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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:00, police descend on the oakland airport after a man brandishes a knife, allegedly looking for an officer to kill. >> take a look at this video from the alameda county sheriff's department. after dropping a knife moments earlier, the suspect appears to pick it back up from the hood of a car. a brief standoff ensues. then deputies manage to close in and make an arrest. according to a sheriff's spokesman, the suspect was looking into patrol cars to see if anyone was inside. >> he spontaneously explained to the deputies that he had arrived at the airport with the specific intent of stabbing a police officer and that he was intent
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on killing one of us and fortunately for us and for him, those cars were vacant. >> investigators plan to interview the 28-year-old man further to find out if he wanted to harm other people at the airport or possibly provoke lethal force from the deputies. the destructive paradise fire is prompting an east bay community to take action now before a wildfire hits their area. >> katie nielsen is live to explain the plan. hey, katie. >> reporter: hey, brian. so where we are here in downtown arinda is just a couple of miles south of a proposed fire break. emergency managers this this area say with california's new normal wildfire season, it's time to do sometng no m sure we never see a repeat of the paradise fires. >> it starts way out on san pablo ridge here and it comes all the way here to inspiration point and then down wildcat
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canyon road and then down the lafayette ridge area all the way to pleasant hill road. >> reporter: the emergency preparedness coordinator, dennis reign, is talking about the fire break they want to build along the north side of highway 24. >> we're trying to protect residential areas of a large mega fire, if you will, coming out of the north being blown by high winds into residential areas. >> reporter: they submitted the proposal t 14-mile long 200 break. if it's approved for state funding, the fire break would protect 30 east bay communities and more than half a million people. >> everybody thinks that oh, that will never happen here, but now that we've had some bad history of fires here in california, people are starting to look at the facts that, well, it could happen here. >> reporter: residents in these hillside towns say they do see similarities to the community of
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paradise, an area that was devastated last year by the fast-moving camp fire which killed 85 people. both communities have an older population, living in a heavily forested area with limited evacuation routes. >> in this area, there's really only two roads in and out, marago road and way. if something backs it up, it would be tough to get through it. >> no one wants to cut down trees. it's beautiful to live around here. but i think it's a necessity if we want to prevent the forest fires. >> reporter: it would not involve cutting down any trees. instead the plan would be remove the dead trees, trim the remaining trees and then get rid of brush in the path. it's going to cost millions of dollars to complete this project
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and the firefighters say they hope to hear back from cal fire and the state for funding for the next couple of months so they can get it started before the fire season starts. some wild weather out in the east bay. social media is buzzing after a hailstorm this afternoon. a kpix5 viewer sent us this video. you can see the pellets of ice scattered all across their backyard. i've got to tell you, brian, coming into the city, definitely no hail but a lot of rain. we have not dispensed with this little system that's spinning off shore, but we will tonight. in the meantime, we will have more showers to deal with tonight. not a lot. but the air continues unstable as long as that pesky little low continues right in the bay area as it heads south towards the shoreline, we'll look for it to ease up. drying trend will be ahead, but in the meantime there are showers in the bay area.
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in the north bay, scattered showers around between ronerd park and petaluma, and getting ready to move to union city and finally over the hamilton range. there is good news ahead and we'll have that for you when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. chp oakland is warning people to slow down on slick roadways. the agency posted this photo of an overturned car on west bound 24 near the broadway exit. luckily no one was hurt in in that crash. developing news, a tragedy after takeoff, a brand-new boeing airplane crashes in ethiopia leaving novi than 3 cr. ragic day for all of us. >> a plane crashed shortly after takeoff sunday killing all on board. the death toll reached 35
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different countries, with eight americans among the dead. >> we are deeply saddened and we express our deepest sympathies. >> it took off from the capital city of abis. it lost contact with air traffic control and went down just six minutes after takeoff. the plane, a 737 max was purchased in november of 2017. the ceo said it passed all routine maintenance checks and that t had a excellent flying record with more than 8,000 hours of experience. >> he had a family, and he was known by pilots. >> reporter: investigators haven't pinpointed what caused
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the aircraft to go down but said the pilot reported technical difficulties and had been given clearance to return to the airport. the ntsb is sending a four-member team to the site to assist in the investigation. a scary scene outside jfk international. at least 29 passengers were hurt when their plane experienced a severe bought of turbulence. a passenger shot that video inside turkish air flight 1. you can hear passengers shouting and crying. the cabin began to shake violently t pilot to declare an emergency. passengers had bruises and cuts and one had a broken leg. children were among the injured. but everybody is expected to be okay. new video of a bus explosion in sweden. the driver was wounded.
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it produced plumes of thick back smoke. the top of the bus collidedheare gas tank on the roof to explode. the driver was rushed to a hospital with severe burns. the bus was out of service at the time of the accident and no one else was on board. authorities are investigating what went wrong when a para glider crash left two men plummeting to their deaths. that incident happened yesterday in san diego county. the crash was reported at torrey pines about 15, 20 minutes north of downtown san diego, a popular cliff side launching point. it appeared one of the glider pilots made a turn into the other pilot's path. their lines became intertwined and they fell to the cliffs below. rescue crews have recovered the body, but the identities have not been released. this happened around 8:30
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last night at a shop around 23rd avenue that also sells hydro uponics. the guard confronted at least two suspects and then was shot. his condition is unknown but he is stable. suspects are at large and police say they grabbed some marijuana before they ran off. police are looking for a 63-year-old man missing since last week. mark herbert thornton walked away from his home. he is described as black and gray hair. he was last seen wearing a red vest and black jeans. police say he is at risk and he suffers from various medical conditions. if you've gotten any information, you're asked to call police. >> still ahead, bay area seniors scrambling to find new places to live after their care center announces it's closing its doors. >>. how far would you go to impress a date? all the way while getting doors
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. one organization is taking the first steps toward housing dozens of homeless young adults in the east bay. youth spirit art works began building a prototype today for its tiny house village. the project aims to put young adults in tiny efficient homes to support them while they get an education. people would not only get a roof over their heads, but receive counseling and other support services. >> the community empowerment dynamic that's so important to this, this isn't just about housing, this is about empowering their lives. >> volunteers are envisioning houses across the east bay with each house having a common area l it would b oneloe itou it woulds
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milies to findearby places where their elderly places can live. here is the story. >> reporter: they probably thought this would be the last place they would call home, but it turns out their journey is not quite home. they were told they have seven months to find a new place to live. the old buildings are set on a wooded hillside and the property owner, a company called covea, said they present a fire danger and plans to demolish the structure and rebuild as senior condominiums. >> they say the most stressful things in life are getting divorced and moving. and my mom is going to be 87 and she is one of the younger ones up there. >> reporter: mike wasserman, a former mayor and current county supervisor placed his mother at meadows four years ago. he says he accepts the reasoning, but the situation is throwing a lot of families into
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crisis. >> the problem with 150 people leaving at one time is the senior facilities around here are all maxed out. >> reporter: so all those people are going to have to go somewhere else. >> yeah, but it's not easy on where they're going to go. >> reporter: he says typically rooms at senior homes only open up when someone passes away, so some may run out of time and have to relocate to much farther away. also they're offering a relocation grant and refunding a $4,000 community fee that residents pay when they first move in, but wasserman says many facilities are charging twice that amount so seniors on fixed income may be in trouble. he says he understands why it's happening but that doesn't lessen the hardship on those who chose to makes place their>> nog illegal or wrong, it's just a little more time and a little more dollars will make things a
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whole lot better for these senior citizens. >> reporter: we tried contacting them, but they were closed today and staff said there was no one there that could speak us us on a weekend. sunday streets kicked off a new season today in san francisco's mission to strengthen the idea to create a car-free zone where families can walk and bike and be free of nasty vehicles. today free of traffic there, and residents and visitors could take in all the area has to offer including public murals, and small businesses. >> i wanted to bring my parents to san francisco to kind of treat them. i know the food is great here. they have great thrift stores. i'm really excited to spend the day with my parents out in mission. >> sunday streets happen in different neighborhoods around the city in the coming months. and one man's efforts to impress his girlfriend are now prompting a warning from police.
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your warning, don't drive a car on the beach. a man was driving his car along carmel beach early in the morning yesterday when it got stuck in the sand. he couldn't get it back up the hill from the beach, so, of course, he had to call for help. police say he admitted he messed up. >> he probably went right off the ocean avenue and it's very steep going down to the beach. it took seven hours of fruitless attempts to pull it out, and that is thick sand down there. a tractor managed to get the job done. the man was cited for driving on the beach. >> and he was cited on top of that. >> poor guy. the cleanup process for russian river flooding victims is about to get easier. debris pickup will begin tomorrow. county officials say residents should separate debris into piles along the curb. they will pick up tomorrow through friday and a final sweep om through the 22nd. the service will be free on thursday. it scattered throughout and
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prompted the county to declare a local health emergency. rain is splashing down across the east bay. this video from walnut creek shows how slick the streets are. but the wet weather didn't stop people from enjoying their sunday outside. they're brave. >> it's only water, you know, and we're not going to finally after week after week of deluge upon deluge, finally high pressure is making a return and it doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere. it begins tomorrow. as for tonight, we still have showers to deal with, looking toward mount tam, and the numbers right now, mostly on the chilly side in the 50s. santa rosa 53 degrees and there are still some showers lingering into sunday night from that low pressure that is now winding. it was in mendocino last night and now it's san francisco. as it slowly slides down the coast, we'll get some top side showers as the night goes on.
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not a huge amount, but when it rains, it pours, as the morton salt girl used to say. doppler showing showers from petaluma, and ponding on highway 37. a few showers, as the bay bridge and the northern end of the peninsula. over lick observatory tonight with strong thunderstorms or at least strong enough updrafts to produce that hail. futurecast shows things going severely clear by tomorrow. after a cold front sweeps through, a little low like that rinses out the atmosphere. you can go to the top of diablo o w some say you can see vanedenburg, it will be off vanedenburg by mid week. the only wrinkle,ewlight
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showers on tuesday. but it will be warmer and drier next week. so a caveat in the forecast as well as a few showers. mostly sunny for monday. drier and warm except maybe tuesday a shower or two. heading out of the bay area, mostly sunny out of sfo for tomorrow. as of the rest of the country, in seattle, where it belongs. it will be 52 degrees. extended forecast, sunshine for monday. tuesday, partly cloudy skies, sprinkle or two possible. after that, high pressure possible and once it grabs aheld, it's not letting go anytime soon. we're getting closer and closer. as top prospect makes another strong case for opening day starting shot. and the raiders are set to see what brown can do for you. why was pittsburgh so happy to
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ship their star receiver out of town?
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. business is definitely booming for antonio brown, as he likes to say one day after snagging perhaps the best receiver in football, oakland is set to trade pro bowl guard asimile for a fifth round pick and save 10 million bucks. the all-pro receiver is
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reportedly set to receive 54 million from the silver and black over the next three years with 30 million guaranteed in th round pick. brown wanted out of pittsburgh after nine seasons and shared his excitement today on instagram. >> going to the raiders! first day as a raider, baby! woo hao! mr. carr, derek carr, i love him, so excited to be playing with him and looking forward to work. >> how did they get that garb so fast? he won't officially become a raider until thursday. what kind of entrance is he going to make? he arrived last summer in helicopter, although if you ask people in pittsburgh, brown now comes with a little more baggage. >> he felt disrespected by the head coach there. is there any credence to that?
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>> how would he be disrespected, dennis? i'd like to find out why he said that. he's no. 1 in the nfl for the last six years, just about every wide receiving category. they went out of the way to give him everything he wanted to the point where it actually hurt them. his own lodging at training map. he was the only one. that was a bad move as it turned out by mike tom lick because it blew up in his face. his owner once forwarded him $2 million when he doesn't have to. last year, 2017, they gave him the largest contract among wide receivers. and here a year later it's not good enough. >> yeah, that's good stuff. see the full interview on game day tonight. the giants, allowed one run. went three for three against the former team. in mesa, former athletic cocoa getting used to his new roll in
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the radio both. jesus continued a strong spring, blew the 94 miles an hour fast ball past. he gets a little chance to work on his walkoff. hammering a fast ball over the left field. no walk-off in spring training. the as beat the giants 5-4. one of the more popular tournaments on the pga tour is because of the man it's named after. >> arnold palmer alert. arnold palmer alert. >> around palmer has been gone for over two years. his drink will always be a favorite. trying to defend the title at bay hill, but the field got blitzed by francisco molinari. he missed the green by eight. when you're on fire, you do stuff like this. he was the leader by one on 18. he was just trying to get close
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from 45 feet. instead he knocked it in. that sealed a two-shot victory over matthew fitzpatrick. he shot a bogie-free 64 in the final to close it out. trying to punch the ticket to the ncaa tournament, trailing northern iowa by as many as 18. trying to send the game to ot, but they would not have one shining moment. bradley is going to the dance for the first time since 2006. across the pond, soccer match between birmingham and afton villa. play is stopped after a ball went out of bounds. a fan ran onto the field, and hit a player from behind. the fan was arrested. the player was able to finish the game and scored the game-winning goal in the second half. >> that happened in birmingham?
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>> yes. across the pond. >> dangerous stuff, yeah. so as far as the raiders go, the interview that i did with bob, fantastic. he holds nothing back. and he talks about the issues that the raiders are going to have to deal with when a. b. comes to oakland. >> and that's on "game day tonight. "". thank you. we'll be right back.
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. well, i still want to know what you do with $30 million. >> he's going to find out. >> he will find out, but we
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never will. that's it at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for an hour news. see you at 6:00. >> quijano: no survivors. a boeing jetliner crashes in ethiopia. all 157 people on board are killed-- including eight americans. why it's raising questions about the 737 max. also tonight democrats who want to be president try out their ideas at a trendy texas festival. president trump picks a new fight with democrats while being preoccupied with an old employee. a jaguar attacks a woman taking a selfie at an arizona zoo. >> when people do not respect the barriers, there's always a chance that there might be a problem.
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>> quijano: and scouti n


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