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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 4, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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checking our top stories at 5:30, giants ceo larry ba leav getting into a fight with his wife in public, footage of last
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friday's scuffle posted on tmz. today the giants board of directors said baer will sustain step away for the time being. a five-member team of consecutives will take over day to day operations. today san francisco mayor london breed and hundreds of others gathered to honor late public defender jeff adachi. a memorial service was held at city hall this morning. 59-year-old adachi died february 22nd after having dinner with a friend in north beach. the cause of death has not been released by the coroner's office. oakland teachers ended their seven-day strike, but the return to work wasn't the celebration some expected. some students, parents and teachers found fault in the deal. dozens showed up at a school board meeting placing gags over their mouths in protests. good evening and welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. the oakland school district is in a world of financial hurt. some of the blame is being directed at charter schools. oakland is now the second major district behind los angeles to consider a moratorium on
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charters. kpix5's susie steimle live in oakland with what's behind the pushback. susie? >> reporter: it's an argument we've heard over the past couple weeks and most of the time it's been coming from the teachers union. they will argue that charter schools are taking any resources from public schools here in oakland, but today we heard that argument from charter teachers -- excuse me, from teachers at charter schools. they're supporting this moratorium. >> so charter schools shouldn't be like holding the expense of other students in our own community. >> reporter: despite working at charter schools themselves linda lee and marty andrade are voicing support for a moratorium on charter schools in oakland. the cap on charter schools is proposed in this teachers strike agreement. >> if i'm seeing a benefit at the expense of my community, i don't think it's correct to not speak out on it. >> reporter: she worries charter schools are taking
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resources from ousd. >> with this privatization we're also taking jobs in many different ways. so a lot of teachers that could be there are going to different charter schools and that's also hurting a lot of the different schools. >> reporter: oakland has the largest concentration of charter schools in the state. there are 44 charter schools here serving more than 15,000 students. compare that to ousd with 86 schools and more than 50,000 students. oakland school district has a history of mismanagement. many argue that mismanagement led to the growth of charter schools. >> oakland as a community has a lot of historic challenges, but this issue of demonizing charter schools as the cause or the solution is unfair and it's quite intentional. >> reporter: president and ceo of the california charter schools association says she won't apologize for charter school growth, especially because she argues it's helping
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oakland's disadvantaged minority communities. >> teachers that are on both sides, on the district side or the charter side, pointing to some of those challenges i think should be a call to action for all californians to try to solve the real problems rather than scapegoating each other. >> reporter: now the oakland teachers union says they plan to take this issue to sacramento this year. they're going to be asking for increased statewide regulation on charter schools. live in oakland, susie steimle, kpix5. sacramento is bracing for possible protests tonight after the d.a. cleared police officers in the shooting death of stephon clark. the sacramento kings fenced off the golden one center plaza in anticipation of possible protests before the game with the new york knicks. only employees and ticketed guests will be allowed to enter. protests erupted outside the arena last spring when clark was shot. well, today the state supreme court ruled that local and state governments can roll back certain pension benefits in order to reduce pension
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costs. now those benefits allowed state employees to buy credits toward their retirement. the court did not rule whether pensions can ever be taken away once they are promised. for more than 60 years what's known as the california rule has guaranteed workers the pensions that were in place the day they were hired. california is suing the trump administration once again, this time over changes made to the family planning rule known as title 10. state attorney general xavier becerra made that announcement today in sacramento. the new rule is expected to strip millions of dollars in funding for agencies such as planned parenthood. it prohibits clinics that receive federal money from referring women to abortion providers. it also blocks family planning clinics for being housed in the same location as abortion providers. >> all women should be able to access basic health services including reproductive healthcare no matter where they live. medical care should be between
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a woman and her doctor, not the president or vice president of the united states. >> anti-abortion activists support the administration's new rules set to go into effect in may. meantime leaders of california's high speed rail project are firing back at the trump administration over its plan to withhold $3.5 billion in federal money. they call the move a disastrous policy. last month the department of transportation threatened to withhold a federal grant. it said it may take back other federal funds that california has already spent. high speed rail leaders say the state is meeting its commitments to the federal government. one of northern california's most notorious serial killers has died. juan corona murdered at least 25 men before his arrest in 1971. the victims were migrant workers in the central valley. their bodies buried in shallow graves near the feather river. corona died of natural causes in a hospital outside cochran state prison where he had been incarcerated. he was 85 years old. a legal setback for the
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woman who is trying to return to the u.s. after leaving the country to join isis five years ago. a federal judge is refusing to put her legal case on the fast track. 24-year-old hoda muthana left alabama for syria when she was 19. she married an isis fighter and had a child. now she tells cbs news that she regrets her decision. she's filed a federal lawsuit after the trump administration ruled that she is not a u.s. citizen and will not be let back into the country. a list of democratic presidential candidates just got bigger. former colorado governor john hickenlooper announced today the launching of his 2020 campaign. >> i'm running for president because we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for. >> hickenlooper's announcement touched on his way array of career paths from laid off geologist to owner of a pub, he identified why his various titles make him a key candidate to take down president trump. hickenlooper is the second governor to enter the crowded
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2020 race. he joins 13 other democratic candidates including senator ident. first lady melania t taking her be best initiative on the road. she is on a three-state tour to highlight each of her goals. the first lady launched be best initiative last year. it aims to raise awareness about child well-being, online safety and bullying prevention and today the first lady took her tour to tulsa, oklahoma, visiting an elementary school that stresses teaching character education. >> together i believe we should strive to provide kids with the tools they need to cultivate their social and emotional health. >> she then left for washington state to learn about programs teaching children online safety. the first lady's tour wraps up wednesday with a stop in las vegas where she will hold a town hall on opioid addiction. photos from a teenage party sparking outrage, students giving nazi salutes around a
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makeshift swastika, how the school is taking action to turn this into a teachable moment. >> a new twist in the bizarre search for buried treasure at golden gate park. >> the rally at san jose state and the homeless issue on campus, the list of demands students are taking to the university. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. the new york times is reporting the quiet shutdown of a
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government program known as the phone records program. this was started in 2001 by george w. bush in the wake of 9/11. what they did was analyze the logs of millions of americans. your domestic phone calls, your texts. what the agency was looking for was any tie to al-qaeda. the national security agency has used the call details records showing who called whom and when they called, but in the end nobody was ever caught. no terrorists were ever caught with this program. they defunded it and now the phone records program will fade into just a memory. at the live news desk, i'm ken bastida. back to you. this evening disturbing images out of southern california, photos have emerged of high school teens embracing nazi symbols of hate. reporter michele gile on the weekend party that triggered an emergency meeting. >> reporter: there are at least three investigations into
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the weekend hate incident involving newport harbor, costa mesa and estencia high school students, outrage over pictures of teenagers doing nazi salutes and posing over red cups in the shape of a swastika at an off campus party will be addressed tonight at a community meeting. >> the community is concerned about this type of incident because it doesn't happen in isolation. we're only months since the terrible attack, the massacre that took place at the pittsburgh synagogue. >> reporter: a rabbi from the temple has been talking with his members who are upset and afraid. anti-semitic incidents are up 94% in our nation's schools in 2017 according to the anti defamation league. the rabbi says he's seen social media posts since the original pictures were posted that are extremely troubling. >> we know that in addition to the photos of the events at the party, there are many social
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media posts supporting those kids' actions and really making us even more concerned than the original incident to begin with. >> reporter: the president of the los angeles holocaust museum is inviting all of the kids at the party to come and learn something. >> we're not educating our young people adequately to know what these symbols mean and these are symbols of hate. these are symbols of a regime of hate. >> reporter: newport mesa unified officials say they are determining what action to take against the students in these pictures. >> millions of people were murdered under the swastikas. >> reporter: ava nathanson is a survivor who lost nearly all of her family in the holocaust. >> i was horrified. it's brought back some, first of all, painful memories, also brought back some anger, just disbelief it's going on. it's really affected the past 24 hours for me. it was very difficult.
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>> that was michele gile reporting there. school district officials are working close with law enforcement and are committed to holding students accountable for their actions. tesla fans have something to look forward to. ceo elon musk says the company's newest vehicle, the model y, will be unveiled march 14th. many expect it will be an suv or a crossover. musk says the model y will be about 10% bigger and cost about 10% more and will have slightly less range than the model 3. the model had y unveiling will take place at a special event in los angeles. amazon is going cashier free for the third time in san francisco. it's opening another go store, this one at the former chevron headquarters on market street near the montgomery street b.a.r.t. station. the store will be 1,750 square feet. there are no checkout lines. amazon go shoppers grab items and pay automatically through their smartphones. the majority of the products are premade and packaged food
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and drinks, no word yet on the official opening date. tonight a bizarre update to a story we brought you last spring, a treasure hunt that has taken a mysterious turn. this started with a book called the secret. it was published in 1982. in it late author byron priest laid out clues for 12 buried treasures hidden in 12 north american cities, more specifically 12casks, each one buried 12 feet deep and each one containing a safe deposit box containing 12 jewels. now one of the casks is long thought to be in san francisco and as wilson walker shows us, someone just found something. >> reporter: these casks are supposed to be easily revealed. all you need to do is follow the poem. >> sounds from the sky near ace is high unking north but first
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across. >> reporter: along with the verse there is a corresponding image that works like a coded map. i am going to skip the black hole of various details and interpretations of all this, but a lot of people have taken all these clues and landed in golden gate park. >> what's that? >> reporter: the park is where we watched one cask dig unsuccessfully last april, but just last week someone not far from this spot actually pulled something out of the ground. >> a gentleman who flew in from france in search of this cask claimed to have discovered a cask that met he thought the description in the book and it had the pictures and he thought he maybe had found a key. >> reporter: only this cask apparently did not hold the key. >> the family and the artist who participated in the original cask making claimed that this was a fake and not actually the real thing. >> reporter: this is a replica of the real thing provided by the family to prove the
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forgery. now this obviously raises a number of questions, but so far no answers. >> we do not know where the fake came from. >> reporter: nor do we know when it was planted, but the search has drawn a lot of attention over the last year from amateur and professional treasure hunters alike. so while had the search is definitely heating up, fake cask was not something i saw coming. >> we didn't either. >> reporter: now i have been in contact with several people that i would describe as professional treasure hunters, the type of folks who use sophisticated ground imaging equipment. one of these people assures me that he knows exactly where the san francisco cask is buried, knows exactly where it is. these people are also under contract with a certain cable television network. so they aren't talking to me. i think someone is very close to finding this thing, but i want an amateur to find it. so if you have an idea where this thing may be buried, now is the time to hear it. give me a call and we will go
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digging for it with a permit. in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix5. >> you can tweet him @wilsonkpix. coming up a driver captures the heart stopping moment a massive avalanche wipes out a colorado highway. cvs pharmacy.
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some amazing video out of colorado, a monster avalanche caught on camera there. a driver took this terrifying footage yesterday. the avalanche ripping down the
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mountain engulfing a highway that leads up to a popular ski resort or two. thankfully nobody hurt, no cars trapped, but a second avalanche was also reported hours later covering that highway in about 4 feet of snow. back out of there. >> some scary stuff. paul deanno keeping track of the forecast here in the bay area. nothing quite like that, though, paul, right? >> thankfully nothing like that around here, but the avalanche danger will stay elevated in the sierra for the foreseeable future. it's so heavy and gets so unstable, especially on the steeper slopes. that will be something we talk about in the sierra. around here we had some low snow last month, but temperatures are slowly beginning to creep up, 61 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose, concord and fremont today for a high, half moon bay 54, tonight vallejo 47, santa rosa 44 under cloudy skies. tomorrow morning some showers
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rearrive in the bay area, seems like every day we're talking about some chance of rain. it's coming tomorrow. we will see a break in the middle of date and more rain coming tomorrow night. look at these numbers in the sierra. that's why we're talking about an avalanche danger beagle being elevated for a while. there's a lot of water that will be falling from the sky from yet another atmospheric river to our south. we're going to see heavy rainfall especially for santa barbara south to los angeles. we will get a glancing blow, but that's enough for 1/2 to 1 inch of rainfall. 8:00 in the morning rain is here for the morning commute. then that moves out on. the middle part of the day is dry. some showers begin to reemerge about 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow evening, heavy rain moving through late tomorrow night, early wednesday morning.
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that moves out. we go into shower mode the rest of wednesday. we have begin to see some clearing thursday, most of the rain falling midnight to midnight tuesday night through wednesday night. 3 to 5 inches of rain for santa barbara county, central to southern california very soggy from this latest atmospheric river. there have been a lot this year in california. chance of showers late tonight, early tomorrow morning, showery throughout the day. the heavy stuff moves in early wednesday morning. it will get windy and there's an isolated thunderstorm chance about 36 hours from now. tomorrow the dryest part of the day, about 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. it will rain before that and after that and it will be chilly once again. we should be in the mid-60s. kind of forget what average feels like it's been such a weird winter. we should be about 65 degrees, not tomorrow. sunnyvale 61, pacifica 56, hayward 57, san ramon 58 with morning showers, pittsburg morning showers, 58 degrees, vallejo 57, san francisco 57, 54 for san rafael and highs only in the upper 40s to around
5:55 pm
50 degrees in lake county with some morning showers for you tomorrow. wednesday morning it's very soggy. wednesday afternoon some showers. they'll wrap up by sunrise thursday. then perhaps an extended stretch of dry weather from thursday afternoon through the weekend into early next week, zero rain in our forecast. that is your forecast. >> paul, thanks. coming up it's netflix versus steven spielberg, the fight over the future of your movie experience. they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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netflix is pushing back after director steven spielberg said that he supports rule changes that could block the streaming service from the oscars. >> spielberg says he is in favor of making it harder for streaming films to be eligible. he plans to bring up the topic at an upcoming meeting of the academy board of governors. spielberg finds himself at odds with some other film industry heavyweights who point out that netflix has been a big supporter of minority filmmakers in stories and netflix has tweeted, "we love cinema. here are some things we also love, access for people who can't always afford or live in towns without theaters, but letting everyone everywhere enjoy releases at the same time giving filmmakers more ways to share art." this battle has also reignited the streaming versus theatrical movie debate. >> if you can't beat them, join them. just get on netflix. >> i don't think he has a
5:59 pm
netflix account. that's going to do it for the news at 5:00. now at 6:00 first the oakland teachers strike, then the deal, now the cuts. students say they're the ones being sold out. >> san jose students standing up for the 13 percenters as they call them, fellow students without a basic right. >> good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we begin with the chaotic fallout from the oakland teachers strike. students say they feel betrayed and are fighting against a new round of steep budget cuts. kpix5's da lin is live for us in oakland. >> reporter: the students are really upset about the cuts. these cuts are going to remove programs that they say will hurt some of the most vulnerable students in the district. >> then who is going to be at
6:00 pm
our graduation? no one because we have no support system. >> reporter: student jennifer martinez is outraged the school board voted to cut all five foster youth case managers in the district. >> the last two years six placements. there's no stability and then that really affects us to have a lot of trauma when we've already gone through so much trauma. >> reporter: the only consistent adult in her life has been her case manager. >> we're going to lose our support system. that's going to hurt us even more. >> and the system is just set up to fail them, yet we're going to fail them again. i feel like i'm failing them not being able to be there for them. >> reporter: the school board voted today to cut almost $22 million. the cuts will eliminate the restorative justice program, gut an asian pacific islanders support program and take money away from school libraries. >> i feel betrayed, hurt and i feel like that's not right. >> reporter: a few hu


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