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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the students and not just for money, but they settled only for money. >> they just used us without having us get some benefits ourselves. they just got benefits for them. >> reporter: these oakland students areapal, a program that supports pacific islander students. the district will take money away from their program to pay for teachers salaries and close a budget deficit. >> of course, this is not a sellout contract. this puts us in a positive direction. >> reporter: the teachers union says they aren't leaving the students behind. they plan to ask lawmakers for money to fund vital programs that were cut today. several hundred students from different schools staged a sickout today to protest the cuts. some teachers and librarians marched with them. >> frankly, i think this change that's being made is racist because it's impacting schools in the flatlands that serve
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primarily black and brown students. >> reporter: it's important to note that 42% of the teachers in the union voted against this contract for that precise reason, because they believe the contract does not help the students in the district. by the way, the students also asked the school board to stop school closures, but the board will likely have to look at that. school closures and consolidations in about five months sometime this summer. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. coming up at 5:30 there's been a lot of finger pointing over the reasons behind oakland unified's financial crisis. we'll look at how charter schools factor into that equation. also tonight giants ceo larry baer taking a leave of absence after scuffling with his wife in public. >> the incident was recorded and posted on tmz. it happened last friday. baer stood over his wife pam while trying to take a cell phone from her. during a struggle she fell out of a chair and screamed.
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baer issued an apology a few hours later. they say baer requested and was granted a leave stepping away from his role of day to day operations. they say in a statement, "mr. baer has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure this never happens again." >> kpix5's phil matier with a look for what this all means and larry baer and the team he's run for year. >> and the city. the giants and san francisco are much more than just a baseball team. they are the landlords of oracle park, one of the biggest venues for concerts and activities in northern california. they are also on the verge of breaking one of the biggest development deems deals the city has seen. larry baer has been at the center of all these moves. he's the go to guy whether it's bringing paul mccartney in, whether it's barry bonds that's going to play or whether or not
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there will be housing and business parks next to what we see there now at at&t oracle. now the question is what is the future for such a dynamic player both with the organization and with the city? he came to the team over the weekend and said look, i get it. i'm taking a break. he's now the subject, however, of a couple of investigations, not the least of which is one by major league baseball. it's one also by the san francisco police department and there's going to be one in the court of public opinion, but the first step is to create some distance between him and that and everybody is going to be waiting to see what happens next. >> phil, the giants have a record of promoting social justice causes. larry baer has always been a part of this. how do you think that will impact their reaction to what's happening? >> that's an interesting point because publicly we have this as the giants have been a leader in social justice and philanthropy in the city, but it's also interesting one of the members of the board of directors, as a matter of fact,
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the major owner of the team, charles johnson, got into hot water last year for political contributions he made to conservative republican candidates in mississippi, some which had racial overtones. the naacp had called for a boycott of the team, but that was resolved through an apology as well. larry baer's situation, however, crosses into a new area in the american lexicon, the me too movement. for right now what we have, as i said, we have a police investigation. that will be resolved. we have the be major league baseball, but we also have the court of public opinion and so the next 10 days or two weeks the question is there another incident? is there something else that would come up because we've covered these before and if there's one, if there's two, that's something different. for right now the owners are behind larry baer. make no mistake about that. a lot of the reason why they're there is because he helped bring them into this organization. he's headed it for 25 years and right now they are taking a cautious but wait and see because as we know in these cases, it's not just one incident, if there's a second,
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that's when things get interesting. >> very successful franchise, too. thanks so much. san francisco mayor london breed, city leaders and hundreds more gathered today in an emotional service to honor the late public defender jeff adachi. the city hall rotunda was filled with adachi's family, former co-workers, friends and politicians both recently elected as well as past officeholders like former mayor willie brown. >> he chose to be a criminal defense lawyer in the public section, not for private, but in the public section and in the public way. >> current mayor london breed who first met jeff adachi well before she ran for office. >> we've lost so much in losing him. i've lost a friend. the community has lost a champion and our city has lost a man who will never be replicated, but who will always
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be remembered. >> rudy corpus, executive director of the violence prevention group called united players talked about his long time friend who was on u.p.'s board of directors. >> jeff was about the people. he was a fierce fighter. jeff fought for the have not's. jeff fought for the people who couldn't stand up straight. jeff fought for the people who people wouldn't stand up for. so my brother jeff, you see him on the screen looking clean as clorox like always, got his hair greased back. >> and stan adachi spoke about his brother's passion for helping those who couldn't for whatever reason help themselves. >> where i believe he got the greatest gratification, pride and joy, to fight for those without voices, to be a positive persistent force within the community. >> jeff adachi joined the public defender's office in 1987. he was first elected to leads it in 2003. the 59-year-old died february
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22nd after having dinner with a friend in north beach. the cause of death has not been released by the coroner's office, but jeff adachi survived by wife and daughter. as guerneville residents work to clean out from last week's historic flooding, county officials are reminding people how to safely dispose of debris, but as kpix5's john ramos reports, for many that advice is falling on deaf ears. >> reporter: this is what much of guerneville looks like as homeowners have drug out their possessions to the street to be taken to a landfill, but there's growing concern about what may be hiding in these piles. in the late 1990s the federal government began paying residents here to raise their homes above flood stage and only use the bottom floor as a garage or storage area. the problem is a lot of things stored in garage is pretty toxic. >> gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, those are the worst. >> reporter: a group called
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the clean river alliance has been searching trash piles to remove hazardous chemicals, toxic materials and e-waste that are not supposed to be mixed with regular household garbage. >> what we're trying to get the word out to businesses and residences is to separate your hazardous wastes and your electronics. they have to be collected separately by state law. >> reporter: they say there will be a free hazardous waste dropoff saturday at a transfer station about 5 miles from downtown. that's the plan, but there's just one problem. >> in a situation like we've got here now that's just not going to happen. >> reporter: people here are traumatized and operating on survival mode. bob leggy with another group called russian river keepers said it's unrealistic to expect people who just lost everything to worry about following proper recycling rules. >> it is an inconvenience and it's hard on people just going through what they went through here to have to jump through more hoops to get rid of it. >> reporter: leggy says the
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county should have hazardous waste collection available now in the neighborhoods and wherever people are dropping off their debris, but so far that's not happening. instead containers of chemicals are hiding inside loads heading for the landfill, toxic time bombs waiting to spring a leak and begin leaching into the soil and eventually the underground water table. the waters have receded and this flood is over, but there are those who believe that a hidden environmental disaster has only just begun. in guerneville, john ramos, kpix5. >> saturday's dropoff event will be at the guerneville transfer station on pocket road. there may also be curbside collection in the future. a live look outside at the sun peeking through the clouds at ocean beach. we are enjoying a break in the rain before another atmospheric river arrives this week. the good news is that meteorologist paul deanno is telling us the bay area is avoiding a direct hit this time, right, paul? >> yes, you're right. atmospheric river coming to
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california, thankfully central and southern california, our storm will be a glancing blow from that atmospheric river. we have will get light rain showers which will impact the morning commute tomorrow. futurecast stopped here at 8:00 tomorrow morning, some light rain moving through. then that leaves and the afternoon is mainly dry north of santa rosa and north of napa being the exception. some showers begin to return to the picture around 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow evening. so morning and evening showers tomorrow before the main event arrives tomorrow night. we have that wave of light rain moving through about 6:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning, mainly dry in the middle of the day. steady rain returns tuesday night and then it will pour overnight early into wednesday and that does mean more snow for the sierra. can you believe yet another winter storm, 1 to 4 feet of new snow by wednesday. >> we better get ready. thanks. drone video shows the destruction in southeast alabama today. neighborhoods were flattened after what is being called a monster tornado. that twister was part of a system that spawned tornadoes across several states in the
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deep south. at least 23 people were killed and as omar villafranca reports, the search is on for any survivors. >> reporter: rescue crews and k-9 units arrived in beauregard, alabama, to search for victims after a deadly tornado touched down causing massive devastation. >> we are upgrade flag to an ef4, estimated wind speed of 170 miles per hour. that's based on damage that we found in a monster tornado as it moved across the area. early estimate, at least 24 miles long. >> reporter: 6-year-old a.j. hernandez, jr. was among those killed. on social media his aunt called him a precious little man. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends. >> this hurts my heart. i love this county. it's extremely upsetting to me to see these people hurting like this. >> reporter: it was a similar
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scene in nearby oppalica. drone footage shows nothing left but piles of debris. the same storm system also damaged homes in talbot county, georgia. no casualties are reported. >> my babies, i just called for them just like this and calling on jesus, just kept saying jesus cover us, cover us, jesus. >> reporter: in florida's panhandle tornadoes uprooted trees, but unlike the devastation in alabama the homes are still standing. omar villafranca, cbs news, lee county, alabama. >> president trump is promising federal help tweeting, "fema has been told directly by me to give the a plus treatment to the great state of alabama and the wonderful people who have been so devastated by the tornadoes." twisters killed 10 people in the united states in all of 2018, fewer than half killed in the alabama storm alone. two brave sisters speaking out after surviving a weekend in the cold and rainy woods.
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>> it started to drizzle, so i knew we had to find shelter fast. >> the wilderness skills that helped them stay alive. >> fans in shock over the death of actor luke perry from a stroke, the outpouring of tributes to the '90s heartthrob. >> and southwest sparking island fever, the rush to scoop up dirt cheap fares.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit i'm ken bastida at the live news desk, well, some good news
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for these two missing girl sisters from humboldt county. they were missing friday, went for a walk on their property. they have 80 acres. the parents couldn't find them. it started getting dark. it started raining. a full on search. they were finally located after 44 hours sunday morning, but they did all the right things to stay alive. >> we found shelter, a tree branch close to the ground, and we had my sister's rain jacket to keep us warm and my sister cried the whole night. so i tomorrow her to think happy thoughts of our family and i kept watch for most ght. >> spent two days crying my eyes out looking everywhere we could think of to look going through every house, all the neighbors' houses and outbuildings. >> well, 8-year-old leia took care of her 5-year-old sister caroline, used her 4-h training and a jacket to build a shelter
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under some bushes and that was good enough. rescuers found them yesterday morning a little dehydrated but none the worse for wear. back to you guys. >> thank you. reaction pouring in over the death of actor luke perry tonight, the star died just days after suffering a massive stroke. we have reaction from his fellow co-stars. >> reporter: he was a tv icon, a heartthrob who rose to fame on beverly hills 90210, one of the most iconic shows of the '90s. the successful series enjoyed a 10 season run with a strong fan base and luke perry as dylan had everything to do with it. the beloved hollywood star passed away at st. joseph hospital in burbank this morning surrou bfaly udinhis to the hospitallast wednesday after suffering a stroke at his home in sherman oaks. according to tmz, he was responsive when paramedics
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arrived but deteriorated quickly. his doctors sedated him to protect his brain from the trauma of the stroke but that the damage was too extensive. perry's former co-stars reacted to his death. gabrielle saying, "i am absolutely heart broken. luke was a very sensitive soul who was kind, generous and he fought for the underdog." ion zearing tweeted, "dearest luke, i will forever bask in the loving memories we've shared in the last 30 years." >> we've both done everything we can. >> reporter: perry was most recently on cw's riverdale and had a part in the upcoming tarantino movie once upon a time in hollywood. >> perry suffered the stroke the day a reboot of beverly hills 90210 was announced. today house democrats announced a sweeping investigation into president
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trump and dozens of his close associates. mr. trump says he will cooperate. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. it's a political hoax. there's no collusion. >> mr. trump blamed politics for this new congressional investigation. the house judiciary committee sent letters to the white house and 80 others requesting documents. the probe focuses on possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. >> our founders in their wisdom had a separation of powers. to do anything else would be delinquent in our duties. >> the committee is demanding responses in two weeks and is demanding documents from mike pompeo related to discussions with russia. republicans say the president is being prejudged of obstruction without having the facts. remember back in late november when we were literally begging for rain to clear out the air after two weeks of bad air from the camp fire? wait till you see how many
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times it's rained since we were begging. we got what we wanted. that's a live look outside, no rain yet, but it is returning tomorrow, details, hour by hour forecast next. >> a $1 billion mystery solved, 1.5 billion to be exact, the winner of the largest jackpot in u.s. history comes forward just in time.
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a winner has claimed last october's $1.5 billion jackpot and decided to remain anonymous. the winner chose the one time cash option of $850 million, the largest jackpot payout to a single winner in u.s. history. >> what would you do with all that cash? >> i'm just wondering if i'm related to him or her. i think we all might be. i think that lady or gentleman probably will find about 20 or 30 new cousins once word gets around. we're looking at temperatures around here. we've won the rain lottery, maybe a little too much of a good thing. folks up in the north bay wish they didn't get as much as they did last week. oakland 55, san jose 54, mild tonight because cloud cover sticks around. we will have light rain moving through around sunrise. tomorrow radar right now is dry. for the middle part of the day tomorrow we'll be dry, but tomorrow evening and tomorrow night it gets rather active as an atmospheric river will pass by to our south. i mentioned this a couple minutes ago.
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it was november 21st when it finally started raining after 16 days of that horrible air quality. we were saying please, can we have some rain? well, it hasn't stopped in 104 days since. it has rained 50 of the past 104 days. that is two weeks more rainy days than we typically have in our late fall and winter. it has rained a lot in the past 3 1/2 months. here are days no. 51 and 52 for you in alamo, cloudy with showers tomorrow mainly in the morning and off and on rain wednesday, high 60 degrees. we cannot shake this soggy pattern. the good news here is we talked about an atmospheric river likely staying to our south. we absolutely positively do not want another atmospheric river coming to the bay area. the folks in southern california will get it. we will get a glancing blow but thankfully no new flooding concerns when it comes to river flooding are likely around here because we're getting the northern edge of things. tomorrow morning 8:00 a little soggy for the morning commute. that moves out. the middle part of the day is
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dry. then about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow night some rain begins to move back. in the heavy stuff gets here after midnight tomorrow night early wednesday. it will pour an hour or two, kind of like saturday where it rained overnight and showery the rest of the day. we'll do that on wednesday, scattered showers wednesday afternoon. the rain begins to wrap up wednesday afternoon and we begin to see sunshine especially in the north bay early in the day thursday. santa cruz mountains closest to the atmospheric could get 2 or 3 inches of rainfall, about a 1/2 inch at a minimum for the south bay, east bay, city of san francisco and some of our higher elevations in the north bay could get 2 or 3 inches of rainfall, still a good amount of rain even with a mist from an atmospheric river. so we're wet with the morning commute tomorrow with light rain moving through, steadier or heavier rain tuesday night and breezy or windy with an isolated thunderstorm chance, still raining. tomorrow highs in the upper 50s, fremont 59, fairfield 55, san francisco 57. your extended forecast, by thursday morning the showers are wrapped up.
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here's the best news i can give you in a while. we get through this, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday from thursday afternoon through springing forward over the weekend all the way into early next week we should be mainly dry, not that warm, not that sunny. we will be mainly dry. >> thank you. aloha at last, southwest kicks off its first ever flights to hawaii with dirt cheap fares, but you had to act fast.
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people anxious for some aloha didn't waste any time. they snapped up those dirt cheap fares that southwest was offering to fly from oakland and san jose to hawaii. >> cheapest fares? 49 one way. we did search several dates in may, found most of those tickets already sold out. southwest is starting service from oakland to honolulu on march 17th. oakland to maui on april 7th and then flights out of san jose to hawaii will start in may. southwest wanted to sell flights to hawaii last year but took longer than expected to get the proper approval from the faa. >> hawaii sounds so good right now. >> especially with the rain. coming up at 5:30 the strike might be over, but oakland unified is deep in the red and charter schools have been thrown into the middle of the dispute, the debate over how they factor into the financial crisis. >> and she married into isis.
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now she's fighting the trump administration to come back to the u.s., the setback in her case. >> the lure of buried treasure has been drawing people to dig in golden gate park, how the hunt has taken a mysterious turn. oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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checking our top stories at 5:30, giants ceo larry ba leav getting into a fight with his wife in


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