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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 5, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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may have faked his own disappearance. he went for a nighttime swim last monday. kim gordon allegedly disappeared in the waters in a beach of carmel. but now investigators say he is a serial you may have purposely vanished to escape prosecution in scotland. one student being treated in the second facing charges in connection to a stabbing on the campus of livermore high school. police were called about 3:00 p.m. the victim rushed to the hospital with non- life- threatening injuries. more trouble for the san francisco joiners, curtis maven arrested on suspicion of dui in arizona. police say his blood alcohol level was .142 almost twice the legal limit. this comes after ceo larry baer forced to take a leave of absence after a public altercation with his wife. an elite private school in the east bay banking on donated
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art pieces got to be very valuable. the school believed it was sitting on a small fortune. but now, a terrible surprise. >> when the pacific boychoir academy acquired rare, chinese are, they thought their financial woes were ofthe past. when it came time for auction, they had a shocking discovery. is small, private oakland school specializes in educating musically gifted boys. they won grammys and performed locally. despite the name the school struggles to make ends mean. >> about a year and a half ago we were given this incredible donation of art. four pieces valued at almost $3 million. it was sent out for additional appraisals prior to auction that is when the school learned the truth. >> discovered the value instead of $3 million was more the
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range of really nice poster you would put in your house. this is one of the art pieces, a copy thought an original. according to the appraisers it is more at home in a poster shop instead of the museum. the news was devastating. hopes and dreams vanish. the school borrowed against the art and spent nearly $400,000 hiring additional staff. improving facilities and developing additional curriculum . >> is in jeopardy? >> i feel that the outcome of this is incredibly unexpected. >> the school was always in jeopardy like any arts organization we are fundraising a significant function of our operating budget. >> the original donor had no idea the art pieces were copies either. >> students at san jose state met with officials today raising
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awareness and students are also homeless. the student homeless alliances asking university to provide safe parking spots and designated bids for students with nowhere to stay. today, organizers say the school failed to meet their needs. students a the university has rejected their request is offering a general solution. >> we are committed to house every student. they do not know 100% of the plan is or looks like. we ask that they do follow through on their commitment that they made today. however the last meeting, we were told they would be committed to five to seven parking spots, and we didn't see those parking spots. >> the university is referring students to sjs u cares. governor newsom putting new demands on the state's hundreds of charter schools. the governor signed into law a bill that requires greater
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transparency in their operations. requires schools to follow the same open meeting and public records rule as public school districts. officials from the california teachers association and charter schools association were on hand for the signing. the law takes effect january 1st of next year. a former tayron resident has pleaded guilty after being charged for killing a doe and her fawn in 2017. 54 of marcus dickinson pleaded guilty. he shot the two animals with a pellet gun after he caught them eating his landscaping. the incident sparked outrage throughout the community. he has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years probation. a high profile stage for the ohio teenager who got vaccinated to age 18, against his mother's wishes. for most of his life ethan lindenberger thought it was normal for most kids not to get
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immunized. but about two years ago, he started to do some research and decided to go his own way. today he shared his story with lawmakers on capitol hill. 18 -year-old ethan lindenberger told a senate committee about the difficulty he encountered trying to convince his mother, a focal anti-vaxxer. >> she responded that is what they want you to think. the ohio senior sat next to a panel of experts, tuesday to do a hearing on vaccines and preventable outbreaks. he gained attention last year when he got vaccinated without his parents' consent at the age of 18 spent ultimately my testimony, my story contributes to a conversation where information is important and this information is easily spread and dangerous. >> today's hearing comes a day after another large-scale study for a debunked any link between
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autism and measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. cbs news spoke with ethan and his mother in february. >> it is in a straight black- and-white answer. >> senators joked about the relationship between mother and son. >> i love to be a guest at thanksgiving dinner at your house. but he and his mother have both made it clear they love and respect each other even when they disagree. health experts are calling on feds for more money to combat what they call misinformation about vaccines on social media. they say it has contributed to recent measles outbreaks and unvaccinated pockets in the country. another dual agency losing its leader. this time the commissioner of the u.s. food and drug administration, scott gottlieb. he has been the fda semisi uluave two years. also known for his push against teen vaping and e-cigarettes. he is stepping down to spend more time with his valley.
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no word on his replacement. former new york mayor michael bloomberg not running for president. the billionaire hinted on the house run as a democrat for months. but said today he would better help the country by continuing to do the work he has already been doing. limburg has been a republican or independent for much of his political life has spent millions on democratic causes such as climate change and gun control. f.b.i. director christopher wray in san francisco earlier, highlighting the cyber security threats and tech challenges the u.s. is facing right now. he says many come from overseas . >> we are seeing a greater uptick in the threat from various foreign adversaries, iran, russia, north korea and an increasing trend toward what's we called the blended threat which is really when a foreign intelligence service and lists the help of criminal hackers. >> he made the remarks on the second day of the rsa cyber
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security conference. the conference continues to friday. president trump just signed an executive order into helping prevent suicide by the nation's veterans. according to the department of veterans affairs, about 20 veterans died by suicide on average each day. with the new executive order, a newly created task force has one year to put together a detailed plan to help build public and private partnerships to address the issue. when military personnel returning from combat they often face more battles at home against ptsd. program helps people hit the slopes with modified skiing equipment but now fully focused on veterans helping them mend mines as well as bodies. >> let's face it, this country is really good about recruiting, really good about training, really good about the arena of war and bring them back and give them new legs and it stops.
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>> you can see the original report right here on the kpix5 news at 7:00. a cruise ride more thrilling than what passengers anticipated. how a gust of wind caused chaos on board. this isn't the batmobile, but it is the most expensive new car ever. >> we all know rent in the bay area is nuts but a new study shows it is on another level entirely. not just san francisco but other local communities increasing at all-time highs. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. . another look at this really strange interview gayle king on cbs this morning to with singer- songwriter r. kelly, where he denies ever sexually abusing anybody and denies the accusations currently against him he got excited during the interview, at one time shouting and crying. >> how stupid would it be for me to with my crazy past and what i have been through, i think i need to be a monster and hold girls against their will, chained them up in my basement. quit playing. quit playing. i didn't do this stuff. this is not me.
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>> r. kelly obviously emotional gets up at one point and walks out of the interview with gayle king. he is being held on $1 million had to shell out bail for these charges pending. he says it's all been used for something he did ten years ago child pornography charges dismissed against him. you can see more of this interview tomorrow on cbs this morning gayle king's interview. new video shows the frightening moment a norwegian cruise ship is pummeled by a sudden gust of wind. moments of chaos thereyou can hear people screaming, glass shattering cared -- chairs tossed across the floor. several passengers injured. the ships and sell out of new york city. just before midnight norwegian
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escape was hit by a mack extreme gust of wind, estimated that about 115 miles per hour. >> barstools flying across the area, i could see one landed on a woman, she dislocated her shoulder. a lot of injuries. luckily nobody died but it was pretty scary. >> fortunately the ship docked earlier today at port canaveral in florida. residence in southern california bracing for another round of storms. today crews cleaning out a channel full of mud. one area of malibu where heavy downpours are posing a major flat. >> he's not seeing rain yet but storm clouds overhead and rain on the way. we picked a specific spot standing here a little over three months ago while a wall of water, mud and debris came
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roaring down through the straw and into the street. we can show you a lot of things people have been doing to be ready for the storm. the home you see there has a deep goalie doug that takes it all the way down to the street. as we follow it there are rails across the street. you see them throughout malibu. see how far the mud has come up even without a lot of heavy rain . clearly more mud on the way. as you go across the street, i want to show you the spot i was standing november 29th when i was up to about here in mud and alameda county fire came up and said this is dangerous coming up to get out. why? so much mud coming off the mountain. >> residence are directly below the burn area. maybe -- many have planted seeds to help vegetation will stop mudslide. residents are under
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mandatory evacuation orders. flash flood watch also issued. a major storm set to hit later tonight. areas along the central coast are expecting to receive up to 3 inches of rain. the san francisco board of supervisors has unanimously of approved legislation aimed at approving more property owners to beef up storefronts. it requires owners not renting storefronts to register and pay for annual inspections. supervisors say having storefronts sat empty hurts small businesses and leads to blight in neighborhoods. the final vote is expected next week. coals is trying to win customers by partnering up with gym espoo's. the plan to make ten stores smaller and lease out extra space to planet fitness. they are hoping to open the
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revamped locations this year. of things go well they will do the splits at even more stores. they are facing pressure from online rivals like amazon and discount chains like marshalls. tesla's model three driving electric cars sales. new data from the new car dealers association shows nearly 52,000 new model threes were registered in california last year. more than half the total number of electric cars registered at 92,447. even with electric and hybrid vehicles gaining ground, traditional gas powered cars continue to dominate in terms of new registration. looks like a star wars villain dream right. >> bugatti's latest creation is the most expensive car of all time. there will only be one model of this car. priced at 12 and a half million dollars before taxes.
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even if you have the cash handy, the car has already been sold. it was designed by the oldest son of the founder. >> maybe bought by kylie jenner now the youngest self-made billionaire ever. 21 -year-old jenner launcher cosmetic line in 2016 which is reportedly worth at least $900 million. forbes estimates her total wealth that $1 billion. she took the record from facebook founder mark zuckerberg, 23 when he became a billionaire. she could buy a couple of those. the team usually has 16 dogs the ended up with an extra. have a stray managed to keep up with the iditarod for nearly 30 miles.
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. a stunning site in oregon. a herd of about 700 elk crossing the road on sunday. video from the oregon department of fish and that would be the wildlife part of a job. state official the month has been morchallenging for the animals because of heavier snowfall and freezing temperatures. one dog in alaska wasn't going to pass up a chance of having fun. in the iditarod sled dog race. the dog lives at a lodge of fingerlike which happened to be one of the checkpoints. when the teams came by, it jumped in and joined pete
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kaiser and ryan redington's group. that it ran 30 miles overnight. the dog was then flown back home in a plane. iditarod race covers about 1000 miles of alaska's terrain. >> hopefully he got to eat dinner with his new friends. >> 30 miles is worth something. >> one would think. >> people may be wondering where warmer weather is because it has been so cold up and down the west coast. some parts alaska 20 degrees above average. that bridge has gone into alaska and caused all kinds of issues up and down the west coast from seattle to san diego. rain moving in, we you have heard me say that a lot. san mateo county light rain, pockets a steady rainfall approaching hayward and light rain for alameda, oakland and san francisco. rain over the santa cruz
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mountains, some in the santa cruz valley and light rain for santa cruz of. san francisco salesforce tower and it is raining. highs upper 50s almost everywhere. san jose and concord 59, fremont half moon bay 57. all those from 3-7 degrees cooler than average. we stay in the 50s overnight because of the rain and clouds. fairfield 52. winter storm warning through tomorrow until 10:00 a.m. thursday. lake level 8 inches of snow adding to the robust amount of snow around the lake. higher elevation snowboarding or ski hill likely to receive anywhere from 12 -48 inches of new snow by thursday morning. all of this a glancing blow from another atmospheric river. we dealt with the last week, especially those of you watching from greenville and northwest sonoma county. 12 -20 inches. we are not getting at this time
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but it is a big storm and the low-pressure area dragging with the atmospheric river pulling in tropical moisture. rain will pick up in coverage and intensity and at its peak 3m. it may wake you up. rain pounding on your rooftop and it will be windy. the morning commute will be wet but the heaviest of the rain will be done before it begins. tomorrow afternoon scattered showers, even through the night wednesday night into thursday morning, light showers rings clear north to south during the day thursday. one final rain chance after the year before the for beale future us storm will pass to the west of the eastern fringe of the low-pressure area will give us showers late saturday into sunday. i am very happy to report that is the only chance of rain for a week. once we get through with the storm we are dealing with now. can use a break and likely we will get one. we will stay what was scattered showers wednesday and a few
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showers early thursday. colder than average 3 -5 degrees below average. campbell 62. rain overnight, scattered showers danville, 59, pittsburgh 61. mill valley 55, richmond 58. cloverdale 56. extended forecast calling for scattered showers early thursday . dry out and aside from that one rain chance early sunday, we may go rain free for several days. turns out the most popular national park is in our own backyard. the destination that took the top spot. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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. >> hikers eager to take on yosemite's halftone will have to wait a little longer. >> then lottery usually starts at the beginning of march and is being pushed to march 13 because a new contractor is handling the process. only 220 hikers are allowed each day. >> the most popular national park here in the bay area. the national park service is the golden gate national recreation area had more than -- it took the top spot from blue ridge parkway in virginia north carolina which saw more than 14
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million visitors in 2018. >> >> the cost of living just hit a new high in the latest numbers show is not just san francisco. crazy high rent spreading to the suburbs. here we go again another storm system bringing more rain to the bay area. when the heaviest rain will roll in. >> two years over $1 billion finally done what you might call california's accidental megaproject and may be time to kick the tires on this thing. >> bay area rents skyhigh now we are learning prices just hit a whole new level. live in dublin with the numbers. a lot of apartment complexes
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like the one behind me are popping up near b.a.r.t. stations make it easy for people to have access to public transportation. it seems san francisco rental prices are filtering into the suburbs, making it hard to make ends meet. >> this is what you get for that exorbitant rent. this is my cottage. very modest. >> she rents an 800 square-foot home in pleasanton. she is an executive search recruiter for silicon valley companies and even she has explored moving out of the bay area to keep up with rising costs. >> i can bump up the size, moved to the beach and have a life stool for less rent and a little easier lifestyle. >> median rent for a one- bedroom and san francisco has reached $3690. next in line mountain view $3450. emeryville


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