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tv   Mosaic  CBS  March 3, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PST

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fo hello. on behalf of the archdiocese of san francisco welcome to "mosaic." >> they are called the dominican ordered as they were founded by st. dominic. the order of preachers. each member wears the latin initials 0p for [├▒speaking foreign language├▒] after his or her name. membership includes fryers, nuns, active sisters and lay
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dominicans. in its 800 years of existence, many fill loss first and current members worldwide includes fryers including 4300 priests. and the dominican order has an enduring relationship with the archdiocese of san san francisco. our guest today or two priests serving in the bay area. we'll learn about that dominican history, the mission of the dominicans in the west and much, much more. after this brief break, please rejoin us to meet the dominicans.
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hello and welcome to mose glick. we have two dominicans priest. this is father michael hurley. you're the pastor of the st. dominic's parish in san francisco. >> im a. >> good for you. >> next to him, father james moore. 0p after each name. let's not forget that. you are called the vicker for advance the for the western province. >> yes, correct. >> and both local guys from a farming family. >> yes. >> and from pacifica. >> out on the beautiful western coast.
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>> beautiful pacifica. growing up in the bay area, you joined the dominicans under western province. as i mentioned, the history of the dominicans is until matily involved with the archdiocese. tell me about that. >> when the dominicans came to california, they wanted to come where kind of the action was, the pope sent two dominicans who had known each other from the eastern province and they were working together. he sent one which was the bishop, bishop al many to start the diocese here and also sent the first dominican and while he created the diocese there in san francisco, he said i want to go to the capital where the action is. in california you had the capital was in a place called ven knee sha, california. there was the government so it was the capital of california and it was the to the gold rush. isthe 1850s. 1854. >> 1853. >>so lots of a bett natural ba
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miners would come in. they had tons of gold. you also had guns because the armoy which exists today, most of the munitions made for the first world war and others were made from the west coast, were made there in ven knee sha. the dominicans looked and said we have the government, you have gold, you have guns, let's bring god. its the original 4g network. >> you're bringing god to a place where there is all this interaction. >> and the seat of the archdiocese was san francisco. >> that is right. >> exactly. >> it moved from monterrey to san francisco in 1853. >> the original dominican who became the archdiocese joseph al many, a spanish dominican who was in the states ten or twelve years already, so we're
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talking about mission territory. here we are. there are hundreds of thousands of new population in the san francisco bay area. >> exactly so. the dominicans were founded 800 years ago and we were discontinuing our mission by coming here and founded as an order of preachers, preachers to combat error, to combat har ra sy and in life ven the fate and where the people of the gospels were either not preached well or not at all. you know, it is an interesting name order of preachers to talk about. on the website which we'll show later, there is a button request a preacher. i almost pushed it, but i wasn't sure exactly what would happen. i understand they are per ways siv convincers about the importance of truth and beauty and god's presence. >> absolutely. so i mean one of the things
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thatdo en founded the order, he set up that we would have not only that we would be active preachers but condemn plahtives and live in small monasteries and we would pray together and we would contemplate beauty, contemplate fruit and give others the fruits of our contemplations so needed in these busy and crazy times. >> you have been in the archdiocese for 5-o60 years from the beginning. there is one parish of dominicans ins archdiocese st. dominic's church and what you as vicker for advance the for the western province, how big is the western province? it is all the west coast of california. it goes as far east as utah. it goes as far south as tucson, and then in mexico and then as far north as alaska where we have a new house in alaska in
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anchorage and we serve the cathedral parish there and act as pigs ners throughout the great state of academy of alaska. the wonderful thing about the dominican order, it is not just the priest or the fryers preaching. st. dominic new in order to radically change culture or bring god to culture and in life ven it, you needed a strong component of women, condemn plahtive nuns so even before he founds the order of preachers, he founded the nuns first. >> this is st. dominic 800 years ago. i got to visit it and you have condemn plitive nuns living there. they are from all over the world. so what was for me personally attracted to the order it
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wasn't a group of guys to preach but going to preach and behind us and supporting us is groups of nuns, of active sisters which come a little later, but begin to teach and very much known in this diocese for education. >> definitely, yes. they offered prayer and they offered education and healthcare and offering help for families in need. >> there was a lot of disease. they answered this call. >> they did. >> and they are founders and she was the founder. there are still condemn plahtive nuns and active dominican sisters today. >> yes. monastery of, i am not sure the
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name. >> and interesting fact about father michael. he has one of the most unique combinations in the entire order throughout the world which is when the master of the order he mentioned to me when i mentioned my sister is a condemn plahtive nun that ware the only brother and sister that were both biologically connected and connected spiritually through the order. >> nice to know. let's fake a brief break. we'll talk more about the dominicans finding out about what their mission and history are. [ cell phone rings ]
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>> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day. >> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this.
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welcome back to our discussion of the dominican history, mission and projects in san francisco. my guests father james moore,
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vicker for advancements. pastor of st. dominic's church. i wanted to get to this point which is the dominicans are a mission order preaching persuading, preaching the gospel. i grew up in the east bay at the tail end of the missionary era of the irish priests who came over and christianizes us. it seems to me and i'll say in my opinion we're living in a post christian world, are we in a new mission territory? is this what you're addressing in your work? >> absolutely. when you look at our culture, there are lots of things that the culture proposes away for happiness. we see happiness in possessions and what you can get. in san francisco it is outrageous. >> families do not live here. children are not born here. >> do you a sense of pleasure of power? >> we live in times of
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technologically and in terms of business and economic is booming and yet there is this deep spiritual lack or absence. the culture doesn't have a real response. the response to how is it that saint augustine says our hearts are restless. how do we preach that and giving the truths of the contemplation? we have been given a great gift and we want to share it with others to firm god's love of the absence we're searching for. >> the challenge we face, we have been priests, you have been priests almost 12 years now. me, almost 11 years. ten years ago, i found the big challenge especially with the young, they would say i'm spiritual but not religious. >> sure. >> here ten years later, we're finding especially the young, after the millennial, called i gen originration z, they are saying i'm neither spiritual or
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relittle jus. there is this great kind of angst. there is nothing there so philosophically, there is a huge hole. maybe god exists but he has no relevance on my day today life and it is a big problem to have. we have to know this is the territory we're going into. >> do you think there was an ira likeness before where it didn't matter? >> no. i think if you're a student of history, you know these things happen in cycles for sure in terms of losing it and cultures tend to diminish when they are cut off from their spiritual roots. and st. dominic, his age and our age has parallel connections in it. people would say even that they have spiritual tendencies or they want to be good people or can recognize virtue but they would reject the institutionnal
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church, that it is a burrier to god. as dominicans we see god's love and the gospel is always if you will incarnationnal. god created everything, creates not just a kind of spiritual relationship but works through the bod different god came as man and not only did he come as man, he sets up a church and sets up the cycle followers and they are continuing that apostolic command to go and preach the gospel. the last thing jesus said was go preach. we take that seriously. if that is your last rule and testament, we take that to heart and we're the only group named not for who founded us, the only order that is named for what we do, 0p. we preach. order of preachers as you yes. >> i fried tried to say.
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>> it has weakened families, weakened community. the mostnetworked culture yet everyone is alone with their ipad. i'm not dissing technology but where do we find community? >> absolutely. you can't have a real relationship with an instagram account. they can't love you back. >> have you tried. >> for the michael i have been friends too long. >> you can say it. you mentioned with young people. you don't run schools for the most part. you preachers and brothers do college chaplains? >> correct. correct. a lot of what we do, we set up centers next to secular union ves tises so i was the chaplain for two years. we have a number of these throughout the west coast, one at sanford, u.n. lv, university of utah, university of oregon,
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university of washington. we do a lot of this work especially with college age students. i have been blessed most of my priesthood to work with younger people. >> my wife is dealing with 18, 19-year-old minds, i have no idea. how are the kids doing? >> at saint dom nicks, one of our wonderful ministries is that we have a strong young adult presence. >> i have heard this. >> yes. our mailing list is hundreds and thousands and we gather once a weak so the consistency of young adults who are catholic to know that you're not alone, i think most folks who are catholic in the city feel like they are cut off, not just from others but cut off from others who really believe. so that ministry is really gathering together and allowing people who are young to say to get permission to each other, i can live my faith boldly in a time where politically, so many
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ways to divide us. they pray together, do their rosary together, and to be formed together. we have lots of talks. this particular past things they have done is host this play that we had for the parish. they seek to bring the parish together as well. they are very eager to live their faith but they almost need permission. >> there has to be social life. >> yes. >> with people feeling disconnected it goes back to that, right? >> right. >> people are lonely and new to the city. it is a very transit population. they are here in tech and they might know they are catholic, some robust, some less but they know there is a group of people at st. dominics and they show up there and all of a sudden they are formed together. it is pretty incredible. >> we'll talk more with our
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dominican fathers when we come back.
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fo welcome back. we're talking about the dominican order and their local activities. i want to run two slides now if i can and let them linger on the screen for a minute. slide number one, here we go.
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this is the website of the western dominican province and you can see every resource for finding out about the dominicans and what na do. some gentlemen that look like our guest today. 0p slide number two from the church in san francisco that is the parish of which father michael is the pastor and it looks like the guys from abbey road are crossing. we have some dominicans down there. this is the most beautiful catholic website you'll see and the most beautiful church in san francisco i would say. >> amen. >> thanks for the slides. gentlemen, let's talk about this now. i have and i thinany catholic who lives around here has a kind g well but you get the newsletter from the dominicans, we have 20 new vo cases this year. the dominicans seem to be doing
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something right. tell me what is going on. >> first of all, there is success in the ministry sects and san francisco is a pretty sec lar city. we have this fantastic church. same thing in portland and same los angeles and at our university centers next to the universities. our ministries are flourishing. then it is also reflecting the fact that men are showing up. we're growing. it is incredible. you think of these days you talk about the priesthood shortage and all the bad news in the catholic church and there is a lot of good news here especially our vocation numbers being up and a lot of young man joining and doubling and going up this way. >> i have had that impression but it is along course of discernment in vocation training. >> it is. >> they are sticking it out. >> they are. >> our retention rate is much higher than it has been in i
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think since we have and before that, 1989, the highest sings then so thanks be to good. men are joining, and they are staying. >> part of your procedure is to live in community. >> absolutely. >> so it is not a parish off on his own but a community of men and you have a support system. >> both of us are from strong families. it has worked well with us. father michael and i have been buddies for awhile. >> you're like brothers. >> exacty l. >> father michael, you're running a big city parish and i'm saying there is no children here, younger generation. they can't afford to live here. you're saying we have a thriving youth population and
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young adults group. >> we do. it comes front pillars of the dominican order. there are four pillars. the first is we pray together. there are counting our novices, we have 8 novices, almost 20 men living together doing various ministries and living and gathering to pray. that is open to the public. in the morning, in the evening. they see this group gathered in prayer and they want to join. something is happening, i want to connect. we study together. there is a sense in which there is one person who will preach on the weekend, but all the preachers gather together and talk about the gospel and reflect on the gospel. we do this ancient practice called lucks yo divina to link into it and then one of us preaches the gospel but it is like the whole community has and we live together and we prepare meals together, we eat
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together. i would say one of the most attracted aspects of the parish is not simply that there are sacraments going on, but the quality of the sacks cra minutes and availability of the sacraments and of the joy of the sacraments radiates from that living dominican community that is there in san francisco. what a pleasure to be there and have a parish connected there. >> it is beautiful. and there is bull music. i know the best in san francisco. >> and in communications, an important part of your modern preaching is wonderful, seems to me. we have a minute and a half left. take sometime. what message do you want to leave the catholic viewers with or non-catholic viewers as well. >> live your faith boldly but with joy. we need to be bold about the faith but people should see we're happy because we have the gospel. >> indeed. jesus says that and gives one of his mission statements, i have come that my joy might be
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in you and that your joy might be complete, full. it is to radiate the joy of the toes spell in san francisco in the heart of the city and when we're joyful. that joy is contagious, infectious and like a light, like a fire, it spreads without being diminished. we make the bodiest witness when we're living as catholics. >> if a catholic wants to have an intellectual parish, they can seek out a dominican church. the preaching is good. there is a brilliant author and there will be good art, music, all that stuff. >> there is no question you people are making a great impression. and by the way, st. dominic's is famous for the rosary. >> yes. we wear the rosary. we have it. we pray it everyday. >> the blessings of the virgin mary. >> the gospel on a string.
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>> thank you for being . r tell dominicans and dioce in san francisco. we'll see you next time.
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