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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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. the terrible family tragedy unfolding inside a san jose apartment. >> saw the husband outside screaming the wife had killed herself in the kids. >> tracking rain still falling across many locations. when we finally see sun. >> not good for tires, everything about the car. >> potholes so big one is ebay area bus line now been forced to reroute. drivers say they are nearly impossible to avoid. a disturbing discovery. shocking neighbors in san jose. >> tonight, signs are posting
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pointing to a horrible tragedy of father from his two young boys and mother dead inside their apartment on deck avenue in san jose. >> reporter: police sources telling me it appears the mother killed heard two young boys before killing herself, inside their apartment complex. neighbors say she had been depressed after losing her job at a nail salon last year. police were called around 12:30 this afternoon when the father discovered their bodies on a bed the mother killed herself. and neubert tells us father ran out crying hysterically asking everyone he ran to for help. >> i asked him what is going on he ended up telling me his kids were dead on the bed and the wife was in the bathroom. when he told me that i decided to run out. >> reporter: neighbors tell me the mother was the only one working at the nail salon and she was laid off or fired several months ago and had not
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been working. sources tell me there was no trauma on the bodies of the little boys so they are trying to figure out if they were suffocated or poisoned but they will not know until autopsies have been done. check out this incredible lightning, lit up the sky over santa barbara last night. the national weather service says there were more than 1200 lightning strikes over a span of 5 minutes. as far as weather goes the shattered showers settled down for the moment. >> here is a live look at san francisco. layer of clouds above but not as much rain at this point. tracking high def doppler. >> no longer about the intensity of the rainfall, it is the persistence. it has rained every day so far this month and showers will likely carry past midnight. light rain throughout the bay area currently. others scattered, santa cruz
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mounds, northbay mountains. a few urban locations are impacted, including portions of fremont, pleasanton and livermore. san ramon and danville getting a few more showers. watching snow pile up in the sierras, thunderstorms east of sacramento have finished but the snow in the sierra will continue. overnight more scattered showers, the thing terribly heavy but enough to slow you down in the morning. showers may linger until almost the lunch hour before we clear things out late tomorrow with minimal sunshine. not only is the rain every day so far this march it has rained nine of the past ten days. scattered showers continuing this evening. talk about sunshine and another rain chance coming up in a few minutes. you probably noticed potholes have sprung upwith so much rain. they are so bad several bus lines have to be rerouted.
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talking about lines that run along fourth street between folsom and market. that's not the only place we are seeing pothole problems. >> reporter: there were five san francisco public work crews out today filling potholes, but it was a losing proposition. they couldn't keep up with the volume and they can't is rain continues to leave massive craters in roadways. after nonstop pounding rain, dodging potholes is like trying to play a live action version of frog or. this pothole spotted by a muni driver last night muni . >> we use the information, got it back to central control who sent an inspector out there. >> today the eight line rerouted around the massive public works crews were trying to fill it in. even as more rain comes down. >> rain, water the worst enemy of pavement.
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if there is a little crack in rain gets in there, and makes the road more vulnerable to having a pothole there. if you have lots of traffic, trucks or buses, a street that has a little damage already is when a pothole forms. >> reporter: san francisco has just 350 a month during dry months. as many as 1800 per month in the rainy season. some reemerge multiple times leaving crews playing pothole lacrimal. >> sometimes you might fill one on a tuesday night might be back on friday. we have to patch it again. to fix, it doesn't always stay as strong as it should when the weather is wet and there is not hot asphalt on the. >> reporter: rain induced asphalt damage isn't just leaving drivers with a bumpy ride, it is leaving damage, too. like the front end of his car. >> especially on the lumbar, it's not good for tires,
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everything about the cars. >> reporter: if you have damage from potholes, driving around the city, you can file claims with the city's attorney's office to see if they will help pay for some of that damage. >> a running joke in the city. it would be a challenge to find a name street in the city that isn't covered in potholes. it is rampant everywhere holes. it is rampant everywhere . they put special crews out on some of the more heavily traveled roads, waiting for potholes to come up so they can fill them as quickly as they emerge. >> you know they are going to happen. new video showing the destructive power of last week's floods that ripped through sonoma county. sky drone five flew over the beaches near jenner, showing all the junk carried downstream for miles by the flooded russian river. it reached the pacific ocean
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and here it is. downed trees mixed with muddy debris. in the meantime, there are concerns about toxic waste in the flood zone, tonight. sonoma county has declared local health emergency. reports from guernville on how cleaning up could be making people sick. >> reporter: resident still trying to get rid of the soggy, ruined junk that used to be their worldly possessions. aside from the big mess some of it is extremely toxic. when floodwaters began receiving all that household hazardous waste turn guernville into a bowl of toxic soup. gasoline, motor oil, weed killers not to mention raw sewage from flooded septic tanks . with tuesday's emergency declaration, county health officials are warning that in cleaning up residence could be making themselves sick. >> some of the materials if you get them on your skin you can have a rash or if they get ingested that might cause
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gastrointestinal illness. >> reporter: the county has issued a handbook on how to clean up without becoming contaminated. along with that, officials have been desperately telling residents to separate out household hazardous waste from junk files to keep it from fouling the landfills. the homeowner says it is ridiculous to think flooded residents have the time or energy to do that. >> what are we supposed to do, stop functioning, stopping able to get into our homes become we have separate piles of trash that so going because it's all contaminated anyway? >> reporter: even if people did separate hazardous material there is no plan for anyone to collect it. so far the county has not been picking up debris from people's homes, but the county health officer says the emergency declaration now enables county crews to begin house by house collections of hazardous waste. >> people are being warned about the possibility of hepatitis from raw sewage and a county health official told me they may begin offering tetanus
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shots to residents. clearly this is a disaster that did not end when the waters receded. friends and family are left without answers after a woman was found murdered inside her san jose home last week. investigators were back at 59 -year-old bambi larson's home today. according to the corner she died from sharp force injuries to her neck and torso. law enforcement experts say the evidence may point to a crime of passion. stanford employee accused of trying to kill his girlfriend has been placed on leave by the university tonight. prosecutors say 26 -year-old james shore will stabbed his girlfriend under the influence of lsd. he pleaded guilty to attempted murder and other charges today. he is an assistant director of admissions at stanford. a win for renters tonight the city council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans
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landlords from evicting them without cause. the city council felt so strongly that landlords were taken advantage of evicting tenants they enacted an emergency ordinance but some worry the new policy will backfire and forced landlords to be more selective about whom they rent to. >> we will double, triple check the credit history. we will check criminal history, the past eviction record. >> they need to know why they are being evicted they can't just get home one day and have an eviction notice on the door that says you need to leave. >> under the new ordinance landlords still have the right to evict tenants under federal and state law but they have to have a reason such as not paying rent or carrying out illegal activity. a deal to keep the raiders in oakland for the final season before their move to las vegas may be off again. turns out, stemming from a major, unresolved issue between the raiders and the coliseum
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authority board, sources tell us it involves who will cover the expenses of the raiders headquarters in alameda. >> it requires agreement by both of us and we have a difference of opinion. >> this could sink the deal? >> this could likely put us in a position where there is not a deal. >> reporter: if it stands, the deal would increase the raiders rent and also mark the first time that east bay taxpayers will actually make money off the team playing in oakland. did you know one of the swing cutest hotels in the bay area has a public bathroom? >> even the homeless are allowed to use it . an agreement between the city. >> a little-known rule some hotel staff didn't even know about. the investigation into a
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threatening letter and suspicious substance sent to one bay area elementary school. the bay area bus line known as the rolling hotel for the homeless. outrage afterward the line is on the chopping block. the line is on the chopping block. ♪ they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is.
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so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more than the one next door. don't get stuck in the past. sell with a redfin agent. . a threatening letter addressed to a san bruno elementary school, prompted a hazmat investigation. police say staff member opened a letter with a threatening message and a suspicious
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substance coming hazmat crews flooded the scene while students and staff were told to shelter in place. the substance later deemed safe. and santa clara county several people are planning a rolling protest on board a bus tonight. the vta bus 22, also known as hotel 22, doubles as a unofficial shelter. due to budget cuts the overnight portion could be on the chopping block to budget cuts the n could be on the route runs from east ridge malta palo alto 24 hours a day. many ride overnight seeking shelter. >> keeps people safe, saves people select. >> taking everybody out of the bus putting them in the street again. >> overall the proposed changes, which there were about 70 on the table, could save agency roughly $15 million annually. >> vta also says cutting one portion of line 22 could save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. a final decision is expected in may. one of the training hotels
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in the bay area. >> a homeless man has won the right to use the lobby and the bathroom there anytime he wants. the fairmont hotel in downtown was built in part with public money from the redevelopment agency. in exchange the public gets access to, and the right to use the bathrooms, the bar and the restaurant on the first floor. he was turned away from using the restroom and marched straight to the city attorney's office. >> he asked my staff if there was a document or restriction that required the fairmont to provide or allow access and we gave him the document. >> the general manager released a statement saying they are now proud to honor the formal agreement. it lasts for 75 years until 2071. what are you having for
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dinner tonight? how about a side of charcoal. >> that the same charcoal you use when barbecuing, but the latest food craze. activated charcoal, used in medicine, showing up in everything from ice cream to drinks. but is it safe? >> so trendy right now you see other people doing it you want to try it too. >> watch the original report tomorrow night here at 7:00. paul is back with more, exciting news for skiers. >> kind of knew it was coming but always cool to say it. ski after seeing fireworks on july 4th. squaw valley, alpine meadows extending their ski season to july 7, why? >> a lot of snow up there folks. the resorts have seeing nearly 600 inches over the season. half from february the last
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time squaw valley was open in july way back in 2017. i say go for august. i know it's an employee issue but keep one run to the summit you could probably roll until september if you wanted to. radar right now is snowing in the sierra, and we are seeing light showers including beautiful downtown napa, vacaville, fairfield and cordelia showers stretching down the sac city corridor to san jose. morgan hills as well. nothing heavy the still raining. winter storm warning, additional 1 - 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations of the sierra. let's think spring. here it is. we spring ahead this weekend. temperatures are going to move much but the clock moves forward one hour. sunday evening 7:12 and i wish you luck getting your teenager up school sunday morning. temperatures in the 50s san jose 54, livermore 52 overnight
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lows not moving much drop in a few degrees body with scattered showers. oakland 49, fremont 47, san rafael 45. pattern not normal for this time of year but clear explanation why. storm truck down in southern california obviously on the northern side where it's cooler . we done that the past several weeks. even though we have a bigger storm in the northwest, an atmospheric river to the south, still in between things. showers early tonight and tomorrow because of the unstable air that will not go away. points out to morgan hill even through lunch hour, you can see a few showers. futurecast calling for the chance of a big showers in the coast in the santa cruz mountains, even friday morning. most of tomorrow afternoon dry but on the coast in the hills, could be dripping. weekend another storm will pass by to the west by a couple hundred miles but we will see
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showers giving us more weekend rain mainly saturday afternoon and saturday evening. showers likely tonight, left our showers on saturday, brief, dry break friday. redwood city 56, fairfield 56, livermore 56 and similar feel mid-50s as well. dry tomorrow, dry friday, light rain but weekend rain high- impact. left over showers in the hills sunday and we dry out a couple days again before the next shower next tuesday. we spring forward this weekend it won't feel like spring just yet. r. kelly arrested again. >> why the singer is back in jail plus what he says after an exclusive interview. stunning announcement from one of america's most well- known game show host. the moment when president trump called apple's ceo tim cook by the wrong name. by the wrong name.
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. here is what you missed if you're just getting home. r. kelly behind bars again tonight this time because of unpaid child support. this comes on the same day the singer broke his silence about being arrested on sexual abuse charges. he was emotional when he denied sexually abusing women in an exclusive interview with cbs this morning's a la king. >> i am very tired of all of the lies this is not me i am fighting for my [ bleep ] life. tell me [ bleep ] i can't help [ bleep ] >> robert >> rob . >> cook county sheriff says he
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will not be released until he pays more than $160,000 in child support. his publicist says they hope to get kelly released sometime next week. a stunning announcement from longtime jeopardy host alex trebek. he has stage four pancreatic cancer. according to the american cancer society, the survival rate is about 1%. but he says he plans to fight the disease and work through the three years he has left on his jeopardy contract. talk about an awkward moment, apple ceo tim cook sat alongside president trump a roundtable in washington, today but the president may have forgotten half his name. >> you have really put a big investment in our country we appreciate it very much, tim apple. >> cooked didn't really say anything mr. trump is known to use nicknames for people. in the past he is referred to amazon ceo jeff bezos as jeff bozo. tonight elon musk wants to
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build one of his traffic tunnels under the las vegas strip. the tunnel would be about a mile long installed around the las vegas convention center. electric cars or pods would whisk people around. the project cost 35-$55 million. the tourism agency pushing for and if approved the tunnel could be opened by 2021. speaking of elon musk, a revamped 2014 tesla model x will start patrolling the streets of fremont. customized with sirens and an in car computer. it will hit the streets next week as part of a test to see if it's a good fit. they chose tesla because of its size, performance and durability. coming up next, the golden state warriors added to the roster just today. why the newest member isn't new at all. new at all. narrator: in utah, you're livin' on mountain time
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and there's nothing standard about that. with 10 resorts less than an hour from salt lake international airport, mountain time means more time on more resorts on the greatest snow on earth. it means more time with the kids and more time away from the kids. ski more, shred more, chill more, cheers more
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because mountain time is a state of mind that can only be found in one place. utah. . raining in the tri- valley right now live look from dublin. can't stop, won't stop. look at the breakfast forecast. you knew it was coming. scattered showers, nothing terribly heavy boat windshield wiper weather again. mid-to upper 40s, up-to-the- minute forecast tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> please stop.
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official, andrew bogut back with the golden state warriors. >> the team re-signed the 34 -year-old center. bogut recently played in australia. before that -- he is the mvp of the australian leg. spent four seasons with the ducks and he is back. >> he has some visa paperwork to go through then he will be back. >> expected to join next week. >> get the family back together. thank you for watching. >> speaking of getting back together, we will see you back here at 11:00. more news and weather. head in the meantime to have a good night. have a good night. mber the we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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