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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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was our sunshine. >> now at 11:00 a familywakillet fort funston. tonight they want the world to know who she was. and the vote is in ending what could have been a seventh
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day of strike. oakland teachers finally approving a deal tonight. good evening to you. we begin with relief for many parents. their kids will return to school tomorrow morning with some changes to classroom. here is what has been ratified. an 11% raise over four years. and a one time 3% bonus. as betty found out, not every teacher is satisfied. >> the results came down here at the oakland education association offices late this evening. 70% of the 3,000 teachers voted and it took a simple majority for this contract tohe mrs of td education association has ratified a contract >> with w teachers ended the seven day strike. >> i voted yes and i voted yes because i think there are gains
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in the contract. i think we gained in wages. we gained in class size limits for teachers. we gained -- speech and language pathologists. >> she is also on the board of oea. >> the contract isn't the end all and be all. i think the struggle continues to build. >> it was an emotional night for history teacher. she has a masters in urban education and makes $50,000 a year. >> i was born and raised in oakland. i work lead the jobs just to stay here. i feel very loyal to this city. >> they says lowering class sizes by one student doesn't lighten her load of 32 students by much. as far as the 11% raise over four years -- >> i'm barely keeping on right now and having a 2% raise -- this year, and a 3% bonus that barely covers the time that we were on strike, isn't going to
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do anything. >> it is only a beginning. we are committed as educators in oakland to ensure that our students get vital resources. this fight, we will be taking to the state. >> the teacher's union said this contract brought gains on everyone of its demands including a five month because of school closures and consolidation and more community input into that process. back to you. >> superintendent johnson released a statement stating in part my hope is that this new contract demonstrates our commitment to recruiting and keeping the best teachers in oakland. we know that not all members were full supply supportive of the contract terms. i understand the sense of urgency to fix all of our issues but the reality is it will take a few years to stabilize the district. turning to other news. two young sisters are back home tonight after spending two days
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lost in the woods. they wandered away from hair home friday in the rural community of benbow. they seemen being a little cold. >> [ crying ] >> 8-year-old leia and her 5-year-old sister carillo were reunited with their parents to day. >> those little girls were the center of their parents, their families universe and they became the center of our universe. >> this is a rugged territory. how they were out there for 44 hours is pretty amazing. >> the girls left a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow. only on 5 we are hearing from the father of a young woman who died in a san francisco cliff collapse. she was walking her dog at fort
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funston when sand came crashing down. andrea joins us now with the story. andrea. >> well kaaya scarlet is the middle child of dave and susan's children. she moved to the bay area for a job a few years ago and fell in love with this area. they are comforted by their faith and knowing kyra died where her family calls was her happy place. >> the beauty sort of offset the stark reality. so when we turned our back and looked at the ocean and the sun was filtering down and there was the stream of light, kind of a circle of light out in the ocean. >> dave scarlet went back to the site where his daughter was last seen alive enjoying a friday afternoon hike. >> it was just wrong place, wrong time, you know. got wanted her home and so that was his way of taking her. >> dave says 22-year-old kyra sunshine scarlet loved the outdoors and specifically the
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ocean. she was aspiring to be an accountant. her dad said her bright smile and glowing blue eyes lit up the room. it was easy to come up with her middle name. >> she was a light in our life when she was born. >> dave was at his home when his wife called about their daughter being trapped in this massive landslide at fort funston. they immediately drove up and other family members and washington state and utah also rushed out to san francisco hoping for a miracle. but the intense rescue mission quickly turned into a recovery mission as crews worked into the night of february 22nd. >> obviously we wanted the hold out some hope but i think we -- are somewhat comforted both by our faith and by the fact that -- i think it was very quick. >> as the family prepares for a memorial to celebrate the young woman's life crews still have not been able to recover kyra's
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body. while it would provide some closure dave said he's pretty sure she was swept away into the ocean on the first night. >> i have an understanding of -- or at least i think i understand the physical condition we might have found her in and so while we don't have her physical remains, that wasn't kyra. >> kyra's dog and a friend were rescued and are both doing well. her dog has formed a bond with her youngest sister. a live look over downtown san francisco tonight. a clear night right now. that is going to change in a couple of days. lets go the emily turner with a look at our weather. emily. >> oh, yeah, those clouds are still out there and they will continue to linger. in fact it will -- be a little bit dry tomorrow but things are still a little wet at the moment. taking a look at our high def doppler. you can see where we have some
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green in the area. even south san francisco seeing a few showers. a little further north san francisco, ocean beach, you guys, mill valley, headed towards richmond. pretty much the story all over the bay area with some pop up showers here and there moving through the evening hours into tomorrow and things start dry out. your current conditions you see those clouds out there right now. in san francisco you are sitting at 52 degrees. same thing in san jose. coming up a little later i tell you when that next round of rain will be moving through. there are two storms. i have that a little bit later. family and friends of stephon clark, an unarmed plaque man black man killed by san francisco police say they will continue what they call a pursuit of justice. today protesters turned out at
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the mall. earlier officials shutdown all business activity there for the entire day. this weekend a t prosecutor said the two officers who shot clark will not face charges. they thought he was holding a gun but it turned out to be a cellphone. >> i would like for the attorney general to prosecute taufrss. i would like for chief daniel hahn to recommend to the city manager to fire these officers. i would like accountability. i want justice and accountability. >> we need to acknowledge the systemic issues and support legislation. enough is enough. >> police opened fire on clark last march after he ran into his grandparent's backyard. the shooting sparked protests in sacramento and other u.s. cities. police in san jose spent the day gathering clues to try and solve a murder mystery. on thursday the body of 59-year-old bambi larson was
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found in her bedroom. today detectives searched the area looking for surveillance video and other evidence. neighbors say various cameras captured a suspicious man walking around before dawn. >> i'm just glad that they will come and thoroughly check the area out and see what they can find. i'd love to see this guy get caught. she was well loved by all the neighbors. she was a sweet person. >> neighbors say larson liked to host gathering at her house. she was a manager at a local bio tech firm. a memorial will be held at san francisco city hall tomorrow for jeff. he died unexpectedly last friday after having dinner with a friend in north beach t.59-year-old leaves behind a wife, a daughter and a long legacy of public service. that service starts at 11:00 a.m. at the city hall rotunda. new tonight, we are getting a look at theirst b born at the new sitter health
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hospital in san francisco. the baby boy arrived before noon today and we are also getting new videos of babies making their way to the facility. if family members are still missing, we are searching. >> coming up, deadly twisters slam the south. devastation and destruction is extensive. plus its a joke gone too far a. viral photo of some california students performing swastikas and saluting hitler. and protests. animal right activists want to know why more than a dozen horses are dying. that is next.
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animal rights activists calling to an end to horse racing to day at a famed southern california racetrack. it comes one day after the 20th horse death in just two months. jeff reports from arcadia. >> this evening a d ofadline. but it wasn't without controversy. a demonstration was held outside the iconic racetrack one day after a 4-year-old philly suffered a leg injury during a race which led to it being put down. the 20th horse death was also on
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the minds of fans like john sutter. >> my mindset was i hope i horse doesn't get hurt today . >> it was closed for two days for an inspection last week following a string of deaths involving 19 horses because of injuries since late december. which is why about a dozen people demonstrated outside the arcadia racetrack. many held signs calling for the end of the called sport of kings. >> if everything was safe then we wouldn't have these dead hors hds here alone putting tittion is ue.>> t recentai iseing at as a contributing factor. >> it's tragic. we are all very sanded by it but -- i don't have the answer for what has happened. i know they have done extremely
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good job on the racetrack. >> protesters are not buying that. even racing fans like john believe holding them to scrutiny is necessary. >> all the attention hopefully will come to a solution as to why and then keep it from happening more often. >> racing has been cancelled for thursday because rain is in the forecast this week. however, the track will remain open for training but live live racing won't resume until friday. back to you. animal rights organization peta is also weighing there calling fa investigation to see if injured horses are are being forced to run also in southern california a new port beach cool district has launched an investigation after disturbing photos surfaced on social media. high school students playing beer pong with cups arranged like a swastika. saluting hitler with captions like german engineering.
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the photos have sparked outrage. the district has also alerted parents. >> more should have been done to make sure the students recognize the severity of the symbols that they were using. its not something funny. its very, very serious situation. >> the superintendent released a statement today saying the district is gathering information on the students and is working with law enforcement. well the creator of the sculpture that inspired that creepy online momo challenge has reportedly destroyed the creation to reassure children momo is dead. the original sculpture called mother bird has been displayed in tokyo. last year creature was supposedly first shown as a face of a character named momo. recently there were reports that the figure had resurfaced on youtube allegedly hidden inside videos that appeal to kids. however, youtube says there has
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been no evidence of videos promoting the dangerous challenge. well the death toll tonight has hit 22 after a series of deadly tornados tearing through alabama. the destruction from the severe storm is spanning across several states. reporter chris mart shows us the devastation. >> storm chasers in lee county alabama drove right at a huge funnel cloud sunday. >> that's a big tornado. >> the storm levelled everything in its path. the small town of borderline is defr stated. >> we are talking several miles it traveled on the ground. the damage is significant. >> search teams are picking rvors.he rubk >> if family members are still missing, we are searching. >> a number of tornados or suspected tornados ripped across
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the south on sunday. >> its a monster. it is on the ground and full force. >> this one touched down in georgia. another tornado swept through the town of talbot, georgia. home after home ripped to shreds. in alabama a cell tower came crashing down on a busy highway. with so many homes damaged, officials in alabama expect the death toll to rise. chris martinez, cbs news. >> rescue teams have suspended search efforts until morning due to dangerous conditions. well tonight caltran social security warning it might close state highway 1 ahead of the storm coming in tuesday. this is in the areas of mud creek and pauls slide in the big sir area. caltrans will update tomorrow to confirm the full closure or not. the russian river flood waters may have receded but its only the beginning of a long recovery for residents. today sonoma county opened a
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disaster assistance center that offered help from insurance to counseling. it also issued over the counter permits. the next step is to secure federal funding aide. there is more rain on the way. we will have to keep a close eye on those areas that are grown flooding. in some areas there is stale flood warning in the far north bay up there near clear lake. here back this san francisco taking a live look at our tower camera you can see those clouds in the sky right now. that will keep our temperatures overnight pretty moderate. 53 degrees in concord and oakland. livermore 51. 52 san francisco. 51 in santa rosa. those temperatures are starting to dip down but won't get too terribly cold. our high def doppler shows a little bit of green right now. that means we have a few showers out there. mountain view seeing some sprinkles headed towards fremont as well. a little further up the
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peninsula south san francisco seeing some rain as well as the north bay mill valley. you will see a few showers to night and we will see showers on and off through the evening into tomorrow morning as they pop up. that will start to peter out going into the later hours tomorrow. as that rain eases up we have more. this right here san atmospheric river headed our direction. it is going to be just to the south of us. so clal be hit harder than we will. the northern edge of this, we will be able to experience or will experience moving in on tuesday in the south bay. then tuesday evening this low pressure system will start to move in with it moving from the north to the south. it will be a soggy beginning of the week starting on tuesday as that rain moves out and we have that break tomorrow before it comes back on tuesday morning. here's how this all times out. so some spotty showers here and there. then going into tomorrow things clear. we will see the sun in some places. then moving into tuesday morning you can see that first round sweeps through to the south. the second round right here moving through in the afternoon
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hours. then its going to be pretty significant. rainstms moving through byvere wednesday morning. it will continue to be rainy wednesday and towards thursday as it starts to clear towards the end of the middle of the week going to the end of the week. your high temperatures for tomorrow will be in the mid 50s. 60 degrees in concord. 57 in santa rosa. 58 in oakland. 54 in pacifica. there is that break right there tomorrow. we have rain returning tuesday. then rain continuing wednesday, thursday. things start to clear up. sun will start to come out towards the weekend although we will have a mix of sun and clouds. i'm really looking forward to whatever sunshine we can get. >> same here. thanks. still ahead for the first time visitors will be able to see a part of an egyptian tomb that has never been open before. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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for the first time visitors will be able to enter the third level of an ancient egyptian tomb. a project to reduce the ground leave water. the site had suffered from the water level with the lower third level of it completely submerged. since 2017 a series of wells and pumps were installed allowing water levels to recede. >> engineering projects like the one today where we protected -- where we helped protect egypt's beautiful monuments from rising ground water level. >> the attraction is considered one of the seven wonders of the middle ages and is an important burial site. why you smiling?
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think.
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five. >> the first weekend after it won the oscar for best picture, green book made $4.7 million rising to fifth place. the lego movie 2 dropped its spot to number 4. battle angel fell from second to third on ticket sales. a madea family funeral debuted in second place with $27 million. better than expected but not quite enough to dethrone the champ. how to train your dragon the hidden world is still hot. the animated made $30 million for first place. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. ee's other
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