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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  KPIX  March 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: san jose police are only confirming the suicide of an adult in the depths of two children. they are not officially calling this a double murder suicide. neighbors told me the mother was the only one working, working at a nail salon and she lost her job either laid off or fired, several months ago. she had not been working ever since. we will follow this developing story and bring you the latest at 6:00. >> very tragic. a scare this morning for a staffer in students at a san bruno school. one staff member opened a letter containing a threatening message and a suspicious substance. several hazmat crews flooded the scene while the school was told to shelter in place. they later deemed the substance nonhazardous. authorities are now investigating. we are not done with the ranges jet. doppler tracking of chance of
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on enough showers through the night. our tower cam cut this rainbow earlier today. let's get you over to what we can expect, when we can expect to dry out. for some good news. >> everybody wants to know. mother nature has been consistent and persistent with rainfall recently. heavy rain moved out around sunrise but scattered showers have been with us all day long and they continued this afternoon. let's get to the radar and show you the one spot with the statist amount of rainfall, napa, valeo, concord, petaluma, lots of thunderstorms in the sierra. up toward tahoe it is snowfall. even a few pockets of thunder snow, coming up in the sierra, this evening. futurecast showing us scattered showers continuing overnight. we could see a few showers toward morgan hill and gilroy as late as lunchtime tomorrow. most of the bay area coming up
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drive-by afternoon. this is only the fifth time in san francisco history we will start march with seven straight rainy days. seven straight rainy days once we get showers tomorrow morning. that has only happened five times in the city's history. coming up another opportunity for rainfall over the weekend. the toxic crisis after the flood. sonoma county to clearing a health emergency. live in guernville with the effort to clean up hazardous trash that could be putting people at risk. >> reporter: residents are still trying ofto ge riruined jheunk that used to be their worldly possessions. while i can be a big mess, some is extremely toxic. when the floodwaters began receding, all that household hazardous waste turned guernville into a bowl of toxic see. castling, motor oil, weedkiller , not to mention raw sewage
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from flooded septic tanks. with tuesday's emergency declaration, officials are warning, cleaning up, residents could be making themselves sick. >> some of the materials if you get on your skin you can have a rash or if they get ingested it might cause gastrointestinal illness. >> reporter: the county has issued a handbook on how to clean up without becoming contaminated. along without officials have been desperately telling residents to separate out household hazardous waste from junk piles to keep it from fouling landfills. but a homeowner says it is ridiculous to think flooded residents have the time or energy to do that. >> what are we supposed to do? stop functioning, stop getting into our homes because we have separate piles of stuff that is all contaminated anyway? >> reporter: even if people did separate out hazardous material, there was no plan for anyone to collect it. so far the county has not been picking up debris. but the
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county health officer says the emergency declaration now enables county crews to begin house by house collection of hazardous waste. >> there are teams in the county going around and if they see collections of household hazardous waste, they will go and collect those and that is happening today and tomorrow. >> reporter: but since the debris was marinating in toxic chemicals for days, it should all be considered hazardous waste and the county has a responsibility to remove it all. >> there's a gas station down the street, 22,000 gallons of gas leaked out. i came down here, how you separate that? where you put it? it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: people are being warned about the possibility of hepatitis from raw sewage. the county says they may start offering tetanus shots to residents. this is clearly a disaster the
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did not end when the waters receded. coming up we will follow the russian river all the way to the coast and look at the trash washed downstream. r. kelly back in custody this evening. why he may be looking at a long stint in a chicago jail. >> reporter: sinker r. kelly back behind bars, but this case is not related to the sexual abuse charges against him. musician r. kelly was taken back into custody on wednesday, after a court hearing on unpaid child support. sources say kelly will be transferred to the cook county jail in chicago. the latest development follows his exclusive interview with cbs this morning's gayle king. an emotional r. kelly denied come over and over, sexually abusing women. them and i am very tired of all of the lies. this is not me! i am fighting for my [ bleep ] life!
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[ bleep ] >> robert -- >> reporter: the embattled 52 -year-old r&b star charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. authorities say three of the four alleged dems were under age when suspected crimes happen . >> of your had sex with anyone under the age of 17? >> never? >> no. >> i have to tell you it is so hard to believe that based on all the -- >> i'm going to tell you something. >> is not about you. >> what women said about me, so nobody is allowed to be mad at me and be scorned. >> they are lying on you, that is your explanation? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: 23 -year-old joycelyn savage and 21 -year-old israel clary live with kelly at his chicago home.
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with them? >> i love them and it is like they are my girlfriends. >> reporter: the parents of joycelyn savage believe r&b star has brainwashed her daughter their daughter. >> we went from seeing you are talking to you daily or weekly to not seeing you in two years. that is a clear indication to us and as a mother that something is definitely wrong. >> he was acquitted of pornography charges in 2008. he faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted of the new charges. gayle king later sat down with reporter kenneth craig to share how she remained calm during that explosive interview. >> how did you strike that balance? when i was watching the right interview i was thinking the entire time she's got to walk a fine line here she doesn't want to make them too angry. >> you don't want to agitate them. i was worried he was going to do that and i was glad he didn't because as you see there is much more to the conversation and he doesn't stay an angry
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man the whole time. most of the time he is very calm, very levelheaded, he wants people to understand he thinks in some ways it is a conspiracy against him. all the women are lying, his inner circle line, trying to get book deals, everyone trying to capitalize off of him. >> the singer has faced intense scrutiny for more than a decade. it was reunited in january after the lifetime docuseries quick "surviving r. kelly" featured interviews with seven accusers and former members of his inner circle. arizona senator martha mcsally revealed today she was by a superior officer while serving in the air force. she shared her story during the hearing today on sexual assault in the military. mcsally, a 26 year military veteran, was the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. she says she never reported her assault because she didn't trust the system. >> like many victims, i felt
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the system was me all over again but i didn't quit. i shared the discussed of the military system and many commanders who failed in their responsibilities . >> she says the issue needs to be solved from within the ranks. she wants commanders to be more responsible for preventing, detecting and prosecuting sexual assault within the military. a stanford university employee charged with attempted murder, pleaded not guilty in court. he was arrested over the weekend. he works as an admissions assistant director at the university. he is accused of stabbing a woman multiple times while high on lsd. he is also facing domestic violence and assault charges. investigators back at a san jose home where a woman's body was found last week. family members and neighbors are still waiting for answers. one of the evidence may point
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to a crime of passion. >> reporter: a small memorial of flowers and paintings continues to grow at the crime scene, the home of bambi larson, in south san jose. neighbors tell us they are baffled how anyone would want to harm a person they considered a gentle soul. the corners office said larson died from sharp force injuries to the neck and torso, consistent with reports of a very luddy crime scene. retired chief and expert howard jordan tells us cuts to the neck are likely assigned the killer had strong feelings toward the victim. >> i would surmise this looks like a crime of passion. whoever the suspect is really is inte waed to lot aggression on them to commit this crime. >> reporter: homicide detectives and crime scene to missions were back at the house today. in fact, neighbors tell us they have been at the house everyday since the discovery of the body,
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last thursday. her body found inside the home in the afternoon after she failed to show up for work during 20. police told the family not to talk to media, however we talked to one relative by phone who said quote "we are hanging in there, waiting for the results of the tests". they have not identified or arrested any suspects. neighbors tell us they are frustrated at the lack of information and with the suspect still out there, they want to know is the public in danger at this point? we pose the question to san jose police and they responded only by saying there is no motive just yet, and anyone with information is asked to contact the police department. jeopardy host alex trebek reveals he is fighting a deadly disease. >> i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. >> new details on his diagnosis and his message to fans. new snack in the plan to keep readers in oakland for another year. the sticking point that could sing the deal. giant pothole problems, it
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is so bad muni buses had to be rerouted. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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. long time jeopardy host, alex trebek, sharing a personal message to fans of the show. he announced today he has cancer. >> this week, i was diagnosed with stage iv pancreatic cancer. normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but, i am going to fight this and i'm going to keep working and with the love and support of my family and friends, and with the help of your prayers also, i plan to meet the low survival rate statistics for this disease. >> the 78 -year-old broke the news of his diagnosis in this youtube video. according to the hirschberg foundation for pancreatic cancer research, this form of cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers. 91% of patients with pancreatic cancer died within five years of diagnosis. by stage iv, the cancer has spread to other parts of the
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body such as lungs, liver, bones, meaning doctors cannot remove it. alex trebek acknowledge the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is low, but he does plan to fight the disease and work through the three years he has left on his jeopardy contract. homeland secretary kirstjen nielsen told lawmakers today the emergency on the southern border can only be fixed with the border wall. >> we need a barrier. we cannot take operational control of the border without it. >> this comes as customs and border protection reported the highest numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing the border in 12 years. families with children made it more than half of those detained. democrats pressed nelson on the zero-tolerance policy that resulted in separations of the border. >> you knew that policy was going to result in children having to be taken away from their parents. that is a policy, you should admit has been the consequence of any adult going to jail in this country as they are separated from their child.
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>> you said you waited to give direction on how to implement the zero-tolerance policy because you wanted to do it with compassion. do you know how outrageous that sounds? >> next week the senate is expected to vote on a house pass resolution blocking president trump's emergency declaration to get border wall funding. there is already an enough of republican support to pass a resolution in the senate but not enough to override the print expected veto. football season six months away, today we are learning a deal to keep the raiders in oakland may be in trouble. this afternoon the coliseum authority board held a closed session to discuss negotiations to keep the team in oakland this season. big issue that could make the deal involves who will cover the expenses of the raiders headquarters in alameda for the one or two years of the new lease. >> requires agreement by both of us and we have a difference of opinion. this could very likely put us in a position where there is not a deal toa needs to be resolved between
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now and tuesday. currently the raiders pay half a million dollars each year in rent for the training facility. we have had a lot of rain in the area and in san francisco we have had a lot of potholes in fact a giant pothole at 4th and folsom. somebody reported yesterday. they have to reroute muni bus lines because of this pothole. the outbound eight, eight a x and eight four a x. crews are out filling the pothole today as you can see. they will maintain the route until further notice. they average about 60 potholes a month in a normal winter. is how many we had this winter per month? about 1800 potholes a month. still raining scattered
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showers especially in the north bay there is an end in sight and two glancing blows from other storms will keep the rain chance elevated. the sky electrified. spectacular and rare lightning off the southern california coast. narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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and there's nothing standard about that. with 10 resorts less than an hour from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place.
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utah. . a lightning storm lit up the sky over santa barbara last night. a firefighter captured the dramatic images. the national weather service says there were more than 1200 pulses of lightning over a span of just 5 minutes. >> what e-sight. incredible. >> that is atmospheric river that hit southern california yesterday. we have flood warnings as well. a lot of rain overnight gusty winds as well in the wake of that low that moved through still scattered showers. study rainfall around american canyon and napa toward vacaville, later showers for petaluma and a five minute break in santa rosa. scattered showers in around san jose in the santa cruz mountains. we won't shake the showers until midmorning tomorrow. midmorning
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tomorrow the winter storm warning in the sierra stops snow level 6000 feet. another 1 - 2 feet of snow in the highest elevations. sierra snowpack running about 60% above average. temperatures running 10 degrees low average. should be mid-60s, nowhere close. livermore 54, san jose 55, cloudy skies and concord 57 degrees. milder overnight because of the cloud cover. mountain view 48. union city microclimate forecast tomorrow. morning showers possible, high of 56, first dry day for the entire month coming up friday rain coming up saturday. focus on friday. sun in clouds 50 degrees your high. the pattern is still not changing. broad area low-pressure gulf of alaska feeding an unstable air. a boundary move through this evening but scattered showers will continue overnight tonight. we will time things out from
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now until saturday afternoon on futurecast. tomorrow morning selfish hours 7:00 a.m. move south limited sunshine throughout the day tomorrow sunny on friday and rain free. can we continue that into the weekend? storm will pass to the west but the eastern edge of the precipitation will impact the bay area. saturday is the weather day, scattered showers tonight early tomorrow troy break from thursday lunchtime through the day friday rain chance returns saturday afternoon and saturday evening. highs in the 50s tomorrow 10 degrees cooler than average concord 56 san jose 57 santa rosa 54 and extended forecast dry tomorrow afternoon dry friday showers again on saturday not a washout but afternoon and evening will be
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wet sunday morning if you left over showers but sunday mainly dry and next week another round of showers possible tuesday. trending in the right direction if you want dry weather but not completely dry for a while and we spring forward this weekend. coming up a bay area police department shows off its new set of wheels. first look at the tesla joining the force.
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. fremont police have a brand- new set of wheels. revamped 2014 tesla model s the
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first all electric powered patrol car to join the fleet. the tesla customized with sirens and an in car computer. the new patrol car part of the pilot program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. police say they chose tesla because of its size, performance and durability. as for tesla's safety record -- >> we respond to a lot of accidents in which vehicles catch fire or their issues with the vehicles. we have no issues with tesla. if we can believe the vehicle was safe we would not be deploying in this pilot program. >> the tesla patrol car will hit the streets next week. the department will test it for the next six months to a year to see if it is actually a good fit. t ill nebe put. >> a major lab fight could stretch the limits of any space city. showdown over a plan to add thousands of new homes and
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people fighting to keep a buffer of open space between not just a way to commute, a safe haven why people are fighting so hard to save a unique bus line in the south bay. for the last week we have been watching this river plowed to the pacific. tonight we are going to show you a little bit of the mass left behind.
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. we follow breaking news at 5:00 30:00. a disturbing discovery in the south bay. police are investigating after the bodies of a mother and her two young sons discovered inside their apartment. the father discovered their bodies this afternoon. at this time police confirmed the woman committed suicide. they are not commenting on how the bo died. >> 's this morning for a stafford students at the san bruno school. police say a staff member at
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portola elementary open the letter containing a threatening message in a suspicious substance. hazmat crews flooded the scene. sonoma county declared a local health emergency after last week's floats. gasoline, motor oil, weedkiller and raw sewage have all been found in floodwaters, they need to follow strict rules to protect themselves while cleaning up. a local developer said in his sites on a parcel of land outside brentwood. he envisions thousands of new homes. the proposed plot of land south of antioch in the area north of balfour road near the shadow lakes golf course. julia goodrich in brentwood now were not everyone thinks new homes are a good idea. >> reporter: brentwood


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