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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 10, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the recent storms really left their mark on area streets and the potholes show it. plus service off the rails, they're still not sure exactly what happened. that time of year again, time to spring back into the debate over daylight savings times. it's 6:00 this is sunday, march 10.. >> it feels like it's going to look darker as we go through the morning for sure. to push the clocks up in our.
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remember where we left off yesterday? there was a storm sitting right off the coast, peeling off a couple showers. same thing today. encore. it has not moved. today will be just like yesterday was with one exception. yesterday, if you remember, and if you are up early, a real steady band of rain that came through about 8:00 and 10:00 in the morning. everybody got consistent rain at the same time, that doesn't happen today, what does happen today, scattered showers. pretty much for the rest of sunday. take a look at the live radar. you can see it's coming in all of the place. a few more cog rating down here in the south. a quick check on the south bay see where we have isolated showers. things clearing southcom you can see a good little band of rain coming there. once we get over to marin. this is the theme for the rest
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of today. showers keep coming. if we take a look at the headlines. scattered showers of the day. a few isolated thunderstorms will be mixed and. do not be surprised if you step outside at any point the day and get a brief downpour. if you do, it will not last long. look at the bottom line, there is a long break in store. by that i mean a whole stretch of days in the 7 day forecast sunny with daytime highs in the 60s. that has got to some good. sure the details on that. back over to you . once he busy pouring in smoothing asphalt yesterday. the public works department says it is concentrated on high- traffic areas. >> there is cracks in the pavement and water gets in the
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that's when potholes conform. >> the biggest problems on the high-traffic roads and public works crews say they're working on weekends to avoid disrupting the weekday commute. they're not just a problem in san francisco, they're bigger in the bay area. here's 19th avenue in oakland. the repair bill came out to $350 . on the lookout for the worst potholes in the bay area. shows your photos on facebook, twitter, and instagram . some businesses in sebastopol struggling to survive after major flooding late last month. an upscale market shut down temporarily. all 30 businesses had damaged equipment or furniture. it will need to be replaced but some businesses have little or no insurance and still they have bills to cover like payroll and taxes. even though they are closed the moment. several wineries and restaurants in the area are trying to raise money through gofundme page is . the san jose pages
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the san jose offer involved shooting from 2014 has been released under the transparency law. police say two officers responded to a 911 call about a man matching the description of lopez who was walking through campus holding a sharp object and acting irregularly erratically. one officer shot lopez because he believed lopez was about to attack the officers partner. the girlfriend of lopez has seen the video and it appears he was trying to de-escalate the confrontation. >> it hurt me more than anything. because i know those are his last moments and in a minute i'm going to see what they're going to do to him, and he is dead again. >> sjsu police said the officers used force deemed legally justifiable in response to an immediate threat that
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potentially result in great harm or death. the santa clara county district attorney's office is clear the officers in 2015 . park train service should be back to normal and a far cry from yesterday morning with the transit system shut down several hours. two critical systems to power and control trains crashed in the early morning hours. the outage was triggered by overnight maintenance but now they admit it's not clear what happened. about 11:00 went bar service was finally restored. part is launching invest b.a.r.t. is launching investigation. a bill written by state senator nancy skinner aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. the bill would direct the california air quality resource board to require a 40% cut in a
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diesel admissions by 2030 and 80% by 2050. the trucking industry is skeptical and say it is not possible but environmentalists say the technology is for cleanup advancing very quickly. joe biden says his family has given him the green light and he's 95% sure he's running for president. we asked the former mayor willie brown how to take it from here. >> you should stay at 95% there because believe me, he needs somebody to drop out. he needs a whole host of those people to get out of the way. so there is very little debris when he announces and saves the party. that's what he needs to do. if you try to do that before the debris develops, it will be a problem. >> one of the things you have to figure out too, huge teams of people who run these presidential campaigns to licking sure you get a good team , a good expert, good groups to do your ground game etc.
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is really important. the longer he stays out, the harder it is for people maybe i will go with biden, maybe join klobuchar campaign, for those folks it becomes a problem and harder and harder once he jumps in to get the type of people. >> if he steps back, what is he waiting for? to take each other out, he's the one everybody would go after, they would dig up anything they could. junior high school, clubs as a senator, everything will be rolling in. >> a relative of clarence thomas. believe me, the reputation will follow him and a whole series of other things, whole businesses have cheated on his test score and law scores. that will bother you. you don't get that if you are the only man standing. if you wait too long, is there a problem, there's no room for you then? they move on? >> no, let me tell you some. trump has proven you can wait
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and wait and watch the debris develop in fall by the wayside. biden i hope has the discipline to do that. >> the word as he might jump in around april. that seems to be the timeline he is looking at. we do not have a confirmed necessary. at any rate, it seems to me it's going to happen anyways, they're already digging up, you know, your books etc. it's a matter of 11 jumps in, you'll get hit with it whether you jump in today or april. >> your eyes and ears are all over the state and country. if you jumps and what are the odds? >> he can get the nomination literally. on the democratic side of the aisle. he just has to be very careful who is number two will be. what you may be seeing is a be to see who gets the number two spot. >> he has been a presidential candidate before. obviously he has been a vice president before. that does not inoculate him
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against past mistakes? but not necessarily. especially in this day and age, we changed a bit sort of what the standards are. holding him to today's standards, we have seen you know affect the number of politicians when looking through the lens of today. just his treatment of anita bryant alone at the clarence thomas hearings is, you know, something that will be brought up again. so, i mean, it's, it's, it's, going to be very difficult. like the plagiarism issues might be there but other things may be a lot larger. >> summary going through his yearbook. moving on, in case you have not done. this is the day to turn your clocks forward one hour for daylight savings time. but today's a crazy day. but he will come and take, you know, >> the future of these twice a your time changes is a bit murky. november, california voters improved state lawmakers changing the daylight savings time period and could even
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escape lawmakers that still need approval from the federal government. still ahead, the housing crisis. scott weiner sits down to discuss the mismatch between the high number of jobs and the low number of homes in the bay area. homes in the bay area.
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you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. scott weiner here to talk about the housing crisis. since the recession 2009 and we have had in over 7000 jobs to the bay area. housing however, only 106 units. do the math. that is why prices are so high. the question is, is the state the right group to try to do some about this by these different plans for affordable housing including the creation of the new idea of a regional
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agency to handle housing? >> yes. the legislation has to be involved to set up basic standards. unlike every other important policy, education, healthcare, etc., traditionally in california, cities have complete control, can do nothing, can do a little bit, can do as much as they want. we now have a three have million home deficit in california, the worst in the bay area, it is anywhere. it is pricing people out, spiking homelessness, young people cannot get a foothold. yes, the states needs to step in and not take over but set enforceable standards so all cities are allowing its. >> different cities have different reasons for not building housing. these are sometimes the same cities advocating for housing. for example san francisco, your home district, affordable housing yet every time some it comes up with an idea for affordable housing is meant by
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stonewall and stonewall after stonewall the process. >> to be clear, i have been a critic of san francisco is approach to housing. san francisco has to do better. we have built a lot of housing at market rate and low income. we have to do better. we do make it too hard and too expensive in san francisco. san francisco needs to streamline and expedite the process. the mayor supports that and i support. so to other cities. we are all in it together. >>. it is the question of whether the state mandates and the local has to follow the rules. now, regionally, we always hear about regionalism. building another mccready other bureaucracy, it's kind of ironic, isn't it? part of the problem for the housing is bureaucracy. so we had another layer to the bureaucracy to it? but no. that is not what it is doing. regional collaboration on transportation, housing, it's very important. acknowledges cities do not exist in a vacuum. we are all interconnected. san francisco and san jose and
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burlingame, all linked together in a job market. housing decisions in one city affect the cost and other cities. what this will do, we already have the metropolitan transportation commission for transportation which helps coordinate transit funding decisions and wrote funny decisions. what this will do is allow us to coordinate funding affordable housing and deciding to want to have regional revenue measures which also really won't happen unless somebody approves them. this is about better regional coordination housing. >> really quick, we hear affordable housing i hear bonds in it's a very expensive way to finance anything. is affordable housing really affordable? or are taxpayers paying more and getting less out of it? but to be clear, we have to do two things. to allow the private sector to build more housing overall because we are so short and for the medical class middle class
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in particular. and it has to be stopped obstructing the private building of houses. low income people, the market will not produce housing affordable for them so we need subsidies from the government to make sure we have a mix of income and they don't become homeless. >> you can finance that in a lot of ways. you can do it for texas, bonds are another way of doing it. is all government funding. >> he brought up a good point. that is where we stand here. i don't know if this helps. san francisco wants low income housing. they do not want market rate. they say there's too much market rate. they say they want market rate and they don't want the low. that is where the agency has a take. >> everybody needs to do both. right now, the state senator in san francisco, we need to take a look at the weather. i have an interesting conversation from before the newscast she said i want to go
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for a run. today, when a good time to be to go for a run? is one of the more difficult ways to answer questions like that. the same to you, whatever your plans are today, take a look outside. it looks good, you are good for probably the next 20 or 30 minutes. after that, you can see anyone of these thunderstorms behind like that pop up and get you. the thing to remember about storms like this, as a pop up, they won't last long. even if they do get one, let's say you have a little leaugue game. it looks like rain, you should still go. it will not be rained out. and likely will get rained out for a time. maybe you don't like the sickening. after that, the storm will pass. one other caveat. some of the storms as i mentioned earlier could come in the form of a brief thunderstorm in which case you need to get a really heavy downpour, maybe a small path, that is where you kind of have to be your own weatherman or weather woman when you are
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outside today getting the sky before you do some like that. know there is a chance. take a look at what is going on now. three cells on a three-minute drive. that's like the way your day will go. here's what it looks like a futurecast, same story, we play this forward, this texas had to 1:00 in the afternoon. see that? isolated showers. the same time, you're also getting brakes of blue sky out there. for time it is going to look beautiful then we gets more rain. that is the rest of sunday. we take a look at the rainfall totals on here, it is kind of all over the place, not a lot in general, on average, talking about maybe attempt to 2/10 of an inch of rain unless you're in the mountains and less you get one of those heavier cells of thunderstorms. one other interesting thing to talk about, just for fun, if you are up in the mountains and lucky enough to be going to mount hamilton or something, did you see in the mountains?
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just in the santa cruz mountains it over to the coast rent? those are small little patches of very light snow. you have to be above 3500 feet but the storm gives you a light dusting of snow. for the highest peaks. there is the storm, the same one from yesterday in the same place. i gave the explanation for why. stuck here two days. the storm is just taking a hard right turn and grazing along the coastline. it happened yesterday it will happen today then we are done. sunshine coming back her way, back in the 60s for daytime highs, and even though there is a small chance still on tuesday, the storm coming tuesday looks less impressive now than it did yesterday. i took the rain out of the forecast and look at the end of the seven-day, sunny skies and mid 60s, we are about to get a long break. back over to you. the contract this week continues with southwest airlines and the union representing mechanics. two signs, the union claims the southwest is ignoring major safety issues. the airline recently delayed or
6:20 am
canceled numerous checkups and they are necessarily taking plains of service to get negotiations. they warned the two sides the need to get along for the sake of passenger safety. a letter from the faa reads in part, a breakdown in the relationship raises concerns about the ongoing effectiveness of the airline safety management system. >> i want to feel like i'm trusting the planes and flying them. it makes me very worried. >> the faa is not taking sides with the labor dispute but says it is keeping a close eye on the situation. a giant leap for women in space. for the first time in history, and all-female crew is expected to conduct a spacewalk outside the international space station. astronauts will be on a mission to upgrade batteries on the space station. about 240 miles above earth. meanwhile, there will be ground support for the women from the
6:21 am
johnson space center in texas, the all female spacewalk is just a coincidence and the woman say they are laser focused on the mission as they get ready to make history. >> it is important for a lot of people to look out and see someone that looks like them. we are keeping our heads down and focusing on the task. >> this mission is expected to last about seven hours. it is scheduled for march 29, the last week of women's history month . disneyland long-awaited star wars opening for the spring. you want to see it you might want to get in line now. want to get in line now. d pres. ed gets labels clear as day. and, lily.... lily gets anything she wants. ed knows he could just have us deliver his prescriptions. but what's the fun in that? switch to cvs pharmacy.
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good morning everybody. if you are holding a cup of coffee do not take a sip yet i do not want you to spit it all over the table. i'm here to tell you this. an agreement between why we are seeing antonio brown and that. yes. the all-pro white outpost of this picture last night on twitter. reported heading to oakland for a third and fifth round draft pick, nine seasons, 837 receptions over 1000 yards, a trait all season, also regarded as the gold standard at his position. stay tuned. the st. mary's coach watches the division ii title game last night. 3rd quarter, cougars, emmanuel callison said, he scores 19,
6:25 am
campo first-ever state championship. 55-40. a jump and pinewood jumped by sierra canyon. open admission, excuse me. they wanted 69-51. the division ii title game against rolling hills, 7-63, the first a title since 1991. who's going to deny leroy? the girls head coach, the division four-game, 3rd quarter, stephanie collins, scoring 60 points. 24 rebounds 55-27. they tied in overtime with the sharks, right to the bank. the best team in the western conference. the final of 3-2.
6:26 am
later today the pac-12 conference title game between oregon and the stanford women. also later on your golden state warriors will be running with the phoenix suns, that is sports at this hour. i will see later. the force will be strong and disneyland the spring. star wars fans getting their first chance to fly the millennium falcon may 31 . the star wars galaxies edge, the largest expansion yet, not fully operational until later this year when another attraction opens, experts say tickets will be in high demand, patient? you must be. >> i think we are looking at an hours long wait to get on the millennium falcon right, at least for the duration of the summer. the new park is not just for kids, also feaster disneyland's first-ever bar
6:27 am
inspired by the cantina scene. speck my son is now watching us. coming up next half hour, r kelly released from prison after a mystery donor came forward to pay his child support bill. forward to pay his child support bill. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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welcome back, the time is 6:29, i'm melissa cain, let's take a look at the forecast. was taken to the forecast. >> medicine prize, today a lot like the second half of yesterday was. scattered showers the cayman and popped out everyone so well, then a break two hours then another band of rain would come through? that is what today will be, the reader looks just like that. a lot going on in the south bend. i'm watching things work the way down over palo alto, one of the most impressive rains happening at this moment. if we check out the south bay, there's palo alto, there's los altos, stanford, you can see the heavier band with the heavy rain and if you fell that down to the south, rain stays pretty consistent like pretty much are staying in the rain of the 280 through this part of the south
6:31 am
bay. that is one cell, particularly the bigger picture, everything else is fairly quiet for now. maybe in the north bay a few more showers, that's it. the theme today and the take away, you should expected to go on the rest of the afternoon, in fact, headlines on today's forecast tell us if you get into today, expect scattered showers to stay with this with a few isolated thunderstorms mcgin as well. that she recently to watch for the afternoon, it's a few of them which come in the form of real heavy downpours. maybe small hail and thunder and lightning. few and far between. to the break of blue skies and mid 60s with the second half of the forecast coming up in just a bit. back over to you . 137 people confirmed dead after a passenger plane crashed in ethiopia. state media says the ethiopian airlines flight just left for my ruby can you when the boeing
6:32 am
737 went down the city officials. >> this is where the flight originated, threat of survivors, 149 passengers and eight crew members were on board, the plan was reportedly brand-new, the same model involved in the crash in indonesia last october. ethiopian airlines say there were over 33 different countries on board a flight including age from the u.s. and 18 from canada. the cause of the crash is still unclear. dozens of people injured last night after a passenger plane had turbulence before landing at new york kennedy international airport. the to turkish airline flight originated in istanbul. injuries are not reported to be serious. mostly bumps and bruises . r kelly now out of jail
6:33 am
after an anonymous person gave him $161,000 that he owes in child support. before he was taken into custody this week for those outstanding child support payments he was already out on bail on a separate criminal case of sexual abuse. he pleaded not guilty to charges. they say they have dna evidence and video from the late 1990s which shows kelly having six with a girl believed to be underage . the state has yet to give us one single piece of evidence. >> you think it helped the case to speak out? >> you know, whatever this man does, people will criticize it. >> kelly due back in court later this month . new indications north korea could prepare to launch a missile or space rocket, satellite images appear to show activity outside pyongyang used to build missiles and satellite launchers in the past. a new launch is imminent. your way it could signal a
6:34 am
damaging blow to u.s. north korea relations. a little more than a week after the hanoi summit ended without a deal . travel to europe for americans just got more comp located. starting in 2021, americans into the european union nations will have to apply online for special travel authorization first. they also have to pay a small fee around eight dollars. the you says it's meant to boost security and combat terrorism and illegal migration. the authorizations will be valid three years and good for multiple entries during that time. the policy does not apply to travel to the uk . the sxsw festival in austin texas is turning out to be a big draw for democratic presidential candidates. nine people either running or thinking about it are in austin this week. the festival is known for a focus on music and technology but this weekend, candidates are offering ideas for protecting user privacy, elizabeth warren wants big
6:35 am
firms big forms like facebook and amazon broken it. >> to be able to come pete on a level playing field is taken away by these platform giants. >> they started sharing data in a big way. you should start taxing them for that. that money should go back to consumers. to protect cybersecurity or bring down the debt. >> part of the reason in austin texas has 38 electoral votes. recent poll in texas shows president trump is essentially tied with a hypothetical democratic opponent . campaign 2020, an interesting race, who is in but also who is not. the first time in over 25 years, not a clinton in the public eye during the race. what effect does that have on the party? >> it creates a problem. now you need to have someplace, somebody you can go to theoretically to get wisdom who
6:36 am
should be the selected person. we do not have it anymore. all the people running have their own collection of friends and relatives. bernie has his own collection etc. there are no clinton's, there never was a carter. there is not even a jerry brown. he has become not relevant. newsom has not risen for the state of california in terms of your numbers, we have not moved yet to the top. still the possibility somebody may come along. >> one of the arguments for having people with lengthy legislative experience, experience in washington dc, they collected debts and favors and can trade things and maneuver and so, one of the issues with this younger sort of group, the brenda group coming in, is they don't have as much to trade and negotiate
6:37 am
as somebody there longer. >> also no big-city bosses anymore. not in philadelphia, in new york, neglect, diblasio, no boss in south carolina. in texas. >> okay -- >> not san francisco? >> no boss. >> what about, one final question before we go. one question before we go. about president obama. does he come in? but no, not at all. is a matter fact, president obama was never a party guy if you recall. he ran against the party chicago. he was beaten the primary for congress. he has never been a party guy. only the beneficiary of a
6:38 am
revolt and he was standing at the right place at the right time. he gothe nomination, b tillery, nancy pelosi delivered the superdelegates to him, the party boss, he did not earn any of that. it was, he was, clean beautiful well-educated, a great theory attention keep in mind, the first candidate to succeed with the analysis you get through technology. >> is the trick for the democrats to find a candidate who they will phone love with in the way trump space has fallen in love with him? or is it someone who appeals to those folks in the middle and can shave some of his support of? >> some folks in the middle can fall in love too. i think there is a number of folks who even voted for trump it also ordered for barack obama, he was able to galvanize so many -- >> the oddest voting blog ever
6:39 am
. >> exactly, trying to replicate that since then. since then, nobody has been able to do it. but some else could do it. remember come in between kennedy, the candy machine, the clinton machine, we ended up with dukakis and mondale on the democrat side, not a great track record when there is not somebody in charge sort of making things happen. before you move on, anita health just to be clear. >> still to come, scott weiner here to discuss the homelessness in the bay area, how local officials reacted. we dig into the charcoal food craze. into the charcoal food craze. (baby crying)
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♪ ♪hold on, i'm comin' ♪hold on, i'm comin'
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♪hold on don't you worry,♪ ♪i'm comin' ♪here we come, hold on♪ ♪we're about to save you i'm comin', yeah♪ ♪hold on don't you worry,♪ ♪i'm comin'
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there is a saying in politics that common sense doesn't seem
6:43 am
to make much sense. state senator scott weiner has been an advocate and joins us. kind of bring back an old law. basically people we see on the streets totally passed out and incapable of handling the cells. you want local communities and at least san francisco to have the ability to put them in the hospital? and to keep them in the hospital? you past that by the state but there is resistance on the local front. i can understand that given the homeless problem. >> a small percentage of the homeless population, this is not about most homes, it's about a small percentage of people on the streets. some are incapable of making the decision for themselves. so severely debilitated with drug addiction, mental illness, these are the people sleeping in their own excrement, running the middle of the streets they are not capable of making decisions to accept housing services. we need to help them because otherwise they will die and
6:44 am
they're dying on the streets. we make it hard in california to put someone into a conservatorship which means the city or the county would temporarily make decisions under judicial oversight. lots of checks and balances and to process. what the law will do is allow san francisco for about 50-100 people of the most debilitated people in the streets, take temporary decision-making, not necessarily in the hospital, it could be to put them in supportive housing, services, the city will ultimately, at least for a year maybe longer, make decisions run healthcare and housing to get people off the streets and save the lives. >> okay, so, what is the philosophical and clinical opposition? we have the mayor and you advocating for it but the board of supervisors? it depends. they don't want to talk to you? >> we work closely with meg reed and also supervisor rafe l
6:45 am
supportive on this. the people of san francisco in a landslide this is not controversial. people take very extreme ideological opposition. listen, i'm sensitive to civil liberties. we don't want over uses. is not about going back to the battle days when people who did not need to be hospitalized were forced to the hospitals. we don't want that. because we all support civil liberties and people being able to make choices about their own lives, because of that, going to allow extremely debilitated people to die the streets? it's not progressive to watch people die utter streets . >> i can understand the argument. what i cannot, sort of wraparound is the, is that, the city hall does not have a debate about it. you know what i mean?
6:46 am
they try to keep it just quiet. it goes nowhere. >> there is a debate. the mayor and supervisor has sparked a debate. a pending ordinance at the board of supervisors to adopt the program and the bill authorizes it to move its forward in san francisco. it is a fight in city hall. >> we had fights, city hall or sacramento, it's a committee in the keep it tied up to the committee. with take another look. we want more. i'm not ready yet, let's just keep going. >> i think it is important for members of the public who want to see a more compassionate approach to helping people off the streets, if you don't think the status quo works. to let your supervisor know they would like to see a change and adoption of this. the people need to let our elected representative snow -- >> yours is a pilot program. to show the rest of the state whether or not it works.
6:47 am
>> the pilot program, we are not going to do it. that is the statement being made. >> the bill authorizes three counties of this, san francisco, we need to show it works. i think it will work. this is a change. >> the odds of it passing? i think more likely than not. >> not too sure? but will never say 100% when it comes to city hall having served there. i do believe there is momentum for this approach. >> we can be certain a little more about the weather. let's take bets on what is going on outside. almost certain to fail as you made the state senator seen on the air. 100%. the mountain view come i want to focus on you at this point. you are where the action is, live radar and you will see green and orange showing up, spotlights in the showers, one bull's-eye right there. it shows up over the south bend, close up look at that. mountain view los altos and
6:48 am
works its way towards the foothills. let's come in for a closer look at this. here is why i say mountain view. there you are. the brighter the color or i should say the deepest of colors. heavy downpours on the 180, the 280 and stretching of the 282. we look at this at a slightly way, the southwest of the valley, tilting the perspective a little bit. come out of the close range, and working its way right down into the lower elevations. fairly stationary for the last 50 minutes. this is the kind of ring where the the kind of rain where the windshield wipers are going fast like that. you're about to hit the road. doing that a good 15-20 minute depending on how your drive goes. then, really interesting, as soon as you get on either edge of that, which is wipers can be turned completely off. you will not be getting rained on all. this is really a good example of the way the rest of today's window. isolated potentially intense.
6:49 am
showers like this. they come in and get out hurt. that which is wrapped these. then you can a little bit of a break. futurecast shows you how it goes. there is nothing. look i said that is. most places knocking anything, probably breaks today, as we go throughout the afternoon. you will get a break with blue sky then one of these isolated cells moving and. don't be surprised if you see small hail, we saw that in the santa cruz mountains. because the storms are capable of doing that. once we get to mid like, it's done. i want to say the bigger picture. that is the storm responsible for thunderstorms, can you see the counter clockwise spin? we are right near the center of the storm. that is why these little guys that it sells have the potential to give us brief heavy downpours, the closer you get to the middle of the storm, the energy is wrapped up in the center. so, we are able to experience a little more of the intensity. watch how this thing goes way. gone by midnight.
6:50 am
let's see what is coming next. if you pay attention to the forecast, tuesday, looks like we can see the next band of rain command, there it is. you can see the timestamp, tuesday early. watch what happens to the storm as it approaches. it pretty much falls apart. that is different than the way the forecast looked yesterday. yesterday, the potential rainmaker was tuesday. today, does not look very likely. probably will notice clouds tuesday, in fact cloud tuesday. that's about it at this point. we start to get into the 7 day forecast. it does say 67 degrees in. look at this week, 3 degrees shy of 70. will be there by next week and. blue sky across the entire bay area. back over to you. the health department is shutting new light on a food trend you may have seen on social media. we're talking about food made with activated charcoal.
6:51 am
it's heating coconut shells or wood, it's not the same as barbecue briquettes, the novelty ingredient even got the summer food festival called 50 shades of charcoal at the food part. >> dissolves really well, kind of a homogenous creamy food. when it comes to mind. >> the california department of public health, activated charcoal is not an improved food and citing federal law. they add there's not enough studies to show the benefits and food. bigger problem is activated charcoal absorbs things easily. >> we are prescribing you medications and chuckles finding things we do not want to, then medications will not be as effective. >> the state health department has not taken enforcement actions against people using activated charcoal and food, it leaves that enforcement up to help inspectors in san francisco health department. it has not come across the food
6:52 am
trend that we look out for . electric cars have more range than ever. before you hit the road, you may want to check the weather at your destination, we will tell you why. ion, we will tell you why.
6:53 am
6:54 am
electric cars going farther than ever these days. new models with about 300 miles. >> chris martinez, if you're taking a long road trip, you may want check the weather at your destination first. specifically have it. >> reporter: of michael sperling has been driving his nissan six years. and warmer months he gets about 80-90 miles on a full charge. when the temperatures drop, the car range does too. >> we have a cold snap i probably only get 40-50 miles if i really push to. likely it is still plenty for me in my daily commute but some
6:55 am
thing to watch out for. >> reporter: it's one of five electric vehicles tested by aaa to see how bitter cold temperatures affect driving range. >> temperatures right now 20.2 degrees fahrenheit. >> they simulated cold conditions and this facility in los angeles and ran each car multiple times on this vehicle treadmill. they found the driving range dropped about 12% on average in 20 degree temperatures. driving range fell 41% when the heater was on. because it pulls energy from the battery. >> it is very significant. it could cause the driver to be, you know, stuck in the situation where they cannot charge. >> reporter: cold-weather is not the only issue, aaa says winter temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher the driving range of electric cars drops up to 70%. if the vehicles air conditioning is on. >> reporter: he never had a problem and hotter cold- weather. >> only about 20-30 miles for the commute so i have plenty left over. >> reporter: he said any
6:56 am
concern about the range is outweighed by the benefits like never getting an oil change or having to fill up with gas. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles .
6:57 am
a couple items to check off, scattered showers today, and then everybody read the bottom line, blue skies and a warm-up. mid to upper 60s for much of the 7 day forecast once we get past tuesday and we are taking the rain out. of course we have to get through today. plan isolated showers and a few thunderstorms today than just know by monday, the weather
6:58 am
changes. >> just in time for people to go back to work. yay. >> thank you for joining us this morning, cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next. morning with jane pauley is next. everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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actually, that's my buick.. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. did you?
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buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. it's march madness. get a sweet 16% below msrp on most of these buick models. ♪ captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for everyone, everywhere. ♪ ♪ >> rocca: good morning. jane pauley is off today. i'm mo rocca, and this is "sunday morning." not to spoil your day, but a critical part of america's health care system is in critical condition, and far from the big cities with big-name hospitals, countless small town


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