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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 5, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11:00 watch where you park, a south
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protes in the streets of sacramento, the dozens of arrests tonight. >> and drastic cuts coming to oakland schools, why some students say teachers sold them out. >> and bargain flights to paradise from the bay area, but is it too late to cash in? good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. careful where you park your car in one south bay city tonight. police in milpitas are reporting a record number of car break-ins, 145 since the beginning of january. kpix5's maria medina has a look at the hotspots tonight. maria? >> reporter: well, these thieves are pretty brazen because the hotspots are shopping centers and despite the warning signs like this one, police say car break-ins are happening way too often. >> jumped out, smash, smash, waited for their alarm to die down. >> reporter: lewis bergeron, ii said surveillance cameras caught thieves breaking into
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his cars at the great mall in seconds. >> they smash both windows, take the bag. the first bag they took they opened it. >> reporter: he said they stole two bags, nothing inside valuable except one very special item. >> my dad's necklace. that necklace was older than me. i'm never going to get that back and it hurts to think some idiot took my stuff. >> reporter: lewis is one of the dozens of car burglary victims in milpitas since the beginning of the year. police are sounding the warning for everyone to be vigilant including business owners. in january police report 88 car break-ins. in february there were 57 totaling 145 in just the first couple months of 2019. the hotspots, milpitas square, mccarthy ranch and the great mall, all shopping centers. nearly everyone we talked to told kpix5 they either had their car broken into in milpitas. >> things stolen from my car in my driveway. >> reporter: or knew someone who had. >> the back windows re
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broken. his laptop, everything was gone repoer: after thieves broke into this woman's co- worker's car she's been worried she could be next. >> i make sure like, you know, i go through the front door. >> they're stupid. >> reporter: lewis fears the thieves threw out his father's seashell necklace once he saw it and he may never see it again. >> it doesn't have no financial value to it, but it means everything to me. >> reporter: and police have stepped up patrols in those hotspots including here at milpitas square. we've seen several officers throughout the night. we've also talked to property managers and security companies in hopes to work together op th all clear tonight, but it will be a very different story for your morning commute, chief meteorologist paul deanno keeping an ing commute. >> there are showers building offshore. some light rain will impact the
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morning commute tomorrow. the radar is dry. we'll take a peer into where we think the rain will be tomorrow morning. heavy rain stays to our south, but light rain will impact much, if not all of the bay area by 8:00 tomorrow morning. we get a break for the middle part of the day with showers returning by 7:00 tomorrow evening. winter storm warning for the sierra, snow level 6,000 feet. another 1 to 4 feet of snowfall by thursday. the light rain for the morning commute tomorrow slowing things down. we're mainly dry for the middle of the day, steady rainfall returns tomorrow night and early wednesday. we'll talk rainfall totals and an early peek at the weekend coming up. >> paul, thank you. our team is watching the weather and traffic for the morning commute. get the very latest starting at 4:30. just in the past hour or so dozens of protesters were arrested in sacramento. this comes after the d.a. cleared police officers in the shooting death of stephon clark. >> our streets! our streets! >> police responding in riot gear tonight. protesters have been marching
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through a wealthy east sacramento neighborhood prompting police to issue dispersal orders and arrest protesters in droves. police shot and killed clark last year when they mistook his phone for a weapon. >> reporter: here on 51st street over the overpass on the 50 you see multiple people out there. it's kind of dark, but you can see multiple officers trying to get information of these protesters that didn't just disassemble and go home. they had about 8 blocks and 30 minutes to do so after being ordered for several minutes, 30 minutes to disassemble and here they are on the overpass as it's getting chilly overnight trying to get everyone's information. this all started around 6:30 near the trader joe's. it actually shut down folsom boulevard and we marched all the way down to mercy hospital up and down the streets. these people wanted particularly to do this because they say it's an affluent neighborhood and they wanted their voices heard in this neighborhood where they say
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these kind of crimes where stephon clark would not have been killed in their eyes in this neighborhood. now fast forward 2 1/2 hours later after being told not to disassemble, they become pushed down this area. hundreds of officers were called in. deputies, officers and even chp came in tonight to detain many of these people and again it's going to be a long night for officers who are trying to get these people off the overpass and figure out what they're going to do with them. >> organizers descended onto east sacramento to bring the issue directly to some of the city's most powerful residents. hilltop mall in richmond was locked down for about an hour tonight after reports of a shooting inside the shopping center. police say a group of men were arguing outside the shoe palace before a gunshot is was heard. one person took himself to the hospital. the oakland teachers strike is over, but at what cost? tonight the school district has
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approved drastic budget cuts and some students tell kpix5's christin ayers teachers sold them out with their new contract. >> reporter: for oakland students and teachers, the past 24 hours have been a roller coaster. yesterday there were celebrations as the teacher strike ended with a pay increase for teachers. today new protests over tens of millions of dollars in budget cuts. claremont middle schoolteacher janelle foraleza told us she watched the school board meeting online with her history students in class today. >> honestly it was disgusting. it was disheartening. >> reporter: a 4-3 vote to cut more than $20 million from the ousc budgets despite the protests of students. they staged a sickout today and stormed the meeting, their mouths bound. they accused the board of silencing students and teachers of selling them out for a contract that gave them a raise. >> after we stood in solidarity with our hard working teachers
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you turned your backs on us. do not say you care about your students after you used us for your raise. >> i understand why they feel betrayed. i just hope they don't think it's the teachers that betrayed them. >> reporter: the board's vote will slash funding for libraries, restorative justice programs and support services for foster youth among other things, cuts the board says balances their budget and completes the deal with the teachers union to end the strike. >> i hated that the school board is using our salary increase as an excuse to cut these programs because those are the kids that we care about the most and those are the kids that we're always looking out for in our classrooms. >> reporter: the president of the teachers union also made it clear today the union is against these cuts and will be going to sacramento to fight to get the state to fund the programs that the board voted to cut today. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. meantime on the peninsula a two-day strike is looming by about 900 san mateo county employees. they work at the health
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department, human services and the sheriff's and d.a.'s offices. the walkout is set for tomorrow and wednesday unless the contract dispute is settled overnight. tonight if san francisco mayor london breed gets her way a stretch of the embarcadero could be a new homeless center. here's how some people living in the area are reacting to the news. >> reporter: this parking lot on the embarcadero that sits within walking distance of luxury condos and just south is of the bay bridge could be home to hundreds of homeless people under the mayor's new plan. the proposed waterfront site currently owned by the port of san francisco would feature a 200 bed navigation center or d ovidhealth er similar to housing services, around the clock stays and w ners. if the port commission green
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lights mayor london breed's plan, she would have it open by the summer and expected to operate for four years. >> we have a huge homelessness problem in this part of our city, people who are living on the streets and allies and doorways. this will actually be a solution. >> reporter: district 6 supervisor matt hanie says half of the city's homeless people are in his district. >> parking lots are important, but places for people to live when they're inside, in shelter i think are that much more important, particularly on city- owned land. we have a lot of city-owned parking lots. i think this is a piece of land that can be used to address our most urgent problem as a city. >> reporter: this navigation center would be the largest location in the city. >> i would be okay with it. i think it's great to help anybody we can. so i'm all right with it if that's the best solution for the city. >> i think it's amazing, but i would prefer it to be maybe somewhere where there's less -- it's not as populated, you know.
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it's always busy right around here. >> i actually think we need to go a little bit more extreme with housing out here. i make a six figure salary and live paycheck to paycheck and by extreme i mean compassionate. we need to take care of these people. am. >> reporter: the port commission will hold a hearing on the use of this lot next tuesday, march 12th. the community will also have a chance to share its input at that time. the commission will take action on this next month. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> and the mayor had this to say about it. "the waterfront has a number of challenges around homelessness and by bringing this safe navigation center to the area, we can work to address these challenges and get our unsheltered residents on a path to housing and stability." and then there's this tonight, san francisco's outrageously high rent hit a whole new level. almost $3,700 a month for a one
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bedroom apartment according to zumper, a home and apartment rental app. a san francisco median is 30% higher than new york city and more than double the prices in miami. san francisco has the highest rent in the country and that's before several big tech companies are set to go public later this year. stay aloha to some crazy good deals in the air. >> reporter: if you're looking for two tickets to paradise, the price just got a lot lower, the fare war hitting hawaii next. >> hollywood heartthrob luke perry dies from a stroke, the tributes and the warnings from medical experts tonight. >> and a family driving along when all of a sudden an for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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dirt cheap fares to hawaii from the bay area sent people into a frenzy to up the tickets today. some tickets were less than 50 bucks. these new flights have been in the works for months. southwest will begin flying to hawaii from oakland, san jose, sacramento and san diego. kpix5's andria borba reports the new fares are putting the heat on competitors. >> reporter: how much would you pay to lose the winter jacket and scarf in early march? well, the price of paradise just got a lot lower. the airline's name might be southwest, but they're now headed to the tropics. after more of a year of antition the cut carrier saying aloha to hawaii. it's leading to the southwest effect on other flights to paradise. chris mcginness is editor of
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on sf gate. >> the cheapest fares are about $298 round trip and not just southwest, but we've seen alaska airlines coming in and aggressively match southwest. american airlines has come in with fares of about $275 round trip. >> reporter: and this morning the real deal, not just flights for 300 bucks, but much, much lower. >> we are looking at -- i mean this morning we had fares round trip of $98, believe it or not. they truly had seats that were available for $49 each way. they didn't last for very long, but they were there. >> reporter: look at the southwest site this afternoon. those tickets are long gone. >> i'm excited. i'm about to get a little tan. >> my daughter savannah has been waiting for this, waiting months and months and months. i called her this morning to let her know and she booked within five minutes. >> reporter: southwest is now the sixth carrier to head to hawaii from lifornia adding
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's definitea fourne market and i think that we're going to see that at least for the next year as the major carriers adjust to southwest being in the market. >> reporter: mcginness says you can expect the prices during the high season of june, july and august when we all like to go to hawaii to kick up a little bit from that $300 bottom. at mineta san jose i'm andria borba, kpix5. tonight facebook refusing to let users opt out of one controversial feature. it allows people to look up other users by entering their phone number or e-mail address. have a two-step authentication process. the tech giant said the settings are not new. they say users can choose who they share info with under privacy settings, but they cannot opt out entirely. tonight fans and co-stars are remembering actor luke
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perry. he died today at 52 after suffering a massive stroke last week. reporter jeff nguyen has the tributes and warnings from a medical expert. >> reporter: for most of us luke perry became a household name as dylan mckay on the teen drama beverly hills 90210, but nearly 30 years after his breakout role he extended his fan base on riverdale. at the premier of captain marvel the creator of the dead pool comic said perry's work was enjoyed by him and e ki. >> it's amazing how many generations he cuts. >> reporter: perry died at providence st. joseph medical center after suffering a massive stroke which is when blood flow to the brain stops. he was only 52. dr. may tenser is the director of neurological care at tech
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medical center usc and a fellow of the american heart association. >> we've been seeing more stroke patients in the younger population like in their 50s. >> reporter: the doctor says the symptoms of a stroke are drooping of the face, weakness in the arm and difficulty of speaking. >> calling 911 as soon as you can, that's the best thing you can do. >> reporter: it's critical to get the patient into the emergency room as quickly as possible for treatment. experts say younger and middle- age. patients can suffer more intense pressure from swelling following a stroke because the brain shrinks as we age, so younger adults have less space available to alleviate pressure from a stroke. perry's co-star ian zearing tweeted dearest luke, i will forever bask in the loving memories we've shared the last 30 years while another said luke was a tremendous force in
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the lives of so ny >> riverdale airs on our sister station kbcw. tonight the show's executive producers call luke perry a father figure and mentor to the show's young cast. a colorado family is sharing their story after surviving a massive avalanche that buried a highway and their car. the family spent their sunday on the slopes and when they were driving home, they saw this terrifying sight, a massive avalanche headed right towards them giving them no time to escape or slam on the brakes. >> there was like shawn, shawn avalanche. it was scary because you can't see anything outside and you don't know what's happening. >> how many people survive an avalanche and be able to talk about it? >> the family couldn't see anything. they were trapped for hours. eventually they were able to open the sun roof argging were able to crawl out safely. despite the experience their
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keom hitting the isn't going to slopes. when injured military personnel return from combat, they often face even more battles at home against ptsd. >> a program at mammoth mountain helped disabled people hit the slopes with modified skiing equipment, but now they are fully focused on veterans helping them mend minds as well as body. >> let's face it. this country is really good about recruiting, training, putting men in the arena of war and women and they bring them back. they give them new legs and then it sort of stops. and that's where we step up to the plate. >> you can key our original report, salvation on the slopes, tomorrow night on the kpix5 news at 7:00. another storm moving in, rain returning as early as tomorrow morning, then a break, heavy rainfall moving in
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tomorrow night. the temperatures outside, upper 40s and low 50s because it's cloudy. we haven't fallen much in the past six or seven hours. we will stay right around 50 degrees, livermore 50, napa 49. remember back in november after 16 straight days of smoky skies we were begging for rainfall. in those 104 days since it has rained 50 times, 50 of the past 104 days have been soggy. that is 12 days above average. snowpack, 55% above average including the central sierra and 159% of normal, more snow for the sierra, more rain, thankfully not flooding rainfall. the flooding potential is to our south where the atmospheric river will be. we will get a glancing blow, but that's enough for a 1/2 inch to an inch of rainfall by thursday morning. light rain tomorrow morning, a break for most of the daylight hours, showers the north bay tomorrow evening. tomorrow night, early wednesday morning steady soaking rainfall, slight risk of it pou
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overnight and we had showers throughout the day. wednesday evening it clears out and thursday the sunshine comes back and the potential for five, six, seven straight dry days. went for the morning commute tomorrow as light rain moves through, steady rain arriving tomorrow night, breezy and windy early wednesday morning with the thunderstorm risk. highs tomorrow right around 60 degrees, 59 degrees in livermore, san jose 62, san francisco 57, light rain tomorrow morning, dry much of the day, heavier rainfall tomorrow night. thursday morning the rain moves out. we're dry thursday afternoon through the weekend into early next week. wake up with our team, the latest on weather and traffic 4:30 a.m. a little soggy tomorrow morning slowing things down a bit. >> thank you, paul. two sisters survive a weekend lost in the northern
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well, what started out as a curious search for adventure turned into a massive search for two very young girls. >> 8-year-old leia and 5-year- old caroline are used to playing in the woods, but on friday they wandered away from home and got lost. fortunately the girls have
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wilderness training and tried to build a fire, but when that failed, they took shelter under a fallen branch. >> we turned it sideways so each of us had armholes that we stuck our arms into. when we woke up, we stayed in the same place so dad could find us and there was a creek nearby and we said nursery rhymes. >> smart girls. on saturday they stayed put drinking water from nearby huckleberry leaves. by then the search had doubled in size. the girls were finally found on sunday. don't be surprised if oracle brings back vega bite sandwiches. we'll tell you
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looks like it's back to the future for the warriors. they're bringing back andrew bogut to team up with demarcus cousins. bogut helped the dubs win the championship back in 2015. he's been playing in his native australia where he's named the league mvp, 34 years old, healthy. he could take over a week to get here because of visa issues. let's just say kevin durant probably won't be picking him up at the airport. >> whoever works for us. i mean i saw bob and coach in front office to figure out and we trust whoever they bring in. as long as he do his job. another ex-warrior coming up big, harrison barnes playing for the kings in a battle for the eighth seed in the western conference. darren fox had the jug of the night against the knicks. kings beat the knicks 115-108. sacramento remains three games out in the eighth and final
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playoff spot, likely a date with the warriors in the first round if they get there. the lakers got beat by the clippers tonight and now are 5 1/2 games out of that eighth seed. giants and dodgers, cactus league, justin marjohn striking out four in three innings and got help from parra. giants win 8-2. samardzija hasn't allowed a run in five total innings this spring. the sharks lasted 10 games last year, lost his bite after suffering a shoulder injury. he signed a $90 million contract a few years ago, thinks this roster is good as it is. >> we got a lot of big fish. so it's not always necessarily the best thing to add, add more. you know, we just need to live up to what our potential is and do what we can do and have the guys that show up and do their
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thing every year do that again. trump did it again today. at the white house he served the south dakota football team fast food. did the same thing when clemson visited during the government shutdown. south dakota was there to celebrate the fcs football championship. if i'm going to the white house, i don't want to -- >> kind of want to have something special from the white house staff. >> exactly. i'm not into the big mac or in- n-out. >> there's nothing wrong with that. it's fine, but you don't want it at the ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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