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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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. president trump grounding all planes, 737 max eight jets. use carriers fly 72 of the planes, other nations granted their fleets earlier this week. more than 700 california death row inmates have been granted sudden and unexpected reprieve. governor newsom signing an order today suspending executions in the state. he calls the death penalty system a failure. there hasn't been an execution in california since 2006. actress lori loughlin now out on bail. she was released from custody
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after appearing in an l.a. courtroom this afternoon. she was formally charged with conspiracy and fraud. among dozens of parents accused of paying to get their kids into elite universities. 13 bay area parents also indicted. some relief coming for drivers in san jose. the city's road crews gearing up for a major repaving project in every corner of town. live in san jose where crews are about to get very busy. >> reporter: for the years this has been all over san jose but this is the beginning of a nine year stretch which can be best described as a paving blitz. the smell of asphalt in the morning. >> smells fresh like they are getting it done. >> reporter: beginning this fall an army of contractors will descend on san jose at a
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level never before and seeing in the city's collective memory. nearly 300 miles of streets will be resealed or resurfaced this year alone. the san jose department of transportation puts those 300 miles into perspective. >> in 2013 repaved about 30 miles. >> reporter: and now? >> now we will pay close to 300 miles. a tenfold increase. the project so big for city engineers, they weren't sure there were enough contractors were asphalt to get it done. this map shows the project touches every quarter of the city. thanks to multiple voter approved measures hundreds of millions of dollars for maintenance will finally be flowing into san jose after years of underfunding. >> voters also approved measure t which will take effect next year and allow us to attack the worst roads. rhodes is like you love to film
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because they look atrocious. >> reporter: speaking of some of the worst roads in san jose look like something straight out of a third world country. >> horrible look at that thing you can fall in that. >> reporter: he purposely rides his mountain bike on san carlos street because the streets are so bad. he is thrilled. >> i love it. about time. >> yeah. >> the sheer amount of funding, finally let's crews get to local residential streets which haven't been touched in about a decade. leanne warner is glad the city did not forget her little cul- de-sac. >> you thought you would be left behind? >> for sure remain here and that you are not? >> that's cool. i'm glad they are redoing the whole area making it nice. >> reporter: after this year the d.o.t. estimates that they should be resurfacing or repaving about 200 miles of streets per year. check schedule if your street is not on it, stay tuned. be patient. in danville, investigators
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say this tesla rammed into a restaurant today. and 92 -year-old driver mistook the accelerator pedal for the break. locally this happened at 6:30 a.m. before they fish on fire restaurant was open for business. chopper five was over the scene after the crash you see a pile of debris left behind. inspector showed up to the scene inside the building is still structurally sound. heads of drivers the santa clara county superior court working on fixing a problem with traffic fee notifications. courses there is an inconsistency between fees indicated on its website and the actual fees owed to the superior court based on charges on citations. the website posted this message saying it is undergoing maintenance online and if you need to pay your citation you need to do so in person. shakeup in the prosecution team weeks before the start of the trial in the deadly go ship what house were house fire.
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he is knows he's leaving the district attorney's office going into private practice. jury selection set to begin april 2nd. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the deadly 2016 fire. a plea deal fell apart last summer. both men have pleaded not guilty. the judge has yet to decide whether to allow cameras in the courtroom for the trial. the trump administration appears headed for another defeat over california's immigration protections. during a hearing before the ninth circuit court of appeals, justice appeared inclined to allow state laws that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities. the administration sued over three state laws that extend protections to people in the country illegally. during the hearing today one of the three judges on the panel questioned if the lack of cooperation is illegal. the senate poised to vote on a resolution to stop the president's national emergency declaration of border security. several republicans expected to defect in both democrats.
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mr. trump repeated a familiar accusation from the house this morning. >> think anybody going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking is a bad vote. the democrats are for open borders, they are for crime. >> even if the senate resolution passes mr. trump is indicated he will veto it. learning more about the two brothers killed in ethiopia plane crash. melvin riffle and his wife were expecting their first child, traveling around the world with his brother, bennett. supposed to be his last big adventure before coming a father. had a tightknit group of friends and they gathered to reminisce, sure videos and pictures and talk about what he meant to them. >> the most loving, most joyful, most positive person i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. >> his daughter he was so excited. he could not wait to meet her. he couldn't wait to take her to
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do everything he loved student the brothers had been traveling with melvin's wife, brittany who had already returned home. holding up the best she can. i want to update you on the situation in san leandro. a command post has been set up. an officer involved shooting involving an alameda county sheriff's deputy. what we are being told is little sketchy but this happened around 4:40. the officer encountering two suspects one of which we are told fired a weapon at the officer. the officer was not hit. we are not sure if the suspect was hit. they are assessing injuries right now, that is all we are being told. we don't see an ambulance on scene indicating if somebody was struck, they would probably be on their way to the hospital, but a heavy police presence as this investigation
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continues in san leandro at east 14th in 162nd avenue. we are staying on top of this one, that is the latest. a deadly school collapse in nigeria has crews rushing to save at least 100 children. they crowded around waiting for children to be pulled from the rubble. building housed the primary and nursery school. crews have pulled at least 40 people from the ruins many covered in dust as they were taken in ambulances. officials at least eight or no did. the search and rescue operation will continue into the night, looking for signs of life. in brazil at least eight people were killed in a shooting at a school near sao paulo. police say two armed men wearing hoods came into the state school during lunch break . shooters open fired killing six students and two school officials. students range in age from 11- 18.
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30s confirmed the two attackers killed themselves on the campus. they were former students of the school. nor fall out today the british parliament voted to reject united kingdom leaving the european union but it comes with a warning. european commission says if voting he gets brexit takes an event without a deal in place is not enough. and official says the block already reached a deal with prime minister theresa may. coming up burglars target a bay area church. priceless items taken. readers introduce their new start why he has his sights set on a bay area legend. coming up a fight between the bay area's biggest city in a now. for the city of san jose is not calling of the county over the brutal killing of a mother.
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. in chicago today senior r. kelly appeared in a family courtroom this time requesting to lower his child support payments the singer mobbed with questions as he leaves. his lawyer told the court he is not working and couldn't afford his $21,000 a month child support payments. but the judge denied lowering payments. last week he was taken into custody after failing to meet a deadline. the case is only part of his legal troubles. >> i am amazed he is able to
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hold up. i have never met anyone who is under an onslaught from so many different places. >> reporter: he also faces separate criminal charges that he sexually abused three underage girls and a fourth woman. the 52 -year-old denies all accusations of abuse. in a sweeping ruling massachusetts highest court reinstated late aaron hernandez's murder conviction today. the former start convicted back in 2013. the conviction vacated when he committed suicide in 2017. in accordance with a legal rule that throws out a conviction of a convicted defendant if they die before an appeal is heard. the state supreme court deemed the rule outdated. fda putting out a new policy proposal to curb underage vaping. fomostd e-ciga speeds up the deadline to review flavored nicotine products and allows the agency to pull them altogether from the market. the fda also cracking down on products that look like she's
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boxes or candy. the proposal open for public comment for 30 days. a bizarre case of theft at a church in san francisco. we are learning someone broke into saint dominic's church, earlier today. parish officials say the thief took off with sacramento records containing the history of the church and more. everyone in the parish, baptized since 1870s. everyone married here, everyone who has had their first communion or made confirmation, all those sacramento records was stored in that safe, official documents. you can replace stuff but you can't replace that. >> in an e-mail sent to parishioners, saint dominic's officials say gift cards totaling more than $9000 were also taken. the cards used as donations from the church. saint dominic's is now offering a reward of $10,000 to help locate the missing safe.
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>> big day for the riders a lot of psa to sell on the road. jon gruden called antonio brown the best wide receiver in the nfl. and the raiders have plans to use the newest weapon all over the place. play flame, play in the slot, return pounds and sell popcorn i have time. we are excited about this guy spent brown is excited for four star after nine season in pittsburgh and hopes to follow in the footsteps of hall of famer who also joined the silver and back later in his career. >> playing with a guy like coach gruden obviously knows what it takes to keep me upright and fresh. here to prove who i am and what i stand for not just my words. my actions. another great story the st. mary's basketball team returned to the campus proudly showing off their new hard word.
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they knocked off top ranked gonzaga last night to clinch a spot in the ncaa tournament. >> honestly weren't expecting much to happen. a lot of people showed up great show people care number 1 team in the country won the championship. needful to see. >> the shocker across the country. selection is coming up and we are eight days away from march madness. time to check with paul. we have spectacular weather. >> so nice and so welcome and such a change from what we had recently. yesterday sunny winds 40-45 miles per hour. the atmosphere beginning to relax and warm up.
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you'll of the forecast for the upcoming weekend. highs in the 60s today valeo, santa rosa the warm spots above average by degree or 267 a high. conquered 65, fremont 62, san jose and san francisco 61. clear skies, we cool off pretty efficiently. night still about 12 and a half hours long long. 41 fremont, 41 napa an upper 30s santa rosa, fairfield, concord livermore. radar clear, stay that to the weekend but don't worry we are not in a drought and this is the water situation coming out of the mountains. looking great. snowpack statewide 60% above average. if it doesn't snow from now until april 1st don't worry. there is so much snow no additional snowfall would still mean 53% above average for what we expect on april 1st. stormy weather has returned to the midwest winds howling 60, 70, 80 miles an hour. you probably seeing video of 16
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wheelers being knocked over almost like a hurricane over kansas currently heading east. lots of snow on the western flank. stormy weather there that is where they are, not here will not be here for the foreseeable future because a blocking ridge of high pressure has returned and the storm track will to the north. some clouds from time to time high, thin cover rolling in late thursday early friday plan on lots of sunshine. and atmosphere warming up. the ridge is going to get stronger and closer and likely sunday afternoon warmest afternoon we have had in the bay area in more than four months. you have to go back to november 7th the last time we hit mid- 70s and we will likely do that coming up this weekend. mainly clear tonight seasonal temperatures thursday and a warming trend continued dry as we head for the we can. highs close to average tomorrow, san jose 66 normal 65
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palo alto 65 somewhat cooler at the beach half moon bay 61 and fremont 64. thursday highs in dublin mid- 60s, pittsburgh mid-60s, valeo mid-60s, 62 sunshine san francisco, richmond 63, oakland 63, santa rosa 66, sonoma 67, st. helena 67. extended forecast, 70s with sunshine first time in four months saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine mid-to upper 60s near the water. warmest weather will be in lines. warm through monday, cool off, tuesday and showers role in next wednesday. beautiful we cannot tap, we get warmer as we had toward the weekend. a surfer lucky to be alive, speaking out about the moment he had a heart attack on the water at mavericks. ed gets copays as low as zero dollars on medicare part d prescriptions.
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i mean, this is the fourth best day of my life. get more of what you want and less of what you don't. nailed it. you think so? yep. now that's simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for $34.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. . more than two dozen people jumped out the golden gate bridge to their deaths last year according to the bridge district. >> in nearly 200 other cases people stepped into keep others from taking their own lives. thanks in part to this week's jefferson award winner. lieutenant was training when she saw a documentary about the high number of suicides on the bridge. she felt compelled to take action. >> reporter: site seekers snap
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photos, a group of volunteers have their sights set elsewhere and suicide numbers have gone we down. >> reporter: bridge watch angels, a group of 6000 volunteers trained to prevent suicide. bridge watch angels founder, leads to hundred volunteers on this afternoon. they spread across for several hours on major holidays, trained to reach out to those who look isolated and distressed. >> we talk to people. we let them know they are not alone. we listen. sometimes that is the best response. >> reporter: you'll know them by the orange armband and some know firsthand the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. dana worked with me out to lobby for the barrier under construction. her son took his live at the bridge. >> for me, personally, if i knew somebody was out here watching maybe my son would not have jumped. >> reporter: after losing a brother and son to suicide,
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debbie says mia gives her a chance to make a difference. >> so no one ever has to spend another day, another holiday without one of their loved ones. >> reporter: mia does not know how many lives her volunteer group has saved, but there are many testimonials being seeing someone at the end of the van, just you know i came here last year wanting to jump and one of your volunteers taught me. that is a remarkable feeling to have at the end of an event. >> reporter: for leading a lifesaving volunteer suicide prevention brigade on the golden gate bridge this week's award goes to mia. the bridge watch angels roof does walking on major holidays but they are also encouraged to volunteer on their own and they certainly do. >> highly trained and they are angels. >> making a difference. nominate your local hero
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for jefferson award, do it online kpix .com/0. a helicopter crew flying in a training exercise puts their skills to the test. incredible moment they saw a dog stranded on a mountain lodge.
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. an avid 66 -year-old surfer says he is lucky to be alive after surviving a heart attack while catching waves at mavericks. >> christine davis has served
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20 season and this is the last wave he rode before he started feeling pain and compression in his chest. he paddled to the beach traded a wet suit for a hospital gown. and doctors say an artery was completely blocked and he probably would have died if he wasn't in such good shape. doctors assuring him he should be back on the board next season. an amazing rescue of a dog stranded in the snowy mountains. rescue crews in scotland wasted the dog a safety. crews in the middle of a routine training mission when they spotted him. turns at the dog had been missing for today's after all the stormy weather hit. officials say he has been reunited with his owners. he is doing just fine. >> that he was a st. bernard. >> that will do it for the news at 5:00. >> news at 6:00 begins right now. breaking news out of alameda county. a suspect reportedly opens fire on a sheriff's deputy.
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what we are learning about the confrontation. a murder case has pitted the city of san jose against santa clara county. the debate over immigration that has both sides pointing fingers. governor gavin newsom halts executions in california. what this means for hundreds of inmates on death row. >> we begin with breaking news out of san leandro. let's get to live pictures from chopper five. investigators on the scene of a shooting involving an alameda county sheriff's deputy. you're looking live at the parking lot of the reuse it to nationbuilding on east 14th street. the parking lot blocked off. no official confirmation from authorities but we have seeing what appears to be a body of a victim near a parked car. we can tell you know deputies were injured in the instant
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reported around 4:40 this afternoon. this is a very active scene. here is video from a few moments ago. there is an suv in the lot with at least ten bullet holes in the windshield. it also appears a sheriff's motorcycle also turned over nearby. according to the alameda county sheriff's office one of the suspects fired at a deputy. it in the deputy was not injured . this happened about 90 minutes ago. authorities it happened at 162nd avenue and east 14th street. crews on the way to the scene right now. we understand the public information officer is there as well, where they will brief crews. the city of san jose and the county of santa clara pointing fingers at each other tonight. fighting over how an undocumented immigrant from central america was allowed to walk free. and, allegedly kill a san jose woman in her own home.


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