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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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letter containing a threatening message in a suspicious substance. hazmat crews flooded the scene. sonoma county declared a local health emergency after last week's floats. gasoline, motor oil, weedkiller and raw sewage have all been found in floodwaters, they need to follow strict rules to protect themselves while cleaning up. a local developer said in his sites on a parcel of land outside brentwood. he envisions thousands of new homes. the proposed plot of land south of antioch in the area north of balfour road near the shadow lakes golf course. julia goodrich in brentwood now were not everyone thinks new homes are a good idea. >> reporter: brentwood has certainly seeing its share of growth over the years. now developer wants to come in
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and develop on this open space. as you might imagine some are for it, others clearly against it. a group with alliance for better brentwood says the city is at risk. >> having the rolling hills and the greenness in your backyard, would have made us happy. >> reporter: a developer proposing building 2400 new homes outside the urban limit line in this open space. >> for me personally that is invading my space. >> about 80% of the homes are for senior citizens and phased in over the next two decades. the developer plans to initiate a ballot measure to stretch brentwood's urban limit line beyond which no housing can be built. >> you will have pro and con. >> robert taylor says the city of brentwood isn't involved since it is outside city limits. he says he hasn't seeing anything in riding yet. >> this is all has to be vetted, proper procedures, land
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maps many, many things have to be done. >> we have given up farm ground all the time to developers. i would much rather give it to a developer like that than somebody else. >> reporter: he should forms the land and has the most to lose the says many people are understanding the alternatives for this piece of land does not come to brentwood it will go to antioch which is not a bad thing. but there won't be a buffer there anymore. brentwood won't have a say in what is develop their or how it is developed. >> reporter: in order to get this on the ballot the developer would need to get 3500 signatures by november. tomorrow night, the group alliance for better brentwood is going to meet to discuss how to keep this open space closed to development. today in san francisco city and transportation leaders gather to discuss improvements
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being made on one of the city's busiest court orders in the construction is currently underway for the geary rapid project. changes include updated traffic signals, repaid roadways and extended bus lanes. the mayor spoke on the matter today. she says sacrifices need to be made to improve the city's transportation system for generations to come. the project's completion date is set for 2021. the san francisco mta considering lowering the seats on its newest fleet of muni trains. after several riders complained seats are too high. many say their feet were left dangling in the air causing them to slide while seated. the agency is expected to vote in may. and santa clara county some people are planning a rolling protest on board a bus tonight, rallying to save a bus route the doubles as an overnight shelter. the line known as hotel 22.
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>> reporter: to a lot of homeless folks over the years 22 has been more than a bus line is like a 24 hour a day rolling shelter. a place where they can get safety, warmth and a roof overhead but due to budget cuts the overnight portion may be coming to the end of the line. vta's route 22 runs from east ridge to palo alto. the only bus route that runs 24 hours a day. it is known as hotel 22 because homeless people ride the bus from end to end overnight seeking only shelter. people like richard, who is homeless. was last time you wrote overnight? >> this weekend. especially if the weather is like this it is devastating. >> reporter: we took these pictures riding 22 overnight a couple years ago. bus drivers tell me is the homeless crisis has worsened the buses are now practically full. sometimes with entire families. but the vta could put the brakes on the overnight portion as part of a systemwide service overhaul and cost-cutting plan.
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they are facing a 50 million- dollar budget shortfall. >> overall proposed changes, there are about 70 on the table, could save the agency roughly $15 million annually. as we look at route 22, discontinuing overnight hours between 1:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. could save about $500,000 per year. >> we have 157 people dying last year in the streets. why take away another lifeline? >> homeless advocates are fighting the cuts and will be joining homeless people riding the bus tonight and giving out food and blankets. >> keeps people safe, saves people lives. >> taking everybody out of the bus putting them on the street again. that's not good. the effort to save route 22 overnight also supported the bus driver's union local 265. a final decision is expected in may. a pittsburgh man with a long history of identity theft and forgery has been arrested in petaluma.
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police say they found 47 -year-old jaime flores passed out the driver seat of a car parked at a petaluma gas station, sunday night. the allegedly found drug paraphernalia on the console along with purses containing personal documents not in his name. police are following up on possible victims of identity theft in connection with those documents. he was booked into the sonoma county jail. water coursing through the russian river has been carrying flood debris 4 miles, now reaching as far as the pacific ocean. wilson walker is live in gender with a closer look. >> reporter: last week we were watching the force of the river move through guernville and towns upstream. today, we got a look at everything that has made its way out here to the pacific. >> it is amazing. when you come down you can see the normal line but where the river meets
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all that energy, all that mock. >> reporter: the russian river making a big push into the pacific ocean. the line where the two meet hard to miss. >> i've never seeing it out that far. pretty dramatic. >> reporter: the other story is the debris, some of it still making its way down the river even though things have settled down since last week. >> russian river meets the sea. >> all that beach on the other side gone. all river. >> reporter: now that the river has fallen back and that beach has resurfaced, this is what is left behind. >> mainly tree limbs and branches and stuff like that. whatever was coming from the town floating down the river coming out here. i didn't see furniture or anything like that. a lot of stuff. >> reporter: that is the situation here at the mouth of the river and at the beach north and south of the mouth of the river. let's talk about the roads. i want to take you back to last week and something we showed you
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one week ago today western sonoma county. >> did you get any that? >> reporter: we were on mays canyon road last wednesday when it came across the mudslide standing there with a couple of neighbors we started sliding and i name a supposition that day that it would be a while before the mud cleared away. i went by the same spot and sure enough the mud is still sitting there by dumb luck an employee of sonoma county was there sizing up the spill and trying to figure out what to do with that mouse and i am told that the county is still putting together the list of all of the road closures like you see there. seven, eight days removed from that incredible night of rain
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and the county is still adding up the problems they will have to take care of in the case of the mudslide i'm told it will get triaged. the county has to decide what they can take care of with their crews, what they need to contract out and what they need to ask ema to help them with. if you live in a neighborhood like that, we have a massive pile of mud blocking the road, the county is still adding up the damage. it tells you something about the force of that storm. they are still putting together the list of challenges left in its wake. that is near guernville. i showed you the mess here at the beach. one incredible couple days of rain, and you are left with the mess that will be sitting around for a long time. >> president trump's former lawyer michael cohen provided new documents to the house intelligence committee today.
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they include edits made at the request of the president's lawyers to false statements cohen me too congress back in 2017. it suggests the lawyers had detailed knowledge of what cohen was going to tell congress. it comes as house democrats of escape the president on allegations of finance, ties to russia. cohen said he would continue to cooperate with the committee. >> the hearings went very, very well, i believe all the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i give to them. >> we are very grateful for the time it went on obviously a lot longer than anticipated. >> reporter: next the house intelligence committee will be holding a public hearing next week with former trump associate felix seder. he is believed to have knowledge of negotiations for a possible trump tower in moscow. a second federal judge has
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ruled that the trump administration's decision to address the decision question to the senses is legal. today a judge in san francisco so the move by the federal government quote threatens the very foundation of our democratic system. he also ruled it would violate a constitutional requirement that the census count everyone in the country. the latest ruling means the case will likely make its way to the supreme court. attorney general said quote we celebrate this ruling an important step protecting billions of dollars for services californians rely on for public sound safety and health. tim cook join president trump at the house today, seated next to the president for a business roundtable on workforce changes. cook says it is critical to get students ready for digital jobs . >> we believe strongly it should be a requirement in the united states for every kid to have coating before they graduate from k-12 and become
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somewhat proficient at it. we realize and something this large it takes government, private sector and education in the same direction. >> apple has developed its own curriculum and has partnered with 4000 schools and 80 community colleges. mark zuckerberg wants to revamp facebook's image, transforming it into a network focused around privacy. today the ceo revealed his vision of how to make the service more secure, including using encrypted messaging especially for online payments. the company's reputation has been marred by allegations of poor privacy practices which zuckerberg acknowledged. he also teased plans to enter grab integrateinagram, facebook. >> how a gardener targeted mnes before he died. fourth of july plans? some ski resorts extending their season into the summer. one of the fanciest hotels
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in the bay area and it can't stop anyone from visiting the lobby or restroom. even the homeless.
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. in a bizarre case of revenge from beyond the grave, german authorities suspect a landscape gardener targeted people after he died. he was found dead from unknown
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causes inside his home on friday. earlier that day, a doctor was killed by an explosion that appeared to come from a booby- trap laid outside his practice. two days later a mother and her daughter were injured when a log exploded inside the wood burning stove. german police linked both cases to him. they say he had disputes with both victims victims. the ceo of southwest says the airline is losing millions of dollars a week over a labor dispute. southwest is taking a hit from flight cancellations and delays because mechanics are deliberately assessing planes as unsafe to fly. a cbs news investigation say mechanics feel pressure to keep planes in service. mechanics units is the airline is trying to quote distract the public from southwest's degrading safety standards. >> skiers heading to lake tahoe the summer are in for a treat. you heard me right skiers this
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summer. they have over 600 inches of snow at squire valley, telling us today they are extending their species into july 7. so much snow, about half from last month alone mammoth mountain announcing last week they are extending their season to fourth of july. i have to go camping in tahoe this summer do i need ski boots? >> take your snowshoes. they are selling themselves short i think they can push august. a lot of snow up there. folks on july 4th will have a lot of snow to contend with its that snowy. nothing in the bay area heavy
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but now the story is the persistence of rainfall. folks are saying enough is enough but mother nature says i have my own timetable, thank you. light rain around san jose, later showers moving through santa rosa, napa county, american canyon and the city of napa. a few showers after midnight tonight that would mean the fifth time in san francisco history we have begun march with seven consecutive rainy days. the winter is crying in seattle we will spring ahead the sunday. sunset 7:12 p.m. we have that change coming , on tonight, 40s.
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livermore 46, pacifica 47, san francisco 50. atmospheric river missed us but still raining. low-pressure center to the north off the coast of portland but still raining. the overall pattern for the entire west coast is unstable. huge dip in the jet stream diving down to southern california. even when a front moves through brains for a day after. we will continue to see scattered showers. before we get of a break for most of thursday and on friday. tomorrow morning rain pushing south, showers possible. by afternoon rain should be wrapped up with animal afternoon century, friday the drier choice. a storm system will pass to the west over the weekend but we still get a rain chance, will be anything heavy but will impact your weekend. showers light rain possible
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saturday afternoon and saturday evening. showers likely tonight, left over showers tomorrow. enjoy the break on friday before showers return saturday. 9 degrees below average in concord. mountain view 55 degrees for a high tomorrow half moon bay 53. couple morning showers, limited afternoon sunshine high of 56 antioch in bay point mid-50s, low 50s san rafael and mill valley. high of 51 in lakeport. most of tomorrow drawing, freddy gerard, showers late saturday, dry sunday and monday before another round moves in tuesday. marchuary continues in the bay area. the cofounder of the pollinator policy determined to help declining populations. meet this week's jefferson award winner. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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. >> when she learned about the troubling decline in bee and butterfly populations, she decided should do something. >> reporter: she has had oakland teachers and volunteers foster parent monarch butterfly larvae to increase their populations and that is not all
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. >> your job to mix it. >> reporter: a muddy mess is kids mix soil with seeds from california native wildflowers. when they germinate, they will attract bees and butterflies. >> the only plant monarch caterpillars can eat, did you know that? >> the project work of the pollinator policy. the eight -year-old nonprofit cofounded at oakland's lake merritt gardens, volunteers to teach children, gardeners, landscapers and others to create pollinator friendly spaces. >> how we look at landscapes, how we do all landscaping to be aesthetically pleasing to humans not paying attention to how everything we do in the landscape affects the local ecosystem. >> reporter: five -year-old learns she can make a difference. >> trying to make plants grow and also to make more butterflies and bees. >> how kids get them into the ground and speaks to her
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creativity. >> children whack them to outlying areas. >> you help the earth. you help the planet. >> reporter: besides planting pollinator gardens, she and her volunteers raise monarch caterpillars and build habitats to increase the number of native bees who don't live in the hives. cofounder terry smith says is a key reason why the nonprofit has bloomed to 650 member. >> she makes connections between people and ideas that are magical. it makes you want to join in the fun. for increasing pollinators through education and landscaping, this week's jefferson award goes to rocha. >> she also founded and organizes the autumn lights festival a three night fundraiser. >> kids get to play. >> you can nominate your local
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hero for jefferson award online. had to almost creepy. hundreds of disney inspired homes sitting empty. the dream city crisis.
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. >> venire site in turkey, hundreds of disney style castle sitting abandoned. >> these gothic villas seem to pay homage to the castles honored in disney films, buyers
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can purchase them for about $400,000 each. developer say owners can take advantage of healing hot springs but many sales have fallen through and now those homes are sitting empty. despite turkey's economic crisis, the architect hopes the development will open by october. >> bring them here. breaking news, a terrible discovery and a south bay home. police find three bodies inside. signs pointing to a family tragedy. a deal to keep the raiders in oakland hits a snag. the setback that could end up derailing the entire thing. dealing with all this rain. showers popping up around the bay area. when we finally see a break in the weather. news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. >> we begin with rookie news
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out of san jose. a woman and two children found dead inside a home on dent avenue. live at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: police sources tell me it appears a mother killed her two young boys before killing herself inside their apartment complex. neighbor say she was depressed after losing her job at a nail salon last year. as you can imagine, pretty shocking. it happened at about 12:30 this afternoon when the father of the two young boys discovered their bodies on a bed. police say the mother killed herself and neighbors tell us the father ran out crying hysterically, asking everyone for help. >> saw the husband outside screaming, the wife had killed her self in the kids.


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