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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now at noon, it seemed like a done deal, teachers in the district reaching an agreement. but now some are rallying and packed in the school board meeting. >> and i michelle. protest is disrupting in a meeting. teachers return to work ending a seven-day strike. but, students and parents unhappy with the deal saying it
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doesn't support student services. they marched into satisfied with how the district is in the money. >> if you look at the state accountability filings that they make, only 55% of the funding is going to schools. in the administrative overhead is humongous. >> thomas was among dozens of people who rallied outside of the elementary school. the majority of teachers were happy to get back to work. jackie ward has that part of the story. >> teachers opened up their arms literally as our students came to school. but there was still a little bit of confusion as to whether class was in session. >> with the announcement last night, between the school district and the teachers them back to the books. and the first grade teacher bob creek that meant he got to usher in his students and return to doing the job that he
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loves. >> i didn't sign up to be on strike. but, it absolutely is necessary to get more support for public education. >> despite reaching an agreement that includes an 11% salary increase a balance and class-size reduction. they say a battle to get the resources that they need remains. >> i feel very strongly that we have invested in education for decades. this one contract doesn't rectify it. >> consolidating schools and cutting staff positions are a couple of options that they are considering. and, they say administrative layouts will be taking place. >> when you talk about the kind of structural deficit that we have, it is cutting everybody at the top. and we still wouldn't be able to cover the structural deficit. a lot more has to happen. >> while schools will be in
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session, they say that they still can't quite read a sigh of relief. in oakland, jackie ward. the district board meeting is continuing. we have a crew covering developments and will have more tonight. new at noon, san francisco giants ceo is taking a leave of absence after an altercation with his wife went viral. last friday they posted this video of her screaming as her husband tried to grab assault on. her chair gets knocked over. larry has since apologized he and his wife released a statement calling a heated argument over family matters. today the board of directors had this to say thing in part mr. baer has announced that the behavior was unacceptable apologized to the organization and is committed to making sure that the steps never happen again. and the board has accepted his request to take personal time away from the giants.
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right now, a public memorial service is underway to honor the late public defender. let's get right to and who is live at city hall. >> the memorial service continues here behind me. and, this is a voice for the voiceless. and, that is about a week and a half ago. friends, family members, all gathered here in the rotunda as well as those that they help during the long career in the public defenders office. they are focused on his life, his accomplishments and his pursuit of justice for those who didn't have anyone else to speak up at them. he had just started his fifth term of theiand after easily winning and 59 years old and he died at a very 22nd after having dinner with a friend. he also had a creative side
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that he's being remembered for. a writer a documentarian and he was known for its innovation in the public defenders office. and passion in helping everyone. >> hears about the people. he thought for the have-nots. he fought for the people who couldn't stand up straight. and it was the mc of the event. aiming from the room united. other speakers former mayor willie brown who called him a big brother the maryland in breed and janet mark attorney. gonzalez is leading the office right now he was second-in- command under him until the mayor appoints a successor and that person will then be up election in november. and mackinac. california is fighting back against the trump administration family planning
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role known as title x. it is expected to cut funding for agencies like planned parenthood. it restricts access to healthcare including birth control and prohibit taxpayer- funded clinics from referring women for abortions. today california attorney general announced that he is doing the trump administration. >> all women should be able to access asic health services including reproductive healthcare no matter they live. we are ready to stand up for a women's light. and, >> they serve about 4 million every year. and >> he is investigating the shooting of stephan clark. this after the district attorney announced she would not file charges against the two officers who shot and killed the 22-year-old. and, they took to the streets
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after the announcement was made demanding justice. california's attorney general says he's doing his own examination of the case independently of the sacramento county das office. john video showing where tornado swept across several states. and in the past few minutes, the national weather service confirmed that it was in er for. he reports from bogard alabama. >> that is a big tornado. >> it was a half-mile wide when it touchdown. shredding everything in its path leading homes and businesses. people had all of 20 minutes wanting to find shelter before the massive tornado devastated the area. >> i haven't seen this type of distraction ever. is assisting those who have lost their homes and are concentrating on our search and rescs. >> many of the victims lived in
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beauregard, alabama including six-year-old aj hernandez nior. social media has and called him a precious little man. but there were also stories of survival. cameras caught an emotional moment as a grandmother was reunited with her granddaughter. at nearby smith station, a popular by was gutted to the studs. the owner was sitting in his truck to speed away. >> you see the trash swirling in the air. and i said this isn't good. >> just across the street, inside as is gas station was sworn to pieces. >> it started to come in. and everything is gone. >> alabama wasn't the only one. there are more than a dozen reports of tornadoes in georgia. >> that was mark reporting. meanwhile, president trump is crossing federal health saying, that they have been told
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directly by me to give the treatment to the great state of alabama and the wonderful people who have been so devastated by the tornadoes. the governor one of the best in our country has been so informed. it's once again heating up with another democrat. this time, the former colorado governor. >> i'm running for president because we need tremors. but we also need to get things done. i've proven that i can bring people together to produce progressive change. join me and we will repair the damage done to our country. >> he served as colorado's governor for eight years before leaving office. before that he was mayor of denver. and now the field at candidates the house judiciary committee is launching a new probe of president trump requesting documents linked to
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him and his associates. reporter nicole killian is on the capitol hill. >> he will work with congressional investigators who have just launched a sleeping new probe. >> house judiciary chairman is issuing 81 document request to individuals and entities connected to the president including his oldest son donald trump junior, organization ceo and other individuals at the white house and department of justice. >> republican spent two years shielding the president from any proper accountability. it's our job to protect the rule of law. >> and official says that they will work. many of the documents will likely be covered by executive privilege. >> republican see it as a fishing expedition. that they may not agree with counsel here and those report. >> and, these are hundreds of interviews of millions of
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dollars. and, they find no collusion. >> they really gethat. and, >> there's no collusion. >> and it morris into let's inspect every deal. and going to his finances. we are going to check his deals if people are sick. >> special counsel robert mueller is expected to hand his department over to the department of justice. nicole killian. democrats are preparing to subpoena the report at the department of justice doesn't release it to the public. and opposition leader is back in venezuela. he arrived to cheering crowds posting to resume his campaign. to topple the government. and, he called for nationwide demonstrations. and allowed election. madero claims to overthrow him.
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still ahead, remembering a well-known actor. we look back at the career of the 90210 start. plus, a shortage of women in technology. we are tracking a few showers at this noon hour. and, they will bring the rain in the wind. this is on futurecast, coming up. cvs pharmacy.
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ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions.. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy. tragic news this afternoon from hollywood after luke perry has died days after suffering a stroke. joy benedict looks at perry's
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career. >> it's all or nothing. >> he played badly in beverly hills, 90210. >> i also started films including buffy the vampire slayer the fifth element and eight seconds as well as the hbo prison drama. harry helped raise awareness about colon cancer after he had a precancerous roof removed. >> most recently he played frederick andrews. rg's father on the series riverdale. >> the jury is still out on that. >> last wednesday he suffered what they called a massive stroke. and was hospitalized. monday at the age of 52, perry passed away surrounded by his entire family. and in a statement his family thanked everyone for the outpouring of support and prayers. former costar tweeted dearest,
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i will forever bask in loving memories that we shared. joy benedict. cbs news. perry suffered a stroke the same day. new at noon, the supreme court ruled that local and state governments control back certain pension benefits in order to reduce pension costs. allow them to pay for more years of service for retirement. this is stock slower. as traders wait for details about talks between them. >> female told just a quarter of computer jobs showing that they are still in the minority. and more than 32% at rle and apple is google has 25% female leaders and at microsoft it is nearly
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20%. and they actually do better on women in silicon valley. and we don't have a choice. apple, google, facebook microsoft chances are our children our children children are going to be working at these companies. >> there are more stem programs. and, this has designed and reclined. the retailer is breaking up and selling off its business to other retailers. the children's places buying those brands for 76 million. a one-time rival also take over the contract for the play in music business. meantime gap will pay 35 nine dollars for the high-end and jack clothing line. let's get a check on our weather. you are talking new storm systems. >> and we are tracking our next- door that will bring the rain and the wind. in the meantime, most of us
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getting a break from the rain. and this is the golden gate, the clouds in the sky. and these are in the lower to middle 50s. 52 livermore and 56 san jose. high definition doppler, and you can see many locations are quiet. these body shower still lingering at san mateo. and, it is near hoffman bay. it is a few isolated shower still lighting up our radar screen. the rest of the afternoon, mostly cloudy to cloudy. increasing rain and wind. and for wednesday as well. there is a next storm system. that means southern and central california will see heavy rain but not for us. as we time it out for you, there we go that mostly cloudy
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skies, for tomorrow morning, this is dry. and, it's about to move into the south bay. the the afterno and it is across rest of the bay area. and tomorrow evening. that continues as we go through wednesday. it is a wet and windy day. and, we are expecting a lot of that rain here. and, it is up to one inch here and for santa cruz is almost an inch for san jose. through tomorrow, we are going to see the wind. in the futurecast wind gust and that will continue for your wednesday. 6:06 pm and our nrise at 6:35 am. daytime highs. upper 50s in san francisco. 62 in san jose, 59 for napa. here is that seven-day forecast.
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increasing rain and wind for tomorrow. let and wendy for wednesday. the showers on saturday finally a break with showers for the weekend. so we have one day of completely dry weather. >> all right. >> maybe we should go to hawaii. >> yes please. >> apparently we can. >> southwest is offering flights to hawaii.
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in a couple of weeks, southwest airlines travelers will be able to fly from oakland to honolulu. they will begin that service on march 17. it is one of several new flights. on april 7, they start flights from oakland to malley. flights from san jose to honolulu start unmade and eventually, southwest plans to serve for airports in hawaii oakland san jose and san diego. they wanted to sell flights to hawaii lester but it took longer than expected to get approval.
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the jonas brothers are reuniting and taking over the late late show. >> hang on. is this happening? >> we are back. >> they are back. they are joni the host for a weak of episodes starting today. it airs at 12:30 am right here. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question. email us. or, call the hotline. we will be right back.
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coming up tonight, teachers are back but the fight isn't over in oakland we look back at the debate over the role that charter schools play in the district's financial crisis. that is going to do it for news at noon. enjoy your day, have a great afternoon. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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