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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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altercation with his wife. his roster spot is not guaranteed so this arrest could impact his chances of making the team. he was 0 for 16 before getting his first two hits today. his batting average from the spring is .105. >> along with larry baer, the giants . >> -- can't catch a break. >> a rough week. interesting to see how they handle maybin. he is not hitting, so that could be the reason he is gone. an unusual case in monterey county, a scottish man suddenly vanishes after a nighttime swim along the coast. authorities believe it may be a hoax. the man's son reported he disappeared, the sis paulsen victim is a suspected serial.
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they think he may have faked his own death to avoid prosecution. monterey county investigators say gordon was doing court later this month in scotland for being a suspect in 24 rapes . they scour the area where he went missing they came up with nothing. >> no evidence whatsoever he went swimming and it is our belief that that did take place and he is somewhere, right now we have them has missing person/ suspicious circumstances. there is something something going on we don't have the full, complete story. investigators say gordon may have picked the beach to stage a death hoax because of its dangerous reputation, which earned it the nickname, mortuary beach. in oakland man facing three felony charges for allegedly attacking a conservative actistat uc berkeley. cell phone video shows the minute the suspect, zachary greenberg, allegedly sucker punches the victim. the confrontation began as an argument over political views.
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the alameda county d.a. 's office file the charges against greenberg, who was arrested friday. he is free on bail is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow morning. hundreds of workers in san mateo county on strike today with the county's core human services agency. strikers include licensed therapists who work with people battling addiction as well as a benefits analyst who help people apply for health coverage. they are concerned about retiree healthcare and benefits like telecommuting. >> when we see other departments in the county able to get things like telecommuting, voluntary time off so they can have a better worklife ratio balance, for some reason we can't, it makes us wonder where is the value in our lives and jobs. >> the county says it wants to give workers a fair wage that is fiscally responsible. both sides have been negotiating since last summer. a key meeting for proposed
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deal to have the raiders play at least one more season of the coliseum. the team would pay $7.5 million to play the upcoming season in oakland, as well as an option for the 2020 season if the new stadium in las vegas is not ready. what it does not include is the city walking away from it lawsuit against the team. >> we are not dropping our lawsuit against the nfl or the raiders were wrongfully abandoning the city's. tomorrow morning's meeting will go over the status but a final vote is not expected until next week. huge breakthrough for hiv. doctors announcing for the second time in history they have cured someone once infected with the deadly virus. live in san francisco to explain . >> reporter: this neighborhood was practically ground zero
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during the aids epidemic in the early 80s. the news today about a second patient being cured, is giving hope to those dealing with the disease. >> we have a strong possibility for cure. >> reporter: the california institute for regenerative medicine funds research. >> i was diagnosed march 1st, 1997. i thought we would all die. i remember i couldn't imagine a cure until timothy brown. >> reporter: brown was the first person cured 12 years ago. he had cancer and needed a stem cell transplant. 's donor had a mutation that made cells immune to hiv. after the transplant the virus couldn't enter his cells he a meeting he was hiv free. >> i know silly person cured at that point and i didn't want to be the only person. >> reporter: today scientists in seattle announced a second patient was cured in moche the
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same way the patient had cancer, the stem cell transplant from a donor with the same resistant protein mutation. now the second patient is also hiv free. the stem cell transplant isn't the answer for every patient infected with the virus but learning to re-create the hiv resistant mutation could be. >> all we have to do is use gene therapy to target the mutation and we have a clear path we can go down to bring this epidemic to an end. >> reporter: it could take between 10-20 years for scientists to develop the technology to provide a widespread cure. >> have been talking about two different cases. uerstand there could be a third? >> reporter: that's right. tomorrow, at the same conference in seattle, they will announce a third patient who had the same issues. hiv,
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cancer, stem cell transplant, also had a donor with that protein mutation, that patient is also hiv free but has only been off medication for a couple months. they don't want to say they are cured until they have been off meds for at least a year. former kpix five reporter didn't exclusively interview with the first patient cured 12 years ago. we posted that for you on our website at kpix .com. the california attorney general announcing today no charges for the officers who shot and killed stevante clark. >> . >> in this community today, certainly in the home of the clark family. >> reporter: the attorney general came to the same
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conclusion as the sacramento district attorney. the two officers who shot and killed stephon clark, will not face charges. >> an independent, separate investigation of facts and evidence in this case. we did it on our own, we did it independently, i want to stress again, and we reached our own conclusions. the most critical facts of the story occurred during the course of 22 minutes with the state department of justice's report cites five critical moments. one, helicopter video shows clark making into cars and in neighboring sliding glass door. two clark failed to follow officer commands three, the time of the shooting clark advanced significantly toward the officers four, proof that clark had something in his hand and five officers fired only one clark advanced toward them and stopped firing immediately after he fell. >> lots of evidence.
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>> reporter: he cited some of the same evidence the attorney used to make the determination. the flash of light caught on video and the officer's independent accounts that stephon clark was in a shooting stance. >> these kinds of tragedies are tough. >> reporter: despite his decision, the attorney general said things need to change. >> a mother lost her son, two young boys lost a father, two grandparents lost a grandson, in their own backyard. >> now, a live look at sacramento city hall where a council meeting is expected to begin any minute. people starting to fill up the room. it is expected to be standing room only, as you see, protesters packing in, in response to the decision. this afternoon, protesters also outside sacramento's main police station holding signs and banners, even played music on a drizzly afternoon. the
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protest also erupted in west sacramento last night, after the city's d.a. failed to bring charges against the officers. police say more than 80 protesters were arrested by the end of the night. authorities were called and after receiving reports of cars being cheated but protesters say it was a peaceful demonstration. >> and the cops essentially, strategically corralled them in, slid them to 51st, brought them to this bridge and commenced to tell them they were under arrest for failure to disperse. >> in order for us to move our community forward, it is going to take the courageous leadership of our political leaders. in the end, 84 protesters were arrested for failing to disperse. many were angry over what they said was an excessive use of force. live look outside right now, light showers this morning. heavy rain moving in. you have been saying the storm
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is not going to have a huge impact on the bay area? spent thankfully we need a break. flooding rainfall not expected. we will see flooding to our south from big sur almost to los angeles, getting a direct hit from an atmospheric river. we are on the northern fringe, which means rainfall returning to the santa cruz mountains but flooding rainfall in the bay area not expected. the heaviest rain after midnight tonight before sunrise tomorrow. overnight 3m pouring, windy, slight chance of a thunderstorm. as soon as 7:00 a.m. scattered showers, heavy rain gone but scattered showers will persist throughout the day. soaking rain four hour window from 1:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. roads wet for the morning commute with on enough showers throughout the day wednesday and this does mean more snow for those sierra. snow level 6000 feet, lake level 8 inches fresh snow, higher up including's favorite ski
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resorts 1 -4 feet of new snowfall. snowfall totals for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. stay with kpix5 to help you through tomorrow morning's wet commute. mary lee will have your up-to- the-minute forecast gianna franco will have the latest traffic. caltrans has closed a stretch of highway 101. rain creating a mudslide risk for the vulnerable areas. caltrans has closed the gates of both areas, still settling for major mudslides. the highway could be reopened as early as thursday. an investigation into three moms sent to london's major transport hub. what counterterrorism police have learned about explosive devices. a bay area high school thought it was sitting on a fortune. now, it's future is in jeopardy after donated paintings turned out to be fake. a sneaker cease-and-desist. in and out goes to court over this unofficial shoe tribute.
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. word in from tesla, another round of layoffs for the
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company. they are slashing 81 more jobs at the fremont plan. total jobs lost this month, 883 gone. these are mainly service technicians, tech support specialist, more than 1000 jobs cut in january. totaling more than 7% of the company's workforce. and, the of announce they are going to only online stores. all to fulfill elon musk's promise of bringing the model three at $35,000. officials in the u.k. investigating three packages, containing small explosives. they were discovered in three major transit hubs. we have photos of two packages, addressed to the heathrow airport and waterloo station.
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both had similar republic of ireland stamps. the one made out to heathrow was opened and caught on fire. it arrived at an office building near the airport which was evacuated as a precaution. flights were not affected. the third package found at london city airport. no one was hurt. president trump will visit alabama, friday to meet with victims of the deadliest tornado outbreak in nearly six years. the ef4 twister that ravaged the area, track 70 miles into georgia. was one of at least 18 tornadoes that touched down, killing 23 people. search and rescue crews trying to find several people still missing. >> a lot of heavy equipment coming in two areas using to pick up big portions of debriefs. authorities say the death toll could have been higher. crews alabama residents at
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least an eight minute warning. the house pushing backon house democrats' new investigation cohen them disgraceful and abusive. the house judiciary committee requesting documents from 81 individuals and entities connected to the president. the chairman says the committee is ready to fulfill its oversight responsibilities but president trump says congressional democrats are focusing on, his work, nonsense. it is a shame and people understand it. when they look at it they just say presidential harassment. >> house democrats also expanded their efforts to look in the president trump's relationship with russian president vladimir putin. lawmakers sent letters to the house as well as the state department demanding all documents and communications between the two leaders. and if you are is the city of piedmont will discuss a program to add public safety cameras throughout the city.
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the city already has trial camera at grant and oakland avenue. city leaders are seeking input from the public to keep that, there, while adding five others in different locations. piedmont has a separate group of cameras that solely focus on vehicle license plates. a total of 39 are stationed at 15 different intersections. the new public safety cameras would serve a larger shot of designated areas. in-n-out burger suing puma over its new shoes. the sportswear company selling something it calls the cali o drive to shoe. they feature a bright red and yellow lining. some also come with the palm tree shoe laces which in-n-out says is a big ripoff of its trademark. the new kicks go for $120. and out has asked puma to turn
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over any profits connected. raise your hand if you are hungry for an early dinner. looking at radar which is getting more active. heavy rainfall moving through tonight. will the wet pattern end? the answer is yes. find out when, coming up. passenger say it felt like the titanic. a powerful wind gust sends furniture and people flying across the room. the scary moments on a cruise.
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. live look from the french quarter in new orleans. looking at pictures of mardi gras. streets packed with people celebrating fat tuesday. mardi gras festivities have been going on all day in new orleans. parades complete with bands, costumes, beads and of course larger-than-life floats. mardi gras marks the final day of carnival season started
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january 6. i knew it wasn't raining summer. >> a few spots around the country. really interestingr, new orleans was just below freezing up until this week. >> our weather really weather really strange. >> relentless rain actually less than 2017 before more rainy days than 2017. i will show you a stat coming up. look at temperatures outside in the 50s. cooler than average almost every day since the beginning of february. san jose 58, concord 58. should be 65. san francisco 56. overnight lows stay in the 50s because it is going to rain again. concord 52, pacifica 53. study rain over th untains hst oakland north to valeo out to vacaville, santa rosa and napa
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as well. calling it marchuary. because it is march and feels like january. rainier than seattle typically is. microclimate forecast cloudy, rain, mainly in the morning, scattered showers throw the other day, below average sunnyvale, 61 degrees. left over showers thursday morning with a high of 57 degrees. we have an atmospheric river impacting california right now. all the severe impacts will be well south. getting a low-pressure area so not the atmospheric river but rain moving through but will be persistent. arriving now likely will not leave in its entirety until thursday morning. 3m pouring, windy as well. by lunchtime scattered showers a rain chance. wednesday evening scattered
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showers in a rain chance. thursday morning some clearing north to south but showers lasting until 8:00 thursday. rainfall totals closer to the half inch mark. higher in elevation, 2 - 3 inches for the north and one half-3 inches from the santa cruz mountains. wet and windy tonight. isolated thunderstorms not out of the realm of possibility. scattered showers wednesday and aside from a shower chance late saturday and early sunday, we are trending drier. perhaps the storm arriving now will be the last we see for a while. concord 60 degrees tomorrow, oakland 60, which overnight scattered showers throughout the day. san jose 62, santa rosa 50. rain leads thursday morning, friday, saturday dry. dry again monday and tuesday. it will be rather soggy coming up tomorrow. decades too late or potential escapees, but a
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remarkable study on tunnels buried below alcatraz.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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. >> we pretty much know what is above ground alcatraz. >> a new study finds a hidden buildings and tunnels underneath the prisoner. historians long suspected that when it was built in the early 20th century, was constructed over the civil war era military fortification. instead of digging and disturbing the land, archaeologist used radar and laser scans, along with historical maps and pictures. they found fully buried structures underground ammunition and tunnels. archaeologists arnau plenty more studies. >> hopefully that is all they find. a bay area thought it hit the jackpot when it scored with fine art worth millions of dollars. >> shocking and devastating to us and frustrating. >> turns out paintings were fakes. the mistake leaving the school
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in a financial crisis. a teenager went against his mother's wishes and got vaccinated. now, he is telling congress why he defied his parents. extreme gust of wind slams into a cruise ship. passengers speak out about the terrifying moments when everything went flying. alright, you excited?
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yeah! waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. . authorities in monterey county believe a scottish man
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may have faked his own disappearance. he went for a nighttime swim last monday. kim gordon allegedly disappeared in the waters in a beach of carmel. but now investigators say he is a serial you may have purposely vanished to escape prosecution in scotland. one student being treated in the second facing charges in connection to a stabbing on the campus of livermore high school. police were called about 3:00 p.m. the victim rushed to the hospital with non- life- threatening injuries. more trouble for the san francisco joiners, curtis maven arrested on suspicion of dui in arizona. police say his blood alcohol level was .142 almost twice the legal limit. this comes after ceo larry baer forced to take a leave of absence after a public altercation with his wife. an elite private school in the east bay


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