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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 11, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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what brought down a passenger jet in ethiopia. a frightening scene at an bay bridge metering lights are airport in the bay area. on. backed up to the maze. the cleanup process for bay area residents, north bay residents impacted by severe earlier stalled vehicle now cleared. crash westbound 880 at who pell flooding should get easier street. police are investigating today. the shooting death of an >> it's monday, march 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. oakland city councilwoman's good morning. son. >> it happened during a botched if you love sunny skies, mary, robbery. this is your week. jackie ward joins us now. the killer is out there. >> how long have we been waiting for this. >> reporter: ongoing investigation. four men may have been involved >> so long. >> all erlong. in the robbery and one >> you will have that sunshine allegedly ended up shooting and today. actually this week does look killing victor mcelhaney, the beautiful. temperatures are warming up. son of lynette gibson sunshine, dry weather. mcelhaney. lapd says it happened saturday it will be a welcome change for about a mile and a half from sure, especially after a stormy the main cake pus of usc have weekend. well, this morning we are starting off with clear skies, victor was a usc chilly conditions. areas of fog for the peninsula, tri-valley, north bay this where victor was studying morning. watch out for that. through the afternoon, all of music. he was called a rising star and
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us will see the sunshine. definitely get out there and enjoy it. below average temperatures today. through the week with high pressure in control for us, we a deep thinker. councilwoman mcelhaney's are going to warm up with temps statement. in the 70s inland. i will let you know when we see that coming up. temps are in the 30s and 40s. oakland mayor released a futurecast, we will take you through the week and when we statement tweeting, quote: see the temps soaring. now gee anna has a look at traffic. it's getting busier. >> a few more cars and accidents. the latest is the commute out the lapd investigation is ongoing. no arrests have been made and no suspects have been of milpitas. westbound 287 at 880, a couple identified. michelle? >> jackie, thank you. of cars tangled up. a man is in custody after a the left lane is down for the scary confrontation outside of oakland international airport. count. head's up commuting off 880 to airport surveillance vi27-year- 237, you need a few extra minutes. the rest of the south bay, into an alameda county brake lights northbound 101 sheriff's vehicle. he was armed with a large knife around the 280-680 connector and attempting to provoke slow to 880. deputies into shooting him. a bid of wht is out of the lane one deputy was able to convince the man to end the incident
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without anyone getting hurt. >> she was having a conversation, telling him to drop the knife, using di sessa los angeles tactics. >> he was detained. they asked what are you doing? he said i came to stab a police officer. in doing so, i figured i would be killed by the police. >> authorities say he is a transient from the east bay. he is charged with brandishing a weapon and criminal threats. developing news this morning, a black box has been discovered in ethiopia where a plane went down. it is partially damaged. flight 302 web site 302 went down yeerday. all 157 people on board were killed. eight americans are among the dead. the ntsb is sending a time to the site to assist in the investigation. the ceo of ethiopian ethiopian says the plane was purchased in
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november of 2018. it passed all routine maintenance checks and the pilot had an excellent flying record. the jet was a boeing 737 max 8. ethiopian ethiopian, china and cayman airlines grounded the planes until further notice. san francisco mayor will appoint a new public defender. the announcement is expected around 9:30 this morning. this comes in the wake of the 59-year-old who died last month after having dinner with a friend. police ruled out foul play. mayor reid will an point someone to serve in his place until november. the mayor wants to continue her
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outreach to residents by addressing concerns at town halls. cu after severe flooding from the russian river over the last few weeks. residents are asked to separate the flood debris into piles on the curb and then waist haulers will be out everyday through friday and starting next monday and the service will be free. i'm anne makovec, taking a live look at capitol hill. lawmakers are pouring over president trump's newly unveiled budget. staffers dropped it off this morning and a lot of democrats are calling it dead on arrival. this is new video of them bringing in copies of that budget which president trump calls a budget for a better america. taxpayers first. ththe title of this document. but the headline here is that it includes $8.6 billion for the a border wall. for many democrats that is a nonstarter. so, we are going to see battles
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over that proposed border wall as well as some of the deep domestic spending cuts that he is proposing, up to 5% basically across the board except for defense spending. light the fighting begin. the family of a stanford grad student and olympic medalist is providing details on her tragic death. her body was found in her residence thursday night. the family says she took her own life. she won a silver medal in the 2016 olympics in cycling. family members said she was struggling after suffering serious injuries. with all the wildfires that devastated california in recent years, one bay area city wants to take steps to prevent the next disaster. the plan that cal fire is considering. and protesters take to the streets after an alleged case of racial profiling by police.
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a big difference compared to over the weekend with the stormy weather. sunshine through the afternoon. a beautiful live look with the sales force tower cam. a clear and chilly start to the day. a big warm up is on the way as we head through the week. when we will see temperatures soaring into the 70s coming up. michelle? today marks the 8th anniversary of the japan's deadly 2011 earthquake and tsunami. you can see the japanese prime minister bowing to a memorial to those that were killed.
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the disaster left more than 15,000 people dead or missing. recovery efforts are nearly complete. the majority of the damaged homes are expected to be rebuilt within this year. in hawaii, firefighters are still on the scene of a wildfire burning on the west side of the island. the flames scorched 500 acres so far and at last check is 80% contained. strong winds are making it hard to fight the flames. >> i give them credit taking -- we have seen long lengths of hose. >> i saw a firefighter take off his jacket and started patting the fire down much as he as could. >> crews say that at its peak the fire came as close to 100 feet to homes. no buildings have burned and there are no reports of injuries. meanwhile, an east bay community wants to take action
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to reduce the possibility of future wildfires. a proposal calls for a 14-mile long fire break on the edges of lorin day and lafayette. that is among the top 10 critical fire projects statewide. supporters say the fire break would protect 30 east bay communities and more than half a million people. protesters in colorado are calling for changes in the police department following a tens confrontation with a black man. >> black lives matter. >> a little more than a week ago, a man was picking up trash with a trash picker when he was approached by police. the situation escalated and one of the police officers unholstered what appeared to be a taser or a gun. officers eventually left but protesters say this could have had a much different ending. >> my heart stopped because i
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feared that the conclusion uld beas we have seen so many times. >> boulder police have launched an internal investigation. here in california, the group tasked with tracking police profiling complaints said the system isn't working. according to state data, 659 complaints were filed in 2017 just 10 were sustained. 17% of california law enforcement agencies robbed zero profiling complaints during the entire year. the cochair of the california racial and identity profiling board says the numbers are unrealistically low for a state of 40 million people. she is pushing for changes to encourage more people to come forward. no question which movie would top the weekend box office. captain marvel arrived with
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plenty of power. >> the first marvel super hero movie with a solo female lead opened with higher than expected numbers at $153 million. captain marvel was a huge success internationally earning $302 million. the 5th highest international opening weekend of all times. >> she is a bad mamajamma. >> oscar winner. >> action hero. >> she is getting the mussels ready. >> i got to take a page out of her book. a busy ride westbound 580. stop and go conditions out of tracy to the altamont pass commute. 8 miles per hour is the speeds. that is slow and go. backed up beyond mountain house. sluggish ride to the altamont pass. a few more brake lights to
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dublin interchange. we have new reports of a crash north 680 at 580 in the noncommute direction of that portion of the freeway. the left lane and center divide is blocked. head's up working through there. southbound looking at the maps, 685-80 connector down south significant slow speeds there because we had an earlier crash. that is cleared out. that's the good news. damage is done. drive time 35 minutes with an of a rage speed of 37 miles per hour to go from 580 down to 237 on the southbound 680 ride. pack your patience for sure. 205 to 680, 47 minutes. off the east shore free, 30 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. still slow. another stalled vehicle reported in the maze that caused things to back up early.
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the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. slow go through here. backed up past the maze. your san mateo bridge commute, stop and go conditions 880 to 101. a live look at 24. traffic is not bad here. one of the bright spots commuting westbound away from walnut creek. here is mary. >> thanks. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. nice for good news for us. through the week, temperatures will be climbing. here is a live look with our sales force to. n seclear sk starting off the day. it's a chilly start. 40 in concord. oakland 42. livermore 37. mid-40s in san francisco and lo40s in san in santa rosa. definitely a cold start in spots. hi-def doppler, nice to see it's quiet this morning. a big change compared to over the weekend when we had the stormy conditions. here is the look at the visibility out there. we are tracking areas of fog
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along the coast, peninsula, tri- valley and for the north bay. check out santa rosa. you are down to a quarter mile. dense fog in spots especially for the north bay this morning. be careful on the roadways. clear, chilly, areas of fog. through the afternoon, all of us will have the sunshine. get out there and enjoy it. for tomorrow, a weak cold front pushes through. that will likely be a dry front. it will kick up the winds. windy to breezy conditions and clouds with partly cloudy skies as that front pushes across the region tomorrow. let's time for you tuy hour, plenty of sunshine for today. as we head through tomorrow, watch as the clouds move were looking mainly dry ck in and we e inat t ur plenty of shine with the temperatures climbing through the week. futurecast to show you, as we go through the day tomorrow with the cold front looking at
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windy conditions on the coast. breezy conditions for the rest of us. through the week with high pressure building in for us, tuesday that is your only weather system that we are looking at. warmer dryer conditions by the end of the week and by the weekend. sunrise, because of daylight savings, 7:26 a.m. sunset at 7:13 tonight. daytime high today, below average for this time of year. upper 50s in san francisco, oakland, redwood city. ont, moi view. low 60s for santa rosa and napa. the seven-day forecast, sunshine today. partly cloudy. winds will be picking up with the dry cold front tomorrow. then check out wednesday, weend will be warming e d,mps c now dennis with sports. the women's pac 12 tournament on the li in las
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vegas. after another lousy performance at home, clay thompson has a suggestion coming up. let's get a beauty shot of the bay bridge. look at that. this is from the camera in -- at the embarcadero. you can see those cars moving along the bridge as people are heading to work and look at that, already people out there running. chilly. but as mary said, you will like the rest of the day and week. 6:20. wait, xfinity lets me choose from
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. happening today, operations resume on a limited basis at a famed california racetrack. this is santa anita where races were put on hold in response to the deaths of 21 horses. jockeys will be allowed to put
6:22 am
thoroughbreds through workouts on the track. track officials say safety protocols are in place but they aren't sure why so many horses were getting hurt. the warriors had not lost to the phoenix suns in oakland since 2011. steve kerr was part owner of the suns. kevin durant left the game midway through the fourth quarter after landing on the foot of a suns player. he is day to day. phoenix took control, late 4th quarter thanks to a 12-0 run from that man. he scored 17 of the 37 in the fourth quarter. warriors lost at home to the suns 115-111. clay thompson had a message. >> i expect the crowd to be more into it, too. i know it's not the play-offs but it is the last go around at oracle. at least you could stand up when we make a good play, especially in the beginning, especially this time of year.
6:23 am
>> stanford women lost to oregon by 40 points one month ago. last night they got even. they won 64-67 to win the pac 12 tournament. the raiders reportedly agreed to trade osemalie to the jets in exchange for a 5th round pick. that trade and antonio brown trade will be made official this wednesday. that's sports. see you tonight. play of the day, nba hoops, toronto and miami jockeying for play-offs. >> oh, my. >> excellent passing. the heat from offense to defense. derrick jones finishing with alley-oop. look at that. unbelievable athleticism on
6:24 am
display reaching back then right there. that is the play of the day. >> that is amazing. lawmakers are reacting to the president's new budget proposal unveiled earlier this morning. why experts say it could lead to another government shut down. plus, the sun of an oakland city councilwoman is killed. what we know about the investigation so far. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. chilly conditions to start the monday morning. we are definitely warming up. 43 in oakland.
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caltrain is implementing a new system that will shave time off the commute. >> how one california hospital is using a high-tech gadget to help patients get home faster.
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it's monday, march 11th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we want to check in with mary. she has good news. was it your aunt that called you sunshine? >> my mom. mary sunshine. >> it holds this week. >> ready? >> bring it. >>male are waiting for that sun after a wet winter for sure. this week will mark major changes with our weather. that will be a welcome site for sure. let's show you what you can expect on the weather headlines. heading out the door, this is what you need to know. a clear and chilly start to the day for many locations. we are dealing with areas of fog on the coast, the peninsula, the tri-valley, north bay, areas of dense fog this morning. as we head through the afternoon, all of us will see the sunshine and enjoy it. below average temperatures for today. we are going to warm up as we head through the week with temps soaring by the end of the week with the 70s. a live look with the dublin
6:29 am
cam, off in the distance fog across the tri-valley. temps in the 30s and in the ord. oakland 42. 47 livermore. san francisco mid-40s. low 40s in san jose. one of the colder locations, santa rosa at 34. we will time it out for you on futurecast. taking you through the workweek but into the weekend. we are tracking one weather system. i will let you know if that brings the rain. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> taking bart this morning, they are recovering from an earlier problem. 20-minute delays on the fremont line working in the warm springs dublin, pleasonton and daly city direction. they were holding a train due to a shopping cart on the tracks. hopefully it will recover. fremont line about a 20-minute
6:30 am
delay. caltrain, muni on time. wasting time westbound 237 unfortunately from 880 to 85. give yourself 17 minutes. this crash has been pushed to the right shoulder. backed up beyond 880, off 880 to 237. we have a trouble spot south 101 at woodside. the off-ramp blocked from an early morning crash. caltrans is doing clean up. that is taking long. not affecting 101 but if you take woodside, it's not available at this moment. foggy spots on arthe is moving speeds. a new trouble spot on west 580, broken down big rig. busy through there with delays out of tracy. kenny and michelle. >> thank you. caltrain passengers with bikes will get the first chance to board. the bikes board first program is aimed at creating a more orderly system to make boarding
6:31 am
faster for all riders. a pilot program last year shaved boarding times by more than a minute. caltrain ambassadors will be on hand to help implement the new protocol. an oakland city council woman is trying to copy with the death of her son this morning. >> he was killed over the weekend. jackie ward is here. >> reporter: to make things more sad this isn't the first time councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney had to deal with this type of grief. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney tromca after sa campus, the lapd said three to four men approached mcelhaney and one shot him. the group took off in a car and mcelhaney died after being rushedhim with us. >> he was one of our shining,
6:32 am
rising stars. he was very special young man, a deep thinker. >> he was an artist, somebody who wanted to give to the culture, wanted to take the oakland culture and spread it recall over the world with his gift. >> this is the second time councilwoman mcelhaney faced this tragedy. a 17-year-old she helped raise and view as a grandson was shot and killed during a robbery in west oakland. closing arguments for that murder are happening this morning at 9:30. the investigation for her son is ongoing. no arrests have been made and no ave been iden >>o pe d six animare after ne oil explosion triggered a re in contra costa county. the blast happened before 6:00 on sarah court in the community of bay point. firefighters knocked down the flames in about 20 minutes. two people inside the house were treated for smoke inhalation and burns. five dogs and a cat were killed.
6:33 am
this morning president trump launched a new push to obtain billions to fund construction on his border wall plan. the proposal, he is asking for $8.6 billion for the wall. democratic lawmakers blasted the proposal as expensive and ineffective and said congress will not back the request. the previous demand for border wall funding sparked a 35 day shut down. president trump is willing to risk another stalemate. >> doubling down is doubly dangerous. this could lead to another set of tiations mathe whole issue is paramount. >> the plan is likely dead on arrival in the democratic controlled house. it calls for 5% budget cuts to all federal agencies not including the military that would see a funding increase.
6:34 am
i'm anne makovec. we have breaking news from tesla. turns out they are not going to close as many stores as they announced that they would last month. they are only going to close about half the number of stores that they were planning on. but in order to do that, they will raise the price of the tesla by 3% for most models. no word on exactly how that will affect some of the planned layoffs that tesla announced last month. back to you. >> anne, thank you. aping today, lafayette could be the latest bay area city to crack down on flavored tobacco products. the city council will take up a proposal that would bar gas stations and other tobacco retailers from selling the products. retailers could receive three violations and could lose their business license for a year. a popular fitness tracker appears to help the recovery process for many patients. a number of patients cedars
6:35 am
sinai medical center are wearing fit bits. the device monitors how much each patient walks after surgery. for every 100 steps taken, the patient decreased the length of their hospital stay by 4%. >> it's the best medicine to sell you the truth. you will get a limp and if you don't exercise regularly you can't get rid of it. >> to help encourage walking, cedars sinai created an app that guides patients on tours of the hospital's art collection and how many steps it takes to get to each piece. big changes to the san jose skyline. the plan and how it could impact operations at the airport. we are hearing from a zoo visitor who jumped into action when a jaguar attacked a woman taking a selfie. and wall street opened a short time ago. it's starting in the redouane
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more than 160 points. an update from jason brooks. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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if you are just waking up struggling to get out of bed on this monday, something to brighten your day, sunshine. what a difference 24 hours can make. a beautiful view with the sales
6:40 am
force tower camera with clear skies as we kick off the monday. a big warm up is on the way. we are tracking stronger to high pressure building in. detrails when we will see the highs soaring into the 70s coming up. back to you. developing at this hour, we just learned indonesia has grounded the boeing 737 max 8 planes. officials want to conduct a thorough investigation of the jet. china and malaysia grounded the jets until further notice. investigators have not determined the cause of the crash but are hoping the black box they found will give them answers. san jose is set to loss seven restrictions on high-rise buildings downtown. it coulaffect flight changes. downtown. redelopers critics pela the long term growth at san jose
6:41 am
international airport. >> i think any time that you can have a little more distance between your airplanes and buildings, that is a good thing. in the event of an emergency -- >> we will never, ever fly a plane that is unsafe out of the san jose airport. it just is about the profitability of the airlines. >> downtown san jose is in the direct flight path of the airport and the height of the buildings becomes a factor if a plane needed to make an emergency landing. this morning retail sales are bouncing back and levi strauss is planning to go public again. >> joining us now is jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of the ipo excitement these days is over the big uber, lyft and airbnb. but levi strauss will be going public and filed with the sec its plans in the offering. it will sell about 37 million shares provided in the range of 14 to $16 at the midway point.
6:42 am
that would raise $550 million. levi strauss says it thinks it has big opportunities ahead in emerging markets such as india and brazil as well as in china and it's expanding partnerships with companies like walmart. leave vie was a public company from 1971 to 1985 better news for retailers at the start of 2019, the commerce department says retail sales rebounded after a big decline in december. they are up .2 from the month before but stronger when you factor out a big decline in gas sales. the gains were widespread. auto dealers saw a 2.5% decline in sales in january. the stock market is off to a mixed start. boeing is taking out the afteth crash its 737 max 8 jetliner. the dow is heading lower. the big board and see how we
6:43 am
are doing, the dow dropping about 140 points. the nasdaq is up 50 points and the s&p is moving higher by 9 points. michelle and kelly, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. a texas brewery is getting a lot of attention for the newest refreshing treat. that is because the new line of beers is made for dogs. check it out. good bow dog beer has clever names like i pee a lot in the yard. that's kind of cute. or mailman malt liquor. four totals in total. they are made with bone broth. >> we own a couple of bars and we thought let's do a dog brewery. it's really cool. we use the same equias a brewery. we have big stainless steel tanks in a warehouse that we brew. >> the only difference in the brewing process, they skip fermentation. if you are curious, humans can
6:44 am
drink it but it might not be your cup of tea. >> or cup of beer. >> or ipa. i prefer the ipa. >> i don't know, right, beer for dogs. >> they are not going to get drunk off it, right? >> no. >> i hear some people do serve beers to their dogs. >> you shouldn't. >> that is not right. >> that is just not right. >> water is good. >> the best option. keep them hydrated. >> water or a treat. the roadways, we will start with mass transit. we are monitoring bart delays. 20-minute delays on the fremont line in both directions. an obstruction on the track that happened near the coliseum. it's been cleared off the tracks. the train is moving. hopefully bart is on the mend. they are recovering. they are saying 20 minutes from fremont to dublin, pleasanton, daly city direction. caltrain, muni, ace looking good with no delays.
6:45 am
we have a stalled vehicle westbound 580. it's a big rig stuck around grand line in one of the right lanes there. you can see traffic on our sensors, lots of red. 9 miles per hour as you approach the area. busy out of tracy. the altamont pass commute got heavier working westbound. you will be tapping the brake lights again as you approach the connector. golden gate good here. no delays on the southbound side. they are doing light pole repair at the north end of the bridge. a flashing caution sign out there. san mateo loading up. 25 minutes is the drive time from 880 to 101 connecting to foster city. bay bridge metering lights are on. busy backed up to the maze. that is a slow ride out of the oakland area, emeryville to san francisco. westbound east shore freeway a handful of problems this
6:46 am
morning. the latest is not too far from 580 where the richmond san rafael bridge connects to the east freeway. a stall or traffic hazard in lanes. that is in the clearing stages. 36 minute drive time westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze. the sun is on the way. here is mary. >> that's right. if you need a pick me up, monday motivation, it will be a gorgeous day across the bay area with the sunshine. i think we deserve it after the wet winter. a live look. that is a spectacular site sight with the sun about to rise. mount diablo and the bay bridge looking east. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s to start off the day. bundle up heading out for work or school. concord 40. oakland 42. livermore 46.
6:47 am
the peninsula, tri-valley areas of fog. check out the north bay. three quarters of a mile visibility. dense fog in parts of the north bay. hi-def doppler, we are dry. quiet. big difference compared to over the weekend when we had the stormy conditions. clear and chilly this morning. areas of fog. plenty of sunshine for all of us across the bay area this afternoon. get out and enjoy it. looking to tomorrow, one weather feature we are tracking this week. it will likely be a dry front with partly cloudy skies and turning breezy to windy. kicking up the winds with this front. this is the satellite and radar view. chris the low pressure system that brought the unstable atmosphere for us as headed through the weekend with even hail storms. that will continue to push out of here. we are tracking the next weather system in the gulf of alaska. that will bring a weak front our way. a likely dry front but
6:48 am
increasing winds for tomorrow. satellite, here we go with the futurecast, we are looking at plenty of shine today. then as we go through tomorrow, you can see the clouds push through with the front. partly cloudy skies. slight chance of a shower but, again, we will be mainly dry with the weather system. the big impact will be the winds and that is for wednesday through the week, high pressure will build back in. a strong ridge of high pressure. futurecast, windy conditions on the coast for tomorrow with the front. breezy for the rest of us. and as we take you through the rest of the week with that strong ridge of high pressure, warmer, drier weather ahead. we are looking attempts soaring into the 70s inland by the weekend. a long time since we have seen sunshine for our weekend. that is coming for saturday and sunday. highs for today, upper 50s in san francisco, oakland, redwood city. low 60s in fremont. 63 san jose. daytime highs below average for
6:49 am
this time of year. 61 santa rosa. seven-day forecast, tomorrow partly cloudy, breezy. everyday wednesday through the weekend we warm up to the 70s by saturday and sunday inland. kenny? >> looking good. thank you. a zoo visitor is recovering after getting too close to one of the animals. >> several eyewitnesses saw the woman step over the barrier at the jaguar exhibit. she was against the fence taking a photo when the jaguar clawed her. another visitor used a water bottle to draw attention from the woman. >> i was thinking what can i do. at that moment all i could think of her hand is in there. we have to get it away. distract him. i had the water bottle on the stroller. i grabto
6:50 am
push it into the camming opening. >> the woman was left with cuts on her arm and at no time was the jaguar outside of the enclosure. zoo officials say the barrier meets rules. a live look in new york, april the giraffe is ready to pop again. you may remember this 17-year- old giraffe from 2017 when she had a calf live on camera, 1.2 million people watched it. she has another bun in her giraffe oven. we will keep an eye on it. a lot of people again are going to wait to see how this happens. tense moments. back to you. another live birth. all right. drama on tv. >> new help is available for north bay residents cleaning up from recent devastating floods. >> an oakland city councilwoman's son is shot and
6:51 am
killed near his college campus in southern california. what we know about the investigation next. so with xfinity mobile
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an oak lane city councilwoman is trying to cope with the sudden death of her own son this morning. mcmuck mcwas studying jazz -- victor mcelhaney was studying jazz. three to four men approached mcelhaney and one shot him. the group then took off in the car. he died after being rushed to
6:55 am
the hospital. councilwoman mcelhaney said it is with the utmost sadness that i share with you the tragic ghin a senseless act of in last violence. we are beginning a new chapter in this recurring circle of violence and it will take all of us to make it through the tragedy. the investigation is ongoing. no arrests have been made and no suspects identified. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you. time for your final. a today san francisco mayor will appoint a new public defender. the announcement is expected around 9:30 at city hall. this comes in the wake of jeff's death. the 59-year-old died er wa fri police ruled out foul play. caltrain passengers with bikes will get to board first starting today. the bikes board first program is aimed at reducing delays and making border faster for all riders. today the cleanup process for russian river flooding
6:56 am
victims is about to get easier. free curbside debris pick up begins in a few hours. local waste haulers pick up debris today through friday. the trump administration is releasing the 2020 budget. a white house official says president trump is requesting $8.6 billion for the long promised border wall. a black box has been recovered from the crash site in ethiopia where a plane went down. indonesia, china are grounding 737 max 8 planes. we start in the south bay. 280 northbound at highway 17 left lane blocked due to a crash. delays as we approach the area. north of there, reports of a crash north creek boulevard. a busy ride working through. south 101 at woodside the off- ramp is closed from an earlier crash. reports of a new crash southbound 101 near whipple. traffic is slow northbound 101 out of the south bay, 16
6:57 am
minutes 85 to 280. if you are rushing to get out the door for work and school, take a moment to turn to the screamg with the sales force tower comera of the sun that is just about to rise there. love seeing clear skies and sunshine for today. now, areas of fog especially for the north bay this morning. the peninsula, the tri-valley, but we will have the sunshine for all of us across the bay area today. upper 50s to low 0s. below average temperatures today. partly cloudy skies, breezy to windy for tomorrow with a dry front and then check out the rest of the week. we are going to continue to warm up everyday from wednesday through the weekend. we are talking 70s inland saturday and sunday. >> sounds fantastic. >> i love when you say 70s, sunshine. >> nice weather finally. >> love your seven day outlook, mary. a live look at the bay bridge on this monday morning. >> have a great day, everyone.
6:58 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. monday, marchth,e "cbthis m." boeing 737 mass 8 jets are grounded by some airlines after a second crashes in less than five months. 157 people including eight americans died in sunday's disaster in ethiopia. the latest on the investigation and the safety questions surrounding the brand-new plane. "60 minutes" highlights a possible new cure for sickle cell disease. we have a patient who suffered all her life with the ailment but is now well after the experimental treatment. a woman is clawed by a jaguar inside an arizona zoo while she was trying to
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