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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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our graduation? no one because we have no support system. >> reporter: student jennifer martinez is outraged the school board voted to cut all five foster youth case managers in the district. >> the last two years six placements. there's no stability and then that really affects us to have a lot of trauma when we've already gone through so much trauma. >> reporter: the only consistent adult in her life has been her case manager. >> we're going to lose our support system. that's going to hurt us even more. >> and the system is just set up to fail them, yet we're going to fail them again. i feel like i'm failing them not being able to be there for them. >> reporter: the school board voted today to cut almost $22 million. the cuts will eliminate the restorative justice program, gut an asian pacific islanders support program and take money away from school libraries. >> i feel betrayed, hurt and i feel like that's not right. >> reporter: a few hundred students staged a ck protest the cuts. some teachers marched with
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them. the students complain the new contract for the teachers doesn't provide student support services. >> the teachers said it was for the students and not just for money, but they settled only for money. >> they just used us without having us get some benefits ourselves. they just got benefits for them. >> reporter: the teachers union says they aren't leaving the students behind. they plan to ask state lawmakers for money to restore those programs. >> of course, this is not a sellout contract. this puts us in a positive direction. >> reporter: as for jennifer, she's also taken her night to sacramento. >> being in foster care, it's really hard. i learned that i have to be more independent and i really have to support myself. >> reporter: e students are also asking the school board to stop school closures. the board will likely vote on that topic both consolidations and closures during the summertime. liz? >> da, 42% of the teachers turned down the contract. is this a sign of some sort of divide within the teachers
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union? >> reporter: right. the union president is saying they're united, but obviously with 42% saying no and a lot of those teachers actually support and agree with these students. so you have 42% saying they didn't get enough in terms of student support services, when it comes to closures, class size reduction, but then you also have those saying you can't fix years of district mismanagement with one contract. they say take this contract and work to better student services in the future. >> see what happens. thank you. so what happens next? the union says it will lobby lawmakers to propose a cap on charter schools. both the union and district leaders will ask the governor to forgive the more than $30 million loan the district owes the state. they also plan to ask the state for money to pay for programs that have been cut. san francisco mayor london breed, city leaders and hundreds of others gathered today in an emotional service to honor the late public defender jeff adachi.
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family, friends and former co- workers filled the city hall rotunda this morning. 59-year-old adachi died last wednesday. he joined the public defender's office in 1987, was elected to lead it in 2003. city leaders say adachi leaves behind a legacy of public service. >> we've lost so much in losing him. i've lost a friend. the community has lost a champion and our city has lo a man who will never be replicated. but who will always be remembered. >> jeff people. he was a fierce fighter. jeff fought for the have not's. jeff fought for the people who couldn't stand up straight. >> the cause of death for adachi has not yet been released by the coroner's office. he is survived by his wife and
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daughter. guerneville residents are knee deep in clean-up efforts after last week's flood and there are big concerns about hazardous waste. a group called the clean river alliance is now searching trash piles finding lots of hazardous chemicals, toxic materials and ewaste. these materials are not supposed to be mixed with regular debris destined for the landfill because they could leach into the soil. >> what we're trying to get the word out to businesses and residents is to separate your hazardous wastes and your electronics. they have to by state law be collected separately. >> some say it's not really realistic to expect people who have lost everything to worry about proper recycling rules. they say hazardous terms hazardous materials collection should be happening now in the neighborhoods. really a beautiful night, clouds rolling in as more rain is making its way to the bay
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area. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking when it's going to hit us. >> how many times have we said that over the past couple months? more rain. it's coming back tomorrow. the radar is clear tonight, but by tomorrow morning light rain will return to the bay area, the first of two waves to come through. the morning commute together, light rain moving through, wet on the roads. we get a break midday before showers return in the evening, some heavier rainfall tomorrow night. headlines, a wave of light rain moving through from 6:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning. we're dry in the middle of the day. steady rainfall is returning tomorrow night and early wednesday. this means more snow for the sierra, heavy snow expected. 1 tofeet of new snows the i si between now and thursday. coming up we'll talk about more rainfall after this one. students at san jose state are demanding action.
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they want the university to help with what they say is a crisis of homeless students. len ramirez is on campus for us. >> reporter: the students say this is a crisis happening every night. it's happening right now. it needs solutions for right now, especially for the estimated thousands of students who drift in and out of homelessness during their college careers. now the university says it is working on solutions, but the question tonight is it happening fast enough? about two dozen san jose state university students marched through campus to call attention to what they call a homeless crisis. >> csu, shame on you! >> reporter: leading the group was sociology student shaleen chandler who is housed now but spent much of last year homeless. >> i slept outside. i slept at bus stops. i slept here at campus on benches. >> reporter: chandler is one of three students who will meet with the university president and present a list of demands including 10 safe parking spots
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in the university garage, 12 beds for homeless students in the dorms and one time grants of $2,500 to help students pay rent. >> these are programs that have been enacted on other campuses. so we know they are reasonable. >> reporter: a report from the chancellor's office found 38% of san jose students have been homeless in the past year translating into about 4,000 students who sleep in cars, couch surf or sleep in the martin luther king library or nearby shelters and churches. >> we have said from the very beginning that university is committed to the academic and personal well-being of all our students. >> reporter: but university officials are not answering to the students' specific demand hads. instead they point to recent updates on the university's website that makes it easier for students in crisis to find one on through the sjsu cares portal. the school is also about to launch a permanent free food pantry on campus for students
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going hungry. >> we are looking to find long term sustainable solutions. >> reporter: students say they will press the administration for long term solutions like more on campus housing but say there must be short term measures for students seeking shelter right now. >> the university needs to do more. >> reporter: the students will be meeting with the university officials tomorrow. they will also have a student faculty advisor with them as they go through this process. it's been an ongoing process over the last couple months. they hope to make some progress tomorrow. >> yeah. those numbers are astounding, 13% of the student population there is having problems finding a place to live? that seems ridiculous. >> reporter: that's right. students go in and out of homelessness as they go through their college careers here, especially during times when they really need housing like winter break. they must move out of their housing that they had during the fall before they can start the spring semester. >> amazing. len, thank you. today the state supreme
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court ruled that local and state governments can roll back certain pension benefits in order to reduce pension costs. those benefits allowed state employees to buy credits toward their retirement. the court did not, however, rule whether pensions can be taken away the once they're promised. for decades workers have been guaranteed the pensions that were in place the day they were hired. a push to protect bay area workers from exploitation, south bay leaders consider a new measure while at the same time as kpix5's kiet do explains a contractor goes on trial accused of wage theft and more. >> reporter: we are at the federal courthouse in oakland where it's a big week for victims is of human trafficking and also workers rights. today is the first day of a trial for a man by the name of joe torres hernandez, a contractor with a long history of cheating his workers out of pay. federal prosecutors say he locked them up inside an
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industrial building in hayward in squalor conditions and didn't pay them for months of work and threatened them with violence if they went to the authorities. back in 2017 when when federal agents raided the compound in hayward, several undocumented workers were found crammed into a tiny space with wooden bunks and no running water. they were put into white shuttle vans and driven to a safe location. today they took the stand against their former boss who prosecutors say recruited them in mexico with a promise of u.s. citizenship and good jobs and they were good jobs on high profile projects including the renovation of the union square courtyard marriott in san francisco and the construction of the silvery towers in san jose. today at the base of the towers activists and city and union leaders gathered to send a message to shady business owners. >> if you are a developer or contractor stealing from your workers, exploiting those workers or short changing them, then you should be afraid. >> reporter: tomorrow the san jose city council will vote to toughen up its wage theft
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ordinance to protect construction workers and close loopholes in certain kinds of contracts and disclosures. council member sylvia arenas comes from a family of construction workers. >> here's the bottom line. if a construction worker works, he needs to get paid and the building behind us are a prime example of why these protections are needed. >> forced labor and human trafficking robs work withers of their will and consigns them to a life as a modern day slave. protecting these workers is our shared responsibility. >> reporter: if convicted of all charges, hernandez could face up to 10 years in federal prison. in oakland, kiet do, kpix5. coming up the giants ceo larry baer on leave now officially after that video of him getting into a physical altercation with his wife. who will be running the team now? >> and the bay area vet who is on a new mission to honor those who served. >> plus did you get them?
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it's the hottest travel deal in the bay area right now, flights to hawaii as cheap as $49.
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the fold of the eggs. their new flavors are... ooh là l. that means super yummy. denny's new omelette line-up starting at $6.99. giants ceo larry baer is that video captured him scuffling with his wife in public. the clip was posted on tmz. the fight happened last friday, hayes valley. baer stood over his wife pam as he tried to take a cell phone from her. during a physical struggle she
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fell out of a clair and then started screaming. baer issued an apology hours later, but the giants board of directors discussed the situation through the weekend and now they say that larry baer has requested and was granted a leave of absence stepping away from his role in charge of the day to day operations. and they say in a statement, "mr. ba er has acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again." with larry baer on the sidelines, a five-member team of executives will be in charge for the time being. caliia, jeneomisrtner of joining in the state's latest fight with the trump erfamily attoey general xavier becerra today to announce a lawsuit administration. e was d over chang made to the family planning
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rule known as title 10. the new rule is expected to strip millions of dollars in funding for agencies like planned parenthood. >> what the president is really attacking here is gender equality and female autonomy because organizations that provide reproductive services don't just protect the health of women. they enable us to control our own lives and to pursue our own dreams on our own terms. >> newsom has worked as a filmmaker and is now taking a more prominent role in her husband's administration. southwest airlines saw an online rush today as customers snapped up cheap plane tickets to hawaii. southwest was offering $100 round trips from san jose in oakland to the islands. we searched several dates in may and found most of those tickets were already sold out. southwest is starting service from oakland to honolulu on march 17th, oakland to maui april 7th and flights from san jose to hawaii start may 7th.
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southwest also has plans to fly from san diego and sacramento to hawaii. new at 6:00, a north bay veteran has a new mission. >> kpix5's don ford with more on his role in giving other vets a final honor. >> reporter: looks like another green, tranquil marin county hillside, but things are not always as they seem. just below the surface are human remains, lots of them. this is a graveyard. half a century ago this is where marin mental hospital would bury the unclaimed remains of mental patients, the unclaimed poor and indigents marked now only by a number. how many graves do you think are around us right now? >> i would say hundreds. >> reporter: hundreds. some of these may be veterans. marin now has a veterans remains officer whose job is to identify the veterans and remove them from here and give them a proper burial in a
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national cemetery. veteran service officer sean stevens explains the new role. >> that's what this is, a paupers graveyard and to go through and find veterans, widows and helpless children that have not been claimed and to make sure that they get the burial that they're supposed to get. >> reporter: marin has another graveyard, too, which may have veterans. it's at san quentin. it's all part of a national project called lost in america. sean says it may take years to complete the task of recovery, if ever. the new veterans remains officer is a volunteer position. in san rafael, don ford, kpix5. talking about hawaii a little while ago, nice to go to hawaii right now, get a little sunshine. >> this weather is sponsored by the hawaii chamber of commerce because if you want sunny, warmer weather, you're not finding it here. it's been below average every day but five since the beginning of february and we all know how much it's rained. i do see a drier pattern coming, but the warm stuff, you
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may want to buy one of those tickets and head west about 3,000 miles. take a peek outdoors, concord, oakland 56. i guarantee you it's warmer in honolulu. livermore and san francisco 54, a couple slivers of orange towards the beautiful north bay, santa rosa 54 degrees. we stay mild because of the cloud cover tonight, redwood city 47, napa 45, radar clear, light rain moving through tomorrow morning, a break, light rain returning tomorrow evening, heavier rainfall moving through tomorrow night. remember back in november we were literally begging for rain because we were choking on smoke for two straight weeks? well, november 21st it started raining and it hasn't stopped. of the past 104 days since we were begging for rainfall it has rained on 50 of those days. the average is 38. guess what? here's day no. 51 and day no. 52, light rain tomorrow morning, showers tomorrow evening in alamo, high 57 degrees, off and on rain
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wednesday with a high of 60. the good news out of this is yes, there's a storm coming, but the heaviest rainfall, the flooding potential stays south. that's central and southern california getting it. we will not see widespread flooding around here. there could be nuisance flooding on the highway wednesday morning. futurecast, 8 a.m. tomorrow, soggy, bit of a break midday. showers begin to return at 6:00, heavy rainfall early wednesday morning, a slight chance of a thunderstorm as well. then we go into shower mode and the chance of showers continues through the day wednesday clearing out early thursday morning. sunshine north bay first just after sunrise on thursday. another 1/2 inch of rain at a minimum for the city in peninsula, the south and east bay. our hills get the most rainfall, the north bay mountains 2 or 3 inches of rainfall, the santa cruz mountains also 2 to 3 inches of rainfall. we're wet tomorrow for the morning commute had as light rain moves through, steadier rainfall tomorrow night. watch out for a windy night tomorrow night with an isolated thunderstorm chance. highs tomorrow below average again, livermore and oakland
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59, redwood city 60, san jose 62, san francisco57 degrees. wednesday morning is your stormy part of the week. showers may linger until thursday morning, then a break. friday, saturday, sunday and monday all looking dry with highs in the 50s and 60s and hey, it may not feel like it, but we will spring forward this weekend and sunset will be after 7:00 starting sunday night. here's dennis with sports. >> paul, the warriors, welcome them back. >> an old friend, what k.d. says about the latest edition and why he will help bring another championship to the bay area.
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the warriors kept the roster spot open all season in hopes of landing a backup center for the stretch run.
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it appears they found their guy, going to take him 18s toge former warrior andrew bogut reportedly returning to golden state. bogut spent the season in australia where he was just named the mvp. the 34-year-old was the starting center when the finals run began in 2015 but was traded away to make room for signing kevin durant. >> i'm sure he's going to add a little bit of knowledge and wisdom because he's been a part of the system before, but looking forward to having him on the team. dodgers in scottsdale, a lot of chatter about this guy, evan longoria, looks good, sounds good, hoping to come back from a disappointing2018 season. jeff samardzija, three shutout innings and help from parra. >> shutout innings? >> yes. i that said correctly.
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l.a. won 8-2. cal's christina anything christina kristine anigwe, outrebounded the entire washington state team by herself and guess who the bears play in the opening round of the pac-12 tournament this thursday? washington state. man, the lakers hit a new low, mean new low losing to the last place phoenix suns. they're now 10th in the western conference. frustration is mounting in l.a. even snoop dogg has seen enough. >> these goofballs ain't going to do [ bleep ]. they suck. i'm selling my [ bleep ] booth right now. i got a booth for the next two years, three years. this year you all can have it, $5. >> silver lining, if l.a. misses the playoffs, snoop and the lakers can go fishing.
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good night. >> this is a huge fish. >> you guys recognize this guy? that is patriots safety patrick chong. >> look at that thing. >> even he's a little surprised at the size of the mutton snapper pulled in at key west. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to and please don't say that he's poaching. that was the ocean. >> no. that's the ocean. those east coast species, mutton? >> they're not really pretty fish, around they? that thing was a little scary looking. >> most of the fish aren't pretty, aren't they? >> i'm still tripping on snoop's comments. >> five bucks will get you his season tickets for the l.a. lakers rest of the season. book it. >> we'll be right back.
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the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor in alabama with a preview. jeff? >> reporter: on tonight's cbs evening news we are in lee county, alabama, after the worst tornado outbreak in the united states in more than five years. at least 23 are dead including three children. we are going to have the very latest on the search for those still missing amid destruction that is hard to believe on tonight's cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 6:00! the cbs evening news is next. >> we will be back here on the new at 7:00. good night.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, from alabama, the search for those still missing after the worst tornado outbreak in the u.s. in more than five years kills at least 23 people, including three children. >> i kept telling her, i'm gone, i'm gone. >> total devastation across the state of alabama. >> tornadoes tearing through, killing at least 23. >> we lost children, mothers, fathers. >> when i look out here, it looks like war. >> this gives you an idea of the power and the strength of the storm. >> democrats ramping up their investigation of president trump. >> 81 people and entities with connections to the president now being asked to provide documents. >> it's a political hoax. >> actor luke perry has passed away after suffering a massive stroke. >> the "beverly hills 90210" star was 52 years old.


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