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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 5, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PST

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is scrapped. what that means for your data privacy. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. we start off the day with wet weather again. we had the storms in a mudslides last week said this is a sigh of relief for some people because this one will not be as strong. >> it is for central and southern california. they don't want it, either but at least it will not be in the bay area. we are tracking the rain on high def doppler this morning. that will continue to moves in. we are looking at off and on rain on tuesday and even more on wednesday. it is spreading in across the bay area with light rain across
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the area. it is raining for you right now across the golden gate into san francisco, daly city, across the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city and pushing across the bay bridge into east bay, berkeley, oakland, alameda, hayward, you are getting the wet start to the day, even through the south bay from sunnyvale and campbell. we have a few showers right over san jose, as well. here is a live look at san jose. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s as we start off your tuesday. we have widespread light rain continuing to move in this morning, turning to scattered showers this afternoon and this evening. we have a second wave coming in, this will be the stronger one, was with heavy rain on wednesday. we will time it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour on what you can expect the next couple of days coming up. let's check in with gianna franco and traffic. >> we are starting to see a few more cars near the bay bridge toll plaza. a couple cars are stacked up but metering lights are still off. it is not a bad ride working your way from emeryville, oakland into san francisco. drive times are about 10 minutes
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all the way into the city. the e short freeway commuter direction, here is carlson boulevard. it looks pretty good so far. no delays on the west bound side but we do have reports of an action with the number three lane blocked at just before redwood street working your way out of lakewood this morning. if you travel eastbound lady 80, watch out for that. 42 minutes to go westbound 580 from 205 to 680. things are improving. it looks like all that roadwork construction is out of lanes. we have a crash in the clearing stages, couple of big rigs got tangled up at the bottom of the altamont pass. after you get past that, it opens up nicely working your way toward the dublin
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interchange. a broken down vehicle reported e of 280 right at 85. it is on the connector road. that is a visual distraction. look out for a crash north 680 at capital avenue. dozens of people were arrested, including clergy members and a reporter after protests erupted over the shooting death of stephane clark. >> this is after the district attorney declined to file charges against the sacramento officers who killed ulfert's center stephon clark last year. >> it started out pretty peacefully. after a man showed up with the make america great again hats and stirred the pot, the protesters were ordered to disperse. many did not and that is when the trouble began. >> reporter: about 100 people were marching peacefully for n ina maga hat. officers tried to defuse the situation started keying at least five cars in the neighborhood. that another vandalism caused
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police to order protesters to disperse. about one third of the group broke up but the rest moved to a highway 50 overpass and were ultimately surrounded by police. about 100 riot police arrested 84 protesters. >> we did not do anything wrong. we were peacefully protesting. we were done protesting. they jammed them up over here now you have a riot squad, as if we broke windows in the community, as if we disrupted and destroyed property. when you arrest people like this, there have been many protests before stephon clark and after stephon clark that has not ended up with thirtysomething people being arrested. >> a journalist was also arrested and later re pushed to
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the ground by a police baton and his camera was damage. some protesters were released earlier this morning. others could face citations, charges and more jail time. there are more protests to come. black lives matter sacramento is calling for an occupation of the sacramento police department this afternoon. there is also the possibility they will protest at tonight's city council meeting. emotions are running very high here and there is a lot of possibility of future protests. i am end of it at the live news desk. we have video of kim jong nam arriving home in north korea from the big summit in vietnam where he met with president trump to throngs of cheering crowds. this was likely carefully organized by his administration, orchestrated, very ceremonious homecoming. he was traveling by train, that is why it took them so long to
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get home. right now, the word out of washington it's the plan is to send a delegation to north korea to continue those talks of denuclearization. north korean media is painting the picture of a very successful summit, despite the fact it ended with no agreement. capital hill warehouse democrats are stepping up investigations into president trump this morning. the president says he is not worried about the sweeping new probe. >> i cooperate all the time with everybody. you know the beautiful thing? no collusion, it is all a hoax. >> the house judiciary committee sent document requests to 81 individuals and institutions, including the president's sons and executives from the trump organization. the committee wants anything related to, among other things, russian loans and investments, presents from foreign governments and the firing of f.b.i. director james comey and hush money payments to two or more women. white house press secretary
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sarah sanders called it a fishing expedition and said democrats are terrified their two-year false narrative of russian collusion is called lumbering. >> if there is no collusion, they have nothing to worry about. >> representative jamie raskin points out the special counsel's investigation has already led to charges against him trump associates. three other house democratic chairman said letters to the white house and state department asking for documents conversations with russian president vladimir putin. attorney general william barr will not recuse himself from the russian probe led by special counsel robert mueller. ethics officials advised him of the decision. robert mueller is looking into if there were any coordination attempts between the trump campaign and russia. a program used to track phone calls and collect data is shut down according to the new
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york times. the program was put in place after the 9/11 terror attacks. sources say the national security agency has not used the program in months. national security advisors say the trump administration might not seek to renew the program's legal authority. city leaders in san jose today are trying to strengthen its wage protection ordinance to protect workers from exploitation. let's go over to kpix 5's jackie ward in san jose on the details. >> reporter: this is all up an effort to prevent employees from being exploited as a contractor is expected back in
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co. federal court this morning. to give you a bit of background, back in code 2017, federal agents raided a compound in hayward, where they found people crammed into a tiny space with no running water. several of them were undocumented workers that were starting projects like the silver towers in san jose and the renovation of the union square court marriott in san francisco. the owner is back in court, accused of cheating immigrant workers and holding them against their will. this is why later today the city council in san jose will vote to toughen up its wage set ordinance to protect workers and close loopholes. >> if you are a developer or contractor stealing from your workers, exploiting those workers or shortchanging them, you should be afraid. >> reporter: meanwhile, hernandez should face a federal judge at 7:30 am in oakland this morning. he could face up to 10 years in federal prison. in san jose, jackie ward, 880 today hundreds of san mateo workers will go on strike. they are protesting their contract with the county.
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some facilities could be impacted but they are hoping to keep essential services open. they are expected to hit picket lines today and tomorrow. students and teachers in oakland are protesting again two days after the teachers strike and did. this time it is over budget cuts. the ousd school board voted 4 to 3 to cut $22 million from the budget. it cut funding for libraries, restorative justice programs and supportive services for foster youth. students stormed the meeting last night with their mouths bound. they are accusing the board of silencing them and selling them out for a contract that gives them a raise. >> we think the school board is using our salary increase as the excuse to cut these programs because those of the kids we care about the most. those of the kids we are looking out for in our classrooms. >> the president of the teachers union said the union will take the fight to sacramento to get them to fund the programs the board voted to cut. happening today, a florida
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school board is set to decide whether to fire its superintendent over the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. the broward county school board is voting to dismiss the superintendent. the measure is being pushed by a member who was elected to the board last year after her daughter and 16 others were killed at the school. straight ahead this morning, southwest offers flights from the bay area to hawaii at rock bottom prices. this morning, we see the first signs of an airfare war. good tuesday morning for you. as you are heading out the door, grabbed the rain jacket in the umbrella. you will need it. i will show you high def doppler and we will time out the rain and wind today. traffic is starting to stack up at the bay bridge plaza. drive times are improving at the altamont pass. that is coming up.
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welcome back. we have new video out of los angeles. a suspect, accused of stealing a car, led police on a dangerous chase through the san fernando valley. the suspect struck two innocent people. >> no, no, no, no, no. here he goes against traffic. oh, my goodness. >> that was the scene last night. drivers minding their own
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business suddenly found themselves in the middle of this chase. the driver continued to swerve in and out of traffic, even coming close to kids at one point. the suspect was corralled by a black pickup truck, which slowed down the chase. the driver of the truck was also arrested. no word if anyone was seriously hurt. the truck driver was released from custody about an hour later. here is a live look at bay area airports, where cheap tickets to hawaii sent people in a frenzy. some tickets were less than $50. the new flights have been in the works for months. southwest airlines is behind the deal. they announce flights from several airport in california to hawaii. >> the cheapest fares are about $298 round-trip. that is not just on southwest. we have seen alaska airlines come in and aggressively match southwest. american airlines have come in at about $275 round-trip.
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>> round-trip tickets to hawaii were only $98 yesterday, $49 each way. by the afternoon, those tickets were long gone. >> i am excited for it. >> my daughter, savannah, has been waiting for this months and months and months. i called her this morning to let her know. she booked within five minutes. >> savannah will be so happy. southwest is the sixth carrier to head to hawaii from california. >> aloha, hawaii and all that traffic. >> i think we will have it here at some point. let's look at the roadways. this is a live look at the bay bridge. traffic is starting to stack up.
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the metering lights are not on, but we are getting reports of an accident west of here. that is just past the toll plaza. that will slow you down this morning. this is the incline. we have flashing lights off to the side. maybe that is causing a bit of a backup. a lot of folks are making that trek out of oakland heading into san francisco. one a lane is blocked eastbound 80 at redwood street. it is the non-commute direction. the bad news is, we have significant delays here, despite it being in the opposite direction of most of the cars traveling. westbound 80 should be good to go with no major snags out of alejo into richmond and berkeley. across 37, all lanes are open. traffic is pretty light. so far, so good from vallejo. south 101 is also up to a good start. we have troubles that westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. we had some early-morning roadwork that has been cleared but an accident at the bottom of the pass is still in effect
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to the right shoulder. a couple of big rigs are involved so we have spectators slowing. we have a trouble spot right around greenville but that is not causing any problems. 38 minutes from 205 to 680. the bulk of those delays look like they are coming out of tracy. the san mateo bridge looks good, that is one of the bright spots this morning. out of hayward into foster city, no delays there. traveling along northbound 101 38 minutes from san jose to sfo. we will have wet weather this morning. the rain is back. a lot of people are saying, please, no more rain. if you want to see dry your weather, you will like the 7- day forecast, at least at the end of the week. high def doppler shows you the rain pushing across the bay area. it is really moving in and spreading in across the region. for the north bay, you can say healdsburg is seeing heavy to moderate rainfall through santa rosa as yountville and inverness according to the sensors, daly city has moderate rainfall across san francisco,
5:19 am
the bay bridge and the east bay. berkeley, alameda, oakland, you all have wet weather to start off the day. this is san leandro, it is about to move into fremont for the tri-valley, as well as livermore, it will push in for you. we have moderate to heavy rainfall down through san mateo, the highlands and pushing into the south bay. sunnyvale, right over san jose we have light rain as well as campbell this morning. here is a live look of cloudy skies and light rain pushing across berkeley. temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low 50s. we are looking at light rain this morning for the entire bay area. scattered showers this afternoon and this evening with y shing in tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, unfortunately, it looks even worse with heavy rain and strong winds for your morning
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commute tomorrow. since november 21, remember this ? we had all of that smoke and we were wishing for rain? we got it and a lot of it. it has rained 50 of the past 104 days. the normal rainfall amount is 38 days. we had a lot of rain over the last several months here. we are looking at more rain going through the next couple of days. we finally catch a long break. i will see that in the seven day. here is satellite and radar. the low pressure system, thankfully the atmospheric river stays to our south. futurecast, as we go through
5:21 am
the morning, this is 9 am, widespread, light rain. that we have a break in the afternoon for some of us. this is 4 pm. you can see the rain for the north bay, parts of the san francisco peninsula with scattered showers for this evening and heavy rain tomorrow morning. this is 5 am and we turn to scattered showers for wednesday afternoon. the sierra snow, 155% of average. we have seen so much snow over our winter season here and we have a winter storm warning in effect above 6000 feet for snowfall 1 to 4 feet. upper 50s to low 60s for the south bay, 62 in santa clara and san jose, 59 in morgan hill. pleasant hill 58 and san ramon, dublin, 59 four livermore. berkeley will see 57, 57 in richmond. upper 40s to low 50s for clear lake. off and on rain today, turning windy and rainy tomorrow morning with an isolated thunderstorms. a few showers thursday morning in then we dry out. friday through the weekend looks dry with more sunshine on
5:22 am
sunday. this morning, a cure for a case of hiv coming up. it is only the second time it is ever been achieved. what it means for future treatment plans. let's head outside and take a live look at the golden great golden gate bridge.
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new this morning, a patient in london may be the second person to ever be cured of hiv. the journal of nature reports the unidentified man, known as a london patient, was treated with stem cell transplants from donors who carry a rare genetic disorder that made them resistant to hiv. he has been in remission 18 months. a decade ago, a man that lives in san francisco received similar treatment and was considered cured of hiv. the alzheimer's association says only about half of seniors are being evaluated for memory and thinking issues. the study finds both doctors and patience patients wait for the other to bring it up. some forms of cognitive impairment are treatable, including petr to sleep apnea or a vitamin deficiency. a little extra body weight
5:26 am
stroke. lp you survive a the study of more than 1000 stroke patients showed those who are overweight or obese are less likely to die. the academy of neurology says overweight people may have a nutritional reserve to sustain them. >> the stanford blood center needs your help collecting typo negative blood donations. yesterday, the center said local hospitals were running on a less than two days supply of blood because of the winter cold and flu season. even if you do not have type o negative, they are still asking you to donate your blood. a peaceful protest ends with more than 80 people in police custody. i have that story coming up. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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why the riot squad was called in. a south bay community reporting a staggering spike in car break-ins this morning. it is tuesday, march 5. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 5:30 am. we are seeing showers across the bay area. the good thing is we are dodging the brunt of this storm it is a wet start to the day. first for the north bay, almost all of the north bay is getting the rain. it is pouring in healdsburg with moderate to heavy rainfall pushing across santa rosa, yountville, down through sausalito into san francisco and moderate rainfall pushing across san francisco, across the bay bridge into the east bay. berkeley, san leandro, haywood,
5:31 am
the tri-valley, pleasanton, about to push into livermore. we have moderate to heavy rainfall from south san francisco and san mateo. we have a few light showers for san jose. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s this morning. here is what you can expect. live doppler radar shows we have heavier rain tomorrow morning for the morning commute tomorrow. we have breezy to windy conditions with the chance of an isolated thunderstorms. we will time it out for you on futurecast for the rest of today into tomorrow tracking the rain and wind. let's check in with gianna
5:32 am
franco and the traffic. >> we have slick roadways, be careful. looking at the bay bridge right now, we have a minor accident reported just past the toll plaza. that is causing a backup early this morning. they have triggered the metering lights. cars are stacking up be on the 880 overpass. it is a slow ride out of the east bay into san francisco. it is slow across the upper deck. we have brake lights working your way towards the tower. that crash reported not too far from the incline just past the toll plaza, that will slow you down just a bit. speeds are down to about 23 miles per hour. drive times are not horrible. 60 minutes through the maze going through san francisco at harrison street. looking at traffic to the altamont pass westbound, 51 minutes is your drive time. it is a busy ride. that crash is cleared at of lanes. it was reported at the bottom of the pass. you will see some pretty significant drive times. it is a slow ride out of tracy this morning. 45 minutes, 205 to 680. the eastshore freeway is not doing bad.
5:33 am
looking at the south bay, so far, so good. northbound 101 not too bad. we had a snag earlier and that has been cleared. protests over the shooting death of stephon clark led to a dramatic confrontation in east sacramento and dozens of arrests. >> this is after the district attorney declined to file charges against the sacramento attorneys who shot and killed stephon clark last year. >> police say they mistook his phone for a gun. >> it all began rather peacefully. after a man showed up in a make america great again had, he stirred the pot and upset the protesters and the protesters were ordered to disperse. many did not and that is when the trouble really began. about 100 people were marching peacefully until about 2 1/2 hours in. that is when the confrontation
5:34 am
began with the man in the maga hat. riot police moved in with their batons out to diffuse the situation. protester started keying at least five cars, according to police . that and other vandalism caused the police to move protesters back and order them to disperse, threatening pepper spray and stun gun, along with arrests if they did in. one third of the group broke up but the rest of the moved to an overpass and were ultimately surrounded by police. about 100 riot police arrested 84 protesters. >> because these folks are not impacted by the stuff we are impacted by, by the terrorism in our neighborhoods, by the police in our streets, by the helicopters over us, they are going to get a taste of it
5:35 am
right now. they will be uncomat il right. a journalist for the sacramento bee was also arrested, as well as members of the clergy. they were later released. a photographer from the sacramento bee was pushed down on the ground by police and his camera was damaged. someone released early this morning and others could face citations and chargers, including more jail time. this is not the end of it. there are more protests that took him. black lives matter sacramento is calling for occupation of the sacramento police department today. there is the possibility they will protest at tonight's city council meeting. a small south bay community is experiencing a big city crime trend. police say they are experiencing a record number of break-ins. in january, they reported 88. in february, 57, totaling 100 occupation of the sacramento police department today. there is the possibility they will protest at tonight's city council meeting. a small south bay community is experiencing a big city crime trend. police say they are experiencing a record number of break-ins. in january, they reported 88. in february, 57, totaling 145 in the first few months. the hotspots are ulfert's center, the great mall and two other locations. one man said surveillance cameras caught thieves breaking
5:36 am
into his car at the great mall and stealing something irreplaceable. >> my dad's necklace. i will never get that back. it hurts to think some idiot took my stuff. it doesn't have no financial value to it but it means everything to me. >> police say they have stepped up patrols in those hotspots, as well as talked to security companies and other businesses to stop the crime trend. mayor london breed could get her way and there could be a new navigation center by the summer. the proposed waterfront site along the embarcadero is owned by the port of san francisco. it would feature a 200 bed navigation center or a short- term shelter. it would provide health and housing services around-the- clock stays and allow pets and partners. with the port commissioner green lights the project, the mayor would have it open by this summer and expect it to operate four years. >> i would be okay with it.
5:37 am
i think it is great to help anybody weekend. i am all right with it, if that is the best solution for the city. >> i think it is amazing, but i would prefer it to be maybe somewhere where there is less population. it is always busy right around here. >> the port commission will hold an increase informational hearing next tuesday. the community will have the chance to share its input. the commission will consider approving this next month. the search for victims continues today in alabama. an ef4 tornado ripped through the region on sunday, killing at least 23 people and injuring dozens more. rescue crews, using dogs and
5:38 am
heat detecting drones, paused their work overnight but are planning to head back out in a few hours. the twister was at least a mile wide. it is the worst tornado to hit the u. s. in nearly 6 years. more than 80 million people are under winter weather advisories across the u. s. blizzards or slamming the northeast, hitting boston especially hard with more than a foot of snow. with just two weeks left of winter, temperatures continue to plummet in new jersey. mike james wrist his life by jumping into a frigid river to save a woman whose vehicle went over guardrail. >> she wasn't lying. when the car went under, so did she. nobody else was jumping in. somebody had to. >> colorado also got clobbered by this winter storm. two avalanches hit the summit county area this week. police say two people have been killed by recent avalanches. this month marks homebuying season with inventory slowly increasing. many first-time buyers are ready to jump in. jill schlesinger says there are important mistakes to avoid. what to first-time homebuyers need to guard against? >> falling hard for that dream house can lead anyone to pay up. according to a nerdwallet survey, first-time homebuyers are more susceptible. 56% of them offered more than
5:39 am
above the axing asking price. maybe this idea of reaching led to the other glaring finding. 34% of first-timers felt financially insecure after their purchase. that is twice the% of buyers who had done it before. how are you going to protect yourself? be sure to run your numbers. please, don't forget to factor in 1% to 3% of the purchase price annually for upkeep and maintenance. >> what do buyers need to know about mortgages these days? >> rates are down a little bit. that is good. before you start the process,
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pull your credit report. annual credit is where you can find it. correct any mistakes you find. this is an important step in getting preapproved. by the way, preapproval is much better than prequalification with mortgages. if your report looks good, it is time to shop around. according to the survey, that is another minefield for first- timers. half a first-time buyers applied to just one lender. that cost them $430 in interest in just the first year for a fixed rate, $260,000 mortgage. shopping around is good. for more first-time homebuyer tips, including whether or not you need to put down that elusive 20%, you can go to parrot at gotuck in a ual re. tree. this morning, the search is on for its owner. here is a live look outside from our dublin camera. you can see people making their way to work this morning. we have a traffic update coming up after the break. we will be right back. ♪
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we are tracking rain for you. i will let you know how long it will stick around and we will track the wind coming up. i am end of it at the live news desk going live to new orleans, louisiana and looking live at bourbon st. it is mardi gras. it will be a big party in a few hours. it is 7:45 am so the city is still waking up. big parades are starting at 10 am. it is only in the 30s right
5:44 am
now. you can see some of the floats they have been preparing. it will only get up to 51 degrees. i have a feeling people on the parade route will find ways to warm up in the cold weather the party will go on until midnight when the new orleans police arrive on bourbon st. on horseback and call it a day. an unusual rescue for crews in santa clara county. a fire department freezer parrot stuck in a tree. now they are looking for its owner. the milpitas fire department rescued the parrot yesterday. it appears to have its wings cut. it is being cared for at fire station one on south main street. if you have any information, call the milpitas fire department. a beer in virginia is going viral as being described as magically delicious. >> it is designed to taste like lucky charms cereal. it doesn't quite have the same name. it is called saturday morning. it is made with pounds of marshmallow. the norfolk brewery said it's saturday morning beer sold out immediately with some buyers selling it online now for up to
5:45 am
$450 for four cans of beer. >> it is the nostalgia of it, i think. i think people also look to craft breweries to be fun. we are not big beer. >> as of this morning, the brewery says they are not sure if they will brew more of the lucky charm tasting beer anytime soon. he says he is grateful for all the support. look at that line. i love an eye pa, maybe even a double or triple ipa at times, but lucky charms? >> i like lucky charms and i like beer. why not? >> $450 for only four cans. that was listed, not purchased. we are looking at the roadways right now. we have rain and scattered showers. we are also dealing with slick surfaces. be careful as you get the
5:46 am
roadways this morning. don't forget the umbrella this morning. we have a new crash westbound 80 at san pablo dam road. at least five vehicles are involved in this accident. that will slow you down as you work your way along i-80. it is busy anyway coming away from highway 4 from the hercules area. speeds are about 32 hours 32 mph as you go through there. you get bogged down working your way toward the y . the approach is starting to slow down westbound. the earlier crash justearing stages. the bay bridge is backed up almost to the maze. other bay area bridges are not doing too bad. the san mateo bridge is off to a good start this morning. we are seeing a few more cars hit the roadway but it is not a bad ride working away from 880 to 101 with taillights headed westbound toward foster city. overall, it is a decent commute across the span.
5:47 am
drive times, if you are traveling for the east bay to marin county it is only an eight minute drive time. that is the slowest spot the bay bridge commute heading into san francisco. over to the south bay, northbound 101 is starting to bogged down a little bit at the 286/80 connector. they are working on a crash north 680 at capital avenue. it doesn't look like it is affecting the main lanes of 680. we have a report of an accident at blossom bill. crews are on the scene. injuries are reported. at least one lane is blocked. you will see slight delays. we are dealing with wet weather this morning. the rain is back across the bay area. if you're rushing to work and school, don't forget your rain jacket and umbrella. here is a live look outside
5:48 am
with our amazing photographer, chris, who was out there. we are looking at rain. here is high def doppler. you can see most of the bay area getting the wet start to the day. across the north bay, all of the north bay is wet from windsor, healdsburg light to moderate rainfall down through santa rosa, petaluma, yountville and napa across the golden gate, sausalito into san francisco, down into daly city, across the bay bridge into the east bay, berkeley, oakland, san leandro, alameda. we have moderate to heavy rainfall from parts of the peninsula, the highlands, montero and pacifica along the coast. you can see the wet weather from saintly andrew san leandro
5:49 am
pushing into sunnyvale and cupertino. we even have a few showers pushing across san jose this morning. here is the golden gate bridge camera with the raindrops and wet roadways on the live camera. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s this morning. we will see off and on rain with the system. we will have scattered showers this afternoon. the heavier rain will arrive tomorrow morning. it will be a wet and windy morning commute tomorrow. the satellite and radar view because of this low pressure system we are tracking, the atmospheric river will stay to our south. central and southern california will see that heavy torrential soaking rainfall for central and southern california, but not for us. at 9 am you can see the widespread light rain. this afternoon some of us will get the break, especially from the golden gate south. the north bay, you will see the rain in the afternoon, turning to scattered showers for all of
5:50 am
us this evening. there we are with the heavy rain tomorrow morning. this is stopping the clock at 5 am, turning to scattered showers wednesday afternoon. rainfall amounts, the santa cruz mountains closer to the atmospheric river will see 2 to 3 inches of rain, 1 inch for the south bay, 1 to 3 inches for the north bay mountains. the winds will pick up, especially by tonight. this is stopping the clock with futurecast. this is about 6 pm. tomorrow morning it will still be breezy to windy before the winds will stop. sunrise at 6:35 am and sunset is 6:07 pm. 57 in san francisco, 59 in oakland and fremont, 62 in san jose and 56 in napa. here is your 7-day forecast. off and on rain today, wet and windy tomorrow, especially in the morning. we will be watching the heavy rain tomorrow morning. we could see an isolated thunderstorm and showers thursday morning. we dry out after that. we have a break on friday and right now, it is dry with more
5:51 am
sunshine for the weekend. there is a new viral trend this morning that will put your sneakers to the test. >> it is called the #bands challenge. folks through their vans in the year to see if they face up. it started after a tweet went viral of the user showing how it works in a video. social media users are following and posting their own test. they look cool. president trump signs a check for california fire victims, sort of. his signature on this hat cashes in for the people of paradise. how much it went for. we have wet road conditions for many parts of the bay area. we will be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
5:52 am
5:53 am
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
5:54 am
the rain is back and raining pretty much everywhere across the bay area. bring your umbrella. one area one of focus on, the peninsula is getting moderate to heavy rainfall. san mateo and along the coast,
5:55 am
you are seeing rain this morning. we will time out the rest of the rain and we will see heavier rainfall across the region coming up in a few minutes. looking at the roadways, i just checked the 101, so far, traffic is moving at an okay speed with no accidents. that is not the case for highway 4. you will see brake lights right around bailey. it is a 33 minute drive time from antioch to the eastshore freeway. you have stop and go conditions out of hercules. you will be tapping the brake lights when you get to westbound 880 and san pablo. relief for camp fire victims is still pouring in this morning. this time it is in the form of a paradise high school ball cap signed by president trump. it was auctioned for thmo go paradise high schoolanth ca f >> in nortrn
5:56 am
california that would bid on this object to help these high school seniors, whatever it takes to help them have their graduation here. >> the money is intended to help speed up the tree removal process on campus. the senior students will ultimately decide how to spend it. a contractor is expected back in federal court in oakland this morning. the san jose city council is co ilit all thernext. a protest in sacramento last night ends up with more than 80 people in jail, including members of the clergy and press. i will tell you wear it went wrong coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news
6:00 am
this morning. the rain has returned and is starting to pickup. mary lee will let us know what the rest of the week will be a washout. an area mall is locked down after a man is shut on the grounds. president trump is responding to the newly opened investigations into his investigation of his businesses. it is tuesday, march 5. it is fat tuesday. it is time to party. i am kenny choi. let's take a live look outside. you can see the raindrops coming down in many parts of the bay area. for those of us who love the sun, there is a bit of a change in the forecast. >> hope is coming. we are looking at drier weather i will show you that in the 7- day forecast in a few minutes. for now, the rain is back. we have like to moderate rain pushing in the area.


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