flood. >> i came through this direction to go to work in the >> the roads are beat up with trees down, slides and water all over the roads. >> the water was not the only
6:32 am
thing trapping people in their homes. >> reporter: we have trees and debris taking over highway slight 116 making it impossible to get anywhere. the sonoma county officials are urging residents to be prepared in case the next storm system moves in but we don't want to think about that right now. we want to enjoyed this dry morning. it is expected to get better tomorrow with waters reaching pre-flood stage at 32 feet. it is chilly this morning but it's a beautiful, but it is eerie to see so much damage this morning. it is weird. >> it is weird to see the north bay dry this morning and we will continue with dry conditions today and tomorrow. this will help the waters recede with the russian river at 44.61 feet encrusted at 45.38 flood
6:33 am
stage. here is the hi-def doppler showing is dry for the most part across the bay area but tracking a few isolated and spotty showers across the santa cruz mountains. this is also near los altos hills, and the diablo range with the few showers this morning. we are catching a break from the rain today. we have dry conditions through the rest of thursday with sunshine, partly sunny skies today. we start out sunny tomorrow with clouds increasing but it will be dry tomorrow. we have another round of rain it will a stwillbrg t rday. we will is out hour-by- hour awhat to expect coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic . >> the investigation continues into the fatality eastbound 580 at 98th street in oakland.
6:34 am
two right lanes are completely shut down with a lot of activity. it is a slow ride coming away from highway 13. we just checked in with chp and no word when the lanes will be reopened so you may want to use an alternate route in the meantime. the westbound commute direction looks okay with some spectator slowing just past the scene of the accident. eastbound 580 at 98 avenue, again, a fatal crash with two right lanes completely shut down since 4 am this morning. you could use the nimitz freeway out of oakland into san leandro with the southbound side looking okay. it is only south of this area at san leandro where we have the brake lights and this is heating up along the nimitz freeway this morning. the bay bridge is a parking lot at the toll plaza for the most part with a report of a stalled vehicle at the number three
6:35 am
toll lane but now it looks like it has been cleared out of the way. it is 6:34 am. parts of the talent sebastopol are inundated with flood waters and we have emily turner here with the latest. >> reporter: i have great news and very exciting news. the last few hours the water has been receding. it was much higher but it has gone down quite a bit. the problem is that the damage may have already been done to the building set the bar low in sebastopol with no power for several days. i will say that one man said he was wading to his restaurant trying to refuel the pops to get the water out. he said it may have been ngilt to do what he could do. the question is will it will exceed and give them time to
6:36 am
clean up. >> it's terrible for all of us because we don't really know the damage until the water gets down. we have never gone through anything like this before. i don't know what the rules are as far as the department, cleaning and what can get you back up to speed. we have to throw everything away, and the power has been off for days. is an is we can get in there, we have to throw everything out. >> reporter: it is concerning not only for him but for several businesses and restaurants. there is a cheese shop, a taco restaurant, and you can imagine what they're going through. the flooding is in sebastopol, and they were coming up yesterday into tonight but now starting to receive. the waterways were spilling into sebastopol overwhelming homes, cars and leaving streaks inaccessible to anything but a kayak or boat. highway 12 is closed along with the underwater streets.
6:37 am
officials were patrolling through the night looking for those that refuse to leave and had to make several swift water rescues. yesterday they made 15 swift water rescues. one person had hypothermia by the time they were able to get a.m. we will check in with officials in the business owners to make sure to see what they are doing throughout the morning. we have seen several people in waders checking on their businesses. they are waiting and ready for the flood waters to receive before the next round of rain. emily turner, kpix 5 . i am anne makovec at the live news desk. here is new video that just came in moments ago from north carolina. this is a school bus that crashed into a townhouse after
6:38 am
leaving the road crashing into the building. witnesses said the bus just picked up several kids and lost control, and bering into the car swerving into the building. several students popped out but no serious injuries, but several students are treated for what is described as minor injuries. it is 6:38 am. teachers in oakland are on the picket lines drawn by educators from around the bay area. the teachers from san francisco, berkeley, san lorenzo and albany all planning to show their support. last night negotiators for the district told the chronicle they have increase the opportunity a % pay raise with a 2% bonus but fall short of the 12% pay raise teachers are demanded. the union leaders are criticizing the district for publicizing the propal sayi tothan through ning face-
6:39 am
social media. the president spoke before heading back to the u.s. from vietnam overnight. >> having it during this very important summit is sort of incredible, and he lied a lot. what is very interesting is that -- >> during the six hours of testimony michael cohen called his former boss a con man, liar and cheat. cohen presented a coffee of a check is evidence that the president paid hush money for stormy daniels. he said then-candidate trump back released links to wikileaks.ent trump broke the law -- >> looking at the facts, and listening to mr. cohen, it appears he did break the law.
6:40 am
>> republicans on the committee question the credibility of cohen about the served three years in prison for tax crimes, campaign-finance violations, and lying to congress about the proposed trump tower project in russia. cohen will head back to capitol hill for the hearing before the house intelligence committee. it is 6:40 am. the investigation is complete into the frightening explosion and fire in san francisco and white took several hours to shut off the gas. we have epic snowfall in the sierra and we have talked the all-time record.
6:41 am
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it is 6:43 am. today state officials will conduct the third snow survey of the season and they expected
6:44 am
to be promising after the monster storm. so far records are broken at donner summit and sugar bowl resort is reporting over 267 inches falling this month, smashing the previous record of 263 inches from 1993. the national weather service has said more snow is on the way. the market is reacting to the bay area tech earnings, and it is not good. >> plus the economy is slowing down. joining us this morning is kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks. >> it is a quartet of bay area farms in the earnings spotlight and not looking good for any of them. that includes hp, fitbits, square and box. the problem for the market is that each firm is offering the weaker than forecasted forecast, and it's all about what's next for the wall street
6:45 am
shares. box, hp and fitbit looking at double-digit declines early on. the economy cold off in the fourth quarter and the congress department reports the gdp increasing 2.6% compared to 244% in the third quarter and 4.2% in the second quarter. the weaker spending and a decrease in the housing market are the reasons with less business spending and exports. let's check the big board, the dow moving higher by just over 20 points, the nasdaq down by 8 points, and the s&p lower by 1 point. the shares at fox are down 20%. thank you, jason brooks, kcbs radio. we have norah o'donnell joining us from cbs this morning. >> just ahead on cbs this
6:46 am
morning, president trump and kim jong-un leave the second summit with no signed agreement. if it was a dim and dramatic failure, the have the former head of the troops joining us whether denuclearization in the peninsula can still be achieved. two men that claim they were abused by michael jackson in this new documentary, and only on cbs this morning, learn why they are speaking out now. we are in studio 57 to discuss the new hit,, "fam." we will see you at 7:00. we have your traffic alert with gianna. >> eastbound 580 at 98th street, an accident reported at 4 am. this is a fatal accident with the vehicle off on the side of the roadway before catching
6:47 am
fire. there's a lot of activity at the scene with the investigation continuing. eastbound 580 and 98, two right lanes will be shut down for quite some time. there is now a delay on the commute direction, westbound 580. we have delays in both directions and we will continue to keep you updated all morning. again, 580 and 98 with two right lanes shutdown. the alternate is 185 or try the nimitz freeway southbound but that one is getting busy. the bay bridge metering lights are on backed up into the maze with delays from all approaches. there's a backup off of 580 and the east shore freeway. we have an accident at westbound 80 and hercules and out of highway 4 into the maze, a 36 minute drive. westbound 580 looks like it is sluggish out of the altamont pass. here's a live look at traffic, stop and go at gilman, stop and go out of richmond at berkeley.
6:48 am
everything on mass transit is on time with no delays. they all look pretty good this morning. as we work a way along highway 4, slow-and-go conditions out of pittsburg into bay point. there are delays connecting onto the east shore freeway. westbound 37 still remains closed between atherton and 101 with the alert still in effect. that is a look at the morning drive and let's check the morning forecast and it is a drier one today. that's right. we can all read the cyber- ullied that the atmospheric river is gone. it is a beautiful and dramatic view from the salesforce tower camera and nice to have it dry as well. temperatures with jackie ward talking about the flooding in the russian river, and she was saying how chilly was in the north bay with santa rosa at 38 degrees. it is definitely a cold start
6:49 am
in the north bay. 47 in livermore, 49 in san francisco and san jose, low 50s in oakland in santa rosa. we are dry and most of the bay area tracking isolated showers across the santa cruz mountains, the peninsula and the the abbe lowell range. we have a few showers from woodside, for total valley, and sonoma across the diablo range with a few isolated showers. we are dry today and catching a little bit of sunshine with partly cloudy skies today. we start the day with sunshine and increasing clouds with this next system. we have rain returning late friday night into saturday. this is not a major storm but it will bring wet weather. taking you hour-by-hour through the day, here is new and with sunshine. i 4 pm we will see increasing
6:50 am
clouds. for tomorrow morning we start the day sunny with increasing clouds tomorrow at 4 pm with the rain returning late friday night into saturday. here we are saturday morning with rain, scattered showers on sunday. possibng 1 to 2 inches th the h by saturday. it looks like the russian river will be below flood stage for the weekend, a very good thing. there is a winter storm warning at the slopes of the sierra until noon today with up to 10 inches in the peaks, up to two feet of snow. we have seen a lot of snow this winter with the sierra snowpack at 151% of average. northstar picked up 36 inches of snow with more new snow coming this weekend. the squaw valley at 42 inches of new snow. 60 in san jose, 58 for oakland,
6:51 am
fremont, redwood city and mountain view. 56 in san rafael and livermore. enjoyed the break from the rain that we desperately needed. the rivers will receive today and tomorrow. we have rain to scattered showers on saturday with lingering showers on sunday. sunday will be the drier day of the weekend with a break on monday. we will watch tuesday and wednesday closely where we could see this atmospheric river setting up. when we get closer we have a better idea what to expect. the national transportation safety board has confirmed the pg&e explanation on why it took over two hours to put out the gas explosion in san francisco. >> the ntsb report said the third-party contractor damage the pipeline when digging to install the fiber-optic cable they were six.
6:52 am
pg&e began working on setting down the about 20 minutes later saying that the isolated of the affecting segment required turning off six street level valves. >> there's no room between the buildings and the chances of the flames leaping from building to building and we live in a very windy city, so i would not sused if this happened again. >> the pipeline safety expert told kpix 5 that the network of underground pipes in san francisco is complex . it is 6:52 am. at least three people are dead after the crash overnight with details on the investigation coming up. in forestville there is still road closures an evacuation zenplace across sonoma county. we will take you to the latest damage. let's take another look outside to see how the skies look, and was still have clouds but some light and sunshine later this morning. it is 37 degrees at mount vaca ght back.
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taking you hour-by-hour through the day, here is noon with sunshine. >> reporter: i am jackie ward live in forestville. you can see this vineyard in the background. since we have been here the good news is that the water is receding after cresting last night but this area desperately needed a break from the rain with cars, homes and businesses swallowed up the gusting russian river. in some areas entire communities are cut off by the mud. it is startling to see and experience even with people we have spoken to that have lived here for decades. sonoma county officials continue to tell people to stay off the roads. hopefully the crews can clean up this mess. we are live from forestville, 10 miles southeast of guerneville, the closest we can get here with no access in or
6:57 am
out of guerneville due to the flooding. jackie ward, kpix 5 . it is 6:56 am and time for the final five up. the napa road shutdown indefinitely due to the massive landslide with the wall of trees, mud and debris blocking the 3500 block of redwood were road. -- redwood road. three people were killed in emeryville after the suv crashed into big rig parked on the shoulder westbound 80 at powell street. a fourth person in that suv is in critical condition. the oakland teachers are back at the picket lines joined by others around the bay area. the district is offering and 8% raise with the 2% bonus but the union wants 12%. president trump heading home from vietnam with that summit with john cahoon ending abruptly after the leaders failed to reach a deal. north korea is insisting that
6:58 am
the u.s. lift all sanctions and denuclearization in the korean peninsula. the house intelligence committee will hear from michael cohen behind closed doors today. yesterday during the public hearing cohen accused the president of being a liar, racist and con man. we have a deadly crash with a traffic alert is in effect eastbound 580 at 98th avenue. two right lanes are completely shut down and traffic is backing up. this is slow on hercules and highway 13. westbound has delays as well with a busy ride off the east shore freeway. we have an accident at hercules and one north of this area working your way off of 680 and the 80 connector. it looks like it is on the right shoulder with 36 minutes from highway drive from highway 4 to the maze. slow at san jose with delays and bunching up at the 280-680
6:59 am
connector. it is slow northbound 101, 85 and 680. yours a live look from the salesforce tower camera with upper 30s in santa rosa, upper 40s in san jose and concord at 40 degrees. we have a much-needed break from the rain with partly sunny skies and we get a break tomorrow as well. friday starting off sunny with increasing clouds with another round of rain late friday night into saturday. enjoyed the break today with mid to upper 50s, 60 for the daytime highs. it is a break tomorrow with rain to scattered showers on saturday. this is not a strong storm for the weekend and it will bring wet weather but the russian river thankfully will stay below flood stage for the weekend. we have a break on monday. tuesday and wednesday we could see another atmospheric river event. >> the brake is not long, that we will take it.
7:00 am
thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning with the next local update at 7:26 am. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, february 28th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking overnight, president trump leaves vietnam after a summit with kim jong-un fails to reach a deal on north korea's nuclear weapons program. we're in hanoi with why they could not agree to a next step in the negotiations. the president calls michael cohen's congressional testimony shameful after his former fixer accuses mr. trump of repeated wrongdoing in office. how the explosive testimony could lead to new legal trouble for the president. an area that usually worries about drought is nearly drowning this morning in northern california. we'll check in with our


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