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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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breaking news, the hilltop mall in richmond on lockdown right now, chopper 5 is live over the scene, richmond police just telling us a witness says a shot was fired inside the mall. police say they have an individual at the hospital and they're trying to figure out if it was self-inflicted or if there was another person involved. we'll have more on this story as it develops. feel portrayed and i feel like that's not right. >> also now at 7:00 angry bay area students sounding the alarm over deep cuts to their schools. >> and not just for money, but they settled only for money. >> also tonight the bay area university where 13% of homeless, the message tonight to the campus president.
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>> deep discounts on a tropical get-away, but is it too late to catch the big bargain from southwest airlines? >> they truly had seats that were available for $49 each way. they didn't last for very long, but they were there. >> and the mystery behind the bay area's buried treasure, jewel hunters now zeroing in on one specific location. >> these casks are supposed to be quite easily revealed. all you need to do is follow the poem. the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts now with the students deeply disappointed tonight after a round of drastic school cuts in oakland. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. those students staged a sickout today to try to stop the district's move. kpix5's da lin was there. >> reporter: many students are upset about the cuts. they say those cuts will hurt some of the most vulnerable students in the district.
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students yelled at the school board after they voted to cut almost $22 million. the cuts will eliminate the restorative justice program, gut an asian pacific islander support program, lay off all five foster youth case managers and take money away from school libraries. >> i feel betrayed, hurt and i feel like that's not right. >> reporter: many students like jennifer martinez cried over the cuts. she's been in six foster homes in two years. >> we're going lose our support system. that's going to hurt us even more on and the system is just set up to fail them yet we're going to fail them again. i feel like i'm failing them not being able to be there for them. >> reporter: a few hundred students staged a sickout to protest the cuts. the students complained the new contract for the teachers doesn't provide student support services. >> the teachers said it was for the students and not just for money, but they settled only for money. >> they just used us without having us getting some benefits
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for ourselves. they just got benefits for them. >> reporter: the teachers union says they aren't leaving the students behind. they plan to ask state lawmakers for money to restore those programs. >> of course, this is not a sellout contract. this puts us in a positive direction. >> reporter: the union says it will take this contract but keep fighting. they say you can't fix years of mismanagement over one contract. in oakland i'm da lin, kpix5. if you're sick of all this rain, jetting off to a tropical location just got a whole lot cheaper. >> yeah. southwest is launching some new flights from the bay area to hawaii at rock bottom prices. southwest will start offering service from oakland, san jose, sacramento and san diego. kpix5's andria borba is live at mineta san jose with a fare war. >> reporter: well, how much would you pay not to be wearing a winter coat and scarf in early march right now? i know i'd pay some money, but
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at the moment that number is a lot lower. the airline's name might be southwest, but they're now headed to the tropics after more than a year of anticipation. the cut rate carrier is saying aloha to hawaii. it's leading to the southwest effect on other flights to paradise. chris mcginness is editor of the travel skills blog on sf gate. >> the cheapest fares now are about $298 round trip and not just southwest, but we've seen alaska airlines come in and aggressively match southwest. american airlines has come in with fares of about $275 round trip. >> reporter: and this morning the real deal, not just flights for 300 bucks, but much, much lower. >> we are looking at -- i mean this morning we had fares round trip of $98, believe it or not. they truly had seats that were available for $49 each way. they didn't last for very long, but they were there. >> reporter: take a look at the southwest site this
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afternoon. those tickets are long gone. >> i already got it planned. i'm excited for it. i'm about to get a real tan. >> my daughter savannah has been waiting for this, waiting months and months and months. i called her this morning to let her know and she booked within five minutes. >> reporter: southwest is now the sixth carrier to head to hawaii from california adding more competition for your money. >> it's definitely sparked a lot of discounting in the market and i think that we'll see that at least for the next year as the major carriers adjust to southwest being in the market. >> reporter: now mcginness says you can expect prices during the high season of june, july and august when we all want to go to hawaii, for those prices to kick up a little more above these bargain basement prices of 300 and lower. >> it's amazing how that works. thank you. in the north bay tonight guerneville residents knee deep
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are concerns that a lot of the waste is hazardous. a group called the clean river alliance has been searching trash bags and they say they found a lot of materials that shouldn't go to regular landfills like hazardous chemicals, toxic materials and ewaste that can leach into the soil. they need to be disposed of separately. >> gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, those are the worst because they are so polluting to the water and so damaging to wildlife. >> the organization says hazardous materials collection should be happening right now in the neighborhoods. a free hazardous waste dropoff is scheduled for saturday at the guerneville transfer station. chief meteorologist paul deanno is here right around the corner. >> the heavy rainfall stays to our south is, but more rain, i know we're getting rain fatigue
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around the bay area. it does return tomorrow. futurecast, we'll go hour by hour, the morning commute tomorrow on, the kids walk or drive to school, wet at times. that moves out. we get a break toward the middle of the day. actually most of the daylight hours will be rain free, but light to moderate rainfall does return tomorrow evening and soaking rainfall moving in tomorrow night. a wave of light rain moving through 6 to 10 a.m. tomorrow, mainly dry the middle of the day, steady rain tuesday night into early wednesday and as has been the case every time this winter, rain around here means lots of snow in the sierra. snowpack is 59% above average. we will add to that snow back over the next couple days yet another winter storm warning. over to you, ken. >> thanks, paul. san francisco mayor london breed, city leaders, hundreds of people gathering today to honor late public defender jeff adachi. family, friends, former co- workers filled san francisco's city hall rotunda this morning.
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the 59-year-old adachi died late last month after having dinner with a friend in north beach. today many people remembered him byking about his long legacy of public service. >> jeff understood that making a difference in people's lives wasn't just about fighting for them in the courtroom. he knew the work started in the community to keep kids from getting into trouble in the first place. >> jeff was about the people. he was a fierce fighter. jeff fought for the have not's. jeff fought for the people who couldn't stand up straight. >> adachi joined the public defender's office in 1987 and was first elected to the post in 2003. his cause of death has not yet been officially released by the coroner's office. he is survived by his wife and daughter. tonight california is suing the trump administration again, this time over changes made to
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the family planning rule known as title 10. the state attorney general xavier becerra made the announcement today in sacramento. the new rule is expected to strip millions of dollars in funding for agencies like planned parenthood. it restricts access to women's healthcare including birth control and prohibits taxpayer funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions. >> all women should be able to access basic health services including reproductive healthcare no matter where they live. medical care should be between a woman and her doctor, not the president or the vice president of the united states. >> jennifer seibel newsom is also heading the effort. a push on two fronts to protect bay area workers from being exploited, today in oakland a contractor accused of mistreatment went on trial in federal court.
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witnesses testified that joe torres hernandez recruited them from mexico with a false promise of citizenship. then he allegedly locked them up inside cramped living quarters, failed to pay them for their work and threatened violence if they went to authorities. the contractor could get up to 10 years in federal prison if he's convicted. meantime in san jose city leaders are vowing to crack down on business owners who abuse their employees. >> if you are a developer or a contractor stealing from your workers, exploiting those workers or short changing them, then you should be afraid. >> forced labor, human trafficking rocks workers of their will and consigns them to a life as a modern day slave. protecting these workers is our shared responsibility. >> tomorrow the city council will vote on strengthening a wage theft ordinance. up next the bay area university dealing with a homeless crisis on campus.
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>> i sleoutside. i slept at bus stops. i slept here on campus on benches. >> what students are demanding tonight and when they'll meet with the campus president. >> a new clue in the bizarre search for a mysterious buried treasure, the jewel hunters flocking to a famous bay area park. >> plus the giants making a move in response to this video, why the ceo larry baer will be taking a break from day to day business. ♪
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tonight students at san jose university demanding some action to tackle what they say is a homeless crisis. >> they want administrators to do more to help the homeless students in need. some will meet with the university's president tomorrow and give her a list of demands. they include safe parking spots in a school garage, extra beds inside dorms and one time grants of $2,500 to help students pay rent. >> these are programs that have been enacted on other csus and ucs. so we know that these demands can be met. they're reasonable. >> i slept outside. i slept at bus stops. i slept here on campus on benches. >> according to the csu chancellor's office, 13% of students at san jose state have been homeless within the past year. the school says it recently improved access to one on one
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services through a website. it also is about to open a free food pantry. a twist tonight in a treasure hunt that has gripped a dozen cities including san francisco. >> we first told you about this last spring. a 1982 book called the secret laid out clues for 12-casks buried in 12 northern american cities each containing a key to open a safe deposit box holding a jewel. now kpix5's wilson walker says someone found something here. >> reporter: well, if you are just joining us on this little adventure, this is all you need to know. these casks are supposed to be quite easily revealed. all you need to do is follow the poem. >> sounds from the sky near ace is high, running north but first to cross. >> reporter: and along with the verse there is a corresponding image that works like a coded map. i am going to skip the black hole of various details and interpretations of all this, but a lot of people have taken
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all these clues and landed in golden gate park. >> what's that? >> reporter: the park is where we watched one cask hunter dig unsuccessfully last april, but just last week someone not far from this spot actually pulled something out of the ground. >> a gentleman who flew in from france in search of this cask claimed to have discovered a cask that met the -- that he thought met the description in the book and it had the pictures and he thought he maybe had found a key. >> reporter: only this cask apparently did not hold the key. >> the family and the artist who participated in the original cask making claimed that this was a fake and not actually the real thing. >> reporter: this is a replica of the real thing provided by the family to prove the forgery. now this obviously raises a number of questions, but when it s planted, but the search has drawn a lot of attention over the last year
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from amateur and professional treasure hunters alike. so while the search is definitely heating up, fake cask was not something i saw coming. >> we didn't either. >> reporter: now i have been in contact with several people that i would describe as professional treasure hunters, the type of folks who use sophisticated ground imaging equipment. one of these people assures me that he knows exactly where the san francisco cask is buried, knows exactly where it is. these people are also under contract with a certain cable television network, so they aren't talking to me. i think someone is very close to finding this thing, but i want an amateur to find it. so if you have an idea where this thing may be buried, now is the time to hear it. give me a call and n onwakpix5. tha permit. >> got to go legal, man. got to get the permit. wilson may or may not be digging on a dry monday night
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right now. he knows the forecast. going to be a little soggy tomorrow and wednesday as well. it's monday night. we are mostly cloudy in san jose, 53 degrees. it's 55 in oakland, 52 in livermore, san francisco and santa rosa, only falling about 5 more degrees tonight. it will be a mild night because the clouds and some rain moving in around sunrise tomorrow, fairfield a low 46, san rafael, 47, 50 in san francisco. nothing on the radar now. tomorrow morning some light rain moving through, then a break and steadier rainfall from this time tomorrow night into wednesday morning. snowpack, big numbers, 55% above average, the central sierra, 59% above average and another 1 to 4 feet of snow likely to fall with this storm. it is an atmospheric river, but not all are created equal. this one has more of a tropical tap than the one that dumped 20 inches in northwest sonoma county last week. so why are we only talking about a 1/2 inch to an inch of rainfall? the moisture plume, the fire
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hose is aimed at central and southern california. we will get much less rainfall because it's not aimed toward us. tomorrow morning some light rain showers 8 a.m., a break in the afternoon. evening time the north bay begins to pick up some showers. wednesday morning rain heavy at times, windy, an isolated thunderstorm chance at 3, 4, 5 a.m. on wednesday it will pour overnight. by sunrise we're talking scattered showers, but the scattered showers persist throughout the day into the evening. we won't see clearing until thursday. so futurecast showing you heavy rainfall to the south. there's that plume of tropical moisture right around santa barbara and galena back up into the sierra around yosemite, lots of rain and mountain snowfall to our south this time. cloudy night tonight, a chance of rain light in the night, early in the day tuesday. we'll call tuesday showery with heavier rainfall moving through wednesday. highs tomorrow 50s to low 60s.
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these are still below average. we've had very few warmer than average days. actually we've had two that have been warmer than average and dry since the beginning of february. that's crazy. livermore 57 degrees, san jose 62, san francisco 57, showers in the morning, showers again in the evening, heavy rainfall tuesday night into wednesday morning. it will be showery wednesday afternoon. when we dry out, we may dry out a while from late thursday morning through early next week, no rain, but highs continue in the 50s to low 60s. we do spring forward coming up this weekend. back to you. >> paul, thank you. when injured military personnel return from combat, they often face even more battles at home against ptsd. >> a program at mammoth mountain helps disabled people hit the slopes with modified ski equipment, but now they are fully focused on veterans, helping them mend minds as well as their bodies. >> let's face it. this country is really good about recruiting, really good about training, really good
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about putting men over in the arena of war and women and they bring them back. they give them new legs and then it sort of stops. >> you can see our original report salvation on the slopes tomorrow night right here on the kpix5 news at 7:00. coming up next it's being called a monster tornado, the search tonight for survivors in the deadly path of destruction. >> plus the touching tributes pouring in tonight from friends and co-stars of the late actor luke perry. >> and rumors swirling over tesla's brand-new model, what we know so far about the size and the price. >> a navigation center for the homeless on waterfront property, tonight at 11:00 how neighbors feel about the idea of transforming a parking lot into a shelter across the street from pier 30 in san francisco.
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check out the destruction in southeast alabama tonight, neighborhoods flattened after what's being called a monster tornado. at least 23 people were killed when the twister touched down yesterday afternoon in the town of beauregard. crews are frantically searching for any possible survivors in the rubble. the tornado was part of a system that spawned twisters across georgia and florida as well. tonight the death of actor luke perry sending shock waves through hollywood. he died today after suffering a massive stroke last week. his publicist says he was surrounded by family and friends. the 52-year-old was best known for his role as a teen heartthrob on beverly hills
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90210 in the '90s. perry's co-star ian zearing posted this on instagram. dearest luke, i will forever bask in the loving memories we've shared over the last 30 years. actor charlie sheen took to twitter saying, "you made every situation better. i am truly honored to have known you all these years." tonight giants ceo larry baer is taking a leave of absence after scuffling with his wife in public. tmz released the video after it happened friday in hayes valley. he and his wife pam were in a struggle over a cell phone. she fell out of a chair and screamed. baer apologized hours later. the giants granted him a leave today allowing him to step away from his role in charge of day to day operations. something new from tesla tonight, it's a brand-new vehicle, the model y, and it will be unveiled in about 10 days. there are rumors it will be an suv or crossover. elon musk says it's about 10%
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bigger than the model 3 and will cost about 10% more. it's also expected to have less battery range than the model 3. coming up next it's been a mystery for months now, what we now know about the winner of the biggest lottery jackpot of all time.
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somebody in roli
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certy has lot of distant new relatives tonight. >> and friends. that's because today they claimed the biggest lotto jackpot in u.s. history. all we know about the winner is that they are from south carolina and they took the cash option. >> it's cousin jimmy, of course. >> that means they'll get a one time payout of more than $850 million. the mega millions jackpot they won last october was originally $1.5 billion. >> oh, man. my brother, my long lost brother! >> i haven't seen you in forever. wow. >> that ain't going to work. >> no. thank you for watching at 7:00! >> we'll be back at 11:00, more news and weather, head to have a good dinner.
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