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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 6, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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the longer-range weather models keep us dry her next week with more sunshine. >> i hope you're forecast is correct. >> we trust you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news. your next local update is at 7:26 am. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, march 6th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." a very emotional r. kelly lashes out insisting he is innocent of charges of sexual abuse. >> quit playing. i didn't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my life. >> the singer's startling and revealing first interview since his arrest last month. >> in a report out thi ing,cons online employment scams. one man tells his story of a phony job offer that cost him tens of thousands of dollars. >> plus our series moths" visits anican village where abused young women have found a home.
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see how they're learning the joys of motherhood in a place where men are forbidden. >> and retired nasa astronaut peggy whitson comes to studio 57 talking about the new era of american space flight and the challenges she overcame in her record-setting career. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener"". your world in 90 seconds. >> you have never held anybody against their will? >> how stupid would i be to do that. is this camera on me? >> yes. >> that's stupid. >> r. kelly rages against sexual abuse allegations. >> don't me with this [ bleep ] >> robert -- police in london have launch add investigation after three explosive devices were found near major transportation hubs. >> president trump has approved a disaster dra state of alabama after last weekend's deadly tornado
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outbreak. >> it's been a tragic situation but a lot of good work is being done. >> democratic leaders are delaying a vote on a resolution rebuking fellow democrat representatives ilhan omar. >> i am not going to be quiet whether he there's anti-semitism. >> north korea appears to be rebuilding a long-range rocket test site dormant since last summer. >> panic on a cruise ship hit by extreme wind gusts left a lot of people bruised. >> all of that. >> a new trailer for "game of thrones" has a lot of people talking. >> and all that matters. >> all the way in. >> knocks off real dratne great goals you will ever see in soccer. >> one of the most astonishing is nights in soccer. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the president blasting democrats for the investigation into his conduct. >> these investigations come on top of all the other investigations going on.
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trump currently being looked into by the special counsel, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, the fbi, the marshall tuckr band, the house committee on oversight and reform, molly hatchet, the house committee on ways and means, leonard skinner, house intelligence committee, the allman brothers, select committee on intelligence and many more. welcome to "cbs this welcome to "cbs this morning." we're going to begin with your big explosive interview with r. kelly. wow. >> he had a lot to get off his chest. he actually said he welcomed the opportunity to speak. boy, did we let him speak. >> everybody has switched their channels to see it this morning. let's get right to it because r. kelly is breaking his silence about the abuse charges that landed him in jail last month. the singer spoke with gayle for nearly 80 minutes yesterday.
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it is an interview that you is see only on "cbs this morning," and he says all the women now accusing him of physical and sexual abuse, he says all of them are lying. > that's what he says. chicago prosecutors charged him with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. authors say three of the four victims were under ij when the suspected crimes happened. he pleaded not guilty. federal and state authorities in at least two states, new york and illinois are now investigating a variety of allegations. the singer as you know, has faced scrutiny for more than a decade now. it was reignited in january after the lifetime series "surviving r. kelly," featured interviews with seven accusers and former members of his inner circle. they all say that kelly preys on vulnerable women and young girls. agoi am surprised that you todaare youit with us >> i'm of the lies. i've been hearing things you
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know and seeing things on the blogs. i'm just tired. >> are the lies that you're hearing that disturb you most. >> oh, my god. all of them. that little girl's trapped in a basement. helicopters over my house. trying to rescue someone that doesn't need rescuing because they're not in my house. handcuffing people, starving people, i have a harem, what you call it, a cult. i don't even know what a cult is, but i know i don't have one. >> have you done anything that you regret? have you done anything wronging? >> lots of things wrong when it come to women that i apologized. i apologized in those relationships at the time i was in the relationship. >> have you broken any laws when it comes to women? >> absolutely not. >> the six-part series interviewed 50 people, family members, your former tour manager, numerous women who all claim you abused them. are you saying everybody in that
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was not telling the truth about you, evebo >> you really look at that documentary which i'm sure you have. >> i have. >> everybody says something bad about me. nobody said nothing good. >> uh-huh. >> they was describing lucifer. am i lucifer? i'm a man. i make mistakes, but i'm not a devil and by no means am i a monster. >> i'm going to name names, andrea kelly, ex-wife, kit lu jones, lisa van lel, lizette martinez, faith rodgers, asante mcgee. you're saying everything they said in that documentary about you is not true? >> they are lying on me. >> why would these women say the same thing about you that you are controlling, that you are abusive, that you tell women when to eat, when to go to the bathroom, when they can sleep, where they can dress? why woesdifferent stories but i they were not true? and they don't know each other. that defies logic to me.
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>> right. until you hear the explanation. you can start a rumor on a guy like me or a celebrity just like that. all you have to do is push a button on your phone and say so and so did this to me, r. kelly did this to me. if you get any traction from that and if you're able to write a book from that or able to get a reality show, then any girl that i had a relationship in the past that it just didn't work out, she can come and say the same exact thing. >> are you blaming this on social media. >> i'm talking about the power of social media. >> in 2008, r. kelly was found not guilty on 14 counts of child pornography. after prosecutors in chicago failed to convince a jury that he was a man seen in a sex tape with a girl as want to say to your fans? >> last month kelly was indicted again, this time charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four women including three
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who the charges say were minors at the time. have you ever had sex with anyone under the age of 17? >> no. >> never? >> no. >> i have to tell you, it's so hard to believe that based on all that we've read. >> i'm going to tell you something. >> what they said about you. >> what women said about me, so nobody's allowed to be mad at me and be scorned and lie on me. >> so they're lying on you. that's your explanation? >> absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. >> you feel that people have maligned your character? >> i have been an sass nayed. i have been buried alive. but i'm alive. >> so i think the point you're making is, and correct me if i'm wrong, that you have never held anybody against their will? >> i don't need to. why would i? how stupid would i be for r. kell, with all i've been through in my way, way past, to
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hold somebody let alone four or five, six, 50 you said? how stupid would i be to do that? >> i didn't say you were holding. > that's stupid, guys. is this camera on me? >> yes. >> that's stupid. use your common sense. don't -- forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me. hate me if you want to. love me if you want. use your common sense. how stupid would it be for me with my crazy past and what i've been through, oh, right now, i just think i need to be a monster and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement and don't let them eat and let them out unless they need shoes down the street. y'all quit playing. qu i 't do this stuff. this is not me. i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. y'all, with this.
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>> robert. >> y'all trying to kill me. you're killing me, man. this is not about music. i'm trying to have a relationship with my kids and i can't do it. y'all just don't want to believe it's true. you don't want to believe it. >> at this point we briefly paused the interview to give kelly a moment. his publicist helped calm him down. >> i hope this camera keep going. >> we're going to let the camera keep rolling. >> it doesn't even make sense. why would i hold all these women? their mothers and fathers told me we're going to destroy your career. >> but kelly's emotions remained raw. >> it's real girls out there missing. it's real young girls out there being abducted, being raped. okay? they really are on chains. they really do have chains on their wrists and they can't get out.
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ended up buried. >> we have to have a conversation. i don't want you ranting at the camera. >> i came here for them to hear me talk. i need help. >> what kind of help? >> this is the kind of help i need. >> what kind of help? >> i need somebody to help me not have a big heart because my heart is so big, people betrayed me. and i keep for giving them. >> you sound like you're playing the victim here. you sound like r. kelly, you do. when i listen to you. >> i'm just telling the truth. >> you're playing the victim card. >> i apologized for that because this is the first time i was able to say something. i've said nothing. >> gayle, you remained tough and calm throughout that. >> i mean, it wouldn't do any good if we both got hysterical or if we both got very emotional. you could see, he felt that in his mind, everybody's lying. i said but there's so many people who are telling the same story. he kept going back, going back. i said the women don't know each
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other. he said how do you know? he thinks everybody's trying to do a book deal or a movie and people are conspiring guess him. >> i've never seen anything like that. what was he like before the interview? because you didn't know him that well. >> he got very emotional several times. i met him maybe five years ago at a party where you say hi, how are you. it's not the time to say remember when we met five years ago. i hate it when people do that. i did ask can we have a conversation before the interview got started. i wanted to say we're going to give you a platform to say whatever you want to say. it's no secret he lives at trump tower in chicago. we went to his apartment there and we had a conversation. you talk into his apartment. there's a big -- there's a christmas tree that he keeps up all year long since his mother died back in 1993. he's very close to his mother. misses her very much because it was her favorite lida so he kps a t up all year long. it was like 90 degrees in there.
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he was resting his voice because he would be singing later. >> what he is accused of is dastardly. >> exactly. >> you allowed him to tell his story and to see his behavior, his temperament is i think what is probably what is most revealing of this interview, as well. the pounding of the fists, the getting up. i was worried about you. i was actually worried but i saw the pictures. >> favorite son, favorite daughter all called me and said were you afraid? did you think he was going to hit you? i never thought that. i thought i might get accidentally clobbered. i never felt in danger talking to him. i just felt he had a lot of emotion he wanted to release, over, we said good-bye and at the end of the day, he was glad he was able to say what he wanted to say even if -- but it's hard to believe when you say robert, there are some accusations and you've never had sex with anybody under the age xa 17.
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>> there's more coming, right? >> he s of the story. >> we have more of the story. >> in our next half hour, he talks about the two women who live with him and the allegations he controls their lives, allegations both women deny. we talked to them, too. we'll share that later on this week ahead only on "cbs this morning." >> overseas, counter-terrorism police in london are urning the public to remain veg lant after explosive devices were found at major transportation hubs. unknown suspects sent letter bombs to heathrow airport, waterloo train station and london city airport yesterday. no one was hurt. jonathan bigley atty is outside waterloo, britain's busiest station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the mystery continues today. package did havethem. the mail room of this train station behind me a final
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destination. only one went off causing a small fire. sources believe this is the act of a pro trying to send some kind of message. police say the three packages were identical. all addressed to major transportation hubs with return addresses to dublin, ird and containing devices specifically designed to cause a small fire. only this one addressed simply to heathrow was opened causing the plastic packaging to melt. letters sent to waterloo and london city airport were identified as suspicious before they were opened. >> it looks like these packages have been designed to shock and to cause a stir, to cause a media response rather than to cause death. >> reporter: all three packages are believed to be linked. sources tell cbs news at this early stage they could be anything from a political message leading up to the uk's exit from the eu to some sort of grievance against transportation companies. and the motive is still unclear
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as counter terrorism officials continue to track down the possible sender with the help of irish police, norah, there is a real concern that more packages% exist out there. >> jonathan vigliotti, thank you. researchers say north korea is pursuing a rapid rebuilding at a rocket test site. the facility was used for a series of long-range rocket launchers in recent years. satellite imagery shows parts of the facility have been rebuilt. that's happened over the past few weeks. this news comes just after the recent summit in hanoi between president trump and north korean kim jong-un that ended with no deal. kim had previously promised to close the site. analysts say there is no evidence that suggests north korea is gearing up for a new missile test, but this is still worrisome. does appear they're sending a message. president trump approved a disaster declaration for parts of alabama devastated by sunday's deadly tornado outbreak. that will make it easier for those areas to get federal aid.
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officials have identified all 23 people killed by a twister that packed estimated winds of 170 miles an hour. omar villafranca is in submission station, one of the alabama communities hit hard by the storm. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is what 170-mile-per-hour winds can do a mobile home. the woman who lived there got out before the tornado hit she's accounted for. only a handful of people are still missing. today we're hearing more heart breaking stories of loss. >> i heard all the kids screaming. and i tried to hold them a little tighter. >> reporter: shamel hart and her her two johns jaylen and jonathan were visit a cousin in beregard sunday when the twister struck. >> the whole floor snatched from under us. i was in the air. >> reporter: hart lost her 8-year-old niece mikaela walden. her son jonathan was taken to
7:18 am
the hospital. she was with him when he died. >> he told him it's okay to let go. >> reporter: we now know the names of all 23 people killed by sunday's ef-4 tornado. seven of those victims are related. >> it sounded like a train was coming. >> reporter: alina smith's boyfriend is part of that family but survived. smith described how the tornado just barely missed a direct hit on her home. >> i saw it coming and i took off and to skip right over us, i am still in awe. >> reporter: she la survived hurricane mike in october. she recently got engaged to marshall grimes and they returned from a camping trip on sunday. on facebook grimes wrote for those concerned, we're home safe before the storm. they were killed hours later. president trump will be here on friday to survey the damage and you can see, there's not much good news here. if there's a silver lining, the
7:19 am
23 funerals will be paid for by two unnamed companies. john? >> it's heart breaking. thank you. a new report finds employment scams are now the number one rick for consumers on line. ahead, how one man thought he had a new job but ended up with no work and a lot less money. but first, it's 7:19. time to check your local weather. her. ♪ first, it's 7:19.
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time to check your local weather. we'll have much more news including more of our conversation with r. kelly. he talks about the two women who live with him now and he rejects their family's claim that he has
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. it is 7:26 am. i am kenny choi. caltrans is keeping close watch on a section of highway 1. a cliffside near montara is disappearing. the erosion formed a 20 foot drop and expose the softer below the asphalt. the highway in big sur is shut down because of this storm. this is also an area of prone to mudslides. caltrans says they will revisit the site tomorrow to see if it is safe to reopen. in san francisco, get ready to go down gary faster. the geary rapid project
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groundbreaking ceremony will be under way with mayor london breed at 12:30 pm at the japan town peace plaza. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms seen here, including our website, wow a price that's, like... whoa. that's yes for less. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less.
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welcome back. it is 7:27 am. give yourself extra time getting out the door this morning working your way 680 northbound. we did have a traffic alert. chp just canceled it. all lanes are now clear. south of there, 680 working your way to main street we have stop and go conditions with heavy delays connecting on the westbound 24. you can see the raindrops on high def doppler with heavy showers and downpours in spots this morning. it is a wet and windy start to the day. scattered showers are likely this afternoon and this evening. we are not done with the wet weather yet.
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we have a few showers on thursday. daytime highs mid to upper 50s to low 60s.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is expected to face fierce questioning from a house committee today on the trump administration's immigration policies. a report yesterday by customs and border protection found more than 76,000 migrants illegally crossed the u.s./mexico border last month. that's the highest number of crossings over this period in 12 years. the senate is expected to pass a resolution next week rejecting president trump's national emergency declaration.
7:31 am
house democrats are broadening a declaration condemnk anti-semitism. freshman democrat ilhan omar suggested last week that pro-israel activists are pushing members of congress to adopt a, quote, allegiance to a foreign country. omar is one of the first muslims elected to congress. the house resolution does not mention her by name. democrats reworked the original measure to include dcondemnatio of bias against elon musk. the food and drug administration improved ketamine for use in patients with depression when other treatments have failed. it's the first new class of depression medication in decades and works much faster than traditional drugs. the spray will likely be covered under many insurance plans and it will have to be administered under a doctor's supervision. the fda says more than seven million american adults suffered from so-called treatment-resistant depression. we have more of our
7:32 am
interview with r. kelly addressing his relationship with two young women, 23-year-old joycelyn savage and azriel clary live with him. their parents believe the 52-year-old r&b star has brainwashed their daughters. clarey's tonys call him a liar, manipulator and sociopath. the family's lawyer disputed claims that kelly made to us about the women. >> what is your relationship with them? >> i love them and it's almost -- it's like they are my girlfriends. it's like, you know, we have a relationship. it's real. and i know guys like i have known guys all my life that have five or six women, okay? so don't go there on me, okay, because that's ger th you >> i don look at much younger than me. i just look at legal. i just look at you're you, i'm
7:33 am know if yo rried. i don't know. i don't know if you have a relationship. i don't know what you -- you know, i don't know. but one might be older than the other. one might be just look at legal. okay? they are older men that like younger women -- >> is that you? are you a older thman that like younger women? >> i am on older man that love all women. >> he met joycelyn savage after her father brought her to one of her concerts when she was 19. >> i didn't look for joycelyn savage. i was doing my show. he brought her and asked a stage with r. kelly. make sure she is on the stage. >> azriel clary also met kelly at one of his concerts. her parents say he pulled the then 17-year-old on stage in 2015. they say they had hoped she would become kelly's musical
7:34 am
protege. azriel clary, what is your relationship with her? >> right now? i'm seeing her. >> you are seeing her? >> she is 21. i'm seeing her. >> she is 21. >> yeah. >> did you start seeing her at 17? >> no. >> did you have sex with her when she was 17? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. although her parents wanted me to. >> her parents claim they have text messages that show you had sex with her when she was 17. >> claim. >> you are-part you did not have sex with her when she was 17? >> absolutely not. >> you are with two women right now. you love them. they say they love you. what kind of love is it that keeps these young women away from their families? their families pa - are abo the el- answering your question -- what kind of father, what kind of mother will sell their daughter to a man? >> who did that? >> how come it was okay for me
7:35 am
to see them until they wasn't getting no money from it? if i was going to take my daughter and she is 19 years old to a 49-year-old icon, whatever, celebrity or r. kelly concert, whoever it is, i'm not gonna put her on the stage and leave her. i'm gonna take her to the concert. their father is more into my music and know about my music than they do. >> you are-part the parents handed their daughters as rèal and jocelyn over to you? >> absolutely. are the cameras still going? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> wow. >> yeah. >> i know -- >> are you suggesting that the parents sold the daughters to him? >> he is-part that the paren sas that they brought them to them in hopes they could work
7:36 am
together, the parents could do a deal with them,dul he tells a very different story. i talked to a as rèal's daughter. he believes his daughter has been brainwashed. his daughter loves to sing and that's how she got involved with r. kelly. he has text messages he says that prove they had sex when she was 17. there are all sorts of court cases going on. it is a hot mess on all sides. we also talked to jocelyn and azriel clary about living with r. kelly and their strange relationship with their families. it made them very emotional, too. >> tell me, azriel, why you're crying. >> i'm crying because you guys don't know the truth. you guys bieve is a [ bleep ] that our parents are saying. this is all [ bleep ] lies for money. and if you can't see that, you are ignorant and you're stupid. >> well, we'll bring you more of that interview tomorrow only on
7:37 am
"cbs this morning." in our next hour, r. kelly talks about his career, his own family, and whether he plans to ask for help. >> so difficult to make sense of. looking forward to that in the next half hour. >> just to be clear, they are both in a relationship with r. kelly? >> the two girlfriends in one house? >> two girlfriends in one house. i said what is it? is this a monange tois? they said, yes, we are all together. >> all right. in other news, a new report this morning reveals a number one riskiest scam that targeted people in 2018. ahead, see how a victim fell for the scam simply by accepting a new job. anna werner will show us what you can do to protect yourself. on the go, subscribe to our podcast. you are watching "cbs this morning." i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
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first on "cbs this morning," a new report by the better business bureau says job scams made up just over 9% of the total. anna werner shows us how one man became a victim and is now paying the price. good morning. >> good morning. the better business bureau doesn't just look how often a scam happens. they look how susceptible you might be to a particular scam and how much you could lose. a montana man found out the answers to both of those questions and they weren't good. >> reporter: brad holding wanted some extra work so he posted his resume on some job sites and soon got an email from a company calling itself delta express cu cure yours. >> we found your resume and we would like to talk to you about a position that might fit what you are looking for. >> reporter: the job? an offer to work from home as a purchase clerk buying electronics in large quantities and then shipping them to the company's clients, mostly overseas. the company told him, since
7:43 am
montana has no sales tax, they'd save money running the purchases through him. >> i would be shopping locally or online for phones, computer parts, laptops. >> reporter: the job paid over $72,000 a year plus bonuses. >> it certainly sounded very appealing to me at the time. >> reporter: and holding says he did his research, checking the company's website and sacramento location. >> it all seemed upfront to me. >> reporter: so he filled out tax and employment forms and when the offer letter arrived he signed it. the company then sent him $2,000, so he bought iphones at this best buy and shipped them off as instructed. he says for the next batch of purchases the company told him to attempt aerl use his own credit card but provided bank account and routing numbers to use to reimburse himself for the expenses. it worked until he called his card company a few weeks later. >> she says i need to tell you that account is stolen and you
7:44 am
are not authorized to make payments from that account. >> reporter: and when h c delta express, he only got this automated message. >> thank you for calling delta express curious. please leave a necessariage with your name and telephone number and we will return your call during normal business hours. >> reporter: it turned out the transactions were fraudulent, including that original $2,000 payment. now brad is out what he paid for the electronics, over $35,000. >> it was a horrible, horrible feeling. >> reporter: he is one of thousands of americans who fall for employment scams. the better business bureau's melissa trumpower. >> scammers definitely use at home opportunities because they know a lot of people are looking for that opportunity. >> reporter: so in brad's scam, do we know who did it? >> i don't believe we know right now. >> reporter: adam levin's company cyber scout has been looking into the case, which shows indications of criminal sind kits. >> they are laundering money. they have to find a way to
7:45 am
launder the money. they come up with different scams to do it effectively because they've got to end the trail. >> reporter: so they get him to buy $30,000 worth of electronics. they go and sell the $30,000 of electronics? >> yes. >> reporter: and they have clean money? >> the money is clean. it's been laundered. >> reporter: money that helding now owes. >> i have an education. i said, my god, what have i fallen for? >> we found the real delta express went out of business several years back. work at home job scams are extremely common. the bbb says be very, very careful about them, especially if the company contacts you as in this case. >> he has no recourse? >> no, because his credit card company american express told it's not like somebody stole your card and made charges. he made the charges and so now he is trying to get a payment plan. >> i could see why he fell for it if they send you $2,000 and
7:46 am
you cash it and think, okay, this has to be legit. he says i am not a stupid person. >> they sent the hook. >> exactly. >> but it was all fraudulent. >> anna, thank you. up next, a look at this morning's other head lilines, ig why kylie jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire caused social media to erupt with criticism. it's 7:46. time to ch good wednesday morning to you. after a wet and windy start to the day, we will see scattered showers likely this afternoon and this evening. we are not done just yet with the wet weather with a few thorough hours on thursday. daytime highs are in the upper 60s to low 60s. drier friday and most of saturday. a quick moving storm moves in late saturday into sunday with drier weather mag next week. i'm amy tran, pure leaf tea master.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at this morning's headlines. "usa today" reports a sudden gust of hurricane-force winds caused a norwegian cruise line shift to list, injuring at least eight passengers. tables, glass, and people went flying as a 115 mile-per-hour gust of wind hit the norwegian "escape" sunday night. the ship had departed new york hours earlier heading for the bahamas. it docked safely yesterday in florida.
7:51 am
norwegian says the ship is continuing the seven-day cruise. >> i'd be like, i think i'll get off now, thank you so much. very scary. >> yes. >> glad everyone's okay -- >> talk about seasick. the "dallas morning news" reports the southwest airlines says its dispute with mechanics is costing the company millions of dollars each week. gary kelly says southwest is taking a hit from flight cancelations and delays because mechanics are deliberately assessing planes as unsafe to fly. a cbs news investigation found mechanics say they feel pressured to keep planes in service. the mechanics union says the airline is trying to, quote, distract the public from southwest's degrading safety standards. the "washington post" reports on social media backlash after "forbes" magazine announced 21-year-old kylie jenner bumped mark zuckerberg as the youngest self-made billionaire. online users criticize the term self-made to describe the cosmetics mogul who was born into a rich and famous family.
7:52 am
"forbes" defines self-made as someone who built a company or established a fortune on their own. it admits it does not adequately effect how much easier some have had it -- adequately reflect how much easier some have had it. >> kile question stiy can say i the billions list. and now r. kelly speaking and now r. kelly speaking out for the first time since his i don't know what's going on. and now r. kelly speaking out for the first time since his i've done all sorts of research, read earnings reports, looked at chart patterns. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions. sounds perfect. see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ the in-laws have moved in with us. and our adult children are here. so we save by using tide.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning. i am kenny choi. the wet weather is to blame for repairs for the richmond san rafael bridge. repairs will pick up when the rain finally clears out. the unrelenting weather is eating away at a section of cliffside along highwanear devil slide tunnel. caltrans is trying to figure out the best way to keep this area safe > raider nation could in oakland for another season if the team can score deal with the city. the coliseum authority will
7:57 am
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welcome back. i am gianna franco in the traffic center. picker poison. on most of our freeways you will see red and yellow one the sensors. whatever freeway you are taking, expect delays. westbound 580, it is a 39 minute drive time. west highway 4 to the maze will take you 66 minutes. we have decent delays working your way through there. a lot of that is out of the eastshore freeway. we have a crash westbound 80. it is off to the right shoulder but you have delays past hercules. you can see the traffic is backed up. we are tracking more wet weather for the bay area.
7:59 am
a cold front is pushing through and triggering rain and wind. here is high def doppler. as we go through the day, scattered showers are likely today this afternoon and this evening. we are not done just yet with the wet weather. unsettled weather continues with a few showers on thursday. daytime highs today are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. there is your seven day forecast. drier friday and most of saturday.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, march 6th, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning" in the middle of the week. ahead, r. kelly says he's got more to say about the criminal charges and sexual abuse he faces. in an interview only on "cbs this morning." and retired astronaut peggy whitson talks about breaking records in orbit and the international race to return to the moon. she's got her feet on the ground but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> r. kelly is breaking his silence saying all the women accusing him of physical and sexual abuse are lying. >> it's so hard to believe that said an all that we've read and what the women have said about
8:01 am
you, what the women have said they'me. yourat women said about me. >> they are lying on you. that's your explanation. >> absolutely. u. the pounding of the fist, the aboutg up. i was worried about you. i was actually worried. never hought i would get accidentally clobbered but never rlt endangered. >> president trump will be here riday tay to survey the damage. sure's not much good news but ny there's any silver lining that the 23 funerals will be wo d for by two unnamed companies. >> those packages didn't even em, butmes on them. that didn't stop them from being delivered and only one went off. xpensielieve this is the act of a pro. an expensive new designer handbag was recently unveiled on the runways of paris fashion seek, and it got a lot of attention because of its unusual ctze. we've got a picture of it here. look at that. the bag is 2 inches long, is hain.?
8:02 am
isn'teychain. it's a keychain, isn't it? i ,s easy for ae your purse before. n ti'm not -- not even big enough for a tube of lipstick. n is it bad when the little youe if you can call it that e ofmore attention than the outfit? th you mean the keychain. ng,had a couple of cheerios. >> that's right. >> i'm bianna golodryga with etting mng, john dickerson and norah o'donnell. y peoplet to it. intervimessages over the past hour, so many people talking about the r. kelly interview, the first interview since being jailed last month and he says the charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse are all ly 8tedinut denied with having sex with underaged girls or doing >> h anything illegal. >> he wants people to talk about rv. cbs this mterview that you'll e e only here on "cbs this his story we also asked kelly rvivinhis rough childhood and his story of surviving years of sexual abuse. fect ho discussed how the allegations against him could
8:03 am
affect his personal life and his career. do you still expect people to uy your music? w do y you think your music should sit with people? >> absolutely i think they hould, although a lot of them may not, but like i said. i'm really not really fighting it for my career here. am fighting for my rights and i'm fighting to have a relationship with my kids most ationshiore than anything. i want a relationship with my kids because i've missed a lot of years of their life. i love them. ithand they want a relationship with you. bet bet you they do. >> yeah. i i bet my breath on it, you know, but they are pressured and th iget it. tey are pressured, and i get it. times.believe that's going to change in due time. >> you have daughters. if your daughters called you and said that somebody is doing to against you would you be okay i ble that? our had to bleep myself.
8:04 am
t you --ur daughters came to you and said this guy is doing to me what the allegations are against andi s i'd have to arrest myself. d> you've been very candid that idlyre a sexual abuse survivor moleste. ou talked very candidly that you were molested from the ages 14.7 and 13 and 14. how do you think that has affected you? ,> it hasn't affected me at all. i mean -- it has affected me in a way though. it affected me in this way. anything that i've been through, gles or any struggles i've had in my past has affected my music. it has -- >> has it affected your behavior? >> absolutely not because i'm e, he wo tell you something. doing people say oh, well he was abused. , noxactly. >> that's why he's doing that. no, no, no, no. abst people o arers been used,ple h ao out and abue others. >> okay. hat'sd so that's why i asked the question. >> that's what the experts said?
8:05 am
>> but they didn't say all, did here i stand. 'm in the -- i'm in the not all. i'm in the not all, okay? but they also didn't say when you're r. kelly, okay, and ringi famous and your name is ringing 25 million times a day all over the world, okay, of people trying to get money from you, okay, and they are using the past, they are using the you allegations, the past cases neednk it on to that, they are using that. towhen you say that you need help, do you think you need to thero therapy? have you been to therapy? > absolutely. at this point i'm definitely talking about that>>in oh, absolutely, yeah. >> it seems like, you know, some say yosay you might seem out of fouch to a lot of people. >> what do you mean? ges agains mean, your perception of the charges against you. i know it's your side and it's your story, but you have a different perception than most
8:06 am
of the world has about you. >> i have truth. people have perception. 'reave truth. >> do you think you're invincible? -> oh, absolutely not. u'just think i'm human. stories, jericka duncan joins us at the table. eir ve covered the allegations and stories against him and you've talked to some of the victims and their families. >> correct. publi do you think this interview will resonate in the >> court of public opinion? booreat job to you and the grew think anybable to book this interview because i don't think anybody expected to hear from r. kelly. >> i didn't expect to hear from . kelly. >> charges of that magnitude, celebrity,
8:07 am
the parents didn't say it was her. but sparkle said the interview is a continuing display of
8:08 am
robert's entertain at all costs mentality. she said with arrogance and a lack of accountability. i'm praying for their safe return back to their families, in reference to the girls. >> ei agree with what jaronda says. i think he needs help. as we were sitting there, he became emotional several times. you've seen some of the outbursts, but he became very, very emotional many, many times during the interview. i think he needs help. i thought in some ways we were seeing a breakdown before our eyes. he composed himself and came back because he does want people to hear him. he does think the world is out to get him, and everybody is lying. i said after a while, how can everybody be lying except you? what makes you so special or what makes you so unlikable that all these women would come out against you? >> let's remind everybody how many women have accused him of abuse and misconduct. >> there were seven in that docuseries. but there were about 50 people in total who talked about things
8:09 am
they may have seen. there was a young lady who said she claimed she saw him having sex with aaliyah. he didn't talk about that, aaliyah, the artist who he allegedly married when she was 15 years old. and later passed away. it was fascinating. that was a remarkable interview. again, i think everyone is so shocked that it went on for so long. if you look at prior interviews where he's left when it goes too deep, he leaves. you were able to keep him in that chair, and he did compose himself. and he continued on -- >> he said, i've been silent for too long while people were saying all these things. i want people to hear from my own mouth. in the end, he said, "thank you for giving me the platform to say this." we asked, do you want to take a break, do you want a tissue? no, leave me alone. let me talk. that's what we did. >> we'll be waiting to see what happens as this goes to trial potentially. that is the opinion that matters the most. the 12 jurors -- >> not the social media. >> -- deciding whether or not
8:10 am
there's enough evidence. >> the thing that got to him most was the relationship with his children. he became most emotional talking about i want to see my children, i want a relationship with my children. there are clearly issues with r. kelly and his ex-wife andrea, which he says he has the utmost respect for her raising the children. >> and we won't be ionship with the singer only on "cbs this morning." ahead, why a teenager went to capitol hill to advocate for improved education about vaccines after he defied his own
8:11 am
good wednesday morning to you. a wet and windy start to the day as a cold front pushes across the region this morning. behind the front scattered showers are likely this afternoon and this evening. we have a few showers on thursday. daytime highs are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s today. off and on showers today, a few showers thursday, drier friday and most of saturday with a quick moving storm saturday into sunday.
8:12 am
there's much more news ahead. retired nasa astronaut peggy whitson will be here in studio 57. she spent more days in orbit than any other american and has advice for girls who may want to go into space. and our world of mothers series takes you to a small village in northern kenya that is just for women. i'm deborah in kenya. it's bathtime in this village. here women are learning to become mothers in a community where men are banned. that's coming up in ot cbs this morning." let's go.
8:13 am
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8:17 am
a teenager at the forefront of the debate over vaccination safety is urging the public to stop the spread of misinformation about preventive medicine. ethan lindenberger testified before congress. we spoke to him after he made for getting immunized gaepagains mother's wishes. more from dr. tara narula. good morning. >> good morning, john. ethan lindenberger said his parents' misguided beliefs about vaccines put him at risk. he doesn't blame his parents but blames the false information on line that manipulated his fears and is emphasizing the
8:18 am
importance of getting accurate information about vaccines to the public. >> to combat preventable diseases -- >> reporter: ethan lindenberger joined a panel of health experts alerting lawmakers to the dangers of incorrect information about immunizations. >> for certain individuals and organizations that spread misinformation, they instill fear into the public for their own gain selfishly and do so knowing that the information is incorrect. >> reporter: lindenberger's fight against medical misinformation began at home about two years ago after he noticed there was no scientific evidence supporting his mother's concerns about vaccinations. >> as i was growing up and doing more research, i decided that vaccines are good, that they are beneficial. >> reporter: lindenberger's mother, jill wheeler, worried about vaccine safety. >> straight-up fear of him getting immunizations and having a bad reaction. >> reporter: lindenberger began getting immunized in december after he turned 18.
8:19 am
he now wants a stop to the false information swaying others from getting their own immunizations. >> it's not necessarily anti-vax individuals. but the rhetoric that's being presented to them. >> reporter: republican senator rand paul, a doctor, didn't question tuesday's panel but argued against making vaccines a government requirement. >> i still do not favor giving up on liberty for a false sense of security. >> reporter: 17 states allow parents to opt out of vaccinations for personal reasons. late tuesday night, lawmakers in washington state advanced a bill that would limit personal exemptions to vaccines. a measles outbreak in the state has sickened more than 70 people this year. dr. arthur caplan is the founding head of the division of medical ethics at nyu school of medicine. he says lindenberger's testimony is a major step toward giving children their own rights to get vaccinated. >> experts say vaccines are safe. everybody get a vaccination. that's good, but it's not as
8:20 am
powerful as having an identified individual step forward and say "my parents are wrong, i want to get a vaccine." >> lindenberger says his mom gained a lot of the anti-vaccine information on facebook. the platform has repeatedly vowed to reduce false information. parents who have questions about vaccine safety should visit the american academy of pediatrics website and your health care provider is an excellent resource, as well. >> you listen to senator paul. he talks about it as an act of individual liberty. obviously vaccines aren't just about the individual who gets them or doesn't get them. this isn't just about an individual decision -- >> right, there are people immunocompromised, and their health is at risk when children aren't vaccinated. he made the point that is there an inherent moral right for children to live a life free of disability and disease. we talk about the parents'
8:21 am
rights and the schools' rights, but what about the children. ethan lindenberger is one of the first to say children have rights, too. >> his mother saying she admires her son for speaking out against her. i would say if you have a problem with me, let's discuss it privately. >> in this case it was good -- >> it was. >> the parents were wrong. >> interesting. >> very admirable kid. ethan's doing a real service. >> a reminder it's not medical school. >> we need the rereminder, too. coming up, a warning from the fda about make-up from a popular retailer and why some cosmetics could be contaminated. you're watching "cbs this morning." ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. the undisputed champs, tundran and tacoma!. and in this corner, the reigning rulers of the road!
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denny's understands the art of the perfect ingredients. the fold of the eggs. their new flavors are... ooh là l. that means super yummy. denny's new omelette line-up starting at $6.99. ♪a little respect in africa some people say a woman without a child is nothing. we found a village where women and their children are thriving
8:25 am
on their own because no men are this is a kpix 5 news morning update. i am anne mackovec. caltrans is keeping a close watch of a section of highway 1. a cliffside near montara is disappearing. there is a 20 foot drop and the soft dirt is exposed beneath the apps all. federal authorities will conduct a civil rights review of the police shooting in sacramento of stephon clark. the district attorney declined to file charges against the two officers involved in is that. a case of measles has been reported in san francisco. it is the first case of the
8:26 am
disease since 2013. we have news updates on all of your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
good morning. i am gianna franco in the traffic center. we have a lot of wet weather, that means a lot of slow freeways. northbound 880 working your way past the coliseum. there a lot of break lights working there. it stays busy stop and gocahur we have wet weather after this morning. slick surfaces, lots of flooding recorded in various areas. northbound 101 at vermont
8:28 am
there is flooding around that area. we have slowing cool conditions southbound 880 out of walnut creek. trying to connect on highway 24 the earlier crash has cleared out of lanes. you still have a lot of break nights. wet and windy conditions on high def doppler. you can see showers for the east bay, peninsula and the south bay this morning. we will continue to see scattered showers this afternoon and this evening. unsettled weather behind this morning's cold front with a few showers on thursday. daytime highs are in the mid to upper 50s to below average temperatures again today. we are looking at showers today off and on, a few showers thursday, drier weather friday and most of saturday. a quick moving storm comes in late saturday into sunday. drier and sunnier weather ahead next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." time to show you some of the headlines from around the globe. former new york city mayor michael plobloomberg announced is not running for president. he is launching a campaign to retire all coal-fired power plants over the next 11 years. bloomberg will continue his fight for gun safety legislation. he encouraged democrats to unify, find a nominee who can beat mr. trump, the president,
8:31 am
in 2020. "the washington post" reports food and drug commissioner scott gottlieb announced he's retiring next month. he tackled youth vaping and opioid addiction. he wants to spend more time with his family. president trump tweeted his talents will be greatly missed. no replacement has been named. "the new york times" reports the departing commissioner is calling for stronger regulation on cosmessics after the fda found asbestos in certain claire's products. they urging them not to use this eye shadow and contour palette. claire's says it shows significant errors but it removed the products from its stores out of an abundance of caution. the oregonian reports onf b. it could cause them to take pills irregularly. they are recalling four lots of the tablets. they have an expiration date of august 2020. those who currently take the pills are advised to consult
8:32 am
their doctor. in the meantime, do not interrupt your birth control usage and use nonhormonal versions of birth control. epic and dragon-filled final season trailer for one of my favorite shows of all time. "game of thrones." ♪ >> i promise to fight for the living. i intend to keep that promise. >> an epic battle is on tap. the eighth and final season of the emmy award-winning series premieres april 14th. i just would like to say, i will not beere f thatweea ing. >> butw ine ne print of her o travel insurance policy. the georgia consumer economics teacher bought the policy from square mouth insurance between legal terms on page 7 of the
8:33 am
policy was a promise of $10,000 for the first person to send an e-mail to a specific address. wow. the self-describeders ed nerd e always reads the fine print. page 7 of the policy. >> well deserved. >> read the fine print. in our series, the world of mothers, we are looking at what motherhood means around the globe. this morning our focus is on a community healing from tragedy. debora patta visited a small village in kenya where women have come to live together. men are aallowed there. she's in johannesburg, south africa, where she is based. tell us more. >> good morning. in an extremely rural part of kenya, there is rampant poverty and unemployment. the infant mortality rate is over 35%. but in a part of the country where women are often regarded as second class citizens, there is one village where women rule.
8:34 am
it's hard en a woman in samburu, but without a child here, you are regarded as nothing. diana proved her worth by having three children, including 6-month-old baby tao. like so many women in african countries, where there is poverty, children are your riches. it can come at a cost, though. her husband beat her constantly, no longer able to stand it, she fled here. to the village where men are banned. >> is it better to be a mother without a man? fantastic. no stricks. i understood that. yes, it is. stress-free is a word you hear often but what it means is that these women no longer have to fear the men who hurt them. a woman has a 95% chance of
8:35 am
being beaten by her husband here. julie was 12 when she was forced to marry a 50-year-old man. >> he was beating me. that's why i came again here. and i decide now i cannot go back again. >> now three months pregnant, judy already has two daughters. her dream is that they will get the education she was denied as a child bride. they have set up their own school. curiously for an all-women community, there are a lot of children around. >> it's a good life because as we believe, if you don't have child, you are not a woman. it's allowed young ladies like me to go and find a boyfriend outside but you cannot bring to the village. >> so the boyfriend stays there
8:36 am
>> reporter: so it is the women who make all the decisions here. they build their own homes with woven twigs for walls, dried cow manure for the roof and sell beautiful handmade bead work. the money earned shared equally. what's left is put away for emergencies. when her 2-year-old son fell ill with malaria, that emergency fund meant she could take him to a clinic and buy life-saving medicine. but they provide so much more than financial stability. the village elders provide a sense of community and even fun. they are also there to help turn these young women into young mothers. >> here it's okay because one mother can come and show you how to breastfeed. they come and show you what you have to eat. everything.
8:37 am
>> lucy grew up here. her mother was a founding member. she got pregnant with a man outside the village but chose to live here. she wants her son jeremy to break the cycle of bad sumburu men. >> i encourage him to be a good man. don't beat your wife. don't give her some stress. >> reporter: the women don't have a lot, but they have each other. and that's enough to make sure no child goes hungry and growing up, they never experience the torment their mothers went through. it's very common across africa for communities to help raise each other's children. they could be anything between 50 to 100 children living there. now we all know it takes a villll, ell you, th village is thriving. as women turn the idea of community on its head by challenging traditional beliefs.
8:38 am
norah? >> absolutely fascinating. debora patta in south africa. >> never met a mother who isn't strong. incredibly strong. >> i love, too, the message they want to send to their boys because that's where you have to teach them at a very early age how young boys can treat women. i don't think i would like living in a place where there are no men because as stressful as they can be, they can also give you great joy but there is a way to figure it out. >> and how they work together and have that emergency fund to take care of each other. >> a different way of living. tomorrow in your world of mothers series, we head to china. >> peggy whitson is here. she spent 665 days in space. that's more than any other american. she's in our toyota green room. there she is. feet on the ground. what it will take to get more women into space. hi, peggy whitson. plus -- peggy? hi, peggy. over here. there you go.
8:39 am
peggy is like, leave me alone. plus, what life is like on the international space station, including how she spiced up the food. a wednesday morning to you. after a wet and windy start to the day, we will see scattered showers likely this afternoon and this evening. we are not done yet with the wet weather with a few showers on thursday. daytime highs are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. we will be drier friday and most of saturday. a quick moving storm moves in late saturday into sunday with drier weather mag next week.
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♪ this friday the spacex
8:43 am
dragon capsule is set to make its way back to earth from the international space station. the unmanned spacecraft docked with the station sunday. it is the first commercially built spacecraft capable of carrying people to do so. the iss is home to a rotating group of astronauts. peggy whitson became the first female commander there in 2007. she spent 665 days in space. that's more time than any other american. >> whitson also complete ten space walks during her career. the most by a woman. in or "note to self" series, she admitted that her success came with challenges. >> ignore the naysayers, ignore the people who say you can't become an astronaut. instead, use it as motivation. it will be ten years of applying before ever becoming an astronaut. the rejectionsraging, but in yo typical style, you will just keep trying. rired astronaut
8:44 am
peggy whitson to the table. she's here as parts of our coverage leading up to international women's day friday. good morning. >> good morning. >> i started to get teary eyed. i think you did, too. what you have accomplished is so incredible. so it's great to have you here. and nasa just announced there is going to be the first all-female space walk. taking place march 29th. we think of space, it tends to be a male-dominated field. how do we get more women involved in what you've done? >> i think we need to start earlier. i think it's important for us to teach young ladies, young -- but pretty much anybody, we need everyone to feel like science is cool, being a geek is cool. and keep that going because right now i think maybe with social media and different things, young people have different priorities in their lives. we need to maybe emphasize the fact that a career is important. >> i also think that universal message -- who were the naysayers, who are the people who told you couldn't do it?
8:45 am
>> i think it was just unbelievable from where i came from in rural iowa. it was pretty much unbelievable that i could do these things. luckily, i had parents who were so supportive all the time. >> i know, but peggy, you write in your "note to self," that it took you ten years of rejection. i think by year eight, i would think maybe i should go -- you go from ten years of rejection, they now call you space ninja, your nickname which i like, why is it that you still keep going? what was the fascination for you about wanting to be in space? >> i wanted to go into space since i was 9 when i watched neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walk on the moon. i think that got reinforced when i graduated from high school and they selected the first female astronauts. among them were two medical doctors and one biochemist. and -- which i ended up getting my degree in which made me think
8:46 am
it might be possible to become a astronaut. ten years of applying, that was maybe not the smartest thing in the world. >> it worked. >> yeah, but what's interesting, too -- people say, why, how did you get lucky enough to be the first commander on the station or the first chief, female chief of the astronaut office. it was that ten years. that ten years made me a better astronaut, made me more participated. i was doing negotiations in russia, working with small teams, leading. i all of that actually made me the person -- >> ready. yeah. >> go back to your parents for a second because some of us are. when you hear about s.t.e.m., people think of the classroom. but the parents create the structure and the groundwork for young women and young men to be able to reach after their dreams. what was it in particular that your parents -- >> i think they just believed in me. i remember my tmom telling me a 12 that i could be anything that i wanted.
8:47 am
i believed her. i think there's a time frame, at least when i speak to young people, that i notice, you know, from about 8 to 10, 11, 12, in that time frame, children are more receptive to you, and you telling them things are possible. >> and your "note to self," you wrote, "seeing the earth for the first time in orbit, you will be surprised that you never noticed the quality and texture of colors." really makes you appreciate the planet that we live on. >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. yeah. >> you mentioned the mission to the moon. that was a national project. that was one in which space exploration was something a president talked about all the time. what's your feeling about where our country is in terms of thinking about exploration? that moved all to the private sector now? is that a good thing? >> we've definitely not moved to the private sector. there's still a nasa in spite of the fact we haven't launched astronauts from the u.s. in several years.
8:48 am
we're still the lead of the international space station. it's been generating incredible amounts of scientific research, and those things that we're learning up there, how to maintain our bone density, for instance, is going to be beneficial for us to do these longer missions, going out to mars, et cetera. so all of that is -- is a process. i think we're in an interesting place now that commercialization, combining with government, for example the spacex arriving with ripley on board this last weekend. >> has elon called you for advice? >> no, no. yeah, no. >> would you like him to call you? that would be interesting. >> you know, we're combining this commercial capability. it's giving us a little bit more flexibility, maybe a little more innovative ways of doing things that aren't quite as easy to do in a nasa bureaucracy. but nasa's got this huge data
8:49 am
base of information and knowledge and experience, and the combination of those i think can be fruitful, which is the plan they have for the lunar gateway, a small stations that the orbit -- a small station that will orbit the moon, and we'll be able to do row battic and human missions down to the moon's surface testing things like solar electric propulsion and using the lift to mine materials that we're going to use either for fuels and use that space station as a fuel depot. >> what does a great day in space look like? every day. >> every day. >> would you go back? >> in a heartbeat. >> i'm going to cheer peggy on. >> peggy, thank you so much. great to have you on set. we'll be right back.
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. the wet weather delaying repairs on the richmond-san rafael bridge. last month, huge chunks of concrete came crashing down onto vehicles. repairs will pick up when the rain clears out. you could see changes to seats on newer trains after a lot of riders complained they were tired of their feet dangling above the floor.
8:56 am
there will be a vote on lowering the seat in may. raider nation could remain in oakland for another season if the team can score deal with the city. today, the coliseum authority will discuss extending the lease in a closed session meeting. we have news updates throughout the day on all your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:57 am
welcome back. we are taking a look at the
8:58 am
roadways right now. it is getting a little bit better as far as rain goes. mary lee has more on that. we have a lot of red on our sensors because of the rain we had earlier this morning and the wet road ways. a new crash northbound to wait a at cesar chavez. two lanes are completely blocked with the motorcycle involved and possible injuries. the drive time is 37 minutes to go from 380 the drive time is 37 minutes to go from 382 the 80 split. northbound 101 is a bit of a struggle. south bay, there is a lot of red and yellow especially on 101 and 280. the north 101 drive is 25 minutes 101 drive is 5:35 80. after widespread, heavy rain earlier this morning, light rain showers right now on high def doppler. you can see for the south bay, it is a wet start to the day. scattered showers are likely this afternoon and this evening. we have unsettled weather continuing throughout the day with a few showers on thursday. daytime highs today are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s, below-average temperatures for this time of year. off and on showers today, few showers thursday, dry years friday and most of saturday.
8:59 am
the next system comes in late saturday into sunday.
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