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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  March 7, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs president overroads the objections of the personnel security office and his chief of staff and his white house to grant a clear ans to his daughter ivanka. ivanka trump was not the only top white house advisor to get a security clearance, only after personal intervention from the president. >> i like. i really appreciate the great job they're doing. special guy. a real winner.
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she's beautiful. incompetent. >> it's the late show with stephen colbert. tonight manafort plus stephen welcomes gayle king, pamela adlong bond and ad ddz lon and musical guest mumford and sons and jon batiste and stay human am and now live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! (cheers and applause). >> stephen: whooo!
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>> stephen: happy birthday. what a delightful, what a wonderful crowd. what a marvelous crowd you are tonightment i'm so happy to have you here, welcome one and all to the late show. i'm your host, stephen colbert. you know-- (applause). >> stephen: thank you, thank you. you know, i have met donald trump. but i would not say that we are friends. (laughter) and i thank the lord for that because today has been a rough one for those close to the president. let's start with former trump campaign chair and man with resting indicted face paul manafort. earlier today a federal judge sentenced manafort to 47 months in prison, okay. s that he's not even four years, okay. so not quite four years but with good behavior he is incapable of good behavior. the 47 months manafort got is a
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shockingly lenient sentence considering the sentencing guide lines call for a prebt term of 19.5 to 24 years. yeah. i will tell you what, i tell you what, i got to say, that half, that half has got to sting. is that necessary? that's like hearing you are sentenced to death and community service. but manafort's lawyers tried everything to get their client a reduced sentence except representing an innocent man. manafort even went on tv and freaked out on gayle king. manafort's lawyers also claim the sentencing guide lines were unfair since he was a first time offenders. as prosecutors pointed out that for over a decade manafort repeatedly and brazenly violated the law.
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he wasn't so much a first time offender as a first keeps coming for paulie numbnuts because next week manafort will receive a second jail sentence from a different federal judge for witness tampering and money laundering. you know are you in trouble when the only time you get out of jail is to go get sentenced to more jail. (laughter) a lot of people-- (applause) i got you. i got you. a lot of people are saying it looks like paul manafort will be in the slammer for the rest of his life but maybe he can convince the pas role board to let him out early if he's a smoother talker. >> so to be clear, mr. trump has no financial relationship with any russian oligarchs. >> if that's what he said. that's what i said-- that's obviously what the opposition is. >> stephen: he's going to be in there a long time. it's been-- never-- i
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love that, i love that footage. so beautiful. it's also been a bit of a rough day for former trump fixer and man watching his soul ride off on a vespa, michael cohen. cohen has been testifying for the last two weeks in congress and there is one thing he was very clear about. >> i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> stephen: checks, reimbursing me for paying off a porn star, he yes. pardon, no. i have my dignity. but and its he's a big juicy but, according to "the wall street journal," according to "the wall street journal," cohen instructed his lawyer to inquire about a presidential pardon. oooooh. what would you call a person without does something like that, representative gosar. >> liar, liar, pants on fire.
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>> stephen: thank you, thank you, sir. reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time. cohen's lawyers argue that cohen's testimony wasn't a lie because when he said he would never ask for a pardon, he was talking about the period where he had made his decision to tell the truth and that new michael cohen authorized them to say publicly he wouldn't accept a pardon. that is a tricky, tricky distinction to sell, dug, you say you never cheated on me. >> i didn't, that was old doug. i'm new dug. now if you will excuse me, have i to go pay off a bookie because old doug bet our mortgage on the knicks and goons are coming for new doug's knee caps. now if it sounds like old michael and new michael had quite an internal struggle over whether to get a pardon, i'm being told right now, we have footage of both michaels
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debating whether he wants a pardon. >> trump, we wants a pardonses. >> no, trump is wicked trickster, elys, elys! >> but master trump is our friend! >> you don't have any friends. no one who works for trump has friends! within yes, but he is the president. (cheers and applause) >> beautiful performance. >> stephen: andy serkis does it again. this revolution is crucial because it undermines cohen, a wit whens has produced copies of donald trump's checks, reimbursing him for paying off porn star stormy dan yems which would be a campaign finance violation. now trump fired back at that charge this morning on twitter.
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>> it was not a campaign contribution, and there were no violations of campaign finance laws by me, fake news. sir, are you passionate but just saying it wasn't me, it wasn't what it was is not a strong he defense. i mean after all atticus finch didn't defend tom robyn son by saying oh no he di's n' t. one, one republican had a clear defense of the president, i'm talked about south dakota president and stock photo of a stock photo mike rounds. >> the president loves his family and i think it has as much to do with trying not to have public discussions about something that is for him a private matter that he didn't want to have to discuss with his family. he loves his family and i don't think he wanted his family to go
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through this. >> stephen: yes, while trump was being spanked with a copy of forbs magazine by a porn star, he was thinking of family. and i believe that because they were on the cover of that magazine. (applause) now-- true store hee, true story. trump also claims to be friend with apple c.e.o. and music teacher who doesn't see what is so darn funny about the word pianist tim cook. cook was at the white house yesterday and things got a little awkward when trump tried to thank cook by name. >> we appreciate it very much, tim apple. (laughter). >> stephen: tim apple. >> he's got to cook that apple. >> stephen: very good. i'm not saying trump's mind is going but let's just say he skipped a few software a,e youmd
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me linda binge? >> stephen: this isn't the irs time trump as has done this. see if you can spot the subtle mistake with last area's press conference with lockheed martin c.e.o. marilyn hewson. >> i may ask marilyn lockheed, the leading woman's business executive in this country according to many. and we buy billions and billions of dollars worth of that beautiful f-35. it's stel, you cannot see it; is that correct? >> stephen: did i get the detail about the plane correct? cuz that's the only part i care, everybody. marlin . >> stephen: we also heard from former white house chief of staff john kelly, he volunteering to do anything but
11:46 pm
his old job. yelled kelly made a rare public appearance at duke yufort where he had a tip for a friend. >> what advice did he give your successor, mulvaney. >> run far. >> stephen: goods one. ha ha, good one, general kelly. here's another one. why did the chief of staff cross the road? to sit on a park bench and stare into the middle dises tans wondering what poison he helped pour into the blood stream of the nation he loved. now-- . >> jon: wow, that was a heavy one. >> stephen: it's sad cuz it's true. the 2020 presidential election is going to be here any minute and of course elections mean debate and yesterday we learned that the democratic party has decided to exclude fox news from televising any of its candidate he debate. >> oh no, oh no!
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but now how will fox viewers know which democrats are going . now the folks at fox news not happy, they issued a statement, we hoped the dnc will reconsider its decision to bar chris wallace, brett baier and martha maccallum all of w4078 em boldee journal imple inning at thity and professionalism from moderatek a democratic presidential debate. you are a 24 hour news channel and are bragging that you have three journalists. that is like a menu at a diner saying hundreds of choices, several edible. in response, some tweeted democrats just lost@foxnews from holding a debate, good, then i think i will do the same thing with the fake news networks and the radical left democrats in the general election debates. look, you won't boycott the debates because there are
11:48 pm
cameras. plus-- plus, sir, mr. president, neither party controls the general election debateds. they are not sponsored by individual networks. they are overseen by an independent commission and typically aired on all major stations. unless, unless he's going to pull the debates off all the major networks, in qui case i'm looking forward to seeing trump debate bernie sanders on naked and afraid. we got a great show for you tonight. gayle king is here. stick around. i'm captain obvious and
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>> stephen: welcome back, everybody. jon battest and stay human right over there. give it up for them. (applause) ladies and gentlemen, folks, this is always a pleasure for me. my first guest tonight is a coanchor of "cbs this morning" who made new this week with her interview of r. kelly. please welcome back to the late show, our friend gayle king. (applause) >> hello! hello, stephen colbert. >> stephen: thanks for being here. >> i'm glad to be are here.
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>> stephen: this morning, you had a big week, the show had a big week. everybody is talking about, even many of your colleagues, we had willie geist here tonight, he was like all hail gayle because you had an amazing sper view with r kel's. >> yes, can i show you what happened to me backstage, in the green room elton john called me. in the green room, i pick up the phone, i pick up the phone t was a 212 number, i didn't recognize but i thought it was work because we are work on a special. i thought it was work. he goes gayle, it is elton here, i went elevatorton john, hi, elton, he was talking to talk about the r. kelly interview. just now. >> stephen: that is nice, he calls a lot. may i adjust that, there we go. >> colbert styling. >> stephen: that is what i do, i provide that for my guest. >> i like it, i like it. >> jon: >> stephen: now did you have any idea. had you met r. kelly before.
11:55 pm
>> i met him five areas ago at a birthday party it is one of those things where you say hi, hi, hi. i didn't want to be one of those guy thras goes we met five years ago. i had no relationship with him. >> stephen: no idea what to expect, the energy. >> you did go to see him 15 minutes before the interview, to his apartment. so i went-- trump tower in chicago. >> stephen: okay. >> in chicago. so i went 15 minutes before to say hi. you know, thank you so much for doing this. you know, we want to hear what you have to say and let you tell your store hee. he was sitting if sweat pants, got a christmas tree up in the house, that he keeps, he had the christmas tree up since 1993 as a tribute to his mother. he loves his mother. it was her favorite holiday, she passed away. he had it up. it was very hot, he was resting his voicek sitting in sweat pants. i said we are here. for the story. he said well, i'm ready to talk. i'm going to change, because he had on sweats. i will put on a suit. i i go you are going to put on a suit.
11:56 pm
>> he said yep, and i will be down. >> because i didn't want him for the first time to sit with him lights, camera, action, you know, you walk in, four cameras, lots of lights. i didn't want it to be like that. >> stephen: you didn't want him to be uncomfortable, you wanted some relationship. >> i did i want to at least have said hello. >> stephen: he did put on a suit. >> yeah. >> stephen: and just about busted out it. that su and r. kelly right there. he is giving a speech to the mult teud and are you-- everyone is marveling, including myself at your compose sure in this moment. what is going through your mind at this moavment because you look like a graph enimage from a temp e89 or something. >> in is the thing. i could see him getting more heated. he was upset with me about am sov the questions, that is okay. he was a little irstate-- irritated. that is okay. the picture was taken by my makeup guy who as you see say really good photographer. i didn't even know he was in the room taking pictures. so we are sitting there, and lazarus is snapping away, he took 800 pictures that night,
11:57 pm
think about that. so when i see robert getting really up et and-- upset an stands out of his seat, my initial reaction is my god, please don't leave, please don't leave, please don't leave. we had seen him storm out of interviews before. and so i was thinking i will not be able to ask my questions, so i thought what can i do to save the interview, i thought if i sat there quietly and make eye contact, the minute if i stood up and say calm down, you know when you are upset and someone goes calm down, and you go i am calm slm i figured that would be worse, i figured it i sat there quietly, he would know i'm's not going anywhere and he will finish whatever this is and then sit back down and he did t have. >> is this camera on me. y'all killing me with this [bleep]! >> robert-- shall. >> stephen: that robert, it's now instantly legendary, robert.
11:58 pm
>> i know. >> stephen: everybody who freaks out at anybody from now on out, if anybody yells at me, anybody yells at me for the next year, i'm just going to go, robert. >> stephen, i. >> i thought if we had both gotten emotional answers what what wood goo doment you know when somebody says your name strks soothing. i will say his name, he will know i am here and eventually sit back down, which he did. which he did. >> stephen: were you at any moment. >> afraid? >> stephen: worried about your safety. >> listen, i never thought that he was going to hurt me or hit me. i never ever thought that. what i was wore heied about is that he was flailing and hitting wa worried he would accidentally hit me. but i never thought he wanted to hurt me in anyway. and i don't want to accidenteddally get hit either, guys. i didn't want that. >> stephen: not at all. >> i was wore heied about that. but did i think that he was
11:59 pm
going to hurt me, no, i really didn't. so i wasn't afraid about that. if you could have seen the thought bubble t would have been u oh, please, ples, silt back >>phen: your family.g cra >> favorite daughter son, oprah called we were very worried. i guess when you look at that picture it is very menacing. >> stephen: st. >> it is very menacing. >> stephen: it is, yeah. >> but i really wasn't wore heied. >> stephen: i admire your composure and focus. i get rattled at the drop of a hat. >> thanks. >> stephen: you are rattling me. >> yeah, right. , yeah. (applause). >> stephen: now you have gotten a lot of props for this, a lot of praise for this across-the-board from fellow journalists as well. were you happy to hear that fox news jessie waters. >> oh my god. >> stephen: gave you props. >> oh my gosh, stephen, i con believe this. >> stephen: after that jussie d.
12:00 am
>> for robyn roberts. >> stephen: yes. >> so many people started sending this to me, i don't norma lee watch fox news unless i'm curious, so i was sent this, and dana stood up for me and said that wasn't robyn roberts, that was gayle king. so i emailed dana who i don't know. i got her email and i said hi, just wanted to thank you for letting your colleagues that robin roberts and i, it was a great compliment but thank you for letting them know that we are two different people. and could you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people do not look alike. could you please just share that. yes, i did. i said that to her (applause). >> stephen: it's good to flow. a good reminder. >> and dana was said ito nice to you. s s nice to meet you. >> dana said listen, you know, we have a little joke about t i hope to meet her one day because i thought that was very nice of her to do. because the guy said robin
12:01 am
roberts, gayle king, i just thought okay, all right, it's okay. >> stephen: yeah, it's not okay but it's okay. >> right, right. >> stephen: we have to take a little bit of a break. you can stick around, you stick around because we have a clip from tomorrow night's special of the interview with gayle and r. kelly that you don't want to miss. we'll be right back. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom
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>> you
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, we are he's back here, we're back hear with our friend gayle king. gayle, this morning on the cbs this morning you aired part of the sit down with kelly's live-in girl friend. hosh: joyces.
12:06 am
>> stephen:l. >> who i d he is 52. that was kind of my reaction too. >> stephen: okay. and there is age difference, that he is in-- they are both his girlfriend at the same time. >> yes. >> stephen: i understand r. kelly stayed in the room for that interview. >> this is the thing. i had been working with his-- he has a management person, darrell johnson, and he said robert will not be in the room, okay, great, and darrell was standing behind me. the girls are in front of me, when you go into a swanky suite they vey little hallway before you get into the main entrance. i saw robert leave, i did not see him come back in. iot kno t h come i ner didre johnson wred me he wob 'm b darrell. r. kelly comes back in, he can hear the conversation, he is out of my eyesight and out of the
12:07 am
girl's eyesight too, they did not see him, but when there was a question he didn't like and i can't remember what it was like, you hear this-- -- i am a little irritated because i'm thinking who on the crew is krof coughing like that, you know when are you taping, you would much rather choke than interrupt a taping, so i am thinking who is that, and then i am cleared it is r. kelly, i'm told he is talking to my crew, they are doingogue, should i go in and stop t should i stop it, he is having a dialogue with people on my team. they said no, you should probably leave alone. we continue the conversation. but the girls are so angry, so angry the way they spoke. as a matter of fact, asriel he's dad called me, hi been talking to him to apologize, he said for the behavior of my daughter. he called me today. that is not the daughter i raised. i don't know who that girl. is i'm so sorry. >> stephen: her parents are very worried. >> they are terrified, both sets of parents are terrified because
12:08 am
they believe their daughters have been brain washed. these guys, they are 21 and 23, they don't even know. we don't know how the r. kelly story is going to end, we really don't. but what i do know is that those girls are goinged to need their families sooner i think rather than later. so it was heart breaking. >> stephen: and in the special tomorrow night you have an hour long special at 8 p.m. >> they are working on it right now, right now. >> stephen: you have got an exclusive first look at part of it here. this is you talking to r. kelly, i think, about his history of being with inappropriate girls. >> i wasn't sure what they had. okay. >> given that you know that about you, why do you continue, it seems, to continue to see young women? why do you continue to did that? >> why do i continue to see women. >> stephen: i'm not saying women. >> i know older women as well. i know-- 43 year olds, they cool, i go out with them, i love
12:09 am
women. >> stephen: you know, this is the thing, when i asked r. kelly about younger women, don't you think considering your behavior that you might say to yourself, maybe this isn't good. because this is not a "he said, she said" this is a "he said, she said" she said he she said she said he she said. and he keeping says that i didn't do anything wrong. all these women are lying. i go everybody is lying except for you? you know, that just-- that just defies logic. when i went into the interview i knew he wasn't going to say you know gayle, you are right, have i done terrible things. but i did think that on some level he would have a moment of reflection, he would have con trigs. so it became very, you know, very troubling to me to see him really just fall apart. i thought we were lftion oan havgssing of the a breakdown, that is never a good thing to see. never. >> stephen: how do you feel about how we as an audience or fans can approach the artist's work ethic.
12:10 am
>> how do you separate it. >> stephen: michael jackson is being pulled off radio stations, play lists all around the world. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: can you still enjoy the work of artists like r. kelly or michael jackson after this. >> i have been thinking about that. because you know, listen, that song i believe i can fly was one of my favorite songs, serge loved all of michael's work. but for me it's hard to separate it now. and i think that you know, you have to di side for yourself what you want to do. but these are different times. and we are hearing it now with different ears. we are paying attention to it in a way that we haven't paid a continuation to it before. and the thing about michael jackson and r. kelly, none of these are new allegations. we are all heard these allegations for years. and i think because we as a w-8, you know, they wereitted,ay yonoreic but now when you see the people come out and they are talking the way that they are talking, you can't unhear that. you can decide whether you want
12:11 am
to believe it or not but you can't unhear it. and i think we are listening to it now very differently. >> stephen: well, gayle, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me, really, really. >> stephen: thank you. the gaim king interview with r-- the gayle king interview with r kel hee air this friday at 8 p.m. on cbs. gayle king, everybody. we'll be right back with pamela adlon. oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on insur thuy's theorst.
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>> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back. to our continuing coverage of our own show. ladies and gentlemen, my next guest tonight is the creator, director, writer and star of the peabody award-winning show better things. please welcome back to the late show pamela adlon. (applause). ♪ nice to see you again. >> thank y >> thanks for coming back. >> i brohty favor candy wednesdah. gueringeifts. ts, does that look american. >> this looks your mean.
12:17 am
>> yeah, like swedish. >> it's got ice almost, how do you open this while i interview you. looks like you gave me a pack of cigarettes. here, i hate you, have cancer. con combatlations on the third season of better things. >> thank you so much. >> stephen: it is wonderful. >> thank you. >> stephen: what would you like a candy. >> of course i would. >> stephen: thank you, that's nice. now a lot of material for your show comes from your own life. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: season three now, have you run out of thing ms. your own life or do you still have things to talk about that you--ness. >> i can't talk when i'm-- . >> stephen: here, put it here. >> fine. it's better. >> stephen: they are delicious. >> you know, so your life goes through different phases.
12:18 am
and so kind of like when i turned 40, it is almost like i'm a human cliche. like i was reading a book and i thought am i crossing my eyes. but it was my eyes, my eyes had gone and i needed reading glasses when i was 40. and so then i finished shooting season two last year. and then i'm in my closet, i'm trying on clothes and i'm like the [bleep] what is going on, like what is this. i have like all these-- my pants didn't fit, they just fit, so i was like, i can't believe this is my life. but i have the vaj of having my show so i knew that in was going to go in the show and that it was going to be anuch being in my closet and knowing that my clothes didn't fit me any more. like i wanted those white jeans to fit me but i had outgrown them because i'm 50 now and i got thicker and so what, i have
12:19 am
a way that i can share it and-- . >> stephen: it's content. >> yeah. >> stephen: content excuses almost anything. >> yeah. >> stephen: i broke my wrist once running out on stage. i fell and broke my wrist and i knew hi broken it, and i thought content, i have something to talk about. >> but were you in so much pain. >> stephen: i was in a great deal of pain, i iced my wrist and put it under here so i could talk. i was about to go on a two week summer vacation, and i wouldn't go to the doctor because i knew he would put it in a cast. so instead i put it the castt iy worth it. >> you did the wol show with ond like i could pleasure myself. i can say pleasure myself, don't
12:20 am
tell me i can't say pleasure myself. who knows how i was pleasuring myselfk i was giving a thigh massage. grow up. so we have a clip here of you facing the disaster that was your closet. >> yes. >> stephen: jim. >> seriously? do you fit me? no, hmmmm, did my boobs just get fat? before, after, bore, after. (applause) what you got to do. >> stephen: do you direct the show as well. >> i do. >> stephen: so how do you, when do you ever have-- you write t are you in it, you
12:21 am
direct it. what are you-- you must be constantly people grabbing you. >> i do all the things, yeah. it's-- i always say that i should have a go proon me when i'm in production in the season because it is so, it is so intense and it is really something-- its he not anything that you have ever seen but like stiements i just want to do one thing. like i finish a setup, i have to go down a seen scene, we shoot maybe 10 to 13 pages a day. we do pieces from eight episodes in a day but sometimes i just need to go take a [bleep] and i'm trying to keep that thought in my head. and i'm like i got to go boom boom. i see the bathroom. it's rit there. it's right there. so i start walking andn m costume desinner comes in, she says will you do this. and my casting director says i need this test. and then my first-- says i need to set up these shots and three hours go
12:22 am
by and i'm like i'm impacted, i'm's like bow. >> stephen: so how do you hide, where do you hide, because i think it is important for you to hide, as a producer. where do you hide? >> also it is funny because i am my producer so i have to take that for myself. i will find anything, any place that's dark that i can go close the door, take off my pants, take my bra off, and lay down i can pass out for ten minutes and i'm good to go for another, you know, 12 hours. >> stephen: wow. >> i just need my little-- you know t is important to rest. and here i go. here's a little lesson for you. but you know, it is not about sleeping. you don't need to freak yourself out about actually going to sleep. if you rest your body is going to know, your brain is going to he know and you rejuvenate. >> the interesting thing about that is you are completely wrong. and you have to sleep. and what you are describing
12:23 am
leads to a fugue state where you later you say no that was normal, this is not normage. you have to sleep. >> i feel like we're both frightening. >> stephen: better things airports thursdays on fx. pamela adlon, everybody. we'll be right back with a performance by mumford &sons, seriously. , no. you got a virus. i have a virus? ♪ i'm missing this. did you try restarting it? mom. any key enter... space bar... escape. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
12:30 am
>> stephen: and now, with a special performance of "beloved" from their album "delta," ladies and gentlemen, mumford and sons! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ austere enthroned in white grandeur ♪ but tired a shift ♪ a whisper of where you sailed ahead ♪ from your eyes i'd never seen ♪ you unkempt before as you whispered ♪ "darling close the door"
12:31 am
well how, have i not ♪ made a note of every word you ever said ♪ time, is not on our side so i pretend ♪ that it's alright she says the lord has a plan ♪ but admits it's pretty hard to understand ♪ before you leave you must know ♪ you are beloved and before you leave ♪ remember i was with you are you afraid ♪ how ever could you not be in this rosy light
12:32 am
♪ this is strange i feel a hand ♪ come through the mirror pointing at the light ♪ pointing at the light we never see ♪ as you put your feathered arms over me ♪ before you leave you must know ♪ you are beloved and before you leave ♪ remember i was with you and as you leave ♪ i won't hold you back, beloved you sit and talk ♪ the stars down from the sky down there
12:33 am
♪ forget the chaos in your eyes love and as you leave ♪ you must know you are beloved ♪ and as you leave i can see ♪ the wild has come for you and as you leave ♪ i won't hold you back beloved and as you leave ♪ see my children playing at your feet ♪ ♪ ♪
12:34 am
♪ oh oh, oh ♪ oh, oh oh, oh ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you can catch them (urs andpplauseg)r now!
12:35 am
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>> stephen: hey, that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when i'll be joined by senator and presedential candidate cory booker. now stick around for james coredn. good n ht! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry 'bout ♪ where it is you come from it'll be all right ♪ it's the late, late show


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