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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the district is proposal, including an 11% raise over four years and a one-time 3% bonus. the district also agreed to a small reduction in class sizes. kpix 5 katie nielsen is live in oakland, where we are awaiting the results of that vote. katie? >> reporter: juliette, teachers had until 4:00 this afternoon to vote on the tentative agreement right now. the union members are counting all those ballots, so we could hear the results literally any minute now. and now if approved, it means the strike will be oh, teachers will be back in the classrooms tomorrow, but we heard from a number of teachers who said they planned to vote no. >> i'll wait. i've got time. i know this stuff. you guys are wasting your own time now. >> reporter: oakland high school english teacher bryce bigler brought a sign she made to this afternoon's vote to urge her fellow teachers to
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wait for a better deal. >> it's not good enough. it's not good enough for us as teachers or good enough for us in our community. >> going up, rpg last game. >> reporter: on friday the school district and the teacher's union reached a tentative deal that includes an 11% pay raise for teachers over three years and a one-time 3% bonus once the new contract is ratified. it also includes provisions to cut class sizes and puts a hold on school closures for five months. >> they will not know. nothing. >> reporter: opponents of the deal handed out flyers as more than 3,000 oakland teachers and staff members went inside the paramount theater todiscuss the tentative agreement and then vote for it. >> it's not enough to restore the damage the district has done, but it's a good first step. >> reporter: they plan to vote yes on the deal and hopes to
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use the momentum from the strike to continue to push the district for more. >> either way we're going to continue on organizing for the schools that our students deserve. this is the best we could do as they made a gigantic hole. >> reporter: teachers say the strike is an important lesson for students regardless of the outcome of today's vote. >> if you don't believe something is right, if they are not treated fairly. and if we back down, then the students, especially in the area that i teach in, that they will come back down. >> reporter: now we were able to talk to some of the teachers as they came out of the theater earlier today. we were not allowed inside. the teachers said things got heated during the discussion period, so we really don't have any indication of which way this vote is going to go, but the teachers said that they are expecting to hear those results tonight. the union representatives are saying that it could come down literally any minute now. of course, we will keep you
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updated. >> katie, thank you for your reports on this. now to humboldt county where two young sisters who spent two nights lost in the woods have been reunited with their family tonight. >> you have the paramedics taking a quick lock at it. other than being a little cold. >> reporter: that is 8-year-old leia carrico and her 5-year-old sister, caroline, weathering the elements for 44 hours together after wandering away from their home in the rural community of benbow on friday afternoon. kpix 5 devin fehely on the story of survival, the location sheriff is calling an absolute miracle. >> those little girls were the center of their parents, their families universe and they game the? of our uniform. >> reporter: it is the news that searchers, family, and friends have been praying for, but feared it might never come.
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the sisters missing for nearly 48 hours when when they were finad. that is where they were last seen as a straight line of sight, traveling 1.4 miles. if you want to compare that to the actual train that will cover it, it is more like four hours. >> reporter: the girls were miraculously in good health and good spirits after spending two nights alone in the forest. the sheriff says searchers in the fire department were the first to find the girls who have since been reunited with their family. >> this is a whole community of people from all over california, who are working to bring these kids home safe. i cannot tell you how happy i am today. >> reporter: they had some training, which this sheriff credits with their survival. >> and to have that outcome that, you know, a positive outcome like this is absolutely amazing and i can see it none r
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rescuers say in addition to their training, the girls left a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow. in this case wrappers from their granola bars. that trail along with the girls' boot prints helped searchers track them down. well such an amazing story especially concerning the wet weather this weekend. emily turner is here telling us there will be a lot more later on in this week. >> yes, there is with a little bit of a break, kind of experiencing it now. but it will return. taking a look at the high-def doppler with just a little bit of green right now. right there in san jose, you're seeing a few showers as well, those are going to start to make their way out of the area over the next few hours or so and then mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. you can see the clouds that are
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just hanging out with 62 in livermore and france, and how that rain will time out as it is headed in our direction and it will be wet. >> good warning. new at 6:00, police spent the day gathering clues. the victim was found dead inside their home last week. kpix 5 kiet do says her death has left her neighbors shaken and mystified. >> reporter: san jose police have stepped up pa strolls, making neighbors feel a little better, but it is unnerving to think the killer is out there. >> reporter: it has been three days since the grim discovery of the homicide and the investigation is still going strong. this afternoon a small army of officers and detectives descended onto nofield way, where they were literally beating the bushes. they honed in on this trash can. someone threw something inside and san jose police officers scooped it up, bagging it as
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evidence. >> a light colored grayish- green long sleeved sweater. >> reporter: did you see any blood? >> it looked like it was stained. it could have been water. it looked like the type of material that you would wear if it got wet, it would be darker. >> reporter: thursday afternoon police were called out to a bloody crime scene at their well-kept home. bambee larson was found inside her bedroom after she didn't show up for work. at first they said it was a suspicious death, but the next day said the case was now being investigated as a homicide. today detectives canvassed the neighborhood for surveillance video and other evidence. neighbors say various cameras show a suspicious man walking around the neighborhood around 4:30 a.m., constantly looking over his shoulder the day her body was discovered. >> i'm just glad that they are going to come in and thoroughly check the area out to see what they could find. i would love to see this guy get caught. >> reporter: she hosted gatherings at her house and they often walked their dogs together around the block. >> she was well loved by all the neighbor, a sweet person. >> reporter: she was a manager
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at a local bio tech fill. one neighbor who did not want to be identified knew her for 20 years and said she was a gentle soul. >> it is hard to believe that she's not here with us right now. i lost a lovely neighborhood and friend. the whole neighborhood is in shock, you know, and our hearts go out to the families. i cannot stop thinking about them. four people were shot and wounded overnight downtown oakland. the gunfire happened on a business on 14th street just a few blocks west of lake merrick. the victims, two men and two women all in stable condition tonight. so far police have not named a suspect or said anything about what led up to the shooting. police in petaluma say these two women may be linked to an organized theft ring targeting retail stores. they are accused of stealing $2,500 worth of clothing from a tommy hilfigure store. police say the suspects are
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fromhayward and antioch. well a memorial will be held in san francisco city hall tomorrow for public defender jeff adochee. the 59-year-old leaves mind a wife, a daughter, and a long legacy of public service. the servicestarts at 11:00 a.m. at city hall rotunda and it's open to the public. still to come the floodwaters from the russian river have gone down. now it's time to clean up. this was a pretty bad blood, so it went places that normally you might have been safe for a decade or two decades. the first step for flood victims, navigating the sea of red tape. and it looks like the test dummy survived the trip. tonight it is another big step closer to launching actual astronauts into orbit.
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the russian river floodwaters may have washed away, but people who live along the banks are now knee deep in challenges ahead. kpix 5 john ramos reports the state and local agencies are jumping in to help lighten the load. >> the effort was rescuing people from a sea of red tape. >> you might have been safe for a decade or two. >> reporter: but driving into guerneville, you are reminded why water is the most destructive force on earth. the everyday stuff of people'slives, now toxic junk.
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a young woman named a butterfly would stay too late to help a friend to get stuck. now a car she bought a week ago is ruined. >> i said where are we going and they would say i don't know. that a lot of us are that way. >> and so today they would open up the one-stop disastrous assistant center. offering help with everything from insurance to psychological counseling to replacing the lost driver's license. but for homeowners, trying to cut through was an office issuing over-the-could wanter construction permits. >> you could get a permit today to start construction? >> yes, i've seen them come out and walk with a permit to start working on their home within 15 minutes. >> reporter: many homeowners and businesses in town are already starting to rebuild. with the help of some of his loyal clients, he moved his
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hair salon upstairs and downstairs, cutting out the wall board, replacing all the bobses. >> and the faster you get that mud out, it started. >> reporter: there is help, but for others, the most urgent need is housing. you'll see the car she bought last week, also where she was living. >> do you know where your next step is? >> and help them as much as i can, hoping they will have enough help. when they get that, it will help to fund up to 75% of local government o response and assistance. in guerneville, john ramos, kpix 5. well, just down river from guerneville, the people are also dealing with flood losses tonight. the sheriff posted this photo of the local movie theater
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advertising a river runs through it, the sequel. yes, take two. they do need a break and we've had that break, right? >> we'll continue to have another break for days, more rain headed our way. a part of it will be hitting the north baby the middle of the week as it will be soggy for several inches of rain, headed in our direction. taking a live look right now out of the salesforce tower camera towards the east bay. you can see the clouds out there, but not a whole lot of showers at the moment. taking a look at our high-def doppler. not a lot of green at the moment. most of that has moved out of the way as we only have stuff in the south bay or some showers i should south bay, right around san jose. that will start to move out as that moves a little further east. for the most part we're starting to dry out. we will continue to be dry until tuesday. 53 in santa rosa and pacifica.
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55 redwood city, and a little cooler. 56 degrees in concord, which will continue to move through overnight, but not too comfortably. the plume of moisture right here headed in our direction for mostly southern california will get it. but these northern tips, they'll start to brush us in the south bay. and then this low pressure system right here, they will keep an eye on that as they will start to move in. it will be the second round of storms we'll see moving through on tuesday. so your headlines for the day, most of the rain will be moving out. it is currently moving out before we will have that brief break tomorrow before rain will return again on tuesday. right on time for your commute actually. taking a look at the futurecast. still cloudy right now, moving through the evening hours th w here and there and then pretty much i will not say clear, but certainly drier. and now look at this the second round will move through right through your morning commute. mostly hitting again the south bay before the next round will come in and that will be soggy
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for those folks in the north bay. we will need to keep an eye on the rivers and streams for the potential flooding. then they will clear out by midweek on wednesday afternoon. it will not be clear skies, but it will be clear from a lot of the precipitation. how much rain are we expecting? the first round is not going to be a real gusher, but expecting like i said, mostly in the south bay. more than an inch in santa cruz and the mountains or close to an inch i should say. then that will continue to accumulate. rain here of course means snow in the sierra and the winter storm watch in effect for tuesday morning all the way through wednesday night late. anywhere from three to ten inches in the lower elevations, then above 7,000 feet, up to three feet of snow there as well as gusty winds. it will be treacherous to drive thereupon, i know. folks really want to get the snow while they've got it. the high temperatures for tomorrow, 57 degrees in santa rosa and 54 in pacifica. 58 in vallejo and oakland. 59 for livermore, san jose. your seven-day forecast will show you the break tomorrow
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before we have some rain returning on tuesday into wednesday. two rounds, remember the first one hitting the south bay and the rest of the area before thursday, we will start to dry out. but we will remain cloudy. the same thing going into the weekend as we might start to see full on sunshine though by the beginning of next week, which i know we are all really looking forward to. here's dennis with sports. >> all right, emily. coming up, a cal basketball player will join us in the 30- 30 club. can the 56-year-old golfer win on the pga tour? that's next. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. dennis is here with sports. we heard the 30-30 club and a new club just opened now. >> the 30-30-30 club.
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>> now explain that one. yeah, it will take some high heights to get there. and they became the first woman. so george w. bush was in the oval office. 30 points, 30 rebounds in this same game. that's 30-30. but wait, the son, jordan, taking the charge before the game and back to the senior center that will set that school record with 30 rebounds, also a new pac-12 record with her 30th consecutive double- double. she led them with 30 points, outrebounding the entire washington state team. so they will win it four straight. it'll be the no. 17 pac-12 tournament. but check it out, rebounding over scoring. >> and in your mind, why are you such a great rebounder in >> i don't know. since i was little, my mom would always be on me. and to rebound. and that's what i've been trying to do. and this year, my mom has been able to come to my games.
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and finishing with 12 points, beating washington 72-53, improving 24-4 and earned a no. 2 seed next weekend in vegas. warriors owner, courtside, stanford, less than two minutes to play. cardinals down by one. finishing inside, led the stanford cardinals with 16 points, 14 rebounds. the huskies would open back. back-to-back buckets. going up by three, leading the huskies with 13 points, seven seconds left down by one. a chance to win it. he's three off the mark. time will expire as they battle for the loose ball. washington will win 62-61.
6:23 pm
the cardinal will fall to 8-9 in pac-12 play. the 49ers, they've agreed to a three-year deal with the right guard mike person. reportedly worth $9 million, $3 million guaranteed. 56-year-old v.j. saint at the honda classic trying to become the oldest winner on tour. his playing partner was in diapers when singh won his first tournament in 1993. one stroke off the lead on 14, but then he misses the trap by inches, and look at the role. now that set up the birdie to tie it for the lead. he was looking for his first win since 2008. he came down to this. the par-3 one off the pace. he needed a good tee shot, but he pulled it. the ball trickled into the hazard. and singh would settle for sixth place. keith mitchell on this putt for the first victory. yeah.
6:24 pm
ice water in those veins. had he missed that, there would have been a three-way playoff with rickie fowler. hosting the blackhawks tonight, but the sharks will be without vander cain. estrada, 35 years old, signed a one-year deal with the a's, an all star back in 2016. they did not look like it with that pitch. mike trout a two-run shot. you know if bryce harper would get $330 million, imagine what trout is going to get when he hits free agency. angels beat them 3-1 over on top of the stick. beating the giants 9-3. tonight on game day, the first bay area high school basketball player to earn the title of number one recruit in the nation. she's going to stanford. hailey jones, the archbishop from santa cruz announcing her commitment to play for tara
6:25 pm
vanderbeer, the first female to have the announcement carried on national tv. she's also received a big spread in sports illustrated. >> how many copies of that magazine did your folks buy? >> i think that night on the way home from the game they stopped and got as many as they could. at the house we only have one or two because we gave them away to grandparents, family friends and whatnot. >> and now they lost in their playoff game last night, so she goes without winning a state title. maybe a national title at sanford. >> she's a winner right now. 30-30 and in the course of 30 games. >> yes, 30 points, 30 rebounds, in her 30th consecutive game, in which she's had that double- double. >> you throw in the double- double. they are hungry now. >> oh please do. thank you, dennis. coming up in the next half
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hour, a string of deadly tornadoes touched down the southeast, leading a trail of devastation in their way. plus, more protest in sacramento over the decision to clear the officers who shot stefon clark. instead of looking back his family is looking ahead tonight. tonight a lake tahoe man behind bars for digging you have some priceless pieces of history.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit our top story at 6:30, a trail of destruction in the
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southeast tonight after a series of twisters ripped through alabama and georgia, leaving over a dozen people dead. at least a dozen tornadoes ripped through the two states this afternoon. lee county and eastern alabama was hit hard. at least 14 people died there including children. several others were seriously hurt. the damage there is catastrophic. the tornadoes leveling homes, toppling trees, and leaving residents shell shocked. several people have been reported missing. rescue crews are now combing through the debris, hoping to find them alive. and a cell tower also fell victim to twisters that would crash down over the highway creating a traffic nightmare. damage is also extensive in georgia and these trees in the columbus area would snap like twigs. the storm also lifted the roofs right off of homes. parts of the south still under a tornado watch at this hour. well earlier today huge crowds gathered alabama to commemorate a somber moment in an american civil rights history.
6:30 pm
this weekend marks the 54th anniversary of bloody sunday, a brutal attack on peaceful demonstrators who were rallying for equal voting rights. reporter david daniel shows several presidential hopefuls, joining the remembrance events. >> a somber look back and a focus on the future. >> how sad it is that 54 years later, we are still fighting for the right to vote. >> reporter: several democratic presidential candidates would join the leaders to commemorate the civil rights marches in selma, arizona including the assault on margers and the bridge known as bloody sunday. 54 years ago, peaceful demonstrators were beaten by state troopers as they rallied in support for voting rights. candidates are praising the progress that has been made, but acknowledging there is still work left to be done. >> and starting right now here in selma once again, to
6:31 pm
redouble our efforts with a 21st century civil rights movement devoted to claiming, enforcing, defending the right to vote. and once and for all. >> i worry now that we are at a point in our country where we will see a moral vandalism that is attacking our ideals and beliefs in eroding the dream of our nation. >> reporter: despite the threat of a tornado, the selma community will gather to reenact the symbolic bridge crossing. civil rights leader john lewis who was badly beaten on the confrontation of the bridge paid tribute this weekend. a stormy forecast is not keeping the community from marking the chapter of u.s. history that led to the passage of the voting rights act. david daniel, kpix 5. >> protests will continue in sacramento today over the d.a.'s decision not to charge the police officers involved in this high-profile shooting
6:32 pm
death of an unarmed black man. new reaction tonight from clark's family. >> is this entire weekend is to honor his legacy and help bring the community together. >> reporter: the legacy will start on march 15 with events each day through the 18th, marking one year since clark's death. he says the final event will be a day of peace and love. but that is not to say the family is still angry about what happened, saying they are suffering, their hearts shattered. saying the decision to release his brother's personal text messages and search history was character assassination. >> we're not sitting here talking about what he ate for dinner on the 16th, and not that it matters is all i'm saying that we need to look at their phone systems and let's see what they search on the internet. that's fine, you know, let's play.
6:33 pm
>> that is jasmine hassan reporting. the action network helped set up today's press conference that wants to address systemic issues with policing. well back here in the bay area, librarians in marin county are getting training to be lifesavers, managers from about 10 library branches recently trained to administer the narcan nasal spray. it's used to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses that is. officials say ambulance crews responded from three to five of those overdoses every week. the results of the russia probe have yet to be released, but that's not stopping house democrats from revving up their own investigations into president trump and his associates tonight. they plan to start asking questions first thing tomorrow. >> reporter: the chairman plans to request documents on monday for more than 60 members of president trump's administration, family, and business. >> we are going through the initial investigations on the
6:34 pm
abuses of power into corruption of justice and into obstruction of justice. >> reporter: claiming republicans, shielded the president while they would have the majority of the house. >> it is very clear. 1,100 times he referred to the mueller investigation as a witch hunt. >> reporter: nadler wants to examine robert mueller's final report before considering impeachment proceedings, but kevin mccarthy is convinced that's what he's after. >> i think congressman nadler decided to impeach the president, the day he won the election. >> reporter: he said the president did nothing wrong. >> show me where the president did anything to be impeached. >> reporter: issuing a statement saying it will be in a better position to comment after receiving their request. >> i am ashamed. >> reporter: the efforts to investigate the president will increase last week, when mr. trump's former personal attorney, michael cohen, testified before house and senate committees. he called the president a con
6:35 pm
man and a cheat. >> he lied a lot. >> the president said the convicted felon was lying to reduce the jail time. for his part, he wrote on twitter today after two years of harassment. the only thing proven is that democrats broke the law. meanwhile tonight, opponents of the president's emergency declaration along the u.s.- mexico border appeared to have enough senate votes to reject that move. now that's after the republican, rand paul of kentucky said this weekend he can't go along with it. and that makes four no votes from the republican side including susan collins of maine, lisa murkowski of alaska, and north carolina's thom tillis. considering all 24 democrats and their allies will go against the president, then tha majority. but it probably won't matter because the president has already promised a veto and congress is unlikely to have the votes to override it. had just a few hours,
6:36 pm
beginning a scaled down version of joint military exercises. earlier today the to countries canceled the larger drills that they have conducted for each years. that gear is used towards promoting north korea. a fierce battle is playing out in syria as they backed forces towards the last piece of territory held by isis. the capture of the small pocket of land would mark the end of the devastating four-year campaign to end the group's hold on the territory in syria and iraq. ben weideman is on the front lines. >>reporter: we're about 500 meets away from this last encampment occupied by isis. this operation has now been going on a day and a half and what we have seen already today, people are inside walking among some of those tents. somebody else will be going by
6:37 pm
on the motorcycle, so there is still movement inside and what we understand from the soldiers we are speaking to, there are some civilians inside, being used as human shields. one fighter we spoke to said there are tunnels throughout that entire encampment and overnight an attempt by some of the isis fighters to attack this position here, however they were able to repulse that. but what we have seen certainly this morning is fairly constant for one sort or another with either air strikes or mortar strikes. it is not clear how long this battle is going to take, but it is very hard to describe how small this area is. only about half a mile square, as it is under some intense
6:38 pm
bombardment. cnn reporting from inside. still to come a new bill could make parent shaming the law of the land. the push to go after people behind on their child support. calling them out on lying.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
all right, let's take you to bourbon street. looks pretty mellow right now, the last final weekend of mardi gras fat tuesday coming up on tuesday, which marks the end of all the events, which looks like they're taking it easy, but the night is still young. we'll come back to that later. a law aims to crack down on parents who don't pay child support by calling them out online. but they report that some are ncabhow this public shaming will affect the kids that it is suppose to help.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: family court, it's the last place jessica wilson wants to be, but she is looking for help from her ex. >> i'm trying to find a way to have him pay child support. >> reporter: she says her boy's father owes them thousands of dollars in child support. money they need for essentials. >> coats, jackets, they're growing really fast. >> reporter: it pains her so much. her ex deserves to be called out. that's just what a new state bill promises to do. the child support law would start with a website, putting parents on blast with their pictures online. and some parents fear it could end up hurting them. >> i feel like it would probably make them ashamed of their parents. >> reporter: california wouldn't be the first to go after delinquent parents. other states are already doing it including texas, kansas, indiana, and arizona. which is the model for this
6:42 pm
bill. >> here, you also have the amount, the monthly obligation and the total amount owed. >> reporter: tom lackey is pushing the proposal he says not to shame mom or dads, but to shake them up. >> and i think that peer pressure will work. >> reporter: he admits they could raise the privacy concerns, but says the parent, they would ultimately have the final say. >> unless they agree that this is a reasonable remedy, we don't do it. >> reporter: they could also get off the list by making payments for 90 days and will get a notice to correct the problem. >> it is for the best. >> now there are still a lot of questions about the proposal including whether it will be retroactive and how it will work if they are still owed money when their child will become an adult. well california is exactly one year out from the state's first prime time presidential primary. voters will go to the polls on march 3 of 2020 and a full three months earlier than they did in 2016.
6:43 pm
the move is designed to increase their influence in deciding which candidates should move forward. secretary of state alex p ashes dilla says california is the most populous and most diverse state in the nation and represents the largest economy of any state in the nation. paying attention to the issues that matter most. still to come a decade of digging, centuries of history. >> i see items that could have told a story about how they live. >> the man who is headed for prison on digging up the past. another giant leap for spacex as the company's first ever passenger arrives in the international space station. we have a little bit of a break from the rain, a few showers are out there still, but they will move out of the area. i'll tell you when rain will move back in coming up. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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dragon caught up with the international space station early this morning. >> you can hear the cheers behind us at the spacex headquarters in california. we have a confirmation of the small capture. >> with both ships moving at merely five miles per second, the space station crew greeted the test dummy before unloading about 400 pounds of supplies from the capsule. spacex hopes to send nasa astronauts to the outpost as early as this summer, relying on russia to give them a lift ever since they were retired in 2011. some big names on the field during yesterday's match in nashville against england as they left their usual jerseys and locker room, celebrating women who would inspire them. taking the field with a different name on their backs. from ruth bader ginsburg and
6:48 pm
mother teresa to an a-list entertainer, jennifer lawrence and beyonce. as for the game, which is an important match ahead of the women's cup, it ended in a tie. win-win. >> that's right, a win-win with a little bit of a win as far as the weather is concerned, but it's a brief win when it comes to the break that we've got from the rain. a little bit of rain out there still right now. you can see just a few showers out there in the south bay. as they would move to the east, a few showers here. san mateo and a little bit in fremont, which will make their way out of that area into the overnight hours. for the most part stay out of the way for about 24 hours. you can see those clouds though, those are going to stick around for the most part looking towards the east bay. your current temperatures right now, concord, 56 degrees, same thing in oakland, a little cooler, 52. and 53 in san francisco, san jose, and santa rosa. but you will be mild overnight because of the cloud cover with
6:49 pm
some changes, the rain easing up. more rain is coming. we'll keep an eye on the plume right here. the far northern portion of this plume of moisture headed in our direction will be brushing through with the first round of rain. then this low pressure system right here will be responsible for round two, hitting the north bay. and then moving through the rest of the area. and so quite a bit of rain moving our direction over the next several days. so again, your headlines today, that rain will be moving out overnight before we will have that break tomorrow. and then that rain will return on tuesday, and in the morning, then another round in the evening, moving through all the way into wednesday. here is what it will time out for us. most of the green will be off right now, moved to the east. but going into the evening hours, a few showers, dry commute in the morning, some clearing by midday tomorrow and then look at tuesday morning, which is when that next round of rain will start moving in around the morning commute.
6:50 pm
then by midday, we'll have cloudy weather. a little bit of a break from the rain before the evening round of rain will come in and then this will hit the north bay and then watch as you can see some of the severe storms that will start to move in. anywhere from one to two inches is what we're expecting in the sea level. and then anywhere from three to four in the mountains and the hills. in the next 48 hours, again, this will only cover the first round of rain in the south bay. so you can see that is where the majority of the rain will fall for the first round. then eventually these numbers will start to tick up as that second round moves through. but only goes to tuesday at 6:00 p.m. then again that will change with all the rain. of course, rain here means snow in the sierra with a winter storm watch in effect from tuesday morning until late wednesday night. above 6,000 feet. anywhere from three to ten inches of snow. one to three feet in the higher elevations and gusts of up to 80 miles an hour. i know that everybody wants to head out there to take advantage of it if you can, but it will be dangerous driving.
6:51 pm
57 in santa rosa and san francisco. 61 in san jose and 59 degrees in fairfield. your seven-day forecast, it will show that rain that's moving in on tuesday before after that break we have on monday. rainy again on tuesday, and then thursday will be mostly cloudy. those clouds are going to start to break up on friday, saturday, sunday, going into the weekend. we might have some brief bouts of sunshine, which i know i am looking forward to and i'm sure you are too. we'll keep an eye as we get closer to that storm. we'll be right back after this. [phone ringing]
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tens of thousands of native american artifacts are in federal custody tonight after being seized from a single south lake tahoe home. federal prosecutors say the man who lived there had been illegally looting public lands in the sierra for years. >> reporter: this is a single snapshot of what federal agents describe as a treasure-trove of native american artifacts, looted from more than a dozen archaeological sites. >> can't you just take a look at that? >> reporter: i showed this snapshot, one of the federal prosecutors who handled this case. >> i see items that could have told a story about how people lived. >> reporter: they also have a master's in archaeology and chose to be on this case because of her passion for examing the artifacts. >> the legal digging in this case would desecrate the sites that were important (mark) to
6:55 pm
the washington tribe and unusually valuable. and in outpine and el dorado county, ranging from hundreds to thousands of years old. the tribe's director of the historic preservations. >> maybe it will take away the piece of history, what will make up the history. >> reporter: they were taken to the illegal digging by the hikers, showing investigators, they began following the movements, officers, installing the surveillance cameras in the area near their digging sites. and the tracking data, they show them partnering with their sites for hours on end. eventually they found approximately 302 pounds of artifacts, estimating tens of thousands of artifacts in their homes. >> they would keep these things for themselves in their house. >> reporter: a massive federal
6:56 pm
investigation into the looted native american artifacts. a decade of digging, destroying centuries of evidence. >> that is steve large reporting. harrison plead guilty to a day in prison and they are now working with the washoe tribe to find an appropriate place to house those artifacts. all right, in other news now, we are continuing to keep a close eye on our top story in oakland, where thousands of parents, they're still waiting for whether or not they will be back in their classrooms tomorrow. but they started this afternoon on the contract offer from the district. and the ballots are being counted as we would speak as we are told an announcement could come at any time now. and the district will be offering an 11% raise. but a lot of teachers we spoke with today, they said they were still dissatisfied with the deal. but at this point, it will be
6:57 pm
anyone's guess as to whether that it will go through. so we will continue to stay on top of this and have reports for you throughout the evening if need be. but again, we'll also have updates at 10:00 on our sister station and 11:00 on channel 5. we'll be back with you then. 60 minutes is next. have a great evening. thanks for joining us, emily. >> yes. good to hear. >> see you later on. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. and ford. we go further, so you can. you're suing the united states government. that's not what most 11 year olds do. right? >> yeah. >> levi draheim is one of 27 kids asking the u.s. government to block the use of fossil fuels. they say it's causing climate change, and they're amassed 50 years of evidence that's already forced the government to make some remarkable admissions. >> they got them with their own words. >> it's really the clearest, most compelling evidence i've ever had in any case i've litigated in over 20 years. >> when that train hit the switch and came in on top of us, you could see where it rocked.


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