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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 12, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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president trump this morning saying the president lied about their phone conversations. overnight, the u. s. tells its venezuelan embassy to clear out. the ongoing crisis worsens there. good morning. it is tuesday, march 12. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. thank you for starting your morning off with us. we have been talking about good weather on the way and mary lee is looking forward to 70s. >> it has been so long since we have seen 70s and sunshine for the weekend. we have perfect timing. i know it is early to be thinking about saturday and sunday on this tuesday, but here is a live look from the roof cam. temperatures are in the 30s, 40s and low 50s. livermore is the coldest at
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39. 40 in santa rosa, 45 in concord, 47 in oakland, 51 san francisco and san jose coming in at 43. some locations are downright cold. bundle up, especially for the tri-valley. your weather headlines, it is breezy and cooler today with a mix of sun and clouds. you will notice more mid to high level clouds with the week cold front pushing through. it will also pick up the winds. the windiest conditions will be along the coast, breezy for the rest of us. the sunny and warmer weather begins tomorrow through the rest of the weekend for the weekend. by the weekend, temperatures are in the 70s for some of the inland locations. temperatures really sore as we go through the week. as we take you through today, with this cold front, which you can expect, i have the details in just a minute. we have reports of an accident along the 880 this morning from chp southbound as you work your way through hayward through a street. a couple cars involved, as well is possibly a big rig. we have yellow on the sensors, which indicates right behind
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the crash we have slow and go speeds. south 880 at a street it is sluggish as you approach the scene. once you get past that, you don't see any delays. traffic is pretty light overall from that point all the way into fremont. better news working your way through the altamont pass. we have a pothole in the number two lane, it looks like they fixed it pretty quickly and traffic is slow but should improve once you get past grant line. once you are past there, traffic is wide open for the dublin interchange. we had an earlier broken down vehicle on 85 near saratoga. that has been cleared and no lanes are blocked. the south bay commute is off to a great start. everything is in the green. north 101 is a nice ride working your way out of san jose. traffic so far, so good on 280 northbound through downtown san jose. there are no delays yet on guadalupe parkway. we have a few more cars hit the roadways working your way out
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of oakland into san francisco, that is a 10 minute ride with no major delays to report. the rest of your bay area bridges are problem free. no problems on the golden gate into san francisco. traffic is quiet through there. looking at the san mateo bridge, traffic is very light, only 14 minutes. that is all it will take for you to travel westbound from 880 to 101. what you get on 101, it is like in both directions. you can use mass transit today, everything is on time. developing news this morning. the number of countries grounding the boeing 737 max eight dds aircraft is growing because of safety concerns. jackie ward tells us now senator dianne feinstein is calling for the u. s. to ground them, as well. >> reporter: austria and south korea are the two latest
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countries to ground the boeing 737 max 8s aircrafts. senator feinstein wants to 880 america to that list. she wrote a letter saying she wants to temporarily ground these planes until the cause of the crashes are known and it is known similar risks are not present in the domestic fleet. a crash involving a boeing 737 max 8s sunday is what prompted the letter. a 157 people on board were killed. that was a second crash in a matter of six months involving this type of aircraft. in late october, another boeing 737 max 8s operated by lion air crashed off the coast of indonesia, killed all 189 of its passengers. before each crash, the pilots reported technical difficulties as they struggled to gain altitude before making a steep nosedive and crashing within 15 minutes of taking off. >> boeing builds fantastic airplanes. even if this is the same thing as a lion air accident six months ago, it is easily solvable. >> reporter: after the lion air crash, boeing worked on design updates to the 737 max 8s.
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the faa says those have to be done by next month but have decided not to ground the aircraft until investigators have determined across for the most recent crash. the black box has been recovered. hopefully that will give investigators some answers. kpix 5 have learned three people had ties to california. friends say melvin and bennett riffel were on vacation traveling to africa. both brothers graduated from shasta high school. friends say melvin and his wife are expecting their first child this may. anne musyoki worked for tech soup based in san francisco. she was a regional lead in africa and a wife and mother returning home from a work event. developing this morning, the u. s. state department is ordering all remaining americans out of venezuela as
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the country's political crisis intensified. venezuelans are using buckets and trash bins to gather water. shops are being looted and hospitals are turning away patients as the country experiences its sixth day of rolling blackouts. >> with regard to the blackouts, that is a direct result of years and years of neglectledentnicolas ro said th result of a cyber attack by the u. s. but provided no evidence. opposition groups say about 17 people have medical care, like
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dialysis. let's take a live look at the white house this morning. president trump's lingering public feud with california is heating up this morning. governor gavin newsom had some words to say about the president in an interview with cnn's anderson cooper. newsom criticize the president on a variety of hot button issues, including the border wall debate. >> a 2000 mile wall is a monument to stupidity, not just vanity. stupidity. >> the government said the wall is just a distraction to steer away from more important solutions to the immigration issues. he also defended a $25 million proposed california program to assist asylum-seekers who cross the border into the state. the move between the governor and the president has shifted. this is video of them last november. there he is when president trump came to see areas ravaged by the wildfires. now governor newsom is accusing the president of lying about a phone conversathhave >> i just want to say you are a great president and one of the smartest people i have ever met. >> you can't make this up, anderson. we hear what we want to hear. i cannot admit to what i said to the president privately because that is not what i said. >> the governor says he is still committed to working with the trump administration on emergency preparedness. house speaker nancy pelosi does not support impeaching
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president trump for now. >> we want infrastructure for america and a cleaner governor. that is our agenda, that is our focus. it is not working. that is why i say he is not worth it. >> pelosi also said trump is ethically, intellectually and curiosity was unfit for office. if you democratic members of congress have already introduced articles of impeachment. the wells fargo t ceo will be on capitol hill. the committee is expected to probe what they describe as a pattern of abuses while wells fargo faces struggles in the wake of his 2016 scandal where bank employees opened accounts to meet aggressive sales goals. nurses will be striking, at
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least at two south bay hospitals will see a 24-hour strike. o'connor in san jose and sainte louise in gilroy were purchased by santa clara county. the problem right now is that the county wants them aina
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privation. thunio are battling it out as to who wirs right now wa stay with their current union. san francisco is revising its policy for protests on the steps of city hall in the wake of a new lawsuit by a transgender activist. the lawsuit seeks to allow certain protests to take place without having to obtain a permit beforehand. sean sunshine strickland says sheriff deputies halted to go up or protests in 2017 because she needed a permit. the lawsuit seeks a federal injunction to allow certain protests without a permit. in response to the lawsuit, the city has temporarily suspended its permit process. it is 5:09 am. >> this mess may take a while to clean up. the efforts under way to clear the debris along the russian river. good tuesday morning to you. i am tracking a cold front pushing across the bay area this morning. the winds are starting to pickup. i will take you through the day on futurecast coming up. we now know exercise during pregnancy is not only safe, but beneficial to mother and baby. exercise can reduce stress and weight gain and lower the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. the goal is 20 to 30 minutes at moderate or low intensity five times a week. before starting any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor. if you are taking 580 this morning out of the altamont pass, we have a reports of a trouble spot near grant line and near the interchange. details are coming up. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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the sonoma county board of supervisors is expected to discuss funding for the russian river flooding. they want to clear large piles of deadly left by the son one flood waters. crews arepito
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of mess. debris. it was so depressing. it was also a health hazzard. to see it getting cleaned up today when they said it would, i am very happy about that. >> local wah e 22nd. the search continues for marine who never returned from a skiing trip to the sierra. first lieutenant matthew kraft left on february 23 and was scheduled to be back last week. authorities have spotted avalanche debris in the area they were searching. it started in independence , he was headed 130 miles north to bridgeport. military officials say kraft is an infantry officer was survival training. snow in southern california. san bernardino is getting possible whiteout conditions. a winter storm unleashed on the area last night. driving could still be dangerous this morning. >> it started in ontario and it started coming down pretty good. it looked like you were driving through star wars with all the big flakes. it was really pretty. >> one town already got several
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inches of snow as of 10 pm last night. it continued to snow there all night. >> i come from a snowy state. i always say i would rather drive in the snow or drizzle over the rain. we don't have either this morning. we have good driving conditions working your way out of the peninsula. the 580 commute this morning, this is a live look at the dublin interchange. we will see traffic stack up through here. this is where 580 connects to 680. we have the report of a crash in the area. it is blocking at least two lanes. we are hearing four cars are involved. yet the far right and far left lanes blocked. the sensor is showing red and yellow. we will see delays until they clear this accident out of
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lanes. there is no word on if injuries are involved but chp is headed to the scene. connecting off of 680 might be a bit of a struggle. you might have delays on the northbound side trying to get onto 580. let's go east and get an update on this trouble spot we have been watching, westbound 580 at grant line. i checked in with caltrans and i thought it was cleared, but it looks like they put the incident back in because they will have two left lanes blocked at some point to clear a pothole and fill it to make travel easier as you make your way through westbound 580 near grant line. we will see a backup heading out of tracy through the altamont pass this morning. here is southbound 880 at a street. we have reports of at least one lane blocked because of a big rig. it looks like they may have cleared it to the right shoulder. it will not affect her drive heading to the san mateo bridge. traffic is pretty light. if you are headed 880 southbound onto 92, that is a good drive heading toward foster city. they have not officially turned on the metering lights but that is coming. you are backed up be on the first 880 overpass, not quite to the maze yet. we will start seeing delays as
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you work your way through there. we should have a beautiful day on top of us. we have partly cloudy skies today. the only weather system of the week is today. it is a weak cold front, likely a dry front that will kick up the winds for us with a mix of sun and clouds. here is a live look from the salesforce tower camera with mostly clear skies looking east at the bay bridge. our temperatures are in the 30s, 40s and even low 50s. they are all over the place. livermore, you are at one of the colder locations at 39. if you are heading out in the tri-valley, bundle up. you will need your big winter coat this morning. 40 in santa rosa, 43 san jose, 45 in concord, oakland 47 and a mild 50 degrees in san
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francisco. let's check the winds. we are watching the winds pick up, 70 miles per hour out of the northwest at half moon bay, 16 at sfo, 15 in downtown san francisco this morning. we are looking at 10 mop per hour winds in antioch and 11 miles per hour in fairfield. today breezy and windy, cooler today with a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. as we head through tomorrow, that is the start of a warming trend that continues to the work week and into the weekend. satellite and radar view with a low pressure system to our south bringing rain to southern california. here is are low pressure system , that is a weak cold front and likely a dry front. futurecast is taking you through the day. here is 10 am. you can see mid to high level clouds pushing through with this front. and then it pushes across the
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rest of the bay area from the south bay at 1 pm and as we go through the rest of the afternoon, you can catch a little bit of sunshine, as well. that is about it. there is a slight chance of a shower for the north bay, but really the biggest impacts will be the wind. windy conditions along the coast up to 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts along the coast, 15 to 25 for the rest of the bay area. sunrise is at 7:25 am, sunset is at 7:13 pm. daytime highs are in the upper 50s to low 60s, cooler compared to yesterday. 59 in san francisco, 60 in oakland, redwood city. fremont 61, 62 in san jose and 64 in santa rosa. partly cloudy, breezy to windy, especially along the coast today. check out wednesday. that will be the start of the warm-up that continues all the way through the work week and into the weekend. we have a beautiful weekend ahead with plenty of sunshine with highs inland in the low 70s saturday and sunday. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk taking a live look at april the giraffe, who was about to become a mama for the fifth time. i have been watching her belly actually move this morning. workers at the wildlife center in new york say she has been
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having contractions and has been showing signs of pushing. you may remember, the world stood still, metaphorically speaking, when she had her fourth calf. this will go down on a live cam again. we will keep an eye on that. somebody get that giraffe some ice chips. >> the baby is really kicking this morning. >> ice chips, a popsicle, anything. this july marks the 15th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission. >> nasa is working to get humans back to the moon. kpix got a close-up look at the complex facility in mountain view. nasa's goal is a permanent human presence on the moon within the next decade. the video shows a crescent state object as the next generation of heat shielding of up to 15,000 degrees. the agency says they are
5:21 am
working on protecting humans as they ride through the atmosphere>> it very scary and the reliability and the amount of testing that is required is way different for nasa. it is because of the risk. we really have to eliminate the risk and at least minimize it to make it safe. >> nasa is also working to build a spaceship that would orbit the moon and allow for more testing. the agency eventually plans to send humans to mars. it is 5:21 am. >> we all know medical costs are high but a new study reveals some conditions are costing the economy big time. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. i always love the shot of the bridge, even at 5:21 am in the morning. we will be right back. more news more reasons to say yes.
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yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. new this morning, honda is recalling one meagan vehicles in the u. s. and canada because of dangerous airbags. the affected models are the accord, civic, crv, element, odyssey, pilot and ridgeline. they date as far back as 2001 two as recent as 2010. they are bags could explode. at least 23 people have died from the problem worldwide and
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hundreds more were injured. owners are being told to take their vehicles to dealers. a new study shows a health condition called nocturia, which leads to more frequent trips to the bathroom at night could cost the u. s. economy more than $44 billion a year. the condition affects the lower urinary tract. researchers say when it causes people to wake up more than twice at night to use the bathroom, it reduces their productivity at work. scientists could be moving closer to develop a vaccine against zika and similar viruses. researchers were able to reduce zika infections in mice by targeting a protein in the saliva of mosquitoes that transmits the virus. happening today, world record holder for solving a rubik's cube will try to beat his own record but with his feet. >> that is how he does it. he will try to beat his previous record. the brooklyn teenager says the secret to solving the puzzle is math. >> the cube has a lot of mathematical properties. some events, like lying
5:26 am
blindfolded solving are very meth paste. you sort of have to come up with them on your own while you are solving it. >> he is pretty good with his feet. the national museum of mathematics is having their sixth birthday today. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein is calling on the faa to temporarily ground a specific kind of aircraft that has been involved in a couple of very fatal accidents. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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all at a great price. denny's new omelette line-up - starting at just $6.99. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a california lawmaker wants the faa
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type of jet. apple is generating a lot of buzz this morning. what we have learned about their latest product announcement. >> the warriors are leaving behind something special in oakland, the future of the team's practice facility. it is tuesday, march 12. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. good morning. we have windy conditions. it is breezy, but overall this week will be nice. >> i keep thinking, is it friday yet? it is coming. it is only tuesday. we will help you get through the day. here is a live look from our san jose camera. temperatures on the chilly side, 39 in livermore this morning. 40 in santa rosa, 45 in concord, 47 in oakland and 50 in san francisco. weather headlines, we are watching the winds pick up.
5:31 am
a cold front will push across the bay area. it is a weak front, likely a dry front, would increase and winds across the coast with a mix of sun and clouds today. tomorrow a high pressure builds in for us. it will strengthen throughout the rest of the week. sunshine, warm temperature starting tomorrow through the week. temperatures in the 70s inland by this weekend. we will time it out for you on futurecast, taking you through the day and what you can expect with the winds, as well as what you can expect c umite let's check with gianna franco for a look at traffic. >> the metering lights have been turned on. you will talk about the delays east bay into the city. traffic is backed up beyond the
5:32 am
880 overpass. it is not quite to the maze yet. 12 minutes is your drive time, still bearable. that is what you need to get across the span getting into san francisco. no accidents near the bay bridge, that is good news. if you're working your way across the eastshore freeway, carlson. traffic on the westbound side is moving nicely, at least from highway 4 into the maze. an earlier crash 880 at a street has been clear but the damages done. you can see the line of red behind the accident. that accident is now out of lanes. your travel times through the altamont pass, 38 minutes, to a five to 680. there is a traffic advisory in effect at grant line because of that pothole blocking the two left lanes. a crash occurring westbound 580 right at 680.
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i am jackie ward live at sfo this morning. senator dianne feinstein wants the u. s. to join the list of companies temporarily granting a certain type of aircraft that has been evolved in two fatal crashes in the last six months. in a letter to the faa, she wrote she wants the aircraft to be temporary grounded until the cause of the crashes known and similar risks are known not to be present in the domestic flights. all 157 people on board the ethiopian airlines boeing 737 max 8s were killed when the plane nose-dived within minutes of taking off. this accident is eerily similar to when that happened in october when another boeing 737 max 8s operated by lion air, crashed off the coast of indonesia, killing all 189 of its passengers. the black boxes from the ethiopian crash work recovered yesterday and will hopefully
5:34 am
help investigators answer questions. >> it will tell us a lot about how this airplane was flown in the last minutes and it will also tell us how the airplane was flown in previous flights. >> reporter: after the lion air crash, boeing began working on training and design updates to the jik19. the faa says those must be done by next month. the faa has decided not to ground the aircraft until investigators determine a cause to the most recent crash. the black boxes from the ethiopian crash were just recovered yesterday. hopefully, later on this week we will get some answers to some very serious questions about that crash. from sfo, jackie ward, kpix 5. we are also watching the financial impact but boeing lost 5% of its value at yesterday's closing bell. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. we have new pictures just in from concord of a garage fire. firefighters are still at the scene . this is on watson court. the fire broke out around 4:30 am this morning. firefighters put it out about 15 minutes ago, but they are still assessing the damage. everyone in the adjacent house got out okay. neighbors were able to call 911 and get authorities there before
5:35 am
it spread. we are exciting new details today from san jose police about the fatal stabbing of a woman and a suspect now under arrest. officers found the victim's body at her home two weeks ago. the victim, 59-year-old bambi larson 's body was found after she did not show up to her job at a biotech firm. neighbors say a suspicious man was seen walking around the neighborhood the day her body was discovered. santa rosa police say yesterday's shooting appears to be a murder-suicide outside crunch fitness. police say the suspects had a woman inside a vehicle there. the suspect was found dead inside a car two blocks away from the scene. police say his gun matched the one that killed the woman. los angeles police are still trying to find the killers of a college student whose mother is a councilwoman. the victim transferred to usc's thornton school of music in
5:36 am
2013. victor was a jazz student. his friends are sharing memories of the gifted musician. >> he was an artist. he was somebody who wanted to give to the culture and wanted to take the oakland culture and spread it all over the world with his gift. >> he was amazing. >> authorities say late saturday night, three or four men approached victor near campus, demanding money. one of the men later shot him and then the suspects drove off. a ufc star is in trouble with the law accused of fighting with a fan. conor mcgregor was arrested in miami beach. police say the fan tried to take a picture of him as both were leaving a hotel. colin macgregor allegedly slapped the phone's out of the fan's hand, stomped on it and took it and charged with strong- armed robbery. british officials are voting on brexit. the british prime minister, theresa may, is touting a
5:37 am
better brexit. it appears the uk and eu have finally reached an agreement that puts the split concrete. parliament is expected to vote on the withdrawal agreement today. >> now is the time to come together to act with this improved brexit deal. >> if parliament does not vote for the steel, lawmakers will have to vote on whether to leave without a deal in place or send may back to brussels to ask for a deadline extension. as for the u. s., experts say the unraveling of the european union could bring more instability to the region. amazon sellers now have a little more freedom when it comes to pricing the product. the company changed its policy for third-party sellers. it used to prohibit third-party sellers from listing products on other sites for last. the e-commerce company confirms it won't do that anymore. the changes come amid concerns
5:38 am
the stipulation could be in violation of u. s. antitrust law. apple is generating a lot of buzz right now, sending out this invitation for a special event in cupertino on march 25. apple is expect it to announce the debut of his streaming tv service and bundled subscription. the company could also introduce a cheaper ipad and new airpods. today marks a special day in history in tech. it is a 30th birthday of the world wide web. tim berners-lee, then a 33-year- old southwood engineer had an idea that called for managing and monitoring research. it was the first draft of what would become the world wide web. google is honoring the birthday this morning with an animated doodle showing how the webpages used to look way back when. if you think bay area housing prices are already out of control, get ready. six major tech public tech companies will go public this year.
5:39 am
>> a lot of people have a lot of money and are looking for housing to buy. >> what you have is, the haves and the have-nots. >> there is a possible silver lining for the rest of us. watch our original report tonight on the kpix 5 7 pm news. new details this morning, the golden state warriors are finally revealing what will happen to their sprawling practice facility in downtown oakland when they leave for chase arena in san francisco. steph curry and shaun livingston announced the team partnered with kaiser permanente to convert that space into a community and health center called generation thrive. it will house a series of oakland nonprofits and will also be used for warriors use youth basketball cans. >> it is an amazing opportunity to keep our footprint in oakland and do amazing things for the next generation of kids that look up to us. >> it is said they are moving. >> i wouldn't really feel like they are part of oakland anymore. >> the new center is scheduled
5:40 am
to open next year and a satellite campus will open and in san francisco. the demand for hotel rooms is booming in san francisco. coming up this morning, we take you inside some of the city's newest hotels. we are taking a live look outside at the traffic in dublin. we have an update when we come back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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the oods tthe redsock. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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it is 5:42 am. oklothe salesforce tower cam are looking east at the bay bridge with mostly clear skies. it is a chilly start to the day, especially across the tri- valley in the 30s this morning. we will talk about what you can expect.
5:43 am
we are tracking a weather system today. details on how this will impact us across the bay area coming up. i am anne mackovec at the live news desk. it looks like a teachers strike is being averted right now in the east bay. there are still some details in the san ramon valley school district. teachers today will begin voting on a new contract that the union tentatively agreed to last week after some pretty tense negotiations with the district. the union decided on a 4% raise for teachers, smaller class sizes and more support staff. they were able to get a lot of concessions. teachers will vote from now until thursday. that goes through, the boarof the home. the tenants of the duane street apartments held a rally outside because of new ordinances.
5:44 am
landlords are increasing their rent, instead of infecting them, increases up to 250%. >> they are so fraught with loopholes, there will be many landlords able to force out there tenants without paying them anything. >> some of us could potentially live in our vehicles. it is a dire situation. >> the property management blames the city's new renter protection ordinance, saying it forced them to upper one-year leases. higher property taxes and older buildings were the reasons behind the increases. san francisco has hundreds of new hotels and more on the way, soaring tour numbers have pushed the need. one has been in the works for more than 10 years. the 194 room hotel features a swanky restaurant, multiple meeting and event spaces and soon, a rooftop lounge.
5:45 am
rooms start at $350 a night. the mid-market area may also get an increase in hotel visitors. they opened their first west coast hotel on market street focusing on hyper efficiency. >> i think it was a great location just being in the heart of the city. >> there is a lot of technology we provide, really in the room, where we can be more minimalists. >> san francisco travel is ectire o from the year before. a detroit high school senior has some big decisions ahead of him when it comes to college. >> he has been accepted by 41 different schools with many of them offering to put the bill. >> when i couldn't do that, i
5:46 am
wanted to show people i am better than they think i am. >> michael love apply to more than 50 schools for next year. as of now, he has more than $300,000 in scholarship money. on top of the national honor society, he also plays varsity basketball and has an afterschool job. >> i thought he was crazy when he told me he was applying for so many schools. every time i opened a letter, a jumped up and down, praised god in everything. i'm super proud of him. >> he is expected to make a final decision in the next week or so. he says his goal is to become an aerospace engineer. >> let's see where he goes. that is expensive, 41 schools to apply for because of the application process. now he has many choices. >> we are so proud of him. >> go to the school that gives you the most money. >> his mom was like, please. how is the traffic looking this morning? >> i have good news and that's a good news. it is all on 580. let's get the good news out
5:47 am
first. the trouble spot we had earlier has been completely cleared off the freeway. you can see the dublin interchange moving better than it was even 50 minutes ago. we are dealing with a pothole, it is a large pothole locking two west lanes write a grant line. caltrans will be on scene atit right now, stick to the right as you work through there. it is a busy ride coming out of tracy, the westbound 205 connecting on two 580 is one of
5:48 am
the hotspots anyway. that pothole in lanes is making matters worse and causing vehicles to slow down. try to stay to your right to avoid that area. travel times working away from 205 to 680, that is a 44 minute drive time. plan for that. planta see a few more brake lights along the eastshore freeway. near the maze we have slower speeds working your way through there. when you get to the bay bridge, you will see traffic bogged down a little bit as you approach the macarthur maze. metering lights are on so it is a slow ride from that point into san francisco. you will start to see delays from the east bay to san francisco commute. want to get in the city, it is not too bad. here is a live look at 101 and 17th street with traffic moving nicely with no majors next to a part. we had an earlier accident south 880 at a street but it caused a big backup although it is gone. we had some early morning road work there, as well. that may be adding to us little ride then usual. northbound 101 from the 286 connector has slower speeds through there. the morgan hill ride starting to heat up, as well. speaking of heating up, we will see nicer temperatures.
5:49 am
>> temperatures will go up as we go through the week. we are talking about the 70s inland by the weekend. get ready for that. today we are cooler. we are tracking a weather system with a weak cold front that will push through the region. that will pick up the winds but it will likely be dry. we are looking at a mix of sun and clouds today. your salesforce tower cam are is looking south with temperatures all over the place. 39 in livermore, the tri-valley is the coldest location this morning. we are looking at 40s in santa rosa, 43 in san jose, 45 in concord, 47 in oakland. downtown san francisco is 50 degrees. we are tracking the wind because we are watching the wind pick up. half moon bay has a northwesterly wind at 70 mph, 16 at sfo, 17 westerly winds in san francisco. antioch an 11 mile-per-hour
5:50 am
wind. we will continue to see the wind increase with this cold front. breezy to windy conditions, especially along the coast. it will be a cool day today. we have sun in class this afternoon and a warm-up that begins tomorrow through the week. satellite and radar view, low pressure to our south bringing rain to southern california. we are tracking this low pressure system. it will drop a cold front. we will be on the end of that front. that is why we are looking at a weak front and dry conditions. we will see increasing mid to high level class. this is futurecast at 10 am. it will push across the rest of the south bay as we go through the day. for the rest of the afternoon, we even catch more sunshine. it is not that bad of a day here. a strong ridge of high pressure builds in wednesday through the week. futurecast wind gust are windy along the coast with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. for the rest of the bay area, 15 to 25.
5:51 am
daytime highs today or below average for this time of year and a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. 60 in palo alto and sunnyvale, 62 four santa clara. 64 in pleasanton. we are talking about 60 in berkeley and oakland, 61 alameda and daytime highs are topping- out in the mid 50s in lakeport. here is the forecast, we are partly cloudy. we are really going to warm up as we head for the rest of the work week and into the weekend. we love all of that sunshine, especially by saturday and sunday. highs are in the low 70s for our inland locations. the list is out this morning for the happiest cities in the nation. three of the top 10 a right here in the bay area. according to finance website, wallethub, fremont is the highest in the bay area ranking in fourth place. plano, texas knocked up the top spot. wallethub based its research on
5:52 am
depression rate, income and average leisure time spent per day. happening today, get the butter and syrup ready. it is free pancake day at ihop. there are some rules for the free breakfast. the freak pancake deal is dying in only and only applies to original buttermilk pancakes. ihop is collecting donations to help kids fighting critical illnesses. >> you will stand in line for a while. the photographer and i tried this last year or a couple years ago and there was a really long line. >> how long did you wait? >> i think we went somewhere else. straight ahead this morning, all eyes are on an eagles nest this morning. we will tell you why the world is watching my mat. let's take a live look outside. i think we will look at the richmond san rafael bridge. there it is. traffic is moving along pretty nicely. we will be right back.
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5:55 am
welcome back. and the san bernardino mountains. what you are looking at is a bald eagle covered in snow.
5:56 am
the world is tching via web cam. >> it looks like she's sleeping. according to the national for service, the mother eagle just laid her second egg over the weekend. the first came last wednesday. the eagle and her partner now have to tagteam the job of incubating the eggs until they hatch sometimes. we expect them in the middle of next month. >> april is about to give birth. >> we are also on gianna franco watch with no live camera there. >> she would kill us. nurses could walk off the job in just about an hour. we will let you know where. this morning, a growing list of countries want to ground a certain type of aircraft that has been involved in a couple of fatal crashes. why senator dianne feinstein wants the u. s. to join that list.
5:57 am
5:58 am
even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures
5:59 am
secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we are learning more about
6:00 am
the 157 le in the ethiopian airlines crash, including three with ties to northern california. there was a mysterious death that rattled a south bay community. a war of wars between president trump and governor newsom has reignited. it is tuesday, march 12. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. it is 6 am as we kick off the top of the hour. at least we are not dealing with rain . we have been dealing with it for weeks and weeks. >> this week we are completely dry. that is great to see. we will warm-up this week. we have plenty of sunshine. today we are tracking our only weather sythwe, a cold front. it is a week when. it is also dry. it will pick up the winds for us. here is a live look at the roof cam. it is a chilly start to


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