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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PST

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that could have been me, a friend, any one of our 10,000 members. >> now at 7:00 grief and outrage after a san francisco cyclist was hit and killed, the group saying it could have easily been prevented. >> plus breaking up big tech, the radical plan from a presidential hopeful. >> the thing is nobody really has an answer for how to regulate the tech industry. >> also tonight 16 counts of lying to police, what's next after empire actor jussie smollett is indicted by a grand jury? the new kpix5 news at 7:00 starts right now e deadly cintll san francisco. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook.
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it happened before 8:30 this morning at the intersection of howard and sixth streets in the soma district. kpix5's andria borba is live at the scene. andria? >> reporter: well, this is a very busy thoroughfare through san francisco south of market, but as of this hour the medical examiner still has not identified the woman, but cyclists here are worried about that announcement. they're afraid it might be one of their friends. along howard street clad in yellow shirts a human shield protecting bicyclists from rush hour traffic. >> this street has six lanes of cars. there's plenty of space to create a protected bike line. so the collision and tragedy we just had this morning would never happen again. >> reporter: the crash happened when a white truck and a woman riding an electrified ford go bike collided at the corner of sixth and howard. paramedics were unable to revive the woman in their 30s. today marks the first bicycle fatality of 2019 in san
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francisco. janus leejanice lee is with the san francisco bicycle coalition. the location of the crash is important. bike lanes have been installed on howard at sixth and 11th streets but none where the fatal crash happened. >> where we see that infrastructure drop, where the design fails people die. this is no longer a hypothetical question. >> that's a street that has been on our radar for a while. we know it's a street we need to improve. >> reporter: sfmta says there is now a plan in place to extend bike lanes on howard from sixth to fourth street in a few weeks. >> what about all the way to embarcadero? this entire street needs a protected bike lane. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office has yet to identify the woman killed this morning. her death is the fourth pedestrian and cyclist fatality on howard in just two years.
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>> we made a commitment as a city to vision zero, to reach zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries on our streets by 2024. that clock is ticking and we are not getting anywhere closer. >> reporter: now sfpd is investigating this crash at this point. bicycle advocates believe the woman may have been dodging an opening car door here on howard street and that's when she collided with that white truck. of course, this is still under investigation right now. >> andria borba , thank you. empire star jussie smollett in new legal trouble tonight, a grand jury indicting him on 16 federal counts of disorderly conduct. he was charged for filing false the empire actor s bornin me horriblecusaons are yal people who are really targeted
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because they are african american, gay. >> he deserves it. i'm glad. >> it's very unfortunate for everyone involved. there's enough things going on that are real without somebody coming along and faking it. >> legal experts say smollett could face up to three years in prison. he denied the allegations. giants ceo larry baer not completely in the clear after a public altercation with his wife. the argument was caught on camera by witnesses. pam baer falls to the ground in a struggle over the cell phone. the san francisco district attorney's office says it is reviewing the case to determine if there will be any charges. the couple's attorney tells the chronicle it was a personal matter, not anything criminal. larry olizsays 'srassnd ke leave absence ng. tonight presidential hopeful senator elizabeth warren is targeting big tech. she says companies like amazon,
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google and facebook have gotten just too big and it's time to break them up. so is that even possible? kpix5's len ramirez is in silicon valley tonight. >> reporter: there's no question that these tech companies are dominating their industries, but the question is does it rise to the level of an abuse of dominance or monopoly? that's a question voters could be facing in the 2020 election. what was once a love affair with the big tech companies could be heading to a breakup. senator elizabeth warren has a plan to limit their size and stop them from taking over smaller rivals saying today's tech companies have too much power over our economy, society and democracy. do you think tech companies are too big? >> absolutely. they're too powerful. >> reporter: homeless advocate pastor scott wager says google's expansion having negative effects in one case,
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housing. >> look what's happening. people are not coming out of poverty and homelessness. >> reporter: but is the breakup of these tech giants even possible? yes according to santa clara university anti-trust law professor donald poldon, but it would not be easy. >> you have a problem here adjusting how you take out the bad while remaining the creative, innovative, the new product, the new thing of the future. >> reporter: cnet editor ian scher said tech companies have enjoyed doing what they please without much government regulation, but if this issue catches on in the 2020 election, those days could be over. >> the tech industry is going through a really tough time with the united states government right now. >> reporter: but one silicon valley leader says let the marketplace decide if the tech companies have too much power. >> let's let consumers choose, not a political candidate looking for headlines. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. storm damage in santa rosa forced a preschool to abruptly
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close this week to clean up mold. the press democrat is reporting merryhill preschool is closed indefinitely. the school e-mailed parent late tuesday leaving many scrambling to find backup care. water reportedly seeped in the building through the walls and doors. the school later closed to get some mold remediation work done after getting back air quality test results. >> it sounds like a common problem. these are older houses. i'm not really concerned about it. i think it's just a wear and tear thing. >> we reached out to the school today but have not heard back. up next strong opinions tonight on some freeway express lanes meant to ease bay area traffic. >> it ain't nothing but another ripoff, just another way to try to get more money out of everybody. >> the commute e hard science b
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devastating california wildfires, why the last of years may only be a glimpse of what to expect in the future. >> and the bay area basketball team that just made history on the hard court. >> are you enjoying the break from the rainfall? it will last about 22 hours total because the rain does return for part, not all, of your weekend. so we'll go hour by hour and talk about which part of the weekend will be dry coming up.
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relief is finally coming for commuters who often face gridlock. >> caltrans just broke ground on a project to relieve congestion on one of the bay area's busiest traffic corridors. we're talking 101 from san bruno to sunnyvale. crews will widen the highway to create express lanes both directions for 32 miles. as kpix5's devin fehely explains, that convenience comes at a cost. >> reporter: ever find yourself stuck in traffic thinking you know what? i'd pay good money to get out of this. you may soon have the option. the view from chopper 5 largely confirms what we already know, that the stretch of highway 101 connecting san francisco to the silicon valley is one of the most congested corridors anywhere in the bay area. >> i think it's really going to
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relieve traffic congestion. >> reporter: state officials including state senator jim bill say they have a solution, but it comes at a price. caltrans just broke ground on 32 miles of express toll lanes between highways 237 and 380. buses, carpools with three people or more and motorcycles can use the lanes for free, but everyone else will have to pay. >> it ain't nothing but another ripoff, just another way to get some more money out of everybody. the cost of living is so high, who could afford it anyway? >> reporter: caltrans says they considered several options and found conventional carpool lanes were too congested and those requiring three people per car were often underutilized. express toll lanes they say were a happy medium. >> the express lanes are a key to solving the barrier transportation problems. >> maybe in the future i might be using it, but again that's what i was kind of saying. it's another expense. >> reporter: caltrans estimates that construction will lilast until the
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middle of 2022. in santa clara, devin fehely, kpix5. drivers can enjoy the stunning scenery on big sur this weekend and not the deters. >> caltrans is going to extremes to get highway 1 reopened. fire in the hole, blasting boulders at paul's slide getting the loose debris above the roadway cleared so it can stay open. they were also busy patching these massive cracks that opened up in a couple spots during the recent rains forcing the road to close. crews were out today making repairs and repaving at mud creek. it was the last stretch to reopen this afternoon. caltrans says there may be traffic control delays this weekend, but for now highway 1 is open. meantime scientists say all the winter weather in california does not reduce the risk of wildfires. a team of researchers looked at the link between the amount of
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rain and snowfall each year and the severity offire seasons afterwards. they found a century of fire suppression created an abundance of fuel in the forests and even when we have a wet winter, our increasingly warmer and drier summers simply overwhelm the moisture. so they say climate change is also a huge factor. >> absolutely. it's not just the warmer summers, it's the warmer winters, too. more of the precipitation it looks like will fall as rain instead of snow. >> we spotted evidence today. look at how the rain is creating this lush vegetation. despite it being absolutely gorgeous, scientists say it will only dry out to become fuel for possible fires. >> we live in california. it doesn't matter. if it rains, if it's dry, it's fire danger, always going to be there. >> think about it this way. the variable is what happens in the winter. what happens in the summer is wethe water every mmt ge.
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thto be g tall and dried out or shorter and dried out? as we look outside, dry is not an adjective we've been using to describe atr very often and chilly, that has. 58 degrees in vallejo and santa rosa for a high, san jose and hayward 56, san bruno 55, livermore 54 degrees. tonight clouds are moving in and rain will be around by sunrise tomorrow in the north bay, oakland 45, san jose 42. a couple showers in the mountains. we did get some sunshine today, but between midnight and sunrise it rained officially in san francisco. tomorrow it will rain lightly. it's only the third time in san francisco history that we will start march with nine consecutive rainy days. it has rained some or all of nine straight days in the bay area. springing ahead tomorrow night.
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you lose that hour of sleep, 7 su wh's hapngom track r e are no more atmospheric rivers, no more flood threats. it's kind of nuisance rain. we will see some rainfall moving in. if you're a little league coach, you probably will call it a nuisance tomorrow because if you have an 11:00 game, that's for you. we have light to moderate rainfall moving through, not a washout, but enough for 0.1- inch of rain in a couple hours. the afternoon looks drier, but there are spotty showers at 5:00 or 6:00 and may even see scattered showers through sunday morning. futurecast says into sunday afternoon it looks like the storm will peel away by then. monday we get sunshine back. that's a one-day deal because we have more showers coming tuesday. let's forget all that. you want sunny and ig bloing ridge of high pressure, haven't we
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second half ofweek e rie is back. the storm track e north. we will be warmer and drier. it is still seven days rnowery afternoon, showers linger into sunday and aside from tuesday, that's our only rain chance next week. most of next week is trending drier and milder. 54 in concord tomorrow, redwood city and mountain view 55. extended forecast calls for soggy weather especially around lunchtime tomorrow, lingering showers through sunday morning. we dry out monday, some more showers tuesday, second half of next week three sunny days in a row. what are we going to do with ourselves with highs in the 60s and sunshine? i don't even know how to react. >> we're going to celebrate. >> painters, roofers, they're all going to celebrate. >> thanks, paul. eight bay area schools are
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team from kern county today, the first state championship in school history. the oakland bulldogs are competing for the division 4 title tomorrow morning. >> history being made right now because it's been so long since we made it to state. so it's a lot of pressure on us because we need this game. >> a team from the peninsula is also trying to bring home a championship. >> as vern glenn tells us, it's been quite a while since they have won it. >> reporter: the ball has been bouncing menlo's way all season and in white against enterprise days ago the menlo school knights crowned a fourth division 2 norcal title. they are zeroing in on the eve of a fourth state championship.
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>> john bay, former stanford and 49er quarterback, arrived the nfl strike year in the late three-peat team of 1989, '90 and '91. >> 1987, steve young and i, we were picketing the 49ers facility in the morning. in the afternoon we came over to menlo and coached the girls basketball team. >> reporter: he's partner apparently still got it in a 25 win season. >> he's amazing. he knows so much about basketball. we're really lucky to have him here. >> reporter: the james harden step back daddy. the drive for the reverse lay- in, whatever the knights need, sophomore avery lee is instant offense at 17 points per game. >> to beat rolling hills you guys must what? >> just give it our all 110%.
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>> reporter: they got to keep shooting like this, not like this. in atherton, vern glenn, kpix5. >> the knights play in the division 2 state title game tomorrow at 2 p.m. in sacramento. >> good luck, knights! up next the young steph curry fan sitting courtside right now after helping him design a pair of his signature shoes. >> plus the caught on camera flash flood that ravaged a popular california tourist destination. >> plus the splashdown from space that is putting us one step closer to putting customers into orbit. >> the flu season may have peaked, but experts are eyeing a surge of cases from a nastier strain of the virus, story nit at 1. ♪
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here's what you missed if you're just getting home right now. any minute now singer r. kelly could be out of jail according to his manager. the singer owes more than $161,000 in child support. he won't be released until he pays the entire amount. kelly is also facing other charges of criminal sexual abuse involving four alvictim hehas denied all the allegations. president trump and the first lady are in florida tonight after touring damage from a deadly tornado in alabama. >> we're providing all of the aid. so you'll see the fema people. let them know as soon as you can because a lot of people don't know that and they really
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need aid in this case. >> 23 people including four children died in the twister last weekend. the recovery is expected to take months. it appears california won't get reimbursed by the feds for all of the repairs to the oroville dam. in 2017 the spill way's crumbled during heavy rains. fema did approve $333 million for repairs, but the agency denied the additional 306 million to reconstruct the spillway. fema says the spillway failed mostly due to preexisting problems, not just the heavy storms. the state plans to appeal. some crazy new video from palm springs. that is the palm springs aerial tramway getting inundated by a flash flood during a storm on valentine's day. roads around there were damaged. the tramway is a popular tourist attraction. repairs are underway. it is expected to reopen april 1st. spacex just took a huge
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step in space exploration. its crew dragon capsule splashed down in the atlantic after a five-day mission at the international space station. a dummy filled with sensors was on board to test the effects on human passengers. if it all goes well, the dragon capsule will carry its first human passengers into orbit this summer. a 4th grader who wrote a letter to steph curry is now sitting a few rows above the court at the warriors game wearing a very special pair of shoes. 9-year-old riley morrison of napa wrote to curry complaining his signature shoes weren't in girl sizes. it inspired him. he invited riley to design the artwork inside of the latest version of the curry 6. >> it's two girls playing basketball and then encouraging words behind it. i want when i grow up to be just likeantobeableo do -- at least be as good as he is.
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>> all this playing out on international women's day. the warriors tip off in a few minutes. coming up next a valuable lesson in spelling, why a bay area police department is blaming this issue on the sign.
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that can only be found in one place. utah.
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well, spelling is hard sometimes. just ask the fremont police department. >> yeah. they put up this digital sign urging drivers to remove all valuables from their cars. they're blaming the spelling error on the sign. they say they just didn't have enough character space to add that pesky letter a. >> come on. >> but from car fit and remove all fit but not valuables. >> blame it on technology. i always do. they're working on getting it fixed. thank you for watching tonight at 7:00! >> of course, we'll be back here at 11:00. for more news and weather you can always head to and get an update there. we'll see you.
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